Afghan StarAfter 30 years of war and Taliban rule, pop Idol has come to Afghanistan. Millions are watching the TV series Afghan Star and voting for their favorite singers by mobile phone.

For many this is their first encounter with democracy. This timely film follows the dramatic stories of four contestants as they risk their lives and to become the nation's favorite singer. But will they attain the freedom they hope for in this vulnerable and traditional nation?

This documentary follows the three month process from the regional auditions to the final in Kabul. Behind the scenes at all times we gained unprecedented access to the lives of contestants, fans and producers alike.

Characters like Rafi – a 19 year old local boy from Mazar e Sharif and a classic wannabe pop star. His voice is strong and face is pretty. he has no interest in politics, he just wants his people to wake up – for their souls to come alive again. For the people of Mazar he is a hero. Posters are springing up across the city and the girls are sneaking looks from behind their burqas.

Watch the full documentary now (playlist - 1 hour, 28 minutes)