All's Well and FairAll's Well and Fair juxtaposes the lives and ideals of three single American punk rock mothers on welfare during the 1990s with their realities and opinions ten years later - giving a unique perspective on alternative culture, growth and identity.

In 1996, single welfare mothers Rachel Guinan (now Iannelli), Margaret Briggs and Tina Bushnell formed a band only to play one song at a local "Fuck The Government" song contest. And they won.

Inspired by the spirit of the song, filmmaker Luci Westphal documented the women’s lives and their views on the different subjects mentioned in their lyrics.

10 years later, filming continued with the women discussing the same topics again – now homeowners in their 30s with teenage children and other major life changes.

Watch the full documentary now (playlist - 1 hour 40 minutes)