The Anatomy of a Great Deception

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Nearly ten years after the tragic events of September 11, entrepreneur David Hooper began to question the official accounts of that day. Nagging skepticism soon turned to obsession. His quest to uncover an alternate truth behind the attacks soon created disharmony within his family and near financial ruin. Hooper's feature-length documentary The Anatomy of a Great Deception encapsulates his findings during this tumultuous period of discovery.

Of course, Hooper was not alone in his perception of a conspiracy. A growing number of regular citizens and figures of various industries had embarked on their own amateur investigations by the time his suspicions were first sparked. Their findings inform much of Hooper's own conclusions.

For he and many others, the curious crumbling of Building 7 represents one of the fundamental building blocks of a potential conspiracy. Located 300 feet from the North Tower - the length of a football field - Building 7 fell to the ground in the late afternoon of 9/11. Investigators claimed it had fallen due to structural compromises caused by the intensity of heat from the neighboring Twin Towers. Yet, in researching other high-rise buildings imperiled by raging fires, Hooper was unable to locate a single incident of a nearby building collapsing as a byproduct of such an event. In fact, none of the buildings that were actually engulfed in flames collapsed either. Several engineers have also come forward and claimed that the temperature of the fires on that day could not have successfully melted the steel structure of the towers. Could this indicate evidence of a controlled demolition?

In painstaking detail, Hooper continues to lay out findings from that day which support this troubling hypothesis, including sightings of molten metal, ear witness accounts of audible explosions, and the curiously symmetrical trajectory of each tower's collapse. Scattered throughout are archived interview clips of researchers, investigators, architectural specialists, and even fire department officials who all echo these same suspicions.

Like all conspiracy films, The Anatomy of a Great Deception presents a case that may be embraced wholeheartedly by some and dismissed outright by others. But it argues its theories with sincerity and conviction.

Directed by: David Hooper

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21 Comments / User Reviews

  1. GunnarInLA

    ...this is a very nice 911 doc, that you should see if you haven't already familiarized yourself with the essentials of what happened that day. – It had seven stars from one "user" when I clicked to give it a "9" – it immediately reset to 5.83!...from six "users". That's not "fair" at all...

  2. Philip F Stone

    I have always approached events in the World through the eyes of Physics. It didn't take long to understand that something was wrong---just that something was wrong. That is always the beginning of understanding.

  3. D. Dingwall

    I sympathize with Hooper's rollercoaster of emotion, disbelief and finally educated belief. Good recap of the events. It will save time for many new students of 9/11.

  4. Carole H.

    Astounding, compelling evidence by chemists, demolition experts and architects that nanothermite particles- a substance produced by high-level military only- were clearly found in the debris of the towers. My search is for truth only and obviously, the public was not told the truth of what happened that day. As with the Kennedy assassination, I doubt we will ever know the reality of this event. A substantial, well-researched investigation.

  5. Ton Hettema

    How come the sound of the voice-over is many times cut in parts? Is it hacked by someone? Is it being attacked? Is someone trying to distort it? Trying to prevent more of us to see and hear what it says?

  6. julie_318

    this is the most convincing and undersandable 9/11 documentary I've seen yet.

  7. Generic smith

    Well paced doc good info, a good starting point for further investigation. If you're willing to take the red pill.

  8. Glen

    If you don't believe the Feds will do what ever they like look up USS Liberty,,

  9. James

    Clear evidence that determined, highly focused, highly funded, very committed secret entities have infiltrated power structures in the US & worldwide. (I guess to ensure that 'they' control the future) Top Documentary !!

  10. tazmo8448

    Being in the construction (and destruction aka demo) business for 35 yrs, I've noticed that people with little knowledge of how things work tend to see something they don't understand and automatically go into conspiracy mode.
    First of all the Twin Towers went down because the airliners that hit them were fully loaded with jet fuel and because the planes just before impact banked it damaged several floors. When the fuel ignited it started fires which reached temperatures that started to literally melt the structural steel. That then caused the 'pancake' effect where the weight of each floor collapsed on the one below it. I have seen buildings being built collapse because the engineering design was not followed properly. And these new build buildings that collapse had nothing on the floors, in other words no plumbing or office equipment that increases the weight.
    Because people have seen buildings being brought down (imploded) they see it as the same thing when in reality they are no where near the same thing.
    One must remember the intense heat that those jets generated and all the weight on each floor contributed to the collapse, not some hidden cabal bent on destruction that conspiracy theorist love to tout.

  11. Margie M

    Seeing this compelling report on a 9-11 conspiracy reminds me of the Kennedy Commission reports on the President's assassination in early 1960s. In both cases so much evidence remains excluded in the official stories. I hope Hooper will muster his forces and flood the world with his finding stated unequivocally as the "official truth" of 9-11.

  12. Sandy Cove

    Great documentary! What makes it so special is that it shows how Hooper went from dismissive to beginning to look at what happened on 911. Researching one fact after another can only lead to one inevitable conclusion. Which is that the official version cannot possibly be true because it doesn’t fit the facts.

    These buildings were designed to withstand airliners’ impacts, and they did that very well. Jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel. An hour after the impacts, the fires were burning themselves out, but suddenly the towers disintegrated all the way to the ground, in about 10 SECONDS each. Such rapid disintegration isn’t possible in a gravitational collapse. Something else has to be involved.

  13. Sheryl

    Good documentary, but doesn't bring any new information really. By now you have to be a blind muppet not to know that this was a set up job. Too many scientists and engineers agree that the official story is not the truth. They had to have a reason to enter Iraq, so they manufactured one. Same way they did with the Gulf of Tonkin incident and Vietnam War.

  14. Jeff

    About 11 minutes into the this piece of cr*p, you conclude that building 11 collapsing vertically onto itself is unlikely because you played with Legos. How sad your reasoning is, along with your "documentary". All of the tens of thousands of people affected by this tragedy would to have closure but you deny them that, and re-open this horrible wound, purely for self aggrandizement. You should be ashamed. Sued or incarcerated, even better. Since similar "documentaries" AKA "Loose Change" have already been thoroughly debunked by real science, what are your motives for re-opening such a sad chapter of our history?

  15. NormDePlume

    Yep, you're right Jeff.

    When your government commits underhanded tyranny on an unparalleled scale, then lies about it and uses this lie to destabilise the world, killing literally millions of people in its wake, detrimentally (an understatement) affecting ALL (apart from a handful of nefarious –
    again, an understatement – monsters who have benefitted from deals and steals) of our futures. When this happens we should just shut up and suck it up.

    Oh yeah, and forget about justice for the families of the 3000+ killed on PNACtion Day 1 (AKA September 11th, 2001). They can make do with the lies they've been fed, eh?

    I think you're joking though, right?

  16. Glenn Luttrell

    Has anyone ever looked at the families of the murderers and if they are living in luxury, they all would be living in Saudi Arabia and know who put their sons and husbands up to the mass murders.

  17. billbob

    I think its very hard for many people to swallow that our own government did this.
    And the president and his family were deeply involved along with our own military .
    Killing our own people, Deception and lies one right after the other seems to be the agenda in washington and the so called intelligence community.

  18. Keith Corneille

    You cannot argue physics

  19. AJ

    This honestly is an embarrassing attempt at documentary filmmaking by taking other people's documentary/youtube clips and compiling them into one place, adding unnecessary commentary about his home life in order to make the movie his own. If you've never looked into 9/11 then maybe this will be of interest to you. Otherwise, I'd really love for a new documentary to come out with new evidence, new research, or new data, instead of staying in this bubble of the same speculation and same advocates over and over

  20. vegeta

    all you need to know is a building that did not get hit by a plane just crumbled into the ground for no reason. how do people explain that one?

  21. Last viewer

    And the right to live without the fear for one self physical security.
    It is simpler when one know "Who" to fight.
    I though that this was solved after '45 ?
    There are many big building all over the US.
    No one know where this can lead.
    I'm lucky, I don't live over there.
    Thank God !

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