Behind The Big News: Propaganda and the CFR

Behind The Big News: Propaganda and the CFR The executives, the editors in print media, the senior producers, executive producers in the visual media – these are the people who have the ideological bias and what’s probably almost as important – their personal friendships. They go to the same country clubs, they go to the same dinners, they socialize with a lot of the people that they cover.The mainstream news media, while Americans rely on it daily for the latest reports on world and domestic events, a recent study conducted by the Cronkite School of Journalism indicates that nearly 67% of Americans don’t trust major media for accurate reporting.

Ask Americans specifically why they distrust the media and the answers are generally vague. After all, reports of news media abuses aren’t normally found on the front page or the nightly news. Nonetheless, they do exist. Today, standards in mainstream news reporting had more to do with career enhancement than reporting the truth.

Today the CFR maintains its’ goal is to “increase America’s understanding of the world.” However, the actual objective of this highly exclusive club is revealed by the rare admonitions of the insiders themselves. In the early 60’s, a Georgetown University Professor collects information for a book favorable to the network of powerful men who founded the CFR. For two years, Professor Carroll Quigley is allowed to examine the confidential papers and secret records of this network.

Quigley reveals that these men aim "to create a world system of financial control, in private hands, able to dominate the political system of each country, and the economy of the world as a whole." In short, they seek total and quiet control of the entire world and the CFR is the most visible conduit for carrying out that agenda. (Excerpt from the film)

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  1. Hamdo

    Documentary's claim, regarding the Bosnian war segment, that the story about Serb war-concentration camps in which Muslims were imprisoned was a British-media fraud is, in fact, not true. I was, as were many thousands of non-Serbs, captured and imprisoned by the Serb forces (both Bosnian and Serbian Serbs). One may get the impression that non-Serb Bosnians (war prisoners) in the footage could move about freely while cameras were rolling, but that was not true. Each time a foreign media crew were to visit the camps (there were several big ones and a handful of small ones) the Serbs threateningly instructed prisoners about how to behave and what to say--they even put some nutritious food for cameras to see. Once again, this was not the case after camera-crews left the place. The plan was to show to the world that the Serbs were no the villains. Please do not make such non-sense claims in a documentary prior to conducting extensive and objective research and interviews. Documentary's claim on the British media fraud regarding camps was based on what exactly?? Bow-tie-guy's credentials??! Please, give me a break.

  2. Hamdo

    In addition, the documentary claims that "Emergency shelters..." were "...set up by the Serbs to accommodate Bosnian refugees." Note that the term 'Bosnian refugees' is a very broad one. However, Serb refugees from Bosnia received different treatment from the Serbs than did non-Serb "refugees" from Bosnia, who ended up in concentration camps. Remember, the full-scale policy of ethnic cleansing was being conducted by the Serbs against Bosnian Muslims and Bosnian Croats. So, why were not the documentary makers being a little more specific about their statements. This sounds as either poorly done research and analysis or it is another propaganda piece.

  3. GologoB

    Just remember that this is a John Birch Society video. Please do some quite simple research to verify this for yourself.

  4. Phoenix Aquua

    EVERYTHING you see on TV, Adversting, all an's a lie.

    bottom line.

  5. Andrea

    Interesting film. Though seemingly mostly made in support of the John Birch Society and the New American magazine, this film raises questions about how the mainstream media is utilized in a divide and conquer strategy to garner support for a one world government. In sum, a good argument for turning off the TV altogether.

  6. Don't Bother

    This is just a promotional video for the New American magazine of the John Birch Society to forward their agenda. They show known media frauds in the beginning and swiftly add media views on things like gun control and global warming as a big conspiracy to install a pro-communist world government. A pretty silly way to advance their pro gun, "global warming doesn't exist" agenda. Just read the Wikipedia article on "John Birch Society". Not worth watching...

  7. Kathryn

    I don't know, if anything this documentary serves to remind you that you should never take a mass media news report at face value. Sure there's some propaganda and bias towards certain issues, but like everything nowdays you have to take it with a grain of salt. I have no doubt that the mainstream media goes to great lengths to report only on certain stories and only in such a way as to advance the interests of their corporate overlords. An interesting watch.

  8. furQ

    This documentary started out rather credible. After about half an hour I found myself struggling to believe a lot of the claims being made. Propaganda in news media is definitely a big problem, but I don't see how muddying the topic is constructive at all. I checked up and found out that it was produced by the JBS. There is no mention of their link to the New American writers they feature - an issue of transparency that would seem like a no-brainer in a documentary about propaganda. Disappointing.

  9. Amadeus8888

    Great documentary! To furQ, you obviously did not watch the whole film, since the link is discussed extensively toward the end. And anybody who denies that the elites and insiders don't have a pro-gun control, pro-human caused global warming agenda is just silly, or hasn't been paying attention. I've been a subscriber to TNA for a few years now, and as it says in the film, it is often YEARS or even DECADES ahead on calling out issues.
    Great work JBS! Keep spreading the truth!

  10. cheque

    Half hour into the documentary it just goes wacko. Of course the media is bias and usually has an agenda, much like this documentary (though not as bad)

    Rubbish doco, one of the worst i've seen.

  11. Excelent Expose

    Responding to Don't Bother

    Global Warming is a political agenda being pushed forward to create a world government and tax. And if everyone in the country was required to carry a gun our crime problems would be over very quickly. It's a simple question of logic. Most criminals would not commit crimes if they risked getting shot. Also our gun laws from the constitution are to protect us from our government.

  12. Excellent Expose

    Sorry for the spelling

  13. Ivan

    People I KNOW TRUTH ABOUT THIS DOCUMENTARY.I am Serb and i live in one village in Serbia.I am watch original version this shot in Serbian Television 1993.I was be child then but i remember this program,this shadow of man who see in this video that is one moslem from Bosnia,they was be very seek {cancer he was die soon after that}.I next this program Hilari Clinton or somebody another i don't remember who exact promise Slobodan Milosevic personaly help for this people.Can tou imagine,after democratic change this program not exist in Belgrade more.We probably think that i lie becouse that i am Serb but for me that is not meter.Serbian Para-Mylitary forces was kill people that is truth also kill people Croatins,Moslems,Albanins and everybody in Balkan(not regular army that is child 19 years old-Para-Mylitary forces.War in Balkan it was be war "Kills your brother" except Albanians that is all brothers people don"t existed Serbian,Croatian,Bosnian language that is all Serbian language and variance is like British and American languge.For this crimes who not done 98% procent people here we are NATO and America is destroyng one country and brutailizely kill many people here.When some Serbs kill people for you that is crime,when another people kills Serbs,that is OK (Croatia is etnical most clining democratic state in Europe today about 300.000 Serbs banish from Croatia,in radical islamistic 53-th state of America-Kosovo Serbs also don't live there).When we kills many childs in sleep that is "Humanitarian attack",what mean "Humanitarian attack".If you look two best indipendent documentary in the world today one is Czesh{Stolen Kosovo or War in Balkan-Stolen Kosovo}and secund is "Infinite War" Italians National Television RAI 3 you will know what is realy hapening today in Kosovo and Afganistan and will know what is America hate all world.I don't hate American people,my uncle lives in Chikago and i know many Americans,that is good people,but i hate American politics.Regards from Serbia and sorry for my english.

  14. Quimbys

    Are you kidding me? This is more of the same from the Right-wing media machine. Enjoy Fox News watchers, Glenn Beck lovers, and similarly like-minded illiterates.

  15. Frank

    Looks like some posters have an agenda that is threatened by the Birch Society. I watched Ivan's YouTube link posted above and the film clip depicted in the documentary was very clearly a fraud. If you go back and observe this segment closely, you will note that the barbed wire is nailed on the inside of the fence. Now, why would you imprison people in that fashion. If they wanted to escape they could just pull the barbed wire off couldn't they? The British ITN crew and Penny Marshall doctored the clip. Looks like JBS was telling the truth. This clip was a carefully doctored and manipulated fake. Guess that bothers those who wish to discredit the status quo and expose their media sycophants for the controlled Corporate owned puppets that they actually are. Meanwhile, we are at war in Iraq still after the media drum beat about WMD and Al Queda both of which were never proven either. The true frauds are the media and we pay with our lives, money and freedoms absconded based upon lies and fraud.

  16. BS

    The Rodney King part blew this one out of the park for me. No crime constitutes that sort of violence! What good did national rioting do for anyone's agenda! Come on, you want to tell me this was about federalizing the police force? That is delusional to the degree of a paranoid schizophrenic's psychotic rantings.

  17. Vader

    The Media is controlled by the CFR and Groups dedicated to destroy America as we know it. You can see with your own eyes what is hapenning Today. Bank Bailouts,Broken Borders,Foreign wars with differant fronts all Globalist Agenda.God forbid if we get into a war with China after what Clinton did. Yet idiots in America still go to listen to this traitor speak!

  18. just1truth

    Yes you are right but remember the corporate controled media is also fox news. A news organization that jbs praises. They were the worst in pushing the WMD's in iraq and defending george bush afterwards. This documentary has a clear agenda. To attack all corporate media accept right wing fox news.

  19. seth

    Environmental scientists are just trying to create fear in the population? Americans need guns to hunt and to protect themselves from criminals? Rodney King deserved to be beaten?

    I would put this documentary into the category of right wing disinformation…

  20. chocolatestarfish

    is there a schmucky love-triangle between the mainstream media, multinational corporations and high-ranking politicians?

    i mean even if you've never heard of chomsky and colleagues you'd have to acknowledge how obvious the media are trying to sell crap and distortion as news and reporting.

    but that crappy conspiracy-theory laden "documentary" certainly doesn't do anything to shed light onto the propaganda circus. and the fact that you guys revealed it being a john birch soc. piece makes a couple of things there clearer...

    i was just waiting for the illuminati and the freemasons to turn up. rubbish.
    oh and to the concentration camp apologists above in the comments: who are you trying to mislead?
    maybe the emaciated looking guy had a birth defect HOWEVER the serbian camps were certainly not just recreation sites for refugees. it was a war, and during wars men become monsters.
    the serbs commited atrocities (srebrenica), camped civilians, the croats commited atrocities and camped refugees (krayina), so did the bosnian muslims as they were getting the upper hand in the war with the intervention of UN/NATO forces. that's -sadly- how wars go.
    the population always pays the highest price.

    i hope the serbs do not go down the road of the turks who to this day deny the slaughtering of hundreds of thousands of armenians 100 years ago.
    confess your misdeeds, learn from it and work towards reconciliation.
    and that's coming from me, a serb!

  21. daniel

    right wing propaganda

  22. Richie


  23. angeo

    Very good expos'e of the CFR / major media collaboration to further the globalist agenda. Produced by the John Birch Society.

  24. Monoculus

    I feel it in my bones to raise an issue I have with this video.
    I was dissapointed as it never revealed to me anything I had not known before.
    For anyone who has watched and understood politics like I do it does not change the way I think about the U.S. because it is only part of the scam and it focuses on the CULLS of GOVERNMENT and not the NEW? actors who are related to the SAME OUTFIT that launched the careers of those characters!

  25. Daniel

    I watched the video 3 times and took notes, then did some research. Then I read the pitiful attempts at having a real discussion in the comment section. Here are my observations.

    1- To the misinformed ignorant who apparently cant watch a video and digest whats in it that said Fox isnt mentioned. Do you know who Rupert Murdoch is? He OWNS Fox, so grow up. The Video told us he is in the CFR.

    2- The fake “Serbs” telling us their stories don’t match up in here. The film crew is clearly inside the fence, and at the same time we were told that they are in a concentration camp, which is a lie, period. This was a war, and people being locked down were a part of it. If the media had no agenda, then why are they lying to Americans about it? Only someone with their own agenda would come in here spewing their own tales and lies to refute this. Look left here. Many of the same leftists saying this is false , are also constantly on other leftist blogs spewing the same lies and garbage. They are even paid to do so by George Soros. See Huffington Post and Media Matters for a good example.

    3- On Stalin’s Russian starvation of 7 million people, their dead , emaciated bodies are there in the video, and also those facts are well documented in many true history books. Yet the leftists want to deny this too. Denial of facts like this is why I find the MSM propagandists to be almost as deranged as the Liberals hiding behind the word “progress.” Almost but not quite. Soviet Union = Communism = Liberal Socialist Utopia, in their very small world. And the N Y Times lied about the starvation. Mathews was kept on at the NYTimes for 45 years, after declaring that “Castro is Not a Communist” and the U S must support his “Democracy.” Lets here the libs spin that one. They should put that statement right on their Che or Mao t-shirts they love to wear.

    4 – David Rockefeller is on tape saying thanks to the N Y times, Time mag and the Post for helping them in their agenda for a One World Government. I,d like to see the Liberal Elite explain how that fits in with the Republic of America and our true democracy. FYI, it doesn't.

    5 - Tom Brokaw - “Our planet faces dire consequences in a decade or 2 due” to the U N 2001 Climate Change report. Excuse me , that was 10 years ago. 10 years is a decade. Not a thing has disappeared. But Al Gore has increased his wealth by over 500% in that same time. Another manufactured crisis, which is right out of the book Rules for Radicals. ( How to overthrow a government quietly) This same book is, as he said in his own words, “ On my nightstand where it will always be.” Barack Hussein Obama-

    6 - Explain the Political activist behind the phony “Million Mom March” that was described as a simple housewife, when in fact she was a DC agent and Congressional staffer? Just like the One Nation Rally we saw. Communists and Socialists spreading hate and lies to divide our nation. I saw the Communist propaganda there. Hundreds of books and propaganda calling for the overthrow of our Govt, yet not a peep on ANY News except Fox. Spin those facts .

    Summary- This video needs to be shown in our schools. This is a crucial step in exposing the One World Government pimps in the CFR. The truth shall set you free, even thought it will also draw attacks from the Left as we see here. There are exactly ZERO credible rebuttals to this educational video in the comments here. ZERO proof as to what is supposedly false here. But as we learned here, the leftist Liberals don't rely of facts to dispute this. They instead resort to name calling, telling false personal stories, and flat out lies. Typical propaganda to try to control our perception of the truth.

  26. Leo

    One thing is clear. After watching this my view of media became diffrent and it was already very diffrent.

  27. Richie

    Ahhhhahahahahahahaha.... Daniel, show it in schools haha..classic.. I think America has enough idiot rednecks already without polluting children's minds with John Birch drek.

  28. Sally

    Towards the end it made statements reguarding how the media spins everything and even hires people and companies to "rise up" and join the fight against globalization, then it made me think that maybe this documentary was part of that same plan. Like it was said in another comment here, divide and conquer. Take in all the information you can and make an educated decision for yourself. And turn off the T.V. And make your kids go outside and play, with sticks and dirt. Teach them how to climb trees and build forts. My daughter see's way to much of these lies and I can see her being dragged right in. Cooperate media has taken control and the only way to stop it is to stop watching. EVERYONE

  29. Sieben Stern

    they had me until clinton. there are probably so many presidents on either side of the aisle that did so much worse to this country than he did (not counting, you know, economic prosperity and surplus). though i don't think this docu will think to dig that up. just as much spin as this docu wants to bring to light, it spins itself.

  30. planckbrandt

    No age old conflict in the Balkans had nothing to do with what happened. That conflict was kicked off and incited by the right-wing who had to cover up for the collapse of the economy. Even this documentary is full of slanted language that covers up for what is really going on.

    Communism is the most Totalitarian? How about inverse totalitarian? They are both after the same thing, and they have it again right here in the USA.

  31. Tony Malone

    Excellent introdution too how, why and by who. Thanks I hope you will follow up with the un and it being Hitler's dream. Maybe Prescott Bush, Geoge H.W nd boy george. the bush's brothers to George in the security business at tthe airports used in 911. Notice I said Airports not planes. Building seven and aechitects and engineers for truth. Be the ones that we need and take the lead. The truth is the truth and patriots are not popular.

  32. ella7209

    This is a right wing corporatist propaganda documentary.

  33. Ginjoint

    Trying to paint the obviously capitalist ruling class as communist "internationalists" is nothing new. It started out in Hitler's Germany as the "Jewish Bolshevik conspiracy" and is, as ella7209 says, most certainly a right wing version of events. Even if we can agree on certain media distortions this "Alex Jones/Militia" style conspiracy never ends up talking about something called fascism or worse argues that there is no difference between left and right wing movements. This confusion leads to further support for right wing capitalist positions.

  34. Vargeaise Paradis

    There are many interesting facts showed in that video, but what he conclued about them is so idiotic, its too bad. Of course, to own so many hand weapons at home leads to tons of murder, more in USA than in any other country of the world. Of course some leftist groups are tactically tricking the media, and somes are from the medias. But that doe'sNt mean that millions of citizen are not in their side anyways. And for good reasons. The governement of occidental countrys are in a massive wave to the right (including USA- Obama a leftist? Come on. A moderate rightist at the best. Chavez is a leftist. Ask your self what Obama is.) And don't be afraid: a world government is a far-right project, not a communist one. Ask Hitler...

  35. Seek_Understanding

    Iis unfortunate that many of your viewers will take everything you protraited at face value, I have viewed over 350 documentaries and have come to realize that most have good viable truths, and most have viable untruths. Skewed by their bias, yours is absolutely NO DIFFERENT. You do not mention anything about the PNAC and their agendas which skew America as the bastian of truth and right and good and protecting American freedoms which you as the Birch Society tend to belief, ignoring the literally hundreds of persons who have proven that that is NOT the case. We have a perverted American Capitalistic system and Right Wing patriotic agendas are at the very heart of so much ill will towards us and anti-American sentiment. America is not spreading democracy, it spreads capitalism (perverted at that). America does not spread freedom, but spreads its interest. learn about PNAC. There are hundreds more sources than just the Birch Society to get a clearer picture of why we are in the mess we are in. Once again, like Glenn Beck who talks about how the democrates were influenced by the communists and socialist, but like you make no mention of how the Nazis and Klan influence republican and your ideals and objectives. The facts are we still have racist, bigoted, supremetist people in our leadership in key positions of power and influence that seek to administer the laws unjustly and turn a blind eye to those who do so as long as they are doing our bidding.
    It is the extremes of both sides, including your, that are the cause of the problems.

  36. m

    It's VERY hard to define what "left" and "right" is these days because of many things.
    1)The perversion of truths and distortion of facts
    2)The BLUR caused due to corruption on what is "government" and what is "big business" (they are both connected through acquaintances, agendas, elites and money)...
    3)Over time republicans have started to side with more "liberal" ideas, and everything once "liberal" are now going more towards business due to the use of public funds to help businesses because of the corruption.
    3)Ideas are not linear and so structured as to only be within the 1 dimensional (left and right) context.
    4)The personal biases that we all have as much as we hate to admit it ourselves.
    Stop thinking 1-dimensionally and following labels like "right" and left" just because you learn about it in school or are told to think that way by the media. it is a system of "divide and conquer"

    War mongering and "spreading democracy" can be associated with conservatives" and therefore "conservative" but is also what a "power liberal" is. Exerting power liberally to spread ideology. Bush could have been said to have been very "liberal" in both his spending habits, his power exertion and wars and his bailouts and bailout projects. For those very same reasons some people think the spending enabled "big business" and traditionally that has been associated with "conservatism" although I haven't seen that as a clear cut definition, but it is commonly used to describe it.

    But he was especially liberal and left wing if you define anything that increases the size of government is a "left wing ideology". He spent more than everyone before him combined. Hover did something similar and was criticized by FDR for being a "spendthrift" believe it or not. FDR was the "liberal" that was in charge when he coaxed Japan into attacking us according to declassified documents. This is all the same game over again with different rules.

    Nixon really changed the rules of the game. "conservative" can't really be "limited spending" because the system isn't designed for that anymore. Impossible without system reform. Their is MORE DEBT than cash in the system, and the only way everyone can pay off that debt is by creating more of it. True "conservatism" cannot exist when the government owes the federal reserve more cash at any given point than is in existence. True "liberalism" doesn't exist either when the banks receive the proceeds of taxes, and the social programs like medicare are specifically aimed to pump money into specific medical and biotech companies without or with limited individual choice in the matter.

    Traditionally liberal ideas are now simply going to be used to create more power to big businesses. That is what happens when there is CORRUPTION. Lower taxes is going to have to be offset at some point with more money through borrowing and spending rather than taxing and spending, which increases big government.

    Back to the original point.

    The Nazi party is the national socialist democratic party. Read the documents declaring what their views were. They wanted to nationalize everything and spread "the common good" just like Joe Stalin with his gun control (so the people were powerless to defend themselves against government) and "the people's republic" social agenda.

    The Nazi party wanted to national healthcare, education, a public transportation system, and free civic programs. They instituted and vigorously enforced a strict gun control regimen and encouraged abortion. The Nazis argued that capitalism damages nations due to international finance. They were about the "common good of all" before individuals. The Nazis were perhaps the most EXTREME power liberals in history in their foreign policy.

    From what we are "told" that to me sounds what people would classify as "left wing".
    On the other hand, a case could be made if you define "power liberal" as "conservative" and they certainly share many beliefs such as anti-immigration.

    You should really research professor Antony Sutten who will flip your world upside down as he connects the socialist agenda to wallstreet and international bankers. And research the George Soros's connection to and the occupy wall street movement.

  37. wpsmithjr

    Um, the John Birch Society is full of libertarian types who HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH PNAC. PNAC is a group of neo-conservatives who have taken over the republican party and are the antithesis of the JBS.

  38. Seek_Understanding

    Thank your for your reply. Thank you for your clarification on your stance on PNAC. However, in one part of you documentary you state that Rodney King rose up to attack an officer?? What non sense is that all about? No one who is unmercifully beaten, who knows he is out numbered , and have guns and sticks and tazers tries to attack anyone...obsurd that you could even state that. You are getting up with every ounce you have to try to run for your life!!!! That does show your bias to the so called authority and justice. Having lived in California, LA and OC, for 50 years I know all about the racist, biggoted, unjust application of the laws and the police department's long history of their policies when it comes to minorities. I am aware of the countless times officers used to write total lies and falsehoods which depicted nothing of what really happened. I know first hand of their dirty dealings when telling their version of what happened. Your interpretation of "he is getting up to assult an officer" shows your version of reality to what we were watching, and that is the problem between your view of law and mine. This is why our country has and will continue to have the countless problems we have for "so long as the laws (just or unjust) are unjustly or unequally applied things will not get better." The lead need to stand up against those leading, whether on mainstreet or wallstreet or K street or Capital Hill or White House. I DO APPRECIATE YOUR FILM FOR GIVING ME THE EVIDENCE OF HOW AND WHEN THE BANKERS HIJACKED THE MEDIA IN THIS COUNTRY AND THE ORIGINS OF THE CFR, THANK YOU. I WILL LEAD THEM TO IT WHEN I DISCUSS THAT ISSUE WITH ANYONE WHO WILL LISTEN. This goes right in line with how the FEDERAL RESERVE and the bankers hijacked our debt free money to the privitization of it to charge us interest (debt). The creation of the IRS and the CIA both of which are thugs of our country. And PNAC who have hijacked our foreign policy.
    Victor H. Maldonado

    Subject: [topdocumentaryfilms] Re: Behind The Big News: Propaganda and the CFR

  39. oym

    Brought to you by... The John Birch Society!? Give me a break!!!!!

  40. wpsmithjr

    I replied to you, but I am not the producer of the documentary. I just read your comment to the producer and wanted to correct you on the JBS's stance on the wars in the Middle East. They are pro-liberty and anti-war. The neo-conservatives are the war-mongering/police state faction of the republican party...not the JBS.

    The rest of what you said, however, I agree with.

  41. charlie pycraft

    Looks interesting:)

  42. Balkans

    Tell us something about Vukovar, Srebrenica, Sarajevo, Skabrnja, to name a few. Tell us about Ovcara, Mitnica, Staji?evo, Sremska Mitrovica...? Come on, explain to people what happend. WHAT DO YOU THINK, THAT PEOPLE ARE ST*PID!?
    get a backbone already!

  43. Rocky Racoon

    Warren Buffet says there is a CLASS WAR going on and HIS SIDE IS WINNING! What and how to fight back is the question-OCCUPY 2.0 with AGENDA. We need OCCUPY 2.0 with Agenda. Prosecute Bush Obama NATO War Criminals. Prosecute Wall Street Fraud Artists, Audit the Federal Reserve, Audit the Pentagon, Stop the Phoney War On Terror, Stop the Phoney War on Drugs, Stop the Militarization of Local Police they cannot be used as Tip of the Spear Against People. All Police Actions involving violence must be subject to review of citizens from Community Directly Involved. Warren Buffet says there is a CLASS WAR going on and HIS SIDE is WINNING! We must not be divided by sex or race Unite across CLASS LINES GENERAL STRIKE LABOUR STOPPAGE only WEAPON WE HAVE. When the Cash Register STOPS Ringing...the 1% LISTEN. Restore Constitution, Bill of Rights, Rule of Law, Government OF FOR BY THE PEOPLE INTERNATIONAL GENERAL STRIKE NOW! cut paste forward

  44. Undecider

    What's wrong with the JBS? I heard they had some Rockefeller seed money. However, looking at their fruits, it may just have been some Rockefeller infiltration. Overall, they stand for the right things.

  45. Undecider

    You need to learn more about what's going on.

  46. Undecider

    Lawful and respectful citizens are not the ones creating crime. Always remember, criminals (and government) will always have guns. Will you want to be defenseless? Also, it's irrelevant if a person has one, ten or one hundred firearms. We can only shoot a maximum of two at a time.

  47. Undecider

    Shows you don't understand what "right wing" means.

  48. Undecider

    This goes to show, you can't please everyone.

  49. Undecider

    How so? Because it criticizes the Left? What if they criticized Republicans, would you call it Left Wing propaganda? Can you think outside the box?

  50. Undecider

    You never heard of the terms hoax and fraud?

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