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Fishing With John: Criterion Collection

Fishing With John - Criterion Collection (1992)

The thought of watching somebody fishing is, to me, the height of existential folly. As Estragon says in Becket's Waiting for Godot, Nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes, it’s awful. Thus was my apprehension great when faced with the task of watching 147 minutes of men fishing....

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An Evening with Kevin Smith

An Evening with Kevin Smith (2002)

To know the origin of Snoochie-Boochies, you must spend An Evening with Kevin Smith. The Jersey-bred auteur of low-budget comedy proves equally adept as an uncensored raconteur, regaling five college audiences - his most devoted demographic - in this two-disc compilation of lively QandA....

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The Queens of Comedy

The Queens of Comedy (2001)

Four of today's hottest black comedians headline this Queens of Comedy video special, a follow-up to Spike Lee's The Original Kings of Comedy film (although Lee does not direct here). Adele Givens, Mo'Nique (from UPN's The Parkers), Sommore, and Laura Hayes (from BET's Comic View) present a...

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Totally Bill Hicks

Totally Bill Hicks

A celebration of the comedy of Bill Hicks. The film is structured around the different strains of comedy in the Hicks stand-up, sampling the best of his confrontational performance. Interviewees include two major American chat show hosts, David Letterman and Jay Leno, the actor Eric Bogosian...

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