Cracking the Colour CodeAn unprecedented global journey to explore the frontiers of how we view color, make color and use the power of color to communicate meaning. Color is a fundamental part of our world. Landscapes, animals, fashion, painting, movies, food – everything around us resonates with the language of color. All our waking lives – and even in our dreams – we navigate our way through a world of color. Yet, whoever we are, color has the power to stop us in our tracks – and to make us wonder.

Why is the sky blue? Why do leaves turn yellow in autumn? And why does red play so powerful a role in so many cultures? Is color real or is it just a construct of our brains?

Drawing on the latest scientific findings and technology, Cracking the Color Code is a series for people who are seeking answers to many of the questions that relate to color and who, at the same time, wish to enjoy the incredible diversity and sensation that color has to offer in our world. While color is a child of science and physics, it triggers within us a host of emotional, intuitive and intellectual responses – deeply rooted within ourselves and our culture.

The series is both food for the intellect and the senses – delivered as a carefully arranged and orchestrated feast, yet one that is playful and provocative.

Based on three years of extensive research, Cracking the Color Code draws on a range of disciplines and leading experts – including physicists, neurologists, artists, ethnologists, color consultants, historians, artisans and marketing executives – each in some way intimately concerned with the nature and power of color. Each offers insights – even new discoveries – that will challenge our understanding of color.

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