The Dark Lords of Hattusha

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The Dark Lords Of HattushaThe Dark Lords of Hattusha looks at the lost Hittite Empire at around 1595 BC and the deciphering of their language that enabled archaeologists to finally retrace this great lost civilization.

From their capital, the Hittites ruled a mighty empire. But, 2,500 years ago, their civilization disappeared and their capital city, Hattusha, was lost to history. Only the marvels of 20th Century archaeology have led to its rediscovery.

The Hittites were an ancient Indo-European people, speaking a language of the Anatolian branch of the Indo-European language family. They were part of a larger movement of Indo-Europeans in the 30th century BCE and established a kingdom centered at Hattusha on the Central Anatolian plateau ca. the 18th century BCE.

Although belonging to the Bronze Age, the Hittites were forerunners of the Iron Age, developing the manufacture of iron artifacts from as early as the 20th century BCE. Hittite weapons were made from bronze; iron was so rare and precious that it was employed only as prestige goods.

The Hittites were also famous for their skill in building and using chariots. These chariots gave them a military superiority as illustrated on a plate from Carchemish.

The Hittites used cuneiform letters. Archaeological expeditions have discovered entire sets of royal archives in cuneiform tablets, written either in Akkadian, the diplomatic language of the time, or in the various dialects of the Hittite confederation.

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Comments and User Reviews

  • Victor

    Well done documentary. It leads you through the archaeological history along with the currently accepted historical story of the Hittites.

  • Eric T

    Very interesting. Another documentary that taught me something I didn`t know.

  • Sean A

    An interesting doumentary. Wonder where they went?

  • dave

    great stuff ancient empires are so strange and yet so similar very thought provoking

  • tk

    First time I heard of this civilization :)
    A must see

  • CuriosityKilledTheCat

    Interesting that these people called Hittites aren't the Hittites from the bible, despite being in the general geographical area.

  • CuriosityKilledTheCat

    Thank Vlatko ;-)

  • Jay

    cant get doc to run, live in canada. any suggestions?

  • abe

    Get out of Canada.

  • d

    run it through a proxy
    to get it to run

  • Carl Sagan

    I live in Canada and it works for me.

  • David

    Shut off completely at 28:45. It's a shame because I thought it was pretty interesting.

  • Henry A.

    Where did they go? It may be, they are the same tribe which converted to Judaism in the 8th Century AD. The traits, behaviour and "culture" are the same as that same (13th) tribe which produced parasites like Rothschild and Rockefeller and who now control the banks, mass media and nearly everything else. What a heavenly world this would be if they had converted to Buddhism instead.

  • Clemens

    Terrible script, full of exaggerating superlatives. Not a sentence without emphatic adjectives. Very tiresome. The inaccuracies are too many to mention. They all derive from attempts to present archeology in the sensationalist style of television commercials. Many claims are false, as will be clear from contradictions within the script itself. A completely forgotten people, who left no trace at all, not even in mythology? And yet they are famous from the Bible?

  • Zladko

    Clemens, you do realize these Hittites are different from the Biblical Hittites, right? It even said so in the film.

  • Kateye70

    I guess that the remains of a walled city covering several square miles counts as 'no trace at all'? Not to mention the library they left behind? Or the treaty with the Egyptians? The bible left a lot of history out, but that doesn't mean there was no trace of these people. We might not have them firmly planted in our memory but it's clear they were firmly their own present, to the chagrin of their neighbors.

    The Amazons were likewise considered nonexistent or mythical until research was done on the Russian steppes, remains were found within burial mounds, and mitochondrial DNA was traced to living Mongolian women. PBS had an episode of "Secrets of the Dead" about this research, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

    I have a feeling there are a lot of peoples who didn't make the historic cut as seen by the Greeks or Romans or the various bibles (the sources of our Western European mythology), but it doesn't make them less worthy of research or admiration. I'm wondering who's going to remember *us* in another 10,000 or 5,000 or even 1,000 years.

    Not commenting on the stylistic aspects, except to say that I've enjoyed the series, so one person's exaggerating superlatives are another's descriptive narrative. For me, it makes it easy to listen to the video while I work in windows other than the one the doc is playing in.

    Thanks yet again, Vlatko, for another interesting documentary.

  • Kateye70

    Really? I didn't hear that in the film at all, although I saw your comment and tried to pick that up while I watched--maybe i missed it.

    I thought these were the Hittites who defeated the Egyptians (or the Egyptians defeated, depending on who's propaganda you believe!). There was a treaty with Egyptians that was discovered in the library there. And I thought the Hittites the Egyptians battled were the ones mentioned in the old testament?

  • smalltownrockstar

    @ Clemens: "Emphatic Adjectives"! WELL SAID! That phrase could be used to describe the sneaky tricks that news outlets use to disguse their bias, as well.. I just leaned a new descriptive for sensationalistic media bias! Thanks, Clemens! : )

  • Nicholas Ekers

    I wasn't a fan of how the doc was made; sometimes I felt it was putting entertaining the audience at a higher priority than educating them (which for me would have been more entertaining but I am unusual like that) but it was very interesting and all completely new to me so I was able to look past these flaws and enjoy my viewing.

  • Windy DayDreamer McKinney

    That's what I thought too! You'd think that historian/archaeologists would have avoided using the same name to avoid confusion... Especially since this culture is just now being discovered and there is so much more to learn about them - there was the opportunity to decide on a different name!

  • Jack1952

    The Hittites were frequently mentioned in the Bible.

  • Jack1952

    They may have been remnants of the Hittite empire. Just as there are Mayan speaking people alive today who are descended from the Mayan empire builders.

  • haynesch

    A notion... The two spouses; the authorities on Hittite script, deduced from two logograms picturing an eye and a deer, that those, no less, represent a word ''idea''. Seems to me that they took the similaritiy of english pronunciation in compounding the two (eye-deer) in a most unorthodox manner. Even as we acknowledge that Hittite language was of an Indo-European branch, it seems as a long shot. Very long, and profoundly misleading.
    A connection mentioned earlier in the programme - a translation of water (english) wasser (german) voda (slavic) was immensely more convincing.
    Besides a few spectacular observations; this is a very interesting doc.

  • Myra McQueen

    This documentary shows how any system that turns against itself, is destroyed from within. Power and greed take away the heart of the system's leaders

  • Eye_Deer

    I think they were just using that as a tool to demonstrate how the glyphs operate in Hittite, not that "eye-deer" has any correspondence in Hittite.

  • documentarydude

    First of all..all that could have been said in 5 minutes..i.e. the main facts,,
    Second...WHY...why why,,,..was no explanation given as to how they were not the Hittites of the bible.....something smells fishy,,i dont believe ,,it
    Third,, not sure they were an empire....a large city...a force to be reckoned with,,,...but not an empire....even the old testament ..history..
    speaks of the major empires....but doesn't mention the hittites as being one...this doc,,,was entertaining..but leaves u with,,,a bad aftertaste...
    but it was free,,,,,,,so thankyou,,,,..................

  • 1618Kelly

    Actually, they certainly ARE "the Hittites of the Bible." Haran, the city where Jacob chose his wives, Rachel and Leah, was a very famous Hittie city. The Old Testament God told the Jews, "Your mother was a Hittite. Your father was an Amorite. (Ez. 16:3) And the Hittites didn't disappear; we simply call them by different names today. The Hittites were from Mongolia (Central China) and if you want to see some proof that the Mongolian Hittites interacted with white Semetic races, simply go to YouTube and do a search on "Blond Mongollians." You will find plenty of videos showing Mongollian people with slanted Chinese eyes, only their eyes are blue and their hair is blond!

    The ancient Hitties, like most of the races invading the Middle East and setting up dynasties, were Vedic Aryans who worshipped the gods of ancient India. The Hittites worshipped Indra, only they called him "Indar" and they also worshipped a storm-god named Tushub who was the equivalent of Baal and of course, they also worshipped a sun god. At that time, India's god system was pretty invasive. They not only extended their territory into China, they pretty much took over the entire Middle East.

  • haynesch

    yeah, but it sounds more like a pun than science :)

  • David

    Sounds like ancient Nazis to me: "Today Hattusha! Tomorrow ze Vorld!
    Or Spartans on steroids: "If it is weak, kill it! That's my son? Too bad.
    Seriously, a great doc, very educational although I wish they had been more clear on the timeline. And I do agree, if you're going to say these aren't the Hittites in the Bible, please explain why not.


    The king should've seen it coming. He should have poisoned his uncle as soon as he got back from the war. And then executed all of his uncle's loyal followers. It would have been the only to ensure his power. They did everything perfectly. If Hatusha had kept control, it could have been greater than Egypt. Ironic isn't it? Or maybe tragic. Seems too much like a Shakespearean play, but it actually happenned. Interesting documentary but a little too vague in details.

  • o

    I have studied this people for awhile now. Not as a scholar but reading what the scholars have found. There is a sizable community that thinks the Hittites moved up into the Pripet marsh area of Ukraine and in about 600 migrated out of there and scattered to become the Slavic nations of Czech, Pole, Russian, etc. This could explain where they went!

  • Juan Gonzales

    Hittites were aryans from Aratta-Trypolye-Kamyana Mohyla/ Andronovo-Arkaim civilization broken aparts after Black sea Deluge. First spoke wheeled chariot found in Andronovo, first dated bronze made in Arkaim. Aratta-Kamyana mohyla writings 20 000 yo.

  • Juan Gonzales

    Their treasures is known as Scythian. And yes. This guys are r1a dna.

  • Busirane

    Can someone removed this blatantly anti-semitic commentary?

  • Pythus

    who bootlegs a bbc documentary! hah

  • tariqxl

    If I call the Pope a D**k I'm not being anti catholic, if I call them all kiddie fiddlers then I am... See how that works? To showcase a couple of ZIONIST Jews and explain their evil deeds is not pinning the blame on all Jews.

  • tariqxl

    I was hoping that a documentary would come up when I searched blond Mongolians but just got pics n little 5 min videos.. If you can remember a doc on this topic please let me know, sounds very interesting.

  • j.reed

    Except Semetic races arent white at all.......they would be Japhetic.

  • hernandayoleary

    Utter bull hattusa was a black civilization, indo europeans did not even enter turkey until 1000 bc according to krugman (the leading eurocentric) own model.

  • hernandayoleary

    The "ancient hitties" were hattusa and they were black, they are descendent of Canaan and the Canaanites were black.

    "The term Amorites is used in the Bible to refer to certain highland mountaineers who inhabited the land of Canaan, described in Genesis 10:16 as descendants of Canaan, son of Ham"
    Curse of ham = canaan, ham father of black race.

  • hernandayoleary

    PS blonde or red hair is not limited in anyway to white people, if anything it is a north Asian trait because even the germanic tribes come out of asia west of the urals and red and blonde hair is more common amongst the northern asians than indo europeans.

    Semites are also not white. Most accurately they are a mixed race people.

  • Jon Keller

    "Indo-European" refers not to race but language.

  • hernandayoleary

    Sounds like you are talking about the white mummies, just google that, you should get something

  • hernandayoleary

    It is clear from the documentary they are trying to say white. While not all indo-european speakers are or were white that is the clear implication. Which is grossly inaccurate given that it is still hotly debated if it is even indo-european language. it was widely believed to be semitic for most of history and Much research is now showing it closer to niger congo languages than indo european as it does not use gender and many other forms in indo european that occur in niger congo languages.

  • veljahada .

    Where did they go? Its the same time the sea people appear

  • veljahada .

    No. It was a nordic feminist nation witth a turkic language. But black

  • veljahada .

    And indo eurpeans is not coming from india or europe

  • Alex Holland

    the sea poeple are remnants of the hittites who mixed with mycenes poeple and other drifters due to climate change

  • SimianSez

    Wanna talk about the Sumerians?

  • House Tom

    will mention five inaccuracies. presenting anything in a sensationalist style dose not make it inaccurate or a lie. can you name five claims that are false. famous in the bible ? how are they famous ? and as for terrable script ummm what is a good script ?

  • Gabriel Forbes

    Watched the first video, very very interesting. I'm just wondering... am I the only one noticing the incredibly annoying image wobbling?? I don't know if it's their camera, just a weird effect put on all the footage or the video itself...

  • Omendata

    You mean the aliens who seeded the human race with the white man?

  • morrisseyowesmemoney .

    If it was just a weird effect, the BBC logo wouldn't wobble, too. Some dozy cunt probably filmed his tele, lol.