Elvis - That’s the Way It IsIn 1970, Elvis Presley seemed stalled on the comeback treadmill: Not quite part of the rock 'n' roll scene that was then dominated by the Beatles and Rolling Stones, nor part of the burgeoning '50s revival movement. He was a man who needed to do it his way, and his 1970 tour of duty in the Las Vegas Hilton International Hotel -- at the time and for many years to follow, the world's largest -- consummated his ultimately successful self-reinvention.

Elvis: That's the Way It Is, released that same year, documents the Culver City rehearsals and the six-night stand at the Hilton, presenting the dawn of Vegas Elvis, the legendary showman whose rhinestone-studded attire established the oeuvre for the growing desert oasis. In addition to this legendary showman, we see Elvis the person, wolfing down hamburgers and suffering from pre-show jitters. In the 1970 release of the film, we were also treated to a number of interviews with devoted fans that, alas, subtracted from Elvis' own screen time.

This brand new Special Edition DVD of the film features a Dolby Surround Stereo remix with restored footage and alternate takes that replace the non-essential fan elements. The stellar additions are never-before-seen performances of songs such as "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" and the Beatles' "Get Back."

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