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Faces of Death

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Faces of DeathA mockumentary hosted by Dr. Francis B. Gross, a coroner. He is trying to show you the different faces of people while dying.

There are faked scenes of people getting killed intermixed with footage of real accidents. There are executions by decapitation (in an Arab country) and the electric chair.

One scene shows a group of tourists in Egypt smashing a monkey’s head while still alive and eating its brains. There are shots of animals eating people and satanic orgies using dead bodies.

There is a segment that deals with an alligator that accidentally entered residential waters. The local warden goes in his boat to get the crocodile back into the sea when he accidentally falls over and becomes gator bait.

The film ends with news clippings of people jumping off buildings and major accidents.

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  1. rawkidd

    what kind of bullshit is this? it ain't funny, it ain't entertaining, it's just gross and trying to be sensational. i can't stand this kind of footage at all.

  2. Che Razo Caballero

    hehe .. this is one of the reality of this world .. you dont have to be intertained by watching this movie .. this shows the online movie watcher to FACE THE REALITY .. no one can change this .. no one can predict what will happen .. so you all have to be more carefull ..

  3. Brandyn Fox

    Hmm :- Desensitized.

  4. Raj Singh

    "The country of Africa" ... and "Savages" ... Shows how old this film is :P

  5. Trevor Matheny

    everyone freaking out about this video saying you shouldn't watch this Just Shut The Hell Up damn who cares its a video if you didn't like it you shouldn't of watched it it says Faces OF Death not faces of comedy so just relax damn

  6. Trevor Matheny

    True so so true

  7. Trevor Matheny

    if didn't like it then why the hell watch it and comment just shut up if you didn't like it then umm you shouldn't of watched it DUH!!!!

  8. Nathan R Wren

    in the first 5 mins he showed his incompetence...use a biohazard bin for you soiled gloves and jacket!

  9. eve2005

    bunch of cry babies i hope yall know that some of these things really do happen and they are really hard to find movies that were made by a man that was board and people that complain and say " it gross and hated it" really have no respect for what other people like maybe even love if you don't like dont the people vs. larry flint remeber we all have the freedom to do and say what we want just as long as its not hurting anyone and because of people like you this movie has been banned and it cost an arm and a leg to buy the box set of these movies i'm female and i love them really and have been looking for them all of my life i just can't find them all together for a good price....stop being scary babies and accept that people kill other people and sometimes people around the world eat all animals including dogs and cats! im sure if you were hungry you would too :) enjoy this film cause it might not be around remember closed minded people are all around us

  10. eve2005

    i love this film and all of the others i have seen. i am female and i think that there are a lot of crybabies in this world, and if you dont think things like this really happen....i hate to inform all of you that it does and if you dont like it then dont watch it. i hate that people are so scared or disgusted by this film, YES most of it is fake but some of the parts arent like people infront of a firing squad but those things happen. I think its so funny people back in the days use to take a whole family to an excution as a family time tradition and now its so wrong boohoo! grow up life is short and if you dont wanna spend it being grossed out then be a hollyroller or DONT WATCH IT!!!!! quit crying and find something else to yell about. how bout how rich people adopt kids from other countries instead of kids from the us? how movies like this are too expensive because of people like you? hard to find all in one set cause of being banned by people like you. watch the people vs. larry flint he was almost screwed over by people like you who only wanted playboy and i dont know why playboy is prude like you we all wanna see something better and real not something covered up by what hollyrollers think we need to see!!!!!!!!!

  11. eve2005

    i wish i could find the box set cheap cause man its hard to find thanks closed minded people

  12. Achems_Razor

    True, the holier than thou moral majority, mostly hypocrites, they would be the first ones to sneak in porn and stuff. Most people could site many examples.

  13. El Apollon

    the goal of all in this life is to be remembered in eternity. by me

  14. Lakdive Charles David

    Eve2005 i really admirer a girl like u , caz because a hell of a lot of girlz are even to see a small cut !!
    Itz rare to find Girlz in this mentally , having courage to watch his documantry

  15. Justin

    Man been so long sense ive seen this i remember when i was 12 and i found this in my parents stash. It didnt even bother me back then i found it almost mesmerizing and 20 years later this is still a good documentry to watch for everybody that thinks this is gross or bad it really isnt i believe its 60% fake anyways but it brings a good message to the table that this stuff does happen and that we should as a people evolve to take such actions and site as they come and not to conndem people or their beliefs. I do recommend this video for people that want to see a good message and learn a bit about what its like to be human.

  16. isep isep

    How can god exist?

  17. Sneh Preetika Singh


  18. Gregory Schwartz

    By the looks of this comment, I bet Lakdive Charles David made it all the way to the third grade before he dropped out. In fact, most of the comments show no sentence structure, punctuation or grammar. The spelling is nonexistant. Maybe these are the testimonials of Mrs. Bakers class of retards and their idea of "film reviews".

  19. DeeJay Pickles

    have heard about this presentation, I have decided not to watch, usually I would give a subject a certain amount of attention before I came to a view point, but what I have heard about this makes me not want to watch it at all I have trouble sleeping at night with the state of humanity and the world as it is.
    while on this topic i also would like to display my discontent at documentary's that show corpses, death and disfiguration without a clear warning at the start. many "truther" videos do this and i do not approve without a clear warning to the viewer its just not on. Not saying this one does not warn the viewer.

    not that I wish to be ignorant of the hardships and injustices often highlighted in these gruesome scenes, I can use my imagination quite effectively to envisage the point being made without the use of shocking images.

  20. ForeverDove

    You must watch it to at least have any type of judgment about it.
    What is ignorant is that you had the nerve to comment on the subject matter of something that you have not even viewed.
    It is the equivalent of buying a car that you have never laid eyes on and then having the nerve to complain about how small it is.

  21. Clayton Crowley

    You people complaining about how offensive this is are wasting more time complaining than anything. Damn bible thumping babies.

  22. Ly


  23. Loorys

    god and satan , as religion named them , do exists : as good and evil , light and darkness , mater anti matter etc etc u

    god and satan for humans are a choice , not a protector not a wicked soul eater , it's up to you on what path u step :)

    so dont relate what people do ,(this movie for ex),to them existance , is pointless :)

  24. grimm_god69

    best movie ever!

  25. weasel69

    i a female also and hav a weird like for the gross and horrifing..its sad to think it happens like that ,what we see on film and tv,but,it does.. people who dont hav the balls to watch,dont!just know that when we step outside it could happen to eny of us!!! lelu69

  26. Renevonn

    I don't know why people cried and complained about these kinds of films, I quite enjoy them partly because I accept that the real world isn't pretty or nice, there's a lot of ugliness mixed in as well. To ignore one side of the coin and act as if it doesn't exist is to do a disservice to the whole.

  27. Ramon Veenhuizen

    Oh please. Most people watch gore vids online because it's like a rollercoaster ride. "If horror movies don't scare you (anymore), this might freak you out." - That kinda thing. I know, 'cause I was like that in my teens. But don't pretend it's educational or a reality check - watch the f*cking news, you'll know just as much about the dark side of this world - you just didn't see the blood squirting.

    We know terrorists decapitate their captives, but do you really think we need to SEE those decapitations before we can think to ourselves that those terrorists need to be stopped?

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