Grim Sweepers

2010 ,    » 23 Comments

Grim SweepersGrim Sweepers follows Christian Cadieux and his company Crime and Trauma Scene Cleaners Inc. as they set out to clean and decontaminate multiple death and decomposition scenes.

Described as CSI meets Trailer Park Boys, Grim Sweepers tackles cleaning challenges left over from murders, suicides, drug labs, animal infestations and disease.

The crew faces messes, odours, stains, larva and bodily fluid, all while balancing professional conflicts and personal relationships.

It takes a special kind of personality to head up Canada’s most colorful, quirky and eccentric cleaning business.

With the stress of growing a revolutionary business and competition on the rise, there’s never a dull moment for Cadieux and the intriguing cast of employees he counts as friends.

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Ratings: 6.17/10 from 12 users.

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23 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Edward Richtofen

    lary in the video is an ***hole

  2. Edward Richtofen

    this video sucks and is just a commercial

  3. Mcnuts Suckem

    Show was fine and it was a full ep.

  4. geamala

    Lame, Reality TV shite.... Why?....

  5. KooKookaChoo

    eww, sounds gross...gotta watch it! lol

  6. KooKookaChoo

    hmmm, not so gross -- more about the people doing the job, less of the actual job. They seem to be a bunch of characters, so it's funny at times, but nothing enthralling. It's Canadian, so that's neat for me.

    I actually liked larry, he's a hardass and someone I would bug on purpose! (I call them pseudo-grumps, they just act grumpy)

  7. Guest

    I once went to visit an apart in Montreal following an ad in the paper about a rental. When the guy opened the front door a bad smell came to my attention but i didn't say anything, and then we entered the bedroom which had not been repainted yet, i couldn't hold it any longer and asked about the smell, an old man had died in the bed and wasn't found for a few days....
    That made me cross that address off my list instantly.

  8. Kirsten McEncroe

    if i was Shannon or Victoria i would consider a lawsuit for sexual harassment and work place bullying

  9. john Palermo

    First 5 minutes this guy worries about a bubbles in his coffee but uses splenda in it, expert?

  10. zaphodity

    I would have knocked the fat **** with a beard out in 5 minutes.

  11. blahblahbob

    god bless reviews, i think they just saved me a half hour of life i may have wasted on this program... cheers!

  12. Alex Braz

    Well, I checked the comment section only AFTER I've already watched 20 minutes and boy, I'm sorry I didn't do it before. This 'documentary' is utterly stupid and more of a reality show than a doc, showing intrigues and boring personal details of CSC employees instead of educating us about what they actually do. Waste of time.

  13. Figure.10

    The whole this is like a 'you had to be there' joke. Not nearly enough about the profession and the science behind it and way too much manchildren goofing off.

  14. Regan Johnston

    i think there is something going on between the owner and the pathological liar that embalms people yet has no really?

  15. felicity0118

    would've been a very interesting programme.shame about the staff, the production, the editing, the music, the company and pretty much everything about this 'documentary'

  16. Melanie Chipman

    What abunch of man children, Immature, unprofessional disorganized sorry group of bastards. Those girls gotta find a more respectable place to work.

  17. ranii02

    so why do shannon and victoria need "training". nothing about the other guys being pros.

  18. unisapien

    i liked it

  19. Mark Rhodes

    It's not really so much about being a pro as it is an experience issue. There are some very strict safety procedures you need to make a habit of in order to keep you from exposing yourself to dangerous substances. The guys just seem to have been going about it longer, and so know what they're supposed to do.

  20. Mark Rhodes

    Don't waste you time on this. It has the feel of a VH1 D List actor program instead of a documentary.

  21. Jack Troughton

    lol you obviously have no idea what real sexual harassment is.

  22. Elizabeth Wesley

    Where do I apply for a job?

  23. Rudolph Rip

    Interesting Work Field. Some of the staff are grossly immature. Disappointing!

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