Hold Fast

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Hold Fast

Moxie Marlinspike, in association with the Anarchist Yacht Club, is the filmmaker behind this "hastily made on a computer with a 14-day return policy" documentary about the everyman sailor.

After a short black-and-white photo-based history lesson about how the advent of fiberglass boats allowed for people outside top tax brackets to become sailors, and some of history's most maniacal sailing feats, the film focuses in on the four fixtures of the film; Lisa, a perfectionist overachiever with an unmatched attention to detail, a dedicated navigation aficionado named Allie, a strong-willed but often discombobulated crew member with a penchant for dropping things into the ocean going by Kirsten, and lastly the hippy narrator and sole male in the crew, Moxie.

The story begins with Moxie answering an ad in the newspaper for a $1000 sailboat located near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. John, the man who placed the ad, picked Moxie up from a nearby train station and shuttled him to the canal that ran through his back yard where a Pearson 30 model sailboat resided. The condition of the vessel was a disparaging one - no mast, no engine, no fittings, no bulkheads, no hatch cover, just the fiberglass shell - but John offered to let him work on the boat at the ramshackle dock where it was located for a while.

After sending pictures to the others and getting the thumbs up, he pulled the trigger and bought it. He would spend three days working sunup to sundown on his own before the others joined him, after which they lived as vagabonds in a multi-million dollar Ft. Lauderdale home while working to get the boat sea-ready.

They would quickly learn that much of sailing is made up of working on the boat itself, where they found something was always breaking - there are few environments that are worse for wood and metal than being at sea. The remainder of the film is comprised of their travels through the Caribbean and then up the Eastern seaboard, with a multitude of pseudo sailing tips for the layman peppered in, and back down to Haiti where Moxie takes his leave from sailing and goes his own way.

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26 Comments / User Reviews

  1. pwndecaf

    I really enjoyed this. The crew of 3 females and 1 male are as entertaining as could bem and their adventures were really fun to watch. I could never do anything like this. My hat ia off to all of them for the sailing and the video.

  2. ksm_mmd

    Meh ... I don't know about this one. On the one hand, you gotta hand to a guy - whom even the most gracious of individuals could only describe as homely - for convincing three girls to go sailing about the ocean with him. Of course on the other hand, I am left with some very serious doubts about the ... er, ahem ... "quality" of the three girls in question.

    All in all, this documentary leaves me rather disenchanted with my life-long dream of sailing around the world. And that makes me sad.

  3. BIGDAVE1954

    I liked this documentary a lot. I thought the girls were pretty attractive and capable with their sailing skills. I would have switched it off if they had been swimsuit models that were prancing around doing close up T&A shots and goofing off. These girls were tough without having fullback tattoo jobs and shouting obscenities every other word. They impressed me when it came to switching sails during foul weather. I noticed they did not panic when the waterspouts showed up. They got a book and read up on them quickly. I am looking forward to a part 2 and 3.

  4. Maureen Entera

    The "er, ahem ... "quality" of the three girls" that I was able to see, was of three very courageous, spirited, knowledgeable women who shared the dream of adventure with a young man of similar gusto.

  5. eeeooolo

    great, straightforward, entertaining, real: thank you for sharing your beautiful experience !

    If I would not have issues with being constantly sea sick when being on a sailing boat, I would be inspired.

  6. Walter

    Fantastic documentary! Makes me want to find a boat as well get get out on the water!

  7. Tara O'Brien

    Live your own dream, not someone else's! Get off the couch and go do it! They did.

  8. Lisa of the S/V Pestilence

    1.) You can go **** yourself.
    2.) As for the "quality" of those three "girls" -- all of us pulled our own damn weight and put our blood, sweat, and tears into that experience. Moxie never "convinced" any of us to sail with him -- we made the whole experience happen as equals, together.
    3.) If all you have to respond about is people's looks and how now you're discouraged, you'd do better to shut the **** up until you have the capacity to grow a pair.

  9. ray

    it was ok. but the trip seem to lack direction purpose. just seemed to be a trip for the heak of it. the strengths were they seemed to get along. but that boat was way to small for that trip. however the crew was formidable. i like too see this crew in a 50 ft by 25 sailing to north pole south pole. i think this boat isno good for them.

  10. robbiethereindeer

    Can someone tell me the name of the song played at 1:08:00?

  11. Russ Tul

    Great story, it's a shame they didn't film the mounting of the mast. I'm building a catamaran myself and can appreciate the dificulties these people had to overcome. -And I didn't like the way they tortured that fish to death.

  12. Sam Shaw

    Thanks for making this!! I'm ready to FTW

  13. Jeff.Epoch

    the "qualities" of these women are unquestionable. they are at least, steadfastness, ingenuity, calmness under pressure, and willingness to take on a challenge most wouldnt dare. this story is incredible and if your only takeaway is your opinion of the way three indominable spirits look, i feel sorry for you.

  14. Jeff.Epoch

    thanks for doing this film. it is what put me in a boat, and being a sailor has changed my life.

  15. Dano50

    Spent about three years sailing from Australia back to North America, and three more on the East U.S. coast, Bahamas, and Honduras, and this film brought back some great memories.

    Best of luck to you Pestilence, where ever you may roam.

  16. Alexandra Within

    Awesome! What a wonderful adventure. I was fortunate to grow up with parents who always had sailboats. Loved the history you provided. Mahalo for providing a window into alternative lifestyles!!

  17. Dubbledub

    Narration was SUPER weak. Still entertaining, but wow, missed opportunity with the amateurish dialogue.

  18. Tbone

    I commend you on living mostly luck though. I suppose taking a derelict boat without redundancy is fine if its your thing. I agree with a little of your philosophy at the beginning of the video, but was disenchanted by your lack of consideration or respect for the sea as far as safety it stands to encourage others to one day be rescued by the coast guard or worst. Sailing is certainly for some of us the ultimate expression of freedom thru lifestyle, but please do remember that the capitalism you so despise provided the manufacturing of your hull, the salvaged scrap, and many other things. I grew up playing in the Everglades, sailing all around Florida, and fishing everywhere but I know the engine that produced even the scraps that came to me. I learned to make use of a system to get me the things and proper equipment to live that lifestyle correctly please do the same your experience can be so much more.

  19. James

    Don't see how anyone can say anything negative about this trip and film, really good.

  20. bungabunga

    They really should have chosen a different narrator.

  21. bungabunga

    hahaha "the narrator 'moxie' was the sole male of the crew" are you sure about that? i'm sorry to tell you this, but no dude calls himself "moxie"

  22. spill

    This is a cool documentary. It's not some crazy award winning doc, just cool. Which is what I think he was going for.

  23. Kane

    Amazing ....

    Adventure starts when sh*t goes wrong and sh*t went wrong when you chose that boat! Ha ha wow.

    What an adventure! I think this was simply amazing. A great tale of some great kids getting of their backsides and going on a very cool adventure. On top of that ... some bloody good sailing.

    I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  24. geizerman

    really enjoyed your experience, thanks so much for sharing it with everyone. When i bought my sailboat i got my 3 daughters to watch this. they loved it as well. Thanks again.

  25. splarrk

    neat film, enjoyable crew. Sharpen your damn knife!!

  26. Val Venis

    This seems like a lot of fun, but I could never do this, because they would all be pregnant and I would have a lot of child support to pay.

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