How Does Your Memory Work?

2008 ,    »  -   13 Comments
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How Does Your Memory Work?You might think that your memory is there to help you remember facts, such as birthdays or shopping lists. If so, you would be very wrong.

The ability to travel back in time in your mind is, perhaps, your most remarkable ability, and develops over your lifespan.

In this documentary, Horizon takes viewers on an extraordinary journey into the human memory.

From the woman who is having her most traumatic memories wiped by a pill, to the man with no memory, this film reveals how these remarkable human stories are transforming our understanding of this unique human ability.

The findings reveal the startling truth that everyone is little more than their own memory.

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13 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Kumar Sanghvi

    Very good video, script and presentation of material.
    Totally amazed by the unlimited amount of storage the brain provides and I believe that more than 90% of which can be retrieved successfully under normal functioning.

    Indeed if we can figure out the way memory is stored in brain cells, the way content is represented in brain cells .. that I believe would be the most complex research breakthrough of all time!!

  2. robe33

    Fascinating subject for the thanks video.

  3. anshu

    o my was such a good eye opener.... few things inspie of knowing v donnot pay attention at.....thank u all...thank u so much,.,,,,,,,, this documentary made me realise many things ....n also helped me in understanding the concepts which r narrated in such a simple language......

    good job ,,,,,,,,, thank u so much,,,

    i enjoyed the documentary a lot

  4. Dodgy

    This one was depressing to know that the brain just gets worse and can ultimately become a bucket with a hole. Aren't we supposed to gain wisdom as we age, that is about the only part of it to look forward to and they just diddled on that idea. What good would being wise be with no recollection of how to apply it.

  5. sloan

    that was infinitely depressing

  6. gamini perera

    A good piece of work.I still wonder if the memory is myself,and if it is destroyed when i (so called) die.what goes to the next birth (if at all there is any)???What carry forward my identity if the birth is a process of continuous recycling ??

  7. Ati

    I didn't mind this documentary, but it seems to be missing a large part of each story, each story focuses on the bad side of forgeting things, when it doesn't seem like thats the whole picture, the brain also does work on efficiency, and becoming better at something can cause loss in other fields, just from the lack of practice in ways.

  8. Karen Rose

    You have to watch these things with a pinch of salt to hand. Anything scientists come up with that does not take into account that consciousness is the underlying field of creation is subject to being based on ignorance.

  9. Søren Dahse

    totally agree, and while i find these docus very fascinating, its like they claim they already know 100% what is going on, when in fact they dont, none of us do yet. good thing science will find out one day.

  10. sknb

    Does anyone know what year this is from?

  11. sknb

    Propranolol did not have that effect on me.
    It chills me out a bit, but I experienced no change in traumatic memory.

  12. AKW

    I've been coming to this site for a couple years now, but this is the first time I'm commenting. I'd just like to say that this site is awesome and has opened my mind to so much. Thank you for passing on so much information. But now I must ask, please stop using the google video player if you can. There's so many docs I wanted to watch but couldn't because the google player doesn't work....EVER. That's my only gripe. Once again, love the site. Please keep expanding peoples' minds :)

  13. Achems_Razor

    We welcome your comments, I know google player is the pits, but whatever player the streaming vids put on is beyond our control. Thanks for your input.

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