Mountain of Ice

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Nova: Mountain of IceIn this episode of NOVA, Conrad Anker leads an expedition to climb the highest mountain peak in Antarctica: Vinson Massif. Anker was joined by author Jon Krakauer, guide Dave Hahn, glaciologist Dan Stone, extreme skier Andrew McLean, NOVA producer Liesl Clark, and a three-person camera crew. This eight-person team survived through powerful winds and extreme temperatures to capture high-definition footage of this mostly unexplored area of Antarctica.

Their successful journey in 2001 is compared with other historical attempts to scale the mountain. Mountain of Ice was originally broadcast on PBS February 11, 2003.

NOVA delivers another fantastic show with this Antarctic expedition to one of the Seven Summits! Granted, I am already a big fan of NOVA, let alone when they cover my favorite topics (mountaineering!) Featuring Conrad Anker, Jon Krakauer, Dave Hahn, and assorted crew, they lug hundreds of pounds of gear up a new route on the east side of Vinson Massif, which, at a gain of over 12,000 feet (to a final altitude of 16,077 feet,) is no small task.

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  • Rocky Keaton

    i too am a fan of mountaineering! nice clip from the documentary, the setting reminds me of the movie eight below

  • Vlatko

    Yeah, a really nice clip indeed.

  • Will Adams

    Hey Vlatko! i really enjoy this website. More so than any other i've found. There are so many fascinating documentaries on here. Is there any possible way to get this specific documentary posted? The Mountain of Ice Nova special? i've been wanting to see that for a while. Anyway, just want to say keep up the good work. Great site!



  • peter

    looks amazing, great to see documentation of a new route rather than the same old slugging on well traveled ones.

    hopefully you can post the full video.