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An intriguing independent documentary that focuses on Rastafarianism to an extent that has not been done before.

The film highlights the fundamental principles and beliefs of this religion and ably explains how it has developed over the years and what it means to not only Jamaicans but also to the Rasta diaspora around the world.

The documentary seeks to present an objective glimpse into the Rastafarian culture by speaking with some of its followers and discussing how they came to this belief, and the effects it has on many aspects of their lives.

Rastafarian belief is based on the same Biblical scripture that is studied by other Judeo-Christian followers. What separates Rastafarians from those who are labelled "Christian" is the belief that the son of God, Jesus Christ, has returned in the form of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie, coronated in Ethiopia in 1930.

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  1. Code000

    Very interesting

  2. CanResPub

    This is definitely a personality cult!

  3. Guest

    Yes kids. If you smoke enough weed, you too can worship a dubiously benign Ethiopian monarch (H. Selassie was said to feed his pet lions meat while watching his subjects starve to death).

  4. Hoda

    If this is, then Christianity on a whole definitely is. The entire religion is based on behaving like one 'perfect' man.

  5. CanResPub

    I never said a thing about Christianity! Yes, that's a personality cult! So's worshiping a monarch that was rightfully overthrown.

  6. John Edebiri

    This is a genuine black religion.

  7. AchillesMRF

    But they're the best kind of God's, false piety requires sacrifice.

  8. Forbidden Fruit

    Do you know what "cult of personality" means? It involves a ruler--usually tyrannical--plastering his likeness and propaganda everywhere, forcing people to deify him. Saddam Hussein, Mao, Stalin, Kim Jong-Il...these fit the definition. Maybe even Barack Obama during his presidential campaigns.

    Selassie does not belong in this group. In fact, he disagreed with people worshipping him and never endorsed the Rasta religion.

    For every Selassie likeness or symbol, 1,000 Jesus ones exist. What's the real cult of personality again?

  9. disqus_30tiPSoa3A

    I am a Rastafarian and I come to this site a lot, this is a good movie and paints a good picture of Rastafari as it pertains to InI, but everyone must remember there are many mansions of Rastafari and they have all different beliefs and lifestyles. Jah Guide and Protect Iternally and Itinually.

  10. Heidi

    I loved this documentary and it got me thinking and putting some pieces together. The first time I went to Ethiopia was when I was 19...in 1991/92...I arrived 7 months after the revolution. When I stepped off the plane...it was like a curtain was lifted - let out a deep breath and felt like I was HOME. 16 years later I returned and felt the same thing. I am going back this coming April...... And I am a little white woman who had no concept of Rastafarianism...

  11. Manuhashidate

    Rastafari, like other religions is based on what is called 'faith' - something Mark Twain accurately describes as 'something you believe but just know ain't true'!

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