The Road To Armageddon: A Free Spiritual GuideFrom the author: The Road to Armageddon examines the universal concept of the Apocalypse on an intensely personal and spiritual level, not as the end of the world but as the end of you: your body, your mind and, if you're not careful, your soul.

The film puts the viewer on the front lines of the eternal battle between good and evil, combining academic interviews with firsthand accounts of divine revelation to bring fresh urgency to the teachings of the world's major religions.

Buddhist, Jew, Muslim, Hindi or Christian, the message is the same: spread love, reject hate, walk in the light, avoid the dark, listen to the angels, ignore the demons. The simplest choices you'll ever make lead to the hardest path you'll ever walk...

It is a documentary about reincarnation, spiritual warfare, soul purification and love. The film features Marilynn Hughes (publisher on out-of-body travel and mysticism), Howard Storm (former atheist who had a near-death experience), and Bob Thurman (American Buddhist writer and academic) among others.

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