SciShow: DoseThese are quick doses of Science to fuel your curiosity. Hank describes how non-Newtonian fluids can save lives - and dreams of a bulletproof hoodie. He talks to some VIPs from CERN about the question on everyone's mind: does the Higgs Boson particle exist? And describes how CERN is going about finding the answer.

Hank tells us the outcome of the 2011 Green Flight Challenge and tells us why electric airplanes are the future of air travel. He explains why NASA and the European Space Agency are in love with tardigrades and how these extremophiles are helping us study the panspermia hypothesis.

Hank tells us how some gamers are outperforming sophisticated computer programs to help solve the puzzle of protein folding and to assist scientists in finding better treatments for HIV/AIDS, cancer, and Alzheimer's. He describes some scientific advances in the field of mind reading.

Wondering what the frick is behind the solar flares? Hank lays out how that juicy ball of plasma we call the sun causes us trouble from time to time. Ever notice how adding "super" in front of something makes it way more awesome? Hank gives us the rundown on the Yellowstone SUPERcomputer.

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