A Smarter Gun

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Over the years, smart technologies have made computers more intuitive, household appliances more automated, and machines more efficient. So why haven't they been embraced by the gun industry? A Smarter Gun profiles the figures on the forefront of the movement to make guns safer, and the resistance that blocks their efforts at every turn.

Smart guns are equipped with fingerprint or radio-frequency-based recognition technologies, and will only operate in the hands of approved users. It may sound like an exciting concept worthy of exploration, yet very few smart gun models actually exist. Companies like Colt and Smith & Wesson - both behemoths of the gun industry - have toyed with the concept in the past, but they recoiled from these initiatives once they were met with vociferous opposition from various gun rights organizations and fragments of the general population. For the time being, the status quo in gun manufacturing remains defiantly mechanical and low-tech.

The antiquated nature of gun design is actually a major selling point for the weapon's most ardent enthusiasts. It's proven, reliable and extremely simple for anyone to operate. Introducing new intelligent technologies only leaves a gun more vulnerable to malfunction. Would you want to leave your life to chance when faced with an attacker or intruder intent on causing you harm? In addition, if this technology is fully embraced and allowed an opportunity to evolve, some foresee a future where these guns are mandated by the government, and no other options will be allowed. This is a concept that many gun sellers and owners view as an unacceptable form of socialism.

But in the age of mass murder and accidental shootings, the fight wages on. Proponents believe the technology provides a common-sense approach to curbing these tragic incidents, and that it does nothing to infringe upon the rights of law-abiding gun owners. Developers continue to build upon their designs, and attempt to construct an intelligent gun that meets the needs and desires of everyone.

By engaging with an array of people who stand on all sides of the issue - including the manufacturers, gun shop owners, users and victims of gun violence - A Smarter Gun provides a well-rounded and fair-minded look at this ongoing debate.

Directed by: Lara Neintz

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13 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Johnny

    The main problem is mass media always airing stories about VIOLENCE which then influences people to use guns in crimes. Mass media is the reason crime rates will keep rising which will result in all the good citizens losing gun rights. Also another thing is corrupt government behind giving criminals guns and staging terror attacks...one of the recent mass shooting - Sandy Hook was staged therefore innocent people were killed.

  2. danny

    no problem with smart gun great for safety concerns ,possibility of electronic jaming like radar device . but i like old school

  3. Carlos spicywiener

    Guns dont kill people, bullets do

  4. rawhunger

    No... guns don't kill people. Bullets don't kill people. Idiots WITH guns and bullets kill people.

  5. Thomas Hackney

    Great doc! Would love to show my Korean high school students but need to find subs. Anyone know how to get them? Thanks

  6. Reality Check

    The team that put this documentary together along with Ernst Mauch clearly don't understand why the American public is so incredibly opposed to restrictions such as "smart" controls in their firearms. The entire rational for gun ownership rights being included in the American Constitution is so that under a tyrannical change in leadership ( which has been a very common occurance throughout history), the protection that one's firearms offers is questionable when your gun's ability to shoot is potentially compromised by external signals. American's privacy & free speech are also protected but, as we now witness, these rights have been rationalized away and Americans are no longer afforded these protected rights. The government promised to keep American's privacy protected and then, without telling anyone, the FBI & CIA forced Apple, Microsoft and other computer/smartphone companies to hardwire "back doors" into the devices. We now know this via the recent Vault 7 Wikileaks revelations. If the government proves to be liars about things like this, Americans will never allow their last line of protection to be compromised by becoming "smart".

  7. Martin Hedington

    See now that's the thing about smart tech, if your smart phone or washing machine malfunctions, you might get dirty washing or miss a call, if your smart gun fails, you might very well get killed. Slight difference.

  8. rosalinda

    Martin is right on about going to a "smart" gun. It really bothers me that people have become like sheep, "no brainers" anymore. Why in the world would they just give up "their" smarts to an "object"? They then get lazy, because now they do not have to think, just react to pushing a button or making a sound to have something done? So now the smart things are telling the human "dummies" or no smarts, what and how to do the thing they want done. This is evolution of the "WORST KIND"!

  9. Roger Andout

    Anyone against even the idea of trying to develop such a device really needs to think about the concept of firing a gun even in self defence; it must be a rational decision.
    Yeah, and start a movement to ban the safety catch!!!

  10. DustUp

    First challenge the premise: Mass murder. What about them? Watch the docu on here about the Movie Theater shooter; Batman airing in Colorado I think. Then look at all the other mass murders in the usa. All but 2, including that one, occurred in No Gun zones, so a law abiding or policy abiding citizen not allowed to prevent a shooting from becoming a mass shooting. Further, like at that Theater shooting set up of a clueless drugged ghost/shell, was the gun the problem? Not at all. Not one witness saw him in the theater. Just lucky the false flag weasels who set up the fall guy didn't use a bomb; except that wasn't their agenda. Marxists (those who require gun rights to be removed before they can enact what they really want to do to you) always try to make fun of those who say make everyone carry in a terrorist target location, then what idiot will start shooting and how many will they get? The false flag purps may just get a head full of lead, and we can't have that. Society would find a new found respect for the other guy instead of being in your face jerks.

    The biggest hair puller is that I know many a democrat or liberal who want the right to have a gun for protection (and they have them) yet they vote for those who want to take that right away. And if you ask them, they are much brighter than any conservative who merely wants to conserve their rights.

    The emotionally indoctrinated will always fall for any violin string.

  11. Jay Steff

    Did you see the face of the moderator as he squeezed the trigger on the guns he test fired?
    Wonder if he drives a car like that?
    Cars are far more deadly by the numbers used to deaths per incident.
    What about the "carbon footprint" the moderator uses to make his video's?
    Most gun deaths are caused by criminals and/or suicides. How are you going to stop those?

  12. Eric Gorall

    1. Democrats aren't looking to take peoples rights away. That's just fear mongering.

    2. Using terms like "Marxist" and "false flag" indicates ignorance in the modern world. Using terms like Marxist or Liberal or Socialist to try to insult someone on the Left may mean something to you if you just listen to conservative AM radio or a few commentators on Fox News but it rings entirely hollow on the other side. It means nothing and might elicit a smirk.

    3. Crime has consistently been falling by all measurables over the last 20-25 years. Please do your research.

    4. Sandy Hook. I'm surprised there's still tin-hats that still buy into it as a fake operation and no real children were murdered. Shameful. I hope you don't have any children that are murdered and then someone starts a rumor that it was all staged and you actually never had any children. Same thing.

    5. No gun rights have been eroded away. What guns can you not have now that you could ten years ago? Twenty years?

    6. There's no good reason not to have bio-locks on personal firearms. It would prevent suicides by non-owners of those guns, it would prevent someone from stealing it and using your gun, etc. It would prevent children from discovering it and using it as a toy or firing it for whatever reason by mistake. Supporting the NRA's position for preventing any bio-lock is simply inhumane.

  13. flybow

    If americans are so desperate to have the right to bear arms, wear a tee shirt.

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