Stalking Amanda: The Man in the Shadows

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A true crime documentary style feature from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporationќs The Fifth Estate, Stalking Amanda: The Man in The Shadows, re-tells the story of Amanda Todd. Her story ties into one you've heard many times before. In fact, since the dawn of the personal computer era, we've heard horror stories and warnings about why it isn't safe for young girls to chat with older men, and how especially dangerous it would be to meet up with these men.

However, as time has progressed so has technology and the dangers faced by young girls like and including Amanda have progressed and developed as well. The ability to take screen shots or screen caps as they are sometimes called, as well as the ability for anyone online to be anyone they want to be, a lasting tool that internet predators have had for decades, were the choice weapons used against Amanda Todd. Her blackmail and extortion by a man significantly older than her who lived nearly halfway across the world are referred to today as bullying, but audience members may feel after watching Stalking Amanda... that maybe it is time to stop calling all cases of teenage assault bullying.

Bullying has serious consequences, but when a man extorts minors all over the globe and distributes child pornography created with images he's blackmailed those minors into taking, perhaps it is time to consider that he is in a separate league than the insecure teenager who insults others on the basis of their sexual preference, social class, race, or whatever he deems enough to place that victim at a level of inferiority.

Like most cases of extreme bullying, Amanda's tale has a fatal end, and this is where similarities can be drawn. They can also be drawn, on a more obvious level, on the basis that Amanda's interactions with her tormentor happened on screen. The lack of action taken by police in many countries where this tormentor chose to strike, echoes similarities on multiple levels to things that will be different based on your perceptions as a viewer, perceptions based around factors like where you live, your awareness of the news, and your interactions with other people. You'll take from it what you will, which is ironic since Stalking Amanda is largely objective.

Relive this case through talks with Amanda's mother and father, subtle re-inactions, documents taken from an official Facebook investigation (one that was more thorough, according to evidence released in this documentary, than the investigations of either the Dutch or Canadian Royal Mounted Police) and accounts from friends who were, seemingly, with Amanda through all of her troubles. Awareness strikes all action, and that awareness comes from information. Stalking Amanda: The Man in The Shadows is informative, real, and newsworthy; even today.

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  1. Dak

    FINALLY a new crime documentary. We've only been waiting 12 months!

  2. Guest

    I have studied, researched and written about bullying since about 2007. Its a fascinating mechanic that is preventable
    and I have independent solutions that may help!

    Meeting the Todds actually crosses my mind sometimes.
    I live very near as a matter of fact...
    within the GVA

  3. Tanya

    I think that this should be played to all school students and I hope it makes parents more aware of what may be going on behind there children's doors and to monitor things as much as they possibly can . I have full access to my children's phones I don't have a computer in my home and I don't allow my children to be on face book any sites that they may be on I add them as a friend and I monitor as much as I can .. Technology has taken over the world and its only going to get worse . I feel so much for Amanda's family and I hope that everyone that watches this learns something from it because I have

  4. steviecomment

    Could you touch on some of your findings? I'd be very interested to hear what you have discovered. Thanks

  5. Dan Maccabe

    R.I.P. Ms. Todd

  6. Linda McGuigan

    RIP Amanda :-(

  7. Aerovinh

    I used to live in Amsterdam and i can confirm dutch police are the useless police in EU, they are bunch of potheads

  8. fefe

    next gen is doomed.

  9. Todd Morrow

    I agree with the message, I just don't know why they had to show so much footage, or any footage, for that matter. Seems like to me that the girls featured in this video are victims of the fifth estate. Did they get permission from all those girls parents to add their clips to this documentary? I doubt it. What parents would? I'm sure it's not pleasant, even somewhat traumatic, to discover you've been featured in a documentary.

  10. miss_ink

    Who failed Amanda? A kid's primary line of defense is supposed to be her parents, including instilling in a child a sense of self-worth and yes, teaching our children "right and wrong". I realize that this is a very out of style notion nowadays, but it's never been more important. Parents - PARENT YOUR KIDS! Her mom said she told her "no webcam" but then the kid got her own way. Easier to blame the RCP and the Dutch police though.

  11. cacaballs

    1) OH GOD WATCH OUT FOR THAT SCREEN CAPS BUTTON! Said no pc user ever. COme on people. This is just propaganda to get you afraid of "the internets" and get politicians to ban and install kill switches and basically let them have ther perversion control....Which they already have the satalites, cell phones, and basically are doing it all already.

    2) Canadian report. BARF. Canuks are garbage. They have the most backwards ass justice system. No one is perfect, but theirs is literally let admitted serial killers go back into society. TONS of news and documentaries about that lady that worked with her husband to bring in young children as sex slaves to cut them after...gets free pass. The same people that let that same lady talk to that same guy that recently decapitated his gay lover on film (he was sturggeling model etc..) I am sorry, I do not memmorize these cases but easy google search will show you.

    3) The documentary camera man is more of a pervert than "the man in the shadows". More sheep ware for sheeple

  12. dodieellen

    Darn shame.......

  13. Yo!SheNice

    I like the end where the interviewer asks her mother "who failed Amanda?" She never said herself. When she said "We fought and she won." WHAT? lol I don't care wth my daughter wants, she will get smacked in the mouth for arguing back...and her ass still doesn't get a webcam....and she's grounded for a week. These parents nowadays have to stop being their kid's friend and be a parent. Tell these little bastards to open a real book....maybe they'll figure out that there's a whole new life after 18.

  14. Kimmy Nottger Griffith

    after i seen the first photo i would have taken my young daughters lap top away! id say no more u r done!! come on be parents ! sad

  15. Kimmy Nottger Griffith

    yes !!! i agree! be parents not friends

  16. glen

    U all bagging the parents! ffs - a young girl took her life! how about we worry about locking this **** up for eva - so he can't do it again to another family.

  17. Zoraide Archibald

    My heart goes to the parents for such a great tragedy! I think the parents should had been more on task on parenting a young girl!! why let a child left out alone in her room all the time!!! lack of parental presence., unfortunately when they did it , was to late!!

  18. Lily Ondine

    Why not skype them or send them a message on facebook, email or text them?

  19. Hux Leary McShulgin

    So pathetic. Bet this loser feels like a big, strong man after driving a teen girl to suicide! Online bullies and trolls are the lowest form of scum...cowards with no life.

    And yes, parents need to be vigilant about supervising their kids' online activities. A 12-year-old does NOT need a webcam or other all-consuming electronics. They need a real life with healthy hobbies.

  20. Hux Leary McShulgin

    Of course the offender should rot in prison. But who buys their 12-year-old a webcam? What good can possibly come of that? The parents didn't drive her to suicide, but they enabled the encounters that drove her to that point. Mom KNEW about the harassment, yet she still didn't take the webcam away! Come on.

    Bottom line: It's a parent's job to supervise and set limits with their kids. This story is a perfect example of why you don't let a teenager call the shots. Their brains are not developed enough to make good decisions. If they were, there would be no need for parents.

  21. T.

    I understand what many are saying about the mothers last answers, but I do hope you all know that interviews with the media get edited all the time. Therefore you may not know what she said "completely". Its a shame to see many of these posts focus on what the parents did and/or said rather then the fact that a child made a poor decision (like many of you have done before) and got harassed about it. I am certain that many had made a stupid decision in their lives regarding sex, drugs, people, family etc.. and lived another day.

    This video shows you how trans fixed people can get with social media and to be honest its a little scary. Yes I agree that parents need to be firmer on their children about social media and showing them the right/wrongs but unfortunetely sometimes what kids want, they will find a way to get it.

    I work with kids and I am certain that I will show this video to them, hopefully it will stick some sense into many of them.

  22. Tracy

    Is this bastard never going to pay? Poor kid. She should have been made change her account that he knew about and have the com in the living room. Where was her parents? Poor thing had to take it on herself and was bullied to death. It is beyond tragic.

  23. jack tyler

    girl need to know how to hack

  24. Kate

    Take the webcam away, close the social media accounts and don't let her keep a laptop in her room. WTF is WRONG with her parents??

  25. Tyler Boo

    im sick of the police ignoring their duty to parent teenagers! they should have gone over and unplugged the computer. This shit is Darwinism...weed out the weak

  26. Trivikil

    Why did her parents leave the point of access that this monster was using to get into their daughters bedroom and head ?. Why didn't they remove the webcam and laptop from her room?

    Lazy parenting killed this girl. The mother knowingly assisted and enabled the perpetrator when she knew what was happening and continued to allow her 12yo daughter to dictate the rules of the house. The laptop should never have been in her room to start with.

  27. Maria Flo

    Wy didn't her parents just make her delete her facebook account after they moved? New house, clean start. Damnit.

  28. Sunflower

    Really unsatisfying ending.

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