Tashi and the Monk

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Nestled deep within the foothills of the Himalayas, Jhamtse Gatsai is one of the most extraordinary and inspiring communities you're likely to witness. It's led by Buddhist Monk Lobsang, a renowned spiritual teacher who works to create a reality of love and acceptance for children who have been abused or orphaned. Tashi and the Monk follows that mission as it relates to one of the newest arrivals to his commune - a reluctant five-year old girl who's endured unimaginable neglect and tragedy during her brief life. By the time Tashi enters the community, she has suffered the death of her mother and abandonment by her alcoholic father. The youngest resident, she is ill-tempered and aggressive with many of her adolescent co-habitants.

Lobsang's approach does not rely on professional psychologists, prescription medications or any of the often misguided remedies set forth by modern medicine. He's more interested in building an environment that nourishes the soul. With tremendous patience and a graceful, calming manner, he empowers Tashi and the more than 80 additional children under his counsel to appreciate the gift that is their lives. He infuses them with a generosity of spirit and a shared sense of purpose, and unlocks within them an awareness of their own potential.

Tashi's journey is intercut with scenes of Lobsang as he rallies the support of his teenaged residents to act as mentors to the newcomers, and as he gently declines the pleas of several families who beg for his assistance with their own wayward children. He's operating on limited resources, and he cannot jeopardize the delicate sanctity of the environment he's cultivated. We learn of the struggles he suffered through his own suppressive upbringing, and his initial inspirations for creating the commune after serving under the tutelage of the Dalai Lama.

From the splendid photography of its awe-inspiring natural setting to its appealing musical score, the technical aspects of the film are uniformly impressive. But the beating heart of Tashi and the Monk - and the reason why it will linger with viewers long after its conclusion - is the rare opportunity to see a child find her hope again. It's a touching tribute to the transformative power of compassion.

Directed by: Andrew Hinton, Johnny Burke

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50 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Lindal

    Thank you for this inspiring film...

  2. Charlotte

    This was a very inspiring movie. It was wonderful to see, gradually, how trust, consistancy, love & a sense of belonging gave this little girl Tashi a playform to be a child again :-). A fantastic initiative this is - the world would be able to "save many souls" if more men like the founder took action.

  3. Martha

    Tashi definitely bloomed where she was fortunate enough to be planted ! Near the end if the film when the 2 were hugging, they looked as if they could fall off of the cliff. I'm sure they weren't as close to the edge as it looked ! Thanks for posting this beautiful film.

  4. Upali Magedaragamage

    Excellent documentary. Shared with many friends and everyone appreciated.

  5. Roy

    What an inspiration.

  6. Wendy

    Watching this documentary and seeing that compassion and tenderness are thriving in your community within a world that is still learning about such things, moved me deeply.

  7. John F.

    As good a film as one can see.

  8. Norm DePlume

    Moving, inspiring and beautiful. 9.5/10.

  9. Nicholas

    One day, equity will rule this world and all the children of the world can play, be free, be happy and call their father forever and ever.

  10. BV

    I'm still crying. About these kids and there saver. They need money. Please....

  11. Ros

    One of the very inspiring, touchy short film i ever watched. It really moves me as I can relate the story of Thashi to my nephew who's presently in rehab., thus, It gives hope.

  12. oQ

    To help a child through love is to help the future of our planet. Beautiful and inspiring movie.

  13. James Thomas

    What a wonderful film. Everything about this was touching and beautiful.

  14. Francisco

    The role of the fantastic healing nature around them, can't be ignored.

  15. Jan

    I LOVED this film....this beautiful story. It shows that when you try to help someone else heal, you, yourself, are healed. Karma.

  16. Bobby

    Inspiring and moving. I want so badly to be more like this great man!!

  17. Dan

    I teared up near the end. That man is a great role model for the kids, hell, he is a great role model for all of us.

  18. Barry J Ren

    What can I say about this story. Absolutely beautiful. It's simplicity is captivating and turns 40 minutes into a short moment. As soon as it begins. It's gone again. Tashi and the Monk has inspired me to enjoy life that little bit more.

  19. zorro the great

    There are people like this in this world and then people like Trump and his dump ass followers who want to built walls of ignorance and make piles of cash while eating GMO food and chemicals

  20. koray sercan kuru

    sometimes giving thing is more pleasureful than taking

  21. Annoula

    Profound and heartwarming in so many ways. He isn't just the hero of these kids, but in return they are saving his inner child and nurturing his soul just as much. What a magical space to call home.

  22. Martina

    This movie made me think about life. Very touching and inspirational. I was almost crying....That man is a hero for me.

  23. Ram Yerram

    Awesome, Heart touching, Inspirational...Thanks

  24. Lyla HJ

    Beautiful ..is there a way that I can reach them? or to contact!!

  25. Jorge Filipe

    I've never seen anything alike... this is what love is all about... simply beautiful. Thank you so much.

  26. Daniel McSorley

    A beautiful film about goodness and its real world impact.
    We in the west have a good deal to unlearn ..........

  27. Martes Pace

    What an amazing way to turn one`s life around , is there any way we could help perhaps by donations , so that more children can be helped, as it must be heart breaking, having to refuse others, due to lack of funds and human resources , perhaps even be able to offer voluntary work with these children ?

  28. Jason Davenport

    Be The Change You Want To See In The World...Starts From Within...A Smile...A Hug...A Handshake...We Are Truly Blessed...More Films Like These...Start The Inner Dialog With Yourself...To Make The Change...Thank You For Sharing...Blessings And Positive Energy!

  29. jigme

    Thank you very much for the great inspiration!

  30. Melissa

    Just stunning.....I want to be there......

  31. Shikha

    Really Inspiring...suffering of one person became a blessing to 85 children...

  32. Marie B.

    Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful documentary.
    I would like to also reach out to donate from socks to books.
    I'm big for charity and this is heartfelt and amazing! Thank you, Thank you xoxo

  33. Bruce

    Thank you for making this film and reinforcing how love ,kindness and caring is always the answer to so many of our world's troubles. Please let us know how we can help this family.

  34. armstrong

    Is there a way to send funds to him?
    He needs all support he can get.

  35. Thomas Kurnas

    After seeing this I am ashamed that I have wasted so very much on foolishness.

  36. amy

    Thank you for allowing me witness such inspiring positivity.

  37. Ruturaj

    This was beautiful.

    My love to all the children.

  38. Rudolph Rip

    So very lovely and encouraging! The experience reinforces my desire to cultivate further, the quality of Compassion in my own life, as well as with others. There should be many more schools like this one, and teachers who are willing to do the same..! Thank you, Rudy

  39. Janet

    tickles one's soul to do something good for others, too....beautiful!

  40. Charon

    Thank you for such a beautiful film about the Power of Love and Kindness.
    I would love to see a followup to see what has become of Tashi and the other beautiful children.



  42. Jayesh

    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful

  43. Kare

    Compassionate and so uplifting! Made me want to move and help with this big family. Thank you for making this film and showing what true kindness, heartfeltness and compassion- looks like. Blessings!

  44. Hannah

    This is very inspiring! Just Pure love and it's so good to see that there's still a lot of good people out there.

  45. Shaddai

    Beautiful loving soul. Thanked this man for making such a difference in the lives of these children. Just beautiful

  46. Arif Hussain

    Truly moving and inspiring in the real sense. The laugh of innocence and the beauty of the MAN who started it. It's a beautiful feeling to have witnessed such a pure and loving community. Indeed "THE GARDEN OF LOVE AND COMPASSION".

  47. Tenzin

    crying here... thank you, I have wasted so much of my life in nonsense stuff and now I see some possibility of good in me through the film. Beautiful to the core! Thank you.

  48. Jyothirmai

    This is where I find my purpose. Thank you.

  49. Deborah Jackman

    breathtaking, gut wrenching, heartwarming. how can one donate to this amazing community!

  50. NITIN

    It's really inspiring . In today's world when people are working hard to kill each other there are people like these who are a ray of hope.....

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