The Universe: Season 3

The Universe - Season 3Shot in HD with stunning footage from NASA and state of the art CGI graphics, History (TM) brings the beauty and mysteries of the cosmos home to viewers with The Universe: Season 3.

We once considered ourselves to be at the center of the universe - now we know that we are just a small speck in a giant cosmos.

This season, The Universe ventures outside of our solar system in another epic exploration of the universe and its mysteries. Discover "alcohol clouds," which are filled with organic molecules, and learn about a hypothetical planet that may exist beyond Neptune.

Watch the full documentary now (playlist - 8 hours, 53 minutes)


1. Deep Space Disasters. The history of space disasters and the potential for danger in space – from explosive launches, fiery reentries, fire in an oxygen-rich atmosphere, deadly micrometeoroid impacts, catastrophic solar flares and a host of other space hazards astronauts risk on every mission. Also discussed are what could happen if a ship encounters a black hole or gamma-ray burst.

2. Parallel Universes. The theory of the multiverse – the possibility of parallel dimensions existing where Earth and everyone on it are duplicated many times over, and how physicists search for evidence of these doppleganger realities using state of the art particle colliders that can detect higher dimensions of existence.

3. Light Speed. The speed of light, the ultimate speed limit enforced by the laws of the universe, and how scientists are looking for ways to exceed it; a look at what happens when we reach the "light barrier"; what could happen if we surpass it, and how the "cosmic constant" can be manipulated.

4. Sex in Space. Experiments in human sexuality in space; the psychology of relationships and reproduction that must be addressed if mankind wish to colonize other planets; how pregnancy and birth could be handled in microgravity and the complications that could arise under such conditions; and the answer to whether or not sex has already been attempted during a space mission.

5. Alien Faces. How differently life on Earth has evolved between animals, from the deep ocean to those on land, their environments played a role in their design; and an imaginative look at how similar life could take form under vastly different environments of alien worlds.

6. Deadly Comets and Meteors. How comets and meteors played a role in the formation of the solar system; their possible role in the extinction of the dinosaurs; and the theories that cometary dust could bring alien viruses to Earth.

7. Living in Space. How human colonies could exist in space, from domed cities to underground bases, to orbital habitats, to hollowed-out asteroids. Also a look at how robots will play a role in space survival; how food will be grown; the advances in space suit and equipment technology; and a look at how resources could be gathered and processed to sustain such otherworldly colonies.

8. Stopping Armageddon. Some of the ideas scientists are exploring to save Earth one day from an inevitable meteor impact, including ways to divert near-Earth objects (NEOs) with laser beams, nuclear bombs, solar sails, satellites that act as artificial gravity sources, and rocket engines that could attach to and push them out of Earth's path.

9. Another Earth. How astronomers search for other Earth-like planets around other stars; which stars are candidates for possible discovery; and how techniques develop and the sensitivity of equipment improve will make finding another Earth just a matter of time.

10. Strangest Things. Some of the most bizarre things in the universe such as odd moons, strange stars, exotic particles, mysterious black holes, and invisible dark matter.

11. Edge of Space. The prospects for the commercialization space, from $20 million dollar vacation trips to the ISS, the possibility of orbital hotels, and spaceplane flights 120 miles above the Earth are just the beginning. Also a look at the hazards, such as cosmic radiation and space debris, that could spell disaster for these outerspace endeavors.

12. Cosmic Phenomena. Various cosmic phenomena, both "good" – such as the beauty of the aurora borealis, the thrill of a meteor shower, the miracle of photosynthesis, and the "bad" – such as UV radiation that can "get under our skin", and solar flare activity that can not only scramble electronics, but could threaten life on Earth.

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  • Doc-Fan

    Great Show :)

  • rich miller

    good for all you futurists

  • the sun

    This season is so much better than the last 2 !

  • Dr. Dunkleosteus

    Ugh, more like the analogy show. Think of a.... it's kind of like a... imagine a... if you think of a...

    Going to another universe is nothing like going in a subway or in an elevator, except for the fact that in both senarios, you move from one point to another!

    I love the show, don't get me wrong, but they spend the bulk of the show comparing scientific "stuff" into every-day "stuff"... and in most cases, we get it already!

    The M theory guys and string theory guys bug me the most. All they do is compare things to other things. Most likely because their theories are abstract and psychological and you need something visual to put into a television show.

    Seriously, you don't need 10 minutes of Michio Kaku making bubbles to understand that the multiverse theory thinks that the universe is a bubble. Just say "we think it's a bubble" and move on! Maybe it's just me being impatient and slightly ADD, but I always get bored half way through the more "abstract" episodes.

    Or maybe it's because the writers of the show think the audience is a bunch of 5 year olds. Haha.

  • ez2b12

    Dr. Dunkleosteus said: "...maybe it’s because the writers of the show think the audience is a bunch of 5 year olds."

    I think your right actually. Remember these are made for the History chanell. In my opinion they do treat the subjects they do documentaries on as if the audience has never heard the word science before, much less is capable of any inference or critical thinking.

    When Vlayko posted these I got all excited, because I thought it was that show from the discovery science channel "Extreme Universe" or something like that. That one wasn't perfect but alot closer I thought. These are just to slow and simple, fails to go deep into the subject matter and just scratches the surface in a artificial sense- in my opinion. Left me wanting more substantive information.

  • Rob

    These shows are made for entertainment and nothing else. It bugs "me" how some of you complain that they're made for 5 year olds, seriously, if you were older than 5 you'd know this and not have to glorify yourself as "captain obvious".

  • Dr. Dunkleosteus


    Haha, yeah I know, pretty obvious. I do enjoy the series though and most of the episodes are quite entertaining, but there are a couple (like episode 2) where the majority of the episode is just filler analogies. In my opinion they should have either gone more in-depth, combined that episode with another, or they should have just left it out completely.


    I guess it atleast leaves us wanting more... which is what a science show should do.

    Thanks for uploading this vlatko, it's much more enjoyable to watch the series when you have the whole season together. Waiting for every tuesday at 9pm just never worked out. Haha.

  • scruffy

    yeah a lot of the stuff is pop corn doc, a few of the season 5 episodes are a bit tough on the brain like the time travel one though...

  • TonyBeaux

    Don't they ever learn that youtube and the content owners are the most vigilant. Docs removed. So sad... I was just starting to get into the series! Thanks for uploading but please stop using youtube!

  • Vlatko

    Just click on the links @TonyBeaux and watch the docs.

  • mitch

    Hey guys,

    I love these type of documentaries.Please keep post them.The website is very nice.
    I cant watch this season 3 doc cause is no longer there,it was there earlier but not now.


  • Vlatko

    Try overriding the time limit. If you can't I'm very sorry.

  • Achems Razor

    Time travel one I can wrap my brain around, but agree with Dr. D. need more like real in depth stuff, something that can actually make me think. But still, thankful we can enjoy these for free. Via, our host.

  • daughter of the python

    in reference to the parallel universes episode:

    how do they know all that?

    some of the ideas are on a pretty grand scale, when we get to the realm of universes going on forever weve arrived to a place of speculation

    I like the idea I just think that scientists play the guessing game a lot

    also did one of them say that universes come from nothing?
    oh, thats a neat magick trick

    that sounds quite logical to me, I can see how it is perfectly scientific to believe in a universe that pops into existence from nowhere

  • mahonhouse

    it is like god heard one too many exscuses like if that guy didnt cut me off o would not have killed that guy.
    So god decided to run programs with every scenario possible to detremine if this was at all

  • MMblack Knight

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    Even if We opened out to them a gate from heaven, and they were to continue (all day) ascending therein They would only say: "Our eyes have been intoxicated: Nay, we have been bewitched by sorcery."

    these are verses from Quran
    Our God sent this book before 1400 years to the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him

  • Johnny Willy

    There is no god. It is the one 'truth' ALL religions could and should finally agree upon; for the sake of reason, sanity, and peace. We will never, as a species, survive if we continue to view our existence as being divinely inspired when no one can agree on which god (or gods) said what or when. It is childish to believe in such ancient outdated beliefs....

  • Johnny Willy

    Technically I think they are guessing that the universe appeared from an unbalanced ratio of matter and anti-matter which, for reasons we do not understand yet, caused a massive expansion of everything. It only appears to have come from nothing. The 'nothing' is just the description of the state of the universe at the moment before the expansion. There was no 'visible' signs of energy or mass and then something caused the release of all the known matter in the universe. We only can look at the big bang through the signs of it's origins hidden in the directions of expansion and the 'noise' of it's event.

  • Guest

    I think such a radical approach might dip considerably into their coffers, and religion, in the end, being as much about business as metaphysics, of course, the lord himself knows: They wouldn't want that! As far as it being childish, I agree, but a great many still look out onto what Pascal called the Great Void, and are literally unspeakably terrified, and need the perception of an unfaltering Hand to assure them they are not alone in the forest of their lives, nor will be led down into the grave without some assurance of eternal love. It is a hard thing for many, knowing what is at the end of every road, and it still takes, and probably will, for a long time, a very brave (or very dumb and unimaginative) person to look at life full in the face for what it actually appears to be.

  • versus11

    well put ;)

  • Guest

    did you ever watch this doc part 4...quite interesting! A woman thought of having sex in suits. I didn't see any little vacuum aparatus to pick up any spill.

  • dewflirt

    Getting a little hot under the collar there Az? One big suit would work, as for spillage it might be advisable to open the airlock. Don't know how many space babies might end up sharing a daddy!

  • Guest

    AR has that long distance effect on me, it's those green eyes. Imagine if he is as gorgious as William Hurt in the Blue Butterfly, I'd morph into a Pascale Bussières.

  • dewflirt

    William Hurt? More like Jean luc Picard, you could be his number 1. Make it so!

  • Guest

    I like the French name but i prefer that William Hurt speaks French with a beautiful accent. There is a little something about him, i can't quite define. That's a good sign. But he is a long shot for me as much as the Lady Gaga is to Achems. We have our dreams!

  • Guest

    I never want to be someone's number 1...i much prefer to be his number 2 and he be his number 1, more freedom!
    Keep them happy today, i am off to that cine energy got busted this week, i had a good idea for homework but the shots are horrible.

  • dewflirt

    Indiana Jones would do for me, enjoy your class :)

  • Dominic-Luc Webb

    Hmmm.... from History channel??? I'm suspicious.... is the yet another one of History channel's hokus pokus pseudoscience
    programs? If it comes from History (TM), this should not be regarded as factual or authoritative.

  • Kabir Khan

    To find the begining (source) and to what started everything (the source of the source), the answer can only be GOD, A HIGHER POWER..