The Universe: Season 5

The Universe – Season 5The Universe Season 5 premiered 2010 on History Channel. From the planets to the stars and out to the edge of the unknown, history and science collide in HISTORY’s popular series THE UNIVERSE, now back for its fifth season. With ground-breaking new discoveries and even more stunning high-definition computer animations.

Our Sun has served Earth well for almost five billion years. It's bathed us with heat and energy. But like humans, our home star is mortal. In five billion years, it will stop nurturing its planetary offspring. The aging star will bloat out beyond the orbit of our planet incinerating all living things--including humans if we're still around.

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1. 7 Wonders of the Solar System. The most astonishing wonders of our solar system, such as the geysers of Enceladus; Saturn's amazing rings; Jupiter's Great Red Spot; and the heights of Olympus Mons on Mars.

2. Mars: The New Evidence. Evidence of life on Mars which provides many clues that it now, or once had supported it; from the remains of lakes and rivers that once flowed on the surface; to the water ice frozen at the poles; to the seasonal changes in methane gases that may prove bacterial life still thrives underground.

3. Magnetic Storm. Magnetic storms – "Solar Katrinas" created by the sun with the power of ten-thousand nuclear weapons that could cause global electrical blackouts, electronics malfunctions and communication disasters if one should hit the Earth.

4. Time Travel. How it could one day become reality; how Einstein's theory of relativity claims it is possible, and the probable results of traveling to the future and the mind-boggling consequences of traveling to the past.

5. Secrets of the Space Probes. What they have done and found for us in space, and what they might do in the future, such as searching for Earth-like planets and for extraterrestrial life.

6. Asteroid Attack. Asteroids and the impact they have or had on life now and before. Also, what spacecrafts can tell us about them, what they can do to civilization, and the possibility of living on one.

7. Total Eclipse. The movements of the Earth, the sun and the moon during solar and lunar eclipses; how humans, if alone in the universe, may be the only intelligent creatures to witness these events; and how astronomers discover planets in other star systems that partially eclipse their stars.

8. Dark Future of the Sun. The grim future of our home star, the sun, and what might happen to it five billion years in the future. Also the results of the growing sun as it kills life, including humans, if they were still around.

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  • dzreqw

    Thank You.

  • Achems Razor

    I'm watching it! finished time travel, my favorite, will watch the rest

  • Dorani

    Very interesting, & love to watch similar to it. Thanks

  • Shawn

    Hey Vlatko, have you ever considered using tags as well as categories? For example, if I wanted to link friends to all five seasons of The Universe, I could simply send them the link.

    Just a thought.

  • Vlatko


    TDF in the past had lots of tags but for some reason I've deleted them all. Having realized that I made a mistake now I'm in the process of adding 2-3 tags on each documentary for a better in depth categorization of the content. But, there are lot of docs and it is quite time consuming to cover them all with tags at this moment. But eventually it will happen.

  • Wanderer

    Hmmm, disregard last post! Ezcept the big thanks =)

  • ez2b12

    I love these documentaries about outer space and physics, but this particular series just dumbs it down too much. For instance the guy standing under the snow making machine in the episode about the seven wonders of our solar system. It was an attempt to give us something to relate the geysers of Enceladus to. First, I don't think the average person needs this comparrison to understand the concept. Secondly, the guy says, "Wow, I might as well be on Enceladus!" That's just laughable to me, this is in no way even close to being on Enceladus having ice shoot out of the surface at several thousand miles an hour, in my opinion. More like standing under a snow making device on Earth and acting like a dweeb- or at least someone with no concept of what the ice geysers of Enceladus would be like.

    I know this seems awfully picky but it is just one example of why I say these particular documentaries dumb things down too much. They spend too much time trying to relate things to earthly experiences so we will understand, as if we lack the intelligence or imagination to get it. All in all though they do have some iunteresting facts and concepts in them. I would not say "don't watch this" just do so knowing they don't give the audience much credit.

  • Dr. Dunkleosteus

    I feel ya, ez.

    Still, the mars episode was pretty good.

    I can't believe they're already on season 5...

  • debs


  • debs

    the girl physicist in this show is sooo cute. alex fillipenko aint too bad either even though one of his eyes is a bit funny.

  • God of Truth

    I've been watching The Universe since the very first season but this one kind of sucks. Is it me or have they already covered time travel a million times before? Likewise with almost all of the other episodes, bring something new... I for one would love to see something about the Hexagon vortex on Saturn.

  • Jace

    To whoever maintains this site: "Thank you, you rock"

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    Thank you! I love this series.

  • Peas

    <3 Amy Mainzer ... ;D

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    the obvious suggestion: let the users add the tags!

  • Max

    To view these videos it requires you to install adware... weak.

  • Rob

    @ ez2b12
    You've completely missed the point of these shows entirely. These shows are made for the average person with an average job and an average life who just want to be entertained and enlightened on something that every human has a right to be curious about, the universe. That's it that's all.

    Read a book or something!

  • smasher

    Awesome series! But how come only 8 episodes for season 5?? What's up with that? Is there going to be a season 6??

    All 8th grade science teachers should use this series in their classes. Should be required.

  • Antares!

    ez2b12, I persnoally agree with you, but you shouldnt overestimate the IQ of mankind. most people are not very bright at all.

  • David Martin

    i agree this needs to be taught in schools through out the world especially to kids in school.

  • Ben Cooper

    ezzb12 actulity yours's commentstry are offended me. non all people are as becamed smarts into you! they couldve even because more so ease to underestand... many thank your to the creationilist off there netwebsites and documentreees for mading in the averaged mans. im learninged lots much

  • Guest

    Bright means nothing if you can't share your concepts with the world to benefit many. People especially in the west are so stuck on a limited egotistical view of intelligence that it is laughable. They believe is can be calculated and memorized, but have no creativity to come up with new ideas, or theories of their own. I will tell you this, the most brilliant scientists are not "logical" they are in fact more creative than logical. Intelligence should be measured not by asking questions with intention to find an exacting answer, but it is in keeping a powerfully open mind that can retain much information and is highly creative enough to be out of mind. - Tree

  • One_not_Two_or_More

    Bright means nothing if you can't share your concepts with the world to benefit many. People, especially in the west are so stuck on limited egotistical views of intelligence that it is laughable. They believe it can be calculated, quantified, memorized, and compared the same away across the board... But these many have no creativity to come up with new ideas, or theories of their own. I will tell you this, the most brilliant scientists are not "logical" they are in fact more creative than logical. Intelligence should be measured not by asking questions with intention to find an exacting answer, but it is in keeping a powerfully open mind that has ability to retain much information and is propelled to be creative enough--> to be out of mind. Bright means to be out of your mind and to extend discoveries that are beyond measurable.

  • Ella Silver

    Plus even if they ARE a little beneath your knowledge (and i sort of think that most people who say this on documentary websites are merely saying it to passive-aggressively show how educated they are or hide how educated they are not) children also watch these shows. This is quite challenging to a small child.

    They are trying to reach the widest audience possible. That's wonderful.

  • Ella Silver

    i didn't read his original comment but i've encountered his type before. I don't think even HE is as becamed smarts into him. I really, really don't.

  • Jack Donachie

    I dont mean to sound like a douche but with the wealth of none fear-mongering documentaries available on this website with the same subjects and intellectual insight I think this whole series can be missed

  • Neal Robert Croskery

    sort of patronizing although a very great

  • GodmanEnki

    "his TYPE?" Do you mean "the color of his skin?" How is it YOU decided to "judge" when it's not your job!

  • James Tod

    i love this kind of movies . I like to see more movies on mars .If they can make them . Because mars is so new and unknown .


    Mars would be amazing. Like a live cam on a rover that is always on and broadcasting. There is so much more to learn and I think the universe keeps us humble because of that.