10 Things You Didn't Know About Tsunamis

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10 Things You Didn't Know About TsunamisIain Stewart journeys across the oceans to explore the most powerful giant waves in history, with ten remarkable stories about tsunamis.

These massive waves can be taller than the biggest skyscraper, travel at the speed of a jet plane and when they reach land, rear up and turn into a terrifying wall of water that destroys everything in its path.

These unstoppable, uncontrollable forces of nature caused the ruin of an entire ancient civilization, may have played a small part in the demise of the dinosaurs, and in World War II were used as a weapon. Yet astonishingly, two men who surfed the tallest wave in history - half a kilometer high - survived.

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  1. Tobias Dresler

    Wow its another national geographic channel fear doc ! didnt see this comming. i wonder wether it is of lazyness or incompetence that they dont make other kinds of docs. its an easy way to make money, but beware of the inflation.

  2. Paul McKernan

    2011 - 42 Catacombs of Palermo
    2011 - 43 Salem Witch Trial Conspiracy
    2011 - 44 Witch Hunter's Bible
    2011 - 45 Russia's Toughest Prisons
    2011 - 46 Hitler's Suicide Ship
    2011 - 47 Hunting Hitler's Generals
    2011 - 48 China's Ghost Army
    2011 - 49 How to Build a Volcano
    2011 - 50 Fireball Of Christ
    2011 - 51 Pint-Sized Preachers
    2011 - 52 The Liquid Bomb Plot
    2011 - 53 Kissinger
    2011 - 54 Robot Soldiers
    2011 - 55 Witness: Disaster in Japan
    2011 - 56 Life after Dinosaurs
    2011 - 57 Bomb Hunters: Afghanistan
    2011 - 58 Taking Down the Mob
    2011 - 59 Crime Lords of Tokyo
    2011 - 60 Gang war USA
    2011 - 61 Casino Wars

    These are the last 20 National Geographic documentaries that have been made and easy to find on-line. Therefore you are completely and utterly wrong in every sense of the word.

    Also the list of 20 was to not clog up the page. Have a look at the last hundred if you're still not convinced.

  3. PaulGloor

    Tell me how you're supposed to talk about tsunamis without referencing the destruction they cause and causes them and making a few predictions ?

  4. WTC7

    I liked the documentary. Nothing that can be seen as inciting fear in it though, it's simply the nature and it can be destructive at times, as we all know.

  5. Guest

    long time since we last heard from You....
    you've been missed!

  6. Yavanna

    What a refreshing change of narration style and presentation. So unlike what certain colonials tend to make. I didn't feel the urgent need for a Budweiser once!

  7. WTC7

    And how good it is to be welcomed back by You, Az. Thank you!

  8. Achems_Razor


    Welcome back, you must know that I have missed you also!

  9. Draw Vinette

    This was a good BBC documentary hosted by Iian Stewart. I would like to add another tsumni to this list. This tsumni is rumored to have hit Egypt back in 10,500BC or 12,500 years ago. The Pyramids of the Giza plateau were flooded up to 50% of their height by a huge tsumni wave.

    The evidence for thistsumni event is located inside the largest pyramid where dried ocean salt crystals were found. The origin of the tsumni is now thought to be an asteroid swarm that struck the Earth at this time. An asteroid fragment from this swarm is now thought to have either struck the ice sheet around the area of Ottawa Canada vaporizing it and wiping out all of the large animals living in North America at this time including the Clovis People. This event occurred around 10,000 BCto 10,500BC = 12,000 to 12,500 years ago.

    Another asteroid fragment is thought to have struck the ocean causing a massive tsumni event that wiped out the advanced Egyptian civilization that had built the pyramids. The Pyramids are now thought to be an astrological clock that marks the precession of the Earth as it wobbles through its 26,000 year cycle.

    The Sphinx marks the beginning of the precession cycle by marking the lowest point of Orion's belt at 12,500 BC. Three small pyramids beside the large pyramid mark the orientation of Orion's belt at this time. The smaller pyramid marks the midpoint of the precession at 13,000 years or so from this date. Exact date I believe is 2,060. The orientation of Orinon's belt is once again shown by the location of the three smaller pyramids now at 90 degrees to its location at the beginning of the precession, 13,000 or so years earlier.

    Another interesting tsumni event that has affected human history and ancient Egyptian history.

  10. Guest

    Thanks to WTC7, her energy brought back thoughts of pyramids in you...just joking....just!

  11. WTC7

    @ Achems,

    Thank you my friend! You are my anchor here on TDF, you have always been :)!

  12. WTC7

    Hey Az! I wish I had the energy to be a trigger of any unorthodox idea someone may have and I wish I was certain myself of anything I myself believe in... :)

  13. Guest

    as for me, same same but differently similar!

  14. WTC7

    Yes, I figured that much, we think similarly but on different frequencies. After all, you are an artist, which I'll never be but am striving towards the pure, uncontaminated thinking :).

  15. KsDevil

    Yea, I'd say there were about 10 things presented that I didn't know. Most hidden in the details. Definatly worth watching on a lazy weekend knowing you are safe from such occurances thanks to your geographic location.

  16. James Thomas Rya Colwell

    the music this guy plays in the background when he tells you about the indo tsunamis is kinda f****d up...

  17. knowledgeizpower

    this was pretty good, lol i just finished watching curled up under a blanket with some hot chocolate on my lazy weekend :)

  18. Onnad

    WOW, some very interesting stuff here. Great Doc.

  19. Guest

    I have never heard of this version of the Moses story about the parting of the water....it does make sense that such a story would be transformed into a miracle event. (if true)

  20. consrignornt

    what drugs are you on?
    the egyptian civilization began in 3500 bce
    the oldest pyramid in egypt is dated 2686 bce
    the oldest pyramid in giza is dated 2560 bce
    the pyramids are not 'astrological clocks'
    the oldest sphinx in egypt is dated 2500 bce

    i suspect you are one of those nuts that believe the pyramids were built by mass crowds chanting until the blocks were levitated

    all those crazy mystical beliefs regarding the pyramids have been discredited

  21. Paul McKernan

    or by aliens? haha

  22. Guest

    I can see you have read the accepted history. You may be in for a surprise one of these days. My comment is not in support of what Vinette wrote, it is in reply to yours. There are many many scientists, Egyptologists who do not accept this as fact. Extend your research and you may stretch your view by quite a few years.

  23. His Forever

    This is a really fun doc to watch, especially for those who live on an Island in the Pacific ocean where 4/5th of the tsunamis hit . . . oh wait!!! That's me! Ahuggg!!

  24. Achems_Razor


    Why worry, just pray, or are you afraid that your prayers will not work?

    You can always pray to the goddess, the great "Gaia Earth Goddess." That should work, no?

  25. His Forever

    Well, Mr. Razor, I'm not perfect yet in my faith. Every time I go to the beach, I look around and think--which way will I go if there's a tsunami? I made them put chicken wire in the walls of my kids rooms (as I watched a video that walls with chicken wire didn't crumble as fast in an earthquake, allowing time to escape). I don't think God minds me being cautious; be smart, and then it's easier to have faith--at least for me.

  26. Subject6teen

    You're got some mistakes there, let me correct them for you.

    The Egyptians never existed and neither did any of the other civilizations.

    God created USA and that's all the history lesson we need to know.

    I KID! haha, but seriously you're right except for one thing, Aliens did it.

  27. Guest

    lol status quo is both insane and ignorant as it is pr3esently taught. plus whatever is mystical is a train of thought not explained. like the pyramids were tombs. thats the biggest joke of all

  28. Guest

    I saw a documentary by a group of divers under water near the bottom of the ocean during that psunami. ! of them said a force running lateraly had them tumbling out of control. 1 of the divers remarked he barely made it back up to the surface. Why are the animations never include the white water. Or the energy that runs along the bottom, if thats the case?

  29. Guest

    Ive seen several of this narators films He should get an oscar for drama in a documentary venue, hehe

  30. Mark Bone Boland

    Hew forgot Krakatoa

  31. Alan Wright

    This documentary spends a whole lot of time saying very little. Frustrating because the host is usually ok. NatGeo have the most annoying Docs going, re-hashing footage of the same CGI baloney over and over again. Get some hard Science that we can all sink our teeth into and make us think for a second. That's whats interesting. Not the mythical "must have" and "maybe" speculation.

  32. João Jagga Fardilha

    How can some temple that is underwater be out of sight forever if it is only 250 meters away from the seaside? for god sake... ever heard of scuba diving?

  33. KingHockeyMan

    LOL!!! When I saw this doc I said the same damn thing!....too funny :-)... .

  34. Ray Stewart

    I guess you have no idea what your talking about. The waters around that area is harsh to say the least. The amount of tidal forces that part of the ocean has is massive, making any attempt of scuba diving just stupid and dangerous. The salt content is a lot to, which will try and keep you afloat and then there's the debris that gets picked up and made in to a swirling soup, making it impossible to view just a few feet away. Do some research before speaking, or better still spend twenty years like me diving, then you'll know what your talking about.

  35. Sam De Waele

    lol, you could also just build eartquake proof you know... take Tokio for an example, it's not standing up with chickenwire... It's sound a bit like a patch on a soaring wound or supporting wallpaper... not trying to be offensive, but it's hilarious...

  36. Anand Gowda

    i truely appriciate the effort behind these documentaries....
    i love to have this website as my fav site...
    Thanks to you ppl...

  37. Zeeshan Rashad

    guessing is what is done , ok tsunami sucks the water and create a path , hmmmmm but for how long , they were not in numbers were in thousands
    and my be more , and guess what all dumb people except him knows the translation can you beleive it , its not a small story to miss such a part mistranslation , what i meant is that tsunami give alarms not more than 20minutes and that is if very far away so there is no way possible to create sucktion for so long that thousands of people will pass , as none of hebrew was drowned , the paroh body still there man showing something had happened, but not like this , let see if the full documentry can make us think ..........

  38. Zeeshan Rashad

    one more thing one hebrew passess ok fine , when such a gigantic tsunami arrives how they survive , why only army engulfed ???? coz only small tsunamis covers 200miles plus after hitting the lands with speed of jets ......

  39. Hollis

    supposedly, the entire moses story is fictitious. if so, perhaps the parting of the sea was inspired by a real-life tsunami. there's no limit to the human imagination when inspired by natural events.

  40. Nirvana Buramdoyal

    Am I the only thinking this doc was rather poorly researched and very scarce in evidence?

  41. annon

    "supposedly" lol I like it

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