2010 Vancouver Olympics: The Movie

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2010 Vancouver Olympics: The MovieFrom the author: We bring you onto the streets of Vancouver and straight into the middle of the mass protests during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

We enjoyed both the Olympics and the protests and are proud to have filmed this historic moment of time.

Highlights from The Olympic Torch Blockade, the Gold Medal Celebration to the Protests, provocateurs and Vancouver 911 Truth Society's 911 Banner Jamming of CTV's National Olympic Nightly News Broadcasts.

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    Christopher David LeBlanc
  1. Christopher David LeBlanc

    However. the Vancouver Olympics became an event that Canada owned the podium. The Olympics Canada shined and so did it's people.

  2. Jack1952
  3. Jack1952

    Right at the outset, the guy is complaining about his inability to voice his opinion and claiming he his in a police state. Why wasn't he arrested? Is our police state failing us by allowing this guy to speak his mind so freely?

    You would think that by watching this film the the Canadian people were solidly against having the Olympics in Vancouver when in fact it was the opposite. We all loved it! Many believed it to be the best winter Olympics ever held. When the torch passed through the small towns of Ontario, the streets were packed with people cheering and waving flags. There were complainers but there are those who belly ache about everything. For some of those protesters it was just an opportunity to advance their cause on a world stage. This doc in no way represents the majority of Canadians.

  4. Hodd
  5. Hodd

    "800 teachers in Vancouver just got layoff notices... 3000 people living in the streets... somehow governments can find 8 billion dollars to put on this festival of corporate greed..."

    Pretty much says it all. It's the same old song and dance, yet mainstream news coverage will always put a spin on things so as to portray protesters in a negative light while refusing to acknowledge the obvious hypocrisy of the event. Although the doc may not reflect the opinion of the majority of Canadians, it certainly represents their interests.

  6. freedomrocket
  7. freedomrocket

    I wonder how many of these protesters were also at the Stanley Cup riot, just raising hell because they could. Police state my ass.

  8. Paul Nelligan
  9. Paul Nelligan

    These protests are kind of idiotic, and the reasons for protest seem kind of flimsy ... Police State ?? Corporate sponsors?? It's the Olympics for fu*k sake!! ... of course you're going to have money spent, corporate sponsors, and extra police ... what a pack of douche bags ... especially the whole 'We have no problem with the Olympics' line ... idio*s ...

  10. Eric
  11. Eric

    If I were there, I would have loved to smash the faces of every single commie on this doc. Some of these causes are close to my heart and they are trivializing them, causing much more harm than good.

    How about these protesters spend a year in either China, Iran, N. Korea or Russia, then bitch about Canada being an undemocratic police state, that is if they're aren't in a labour camp or dead. People come from every corner of the globe seeking political and economic freedoms here in Canada. New Canadians wound be laughing their asses off at this sorry piece of bleeding hearts "documentary". Leave it to these lunatic left wing nut cases to find something wrong with this country's proudest moments.

    I strongly sympathize with some of the issues they bring up but pissing off the general public severely harms the cause and makes people even less willing to listen. This is part of the reason some people are driven to the Conservative party

  12. Leslie El Salvador
  13. Leslie El Salvador

    I am pissed off that there were a select group of people who were "protesting" against the Olympics but at the same time bashing windows of THE HUDSON BAY CO on Georgia St ...wth is that? I loved the Olympics everyone from all over the world and us Vancouverites had a great time enjoying all of the festivities. One of the best times of my ENTIRE life.

  14. john20202020
  15. john20202020

    the whole own the podium program nicely showed what are canadians all about. exaggerated patriots, arrogant, totaly unable to recognize and respect other people opponents, which is seen from these comments and also during olympics. many countries rightfuly criticized own the podium saying it was arrogant and waht canadian main stream media did??? exactly what media in democratic and tolerant country should do: mindleslly criticized foreing media for their right to freely express their opinion, defended own the podium concept, even thought it was correctly branded as arrogant, which it really was!!! the beste thing is, when it turned out that canada is not even close to owing the podium, all of a sudden it was change to own the podium means winning the most gold medals and not winning the most medals. i think it was a bit embarrassing for canadian media to talk out like a five year old kid.

  16. ranii02
  17. ranii02

    agree, im pretty sure the media just reported about the protest because of the black bloc and the window smashing. the news reporter even stated "whatever their message was, it is sure lost now". leave it to the media to paint an fancy picture about anything that goes against them.

  18. ranii02
  19. ranii02

    one part i was completely upset with was the protest happening near the veterans memorial park. WTF were they thinking! how disrespectful, not matter what your views are. its a MEMORIAL, smartasses, move the protest somewhere else! that plus the window smashing kind of makes the message of the protest lost!

  20. Billy B
  21. Billy B

    Who cares if they protested near a park that is dedicated to war-mongers. That's not disrespectful. It's a symbol. Who gives a ****?

  22. mwthomp
  23. mwthomp

    If I was there, I would have loved to smash the faces of every MARRIED commie on this doc. Interesting video feast though.

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