2012 Crossing Over: A New Beginning

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Dec 21, 2012 is on everyone's mind. What will it bring? Is it the end of the world? A new beginning for mankind? Or just another year on the calendar? 2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning explores a spiritual perspective on the events of Dec 21, 2012.

This documentary investigates the galactic alignment, consciousness awakening, cycles of evolution, our binary star system with Sirius, the fear agenda in the media, who's behind it, love vs fear and much more. The film is loaded with revelations of the current times we live in, from the astrologer and teacher Santos Bonacci, and spiritual leaders Bud Barber, and George Neo.

The participants in this documentary say that we're at that time when great transition takes place. The society, the way we live now, is changing very rapidly. We have to go along with the change that's happening as opposed to fear it and resist it. We've all heard about "2012." It's the doomsday. The world will end, the mankind will end.

Some people got this idea that things will stop, things will end in catastrophe, but actually none of the philosophies assign that. The agenda seems to be trying to put negative spin on it, to radiate fear out on the planet as opposed to love.

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  1. Thank you Amel Tresnjic and your team for the wonderful contribution to make this world a better place. I really enjoyed watching it.

  2. I'm swearing off reading the comments. Can't anyone simple rate a doc in brief without prattling on? What a buzz kill...

  3. Brilliant film with a great message!

  4. People need to wake up to the fact that the mark of the beast is not physical but spiritual. The mark is on the forehead and on the hand.....thought(forehead) and action(hand). The New Age uses the Chakra seven steps to enlightenment....these 7 steps open your conciousness to recieve a demonic possession...this is the mark of the beast. Once you think then you do. This is what Concious awakening is...it is not enlightenment and you wont become gods....you will be trapped and controlled and used by demons. God has 7 steps to Him and and Satan has 7 steps to him....the seven steps of God are found in the bible the seven steps to satan are found in the Chakra....wake up if u can.

    1. You are making some major allegations, since you have put in all these claims now the onus is on you to "prove" what you say. Mere words will not cut it, or writings from some out-dated books. Are you scared of 666?

    2. Is it 7 steps and then god or is god on the 7th step? ;)

    3. what step is it again that a person has to "admit he/she has a problem"? sorry wrong program

    4. Its hard to argue with this logic. Not because its right, my opinion is it's very wrong, but because its as closed as a rusted vise. The bible is right, everything else is wrong and whoever says otherwise is "marked by the beast" and of course, trying to lead you away from god. Who is to say you haven't been completely duped and Satan isn't the good one ?

      As an atheist who has probably adhered to the 10 commandments better than some Vatican priests, I can say, I really don't need God and, I think God would be OK with that. What parent doesn't want their children to grow up and leave the house ?

      I don't think Jesus cast any stones.... think about it.

    5. It's circular reasoning. The bible is right because God said so and God exists because the bible says so.

  5. cool film love the message. even if you dont believe in 2012 being a spiritual time whats so bad about just loveing the human race as it is we spend too much time and energy into fighting each other.

  6. I've seen a few good docs recently all with the sort of message I could really get behind. Unfortunately they all make the fatal error of giving predictions, even if they are positive, about the 21st of December. Why?

    1. @tariqxl why? Because if a prediction becomes reality, it suggests credibility. A good example is Alex Jones, who predicted a terrorist attack was coming (prior to 9/11) and bin Laden would be blamed for it. Great show ratings boost, because all his desk pounding appeared to have some basis in predicting coming events. No magic foresight, and not even very clever if you look at the vagueness of the prediction.

      "Bin Laden to be blamed for some future terrorist attack on U.S. soil" - no master visionary.

      You posted earlier about your hope of waking up to chanting of "enough is enough" (which I replied, happened). Perhaps if only you had replaced "hope" with "I predict", you might have amassed thousands of willing, dedicated followers to your every word. :-)

      That's what these people are doing, throwing in vague predictions in the hope that the roullette wheel of life will drop the ball in their favour, to boost their popularity. They are all too well aware of this.

    2. It doesn't so much suggest credibility when a prediction is made and comes true but it does destroy credibility somewhat when a prediction is made that doesn't come true.

  7. 3rd time im watching this, first year in uni as well, i wish n will try to pass on the message learnt. since watching this vid, i have been doin alot research into all the 2012 theories including ancient meanings and i have come to realise it is all about love. the media has managed to distract us from the truth, i can see why the government is talking about one world or a new world now; everything is beginning to shed light. Plz educate your yourself God exists all the ancient paintings, mayan calender accurately calculated the day our sun/earth is at one with our galaxy...do we need anymore proof. i could go on but u as a person know what's right to do, we are not living for now don't ever forget that, money and power will go, but your soul will remain. Plz open your eyes. we have been blinded by the wars, terrorist attacks that we didn even recognized this significant event. Whether u believe it or not GOD loves us all, and its up to u to decided your destiny...Spread love n peace.

  8. It was a good show to watch/listen to while painting, and even if it seems crackpot to some, it was still positive and interesting. I agree with much of the views on the show, and I'm no stoner. I actually tried that "carrot experiment" (Google it) and it seriously worked, so I saw first hand, in a very physical way how our thoughts can physically effect the world around us. Having cancer twice as well (health freak and successful athlete/artist with crappy self esteem - go figure) In my 2nd bout, the tumour grew right on a part of my body I loathed, a spot hat was 'disfigured' (in my eyes) from the 1st round of treatment. LOVE really is the answer, and it's hard to nurture in a society that truly encourages us to hate ourselves, and judge others. I am glad I have pets that I can shower with love, no strings attached, and a world that I can love, regardless of it's flaws and challenges. Life is Beautiful, in spite of ourSelves. Peace!

  9. so,as the date has passed...anyone feeling transition ?

    1. I have personally experienced gradual changes, in my diet, somehow i can't tolerate meat anymore, i am attracted to fresh food, more water. I have become relatively peaceful, i am realising that every point of view is valid in their own perspective. 2013 has been an amazing year in terms of growth in consciousness, been meditating, seeing a lot of synchronicities, seeing people around me becoming more positive and happier and more conscious. I cant be sure if this is because of 2012, but surely things are changing around me. Have you felt any changes lately?

  10. FINALLY....a documentary about the POSITIVE reality of 12-21-2012. This was a fantastic documentary....I have said this for the last year when all this doomsday panic started.....this was going to be a spiritually positive change not a end of mankind...I have been watching all the shows on this all year and this is the first one that put my feelings right on.......Happy New Age Everyone, you wont be dissapointed in this doc.

  11. never trust any video that has to approve comments.

    1. On the contrary...in fact you are watching it here on a site that approves all comments....if it wasn't the case there would be even more insults than what is tolerated already.

    2. it's a youtube video, and it's ******* awful and embarrasing at to watch, and the actual youtube video blocks all comments and only shows the positive ones from r*tards.

    3. see, imagine how many people youtube would have to hire to moderate people like you.

    4. people moderate their own videos, this is a youtube video, go try to make a comment. never trust any youtube video that won't allow comments they don't agree with, man what don't you get? you are obviously slow in the head, which is why u seem to like this ridiculous video

    5. Actually, the comments he is not allowing ar racist, boggoted nasty comments or anything with bad language. After all, he is trying to spread love not negativity.

  12. all I see is actually a msg of love and I'm fine with that

  13. "If you think you are too little to change something try to sleep with a mosquito and you'll see which one of the two prevents the other one from sleeping"
    Dalai Lama

  14. To put me in the mood last night, the mood of the 21st...why not since it's been around for so long and just about to be over...i watched The Fifth Element once again.
    What a great movie! I love most of what Luc Besson has done in the cinema...may be it's his French brain.
    I also don't expect that the predictions about 21/12/12 will happen, i have this idea that once we think something, it cannot happen in reality, it has already happened in a different dimension...so IF something diffferent happens for me on the 21st it will not be something expected...could be anything, some say nothing...i say something will happen even if it's just in someone's else's life.
    What i find funny is that a lot of people i read here don't seem to want something to happen...they are happy with the way things are. Well, when i look around the world, i get this hope in my heart that something, even just a little awakening may change life for the better and how great it would be if it could just happen that zillions of people realize this simultanously.
    The Fifth Element ends with a woman realizing that only love can save the world.... And....the moment she feels it, she has the biggest orgasmic impact on everyone on the blue planet.
    Tonight is the 19th, my life is good, simple, it is snowing, i will go for a walk later....alone... wondering how i can change war for peace. Because war can be won in one's life if not on the battle field.

  15. David Icke, Alex Jones.... lol

  16. This is quantum physics- what Einstein called "Spooky action at a distance" I also know about the crystal experiment. When people were arguing in the room the crystals would be seriously disfigured or if playing nazi salutes. But when playing Bach, Mozart or Buddhist chants- the crystals were super beautiful and dazzling.

  17. well even if you think these guys are talk s*it jus ask ur self one question. What is the greatest force on this plant?

    If you dont beleve in somthing then what do u trust?

  18. Can't wait for this stupid date to pass so all these m*rons will crawl back to their shelters with no indoor plumbing... Although, I am curious to hear what crackpot ideas they come up with next!

  19. this is almost two hours of non scientist yoga stoners talking to the camera. not even all at once. it's bad do not watch.

  20. Wonderful on the informational front of the Planets, that was all new to me, following 2012 InLightRadio regularly, so I listen to the programs daily, great stuff! They just posted a video on what REALLY Happened on 9/11. It is TRUTH FINALLY IN AMERICA. AS IS THIS. YOUR CHAKRAS ARE VERY IMPORTANT NOW!!!! We are to open the other ones now. Ck out Linda Dillion and Kelly Hampton. God Bless. LOVE LIGHT AND JOY, GRACE ENLIGHTENMENT/BLISS. Faith is very important, but the more you study this, the Great Information these scientists have done, but the Mayans, the Pyramids, Stonehenge, Crop Circles, listen to your gut and your intuition. Ever thought of Universal Consciousness, or the veil dissolving. Seems some people cherish their Bible to the point they aren't open minded. Rose colored glasses need to be used appropriately. Be of the quest of Good Human Consciousness as God intended, cause I DO think God can bring Peace back to the Planet. People are becoming friendlier, there are many older people that are receptive, depends on if you believe in Spirit and Soul maybe. What was it we learned @ 7th grade, the 7 Wonders of the World?

  21. I'm 15 mins in and haven't heard anything factual or new. Quite boring. And amatuer too. Hope it gets better...

  22. Wonderful on the informational front of the Planets, that was all new to me, following 2012 InLightRadio regularly, so I listen to the programs daily, great stuff! They just posted a video on what REALLY Happened on 9/11. It is TRUTH FINALLY IN AMERICA. AS IS THIS. YOUR CHAKRAS ARE VERY IMPORTANT NOW!!!! We are to open the other ones now. Ck out Linda Dillion and Kelly Hampton. God Bless. LOVE LIGHT AND JOY, GRACE ENLIGHTENMENT/BLISS. Faith is very important, but the more you study this, the Great Information these scientists have done, but the Mayans, the Pyramids, Stonehenge, Crop Circles, listen to your gut and your intuition. Ever thought of Universal Consciousness, or the veil dissolving. Seems some people cherish their Bible to the point they aren't open minded. Rose colored glasses need to be used appropriately. Be of the quest of Good Human Consciousness as God intended, cause I do think its coming in...and our President is in the know. :-)

  23. great documentary - the most astounding documentary iv seen since "the secret". i know for many people, they criticize the "law of attraction" - which i agree with, somewhat - because we are not aware that WE are the creators of our reality...but many of us are totally wrapped up in the illusion of life and the hustle n bustle day to day - that we forget to BE present or empowered - helping ourselves and others wake up to the illusion - which each of us play a part in....in this time, if we choose to see our own purpose...

    1. are you steered by the mass media, or do you think/perceive this reality independently - noticing the illusion as it sits before you/us/the general public - but able to look beyond it, seeing the truth that lies in our laps - as we are but bystanders, objectively observing the moving "movie" of our lives...can u feel the gift of perspective??? - you are awakening more and more each moment... no joke - u are "gifted"...

  24. Where is Jesus Christ in all this? Can some one help me please. JC mada a lot of super predictions concerning the end of this world. How can they be related to the claims of these Astrologers?I need help people.Thanks

  25. Well, that was refreshingly positive for a change.

  26. Correlation does not equal causation, it's interesting they have stuff correlating with each other to prove a point, but the first thing we learn in research methods in psychology is correlation does not equal causation.

    1. You are trying to apply intellect to this, young grasshopper. But interesting that it fails your first psychology lesson.

      "Welcome to the desert of the UNreal."

  27. You all are skeptics to the core.. The ones attracted to the dark side, longing to keep things the same so you can continue poking fun at it all. The sooner you realize truth and acceptance are beneficial and belittling others is a form of contagious retardation, the sooner you'll be taken seriously.. It's all sh*ts and giggles until you giggle and sh*t. Have fun with that.

    1. @ AprilOneal. I don't think this one qualifies as evidence of being 'sceptical to the core' - which, btw, is not a exactly a trait to be ashamed of, but ok, all things in moderation being a righteous path, this 'programme' hardly counts as a moderate view.

      When you watch so many of these and begin so see the downright maliciousness of the manipulation to present perverted truths for *personal gain* or *recognition* or *self gratification*, rather than some proposed, altruistic gift of awakening others to their privy knowledge...after a while it all gets to be quite farcical in its very nature.

      Ridicule, it turns out, tends to be a more powerful antidote than reason: to poke fun at it instead of exerting wasteful energy arguing and debunking to deaf ears (which in itself would give undue credit to it) sounds the alarm bells to not take it too seriously. Perhaps you can find some solace in that.

    2. Assuming you are "debunking to deaf ears", make one reference to a legitimate form of debunking in these comments and I'll shut up. The ears you're shouting into aren't deaf, they're just sick of you and everyone else who spews poison about anything with a half-positive message. It's not really a "moderate view" is it? But what in this world makes you think it (the world) is "moderate"? Ridicule is kinda a fun word to hear Australians say, but it's extremely counterproductive if your aim is to edify any of these deaf ears you talk into.

    3. Ok, here's a legitimate form of debunking...deep breath...

      The post by Algonquin Gear Reviews (one of the first):

      "you can't just say 'Now that the sun's are moving closer together our level of consciousness will increase' without even making an attempt to make the connection as to how." - Algonquin Gear Reviews

      If being sceptical *to the core* is not a good thing (I say it is) then faulting it can only mean because it is excessive or too extreme. Surely you have no problem with being sceptical, only that it is 'to the core'?

      To instead be moderately sceptical might then be more acceptable, allowing for more open minded possibilities? But extreme views require extreme scepticism, or conversely, extreme claims requires extreme evidence (Carl Sagan). So does this programme have an extreme or moderate view? Clearly it is extreme. Therefore it is perfectly acceptable and indeed necessary, in this instance, to be sceptical to the core.

      You assume I am Australian? ...ok.

      It may be counter productive to make fun, or it may not as I tried to explain before, but that is your opinion and I could argue against it if I felt so inclined, which I don't.

    4. Completely Agree DigiWonga! I am as open-minded as the next guy (maybe more?) but when you (the 'film') make a statement (such as the one I quoted from the 'film') or ANY statement for that matter, you HAVE to be able to back it up - or it's just a thought.

      I would have been willing to listen to them attempt to make a connection - as I said, I am open minded. But when they say such a sentence, then do or say NOTHING else to back it up, or fail to prove their logic as to how they arrived at the conclusion, it becomes a jumble of words formed into a sentence - and nothing more. So at this point a person becomes less receptive to their ideas because they aren't actually ideas, just words. Watch this, I can do it too,
      "By me replying to this post, I will be more receptive to outstanding social issues" How? By simply saying that? F no!

      See? Just words. Nothing more. You would be wise to be skeptical of such gross tom-fooleries.

      I'd like for the content of this docu to be true, but it's just too far off the wall.. come back to reality people, the water's fine! (well, not really, but better than living in a delusional world created by these guys)

      AGR out!

    5. Well, I wasn't really assuming you're Australian.. I was just sayin' Aussies say "ridicule" in an amusing way. What the world do you mean that extreme claims require extreme skepticism? Extreme evidence is optional, but in order to be fully credible, yeah. Skepticism, on the other hand is fully a waste of time if you can't PROVE the claim to be wrong. That's what I don't get about y'all negative Nancys who go about tearing down anything that makes your minds uncomfortable. Do you think skeptics built the pyramids, or positive-thinking minds (aliens maybe)? Try thinking for an hour or so that they may be on to something.

    6. @ AprilOneal, sceptical, postive minded people built the pyramids. Hence they are still standing. I think perhaps you are confusing scepticisim with open mindedness and/or a positive mind? Let's see if we can't clear this up fast:

      "Here, buy this bottle of magical herbs and you will stay young forever." - an extreme claim requiring extreme scepticism (edit: and extreme evidence). Agreed?

      "The active ingredient in this herb has proven medicinal properties."
      - Not such an extreme claim, but requiring scepticism nonetheless. Because the "well if it's been proved scientifically, it must be doing what it claims", isn't necessarily true at all.

      "Time travel, is in theory at least, possible." - an open mind might, one day, find a way to make this possibility, a reality.

      Having an open mind and being sceptical would therefore necessarily go hand in hand in such a discovery; one is not opposed to the other.

    7. I did...you know...sh!t. Did you not read my earlier post?

  28. The religee's better text or e-mail their big JC to get his @ss in gear and hasten to make the preparations for the religee's big event "THE RAPTURE." crossing over?? would be a lighter happier world.

  29. Ah man this is stupid, but for some strange reason I was drawn in to this doc right to the end, i actually dont support this sort of crap in anyway, but when listening to this I couldn't help imagine the "what if...." well you never know, we might actually evolve into something cool, like with wings, but if i evolve into a fish flapping about in my bed, i an't gonna be happy!

  30. total new age hippie bulls*it. Did that douche just seriously say that OUR SUN and Sirius are orbiting each other? I have never heard anything more ridiculous in my life. Sirius is ALREADY A BINARY STAR SYSTEM - but not with our sun creating some lame ass 'golden age'. People, do a little research into the Mayan Calendar if you wonder what what happen in a few days and you will soon realize that NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE AT ALL ON 12/21/2012. Do not listen to these 'peace and love' folks - they have no idea what they are talking about.

  31. A delightful collection of etherial Australian BS.
    Lay back, relax and enjoy a joint.
    Dude! This is soooo awsome!

  32. THe video started with that crack pot...have you watched his other videos? He's totally a dis-information agent

  33. Instead of some of you other skeptics filled with anger ('self deluded frauds' 'tree huggin fags') I actually watched it and would like to share and discuss their obvious faults and illusions.
    One of the points is that the man early on with black hair mentions how we are in the worst of the 4 ages (each age last ~1.7 million years) and then goes on to say we are lucky and blessed and should be grateful for the change thats about to take place? (Keeping in mind that 2012 is only a turning point NOT the end of the worst age)
    Secondly, humans have not been as evolved as we are now for the past 1.7 million years. I dont remember archeologists digging up a piece of complex machinery or beatiful artwork while they were digging up the stagosaurus or cavemen tools? Major error again, I would have expected something grand from the golden age.
    A few more errors but cant be bothered to mention them all. All in all, if you hung on to every word then you need to start thinking, questioning and not delude yourself!

    1. "One of the points is that the man early on with black hair mentions how we are in the worst of the 4 ages (each age last ~1.7 million years) and then goes on to say we are lucky and blessed and should be grateful for the change thats about to take place? (Keeping in mind that 2012 is only a turning point NOT the end of the worst age)"

      What? If this is the WORST of the ages, then why do we have more healthy people, more access to information, more inventions, more freedom to puruse happiness as opposed to farming the fields, the most enlightened societies the world has EVER known are here NOW. This is by far the best humans have ever had it, and that being said, yes there is collateral damage, but since you're using the human experience as your focal point, I won't drag in environmental degradation etc. The point is, this doc is pseudo bull shyt, no question about that. There is no 1.7m set age, these are just constellation alignments comparative to the earth's position. This does not influence the souls of men however, do you know what does though? Knowledge.

      Just like ol' Thomas Jefferson hinted at, the only thing that will keep humans great is knowledge and higher learning AND avoiding the scams by being smart enough to spot them.

      (btw, did not mean to like his comment, thought I was clicking reply..)

    2. You broke my heart when you said you didn't mean the like, how will I ever continue living?
      Anyhow, I don't believe in the dark age, that was my point in my second fault which I found in the film - if there was an enlghtened age, then we should have seen remains of their 'beautiful and highly advanced empire'. I was simply talking from their viewpoint and showing how it doesn't work.
      Finally I think humanity is GREAT, humans are great and we are constantly growing and evolving (not the pseudoscience/'consciousness' way, but biological way) and as a result we are making or lives easier, more open and more fulfilling.

    3. He had stated that gold and silver ages were over a million years, but bronze was half of the golden and iron even less time. And as for this being a good time for humans, There is much deceit, fear, anger, greed, corruption, and so many other negative emotions quite prominent in our society, along with that pollution or environmental degradation as you put it. If it helps you to think positively and helps you become love, then disregard this film. The point is, Don't give into the fear that is radiated through our media. Have only love for others. This is the message this film is trying to spread.

    4. Ya but I've heard in my studies that at the end of the golden age that it restarts and there's a whole other big bang, at least that's what my Sociology profesor said and who knows if that's what they actually think, that it goes in cycles, but then that wouldn't fit with the 24,000 years so I don't know, because I thought each wave of cycles was millions of years according to the Hindus maybe I'm totally wrong trying to remember what i learned in religion class.

      It seems like wishful thinking, like it would be nice if we went to a higher conciousness, i like that option better then the world will be destroyed, mind you it's most likely neither, The world will just go on as it is, we will wake up on the 22 nd and it will be the same as today.

  34. Got through 20mins and about 500 references to a vague "consciousness" from a group of self-deluded frauds.

    Not even entertaining as light amusement.

  35. I lit my scented candles, sat on the floor in an unnatural position, cleared my mind and allowed it to reach out into the universe and waited for my conscious to become one with the cosmos. Unfortunately, nature called. My union with the cosmos will have to wait. There's something about the sound of a toilet flushing that brings one back to the reality of everyday life. (sigh).

    1. ha ha ha ha...u da coolest.....

      for the greatest calling among the human race
      is to put a smile upon your brother's face..(or sister's)

  36. The sad state of affairs of the majority of the people in this world prove that the 1% are being VERY succesfful in keeping the people down as SHEEPLE. I am SO very thankful that I , for one, am among the FEW that still have the ability to THINK and "SEE" what "THEY" are doing !!!!
    To the 1%... you can kiss my ASS !!!!

    1. It is an honour to be able to converse with one of the enlightened ones albeit, indirectly through cyberspace. As a sheeple, all I'm capable of is a high pitched continuous bleat that passes as thought...sort of like the sound the local tv station makes when it goes off the air at night. I rely on those, such as yourself, to do my thinking for me. I look forward to the day when we finally overthrow the elite and your enlightened consciousness can take over the world and we can finally live in peace and harmony.

      Merry Christmas, everyone. Peace on earth and goodwill towards men.
      I know. That's just regurgitating a mantra of the power brokers of the past but it does sound nice.

  37. Bill Hicks, George Carlin and Icke. Whats not to like? For those of you who couldn't last longer than a few minutes I guess that's your choice - but how can you pass judgement? I stuck with it and quite enjoyed it.

    Is there any need to call people "Tree huggin fags" or "fuking new age, fart sniffin, love monkeys..." ?

    1. I completely agree with you, But I believe the issue here, or rather the reason these people can't sit through more than 30 mins of this is because they are still under the grasp of fear. The vibrational frequency of their brains is still too low(in the fear wavelength) to comprehend that love is possible world wide. When they pass this judgment, they do not stop to think about what may be causing them to judge people discussing love. The few comments I read on here so far have shown me that several of these individuals thought they were speaking gibberish. This guy right below my comment here makes mention of the world ending and the second coming of Christ, when neither of these things were mentioned in this film.

  38. Oh FFS! There is as much chance of the world ending on 21/12/12 as the second come of Jesus Christ, in other words no chance at all. leave ALL ancient myths where they belong, in the past. Supernatural is just another word for nonexistent.

    1. Really? You seriously believe that the ancient people that wrote all these ancient 'myths' down in stone didn't want to be remembered? They obviously wanted this information to be found by somebody or else why even leave record of it?

    2. Actually your comment made me think about writing class in school... I don't know how many notebooks I filled during high school, maybe 2-300. So when we are sitting in class taking notes are we thinking about leaving a record for someone in the future...?? Doubtful. They might have left a record assuming they assumed it would be found let alone understood. Always something to think about and ponder.. Hmmmm...

  39. I never want to hear the word consciousness again!

  40. Please forgive me brain. I never meant to hurt you... I had no idea it was that bad.

  41. I try to be open minded but the time I spent not watching was the high point of my day. ;0)

  42. It's the same old discredited theosophical nonsense rehashed.

  43. Thanks Vlatko for sharing this vid.

  44. Who the hell are these people??? These people are not believable. The just babble about anything. Almost like gibberish.

  45. Lame diggidy lame...

    If you want to learn about the solar system and not have your head filled with Pseudoscience, check out the "Cosmos" up in the Reccomended Docs. It is much more fulfilling : )

    1. Pseudoscience and mystery is still interesting to keep your mind open and explore different possibilities. Its fun to watch too.

    2. @ alans ....yeah...


      ...turn off the light on your way out? :)

  46. as usual they lack credible structures of critical analysis .... they claim that these illuminatai families control the world but enrol President Kennedy on their side with his speeches. Clearly if the Illuninatai ruled the world then they rule President Kennedy. Not to mention the freedom of speech they have to publish their documentary. The only nirvana humanity will ever have is one born of critical awareness and intelligence ... any faith based paradigm whether it be christian, islamd or conspiracy theory is a self perpetuating blindness with all the consequential violence.

  47. I lasted 21 minutes....that must be a sign.

    1. Maybe a sign that your B.S. Detector is in fine working order? lol

    2. Oooooh! Scary! 21 minutes? That must surely translate to 21 days. Those 21 days would then translate to the first 21 days of this month. Could it be that the world is going to end on the 21st day of this month?

      I can't possibly imagine any interpretation other than that your 21 minutes of tolerating this silliness is a clear indication of everything they have said & predicted is true! Run, run very fast for your life! The end is nigh! But there's nowhere to hide is there?

      Oh well, if you happen to be on the west coast of Canada on the 22nd, I'll meet you for coffee. I can't afford a full breakfast because I've spent everything on survival equipment & isolated under ground accommodations but I'll pay for the coffee. Ha!Ha! Cheers & I'll see you all in the next world.

    3. I might want to be riding all the way to the coast for a coffee but a La Fin Du Monde beer (from Quebec) would be more appropriate and enticing.
      But i can't, i am working that day, making fresh pasta, bread and desserts...nothing i like more than having my hands in flour for money.
      Still i like the thought of:
      What would you do with the rest of the week IF the world was really to end on the 21st?
      6 days for fixing your life until it ends.
      Quite the feat, or defeat?

    4. Beer sounds better to me too. I've honestly never made it over to Quebec. Perhaps someday after the world ends?... as far as fixing my life? Sadly I will admit that 6 days is not nearly enough time to fix even the the smallest of the broken things in this man's life.
      Perhaps it would be an inspiring thought if not so overwhelming.
      I trust you will enjoy some of your holiday baking & not just other people. Cheers.

    5. ZOMG!!! the world better NOT end on the 21st...my vacation starts!!!

      The beer sounds interesting, though =D mmmmm. I've recently discovered that ale and beer do not trigger my wine allergies. (Lol, go figure!) I never cared for them in younger days but I've grown strangely fond of dark ales. Chimay is a current favorite along with Delirium Nocturnum. They're a bit pricey, but I rarely finish even a small bottle, so good for an occasional treat.

    6. The world ending could be the longest vacation you've ever taken. lol
      My favorite Belgium beer is Blanche de Bruges, very refreshing on a hot summer day.

    7. Ha ha! Well It's half-way through the 21st and I'm still here, so assuming tomorrow follows as it should, I will see if my favorite beverage store has that Blanche de Bruges you mention. Thanks for the recommendation!

    8. Also very recommendable: Blanche de Namur
      Have a nice time and a happy new year, age, era, or whatever, everyone.
      Cheers : )

    9. All the wheat beers are good, Quebec has one called Blanche de Chambly....actually when you live in Quebec there is no reason to buy foreign beers...we make just as good!

    10. oQ...Now that I got you alone, have a happy holiday and a great new year!

    11. you always got me alone...been alone for over two years...no joke...such a waste of beauty...hahahaha
      Happy Holiday to you, mine starts right now...no work until the 2nd, the restaurant is closed....and many more happy years ahead.

    12. It's the Season for Unibroue's Quelque Chose now! (I keep seeing your references to Quebec beer, and Unibroue is just Lovely, and I don't even like beer.) Enjoy the Solstice. I enjoy your comments~*

  48. This is probably the one issue in existence that the media DOESN'T have a fear agenda about. How can the media have a fear agenda about something that it dismisses as ludicrous?

    The only people who subscribe to this theory are those who wish to avoid buying Christmas presents this year.

    My prediction: A bunch of 2012 conspiracy theorists will be frantically shopping for presents on December 22, 2012.

    1. Best comment thus far! I'm definitely staying out of the malls when they come through shopping for leftovers! lol

  49. Coming Soon: "Surviving the 2012 PTSD Depression." ...Funding? ...Anyone?
    Didn't think so.

  50. "Dec 21, 2012 is on everyone’s mind."

    Actually I hadn't thought about it until I saw this, at least not since the whole 2012 craze back before summer. I can't believe ppl buy this gibberish, even the present day Mayans themselves have said it is b.s. and does not represent the beliefs held by their ancestors or themselves.

  51. "the most anticipated date in history" Jesus Christ on a bike!!!!! what a pile of shite!!!! i seem to recall some 13 years ago same time of year and a cretin date being treated with a smidgeon more anticipation , we didn't have planes falling from the sky, no toasters clasping the hands of unsuspecting toast lovers on new years day and incinerating them, the tv remotes did not rise up and enslave the hungover!!!!!! common people lets chill out and have some fun...it is afterall the festive season!!!

  52. you can't just say "Now that the sun's are moving closer together our level of consciousness will increase" without even making an attempt to make the connection as to how. what a load of crap. I want my 35 minutes back (couldn't go beyond that, seriously.)

    1. @ Algonquin lol very good. Terms & Conditions clearly state time wasted on this programme is not refundable.

  53. Look at that face...that implausible lack of credibility...Making a judgement here, I know, but that expression suggests a change of stance from "end of the world" to "period of great transition" not too long ago - aka job investment preservation.

    Either way, I haven't got 1hr 45min spare to watch a programme about 21st December that's right around the corner. Not because the world is about to flip over, but because it isn't.

  54. under stupidity...

  55. this flic shoud've been added next saturday (22nd) under comedy.

    1. Wow, next saturday is the 22nd already? Holy crap! I've got a lot to do then between now & next friday which would be the 21st!

      ... Pretty sure people will be dropping by over the holidays so I better get my place cleaned up. Thanks for the reminder of the date.

      Merry christmas, happy holidays & all that. Oh yeah, & happy new year!

  56. Yo new agers dream on to wake up hell ! Wonder what all those guys are high on!?

  57. "Guru documentary" nice thoughts though. But lots of opinions and points of view abut very little content and a lot of it completely made up based of folklore, old stories, imagination, hopes and wishes .... positive vibe is awesome & necessary; but please this is nothing more than an essay. A more or less philosophical talking about nothing, just a grouping of different "stories", claims and "experts"; kind of like when we meet up with our friends, smoke pot & do mushies and have all kinds deep & profound conversations & thoughts lost among the tons of bulls*it :)

    Really nice music though :)

    1. Love is the prescription to heal negativity