December 21 2012: The End Of The World

December 21 2012: The End Of The World

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2012 - The End Of The WorldSince the beginning of recorded time, people have been thinking about the end of the world and making predictions about how and when it might happen. According to a 2007 article in The New York Times: "Gnostics predicted the imminent arrival of God’s kingdom as early as the first century." The Shakers thought the world would be over in 1792, while the Jehovah’s Witnesses pegged various years between 1914 and 1994 as an end date.

More recently, some doomsday forecasters have focused on the year 2012. Citing the conclusion of a lengthy cycle in the ancient Mayan calendar, certain theorists anticipate the end of life as we know it on December 21, 2012. These theorists believe that on December 21, 2012, the Earth will experience unprecedented, cataclysmic disasters ranging from massive earthquakes and tsunamis to nuclear reactor meltdowns. In order to prepare for these events, some proponents of the 2012 prophecy have already begun stocking up on survival supplies.

The planet’s major religions each have their own beliefs about the end of the world, the triumph of good over evil and Judgment Day. In Christianity, the Book of Revelation, the last chapter of the Bible’s New Testament, mentions Armageddon, the final battle on Earth between the forces of God and Satan. The word Armageddon is thought to come from the Hebrew for "mount of Megiddo."

Located in present-day Israel, Megiddo, an ancient, strategically positioned city, was the site of a number of battles. Some Christians interpret the Book of Revelation as a roadmap that lays out exactly how the world will end. They contend that Judgment Day will take place on Armageddon and Jesus will save the true believers, while non-believers left behind will face enormous suffering.

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  1. Well, this aged like milk

  2. the calendar was changed by 8 years far after this prophecy. The actual date is Dec.21.2020 with the Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius. Expect a solar flare or something cataclysmic. Geomagnetic storms already happening

    1. Yep bang on there. Even with your comment you still get some muppet who knows more above with the wise cracks.

  3. That's interesting many cultures call themselves predicting the end of the world

  4. 2014 - still here. enjoying the lulz. bitching at the governmnet

  5. wait a second? the world ended? i really need to get out more.

  6. Yes but 7f you look further into this there is more than meets the eye

  7. Hello topdoc, it's 3/9/2013 and I'm feelin' fine. :) ... Though Dec. 21 2012 WAS the procession of the equinoxes which is noteworthy. Welcome to the age of aquarius.

  8. no reason to watch this now

  9. is this the full movie?

  10. why did it not happen

  11. like this, if your watching this video on the 22/12/12

  12. DIOS - GOD on Facebook.

    To create or get more wisdom, knowledge, and inteligence about GOD.

    1. Oh, you read the holy quran too?

  13. Whoever made such a prediction is a false prophet!

    Lord Jesus had said very plainly that no one (yes, no one), not even Himself knows the exact day of the end of the world, except the Heavenly Father.

    The false prophet just hopes for his luck, wanting to be better than the Lord.

    The alignment of the Sun and the Earth may cause some natural disasters (or may not), but for certain it's not going to be the end of the world, although what's happening now around the world is a sign that the end of the world is drawing nearer.

    1. Umm, isn't Jesus and God the same people, yet in 3 different beings? So much for religion.

    2. The alignment of sense and reason will hopefully one day spell the doom of all your asserted prophets, false and/or 'real/true', along with your 'scriptures', to the library sections it belongs in, Fiction/History. :)

  14. In a few words this reminding anyone of the panic of Y2K? Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm....

  15. just to be safe you can all send your cash to my paypal account. I can use it to pay off my Christmas bills since I'll still be here at the end of the month,

  16. The myans believed in human sacrifice there was a drout and they where dieing of thirst and hunger.So they sacrificed hundreds to their god for rain. then they would dump the corpses in the only fresh water supply they had contaminateing it undrinkable.They dont sound verry intelligent to me i know i wouldnt trust any thing they

  17. December 21, 2012, the end of the world? or...
    Sorry to disappoint you, but the event is cancelled.
    December 21, 2012 marks the beginning of a new era.
    There will be changes, climatic as well as social, all positive transformations. As it always was and always will be.
    (no e-mails please...moderator)

  18. i don't care if the world ends we all die anyway but GOD bless everybody

  19. there is no god...god is just something man came up with to controle the population...FEAR and intimidation from a figure who if you dont step in line he will punish you..

  20. god is good and people r crazy but the world will not end i think is all BULLS****

  21. One day, this world will destroy you know.. bt, thats nt in 21st dec. 21st dec some thing will happen. but, thats nt the end of this world. that day only know our almighty God of Jesus Christ.. please belive him. he'll protect u & ur soul from any disaster especially from hell.. today is ur time to choose true God,otherwise no one protect u from any thing.

    1. u r absolutly right God and jesus christ will protect u and me and whole world. although i m a muslim who also belive that They will protect us from all the disaster so dont worry, world is not going to end now but letter it will end but God want u to be strong beliver of him and jesus christ.....

    2. ok, then. lets pretend that science is right. life has exsisted on earth, in one form or another, for 1 to 1.5 billion years. god creates life, therefor god is life. right? over the past 1.5 billion years life has gone through no less than 7 extinction events. god doesn't protect anyone or anything from disaster. god just bides his time before he starts over. and when i say 'HE, or GOD' i'm talking about the universe.

  22. no end for world

  23. Who is coming to Mount Megiddo on 21 December?

  24. no one knows what's going 2 happen in 12/21/12 only god

  25. Beginning missing, no end due to copyright infringement pull and overlapping edits and out of sync audio make this one to miss. Don't waste your time. Unless a better copy is found and linked I urge you to take this off the documentary list.

  26. Mohan Murali Prakash Accroding to your Documentaries and synoptic studies, theologicaly good and interpretation about mayan, I ching, Holy Bible, all the prophecys. one are other macth found , So there is some thing big Disasters may takes place, in our own Planet Earth.

  27. Where does The Bible, the Angels, Jesus Christ, Mohammed,and all the rest of these Messiahs come into the picture? The vaporization of the Planet
    will not select ethnic groups to save for seed!

  28. orite i gotta say this the chinese coin and the lines ??? omg wtf lmfao

  29. What these so called theroists are NOT telling everyone is the Bible CLEARLY states many x that NO MAN, NOT EVEN THE SON OF MAN knows when He will return. If you will read the word of God and study His word, you will know that all Dec 21 means, is that it's 4 days before Christmas!!! That's it, nothing more. Now if this theories are bringing more people to the Lord out of fear, then I say go ahead. Make or let people believe it, then go for it. It's not important HOW people or WHY people accept Jesus in their heart, all that's important is that they got to that point. Just study the word people and the truth will be found in it's pages!!! God bless us all!!

    1. Amen my friend you hit the nail on the head. Any predicted dates are for sure ones that will be wrong.

    2. i completely agree. the only thing i thought about was what if this 2012 stuff is true with great destruction? God can come back before then and that could start the tribulation period. either way it go, i wanna be right with God! pray for me

    3. I love how you are shoving your religious views down people's necks. Let me put it this way... Have you ever, and really mean ever seen God or Jesus in real life. Have they popped down from the clouds and said, "hey guys we are real, believe in us" No you have not because they do not exist. Now if you want to believe in that then go for it. Me personally I do not because I am not s*upid nor am I afraid of death. Did you know that the more religious a person is, the more afraid of death they are? You want something to believe in because you are scared that when you die nothing will happen and you will blink from the world. Let me tell you something else, the brain is energy and energy can not die, so something will happen but NO ONE knows what, now maybe you are right and when I die I will in front of God him self and he will say you are going to hell for not believing in me. You know what my response to that will be... Why the **** did you not come and say hi to us all and tell us, or maybe you will just become a ghost and wonder the earth for ever, personally I think that will be more fun. Plus I will get to see the look on all you religious people and say told you so. Sorry I went on a little but the moral of the story is... Don't force your views onto someone else. Let people make there own mind up... Like I did and I'm an atheist.

    4. Christ is God, who created the entire universe, and personally came to earth as a human being to teach about Himself, as well as to provide the ultimate sacrifice for sins. if u wanna believe the Bible then that is proof enough for most people that God has walked the earth. Then U can not blame God for not trying either!! SO the problem is in us right! LOL this should say more about us human beings then God why should he even try convince us today? he already did then. Jesus existed and people saw him thousand of years ago but if he were God or not that is for you to decide! there are different ways to see god like some see God through they're prayers, or from the design of the universe. Big Bang is were the universe began to exist 13.7 billion years ago. Since all things that begin to exist must have a cause, this means that the universe has a cause. So the observational evidence leans towards God.

      "No you have not because they do not exist" U can not really prove directly that god exist or not so u understand it makes little sense to say that because. A skeptic or atheist is governed by two main principles: 1) all beliefs must be supported by observational evidence, and 2) beliefs that contradict observational evidence cannot be tolerated. So despite the lack of observational evidence for a naturalistic cause for the universe, the strong atheist believes that the universe has a naturalistic cause and that there is no god, contradicting the tenet that all beliefs should be based upon observational evidence. So, any atheist who denies the possible existence of God violates his own worldview:D.
      Christianity is a simple worldview that explain why we are here and why universe exist why is it so hard to believe a God did it? naturalism does not work for me;D .
      I was an atheist before but now i believe in God because there is NO doupt in my mind anymore and i did feared death more when i was atheist then now, so the fear does not have to come with the worldview i guess.

    5. not really expecting you to care, but to answer your question anyway. Jesus does not come down and prove his existence because, in a sense, that would eliminate our free will. Just as you don't want others to force their religion on you, He doesn't want to force himself on you either. The loving relationship Jesus wants us to have with him involves us having faith in him even though their is no physical proof (though I disagree with that, that's a different argument altogether). Lastly as a christian myself, I don't believe what I believe because I'm afraid to die. I believe because jesus revealed himself to me and i feel his indescribable love is so overwhelming that my life is the least that I owe him. He's changed my life forever here, and in the hereafter.

    6. so if i dot believe in JESUS but am a good person follow the golden rule witch brings all ten commandments into play DO ONTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE DONE ONTO YOURSELF im i still going to hell?

    7. not really expecting you to help a agnostic but hey never know may get a real response

    8. im more agnostic then atheist because im not sure what exists or not but Make1up09 does have it right plane and simple my throat is for food not for your views to be rammed down

  30. If the Mayans were uber pro's at predicting anything they would still be here, survival would be the nature of forseeing future events would it not?


    1. They left earth? :D

  31. Ignorants, Why when talking about the Mayan Calendar you show the Aztec calendarthat has nothing to do with it

  32. the end of the world as we know is not necessarily the world's end as a whole it's just a time of change

  33. what is all this moaning about it may happen who really cares and if it does so what

  34. why if you refer to the Mayan prophesies, you show the Aztec calendar, which has nothing to do with the Mayas???, Is it ignorance??

  35. These are the "End of End days"

  36. somebody calling somebody having an unevolved brain just may have an unevolved brain themselves

  37. "The end of the world" is misunderstood by many on this site as well as the makers of this doc. The "world" is not a reference to all the buildings, roads and physical infrastructure; it is a reference to the way we think. The "end of the world" is a reference to an end of the way we think, to be replaced with a new way. This will involve our convicting consciences restraining our fear-generating intellectual reasoning. This will replace our fear-generating intellectual reasoning restraining (or choking) our convicting consciences.
    This is an evolutionary process of natural selection, and it is entirely causation-driven. It is understood that organisms develope characteristics necessary for their survival. This change is necessary for our survival. The situation we have now is the result of our nature. This nature was necessary to our survival three million years ago on the African savanah. But it is now obsolete. We are going to change because we have no choice.

    1. No one has predicted what people will have in mind thousands of years in the future, and therefor cant and would not do so either. The mayans knew the way of the universe, according to the artifacts, so "world" to them would be the actual world. Evolution is a theory and technically cant be used in arguments. And that about choice, we do have choice. We have brains so that we can decide for ourselves and make choices.

    2. Thank you for your comment.
      Yes. Based on what you know and if what you know is all that can be known, then nobody can predict the future. But if there are things that we don't know then predicting the future remains a possibility. it is a fact that the universe is in a continuous state of "evolution". This is a continuous state of change and it is entirely causation driven. This means that the future is a established fact in the present at any point in time. If what we are seeing around us is a release of information through linear time to our kind of consciousness and another exists at a single point of perspective out side linear time engaging the same information simultainously, Then it may be possible to access this "compressed information" through our subconscious mind. If all our subconscious minds are functioning parts of this single point of perspective consciousness, they may be converting this compressed information into motivating feelings to be engaged by our kind of consciousness in linear time. This could allow a person to access information, the established future fact of which had not yet manifested at our place in linear time. The future fact of any development is established by the unfailing effect of causation on the expanding singularity (the big bang). Since our kind of consciousness processes information very slowly through linear time and cannot engage relating information in a simultaineous form, this would have to be converted into a form to be engaged by our kind of consciousness through linear time. This may be what we call "feelings". This would not so much be predicting the future as accessing the causation-driven enivitability of an event that had not yet manifested to our conscious minds at our point in linear time.
      Anything that happens, does so because it has no choice. It is driven before our consciousness by "causation" Even our "perceptions" to the contrary. It would be interesting to hear anyone provide an example of a "free will" choice or thought that is NOT causation-driven.
      For us to say that the future cannot be foreseen would be to say we know all there is to know. And what we know presently is a tiny slice of all the expanding singularity has to tell us.

  38. there is no end in 2012
    even if there is we cannot ever predict it cuz god can change that day...simply

  39. This is some ignorant logic. These old ass men are trying to tell me that some guy graphed coins or whatever you want to call them, and CONVENIENTLY matched it up with the supposed end of the world? Yeah...I don't by that.

  40. All religiousnon-religious ideologies set aside... it is pretty ridicules to assume that the world is going to actually end. Even if we were to die of due to some catastrophic event such as a Giant Volcano/Mass Destruction/Second Coming (Giggity)/etc, the WORLD will not end, just Humans as as species. Just because all the dinosaurs died off doesn't mean that the world ended. It kept on spinning and new life developed through evolution, or was put here by intelligent design, whatever you want to believe.

    Anyways, the point I'm failing to get at is that people need to stop spending their whole lives worrying about something can't be controlled and start enjoying the time that they do have left on this planet.

    Well there's my thoughts, thanks for your time, now I'm off to watch more documentaries.

  41. When the Mayan calender was written, us westerners were using the Julianos calender, we're now using the Gregorian, might not seem very important but the Greogorian calender doesn't include leap years so for the past 500 or soi years we've been counting an extra day, at least from the Mayan's perspective which actually means that we missed the Mayan apocalypse by around 20 years.

  42. Well the end of days is coming, It's happeing and I'm going.Will you come to this event?

  43. Just as the calendar you have on your kitchen wall does not cease to exist after December 31, the Mayan calendar does not cease to exist on December 21, 2012. This date is the end of the Mayan long-count period but then -- just as your calendar begins again on January 1 -- another long-count period begins for the Mayan calendar.
    Remember the Y2K scare? It came and went without much of a whimper because of adequate planning and analysis of the situation. Impressive movie special effects aside, Dec. 21, 2012, won't be the end of the world as we know. It will, however, be another winter solstice.

    1. thank you. somebody finally gets it.
      an end to dooms-day porn, being smitten by God, etc;
      Brace for it people -- there's no getting out of paying the post-Christmas bills this year, ok?

    2. You stole this AND the comment before this one, right from another website... word for word... I just read it a few minutes ago... it's good, no doubt, and I believe the same way, but none the less, I felt the need to call you out on this ill planned plagiarism..... you aren't the only person to have bumbled across the article that this comment/interpretation originated from, ya know.... Next time, you could put quotations around your statement, and possibly even consider giving credit where credit is due... Or, consider using your own words to best describe your personal views, thought process, and interpretation of events in the future .... I haven't made a single comment, regarding anyone's opinion, on this entire thread, but yours, presented a need for response.... It really isn't cool to jack people's S*** dude....

  44. Nothing bad will happen to the Earth in 2012. Our planet has been getting along just fine for more than 4 billion years, and credible scientists worldwide know of no threat associated with 2012.

    1. oh thanks that's a great worry solved ha ha i suppose suns don't go super nova in your brain and who do you say credible scientists worldwide is that a joke........ you have clearly been brainwashed go back to slumber with your unevolving brain.

  45. could this be a fear campaign?

  46. this calender??all it is the end of a cycle,new begins why dont dummies read,reasearch??why?cause there dummies

  47. History Channel's Ancient Aliens is also one of the great documentaries I've seen.

  48. end of the world

  49. just imagine the big "baby boom" that will occur when the world doesnt end...

    1. that's worse

  50. stevenlim

    i dont like jesus
    to come back on dec 21 201

  51. hey emma
    since world ends dec 21 2012
    do i still have to buy you a chrismas present?
    perhaps a bible

  52. 12-21-2012 means the end of the mayan calendar no the end of the world when somebody dies its the end their world

    1. exactly people dont know,that this calender has ended numerous times,people are dont know just to ridiculous,they belive a calender and have faith in it,or nostradamus,or santa but the lord Jesus?people make me wanna vommit,but time comes?it will be to late,remember?eternity is forever!!!

  53. Who said the world will end in 2012 , as when it passes I want to be able to beat that person senseless....

  54. i was saveing up this year to go traverling next, shall i just go on the piss insted, or wat.? lol

  55. lol I only got a few seconds in... 'doomsday is prophesied in the I-Ching' err I can assure you it's not. It is called the oracle because you ask it questions, it makes no statements. Oracle is misleading a rather better translation would be 'mirror' as the 'answers' are not actually answers but 64 brief paragraphs carefully designed to make you realise the answer is in your own mind while at the same time giving good advice. (like don't act hastily, be honest, etc.)

    Anyway after such a careless lie I cannot be bothered to watch the rest of this fiction.

  56. So if evolution is real then why instead of evolving we seem to have devolved?
    Why did all the Mayans have mathematical knowledge that we are barely figuring out.

  57. 2009 Prediction web bot! Didnt happen!

  58. Father, forgive them; For they know not what they do

    1. Amen

    2. lol go bow to a supernatural all powerfull being who if he existed would be the biggest mass murderor in time.

    3. you're all bible bashing idiots!!

    4. Because it's a fairy tale?

  59. The web-bot business seems a trifle unscientific to put it mildly although the black hole alignment is true up to a point. The new age and new great age may begin sometime thereafter because the exact centre of the galaxy was then as now an approximation- because relative distances are so huge and there are enormous time differences in data garnered from various places in the galaxy. Not touched on but perhaps relevant to the web-bot topic is that there would appear to be a cabal accross the Atlantic that is able to fix government policies with the purpose bof fulfilling the Revelations by foreign policy, perhaps in the belief that when they **** it up Jesus will un**** it up some how. With all that in mind I think my family will be stocking up on dry and tinned food, medicines, baccy, weed, seed and printed words. Consider also that a great big black-op terror attack on the Olympic stadium in London would satisfy the 20,000 corpse prediction and would be exactly the sort of event to give the military elites reason to take charge of things.

  60. If it wasnt spam i'd say that twsinger has the right idea. As for all you believers I guess i'm going to suffer and rot in hell since I don't believe in the Bi(ble)ography. I say this with all the respect in the world I just don't understand having not read the book, how are there so many Jesus quotes? I was raised to believe in what I choose to believe in so I do certainly look up to a higher power. While I do though I just feel like organized religion is a form of division among all the people on the earth. I know most of it is supportive, positive, and healthy but with this comes a ton of negative ideas as well. Despite not believing I do plan on reading it one day because hey, many millions of people think its not only a good book but the best book. I say this with all seriousness but yeah if anyone can explain shortly I would appreciate it. I just don't see how people quote the words of their lord when it wasn't a plan for people to start writing about him. I hope you understand where i'm coming from. The one prophecy that makes the most sense to me is that of the Hopi Natives, definitely one worth checking out. (the world wont end next year, and don't worry it's a good thing)

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  62. my understanding is that 21.12.12 is the end of the "age" not end of the world.
    Astronomically were in the age of pices and will be moving into the "age" of aquarius

  63. Who is the director of this documentary?

  64. Web box fail: 2008 - 2009 mild nuclear war didn't happen.

    1999 Y2K fail: Jan 1st 2000 nothing happened.

    Sibylline Oracle fail: the original texts were burned, today's existing Sibylline books are forgeries with "predictions" that were written in 2nd to 6th century C.E. about events that were ALREADY history at the time of writing.

    Pole shift fail: The poles have already started shifting, beginning 400 years ago in the Southern Hemisphere near South America, and continuing even now. The process takes 1000 to 10,000 years to complete. Earth has shifted poles hundreds of times during it's lifetime.

    i-Ching Terrence McKenna fail: i-Ching actually never mentions any dooms day scenario. But Terrence McKenna and his computer program while high on mushrooms apparently predicted the world will end on November 2012. When he heard about the Mayans, he decided it would be funny to bump the date to match the Mayans Dec 12th 2012. Sounds like an honest prophet right there!

  65. And even if the world does end, so what? We'd all go together, and there'd be no one left behind to regret it. Just life your life and take each day as it comes, and more importantly, ENJOY your life! You won't even have time to worry if it DOES happen!!!...

  66. Highly entertaining, but that's all it is- entertainment. They make it sound so convincing, as if it really and truly is scientific fact, and yet how many other times in history have people said the world would end, and nothing of the sort happened? Remember the Millennium, when people said all the world's computers would crash and planes would fall from the sky- did anything like that happen? And I don't know if anyone remembers those Bible Code books, by Michael Drosnin, that said they could prove, by scientific as well as religious fact, that the world would end in 2006, and they made it sound so convincing... Five years later and we're still here- am I surprised? And only last May, that religious leader Harold (can't remember his last name) swearing the world would end on the 21st- again it never happened. Who bets that on December 22 next year, when everyone realises we're still here and nothing out of the ordinary has happened, they'll just set another date for sometime in the future- 2018 maybe, or 2050, or 2100? You just gotta laugh...

  67. Just ludicrous to think any civilzation could predict the end of the world. Only God knows if/when/how the end will come. Everyone who thinks the world will end in December 2012 should just will me all their worldly possessions now, I am confident I will still be around to enjoy them.

    1. just ludicrous to think god would have anything to do with this. We were put here by aliens. They have all the answers.

    2. your a tard dude even if it was "god " that ends the world we rnt fu*#in blind we will see it coming far ahead of time...and anyway there is no god...i no i no you feel like chrismas when u were ten all over again...he just isnt real bud

    3. You're not only ignorant but also really terrible at spelling. This is pretty much what you are saying "God doesn't exist just because". K.
      I still can't get over how terrible your grammar is.

  68. The magnetic poles have shifted 5 times in the life of the world the worst damage is by solar radiation as the magnetic field around the earth weakens in preparation for the shift . They said that the earth and sun line up with the center of the milky way every 25,800 years and the world did not end 25,800 years ago so why would now be different?

    1. by the world ending ppl normally mean our civilization dwindling down to a thousand or so ppl not that the actual planet will be gone

    2. Lol loving what you have to say. I don't think the world would literally go poof but if a dam 10.0 quake hits which would be up to like a thousands times stronger than anything humans have experienced i dont see how we would survive that. Thinking harder though there is one pretty good way- get off the ground!

  69. biggest load of crap i ever heard.listen folks get on with your life.they've been predicting the end of time since the beginning of time. so enjoy your life and dont believe this crap.the earth will continue to survive until the sun burns itself out,which will take about a million years to happen.remember they told the end of the world was the year 2000 and what happened,thats right NOTHING.take programs like this as light hearted entertainment because thats ALL they are.

    1. hahaha wow your whole statment is full of flaws...first off the sun still has billions of years not a million second noone said the world would end in 2000 the issue then was that computers would crash because they would reset to 1900 instead of rolling to 2000 because they werent programmed to thus causing programs to think they werent even written to the hard drive yet and causing a that said laugh away but just remember the naive man has laughed at the genius all through history but in the end though it was a futile effort the genius still tried to open the eyes of the naive man...things are never just as they seem and something is definately happening around us..just look

  70. biggest load of crap i ever heard.listen folks,get on with your life.they've been tryin to predict the end of time since the beginning of time and its all LIES and CRAP so bit of advice enjoy your life,the world wont end for about another million years when the sun burns itself out.programs like this should be taken as entertainment because thats what they are ENTERTAINMENT ie not to be taken seriously.

  71. I M from India

  72. This is the possible or not plzz tell me

  73. believing that we are living in the end times is such an easy way out. After all why should we do anything about social justice, environmental degradation or even our own health if it is all about to burn. So long it's been good to know ya!

  74. "We should see a nuclear war in the 2008-2009 timeframe"????

    Douchebag.. I dont remember a nuclear war happening (around 4:24, part 1).

    BTW I used to believe in the whole 2012 thing, then I did a bit of research into the Mayan language (or the little bits that we think we understand) and the calendar does not actually END in 2012! It is the end of what the Mayan called a b'ak'tun. The calendar does not just stop on that day for some unknown reason, the calendar keeps on going to the 14th b'ak'tun. Contrary to popular belief, the Mayans wrote nothing about the world ending.

    Don't get me wrong, the Mayans were very advanced in terms of mathematics, astronomy, art, etc.. I have a high level of respect for them. But please, do a bit of research before you buy into this crap. The History Channel has a bad track record of spewing a lot of psuedoscience recently.

  75. "THEY" say "it's almost here,' because THEY have their finger on the button. And then claim it's because of crap written years ago. Then say, "see, it says so in the Bible. It's not the "end. " It is THE BEGINNING.

  76. I am curious as to how this whole thing is going to turn out. Imagine next year as we get closer to the date.
    Something did happen in 2000 (or 1999), remember the millions spent by companies to prevent the crash of their computer system, a crash that would never have happened? The millions(possibly) spent on stocking food and water, spent on building shelters, spent on securing oneself in case of an energy cut out, spent on whatever one thought one couldn't do without?
    A possible scary outcome sending people to Wall Mart and Home Depot.

  77. Right. The Mayans could predict the end of the world fifteen centuries later, but not their own conquest by the Spanish, their eventual demise and the end of their civilization within a mere hundred years.

    1. Did you actaully watch the documentary or have any prior knowledge of Mayan predictions? They DID foresee Spanish Conquistadors coming to their land.

    2. actually mayans gave descriptions of foreign invaders with pointy beards golden chest plates and head wear riding tamed beasts 200 yrs before they arrived. They even, supposedly, accurately predicted the exact date of they arrival.

  78. The end of the world... Ok we should get our heads out of our arses first of all and get outside and appreciate the leaves and such (doesn't matter if its true or not, we should all just allow our limited day to day consciousness to dissolve in into the soil... remember your roots (and i don't mean which neighborhood you grow up in or what ever!!!) Music is the healer.

  79. Only the Lord knows when the world will end so you better get your soul right.

    1. which lord is that christ? allah? eli? yhwh? jehovah? buddha? mars? loki or osiris? so many to choose from which one will help me ''get my soul right''

    2. Cthulhu...always Cthulhu

  80. when was this documentary made?

  81. I will still be here on 12-22-2012....nothing will happen....

  82. scary stuff...if this is true, then i will do my best to have my family around me on that day so we all go down together

  83. LOL... Being rational and somewhat informed, I don't think 12/21/2012 will be any different than any other day. But secretely I hope that the aliens come down on that day and slap the s*** out of the human corporatists that have hijacked the world.

    1. I am going to prepare seriously for Dec/21/2012. I intend to lay in a good supply of Egg Nogg and rum and celebrate the Holidays just like every other year.

    2. I don't know you but I like the way you think!Kudos to

    3. There needs to be a whole lotta slappin' goin on! I'm with you!

    4. Yes, it's funny to hear someone naming the exact day the world will end! I always want to ask for more details: what hour/minute/second, and if it starts simultaneously in all parts of the world or will have an epicenter. :)

    5. I would bet on: Hour:Min:Sec 21:12:12 :)

  84. The History Channel should be ashamed to air such garbage.
    Utter B/S and conjecture just to scare the uninformed.

    1. They just ran out of topics - most historical events have been already covered a number of times by different channels. ;)

  85. I can't wait for everyone can stop talking about how it's the end of the world...just like when it was suppose to end in the year 2000

  86. I can hardly wait.

  87. how can they predict 2012 when the calaender starts after the death of jesus and some of these groups were befor the calander we use dint exist yet.

    1. simple !you are looking at the wrong bleaming calender !

    2. Not a very intelligent question, but still deserves an answer. Maya did not say "2012", but used their own Mayan calender, whose precise dates we simply converted to Gregorian Calender to give the date of 21st Dec 2012.

    3. that mahes better sence

    4. tbw, the Gregorian calender we use counts from the BIRTH of Jesus. ;)

      Calenders are a tricky sunject. A number of countries these days still use their own calenders, and all dates named in all historical documents always refer to a certain number of years from some past event.

      We are living in very comfortable times, when an enormous amount of mankind's knowledge has been already systemized, made simple to learn and understand, everything has been set up for all of us to be supreme and dominant beings on this planet from the moment we are born. I'm SO glad I wasn't born in the Middle Ages, where I'd have to fight for survival and piece of bread, and when a person's life wasn't worth much.

  88. The sheer ignorance of this world will be the end of it all,being in 2012 or 2222. We are self destructive, greedy and prefer to turn blind eye on mother nature just as long we are making a profit. But in the end it all ends to start a new beginning a fresh cycle of life with or without humanity.

    We are just visitors here that seem to have forgotten the rules of mother nature and got way to big for own shoes. A natural disaster as the quake and tsunami in Japan just shows how insignificant and hopeless we are even in a developed country as such, the sad thing about it was that all every one was talking about is how many trillion will all the damage cost and not how all the people that lost everything would be helped .

    The Japanese goverement has been anything but truth full about the whole nuclear plant situation and how much effect will it have on its own people not to talk about their neighbouring countries.

    The way this world has been rolling down hill for the last thirty years its like a wooden cart with no breaks and every time we try and stop it ,the soles of our shoes get burned out little by little and when the day comes and we realise that we have no soles on our shoes no more to stop it will be to late anyway.

    Oh, it's a mystery to me
    We have a greed with which we have agreed
    And you think you have to want more than you need
    Until you have it all you won't be free

    Society, you're a crazy breed
    Hope you're not lonely without me...

    When you want more than you have
    You think you need...
    And when you think more than you want
    Your thoughts begin to bleed
    I think I need to find a bigger place
    Because when you have more than you think
    You need more space

    Society, you're a crazy breed
    Hope you're not lonely without me...
    Society, crazy indeed
    Hope you're not lonely without me...

    There's those thinking, more-or-less, less is more
    But if less is more, how you keeping score?
    Means for every point you make, your level drops
    Kinda like you're starting from the top
    You can't do that...

    Society, you're a crazy breed
    Hope you're not lonely without me...
    Society, crazy indeed
    Hope you're not lonely without me...

    Society, have mercy on me
    Hope you're not angry if I disagree...
    Society, crazy indeed
    Hope you're not lonely without me...

    1. I love the fact that you people have already invented a second back-up date (2222) for when the first one turns out to be false. Something to keep feeding from, eh?

    2. i am officially upping the date to 09/02/2012
      you all got less that 10 hours to live

    3. @john kay:

      Don't say that, sounds like the movie, "the RING." lol

  89. I just Love how arrogant man is, reading many of the post comments on this is just ironic, so many many people that do think the world will last for ever.
    Everything that has a begening has and end thats a vital law of the universe which nothing escapes. Just remember all the great empires of the past, they all thought they would live for ever that nothing could destroy them and yet they were. There is scientific evidence that the world has been dramatically changed by disasters before, whos to say it will not happen again. weather in 2012 or generations after, it will happen again is just matter of time.

    P.S. for the idiot who posted " If the Mayan are so great why did they lose to Spain." the mayan empire was not destroyed by the spanish it was abandoned because of a lack of water and outbreak of epidemics, you are thinking of the aztecs. The mayan are among the most respected of the encients for their understanding of the universe there are things we know now thanks only to them. all the more impresive when you consider they had no computers or any of our mothern tech.
    Learn to respect that sort achivement and the encients you would no be here if it wasent for them.

  90. If this where to occur, I hope humanity ends. Not the world, just Humanity. The degenerative condition of this world.

    Animals and species would flourish once we were wiped out. It would be a benefit to all the destruction and demise we've created for our neighboring species.

    1. I encourage you to lead the way. Lead by example.

    2. You are one of many poor duped souls. Humanity is beautiful in its truest sense, and is the pinnacle of everything nature has evolved to become. Just because a very small group of corrupt "people" (if they even deserve to be called people) govern/dictate the globe with corporate interests that are destroying our planet unnecessarily; that does not mean that the rest of mankind, most of which is loving, caring, and kind at the deepest level, needs to hope for their own demise!

      You need to realize that 98 percent of the world are the victims of the political and corporate interests of 2%.In fact we have been so victimized, our planet so damaged, and our sense of power diminished so greatly that we are now resorting to wishing death on our own species. You are not the first person I have seen that has said this, and it is truly sad that people think like this.

      There are completely safe alternatives for all of the destructive processes on the planet. Watch the documentary "Hemp Revolution" on here. We are not the degenerative condition of this world, we are supposed to be the protectors and shepherds of this world, guiding it into new eras and overseeing life on it, ensuring that it thrives and maintaining health and balance in all species. Instead we have become "consumers", consuming all that is spoonfed to us by that 2% of corporate and political tyrants.

      The world is not overpopulated, it is mismanaged and drained because of the unnecessary use of petrochemicals and other natural resources that could be replaced by renewable alternative energy. 90% of the world's population lives within 100 miles of a coastline. Take a trip to the country and look around. Plenty of land.. but sadly the U.S. govt owns more than 60% of the land in the continental U.S... some for industrial agriculture, much of it considered federal "nature reserves" or "state parks".

      Mathematically speaking there is enough land in the world for 14 billion people to live comfortably and every man woman and child would have at least an acre of farmland for themselves... and that is without advanced vertical expansion techniques (i.e. - skyscrapers); which could allow earth to hold more than 50 billion people comfortably - not that natural death/birth ratios would allow that to happen. We have evidence of humans being on this earth for MILLIONS of years; never had a population problem. Yet, in the era of birth control, abortion, and record infertility we suddenly have this alleged population crisis in just 100 years.

      Populations have been crammed into small geographical areas called cities, positioned along the coastlines, and are completely dependent on industrial agriculture - creating the illusion that the world is overpopulated, when really it is mismanaged. Take a trip to the countryside and tell me there isn't enough room. Everyone could feed and clothe their family with the space that is in their front yard if they knew how. We live in a paradise and it is being turned into a hell by a relatively small group of greedy individuals and families.

    3. The world IS overpopulated - it's the reason resources are running out my friend.

      We ALL have the innate traits that you will find in a so-called Evil dictator or CEO of a massive business - the reason theirs come to the surface is no different from the evils committed by most people upon other animals, as they close their eyes to the brutal reality of the meat industry, among other things, and gently keep stuffing their faces with burgers.

      We are ALL part of the same naturally chaotic species, and the reason things spin out of control is overpopulation (and globalisation); on a smaller scale none of our inherent traits that can turn ugly would be able to alter the future of the Earth and our fellow Earthlings like they do today.

      Digging deeper, there are of course reasons to why overpopulation occurs as well - religion and poverty being two main benefactors - but the big issue remains overpopulation.

      Edit: And keep in mind, the size of humanity has gone from 1 billion to nearly 7 billion in roughly 100 years! That is INSANE.

  91. i would recommend some of mike tsarion's talks for a better understanding of this subject

  92. LOL a giant mushroom cloud as the thumbnail! Epic =D

    I'll be honest, I am skeptical of the 2012 thing. So much so that I watch this kind of stuff (and read the comment boards) for pure entertainment; I won't even bother to argue against this... it'll just make me mad and I won't convince the zealots anyways.

    I find it reassuring that the failure rate for every doomsday prophet in history up to this point has been 100%. The world probably isn't going to end. Relax and enjoy life, and save your money for a new Xbox or iPhone rather than wasting it on 2012 books and freeze-dried Cheetos.

    1. I'm not saying this is going to happen or not, But I like to keep an open mind, because, well, you never know.

      I'm not gonna try to convince anyone of anything. If people want to believe they're free to do so. If you keep an open mind you're probably gonna find a lot more interesting stuff though.

      Anyways, the world has "ended" many times already. I'm sure you've studied it in school. Mass extinctions. That's what this prophecies and theories are all about, and that is "the end of the world" for us.

      So if you think about is, in fact, possible...2012, 2030, 2100? I don't know, but the question isn't "will it happen", it's "when will it happen again?".

      And another thing, if someone had found out the date already, ofc they would cover the truth...because the world as we know it would end the minute they said something.

  93. If the Mayan are so great why did they lose to Spain.

  94. Wow,.. this doco ROCKS,.. Venus I'm cummin',..but what happens to me when the green crystal imbedded in my left hand starts to flash red,.. do I go to carousel, meet the ice man, or the guy with all those cats ? Or do I just get zapped into vapour with with a really big laser ?

  95. What an utter load of absolute nonsense. Get a life (and a brain while your at it) you poor gullible, deluded children.

  96. Omg the net bots found that atomic war in 2008

  97. I find it quite interesting that the HISTORY channel would broadcast this piece of entertainment...None of this should be taken as History. This is simply fiction. remember one very important fact, history was written by those who one the wars. Trust me, you would not be seeing this type of fiction on a history channel in the Near East...

    We are a pathetic species, worrying about the end. We are a species that has been genetically programmed to survive. Survival is our most basic instinct. Of course we are going to be afraid of death, afraid of the end. Humans are simply defined as fearful pack animals with brains that are too large for their own good. When it comes down to it, we cannot fully control our future and we cannot change our past, we can only live responsibly and consciously with awareness and appreciation in the present moment. Prophecy is dangerous and should never be taken seriously. Prophecy creates war and pushes people to will things into reality. The human mind is extremely powerful, the problem is we dont know how to responsibly use it to its full potential. Unviversal mind is even more powerful, and if that universal mind is swayed into negative prophetic beliefs, these beliefs will eventually materialize. You get what you ask for.

    Bottom line...Avoid these three poisons: Greed, Ignorance and Hatred and replace them with these three cures: Compassion, Wisdom and Love...
    as long as we continue to surround our lives with negativity, and allow these propagators of poisons, the entertainment whores or energy vampires to have all of our attention we will continue to suffer.

    Introspect, and learn to become yourself, only then will you recognize what is true.

    Happy new year to all and may it be filled with Love


  98. the world ended when the internet was swiched on.

    welcome to post apocalyptia how do you like the place?

  99. Predictions of wars and doom are executed by the same people that wrote the predictions in order to maintain a tumultuous chaotic world in order to work their evil works thru out time. These predictions are both instructions and methodology.

  100. @ac: yes i agree, the information on jehovah's witnesses is wrong

  101. i do belive that the world will end eventually, but not according to any timetable man puts out

  102. Sold! God Bless America!

  103. Charles B. why should it be required that a practicing Christian reviews and edits scientific documentaries? Those people don't let practicing scientists edit any of their beliefs. Or new discoveries.. where there are none of.

  104. I say we hold Christmas in November of know...just in case. IF nothing happens then we all get together for a 'proper' Christmas on the 25th. I'm down for 2 lots of presents :p

  105. I can hardly wait!

  106. if you are not ready today , you are not ready any date

  107. Talking about the end of the world is talk about our own death
    : or fear of it! Waldo.

  108. The scientific community is now finding out that the so called "end of the world in 2012" from the various civilizations has been totally miscalculated by approximately 100 years, I still don't buy it; very personal opinion.

    As far as the web-bot, just like in any computerized system or component..."c@#$ in..c@#$ out", any results given by it are based on what people feed the net, searches, links, etc.. It only pulls the most popular conclusion based on the Internet's content.

    Mankind has, is and will keep doing the damage.

    Any advance technology discovered or invented will never be out because it wouldn't be in the best interest of those who own today's bigger chunk of the pie, and that pie my dear friends is....Oil.

  109. I'm with Charles B. on this one. The people who explained the trailer, or maybe the trailer itself, have not a clue to what they are saying.
    I will not take the time to do your homework for you.

  110. what was this a 5 min program? total waste of everyones time.

  111. i think we should let people believe that so that we can get cheap christmas presents, cant wait will buy equivalent of four chritmases

  112. evrything they have showed may make some seance but i can bet my life saying that nothing such as end of world will happen its just lyk they have said in the documetry lets live with optimistic view and lets come back to this page on dec 22nd 2012 which happens to be my 25th birthday :P fak the oracles fak the prophesy fak the mayan calander n fak the world ..........peace

  113. Thats some imagination of what the bible claims.. satan? rapture? toothfairy perhaps? come on if your going to say something should be edited by a 'christian' at least it should be by a REAL christian, that believes what the bible says not what church leaders dictate to their gullible paying sheep

  114. If your "Savior" arrived during the good times, would you even care? Now if He(she) arrives when the times are so bad that women are eating their own children, you all will be willing to accept anything. Your world gov.(NWO) is going to make your lives so miserable you will do anything for them...they are well read in the scriptures. Its all about power.. OVER YOU!!! FOR THEM

  115. just want to point out THIS WAS PRODUCED BY THE HISTORY CHANNEL. They are for our entertainment at best, extreme disinformation at worst.

  116. My favorite saying I use for every "end of the world" scenario comes from Doctor Who, Season 1, Episode 2: “You lot. You spend all your time thinking about dying, like you’re going to get killed by eggs, or beef, or global warming, or asteroids. But you never take time to imagine the impossible. Like maybe you survive.”

  117. Re. ekim07/17/2010 at 23:55


    Quote: "though it seems like you are easy to believe in conspiracies"

    What do you mean? Do you mean that it's easy to believe the conspiracy theories others posted here, or that the people who posted them easily believe conspiracy theories?

    Conspiracies definitely happen and this is a fact. But not all conspiracy theories are valid. Theorization is needed until the facts have been established. Investigators and scientific researchers, f.e., all use theories; develop and use, that is. If they didn't, then there'd be no need to investigate or research anything for we'd already know everything.

    Some theories are very good and truly theories. Others should be called hypotheses, at best. Some so-called theories are not only erroneous, they're maliciously or malevolantly fabricated and planted in the public domain in order to try to discredit real researchers or investigators. And then we have conspiracy facts and non-conspiracies.

    There are millions of conspiracies presently ongoing and being established; certainly if we consider the fact that conspiracies don't have to be about doing bad, wrong or evil things, anyway. A conspiracy can be formed to oppose bad, wrong and evil things or activities, whatever.

    Re. 2010, my theory is that it'll be the year 2012 and we're not likely to be out of the sh*t situation we're presently in before ... years beyond 2012. So 2012 will be just another bad year, but this doesn't include the end of this world or Universe; not in my theory, anyway.


    Quote: "i just wanted to add that it really doesn’t matter who Jesse Ventura “works” for, he is only trying to find out the truth, but i have to add that he does come off as a douche bag, and his past makes it even worse, but i like what he is trying to do!!!"

    Why doesn't it matter who he works for; what if he was working for the elites who corrupt and control the govt, the war-makers, banksters, et cetera? What if he was working for elites who want to spread disinfo. in order to deceive the public?

    I don't think he's doing anything like the above, but it does matter who a person works for, for it relates to what a person does and what the person's morals are. If a person works for elites who are enemies of the Constitution, democracy, et cetera, then I think you might have a different view than the one you expressed.


    Quote: "as for THIS documentary…wah wah wah!!!"

    For a documentary, it's not good, but if a person is entertained by it, then there's nothing wrong with this. It's no worse than watching hollywood productions. Like Roger Ebert says about films that are said to supposedly be based on true stories or events, this is often false; iow, a lie to try to "sell" the movie to the public so that more people will dole out money to view films they'd otherwise ignore. That's possibly not at all true of this 2012 documentary, but I don't think it has more value than merely learning what some people have believed and I like learning about myths people believe in. There's nothing wrong with that; it's education, getting to know our world a little more than we would if we stayed ignorant of what different people believe and what they do and are willing to do based on their beliefs.

    It's no worse than a lot of education or so-called education academia provides. A lot of official US, Canadian, ... history is bogus, f.e.

    The report on 2012 and from the research team that Jesse Ventura heads is interesting and entertaining; at least as good as sci-fi, apocalyptic hollywood films, most of them anyway. But what they produced for investigative report is evidently of documentary quality, and viewers don't have to believe that 2010 will be doomsday any more than today might be before the day's over. Their report isn't for getting people to believe 2012 will be the end of this world; it's only to inform viewers about the fact that there are people, including among US citizens and govt officials, who evidently believe that 2012 will or might be the end of this world or much of it anyway.

    Their report does not, in any way, try to even infer that we should believe 2012 will be world-ending. Jesse Ventura and members of his research team definitely do not seem to believe it and any attentive viewer of their report can [see] this.

    But if people want to believe 2012 is the end of the world as we know it, then so be it. All I would say to them is that I do not believe this end-of-world stuff.

    I believe that the Ventura team produced a truthful report. They surely didn't make up what their report consists of and when they investigated HAARP, they didn't make up any of that report either. Anyone who believes the contrary about the latter report can simply look for videos about HAARP with Nick Begich and a few other people, and feature articles at, f.e., The Ventura team seems very honest to me and plenty of what they've reported is not new information; many other people who are definitely credible and respectable have reported on the same topics; perhaps with the exception of the end-of-world-2012 topic.

    But the Ventura team's investigation and report about end-of-world-2012 believers and their activities can be taken as entertainment documentary; with the exception of what the govt is doing, for that's costing taxpayers a lot of money and if anyone should have shelter when doomsday comes for most people, then it should not be govt officials, for they're mostly traitors, rogues, cons, charlatans and so on. Doomsday should've already happened for them long ago. But of course that's to dream.


    Quote: "but thanks Vlatko for being two sided with your website".

    Who's Vlatko? I did a search of this whole page for a post by Vlatko and see some posts referring to him or her, but no posts by him or her. What's Vlatko's website?

  118. this ones for the notifying me of follow up post oops! (i know mikes gonna have his two cents)

  119. @ mike corbeil and yavanna

    derpy derp guys, come on! though it seems like you are easy to believe in conspiracies, i just wanted to add that it really doesn't matter who Jesse Ventura "works" for, he is only trying to find out the truth, but i have to add that he does come off as a douche bag, and his past makes it even worse, but i like what he is trying to do!!! as for THIS documentary...wah wah wah!!! but thanks Vlatko for being two sided with your website. we all love what your doing and you definitely have THE BEST documentary site on the web!

  120. monkeys will fall down from the skies and destroy anyone who argues back and forth in a ridiculous manner. I have 100% confidence that this will happen, because my calendar ends in 2012. It has the extra couple of years forward, mini yearly ones at the back of the main calendar. This must mean something, why else wouldn't the calendar have gone on indefinitely? the last page of the calendar had a monkey on it.
    ... as so eloquently described by "Duck"...

    Wow…pissing contests. “My conspiracy theory can beat up your conspiracy theory.” or “My deity can beat up your deity…” is what many of these comments sound like. No wonder no one can get along anymore.

  121. Wow...pissing contests. "My conspiracy theory can beat up your conspiracy theory." or "My deity can beat up your deity..." is what many of these comments sound like. No wonder no one can get along anymore.

  122. 12-21-12,.. just another shopping day before Christmas on planet Earth.

    The only real threat surrounding this and all other farcical doomsday predictions is the potential for simple minded folk,..those that choose to let others do their thinking for them, will of course take this prediction as truth, and literally begin to express the emotions of helplessness, fear or simply accept the doomsday as a sign that their twisted religious beliefs were right all along, and halla-f*@kin'louyaaaaaa it's time to go meet Jesus ! If you think this way than do the rest of us a favour, instead of making us witness your childish panics, call up TicketMaster and using your credit card buy advanced front row tickets, avoid the long lineups on the evening of 12-20-12 for this event, and go meet Jesus today.

    If a sufficient percentage of the population begins to live this fantasy in the months and days leading up to 12-21-12 than there is a real possibility of genuine widespread panic with potentially disasterous consequences due to heard mentality. So if my local grocery store gets cleaned out of tampons I'm gonna be a very angry b**ch looking for heads to knock on 12-22-12 !!!!

    I personally plan to spend 12-21-12 crankin' my favorite RUSH album, 2112. 'Cygnus X1' yeah,.. and what a wickedly evil bass line,.. go Geddy Lee !! I always new RUSH was a visionary trio.

    Lighten up, all ye worry warts,.. the stress will kill ya !

    peace out, love and kisses... Trisha

  123. Sorry it should have been the 2nd century AD/CE not the first.

  124. Future speculations are what they are. The documentary could at least researched historical facts better.

    For example it was stated that the Roman Sybil predicted Hannibal's invasion of Italy in the 6th century BC/BCE,700 years
    before it happened. That would place the event in the first century AD/CE.

    It took place in the 3rd cebtury BC/BCE.

    Bloomers like that mar credibility and argue for sensation over seriouness. If that was not the intent then at least don't think no one knows history, even if no one knows the future.

  125. Plan on watching, but maybe the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 because of a scenario like this:

    Mayan1: Hey do you think we should continue the calendar past

    Mayan2: Nah, I think that's long enough...someone else will continue it after 800 years or so. Lets get some lunch.

    Mayan1: okay cool, lunch sounds good. I just hope no one thinks the world is going to end in

    Mayan2: lol that would be funny...

  126. interesting
    no comment

  127. "InedibleHulk05/22/2010 at 11:19

    Haven’t watched the show yet. Got distracted by the comment war(?) and lost track of time. I love how Corbeil starts it all, saying he’s not here to argue, and then BAM! All over everyone and everything! Classic! A+ for the comment board."

    I wasn't "all over everyone else" and it wasn't you i was exchanging with. That's an elementary thing to notice, imo. And one person doesn't represent everyone in any context. Even when everyone votes to let one person represent the group, there'll usually or always be some differences and I always reserve the right to disagree with someone I have voted for as a representative; like with political candidates, f.e.

    But my intention was only to say that people interested in the 2012 doomsday topic in any respect should check out the investigative report on video at Youtube from Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory team. If you don't believe in 2012 doomsday, which I definitely don't, then the Ventura team's report can still provide a laugh, as well as making us aware of a little more "funky" things some people and the govt apparently have been doing; according to the investigation of Ventura's team.

    I don't know and am not going to verify if that report is truthful but I wouldn't be surprised that it is. As sick as the govts or political and military leaderships, as well as Wall Street banksters, f.e., are, I would not be surprised that the report from the Ventura team is truthful. And I'm not surprised that some civilians have been using abandoned missile silos in the ground for making doomsday shelters. There are people with all sorts of "funky" beliefs.

    I don't believe in doomsday 2012, 2013, 2020, etcetera, but still get a "kick" from learning about what believers of this are doing. It's entertainment and much better than John Wayne.

    And while I don't believe many religious beliefs, this doesn't lessen my anthropological sort of interests. Mayans believe 2012 will be a remaking or rebirth (whatever) of the Universe and I definitely am not a believer, but also definitely like learning about peoples; culturally, religiously, politically, etcetera (for catch-all).

    It's a totally innocent belief, so there's nothing to make a fuss about. And it's more pleasant to learn about this than it is to learn about and know the apocalyptically violent and criminal conduct of govts, war makers, banksters, etcetera. There's nothing pleasant or entertaining about any of that hellbent sh*t.

  128. This documentary reminds me of the attack of the killer tomatoes. So bad it's hilarious.

  129. Got through ten minutes of this "documentary". Sensationalism is one thing, but shows that replace experts with desperate authors are another.

  130. Haven't watched the show yet. Got distracted by the comment war(?) and lost track of time. I love how Corbeil starts it all, saying he's not here to argue, and then BAM! All over everyone and everything! Classic! A+ for the comment board.

    As for the show, probably a C+. It's got that American daytime look going pretty hard. Oh well. May as well watch it and pretend to panic...

  131. Landless Peasant05/20/2010 at 01:16 Pls join the landless peasant party and help us take control of our land ! They aint making any more.

    The Landless Peasant Party is a new political party representing the views and aspirations of Landless Peasants in the UK.

    The UK is not our nation , we do not own it, the land of the nation is not held for our benefit nor on our behalf.
    From the day we are born we are Peasants, with no right to the very essence of our nation.
    Yet we are extolled to work, pay tax, fight and if necessary die to defend it.

    We are liable for the debts of our nation, we are the mass of people from whom business extracts its profits.
    We live in the 24 million homes on 7% of the land, unable to live by our own means.
    We have little choice but to take part in economic slavery.
    Our basic need for shelter must be provided by market forces supplying our homes to us for as much profit as the market can bear. These homes are not built for you to “live” in ,they are built for you to sleep in after work. They have no means to make energy, there is little or no facility to grow your food. Instead our food is flown in from around the world, manufactured on an industrial scale using the cheap labour of other Peasants in other lands. Our energy is suppllied by hugely profitable multinationals at great expense to us and the Earth. Even the supply of water makes vast profits. Our lives have been reduced to a collection of utility bills and what we do to earn money

  132. Only time will tell until then live life

  133. Triad,

    Message received. No one can know when the world is going to end, or if it even will. We can theorize that humans, f.e., will surely become extinct, some day, because all or nearly all creatures before our time became extinct at some point, and due to the probability of a large comet eventually striking the Earth being likely, [eventually], when we consider decades, centuries, ... as time frame. But these would at be theories, at best. It can only be fact after the fact.

  134. @ Mike

    You presume that my comment was directed directly at you.
    My comment was aimed at the guy who said the following..

    Nonsense, there will be an end, “the world will end in 2012? doomsaying in 2012; or perhaps that won’t happen until 2013.

    Just sounds so funny!
    I may have picked the 'unintelligent' part from your post or crossed my wires somewhere!
    No harm Intended.

    If you dont believe It will happen then you are not Included.
    Anyone that Is planning on constructing an underground bunker does not fully understand the meaning of END OF THE WORLD.. haha

    And Ignore any racism you encounter!!

  135. Yavanna,

    "You’re in love! It’s fine – I understand! I take none of what you say personally."

    Not in love; just a critically objective thinker and critic.

    "Mon Dieu!"

    You clearly have none.

  136. Yavanna,

    You're someone who clearly likes to psychologically masturbate and do it in public, to boot. You love flattering your little ego and can't say anything [intelligent], which requires much more than grammar skills.

    M***** clearly are your preference for only they can't dialogue without the use of name-calling.

    I wouldn't do your homework and you blame me. That's a real example of being LAZY. And since you lazily accuse others in defamatory manners without being able to provide direct support for your claims, you're clearly not someone who deserves respect except from other m***** who also like to flatter their little egos in public in masturbatory ways.

    Propaganda is your game.

  137. Mike

    You're in love! It's fine - I understand! I take none of what you say personally.

    Mon Dieu!

  138. You are hilarious!

    Hope you didn't spend too much time on that diatribe! OK shag it - You`ve touched on something close to my heart. I hadn't considered it before in this "discussion" (I`d prefer to call it a mongoloid dialogue - with you in any case) but yes I admit I am deeply racist against the French. Cheese eating smelly surrender monkeys the lot of emmm! You have found me out!

    So now I`m uneducated! Bah I wont bite - you are very boring to talk to. I could list mu academic quals but you wont believe them either. Have fun watching your cartoons!

    Adieu frog breath :P

    PS "credible" - look it up Mademoiselle Michelle!

  139. Triad,

    Or maybe I misinterpreted the start of your post in thinking that you were inferring that I believe that 2012 dday is definitely going to happen. In that case, then my first words in my above post now stand corrected.

    1. Imply!! not infer

  140. "Triad
    February 18th, 2010 at 17:04

    So Funny!!!
    If you really believed the world Is going to end….

    In less than 2 years!!!!
    Why are you wasting your time chatting to obvious unintelligent people on this site???"

    If that's in reference to my post, then you're evidently lacking education, as well; for I certainly never said that I believe the world is going to end in 2012 or any other year. I did say, however, that if the world ends in 2012, then it won't matter, for I won't be around long enough to care, anyway. If I had money to construct an underground bunker, then I'd prefer to start an organic vegetable and spice farm, go canoe tripping, etc., instead.

    People constructing underground bunkers in the U.S., the civilians doing this (according to the investigative report of the Jesse Ventura team), seem to believe that the world or most (much anyway) of it is going to end, but I think they're also constructing these facilities for the reason of being prepared just [in case] major catastrophe does happen; instead of strictly believing the world is going to end. Maybe they do have the latter belief, but I have no proof that they do.

    Anyway, it's their money and if they want underground bunkers, then it's their business. The rest of us are allowed to find this funny and I do, a little, but really don't have time to give this much thought when this world has many critical issues that need everyone's careful attention. A little humour now and then doesn't hurt though.

  141. @ Triad:

    No hate message from me.(LOL). I think the scientific boys are with you, on this one.

  142. So Funny!!!
    If you really believed the world Is going to end....

    In less than 2 years!!!!
    Why are you wasting your time chatting to obvious unintelligent people on this site???

    Haha cmon guys, shouldnt you be out asking strangers for sex on the streets??

    Personally I believe there will be some new beginning of some sort, that makes more sense!
    Dying of the old ways, (Not literally!!)
    who knows, we might get rid of politics....

    But thats just my opinion, cant prove It.
    Why do I believe that?
    Well Im just 'spiritual' believe theres more to us all than we might think.

    And because I cant prove It,
    no doubt Im In for millions of hate messages from the sciientific boys! not to worry..

  143. Have you ever noticed that when religious people talk about the future they give a very depressing picture!This kind people we call them pessimists,thats why i said they've never known the message of their masters,they dont even have a rough idea what jesus ever preached,on the other hand we the atheist see a bright future,we acknowledge the challenges.The great Nelson Mandela fell out with his first wife a jehova witness who believed that people should not fight for their rights but wait for God to take action.Mandela could not stand that nonsence and they ended up divorsing.
    Mandela the atheist believeved that there is something good with every human being and with that moral convition he was able to lead the fight against apartheid a system that had dihumanised both the oppressed and the oppressor,incidentaly the people who created this in humanity believed that God created white people superior to any other race.They read some verses in the bible that supported their beliefs,it was not transgression of law of God but support from the same God.

  144. Your discriminatory attitude about people with French names and your inability to respond, after also first posting, unintelligently tells me all I need to know about you. And, worse, your proposed quoted text for searching Google for articles saying Jesse Ventura [is] CIA, iow, a member of it, or at least working with and for it, turns UP ZILCH for the first page of links returned by the search and I won't bother checking pages 2-nnnn.

    You clearly can't support your accusations against him.

  145. I`ll say what the hell I want. I have watched Ventura's "reports" As for the childish ad hominem you may wish to research your all American actor wrestler "MR Governor" hero action figure for yourself before you slant me you little toady.

    Go watch WWF or whatever you do in between Alex Jones / Ventura fun sessions.

    Google "jesse ventura is cia" otherwise do your own research. I need not give any supporting evidence but seeing as you are lazy minded - there you go.

  146. Yavanna ,

    Don't knock the investigative report of the Ventura team until you've viewed it, and if you still feel like childishly knocking it after you've viewed it, childishly because you post unsupported defamatory words against him, then take it up with someone else. I don't support people who accuse or defame others without supporting evidence.

  147. Jesse Ventura... DO you have any good Krusty the Klown links also?

  148. I'm not going to get into debating with anyone who's posted comments, and this post is only to recommend viewing the episode from Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory team, the TruTV Conspiracy Theory episode on 2012 doomsday. The episode is about doomsday 2012 and what some U.S. citizens and the government, of the USA, have been doing to prepare for ... DDay 2012. It's easy to find the set of clips for this show or episode posted at Youtube by simply going to Youtube and using "Conspiracy Theory", Ventura and 2012 for search terms.

    People who view that and don't believe what the CT team reports is really happening will complain about this being more non-truths, while some people might get a little scared or worried, and the rest can at least get some entertainment out of learning what some U.S. citizens and the U.S. government have been doing with their construction of serious and major underground bunkers, some of which the CT team provides inside views of.

    If I'm going to spend any time viewing DDay 2012 videos, then this episode from the CT team needs to be included. And I'm not worried about doomsday happening in Dec. 2012, for if it does, then I won't be living long enough to suffer, and if it doesn't happen, then the ... usual will just continue.

  149. Religion can make great entertainment. It's interesting how religion, just like any weapon of war, can act as a tyrant to scare people into thinking such nonsense so they can control you.

    Religion, a form of manipulation and a weapon that has killed many people throughout the centuries.

    "They contend that Judgment Day will take place on Armageddon and Jesus will save the true believers, while non-believers left behind will face enormous suffering."

    BUT remember, Jesus loves all of us! Right?

    This makes me laugh.

  150. @ Eric Howe:

    Come one, do better than just a wordplay.

    Nonsensical verbage.

  151. @Achems Razor:

    Nonsense, there will be an end to the "the world will end in 2012" doomsaying in 2012; or perhaps that won't happen until 2013.

    But then the "the world will end in 5105" doomsaying will begin and the doomsayers will be safe from the consequences of their fear mongering and lies; sometimes you read the date upside-down, happened the the Church of the Subgenius over 1998 so it could happen to anyone.

  152. @ jenni:

    Do not worry your pretty little head, there will not! be any end of anything, in 2012. The world will not end!!

    You do not have to fear about anything, just go on with your life.

    Do not listen to the doomsayers. A lot of people are making money from this end of the world garbage. All it is, is a scam. A ripoff.

    I have looked at the scientific perspectives on this, Science says
    there will not! be an end to anything on 2012, period!

  153. wow this blows my mind, i was a skeptic about the coming of the end of the world but so many things match up its just crazy!!! ill miss this beautiful planet and all its amazing wonders that we r still was fun tho. Im only 18 years of age, and i am up at night thinking about how its all gonna end i fear for my soul and my loved ones souls, a deep fear that messes with your head. At least ill be a pretty corpse

  154. over a span of about 15 years i have been able to decode some of the bibles statements,i have been able to do it because i understand this writtings are symbolic and they should not be taken literally.Many people have pointed to certain times as the end but it has come to pass.Christians who take their bible literally do not even the essence of christianity,theyve never got the message of their master whom they claim to follow.
    Back to "End" most people have failed to understand that their is no line to show the evolution of the conciousness,even with development of human behaviour eg lets take how a child grows while a stage like becoming a young man the characters of teenager disappear slowly at the same time adulthood thinking developes.Most people think that adam and eve story is literally true hence they expect the literally end.All this is caused by feeling of hopelessness and fear because they have refused to accept that that Man is the master of his destination.And unless Man accept this he will be controlled by politicians and religious leaders.Listen to Bob Marleys song "Get up Stand up for your rights"

  155. I find this to be completly rediculous! there is no way of telling when the end of the world is coming, if it shall ever end. the calendar dates that we know today were created by man and have been changed and reworked through out the centuries within different countries and religions. we will never know what the exact time and date is. I dont know this for a fact but it seems to me that dates and time were created just for communication purposes... and now here we are today living our lives by a freakin schedule.

  156. My view of the Mayan calendar is that it doesn't end - it just resets. I.e it will have just gone full circle.

  157. My theory is there is neither the begining nor the end,the so called maya code does not seem to predict the end per se nether the religious busybodies.May be we are at the window of various events,just like the way u have a social revolution and you an see various events mark the end or beginning of a new dispensation.
    Even if a cosmic body would hit the earth still it will hit one side of the world and live all other sides intact,those who claim theyve read this code or some chinese,indian egyptian blabla,they always claim to predict things that have occured why for example didnt they talk of 2004 tsunami like 5,10,14 years earlier?or the recent Haiti earthquake even a day before!!!!Isnt this kind of talk similar with religious people!!??
    My philosophey i will wait and see hoping i will be around then.Thankyou

  158. I find all of this ridicules, we have always had wars, we have always had dark days, I live in the USA but I am sure the familys from countrys who suffer daily think they have always been in dark days. I don't doubt that we will see some changes. The web-bot that can predict the future takes information from the web lol and puts it all together, come on no one will know when our day is done.. If this was the case the Bible would of made it clear.

  159. I would say this is just another Y2K but atleast Y2K had some sort of logic to it. this is just utter nonsense.

  160. For a good explanation of what the Mayan calendar and its end may mean, check out "Timeline to 2012" on google video. The end of the Mayan calendar coincides with the alignment of our solar system with the galactic center. If nothing else this fact is remarkable because the Maya either had a record of astronomical observation going back 26,000 years or they were capable of much higher mathematics than ancient civilizations are generally credited for.

    There are real changes going on not only on our own planet but on every body in the solar system; it may be speculated that this is due to some kind of increased energy as alignment with the galactic center nears. This seems to me to be the most plausible scientific explanation for some kind of planet-wide catastrophe. Humans have witnessed this event in the ancient past and it's very likely the flood "myths" found in nearly every culture are actually a record of what happened the last time this alignment occured.

    This particular documentary, on the other hand, is just more silly fluff from the History Channel. The content of their programming sure has gone downhill in the last couple of years.

  161. youtube : "Let's All Pray For Armageddon"

  162. I forgot to select to be notified when there are follow-up comments, so am adding this post for this purpose.

  163. The Book of Revelations, btw, is NOT part of the New Testament. It's a book added [following] the NT and the RCC has, though without making it particularly known to the public, gone through centuries or at least plenty of the 20th century into the question of whether the book should be removed altogether from the Bible, or maintained. F.e., they weren't sure of the real author of the book and some experts in authorship, or writing, have said that it could not have been apostle John. They said it had to be someone else named who was also named John and lived during the same period as apostle John, which was not an uncommon name. The RCC sometimes wanted to withdraw the book from the Bible, but because the people deciding over this weren't sure of whether the book should really be part of the Bible, or not, they always chose to maintain the book, "just in case" ....

    In any case, it does not constitute part of the NT.

  164. Whoever wrote this needs to get their facts straight Jehovahs witnesses did not state the world was going to end in 1914 or 1994 it was the wacthtower tract society in 1976 .

  165. I was disappointed that the show did not go into more detail on how the Mayan calendar worked. I was really hoping for a little more "how this all works" documentary, but I did enjoy learning that several different future predictors are honing in on 2012. It has prompted me to do more research.

  166. How come seers, prophets, psychics etc only predict doom how come they never predict good, cures for disease, solutions to war or predict peace? Maybe calm is uninteresting??

  167. In the 1999/2000 period a girl in my class really believed the world was ending @New Year's Eve 2000 and didn't bother studying for any of the classes at all. Well 2000 came and the only one that experienced a doom was her. So don't bother with survival kits, you can never be really prepared for Mother Nature's disasters. Chances are we'll find ourselves in 2013 worrying about a Friday 13th or something like that. Thanks for the movie and cheers!

  168. i mean the mayan calander not the i ching.oops

  169. maybe the i ching used a 64 bit equation too, which the guys graph was just a visual representation of as it also uses 64?

  170. @Charles B.,

    This documentary isn't Silmarillionly correct either and that's about as meaningful as something not being biblically correct. Fantasy is fantasy, too bad for you that Tolkien's mythology is better than yours.

  171. realisticly:
    the mayans could have made the calendar for manipulative purpuses and just didnt have the need or emagination to make it longer than the year 2012

    and these oracles lived in caves, I think I'd be pretty messed up if i lived in a cave too :p
    Some enviroments tend to effect us, like.. at night i feel like i have much more creativity than on daytime

  172. This is very valuable information. Considering that there are only 375 days until doomsday, I might as well quit my job tomorrow, cash out my 401k, quit making the mortgage payment (it takes about a year to actually get "the boot") and live out my most wildest fantasies !! If the money runs out before next fall - what the heck....perhaps I'll try my luck at robbing a bank!!! ooooo - if I get caught, s life sentence sure wont take too long!

    To Charles B - Do you have something like the "National Do Not Call" Registry, where I can request to be removed from your "prayers"? I'd rather fend for myself, thank you.
    (just kiddin' with ya)
    BTW - its s u m m A r y (summery is like seasonal)

    The film was interesting, even though absurd.

  173. Harry R ^ is exactly right.

    The fact is people want and truly desire "the end". Period.

  174. The Mayans never said the end of the world was in 2012, their calendar just pretty much stopped there. Of course, if you were making a calendar today and you got as far as about 1,700 into the future you might not continue it either. As a historian I will tell you this bit of fact, every civilization has thought it was living in bad times. Try finding one where people went around patting each other on the back saying, "wow the good times are here!". Not too, easy is it? Every civilization has had an end of the world story, it is human logic telling us all things will end, me, you the planet, the sun etc. I took this doc as entertainment, and entertaining it was.

  175. Crap, a web-bot who can predict the future?? It's hard to look at this documentary in a serious way.

  176. Everyone needs to think outside the box this could very well happen and rock your world.

  177. If you look at the work of Joeseph Campbell, a vry well respected professor of mythology of the last century (although I believe him to be what in the "olden times" we would have called a sage or wiseman) certain common themes run through ALL world mythologies. Read The Hero With 1000 Faces for a better and more in depth treatment on the subject.

    One of these common themes is the end of the old world and the beginning of a new order; from Ragnarock in the norse tradition to this whole 2012 thing. These are not meant to be taken as literal truths and fact, they are meant as a kind of road map to help guide us through life. Whereas the greeks once asked themselves what would Achilles do, we now say what would Jesus, or Buddha do.(That's the hero myth)

    The armageddon myth in my estimation is that there will be great periods of upheaval and change and from that will come a hopefully new and better world. Ask those who lived through WWI and WWII(Or an Iraqi or Afghani right now). That probably seemed like armaggedon to them and through that violent upheaval a new world order was created for better or worse. These stories give us hope that even in the darkest times a new and better time is coming. On Y2K, I think if we honestly look at the world pre Y2K and the world we live in now, something changed right around that time.

    I am convinced that we live in a fundamentally different world then we did pre 2000, and not in the "well, the world is different today than it was yesterday" way. It seems our fundamental values have changed. Instead of building a better Society for everyone we now try and build materially wealthy lives for ourselves. That is a kind of Armageddon is it not?

    There will be many more Armageddons throughout the course of human history should we make it far enough and, like the Phoenix we will rise from the ashes to hopefully create better and more just societies. One other thing that often gets lost in the shuffle is that these 'armageddon' myths aren't solely(soully) about the End Of The World but about rebirth of society and the creation of a new order.

    I think once we stop taking these mythologies literally and see them as the guide books that they are, and recognize the applicability of this ancient wisdom to our modern lives then will we have moved (a little) closer to God. ;)

  178. I like how Merlin is wondering in the forest looking like he's lost or high as fcuk.

  179. I remember I was in China when 1999 turned to 2000 and I was in my bedroom praying and I would peek out to see if the lights were still on; they were, so I kept praying. About 12:15 the lights were still on and the people outside were laughing and doing firecrackers and NOT screaming in terror, so I decided I could stop praying then and I went to bed. Lucky for all you guys I was diligent and prayerful at the turn of Y2K! World wide disaster averted! Yes, yes! You're welcome, yes, yes, you're welcome.

    Alas, for all your sakes more than mine, I sure I hope I remember to be as equally diligent on the winter solstice 2012. ;-)

  180. No scientists are predicting the end of the world!

    It is being promoted and exploited by pseudo-scientific cranks!

    A new movie about 2012 coming out soon, books, survival kits, video's
    etc: Its always money folks. So what if our solar system is going to be aligned with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy is some 200,000 light years across. Gravity travels at the speed of light. If anything was to happen, it would still take 100,000 years give or take, for any gravity to affect us.

    I for one, will not be losing any sleep over this end of the world B.S.

  181. Lisa O: The documentary was made by different people than the ones that made the summery at the beginning of the film. The summery isn't very well done, but the documentary itself was very interesting and didn't have much from the Bible which seemed fair to me. I was commenting on the summery first, and the documentary second in different posts.

    As far as the documentary and the Bible, I doubt that John was seeing modern tanks and the such in his visions as suggested in the film itself, but rather real demonic creatures, but that's open to one's interpretation. It's obvious that some things are sybolic. I did notice however, they said he wrote about the "Antichrist" but that particular word is never used in the Book of Revelation, but most people's interpretation of the "beast" of Revelation is the Antichrist, yes. I'm giving my sermon series over the Book of Revelation (chapters 1-3), so I try to be very careful with the details.

    And Lisa O., you're right, they dont talk about the rapture in the documentary, but in the summeary "left behind" is USUALLY a reference to the Rapture and those who do not make the cut, so-to-speak, and are "left behind" but in this case it was in reference to Armagedon. Some scholars do put the two together, but I dout the commentator was that deeply informed about the events of the end times according to the Bible and it was just happenstance for him or her.

    God bless,

    Charles B.

  182. honestly... this movie doesn't even show you this "maya calendar" you're all so quick to believe in this ending of the world. this is simply philosophy at it's finest. We as a society, see people born and people die. This is why we have religion to try to explain this natural phenomena. Religions are all different because PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT everyone has their own views, simply, the popular one's just stuck. I can make my own religion right now called "f*** it" and that is... we live, we die, make the most of it. There is no predetermined order in this universe, shit just happens... no need for 3 books to describe creation, upbringing and end because it would all be bullshit and fairy-tales anyway. i recommend you all google "maya calendar" and check it out, you tell me where you see the this end of the world. maybe we translated it wrong, or maybe they just got sick of making a calendar, i know most people in our society would. ya'll are crazy nothing will happen in 2012 and if it did.. don't you think it would be a very gradual change seeing as how everything is in constant motion so this radical change wouldn't just happen instantly... IT'S ALL BULLSHIT

    if you wanna prevent the real end of the world, question our government and capitalism. they're both shitting the bed right now. not some perpetual motion throughout the cosmos that will lead us to our doom.

  183. Oh no-it did cut off at the end. This was very interesting, and I like that the someone near the end of the show points out people thought the end was near for generations. John did for 2,000 years.

    I did not see any problem with the way the Biblical information was presented. I have read Revelation, and I think the represented it accurately. The movie isn't on Christianity, and they didn't discuss Rapture and Tribulation and all that, like Charles B suggests.

    The show was giving several perspectives on predictions for the end. I'd be interested to hear more about the Hopi. Maybe the world has existed 4 times already. Who knows? Humans may cease to exist at some point. The earth will go on.

  184. no one knows the end, not the even Son but the Father.

  185. Very interesting. Not sure what to make of all this. I suppose time will tell. I have my personal theory that I was thinking and I was surprised when my wife said precisely what I was thinking first, but I don't feel inclined to share it here.

    Mr. Razor: It seems to me that a "global Quantum Theory" reality is referenced in this video, (but not the name) which is what the "webbots" are picking up on, predicting changes before they happen. That's what I thought was the most curious thing in this documentary. What's your take on that?

    Vlatko: Segment 5 seems to loop to itself. I had to manually click the last segment which ends abruptly before the official end. Close enough, however.

  186. Oh, yeah! Thanks, Vlatko! I really want to watch this later after dinner. I'm so excited to hear what it says.

    Right now, I'm just irritated at the summery, as it's not entirely Biblically accurate. I wish they had let a practicing Christian edit their summery before publishing it.

    Armageddon (Revelation chapter 19:11-21) technically isn't the last battle between the forces of God and those that follow Satan, but the rebellion in Revelation 20: 7-10 is.

    They're also mixing references with to the "Rapture," the "Tribulation," and the "2nd Coming" proper all together. Not enough time to sort that one out here.

    Lastly, Armageddon also technically isn't the day of judgment proper either, but just a part of God's time of judgment that culminates in "Judgment Day" which is actually over a 1,000 years later at the "Great White Throne Judgment" found in Revelations 20:11-15.

    Nonetheless, their point is understood and is generally accurate that dark days are coming no matter who you consult, including the Bible.