2012 Vimeo Award Winners

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2012 Vimeo Award WinnersVimeo announced the winners of this year's Vimeo Festival + Awards at a packed house at NYU’s Skirball Center. The 2012 Vimeo Festival + Awards show celebrated the world’s most creative online film and video.

This year, the Awards received 14,567 entries from 147 countries around the world! The 13 winners - from categories ranging from animation, fashion, extreme sports, advertising and more - each won grants of $5,000.

Then, the one grand prize winner, directing collective Everynone received an additional $25,000 for its film, Symmetry.

Vimeo presented the awards in New York City with a one-of-a kind sound and motion-responsive, projection-mapped awards show set designed by arts and technology collective Seeper, with live performances from Reggie Watts and Beardyman and presenters such as Oscar nominated documentary director, Lucy Walker.

The documentary winner is a little 9 min doc called Amar (All Great Achievements Require Time). Here it is below.


The 2012 Vimeo Awards category winners are:

  1. Action Sports: Dark Side of the Lens
  2. Advertising: K-Swiss Kenny Powers - MFCEO
  3. Animation: Umbra
  4. Captured: Sweatshoppe Video Painting Europe
  5. Documentary: Amar (All Great Achievements Require Time)
  6. Experimental: Prie Dieu
  7. Fashion: Skirt
  8. Lyrical: Symmetry
  9. Motion Graphics: A History of the Title Sequence
  10. Music Video: Manchester Orchestra: Simple Math
  11. Narrative: BLINKY™
  12. Series: Often Awesome The Series
  13. Remix: Rear Window Timelapse

The winners were selected by panels of three judges per category. Judges included actor and director James Franco; Parks and Recreation star Aziz Ansari; 2012 Oscar Nominee Lucy Walker; Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood; Scott Pilgrim vs. the World director Edgar Wright; snowboard superstar Travis Rice; Thierry Mugler and UNIQLO creative director Nicola Formichetti; Shelley Page of DreamWorks Animation; Barbara London of The Museum of Modern Art; advertising legend David Droga; and many more.

Ratings: 7.17/10 from 6 users.

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  1. Guest

    SKIRT...5***** of relationship, DARK SIDE OF THE LENS...a joyfull and magnificent ride for the eyes and ears, SWEATSHOP...avant-garde trailblazer art, UMBRA...philosophy under the pencil, REAR WINDOW...a voyeur sees all, SYMMETRY...breath >.< taking, PRIE DIEU...musically pugnacious, AMAR...learning to embark on the wheel of production, K-SWISS... funnier than swiss cheese with lots of little smart holes,

  2. Deejay Es
  3. Deejay Es

    thx vlad

  4. Teddy Mcd
  5. Teddy Mcd

    Some interesting vids for sure.

    Symmmetry #8 - came out on top pour moi. The juxtaposition of images was human all too human.

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