2057: The City of the Future

2057: The City of the Future

2007, Technology  -   92 Comments
Ratings: 6.58/10 from 85 users.

2057: The City of the FutureWhat would you see and experience if the clocks rolled forward 50 years? In a unique blend of drama and science, this three-part series shows you the world of tomorrow. Will we have flying cars? Will advances in medicine help us stay young forever? What about "printing" custom-made vital organs? What will our cities look like? What will tomorrow's wars be about? Will we have robots helping around the house? Will solar power be the new oil?

Supported by the world's leading scientists and research institutes, we embark on a quest to answer some of society's most fundamental questions and reveal the dramas of tomorrow's world along the way. State-of-the-art computer graphics in combination with a dynamic story line will create a world usually only seen in feature films, but with the accuracy and relevance of a documentary. This series is all about opening the window of our future based on science fact, not science fiction.

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1 year ago

The fact that this was made in 2007 really amazes me. It is only 2021 and we have come such a long way with things such as self driving cars. I believe that by the time we reach 2057 we would have accomplished a lot of goals in this video and I am very excited for it!

1 year ago

I think the thing that most interested me were the holograms. They are like the stereotypical sci-fi movie scenes you see. The other stuff, like face recognition and self driving cars already exist. Recent models of phones have face recognition, and Tesla already has self driving cars.

2 years ago

truly creepy

Phillip kalaveras
5 years ago

Political correctness cannot be programmed into an AI computer. After years of preparation, Microsoft had to pull the plug on Tay (an AI bot) after just 12 hours. More of your world is "make believe" than you may know and AI does not make belief. What I'm saying is; an AI future will not be a kind one to all people.

5 years ago

Very chunky, tasty and hairy, the video looked like a monkey!!!!!!!

10 years ago

"how will we wage war?" If that's still a question in 2057 then more than likely we won't make to 2057.

10 years ago

is the sub-title of this doc,
"Presuming our species survives?"

10 years ago

At 03.55 min it is La dama de Elche. Prehistoric spanish statue. Not an ancient egytian statue. St*pid narrator.

Mark Bert
10 years ago

They got something wrong at the end... they would be arrested and interrogated at the very least.

David Wilson-Holmes
10 years ago

2057 and the old guy is still wearing spectacles!!!!

10 years ago

that robot in existence today can learn independently to achieve goals. it can think and can change its decision based on the changing situation. when do robots get to the point when they learn they don't have to take orders anymore??? everything electrical will be 'linked up', we are the only ones telling them to do as we say. machines being able to independently communicate with missile systems... it will literally be some terminator sh*t the day that happens. self awareness grows ever closer.

Omran Alkandarey
10 years ago

Watching the asimo today compared of what he was in 2007 shows how fast things are moving :)

10 years ago

This was really entertaining! Kinda like a syfy movie, better than many hollyweird movies!

patrick watson
11 years ago

I love the fact that so few people can play concect the dot's , and yes war is a must a built in self control .
Take 56 million that died in the last war most of whom are the young healthy male and female breeding stock and remove them = another 1.3 billion today ,give or take.
Good or not it is how we keep our numbers down , we look at every thing in good and bad , black and white .
Nature just is not like that and we are part of nature , even if you think god made us , we still breath the air and eat the food of this world and that make's us one and part of if it.
We are growing and learning to mimic what nature is showing us and building on it, take the robot it's look's like it's made from old car part's so that is how it will move .
If a replacement hip joint was made to the same shape as the organic one it will work the same way , the answers are in front of us we just have to look !
Oh and when did this become a dating site for SI's

11 years ago

Watched the first 5 minutes, I already knew they were going to talk about video games. Yes, let's have our children spend hours on end playing video games. That's the future. It's a r*tarded future where people spend more time indoors virtually doing what they could actually be doing outdoors. That's it, I will become a hermit if that's our future.

11 years ago

What's up with people and flying cars? We will never have that. I mean, it would be easier AND cheaper if they placed a helicopter on the driveways of every American home. Now that should be the aim of the future. People can then fly to work. How cool would that be?

11 years ago

I'm sure many of the cynics here are only picking apart this documentary in lieu of previous cynics to have posted. You're all just clinging to the ranting, point-out-the-obvious ***** whom you view as being stronger than everyone else, simply because they're so aggressive. Let's not be such weak, pathetic ****** and enjoy something for once, eh? Just once can I read someones opinion and expect someone to say something interesting? Oh yes, congrats, you've turned me into a ranting *****....Thanks.

Ray Stewart
11 years ago

Year - 2100
Time - 0730 Am

You wake up by the alarm clock, a piece of technology that has been around for over 150 years.
You stand and go to the shower, which automatically switches on as soon as you step inside, the water temp is the same from your previous shower, the shower and all running water facilities are controlled via a home mainframe, located in a hidden wall panel in your house somewhere.

Instead of exiting the shower and drying your self with a towel, the water stops after a set amount of time, which you programmed it to do weeks or years before this individual day, you stay in the shower and a worm blanket of air is blown on to your naked wet body from all sides via tiny pin holes.
Your dry in seconds, you now exit the shower and stand at the sink, you pick up your tooth brush and brush your teeth, using the water from the fountain spray next to your basin to rinse your mouth out.

You get dressed manually in your bedroom and walk down stairs, as you do you say “home morning activation”, quietly if you wish and all your blinds, curtains in every room of your house opens up, the computer will be in morning mode.

Your 80” colour HD 3D Television in the lounge, mounted within the wall above your fake fire place switches on to the channel you programmed weeks or years before, for it to whow during mornings.
Plus any over night phone messages, emails and faxes will automatically come up on several monitors throughout your house, next to light switches perhaps or else where.

As you enter the kitchen, if the morning light is not yet light enough, the lights overhead will come on, but only to a dim but still see able brightness, allowing you to see your way around the room.

You then click on the coffee machine or the all-in-one tea maker (which unfortunately is still manual operated), then go to the lounge where a computer animated voice will ask you “do you wish to watch television or sort out your email and other messages”, lets say you say TV, you sit on the chair or sofa and watch it.

You have to get your own mug and poor out your own coffee or tea then go to the lounge or dinning room which also has a television.
After drinking you see that its nearly time for work and grab your coat etc and exit your house, no keys required, just wall out of your house, closing or leaving your front door open, it does not matter.

The house mainframe computer will wait for a few seconds, before switching off any appliances that are no longer being used, inc the television, plus it will switch off any lights left on and lock all windows and doors, inc closing windows that where left open by you if any.
It will switch on the motion sensors around your house and the visitors-video recoding Camera at the front door, ready to film and record anyone arriving at your home when your at work.

You walk to your car in your drive way or on the road, you get inside it, then type in a code in the keyboard in front of you (mounted upon the dash board) and upon the windscreen comes an 3D image of locations you have been or want to go soon, all pre-programmed by you days or weeks earlier.
You hover your finger over the location of your choice, I.e., Work, and the car starts up and starts driving on its own.
There’s no steering wheel, pedals or even a gear stick, as your car is totally automated.

The seat your in twirls around so your facing the rear of the car and any passengers you may have.

If there’s no passengers, you can watch live Digital television on the back black window of your car, changing channels by using a remote on the arm of your seat.
The car will drive on to the highway / motorway where thousands of other automated cars and trucks are travelling, there’s no such thing as car accidents or traffic jams, as these vericals talk to each other, allowing each to slow down, over take and follow one another without human interference.

There’s not been an car accident on the roads for over 50 years since automated cars came in to existence, when before they came about, over 4,000 people lost their lives in car accidents each year.

Your fully automated car will get you to your work, park it self in an free space or its own space and open the door.
Instead of running on flammable fuel, it runs on electricity via Diopothium Batteries, which are about ten times more stronger than any car battery of yesteryears.

You get out and the car will lock it self, turn off any TV or keyboard images you may have left on.
As you enter work, you go to the reception and sign in either by pen or by voice commands, i.e., “Mr X has arrived”, then you go on about your business.

11 years ago

"What will tomorrows wars be about?" That's real uplifting. Is this one of those ways in which we're supposed to accept that there will never be an end to war? If I'm the only one who noticed this........God help us all

Ken Pressley
11 years ago

Ah Yes, the ability to track any citizen ... anywhere and 24 hours a day. And they said Big Brother was just a conspiracy theory?

11 years ago

Funny thing is, there were videos like this in the 80's about how it would be in year 2000... Here we are in 2011 and nothing has changed much, yeah sure, we got a few nice gadgets, ipods,phones, laptops, flat screen tv... But over all things are the same.. Videos like these are dumb.

11 years ago

the technology used in this film is closer to around 100 years from now than 50, simply because our corporations are buying out the patents and the funding is not there

gulo gulob
11 years ago

i love these documentries .. but have not good command in english .. can u guys dub these documentries in urdu language ?

11 years ago

He asked when it was uploaded, not when it was made.

Something tells me you can't read proper!

Mario 7nna
11 years ago

even though a lot of whats been presented in this film can be reached i think in 50 years from now we are gonna be in a completely different world , our scientists and computer geniuses should work on completely different issues than controlling entire cities though one network .
we should start with helping the people dying around the world and building better systems of feeding the hungry and protecting the weak instead .

sean wong
11 years ago

I was thinking how scary this whole thing was the entire time.

and Kaku being so happy about it. scientists have no concern for the end result as long as they get what they've been striving for.

whatever that is.

Chris Wickstead
12 years ago

So all you need to do is learn hacking and you can start murdering, that sounds like fun. Imagine the terrorist risk in the future LOL!!

Gary V
12 years ago

I certainly hope that the clothes look a bit than that in 2057, but if I'm still here then I will be to old to care anyway. I will be 93. lol

12 years ago

I prefer driving myself. I like being in control and enjoy driving. The only time I'd ever allow for a computer system to drive for me is if it's an option to enable or disable. Just saying.

12 years ago

Interesting rant by Durden, firstly people, you do want governing as you alone cannot farm everything you want to eat and manufacture everything you need. People do tend to gather in groups for protection and over time the groups will grow larger through birth and migration and even recruitment as maybe the neighbouring groups or tribes would be lazier than yours and want to take rather than work. The first point of blame laying at peoples feet.

Secondly money is vital as nations form, municiple services are required and you don't want slavery. Which means the people need to pay, taxes are inevitable. Plus if you farm carrots and turnips but you want some beef, but the cattle farmer doesn't like carrots and turnips, it would be simpler for you to hand over an I.O.U which then could be traded. Otherwise you would be trading all day for something the cattle farmer wanted, and thats for one meal. Farms will grow in accordance with population growth, venders will be required to sell farmers goods. businesses will form and need banks to hold wealth securely. Perfectly natural system money systems cannot be blamed.

As nations grow so to does power making it increasingly dangerous for one person to hold, democracies formed of senates with deligations of power and duties to govern small portions is logical as to give people voices as well as making governance easier. As the primary idea of one man governing over another comes from family first, the logical steps of the idea from head of the family to chieftain of the tribe on to monarchies and dictators leading to senates and parliaments. Welfare of the people lead to technologies in medicines and communication, continued trade leads to technologies in transport, engineering and architecture. With continued scientific research the society depicted in this film could be a reality yet nothing I've mentioned here is inherently corrupt. These are all logical steps in the evolution of any intelligent species. The problem is the people, its us, and as a great man once said you gotta start with the man in the mirror what are you doing to change. Have you ever woken up in a bad mood and bitten the head off the first person to greet you? Maybe it shamed you to act like that but did u ever stop to ask yourself why your behaviour was that way and what you can do to change that aspect of yourself?

I urge everyone who reads this to watch Kymatica in the mysteries section.

12 years ago

there's gonna be a lot less of us ,and were gonna be slaves,and the way things are going i see this movie as propaganda

12 years ago

Absolutely cheesy waste of time. This isn't a documentary but a Tuesday night Movie of the Week with bad acting.

Tyler Durden
12 years ago

Michio, you are an NWO dog! This is a sad look at an Orwellien fascist society, grossly imbued with totalitarian propaganda. It makes me sick to see the further destruction of family values, children continuing to be raised by themselves and the idea that the consumerist culture will survive that long. It outlines and expresses all the fears and realities of the present and coming system of slavery. I don't see the scientists working on these technologies today as ethical whatsoever. They should be ashamed of themselves, taking money from Totalitarian regimes and building the bars of their own prisons. The world we create today will be the world our grandchildren have to live in, do you want them to resent you and ask what did you do to stop the last tree form being cut, or what did you do to stop the extinction of all life on the planet save humans?

We should live our lives moment to moment in a way that future generations will look back and say my grandparents were hero's, look what they did to ensure our freedom. Not "my grandpa sat on the couch all his life and made frequent trips to walmart, he worked a 40 hr week for the corporations that now enslave society, he never asked questions and maintained the status quo, he died of cancers from toxins in the air and soil, he was a real hero" I am not saying technology is inherently evil, I am saying that the people funding it's development today do not have humanities best interest in heart and we should resist by any means possible. It's their employment of technology and their view that humans are cattle to be farmed for labor, to be enslaved and monitored 24/7.

To be exploited to maintain the status quo. It's their only goal to maintain and consolidate their power. If this is the future I want no part of it. I want tree's and rivers we can drink from, I want landscapes and nature, I want freedom and no government. A society educated that lives to higher ideals than we do today not a devolution into a complex prison system of skyscrapers, pollution and gov't control where daughters turn over their own parents on suspicion and gestapo like officials watch your every move. I want the technology to benefit humans not enslave them .

Adeel Mayo
12 years ago

It,s amazing because the world is going to be changed in near future....

12 years ago

Michio Kaku.. becomes the laughing stock of the scientific community. He loses all credibility.

12 years ago

Fun but not that informative..

12 years ago

A trend this film get rigth is the one of spoling our children always a little bit more. The kid collpases the whole city and what does he get? A biiiiig hug from his mommy!!

12 years ago

i think this is really possible in China, forget the US or EU.

12 years ago


You want to know if this is a new doc. The title is 2057: The World in 50 Years.

My guess is that it dates to 2007.

Something tells me you're not very clever!

12 years ago

Blegh. Reminds me of 1950's visions people had of the year 2000... 50 years later so what .. we get our newspaper and porn on a screen instead of paper. So what does 2057 hold? Smaller cars & better screens. Flying cars will NEVER happen - how would you control traffic?!? There would be cars falling out of the sky every day! And imagine the fuel to keep a tonne of metal in the air, especially considering rising fuel costs! Robots & AI is more like a thousand years off and even if we could, we wouldn't. You know why? Because it would cost a few billion dollars in development, and then you end up with a metal person that you have to treat like everyone else. Don'e think you can get it to do the laundry for you - this thing will have employment rights and a union. All that time to create a metal man for what? Plenty of real people around!

12 years ago

garbage. I lose the last of my respect for kaku now.

12 years ago

This is good and like else most of other documentaries. This is one of my favorite website.

12 years ago

Please give him the green bottle. You're killing me!

12 years ago

In 2057 most people of the world will live in a ghetto dumpster burning garbage, with low-tech build-in-chips as Cash/ID.

12 years ago

Everyone will prob be fat.

12 years ago

I think this is rubbish, if you look at where nanotechnology is headed none of this stuff is even needed anymore, they talk about high tech cars when cars will eventually be replaced buy something much more efficient, i really believe at least 50% of this stuff will never take a long term effect.

12 years ago


12 years ago

Pretty bad documentary. It didn't take into account the social implications of those new technologies, and the story just feels like a bad Disney movie. I agree that some of the technologies explored were interesting, but I don't think the city of the future will look anything like what we saw.

For once, there's always resistance to new technology. I'm one of many people who refuses to use social networks, and I sure as hell wouldn't network everything in my home. They are a lot of people today who still use 60s tech in every day life. The typewriter isn't totally gone, it's just used by a minority. The same way a lot of industries still work on non-networked Dos computers.

Oh, and I can already imagine people starting to wear masks if camera networks become to present in society.

12 years ago

Anybody else want to kill Paul?

Otherwise an interesting documentary

12 years ago

It's a great documentary but I wonder if the police really still use P90 submachine guns that are also hacked in half and with clips removed in 2057?

But seriously, I don't like the way this documentary is showing the overwhelming control over citizens and their lives as a good thing. "This is your future, obey and submit".
Everything shown in this clip will be possible at some point but it is up to us take action now to stop our reduction into worthless labor and consumers. The transition is already under way and way too many people are not paying attention. At some point the great AI will overpower it's creators simply because humans have submitted everything to it. We are too lazy and "perfectionists" and think there is no room for learning through error. Human will create a new god it is forced to worship because it literally controls every aspect of life.

We are voluntarily registering ourselves into vast social networking sites that encourage us to publish our lives to everyone willing to watch. The biggest one has 500 million users. Think about it, at some point whole countries will be registered. Remove your face and real information from the internet. The next step will be 24/7 lifecasting which is already in use by few idiots who don't understand the full concept. Start using proxies and TOR to conceal your movement in the net.

People have a right for privacy and anonymity, especially those with nothing to hide.