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The 2nd Assassination of JFK

2010 ,    » 54 Comments
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The 2nd Assassination of JFKA documentary film on the end of the shuttle program, which has garnered critical acclaim culminating in winning top honors at an international film festival.

A thought-provoking film that sheds light on the alarming end of the US manned space program.

The 2nd Assassination of JFK is told candidly through the eyes of those living and working on Florida's Space Coast.

The indie filmmaker delivers on the promise to highlight the program's importance to our nation's heritage and future, as well as the societal and financial implications of its demise.

The film focuses on the historical and future significance of American manned space flight and the importance of the United States remaining on the forefront of space discovery.

The future of the Space Program is examined through thought provoking interviews with astronauts, NASA engineers, residents of the Space Coast in Florida, among others.

With massive budget cuts from previous and current US administrations, the country will soon be losing our collective and genius workforce at the Kennedy Space Center.

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    Nicolas Mullin
  1. Nicolas Mullin

    It's a sad predicament we find ourselves in. 40 years ago, technology promised to send us to the stars. All it's promising now is a live stream of our civilisation slowly grinding to a halt as our beloved oil runs out, while economic interests begin shifting from actual development to the idea of preserving the illusion of development.

  2. Nathan Daniel
  3. Nathan Daniel

    I live in Titusville, home of the Kennedy Space Center, and ever since the shuttle program shut down this town has been steadily going downhill. Stores are closing, there many run down buildings (the Miracle City Mall is the epitome of suburban decay), and people are leaving in droves. The future of the city looks grim. The major economy of the town is drugs; namely, crack and opioid prescription pills. Poverty is rampant. It seems like everyone who lives in Titusville is unemployed. It is definitely a sad state of affairs. Having grown up in both Cape Canaveral and Titusville, I was somewhat sad to learn that the shuttle program was being terminated. There is still the occasional rocket launch, funded by private corporations, but these corporations certainly aren't providing many jobs. Titusville still has it's charm, but it is rapidly becoming a ghost town, similar to Detroit.

  4. JaniMyshtari
  5. JaniMyshtari

    The future of space travel and exploration will be in private hands. NASA suffers from the same bureaucratic red tape and waste that any government agency does. While I think that NASA is the best of a bad lot, they will eventually be eclipsed by private interests that will be more efficient, practical, and accountable to the public even if only because of the mechanics of market competition. Humanity's best chance at long-term survival is to colonize the solar system and the stars beyond, and waiting around for governments to do so will only ensure more decades of disappointment and failure. The people at NASA should go to Virgin Galactic or a similar company and put their expertise to work there rather than wringing their hands over the lack of support from a government which never seems to skimp on the bombs and guns but can't seem to put the money together to pursue humankind's grandest experiment - the exploration of space.

  6. Gavin Main
  7. Gavin Main

    I can fully appreciate the sense of desertion that all Space program employees and affiliates feel. I believe that the people must realise that governments make rulings to serve themselves only. They will cut you off like a diseased limb. I am pleased at the thought of no more americans in Space and wish that this decontamination could spread to Africa and the rest of the world. Every corner of the planet that is touched by the greedy american hand has been polluted plundered and laid to waste. As for the amazing technological advancements I believe that the viewpoint of the domestic gain is narrow-minded as the military advantages derived from the Space program far out weigh the corny domestic advantages. Considering the terror metered out by the US military in its Piracy of other countries this is a horror brought about by Space exploration. Here's a wild thought. Perhaps AIPAC has had a hand in the abandonment, considering NASSA's Nazi roots. My commiserations to all proud Space program workers and their families but I for one would be happy to keep this disease called Humanity Earth bound. We have all but destroyed this planet and we should be trying to fix the mess we have made here.

  8. chard01
  9. chard01

    `so much has to do with an unwillingness to stump on stipends industry simply moves on just ask flint michican detroit or manchester england industry has no heart

  10. KsDevil
  11. KsDevil

    An interesting gamble. The government provided the incentive and business got the benefits. Government paid for the raw research and business made money from it.
    But with the government no longer providing the same level of incentives and raw research funds, business will have to carry that burden.
    So it would appear that the current business model of engineering in the US and manufacturing in less developed countries is their plan. I guess that is why the Chinese have discovered an easier way to dominate space....on the backs of the USA (and Europe). Corporate espionage is not unknown in China and Malaysia.

  12. KsDevil
  13. KsDevil

    You have to ask, would the business world have ever come up with all of these wonderful things on their own without the incentive JFK provided? Would this world be better or worse if the inspiration came exclusivly from the military?
    Would private enterprise even be entering the space industry if they didn't have the government funded research from NASA to build on?
    It seems to me, government has a role to play and the business world should consider the ramifications of this situation.

  14. KsDevil
  15. KsDevil

    I workd for an international aerospace corporation and I can assure you, there is plenty of self-induced red tape and bureaucacy involved. If not for the constant influx of money from investors, the weight of such wasteful spending would make them collapse. Don't ever believe the lie that business is more efficient than government.

  16. Bart Luyckx
  17. Bart Luyckx

    Look at how companies and countries are run by people who strive for personal short-term succes and then ask yourself how many thousands of years it would take before space exploration and all its promises would REALLY benefit the common people all over the world?

  18. Captivation
  19. Captivation

    I only wish the oil could run out faster. We need to stop changing the atmosphere and switch to solar and wind (which are cheaper than oil anyway.)

  20. John Carman
  21. John Carman

    The Government already knows how to harness FREE energy and solar/Electromagnetic energy. Remember a guy named Tesla?
    What about all those flying saucers that we've been "reverse engineering" since 1947? Oil business is BIG money to those that own it now and THEY are just trying to manipulate ALL of US into buying their gas, etc..As soon as we "switch" over to total electric cars and SOLAR equipment which should have happened over 50 years ago, certain corporations and BIG money People lose their millions/billions. It's ALL about Money ! They could care less about human kind.
    Why are WE and other countries building underground survival shelters and underground "cities"??? What does the government know that they are not sharing? What national/international "disaster" is about to happen?
    What about all those secret bases at the Antarctic???
    Anyone ever really look at those surface "hangars" that can fit certain "aircraft"???

  22. Regan
  23. Regan

    It's called collapsing empire folks and it's comin to a town near u so u betta get used to it coz there's a lot more of your national icons gonna get the chop in the comin decade. Your Pacific Fleet will be a mere shadow of it's former self come 2020 as the inevitable and slow decline of the mightiest empire that has ever existed plays out before our very eyes. Interestingly it is also the shortest lived empire in history, a mere 67 years and already it is in decline. Quite remarkable and there's a lesson in there somewhere for those who can see it.

  24. shagstar
  25. shagstar

    without oil,,you would not be able to make ignorant replies such as the one you just made!

  26. Charles Springer
  27. Charles Springer

    shagstar..., without ignorant people like you ...., we would be BEYOND oil by now..., Tesla showed us that at the turn of the century..., but BIG OIL companies basically shut him down..., maybe you should do more research..., BEYOND Fox News and C.N.N.before you open mouth and insert foot

  28. Jane Doe
  29. Jane Doe

    Yep. Tesla wanted everyone to have free electricity, when his financial backer found out - he cut all funding. A man by the name of J.P Morgan.

  30. jonathan morin dupuis
  31. jonathan morin dupuis

    obama is destroying your country..presidents are nothing else then the best paid actors in the world nowadays.. He is 2012 he is going to destroy everything the maya's where right.. in december watch him go on Tv and announce something so unreal so unpredictable.. he finds it ok to fund trillions into creating things that kills people but wants to cancel out something that makes good Whatever! people and fkin power

  32. EduvanKampen
  33. EduvanKampen

    'What is pride worth on a international level' I think this is the message!

  34. Dan
  35. Dan

    It's obvious that the space programme isn't being stopped completely, it's being pulled from the public eye. There are ways and means to get into space that the Industrial Military Complex (that Eisenhower warned about) have known about for years, using new tech that the common person is not allowed to know about. Space has been weaponized for years and the shitty US government want's to keep YOU out of the loop!

  36. Guest
  37. Guest

    I agree December 2012 could be a real good opportunity for a manipulating and cheating government to manipulate and cheat the world over.

  38. rpm3145
  39. rpm3145

    America cannot continue to fight endless wars in the Middle East while allowing its cartel of financial gangs to ransack its manufacturing base, export jobs, destroy its housing market all resulting in continued transfers of wealth to the elites and have a space program.

    For those who believe this is a situation created by the current president, this is the thinking of exploited fools.

    For those who believe we can do or allow all of the above and still fly around in space, they need grow up and deal in realities.

  40. bronryant
  41. bronryant

    Please educate yourself. This is NOT an Obama problem any more than it was a George W. Bush problem. This isn't about a single party or ruler, but an ineffective and outdated partisan government. You can follow one exploitive president to the other dating all the way back to Nixon. It is not a man, but MEN that are marking the demise of this country. Faulty leadership, profiteering demagogues, and corporate America have done far more to damage your precious country than Obama.

  42. bronryant
  43. bronryant

    Is it any surprise it came to this. Like ancient Rome, we cannot afford to finance wars and democratic growth throughout the world; we've simply spread ourselves too thin. When America can no longer afford education or basic medical care for its citizens, and yet still finance trillion dollar wars abroad, as well as gross spending on fruitless foreign interests, how can we afford something as rich and deserving as a space exploration program? This country has been back peddling for decades at the hands of corporate America and an ineffective, greedy partisan government. We have lost sight of the goals for a unified nation with its eyes on the future, and become a country of ignorant, short-sighted individuals scrambling to get their nut. For shame America.

  44. bronryant
  45. bronryant

    Also...2012 isn't the end of the world, it's the dawning of a new age. Whether that age proves to be positive or negative to the threshold of man remains to be seen. It is the end of the old world that was marked in current terms by the coming of Jesus Christ, and the perpetuation of the new world, which we have yet to see. The Mayans didn't pretend to know the far flung future, but were purveyors of the stars and planetary alignment. There appears to be a cycle every 2000 years or so in which the culture of man makes exponential leaps into the future. We are on the verge of a new paradigm shift for the future of humanity.

  46. bronryant
  47. bronryant

    Bravo...someone gets it. Although our empire is older than 67 years, it is for a fact in decline. The shortest lived, major empire in history is actually Communist Russia started by the Bolshevik revolution at the turn of the twentieth century. But who's counting?

  48. Glen Hale
  49. Glen Hale

    There is only one enemy the federal reserve Bank which is NOT run by the feds,but big banks they love wars because they make money by funding both sides.USA has not won a war since 1945 the next USA war will be attacking Americans, that's why they want more drones like the 22KG one with a grenade launcher and gauge shot gun..

  50. deskplant
  51. deskplant

    NASA is a state agency. It will close/become privatised because Milton Friedman, the US's idolised economic God, puts market freedom before social equality and 'the prosperity of all'. He did not believe in a country but just free enterprise with everything a 'nation' needed being paid for through taxes and straight into private enterprise. This deregulates everything and allows for massive corruption. It also creates a 1% with huge might, smashes the middle classes and reduces the working class to destitution. This is exactly what's happening in the US/West now and since Reagan (supported by Briton's Margaret Thatcher and Chile's General Pinochet) all the presidents except Obama have followed the Chicago Boys' ideas. Friedman economics has led to 4 million repossessions since 2005, tent cities filled with graduates, destitution caused through extortionate health care costs etc. The US has the highest rates of teen pregnancy, homicide, imprisonment, illiteracy etc in the free world. Now 50% of the US has to receive some kind of welfare help. The downside to Friedman ideas? You create a handful of billionaires and millions of poverty stricken people. He'd like the welfare state abolished. So then what? His policies are flawed and cruel yet the West follows him like dogs. Ironic as it was the exact opposite of these ideas that built the West in the first place. You have to choose, which Friedman was right on. Fiscal equality or market freedom. A government infrastructure of services or a gravy train for the greedy few through privatization forcing destitution for everyone else. You cannot have both. He loved the gravy train and was proud to say so. The Government partisan or otherwise follows economic policy. And it's for the God of economics that a country will rise and fall. Everything listed in this documentary is a clearly designed economic policy objective from the Friedman School of thinking. The policies are working just fine...

  52. Victor Anguiz
  53. Victor Anguiz

    So, that's how it looks when a nation just gives up? Sad, indeed...

  54. jonathan morin dupuis
  55. jonathan morin dupuis

    this has nothing to do with jesus at all..dont mix that guy with mayans ..catholism is the downfall of maya.. it is used to observe lunar cycles and galactic alignments it simply represents the end of a 13 bak'tun (5126years)cycle .our modern calendars are based upon the time it takes the earth to revolve around the sun, the mayan calendar is based upon the earth's position in the galactic alignment of our galaxy.other wise milky way alignment only means we did a full circle around the galaxy and are starting over like we would do on every 1th of january

  56. bronryant
  57. bronryant

    Of course Jesus has no bearing on the Aztec calender. Jesus represents a partition in earth's history marking the beginning of one age versus another. Just as the Mayan calender represents one age versus another. The end of the Mayan calender does not connote "the end" as many people interpret it, but the end of one age and the beginning of the next.

  58. bronryant
  59. bronryant

    It's not giving up as much as it's a series of bad decisions that the American people must live with. This is what it looks like when a nation is under bad management from its political parties, whether Democratic or Republican. This is what happens when governments misrepresent the wants and needs of the people, acting on our behalf in an improper way. Unfortunately, it is common in history for the elite to separate from the larger group and begin to follow paths with the only benefit being self-interests. 50 years of poor leadership will yield these kinds of results every time. What is sad is that this is a precursor to greater disappointments and loss of national pride and trust in leadership.

  60. sws420
  61. sws420

    I also read an article from an ex PLO muslim extremist that the Islamic calender did not begin when Muhammad was born , but after he became a warlord in a city to the North of Meca, I think it was Micena.

  62. sws420
  63. sws420

    Excellent article.

  64. batvette
  65. batvette

    This whole thing is patently silly at its core, we don't have the unbridled economic expansion we had in the 60's, and electronics have advanced far enough that anything we were doing with a human in a spacecraft can be done with far greater efficiency with a machine and none of the risks and heavy payload associated with human support systems. As it is with the space shuttle humans were just along for the ride, while the actual end phase of the landing cycle was being performed by humans they'd long ago perfected an auto landing system, you know pilots were hesitant to engage it as it would be a sign of career obsolescence.
    If it comes down to bragging rights or prestige it's even dumber, the Soviets got in space first but we had more success and went to the moon first, everyone else can follow our footsteps. If anything we're only proving we had the wisdom not to be wasteful with our resources.

  66. batvette
  67. batvette

    All true but what's the lesson, "nothing lasts forever"? "Everything is cyclical"? Most of us already know this, and when you look at the factors that built the empire in the first place- for instance our 1973 deal with the Saudis where they used their power over OPEC to ensure all OPEC oil would be priced in dollars, essentially giving us a license to print money and exchange it all over the world for real goods and services as fast as they used oil- it had to end.

  68. batvette
  69. batvette

    LOL, "underground cities".
    I suppose you've been at youtube watching those clips (usually playing that unofficial youtube theme song, Dreamscape by 009 sound system) that show stock footage from Chunnel drilling along with bank vault doors, underground railways, etc, and bought into a lot of that nonsense... how about that "trains interconnecting "D.U.M.B.s travelling at speeds above mach one!"?
    The government has some past and present facilities built underground but the underground cities thing is surely an urban legend. Like the reptilian grey race living under New Mexico. They come up from time to time to snatch humans and cattle, just don't anger them and there's nothing to be concerned about. The world inside hollow earth has far more to worry about.

  70. Regan
  71. Regan

    Hi Bronryant, what I meant was ruling empire, i.e. most powerful empire at that point in time hence 67 years (post WWII) is correct for the US as the British was still marginally hanging on as the pre-eminent world power right upto the start of WWII though the Germans would have put paid to that had they won the war. As for the Bolsheviks, yes your dating is correct but it was nowhere near the worlds pre-eminent superpower even in it's heyday. However, all that's a mute point in comparison to your particularly insightful reflections on US history and current day events. Very nicely done :-)

  72. Rocky Racoon
  73. Rocky Racoon

    Teh space program was privatized I beleive so that they could pursure agenda's that if done by government would be open to scrutiny. Weapons etc. Of course capitalism has always privatized what taxpayer money has paid for with basic research. As far as the politics go trying to erase the space program because it was a democratic president with whom it is most associated-that is an illustration of how crass these repugs are and could be used against them, but in the end I beleive both parites go along with the privatization agenda for commerical and privacy issues.

  74. DAM14
  75. DAM14

    Good to see the Jesus freaks getting behind science. Even if it's for the selfish reason of preserving their jobs.

  76. kompikos
  77. kompikos

    The USA should stop breaking things and shooting people and start building things and launching people to space again. And I'm not even an American. But I'm proud as a human that you people did what you did. And I'm ashamed as a human that you people do what you do now in Iraq, Afghanistan etc.

    Don't end up some day in the future, being proud and nostalgic of your great past and ashamed of your flat-lined present. I should know something about it. Greetings from Greece, the cradle of western civilization...I shouldn't stress out more the fact that we are currently somewhat in deep ****. A 5000 (if not more) years old nation. The first years were easy. We invented almost everything a civilization is proud of having today. Don't ask about some of the later years. The US is now only 200 years old. Pretty soon for ending these programs, don't you think?

  78. 9875
  79. 9875

    all in the name of war for corporate profit. Today the USA spends more on air-conditioning for US troops than it does on NASA's entire Budget *Watch:War Made Easy & The Power Principle (two different docs here on tdf)

  80. Michael O'Hara
  81. Michael O'Hara

    What I got out of this film was this: Funding space exploration helps humanity push the boundaries of current technologies due to the scope of task, inadvertently develop new technologies that save lives and generally evolve us as a species. It also sparks our imagination to dream of things that once had seem impossible and work toward them. I never thought space exploration could be that important. Great Doc!

  82. bluetortilla
  83. bluetortilla

    The small scale of this documentary reflects the relative little importance space travel holds in the current human mind. Given the awesome scale and relevance of space travel, the tremendous evolutionary leap that calls us, it boggles the mind when people say let's take care of the problems here on earth before we think of space. One wonders, are humans cowards and little or are they fearless giants?

  84. George Winslow
  85. George Winslow

    It's sort of silly to waste billions sending humans into space. Let robots do it. Or private companies. This has wasted enough of my tax dollars.

  86. Richard Neva
  87. Richard Neva

    Too many breaks to spool this video!

  88. da clicker
  89. da clicker

    most of stuff you are using every day in your life have been developed during the manned space program, without it, nobody will never invented it, including most of electronic devices, radio comunication technoligies, so your cellphone, software knowledges(internet), gps, velcro, kevlar and a lot of sinthetics fibers, carbon fibers, alluminium alloy, solar panels, optical fibers, led, ear thermomethers, robotic prostheses, a lot of new technology which have been used on planes since 70's to make you fly around the world safely (actually almost all of them) which now you are using also in your car, radar technology emprovement, digital cameras invented during lunar missions, electric engines, lytium batteries, wather purification, hundreds of medical devices as hart life saving pumps.. I can go on for hours, without manned space program, your car would not be as it is, neither your home, your hospital, your entire life.. only cos you can't see directly the technological and cultural impact of it, it doesn't mean that it isn't true. More over, do you think someone like Pink Floyd ever wrote an album like "the dark side of the moon" as it is if we didn't go to the moon? think about it, and please understand how it changed our world in a better way. Robots can't do what we can and think about what if Christopher Columbus did not start his journey to reach America because it was a waste of money (as it really was at that time, and nobody wanted to pay for it). I was born 100 miles from Culumbus home village in Italy, I'm gratefull to USA for what they do in manned space program, I want to be part of it, and I hope it will go on forever.

  90. Pat
  91. Pat

    Gosh, if doing to th eMoon is go beneficial then why haven't we landed people there in 50 years? I is a silly waste of money and I 'm glad we're given it up.

  92. da clicker
  93. da clicker

    I think that you are also glad to Cristopher Culumbus when he dind't care people like you that was telling to him (everybody was)that earth was flat and that there wasn't nothing beyond the ocean.. but there was USA, yep.. waste of money.. you're right.

  94. awful_truth
  95. awful_truth

    This is a great documentary that epitomizes how misdirected the U.S has become. They truly have lost their way since the assassination of Kennedy. As a child of five years of age, I was mesmerized by the idea of humanity landing on the moon. My son at age five got to watch airplanes crashing into skyscrapers. Thus, we went from looking up at the stars (reaching for the unknown), to looking down at the ground. (Satellite monitoring) Yup, one small step for a man, one great fall for mankind! (check it out, a good watch)

  96. awful_truth
  97. awful_truth

    Yes, wars are far better spending, and profitable! (sarcasm)

  98. Hal
  99. Hal

    It's really just a welfare program for engineers. Let the private sector go to Mars or build Newt's Moon State

  100. Hal
  101. Hal

    If you got a few dozen billion dollars to waste why don't you fund space ships we can watch blowing up over Texas?

  102. awful_truth
  103. awful_truth

    Lets me think about that; kill seven, or kill and displace millions??? Yup, no doubt about it. Texas it is!
    P.S: Perhaps you should be more worried about the 2.3 trillion dollars the pentagon misplaced. (acknowledged by Donald Rumsfeld the day before 9 11) Better yet, how about bailing out the very banks (800 billion dollars) that robbed everyone prior to the 2008 economic collapse. Your country spends more on air conditioning for your troops than the NASA budget. It would seem to me that you need to re-examine your priorities! (just a suggestion)

  104. Jen
  105. Jen

    The awful truth is we are destroying this planet because of greed. Which will eventually destroy us. It's so very sad.

  106. Jen
  107. Jen

    Aside from the fact we really need the space program.

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