42 Ways To Kill Hitler
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42 Ways To Kill Hitler

2008, History  -   42 Comments
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42 Ways To Kill HitlerAdolf Hitler is perhaps the most feared and despised man of the 20th century. Not surprisingly, there were over 40 documented attempts on Hitler's life.

Assassins ranged from simple craftsmen to high-ranking soldiers in the Fhrer's own military. Aided by cutting-edge CGI, security experts explain why the plots failed; and using modern weapon and explosive experiments, determine what slight change could have made the missions successful.

Historians theorize how history would have been altered had just one of the killers eliminated Hitler.

Adolph Hitler, it seems, wasn't well liked. This documentary from National Geographic examines the numerous historical plots to kill the Fuhrer and why they floundered. The program's panel of experts also discusses how these plans might have succeeded--and how Hitler's assassination might have changed history.

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Chris Saunders
5 years ago

Sam Malloy you're Jewish I take it?

5 years ago

It would seem that power corrupts and the ability to control the information that is disseminated is power; especially when a populace is too lazy to look at any other information, let alone at least SOME information from sources not beholden to the Corporate-Govt-Media-Military Complex. Up until the internet, if you wanted to get published you had to write something agreeable to the publishing houses.

I would like to know how those who consider themselves to be properly educated or informed came to that conclusion, especially about Hitler? How do you know you didn't receive propaganda in school and the books you have read or other information you have seen/heard? (it is rhetorical question only) To the victors go the spoils and one of those is propagandizing history to justify their actions. And what "Allied" historian who bothered to dig, would write how the usa public and volunteering patriots were duped, as has been the case most of the time? War is for profit, not for settling anything.

Although this documentary may be interesting to some, I would find it much more interesting for those that made the decisions at the time, to explain without the benefit of BS/propaganda, why Churchill was so loathsome of Hitler from early on, prior to him setting military foot outside his borders. Was it because England couldn't handle the competition; Germany eating England's lunch in the export market?

And why did the US Navy fill Pearl Harbor full of boats prior to an attack they knew was coming?

And how is it Hitler had so many Ford trucks and others with GM chassis? How is it Standard Oil was selling fuel to the Nazis during the war?

Clearly Stalin liked the idea of having cover of war to get rid of another 40 million of his own countrymen after the 20mln or so he already "cleansed".

Clearly Hitler was the right zealot for the job of war, to make the captains of industry and the banksters a mint. A cornered patriot much like a cornered animal ready to strike if need be. Stalin was already planning to invade so what did he have to lose? Those in his own ranks that wanted him dead knew that it was either him or eventually them, with more than one major army coming after them. Would these German officers have wanted to terminate Hitler had they never lost a battle or were so blind they couldn't see the inevitable?

It would seem elementary that Stalin killed far more Jews than Hitler. No doubt many of those were attributed to Hitler. Did Hitler have access to even a million?

What does one think when one sees Jews from a closer in concentration camp that didn't have its supply lines bombed out by the Allies likely causing Typhus outbreak, state how they were treated well? You can see this if you search.

It seems the socialists are the new/old nazis(National Socialists). They cannot tolerate those who prefer freedom. Freedom to choose where and what and how and when, for most any issue, like education, landowner rights, and the right to arm one's self; without govt corrupted with socialists interfering. Proof? The FBI corrupted with socialists were working to thwart Trump prior to and obviously after the election. Did your socialist media fail to inform you? Maybe you ought not to be so lazy and find better sources than the major propaganda networks and school. I know it is difficult to turn your computer on and use it to do a few searches but all that herculean effort is well worth it. Certainly there is some propaganda in "The Greatest Story Never Told" but it is worth a search and a watch also.

What is the truth? Hard to say, I wasn't there. It does seem Hitler turned bad although not as bad as painted. Stalin far worse. Churchill was a royal prick. And the usa? You be the judge. I'd say guilty as hell for some. And we will likely end up the same as England, a socialist corrupt has been, like every other empire, where the votes of one group are bought at the forced expense of another group. You are free to do as they tellXX permit you. That way socialists feel all cozy about it since fee permits are "legal" and dictating doesn't sound as nice. If you live in an apt. and work for govt and think that more govt equals more opportunity for advancement for you, then you are a socialist. If you think anything about my non violent non aggressive nature and life that wants to cut down a tree on my property to build a cabin, needs controlled, then you are a socialist who needs to move to a different country rather that ruining this once great nation. By the way, trees grow like weeds around here so get over yourself.

Or you could read the Constitution, follow its wisdom, and insist our govt does as well. That is about the only thing that will save the usa.

9 years ago

LOL it's funny because no one makes documentaries pertaining to the systematic genocide of the Palestinians in Israeli concentration camps.

10 years ago


Where have you ever seen a video on youtube buffering?

The problem is probably your connection.

11 years ago

Videos on YouTube will not buffer. This is the death knell of YT.

11 years ago

Well the experiment with the explosive near the end of the video was VERY flawed. They used a table made of particle board. The Germans would not have used particle board tables. Particle board came in during the sixties. The Germans have always been well known for the stout quality of their furniture, the table at Wolfs Lair would certainly have been made of oak, or some other sturdy hard wood and that, as this video itself implies, was one of the reasons Hitler survived the blast. The particle board table that the two experimenters used, certainly didn't need the extra concussive force of the larger blast, to "kill" Hitlers mannequin stand in. What a farcical exercise in detonology.

12 years ago

it makes me SICK to read that some of you idiots think hitler had the right ideals... are you f-ing kidding me ?
I think you missed some history lessons back at school...
nobody deserves to be wiped out, no matter which race or nationality ! whoever claims anything else is either dumb or evil .

12 years ago

"Adolph Hitler, it seems, wasn’t well liked." No shit, Einstein.

12 years ago

It was maybe a bit short and the narrator was a little misleading at the Stauffenberg part. They did have a plan but the original one had to be given up on short notice. It involved Rommel who would have used his big name and given the order to surrender to the allies as soon as news of the assassination and the installing of a new government reached the front. It was a fake government consisting of members of the plot but they would controll the communication flow for a short time. Ironically Rommel got hit by an allied bomb when he was on his way to inform the allies of his plan. He got injured and was killed after the attempt failed.

Another sad thing is how Elser was killed just weeks before the war ended and that for so long his memory was tarnished by every historian because everyone tried to make him part of some government plan many even said he was just a nazi pawn who was given order to plant that bomb in order to blame the brits.
It sadly always shows that those parties with good "lobbies" manage to highlight rather minor resistance. For example in Germany you will here frome the Scholl siblings a lot but rather little of all those working class who died people who really did have a real resistance.

12 years ago

he is in antartica, with the uberman in his Einsamkeitburg

12 years ago

Only problem is,,, Hitler did not kill himself, he got away. Funny how they can say in the documentary specifically what type and caliber of pistol he used when his body was never found. Stalin admitted Hitler escaped. Suspected places are either Argentina or Spain. Considering the fact that there were high ranking Nazis found hiding in foreign countries after the war, it is not inconceivable to believe that Hitler did the same. Many important Nazis were never found. Those that were show absolutely no remorse whatsoever for what they did. Many openly claim the war years were the best times of their lives. What the Nazis did was the most horrible mass murder in history and it was wrong. I fear a worse scenario will one day play out however, as religeon combined with the lust for wealth and power, make up the volatile root of all evil

12 years ago

OMG.......It's not A-dolf
It's Ad-olf

12 years ago

Okay documentary, but it really just stresses through these interesting events and doesn't provide the depth you'd want. Guess "Hitler's Bodyguards" is better.

12 years ago

Interesting doc! Thanks for uploading.
I recognized Frank Doyle from a few Mythbusters episodes.

13 years ago

Mickey even!! Oopps.

13 years ago

You are right Joe.

Hitler had the right ideal, get rid of those Jewish leeches. The only race that i can think o that was kicked out of every country they ever infested.

13 years ago

What do you mean by that @mickey?
If you really look at history, the Soviet Union and USA adopted Hitlers policies after the war.
Fluoride in water? research it.
Mass propaganda for politicians. Hitlers idea.
Secret police and military. (can anyone say KGB, FBI, CIA, Special Forces?) Once again Hitlers creation.
Using a common albeit imaginary enemy to control the masses. (it was the Jews, then the commies, now ... terrorists?)
So if you meant Hitler was right about creating a subdued society so he could have all the money and power possible, then you are correct.
If you enjoy having your freedoms stripped away and having to present 'papers' to show you are not a terrorist. I suppose he was right there too.
But if you value the freedom of choice as much as I do, then he and every 'super powered' government that followed was completely WRONG.
But everyone, brainwashed or not, still has the freedom of choice. You can choose to continue to be brainwashed. You can choose to think I am a crackpot. You could even choose to attack my ideas. I choose to share my ideas. And I also choose to respect everyone else's freedom of choice. Something our current governments refuse to do.

So the true question is not who was right, but WHO BENEFITED? and WHY? An old parable states "It's not appearances that count, but what's behind them."

13 years ago

hitler was on the right lines......just went about it very wrong

Achems Razor
13 years ago

This doc. was probably a synopsis of the 12 hour long "Hitlers Bodyguards"

Just how much can you cram into 1 hour? to me this doc. is good enough, gives a general outline.

13 years ago

Kind of a childish presentation. The information itself is interesting, but that, however, has nothing to do with the film makers, they had access to documents that we're accessible beforehand.

Too many "After checking, we concluded that Hitler was about here" (with only the "wet thumb in the air" gesture) kind of moments instead of showing the viewer how Hitler's position was calculated give the feeling of a movie that, with the right budget and access to the recently dis-classified documents, me and my 3 year old nephew could also make.

Purely from a film making POV: Childish, lacking and "in the air", no pin-pointing whatsoever.

Achems Razor
13 years ago

Good doc.

Read and studied quite a lot about Hitler , Herman Goring, the third Reich. Gestapo, Storm troopers, Brown shirts, Enigma code etc:

Stoke City
13 years ago

lol yeah definitely. a good brief, indeed.

Charles B.
13 years ago

This was very informative. If you don't have 12 hours to watch "Hitler's Bodyguards" this is a nice brief.

Stoke City
13 years ago

I definitely recommend watching "Hitler's Bodyguards" instead. It's a 12 part series... so it's like this video only 12 hours long on the assassination attempts on his life.