7/7: Ripple Effect

2012, Conspiracy  -   34 Comments

7/7: Ripple EffectVerint Systems is the security firm that is responsible for the CCTV surveillance cameras, in the London Underground rail network, and it is an Israeli company, with approximately 1000 employees.

This documentary explores why no CCTV footage of the four Muslims boarding the tube-trains has been released by Verint; who claim that their cameras were not working.

Why? Because the four Muslims were not on the tube-trains that blew up. Dear viewer, I hope this finds you well, in good spirit and having a good day.

Regarding the 7/7/2005 terrorist attacks in London, let us look at the facts, and what we were told, and compare them. Then, using Ockham's Razor and common-sense, let us see what conclusions are to be drawn, so we can all understand what most likely really did happen that day.

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  1. Ahmed B

    What we have here is a deranged secret agenda that has its claws in absolutely all aspects of our lives and our systems. A small zionist cabal has infiltrated and now runs virtually all the media, the business, the government out of proportion to their numbers, is this democracy, or is it one $ one vote ? Rule of the people, by the ziocons, for Israel. Now we all know 911 was a US ziocon inside job mossad partnership for the NWO, remember the dancing Israelis ? the independent evidence is so overwhelming. Similarly for 77, and most of the war OF terror. They used patsies to further their agenda and make the excuse to kill millions of innocent people. The overall objective was to divide and rule, get rid of independent rulers in the middle east , regime change them to puppets, and redraw the maps ..again. What is shocking is how they repeatedly kill the public to incite hatred and war for their own warped ends. "By way of deception, thou shalt do war". They are not satisfied with killing Palestinians every day, I am afraid this is only the beginning as they want to extend that to a NWO, a MATRIX for all of us. We have to take back the power from them and play fair with all humanity before we are all completely enslaved

  2. bungabunga

    A lot of disinformation agents leaving comments on this video: always a good sign that you're close to the truth. Again it's like the people who say that the "Protocols of Zion" are a forgery. What else are they going to say? "woops you figured us out, guess we'll stop taking over the world now" Honestly, you people are so gullible. There are certain factual bits of information here that even taken on their own prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that this event was engineered as a false flag attack. The doctored CCTV image for one. The evidence against Israel is mountainous, to try and discredit or ignore this evidence is futile. It's obvious. Read between the lines. All the CCTVs are operated by israeli companies, and just by chance they all stopped working at the same time.... hmmmmm...... and just by chance it's the same company that managed the airport security in american airports on 9.11, hmmmm........... so mysterious.......

  3. jrcgds

    definitely a good documentary but there is a lot of jumping to conclusion and drawing solid facts out of vague testimonies and loose theories,the narrator talks to much about himself too much as i think he wants people to no he was extradited,attacked for some kind of conspiracy to almost make himself more credible as if he has insider knowledge

  4. Mordecai Melamed

    The people who made this movie attack tv as being a tool of propaganda - but they are using the same means to spread their side of the story. It is hard to think that people like Tony Blair would be behind such an evil plan. Nevertheless, this film makes one wonder if such evil is possible. There are many questions that need to be answered. It will take time - perhaps years to find out the truth but it will be revealed. The film is well made and makes one wonder what really went on on that tragic day in London.

    1. Boompse

      Find this on the Net: 'The Conspiracy Files 7/7' It will sort you out.

    2. Michael Jay Burns

      "It is hard to think that people like Tony Blair would be behind such an evil plan" Really? Have you forgotten Mr. Blair's complicity in the Bush build-up to the Irag war, built as it was on a fabric of lies and intentional distortions?

    3. Julie Hall

      Mordecai remember a very large group of people conspired to take down not only WTC 1 & 2 but also building 7 and 2 other smaller buildings. Osama bin Laden does NOT have a weaponised satelite with molecular dissociation technology. The world has to wake up that indeed not only our own Australian PMs but many other world leaders are puppets of the City of London.

  5. derwall2012

    when you say, "in other words" and substitute with your own interpretation, its not really on is it, i mean you can and do say a load of crap that is not close to the meaning of the original statement, epic fail and 57 mins left to play, oh dear.

  6. Amanda

    I am guessing that the geniuses behind this conspiracy are also behind 9/11... and OJ Simpson's framing too....

    Conspiracies are very rarely anything more than television and movie fodder. Sorry folks, Prime ministers and Presidents are NOT that powerful!

    1. nangpa

      Do you even listen to what the guy said? The guy makes underbuild arguments with facts and you just don't hear them or something?
      You really sound like someone believing in god, just because they can't imagine him not being there makes it true.

      If you can defend all of his arguments with good information I'm happely willing to listen but untill that making a statement like you did is just inbelievable.
      But then again, your last sentence says it allready, thinking the Presidents are running the country...

    2. Boompse

      'Muad-Dib' a character name from Frank herbert's 'Dune' sci-fi novel. He's also barking mad. 7/7 Ripple Effect is full of factual errors. Twits like you, nangpa need to stop being so gullible. Try the BBC's 'The Conspiracy Files 7/7' to set your head straight. And stop being so rude to Amanda.

    3. Ebrahiym Marthlhalgi JJ Blunt-

      Actually indictments and convictions are handed down everyday based on conspiracies in courtroom all over america.. and most of it is based on no evidence but intent.

  7. Robin_Hood_89

    as much as anyone can criticise points of his argument or the lack of charisma from the narrator, there certainly hasn't been any response to any of the questions asked by anyone in the government.
    if we dont ask questions we become blind, so thank you for this documentary and i wish more people would get involved and try no to let our country slowly but surely creep back to the 12th century, with power limited to the wealthy.
    Lets face it, we have been told lies in the past by the government.. princess diana and weapons of mass destruction are the most recent examples...

  8. Declan Heard

    statistical unlucklyhood of them being on the same day is not that high, im sure that many terrorist training things went on over 10 years.

    some of the evidence is highly suspicious, but i don't think any of it outright proves what you are saying

  9. trumumin

    Protocols of the Elders of Zion in action. Read it and see for yourself. Long live the fighters!!!

  10. Gary V

    Nice 1 prof Cox, I can't wait until next year for "Wonders of life" to be on TV. Superb.

  11. DontBeDaft

    The BBC and quite a few other news outlets not even mentioned in this documentary reported that "suicide bombers" had been killed in Canary Wharf that day.

    How do suicide bombers survive explosions, only to make their way to Canary Wharf to be murdered by police?

    And then why is this censored, scrubbed off the TV and internet, then never reported again after the first brief reportings leaked through the filters?

    We may not know exactly what happened in 7/7, or 9/11, but we can be absolutely certain that the official stories are covered with holes.

    So the question for any naysayers, is then:

    Why? Why lie if you have nothing to hide?

  12. TRMD

    I think this is a really poorly written and produced take on Loose Change. Nowadays, I wouldnt like to say whether or not a government would be willing to orchestrate or participate in such an atrocity. But this documentary definitely doesnt have me convinced. Some of the points made are fair but most can be explained. The evidence supplied is hazy at best and it is because of this greyness that the assumptions being made about what took place on that day are far too esoteric. In other words, The conclusions drawn are too direct and seem to be plucked from the mist of an otherwise (in this case) vague testimony of the days events.
    Thus, I am inclined to suggest that this documentary is actually more likely to turn people away from the idea that the events were anything more than a group of pissed off young men, exacting their vengeance on a society that they misguidedly deemed to be morally unacceptable.

  13. patrick collins

    THE REMOVAL OF AN EVIL REGIME: during the first gulf war bush senior could easily have removed saddam hussein having won he first gulf war war. this tyrants attrocities were well known to the world yet bush decided to leave this man in power WHY?

  14. botbot

    oh i agree the US is just after oil! but the sadam regime was evil, there is no doubt about it, i cant wait for the day when everyone is using 100 percent renewable energy, if the big pollouters of the world ike usa, china & india stick to using oil there going to be left behind as we all move forward with greener technology, im scottish and im proud to say that scotland is at the forefront of creating green energy

  15. revealthetruth

    bobot should check out Zeitgeist: Addendum. His comments about the 'removal of an evil regime' reminded me of that documentary and how it is common practice for the US to remove any regime that cannot be corrupted but rather, intends to give the profits of it's resources to it's people (instead of creating enormous debt and poverty, enslaved to the US). So if the US cannot bribe the leaders of the nation or corrupt them (as happened with Sadam, he could not be bribed and his security was too great for the numerous assassination attempts), they will use propaganda to demonize them, then simply invade, killing millions of civilians in the process. The United States was using illegal sanctions against Iraq which caused massive civilian deaths. Is it any wonder he spent on military if the US was threatening invasion? Interestingly enough, it was the US that supplied the WMDs he used on the Kurds during the Iran/Iraq war and the US let it happen. It was during the war and decades before 9/11.

    This is why these countries are so poor, their resources are not going back to their people but instead being plundered by the West.

  16. revealthetruth

    Interesting about the drills. I listened to the alleged phone calls from the planes on 9/11. I work for a company that does emergency training for it's staff in case of a major accident and we had to go through these fake phone calls with actors on the other end. They pretended to be calling in about their relatives and we had to pretend we were in a real life situation, calm them down, ask for details etc., just like in the 9/11 calls (with trainers listening in).

    Due to the calmness of some of the 9/11 callers, they appear to be training exercises. I realised how easy it would be to get the unknowing participants to act out their part, record such mock exercises and "neutralise" them afterwards.

  17. botbot

    @just comparing, please stop ranting, and be more precise, 2010 olympics, i think not, the olympic games were held in 2008 and will be again 2012, perhaps you mean winter olympics?
    also in regards to the forged british passports used in the dubai assasination , the uk govt expelled severall israeli consulat staff from the uk. and muslims did commit the 7/7 terrorist attacks, that i have no doubt about. i dont agree with the afghan war, i think the west should deport all muslims to that god forsaken filthy dirt hole of a country, then seal of the countries borders and let them all rot. As for the Iraq war yes perhaps the us did tell lies about the reason for invasion ie weapons of nonexistence.! but i do believe the end result to be good - the removal of an evil regime, i believe that the removal of such regimes needs to be done in more countris and no where needs it more than africa, as to my solution for what needs to be done in the palestine and israel problem, its so simple, send the un in to govern backed up by mass amounts of un peacekeepers, these peacekeepers should be chinese as they have no intrest in the region, and therefor cannot be accused of supporting either side, plus they have the equipment and manpower to ensure peace lasts, as to iran bomb them and keep bombing them until there in the stoneage.

    1. Dutch Major

      Might pay to remove another evil regime, the US government and its allied governments. Would drastically reduce global fatalities, poverty and western terrorism on inocents.

    2. sara huggins

      Chill out about Muslims, not all of them are like that, there are a few which are stupid pieces of filth, yes, but not all, don't discriminate. I'm 15 and I understand the reason you feel like that, but I live in Dubai, and i'm half British half New zealand, and I have Muslim friends, they are nice and don't have anything to do with terrorist attacks. So just chill out a bit, but I do understand where you are coming from.

    3. 0zyxcba1

      @ sara huggins
      "Chill out about Muslims,..."

      I have no problems with Muslims. Lots in my neighborhood.
      Just like everybody else. Been to lots of Muslim countries, too:
      Turkish Cyprus

      It isn't Muslims. I like them, and they like me.


      That is the problem.

      For Muslims, too!
      Southern Iraq, is a sectarian bloodbath, every day Shiites kill Sunnis, Sunnis kill Shiites.

      Since 1979 revolution in the Islamic Republic of Iran, 4000 gay youths have been executed, and many adulteresses have been either beaten or stoned to death, some even pregnant.

      Islam is BRUTAL.

      Religion of Peace, my ass!


    4. susannahc

      The Hebrew Faith and Christianity are big problems too. When Jews start whining and Christians raise there hands in the air asking Jesus to protect them ... know this ... some poor slob in the middle east is getting ready to meet his Allah. Thats how it works.

  18. Thomas

    Great Doc, notice that norad was also doing the same drills on 9-11, people need to wake up from their dream state and question everything your told, I stopped watching T.V, I get everything from the web, this is my main site, keep up the great work.

  19. Frank Lee

    This reminds me of the story about the man who's car gets a flat Tyre in front of a lunatic asylum. He get out to change the wheel and notices he is being observed by one of the inmates. In his nervousness he flips the hubcap full of wheel-nuts into the ditch. While he's scrabbling in the undergrowth the inmate calls out;
    "Why don't you take one of the nuts from the other wheels to mount the spare, that should get you to the nearest garage?"
    "Brilliant" says the driver "Say, why are you in an asylum?" the lunatic replys;
    "I'm in here because I'm crazy' not because I'm stupid!"

  20. allan

    @Just comparing

    Great observations. It reminds me of a couple Lamb Of God lyrics.


    The sins of deliverance
    The eyes of the patriot fixed through the scope
    The unknowing tyrant walks to the rope
    Its when martyrs are justiced that martyrs are made
    A one-gun salute for the new independence day
    They'll hallow your name
    They'll hallow your name for your sacrifice
    The sins of deliverance

    "So let the wicked perish in the presence of God for your sacrifice"

    The sins of the father atoned by the son
    Confessions of commitment broken
    A nail driven for every one
    Its when martyrs are justiced that martyrs are made
    A one-gun salute for the new independence day
    They'll hallow your name
    They'll hallow your name for your sacrifice
    You are the cause, I am the effect
    Created in hatred, a noose for your neck


    (Fear and death in the wings, in thrall of those fallen from grace
    Petty is as petty does, witness the mass disgrace.)
    God forbid you read the signs.
    Watch for meaning between the lines
    Gehenna has now arrived, no hindsight for the blind.
    Your trust has been misplaced, believed the lies told to your face
    Became another casualty and now it's too late.

    You finally made it home,
    Draped in the flag that you fell for.
    And so it goes
    The ashes of the wake.

  21. Naz

    The 7/7 will always remain a conspiracy to pinpoint the Muslims as negative by the media. This is a very truthful documentary and I hope people should see to get the facts of what really happened on that day.

  22. just comparing

    I'm canadian,we do not get alot of news on these bombings, supposedly by Moslem terrorists. Right after 911, in canada the CBC ran so many documentaries of how Canadian's will be subject (God know's why?) to biological attacks, and it was sensationalized with "fear" inspiring sound effects and worded with total conviction that it would happen. Purhaps the CBC was working to promote sending Canadian troops to Afghanistan.

    To the authors of this conspiracy doc, I'd like to compare this also..

    Feb 18/10 there was the "assasination" of the leader of Hamas in Dubai. The news here read, Dubai blames leader of Mosad (Israel's secret service), calling it for sure an assasination. They had fake British passports, for which Britian put it's hands in it's pockets and shrugs shoulders too. Simulataneously, Israel says the leader of Hamas was an arms smuggler.

    Since these two stories, Canadians haven't been poisoned by terrorists..(notice i didn't use the word Muslim before terrorist)...troops are coming back in a box, draped in our flag..Canadian's have been duped to pay one billion dollars for security at the 2010 Olympics (notice no biolgical attacks took place at the olympics!)....AND....Israel made no response to the acusation of Mosad's involvement in the assasination of the leader of Hamas. Britain looked to Israel, to ask if they were involved? Perhaps there are political connections, to keep the wars going...because it keeps people in fear...fear of some world war III...related to the U.S. ...just anyone who gets ARMS from the U.S. or has interests in middle east oil.

    Just comparing all these events and it adds up.

    1. Bruce Wayne

      The US after 911 did a good job of either capturing or killing terrorists. Unfortunately they then created a whole bunch more by invading Iraq and destroying the country. They then disbanded the army and killed too many civilians and did nothing to try to reduce these deaths believing that a soldiers life was worth more than 1000 innocent Iraqi women and children. By doing this they created a giant batch of people with an axe to grind with the US.Eventually these people formed ISIS. By publicizing their dislike of them and the fact they were sending drones and rocket attacks on targets in foreign countries they then created a great recruitment
      drive for ISIS. Now we have so many of our own people being recruited by ISIS I am afraid things will only get worse here in North America. I believe our governments should target anyone who preaches radical Islam, anyone who recruits for them or helps ISIS in any way. We should also refuse re-entry for anyone who enters the middle east without a really good reason and way to verify where they were and what they were doing at all times while there. These radical Imans are trying to get people to attack our country and should be charged with treason if they live here and just kill them if they live in another country. But whatever we are doing we shouldn't talk about it. We should also try to get any country where these people live to help us and bribe them to keep things quiet when we take people out or have them pretend that their own security forces did the killings.