7/7: What Did They Know?

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7/7: What Did They Know?Officials claim they had no inkling of what was to befall London, but using newspaper reports, testimony and evidence from the inquest, the film reveals that Britain was warned continuously about threats to the Underground, actively planned to prevent them and had specific knowledge that two of the alleged bombers were involved in terrorist related activities.

More shocking is the evidence that during the 90s there was a semi-secret Government policy to allow extremists to operate in Britain and even send young men to terror training camps in Pakistan, when it suited Blair's foreign policy in the Balkans.

Furthermore there's a possibility that extremists who surrounded the alleged bombers before the attacks had all at some point worked for British or allied intelligence agencies.

With the limited scope of the inquest, family members are still calling for an independent public inquiry to get to the bottom of this devastating tragedy.

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    Gareth Jones
  1. Gareth Jones

    Stop laughing everyone! some people genuinely believe all this crackpot conspiracy crap..................

  2. Mercenarry ForHire
  3. Mercenarry ForHire

    Shhhh dont tell people that :D its fun to see them chase ghosts and run around in circles :D

  4. dewflirt
  5. dewflirt

    They messed up then went into overdrive and shot an innocent man in the head seven times. Good old British Bobbies. Can't watch this, conspiracy theories do not bring us closer to the truth, they provide cover for all the idi*ts that got it wrong and muddy the water.

  6. Hodd
  7. Hodd

    It's not really a matter of believing "all this conspiracy crackpot crap" but rather questioning the validity of the official conspiracy and its apparent contradictions based on available information. Sure some folks run with that, but you're painting with a broad brush if you simply lump everything and everyone in such a cynical categorical manner.

  8. AntiTheist666
  9. AntiTheist666


    Don’t worry those Divine Ears of yours Ariadne, you didn’t miss much. Valid points are lost in the sensationalist manner of this doc. I agree with you, those responsible for the ensuing shambles got away with murder. As for Jean Charles de Menezes, (the unarmed and innocent man shot 7 times on the tube). I hope that people who don’t know what happened to him checkout the wiki article about his tragic death. It’s another deep red stain on the character of those in power in the uK.

    The Tragic One

  10. dewflirt
  11. dewflirt

    I made it far as Blunket, can't stand the man. Can't stand any of them but he really gets my back up. And that Harriet Harman. Do you read Private Eye? It's almost frightening but I'd rather know than not. They're not just stained but in it up to their necks. Luckily they all have silver spoons with which to dig themselves out. Eton has a lot to answer for.

  12. Irishkev
  13. Irishkev

    Hi dewy , 7/7 stinks . As wise men say " There is nothing new under the sun ". Remember the Birmingham 6 and the Guildford 4 . The elitist scum have been practicing for a long time .

  14. dewflirt
  15. dewflirt

    Hey Irish :) makes me mad to even think about those poor guys. Looks like the practice has paid off though, they're professional scum now ;)

  16. Irishkev
  17. Irishkev

    Hi Gareth , "conspiracy crap" , you say . Do you think it was pure coincidence that there were "exercises" detailing this exact scenario on the same day this atrocity happened ? This is no theory , it is fact. We are manipulated every day . There were many people who scoffed at so called "conspiracy theorists ", not so long ago , but now I think the scoffers are in the minority .

  18. Irishkev
  19. Irishkev

    They always were dew , and you can call me Kev. lol .

  20. dewflirt
  21. dewflirt

    Sorry Irish, Kev it is :)

  22. AntiTheist666
  23. AntiTheist666


    I haven’t read Private Eye for years, I used to subscribe. Now the only political satire I get is the NEWS and the Guardian CARTOONS. I love their depictions of Cameron and Osborne. (Condom Head and Fat Cat)

    Satire did I say? british politics are a Farce!

    The Cachinnate One

  24. dewflirt
  25. dewflirt

    I gave up reading the Guardian, don't quite know why. Don't like papers much, don't like the ink on my fingers. Stains fabric, I like fabric a lot! I like my bad news with a spoonful of sugar :)

  26. Itolduso
  27. Itolduso

    The options are conspiracy theory or unbelievable incompetence. In other words, self inflicted false flag terrorism or a substantial part of the GNP is spent on making the police state a reality. Both 9/11 and 7/7 follow the same profile. Spooks knew what was going to occur but did not prevent the occurance.

  28. Mantid
  29. Mantid

    I would like to know, even if we know the system is corrupt, what are we going to do about it?
    We have all of this information, and yet there is nothing taking place to stop it. What will we do? Should we sit around in our computer chairs, and say ''insider job'', and go to sleep only to repeat the same process?
    Our founding fathers took action, what will our history say about us?

  30. richard wilmot
  31. richard wilmot

    Shades of Coventry... in which Chief turd of England, Winston Churchill new about the bombing of Coventry by the Nazis but said nothing!

  32. Saša Kla?mer
  33. Saša Kla?mer

    Yes, we have to do something, or the world will quietly dispose of us. Do anything, and everything you can, and so will I.

  34. Declan_Walsh
  35. Declan_Walsh

    Do what you can within the legal confines of the system to inform people. Social networking is a good start. A recent study conducted in America found that the mainstream media has a 20% "trust" rating with the American people. Down from 27% not too long ago, and around 35-40 in the 70`s. People are increasingly turning to the alternative media worldwide to get there news and information. And as such the government, particularly the U.S and her predatory lobbyists are trying constantly to silence the alternative media and free speech via bills like CISPA and its cousins. Its the informed individual who has the ability to fight this command and control system. We cant win every battle. Its David and Goliath, but we have a chance. The mass awakening, and the activism its produced just within the last few years is a sign of that. When the "day" comes, and it may very well come. we have to be ready, and willing to do whatever must be done in order to preserve a future for those that come after us. or children if you will. As I believe we are fighting for our survival as we know it. When Government and corporate interest is the same...definition of fascism. Battle lines are being drawn.

    "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" Substitute "evil" for "tyranny" if you want. the meanings the same.

  36. fender24
  37. fender24

    A simulated attack of the exact same scenario which happened that day and it all was financed by jewish banks. This smells just like on 9.11 identical simulated attacks was done by FEMA and NORAD before it happened! this is no coincidence

    fema and Norad simulated the exact same scenario which happened on 9.11 a terrorist attack using comercial airplanes.

  38. M. Kelly
  39. M. Kelly

    For those commenting that this is all a bunch of "conspiracy nut" rubbish, I ask you this: Why are you bothering to watch documentaries in the Conspiracy section and make comments if you think its all rubbish? Surely you should be over in the Philosophy section. Or perhaps Sexuality? ;-)

  40. Mantid
  41. Mantid

    I do believe the answer is easily explained. I don't buy into most conspiracy hype, yet I love to watch and listen to opposing opinions.

  42. Steven Van Westing
  43. Steven Van Westing

    we have a turd in the punchbowl

  44. Steven Van Westing
  45. Steven Van Westing

    civilians should establish a civil intelligence firm

  46. Dean Edgington
  47. Dean Edgington

    why not?

  48. leedaltez
  49. leedaltez

    Most people don't believe this information because it challenges them to consider that what they know MAY be painfully inaccurate. We are the first people in history to have a mechanism, the internet, that allows us to document everything that is happening around us. I don't know about you but something stinks. The Iraq war, 9/11, 7/7 just to name a few. Okay, maybe we can't sat exactly WHAT happened, HOW, WHO, and WHY. But one thing is for sure... it definitely isn't the BS story we have been told...why is that??

  50. Fromens1987
  51. Fromens1987

    For those commenting that this is
    all a bunch of "conspiracy nut" rubbish, I ask you this: Why are you
    bothering to watch documentaries in the Conspiracy section and make
    comments if you think its all rubbish? Surely you should be over in the
    Philosophy section. Or perhaps Sexuality? ;-)

  52. Alv V
  53. Alv V

    It could be possible to watch this if the narrator didn't try so hard to sound like John Pilger...

  54. Boab Celtic Bhoy Knox
  55. Boab Celtic Bhoy Knox

    not watched it as yet, just about to, well iv seen ripple effect 7/7 which covers majority o conspired act, lets see if this is worse or better

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