9/11 and the Belligerent Empire

9/11 and the Belligerent Empire

2015, 9/11  -   42 Comments
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Released on the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, this edition of The Empire Files is a scathing anti-war piece centered on what the filmmakers describe as a political disinformation campaign that lead to the US invasion of Afghanistan following the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Claiming that the United States government preyed on a nation in fear in order to launch a confused, misguided war, the filmmakers give viewers a history lesson in relation to religious extremism in Afghanistan and the surrounding areas. They ultimately suggest that the CIA is in some way to blame for the emergence of the Taliban and Al-Quaeda.

Many ways considered to be this generation’s Vietnam War, the filmmakers highlight quotes that support their thesis. A statement from a British military official reveals a lack of faith in the United States' strategies and any potential for a successful outcome, and a letter from a US soldier pleads with his government to end the futile mission, claiming it is only putting himself and his military brethren in harm's way with little reason.

The film notes how many lives have been lost since 2001, and questions how many more will be lost as it is predicted US military bases in Afghanistan will be there until at least 2024. Changes in the Afghanistan government have failed to lead citizens to a safer democratic society, instead turning the country turn into the world's leading provider of opium.

In speaking to peace activist Dahlia Wasfi we learn about the death squads that have contributed to the rise of ISIS and the overall brutality that has been brought to Iraq in recent years. She claims it is the US that enabled these environments of destruction and inhibited growth by helping to bring dictators to power. Wasfi explains the various negative impacts of so many complicated political factors, giving the most articulate anti-war testimonial of this short, information-dense film.

9/11 and the Belligerent Empire is a passionately critical film that examines the motivation behind the United States' invasion of Iraq, leaving viewers to question if peace in the Middle East will ever come about as a result of US military interference.

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peruda hudson
2 years ago

dr judy woods hit the nail on the head, directed energy weapons, ffs you can see in clear footage of an 600foot steel column turn to dust mid air, hence hardly any rubble but shedloads of dust.

Bernard Dickens II
3 years ago

Wow very informative

4 years ago


6 years ago

Lost me at 1300 is more than 3 times the number of people killed in the attack. Maybe there's more to this conspiracy than I thought! ;) 13000 is likely what she tried to communicate. Regardless, what was recorded, edited, produced, and released could be identified by a third grader (who knows how many people died in the attack) as crap so I switched it off and came here. I'm surprised so few people watching this type of film aren't thinking about what they're being told.

6 years ago

When are ppl gonna realize that the whole purpose of this war is for it to never end?
If you make money by selling weapons, how can you get rich if ppl don't fight? So if you wanna make money, you have to provide ppl with an enemy - hell, MAKE one up if you have to!
There are many well known ppl who're behind this but I'd say the most well known in the US is the BUSH FAMILY - what better position to be in than to own massive shares in weapons manufacturers AND be in political power in order to start a war for your country?
AND the ppl pay for it! Their military uses the ppl's money, to buy weapons from weapons manufacturers part-owned by the Bush Family to fight a war that the Bush Family started!
Perfect!!! And the ppl still seem too stupid to see it - how can you lose?

6 years ago

There's great information in the documentary, and it wasn't horrible, but I do agree with some of the comments complaining of Abby's demeanor, voice, and overall attitude.

Everything from her felt forced, especially in the interview with Ramsey. When they did a 'reaction shot' of Abby, she looks like someone just shoved something inside her and she knew she couldn't scream out or do anything because she was in an interview - it was weird and - if the interview was actually done by her - disrespectful.

But the information is solid and sums up what has happened quite well. It wasn't as cohesive as perhaps it should have been, but its brevity makes up for what it lacked.

Terry c
6 years ago

I have just one question please think about it,,,,,,,,QUES,If the American government did not have anything(no matter how small)to do with 911 how did it happen?,,,,,,I would guess there's not a chance in hell them planes all 3 that impacted buildings could off without some type of help,wether that was ignorance!

6 years ago

Define "mobilize against it".

Terry c
6 years ago

It's so sad here we have a top American diplomat stating before the fact that USA had intentions of going to war with countries who in no way whatsoever can defend themselves v the might of America Afghanistan /happened,Iraq/ happened,Syria/ now happening each one on lies and deceit and embarrassingly G.B were part of that bully boy team after Syria who next,Yemen no that's began,I for one hold my hands up to Russia I believe though it's supposedly there USA allies v terrorism,they have there own agenda here no doubt because Putin is the most acute,cleverest tacticianal politician he has come to the conclusion that there's more to this than fighting terrorism,there's a lot more,America are trying to rule the world especially Asian countries with all that oil and resources they want it all,they are the causes of these unjust wars,sticking there noses in every countries business and if they don't like or more to the point if that countries leaders don't agree and do what USA want there gone,colonel gaddafi was murdered with the aid of USA,his crime he said he wanted oil etc etc plus other resources to be dealt in an a suzan currency not dollars America know if that happens America will go to the dogs they would see the worst slump in history causing panic and mayhem in America totally bankrupting them they can't have that and so this is there answer take,take take and kill kill kill and do they care about all there young men and women dying for there country don't make me laugh they are the most deceitful lying bunch of politicians ever seen and mark my words it's going to get worse much worse to the point if ww3 Russia will not stand by no more,could be they want a piece of the pie and I don't think there happy with a slice or sharing America certainly isn't ,back to gaddafi was it the right thing to do to have him took out of power no way hoe say look at Libya now it's a mess caused by the greed of America and it won't stop no time soon

joseph samuel
7 years ago

So how come the USA didnt invade Syria, Lebanon etc as predicted at the start of the documentary?

7 years ago

My dad always taught me to fight fire with fire... that's why he never joined the fire brigade

muhammad Rafiq Abdullah
7 years ago

more to the point re: mere inferrence to9/11......does it not show the reckless abandon, "The Empire" expresses in its sacrificing of its own... along with those who have not sworn allegiance. Rabid Sacrifice in its ....to most of us anyway....nefarious objectives; undefined agenda....

Muhammad Rafiq Abdullah
7 years ago

Yup melodramatic.....but does Ms Aby's doomsday, monotonous drawl, deflate the horrendous facts, assuming in fact such are accurate, of ultimate price paid by US servicemen women? ....fatalities and maiming of US troops given more screen time than the targeted innocents of Iraq and Afghanistan, understandable as a direct assault on The Empire, it's administration, its allies.

Whatever, it is enough to bring us privileged of MEDC's out of our complacency. Those of us that is with the equipment to witness such documentaries.... thus as such although the comments decrying the production, the editing, melodrama may be seen is that which stimulates the masses, though that sounds elitist, it may be seen as a fact of our dilemma of this time.

Jack Dresser
7 years ago

The narrator is veteran interviewer Abby Martin, recently of RT, one of the few honest and fearless news sources available to the brain-washed US public. Ramsey Clark is not just some "elderly" voice, but a former Attorney General and one of the seminal human rights attorneys in the world, who drafted Articles of Impeachment against Bush the Elder for Gulf War crimes documented in his book, The Fire This Time. Ramsey infuses simple, horrific facts with the appropriate feeling absent in comments of the glib, smarmy morally deadened right and the smug, righteous, over-intellectualized left. This video effectively communicates not simply facts, but the ugly truth that America has remained not only "the greatest purveyor of violence" in the world as MLK observed during our VN atrocities, but unspeakably cold, cruel and corrupt to the core. Ramsey FEELS it, as should we all, and the American public alone has the power to rise up and stop it. It is OUR MONEY that feeds the neoliberal empire, its storm troopers and its political servants. Without us they are helpless.

7 years ago

This video is as good as many, and does bring some new tidbits other videos do not. I have but few criticisms, and they would fall into the “oversight” category. If 1,300 responders died from inhalation of asbestos particles and other pollutants, that group does not constitute 3 times the number of people who died in the towers.
In my view, the video preaches to the choir. Only a tiny number of people are incensed enough about the aggressive wars to do anything. They want investigations when the crimes call for grand juries, impeachments, prosecutions and convictions. I’m not much on killing people, and hardly anyone wants to see a national leader behind bars. Maybe they could be shunned and their pensions and Secret Service protection removed. At least it would be something.
The Internet is infested with disinformers and the truth movement itself is plagued by internecine squabbling. In fifty years, the “magic bullet theory” will probably be replaced by the “debate” over nano-thermites and a need for a new 9/11 investigation.

7 years ago

Excellent documentary, a must see together with the other truth-seekers who are making 9/11 films to express their convictions..... for if true, we are simply living in the most recent 'evil empire', having taken over from the British Empire which enslaved the world. I live like a nobleman in this US, while half the world's population starves or doesn't have clean water. No, it won't matter to a puny mind what happens, as long as they can have their Cheetos and Cokes, and a leadership to tell them how wonderful they are for being brainless citizens who understand neither debt nor dominance. Or, worse yet, who understandsbut don't care.

So we've reached the point where we bribe our youth with promises of college scholarships if they will only use those carefully honed video game skills to direct drones to drop something horrible, like depleted uranium, upon citizens of a foreign nation to gain control of their oil supply.

Dog eat dog out there, isn't it? I think we humans have a lot more evolving to do before we achieve a truly 'human' status....

Bilbo Bagginski
7 years ago

The comment section is filled with the likes of - "why she sound like that?"
"she sound like a fag" "why you talk like that?"

Idiocracy... we're living it.

Temeika Beasley Spruiells
7 years ago

This documentary had some valuable information. I have re-evaluated our foreign policy and it is unfortunate our motives are dominated by fiscal wants. We have allowed corporations to institute their agenda through lobbying and us not voting. Instead of casting our vote for "a man / woman of the people", we have voted for people that have the monetary means we adore and admire. We have been taught manifest destiny for generations, it is and has always been the American Empire. I believe instead of us being blind to what is and has happened, it is important we let our representatives know, we no longer want to be dominated by greed of heartless corporations.

7 years ago

Good video! Good job! I don't know whats up with these dumb criticisms below. The narrator was great ! I like her. It takes major courage to do this, so good job! I thought the whole thing and the narrator were just great ! Hats off to you ! Don't listen to loser detractors, keep doing what your doing, chase that vision!

the man
7 years ago

Zakkaria. loool you are absolutely right

Deborah Mahmoudieh (@veganicvibez)
7 years ago

Regardless of criticisms in quality of editing etc., the facts are clear = blatant corporate & military enclosure directly & indirectly employing 'ISIS' as the 'dogs' to herd the population under the usuial 'divide & rule' strategy and all on strength of the OBVIOUS treason of 9/11. The authorities have LIED about the event, the suspects, the evidence and their ridiculous and unreasonable conclusions as presented by the 9/11 Commission are actually offensive to anyone with a degree of knowledge about planes, demolitions, physics etc. Human bodies were turned to DUST - plane crash? Seriously, wake up.

7 years ago

Some comments are so distant from the subject put foreword its like most Americans live in a fog. I have thought that greed was destroying America but it looks like blind stupidity is suspect.

7 years ago

What an annoying documentary. The Ramsey Clark interview was horrendous. I understand he has done many things, but I wouldn't be surprised if he died the day of the interview. He sounds like my mother with her dentures removed. You would think that if they did use that interview (which I never would have), they would make it as short as possible. Instead, he rambles on and on, whistling while talking. Sorry, very annoying, like when someone lip-smacks during a lecture, eventually you can't hear anything BUT the lip-smacking. Aide from that, she describes everything in the most dramatic menacing way possible. A good narrator makes the content the star, not themselves. Aside from that, it sucked too.

7 years ago

troutmouf and Crys's comments are useless and petty. Abby Martin is an excellent host and her Empire Files always has reliable and sometimes surprising content.

7 years ago

To be an American once was said proudly. We the people, are the only ones who can do something to stop this out of control psychotic military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about years ago. I just wish I knew how. But until the people in this country open their eyes, see the truth, and stand as one, the invasion and murder of innocent people will continue. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!

7 years ago

your comment troutmouf obviously comes from your own description, I can imagine lots more drivel spewing from your mouf. The problem with people such as you is they are more interested in picking fault with the presenters that you miss the whole sincere serious message the video is attempting to get out to the masses. Your government under that murderer Bush has caused so much global disintegration that the world will never recover. He took your country and dragged the UK with him, I think by blackmail, he should be charged with war crimes him and his men behind the curtain, for I believe he was just a puppet and not a very good one at that. And by the way Abby Martin is a fine host and passionate presenter and I can understand every word she says, judging by your lack of grammar and punctuation you are the retarded person, go back to school and see if they will let you start again, if you ever went to school that is !!!!

7 years ago

She sounds like Scarlet Johansson. Not a compliment.

7 years ago

this lady is the worst narrator i have ever heard. abby martin is so vain that she cant understand she speaks english like a retarded person and should have hired someone who speaks properly and not ANNOYINGLY

7 years ago

Excellent video. The truth will set you free- but first its gonna piss you the hell off. Big time.

7 years ago

I am sure I have seen her before, doesn't she work for RT news?

Jock Patton
7 years ago

Well done.

Chris Williams
7 years ago

Mike Hastie appears to know what he is talking about. For anyone who needs further convincing reading Michel Choussudovsky, The Globalization of War: America's 'Long War' Against Humanity, published by Global Research, 2015. The scales have been lifted.

Richard Mcall
7 years ago

As a non American and fully update with events the documentary is a good short summary where we are as a result of 'we'll fix 'em' US government belief of world dominance as we also witnessed in Vietnam.
They even convinced Blair's UK Labour government to join the bully boy tactics of thinking 'we are always right .. we will deal with them' at a high cost both financial and human lose of life on both sides.
So many unknowns remain as is the full understand of 9/11.

7 years ago

I think that Mike and eli both have valid points. On the one hand, the narrator/interviewer does have a husky voice, perhaps a little bit forced for dramatic effect. The 'interview' with Ramsey Clark appears to consist of clips from an interview done in another place (and another time), with clips of the interviewer asking questions that, by virtue of having previewed the Clark interview with whomever, she already knows his answer to, edited in.

On the other hand, if you put aside petty judgements regarding the demeanor of the 'interviewer' and the interviewed, Mr. Clark made brilliant observations, pointing out, sometimes poignantly, the irony and absurdities of a 'War on Terror" In my opinion, nearly any method of dissemminating the complete truth about US governance is worthy of its effort. If this approach prompts even one person to wake up from the hypnosis instilled through mainstream media, and consider the possibility that we in the US have been colonized by the elite, it was worth it.

Mike Hastie
7 years ago

Do not believe the comment by Eli. She is way over the top in her evaluation. This was a good short documentary. Ramsey Clark was excellent in the interview, as was the other woman that spoke on film. There were some very bold statements made in the film. There may have been some flaws in the editing, but the content was still very good. I was an Army medic in Vietnam, and have done a great deal of photojournalism around that war. So, when Eli says it was one of the worst documentaries she has ever seen, all I can say is give me a break. It is a short, concise film, so just watch it. I think you will come away with some good information. Always remember, that lying is the most powerful weapon in war. When I came back from Vietnam, my core belief system was completely destroyed. As Martin Luther King Jr. said in a speech on April 4, 1967: " The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today is my own government." The interviewer said in this film that the U.S. is basically the number one terrorist country in the world. That opinion is absolutely correct. I found this truth out when I found myself in a padded cell of a psychiatric hospital in 1980. When the truth hits you, you are catapulted into another world. You never come home. Once again, this film does need some better editing, but the content is there.

7 years ago

one of the worst documentaries ive ever seen. the editting is terrible, rambling scenes of unedited, elderly person speaking, in the middle of a sarcasic, emotive, rush through decades of history. she has a voice that sounds like she is reading poetry for whipersync, rather than telling a story or investigating anything, and the rambling interviews... wow~! only two in the whole documentary, the rest is her sexy, husky voice enuniciatin, blood and chaos and other poetic words, that just ramble around in a sort of accusative, uncomfortable, melodramatic tone. if you like bad melodrama, if you enjoy listenin to ramblin old folk, or you jsut want to hear a sexy voice, then this is for you. if you know what editting is, and its something you like to have then youll hate it, but you might enjoy hating it, it is quite exemplary in its awefulness.