911 Emergency Room

2011, 9/11  -   18 Comments
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911 Emergency RoomThis brand new film tells of the emergency treatment of the injured that took place in and around the World Trade Center as the jets crashed and the towers fell on the morning of 9/11.

Many lost their lives in the attacks, but there were also thousands of evacuating office workers and emergency responders who were burned, crushed, impaled, lacerated, blinded and traumatized.

Many had life-threatening injuries. With access to new footage and testimony from those on the ground, 9/11: Emergency Room reveals how lives were saved.

As the unfolding disaster effectively cut off downtown Manhattan from the rest of New York the tiny Downtown Hospital - more used to doing breast implants than major surgery - was faced with dozens of life and death operations.

It also tells for the first time the story of the Dunkirk-style flotilla of boats that plied across the Hudson river to evacuate the seriously injured to safety.

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  1. Dan Plesse

    Can someone post the clip about the doctors experiencing an earthquake on 9/11 and let me know when it is up thinks?

  2. Carla Axelson

    Thank you so much for posting this video. I must admit that I mainly think of those who live and those who died, not the wounded. Thank you for opening my eyes. Thank you Dr.'s, Nurses, Paramedics, First responders etc; who saved so many people or were there in the last moments of people's lives. You are all truly hero's. May God bless you for the rest of your lives.

  3. Sanford Hall

    I recall vividly on this morning on my way driving my wife to work. After the second crash it sent chills throughout my body. I just knew something was going on and then the third came and I thought it will never end, something terrible is occuring to our nation and will eventually spill over to other states.
    I began to pray and ask god to protect us from all evil, I was afraid, terrified and most of all disgusted of such terrible acts. I drove back home and turned on the TV to see what was going on and to my surprise it was an act of terrorist. I began to cry after witnessing so much destruction to the innocent people of NY. I couldn't come to compose myself and nevertheless, had many sleepless nights wondering what will occur next.

    I continue to pray for those families who have been touched in the worst of ways on this day. May god bless them and continue to heal their wounds.

  4. Miss Kristen

    What a tremendous and amazing film! I can't even fathem what it must have been like to be there that day. A HUGE hats off to all that were involved in rescue efforts associated with this horrific, horrific tragedy. I am (again) so proud to be an American. Also, so glad we finally got the guy (Bin Laden).

  5. Myk Lab

    RIP those that were lost. Heroes all.

  6. Jim Scullion

    It hurt to watch it all again. I saw faces of my lost friends. Thank you for remembering the EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors that are so often forgotten.
    Lt. Jim Scullion Survivor

  7. Simon Dumadaug

    great inspiring story to all ems workers around the world

  8. Guest

    That was pretty moving. As one doctor mentioned, one see these injuries on a daily basis on "Mash" but not in the civlilian life. I felt as bad as when I had an aneurism trauma.

    Disturbinm it felt so ackward seeing this in a occidental city.
    Normally, we see this elsewhere.
    The most disturbing was the case of the young woman who got hit by the jet landing gear.
    A bit shocking.


  9. Donnabean

    It's so amazing that I knew nothing of this lil hospital that played such a life saving role in the events of 9-11-2001, gives me a whole new perspective 10 yrs later. Thank you for this film

  10. knowledgeizpower

    okay like i cannot watch much more of these 911 documentaries it is difficult to keep seeing over and over brings back bad memories and then i start getting angry to know what really happened its not right.

    but the one thing that is good is how people came together to help one another
    thats inspiring Real Heroes.

    1. Guest

      It seems to be a trait in humans, we need a dive in "earth hell" to "reach and give" OR to "trust and receive" help from anyone despite their race and/or their religious beliefs. It will even bring back instantly an old friendship that had gone sour or an unsolvable family dispute. Disruption of stability is Hell and to fight it we unite and in doing so we survive.
      The world is predicting a cataclism for 2012, I say the world is about to wake up and it may not require Hell. Sooner or later.
      As in the Monkey in a Barrel game, if we accept to play being a teacher to being a student of life alternatively in millions of possibilities, humbly, simply, joyfully instead of joybully....we will survive, we may even learn to fly!

  11. morsie2

    I feel a nervous wreck after watching that. Great doco, I hadn't realised all that carnage was happening on the ground. But so many brave people.

  12. signalfire1

    Wonderful documentary, especially if you have medical training. Be warned, some of it is not for the faint of heart. Very graphic.

    1. Domus Canus.

      Indeed you are right. Having worked in an Emerg. unit most of my life I can only tip my hat to the medical personnel for dealing so flawlessly with this nightmare. While I know this takes place around the world every minute of every day, a 9-11 is unique to the medical world, and as always, they came through brilliantly. This documentary is not about the political aspect of that grotesque day, it is one of the few pieces of film dedicated solely to front line staff who made such a major difference to the people they helped. I suggest that those making comments re President Bush and conspiracy theories cool it, and allow these medical people a tiny scrap of well deserved acknowledgment. Bravo to all of them.

  13. John-Sebastian Barrera

    what I want to know is when George Bush will be prosecuted for this act of terrorism towards his own country.

    1. knowledgeizpower

      Never thats whats so screwed up to say the least,