9/11 Eyewitness

2007, 9/11  -   40 Comments

9/11 EyewitnessAnd there was just a hole and black smoke. It just looked like a cigar standing up on end with burning tip and black smoke. Which again, why black smoke? It's ready to go out. And then it went on and the building was just burning away and it wasn't too exciting until all of the sudden it's disappearing and there was no real sign, there was no sign that this was going to go down because of all the black smoke. And the black smoke is really indicative that the fire is out.

Local news radio coverage was recorded by the on-camera microphone while Rick Siegel videotaped the events of 9/11 from the Hoboken pier. Scientific analysis is presented in an easy to understand manner. The pictures tell the story and this is one story that all New Yorkers, and anyone who was traumatized by the shocking attack on the WTC, must see. In memory of all those who perished, 911 Eyewitness is a voice of the victims that must never be forgotten.

This powerful documentary features eyewitness testimony and scientific analysis of the collapse of the Twin Towers and Seven World Trade. The American Public and American Republic have been betrayed and now it's time to learn the truth and share it with your skeptical friends. (Excerpt from 911eyewitness.com)

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  1. Richard Fairley

    I am very careful about what I believe and I would tell you it's very hard to believe the official version of what happened. But after watching 15 years of the counter arguments I am afraid that we Americans have lost our will to stand up and demand answers.

  2. Richard Fairley

    These are just a handful of suspicious questions. If I took the time I would keep you reading for around 30 or 40 minutes with the other hundred questions I have.

  3. Richard Fairley

    Why was military grade nano thermite produced only in one lab in the world (Virgina) found all throughout the dust?

  4. Richard Fairley

    How come 8 of the hijackers are still alive?

  5. Richard Fairley

    Why did the BBC say building 7 collapsed before it did?

  6. Richard Fairley

    Why did condi call the sf mayor on 9 10 01 and tell him do not fly commercial tommorow?

  7. Richard Fairley

    How does an office fire with jet fuel turn steel beams into streams of molton metal?

  8. jc_geny

    the event has to be fully understood before saying WHO did that...like did gwbush without any inquiry few hours after wtc were down he was having names but no proof nor explosions explanations . that happened like that in france recently....and also four years ago ...both times few days or weeks before elections "loosed" for those in "charge" .
    i think i found the solution of the puzzle and that sounds like a new Hercules Poirot .
    first of all , the jewish that gained full control on the towers , has used some "folks" from is real "country" : USraHELL where they invent a lot about using explosives in home of palestinians to create doors : they say for surprise effect...but in fact mostly to destroy their home ....
    so during weeks they installed tons of explosives.....coming from where ? may be the famous wtc7 ? trucks doing the deliveries : explosives in one way and for not driving empty : gold and money from installed banks ; part of these money used later to pay "folks" .
    last piece installed for the show an antenna to make the two planes shoot in the towers...may be that is what a chopper or two removed from the top before the falling ?
    during the 11 september , the people and crews from the four planes were all killed before any take off ..then corpses and radio controls for planes installed in three of them the last plane being charged with money and gold from wtc7 and being used to bring back to USraHELL the "folks" . one plane of the us air army doing a missile test onto the pentagon..where you see no ambulance nor body nor any video except the famous one having all but not the plane or the missile..
    so this explain all : even the famous "ben-laden flight"....
    like many others i hope to see gwbush and friends behind bars ....mostly because he used democracy for some private friendship..i should write private mafia...mostly because few years as president is not giving enough.....i hope that made him won the death penalty..
    last question : why obamiam-miam killed the famous world terrorist aka mr ben-laden instead of forcing his gi-joes to bring him alive and later learn his secrets ? if not for protecting the false-story

  9. Glen Hale

    WTC is still killing people over seas and return vets.

  10. knowledgeizpower

    Alright appreciate that good looking out lol...But seriously this mess is getting so bad over here its not even funny psmythe it makes you look at this place so differently what it all is coming down to..You know i had talked to you about the homeschooling a while back and i am moving forward with that there is a Winter Gala in a couple of weeks here for meeting up with other families and registering you probably might be familiar with this already in your state and i am just going to move forward to do this so wish me luck lol.. I need to start posting some of the info I have been researching I know lazy huh right lmao but sometimes it can take forever for it to show I can get impatient lol..But I will talk to you later and I will check out the link thanks....Peace

    1. Guest

      Good deal! Remember, you can supplement the curriculum with materials of your own, too, touching on whatever subject it is, if you feel a particular lesson is a little thin on substance, which does happen every so often. For example, my son was on a geology kick a while back, really fascinated with the idea of the earth's core, so I had him watch one of the docs here on the subject, and he got quite a thrill out of it. Of course, it was one of those big, gaudy American jobs with all the fancy graphics, but it held his interest and definitely helped him with his lesson assessment, since it was all to do with the crust, mantle, and core, which is precisely what he was studying at the time.

  11. Joseph Carl Ruger

    The chances of getting to the truth of the 9-11 tragedy are slim to none, as long as America's two party, electoral college voting system remains. If a true revolution activated and effectively employed the same methods and tactics as our own CIA and assassinated the leaders of corporations, national security agencies and secret societies, we might have hope of truly enjoying the freedoms that our founding fathers sought for us, and expose the true terrorists. But even though the populace is armed to the teeth, the vast majority of Americans are lulled into compliance through entertainment, consumption and fear, and never question what their leaders feed them. The situation is hopeless, in my opinion, and all I can say is, LEAVE while you can. If you can't, I predict you will see the limited freedoms you enjoy now, gradually come to an end, as hyper inflation enters the picture and the ever expanding police force encroaches into your daily lives. Where would you go? Portugal, where all drugs have been decriminalized, Southern Italy, where they welcome newcomers, rich or poor, Taiwan, where I've called home for 23 years, or many other alternatives. Seek, and you shall find. I don't advise buying a sniper rifle and starting a revolution. Leave it to Jesus and his angels to rid the world of evil. But I do advise buying a kiteboarding kit and learning to enjoy an exhilarating experience, that you might talk about more than the 9-11 conspiracy.

  12. oddsrhuge

    When I witnessed 911, I was horrified and scared for so many reasons.

    I saw a lot of the News coverage during and after the horrible events and I pretty much just did what most people do. I accepted what the media was telling me without even questioning it. In fact it was 3 years later when somebody told me to look at a video called 911 Mysteries, that I even considered that I might not know what really happened.

    This video blew my mind because what it talked about was unbelievable. At the point that I first watched it, however, the 911 commission report was still not complete. When it finally came out, it was in my opinion indefensible. How freaking stupid did they think we were? The sheer wealth of evidence, and things like the suspension of basic physics as well as the mathematical impossibilities are staggering! Well apparently they calculated it right.

    Most of us are just plain stupid.

    It was this one event that turned me into the newly created distinction as a “conspiracy theorist”. And frankly, if there was an Official Team Jacket or even just a universal patch that I could wear defining me as one? I would wear it proudly.

    Then there was the banking failure…which was clearly manufactured, just like the subsequent bail out. And now, trouble in Wisconsin, where the Government is literally, trying to break the unions. I can’t believe that the talking heads are now calling teachers the “leaches” of this corrupt system because they average 51K a year plus benefits. Are they effing kidding?????

    Please, please (and a third please!) people wake up! These things are serious threats to our freedoms. That’s Serious with a freaking BIG S!!!! Incidentally , that’s the sound most snakes make just before devouring you.

    Something that Americans always talk about and proudly declare is how free and safe the US is…But take a quick look around you, and try to read between the lines.

    1. Mario Pacheco

      You comment was very interesting.

      Regards from Argentina.

      Mario Pacheco

    2. GoughLewis

      oddsr you are the real deal. I respect your logic, and honesty. I really mean that. You are one guy I would like to crack a beer with one day.

      Cheers buddy,


    3. oddsrhuge

      thank you...In another life I was the guy that wanted create a demolition company. I think I hired you. So.... NO drinking on the job dammit....we have a job to do and only 7 or so hours to complete it


      Yeah, I'll have a beer

    4. Jordan Stevens

      I left the U.S. frankly cause the country is falling apart and its turning into a police state. Never been happier nor freer. I feel really sorry for my friends and family still left there to defend for themselves. And I get sick of the U.S. apologists. Wake up people!!! If you have it good in America, guess what, you are a minority and you're probably next to go down. Suddenly, like me, you find yourself out of work, losing everything fast. My father was in construction, lost 3 Million dollars and is now penniless. Now he questions everything. Wake up before its too late.

    5. Guest

      I was speaking on the phone last night to my best friend about doing the same thing, and we both agreed: It really is time to just get the hell out of here. Along with everything else, they are now pushing to pass this legislation allowing the military to ship U.S. citizens off to Guantanamo indefinitely without due process, violating habeas corpus, and although a majority of people are outraged by it, I think you can pretty much bank on it going through and not a d*mn thing being done about it, ever. In my opinion, this place is headed for another civil war at some point, in an attempt to overthrow the corporate-fascist state that pretty much already exists here in everything but name.

    6. knowledgeizpower

      Thank you and you wonder why prisons are popping up all over this country go figure. Its going to get really bad wait and see within the next year after this election. I suspect by beginning of 13 you will see the Brand New agenda crystal clear...yeah its shocking to see what new legislation they are sliding in on folks right out from under the eyes....Peace.

    7. Guest

      I sent you something, but it's being moderated right now because I was too lazy to break up the link in it, lol.

    8. Nachtigall

      oddsr, your comment is brilliantly composed and so heartfelt. For soooo many, questioning 911 is the beginning of the rabbit hole and brings people across to the other side... a place where you start to question everything... what else is rigged/f-ed up/controlled/planned? So much. It's sickening and at first waking up feels exactly like waking up with a hangover. The pain is too hard to bear, but you've just got to take that aspirin, drink some water and get on with your day. We need to keep vigilant and not be afraid to engage people about these issues. It can be such a challenge, but I really believe in the critical mass of conscious change.

      You know what boils my blood more than anything? The despicable private bank owned by a few uber-rich cronies otherwise known as the Federal Reserve. And its sidekick, the Income Tax which honest, hard-working, proud American citizens pay, or should I say bleed out. The Income Tax is nothing more than a FRAUD and is just the way that the despicable, filthy cronies get the American people to pay for the outrageous interest incurred on the money that the FR loans to the US govt! Sickness! THIS just *kills* me.

      I'm sure alot of chaos would ensue, but I SO fantasize about a nation-wide email being read and in it, it says. "Ok. Today's the day. You want 'Change'? Here it is. Go to the bank, go up to the counter, and take out ALL of your money. not just some, but ALL. Do it TODAY. oh yeah and don't forget to smile."

      Imagine. The power of the many voting together in one feel swoop, and in a way that actually hits the controllers in the gut.

    9. oddsrhuge

      Well, i need that. Thank you, form the bottom of my heart. (I was about to edit the word "form"....however, that seemed to work...I will leave it, intact.)

      And if it is isn't politically incorrect. "Merry Christmas!"

      ...I am currently battling being accused of racism, and I am losing hope that people actually care anymore about issues...Rhetoric abounds and I am losing hope with humanity.

    10. Charlie_PenDragon

      You are sooooo on the money oddsr.... Keep up the wisdom! Let's hope everyone in the states votes for Ron Paul, we need to address these essential issues you have brought up.

      The Race card eh, I am sorry if I chuckle, but I guess that's all they got these days to get you censored or de-validated. That is a lame card to pull, the race card, but in dirty American Politics.... it is the first one drawn when they have nothing else.

  13. Bradeli

    Military grade Thermite was found for starters. Most indepedent authorities agree coupled w/historic fact & too many red flags combined w/what we do know about political corruption makes the truth blatant. Someone great said loosley 'when man is confronted w/a conspiracy so huge, he is crippled'

  14. nozzle head

    Mr Douglas@ You do know that too many firefighters died in the World Trade Center Explosions and the demolition? Too many died not to question the findings of the 9/11 commission.
    Facts have already proven that fire alone could not, would not have caused the collapse of the WTC, not even possible.
    High tech expolsives had to have been used to down these massive structures. Controlled high explosive demolition.
    Patriotism dictates that the tax payers/'citizens ask seek and continue to find all the truth and answers concerning this and other cloak and dagger black ops activities.

  15. Clevo

    I think it's imperative that we figure out a sensible course of action, peaceful action which will ultimately allows us to reestablish control of our government and the principles woven into the constitution, which were but are now not currently being given any respect by our government. especially if events like 911 and others are being coordinated and implemented from within our own government. If what goes up must come down is true, then we should be able to question how it came down with such precision as to not take out any nearby structures during it's extremely precise fall, not just one time but for a total of three structures in one day called 911. This event was not the work of children scribbling on paper with crayons, this was carefully orchestrated and planned. I'm sure that everyone has questions, but we usually tend to focus on problems and fears rather then finding solutions. The internet has given us the ability to communicate with each other at the 1 mind, many minds/1 spirit level. I think there are many great minds out there that can take the lead to help inspire our fellow citizens to join ranks. This is just an Idea, We may have to do something drastic like boycotting a major presidential election. Now of course many people will say, they will just ignore this action and count the voters who voted, lets say 1/4 of the population. Then just install a winner based on 1//4 entire US population voter turnout...yea for the winner!... but If 3/4 or even better, all Americans were to boycott an election, I think this could be a good way to get their attention. We have to create a "We The People" agenda, a movement to reestablish control of our government that forces them to listen or be exposed. Because if it's not our government, then who's government is it? They have oppressed us by destroying this country economically, changing the laws to take away the right of a free America. This leads to another question,"Were we ever really Free?" People who are economically beat down have no voice, because they are to busy trying to dig up dollars to pay bills at the most basic levels. This has broken us not just financially, but it's also broken our spirit and our desire to focus on solutions. We must figure out how to stop being treated like cattle, because that's currently where we fall in the food chain, in government's eyes. I'm convinced that if 3/4, if not all Americans were to boycott a presidential election that they would possibly try to act like nothing happened. when of course the proper move on their part would be to ask "We The People" , what's wrong? They would be forced to find out what we're trying to say if we unitedly boycotted an election. But we surely would force their hand peacefully with an act like this. The truth is, we must figure out something or settle for our fate at the hands of criminals who have taken over the government formally described in the preamble to the American Constitution as "We The People" Just trying to share a few thoughts, lets figure out what we can all do to rescue our country.

    1. Tonia Kelso

      take our money out of the banks all together close our accounts give it three full worink days we will put a run on the banks and we will RUN everything else too! at least for as long as we stay away from banks trust me root of all evil from here and everywhere else THE ONE WHO CONTROLS THE MONEY....IS THE ONE IN CONTROL ...PERIOD!

    2. jackie freitas

      AWESOME...!! I've been saying the same thing for years. Trying to get people to not vote and/or stop paying taxes is REALLY hard. People have this stupid attitude that if you don't vote you're "unpatriotic" and they're scared if they don't pay their taxes they'll immediately go to prison. I haven't voted or paid my taxes since 2007. If we all,or at least half (a quarter?!) stuck together and did it,it would definitely shake sh*t up!! But people just like to bit*h about it on FB or whatever then go watch tv,,thinking they just did something great by complaining on social media.I LOVE YOUR COMMENT!!!! Smart man

  16. Farren

    Good thinking Clevo. Definitely something fishy with the official explanation of 9/11 we've been force-fed from a complacent and cowardly media. Of course, what can they do, except report what is given to them? Those who reported on stories that shone light on evidence to the contrary of the official explanation after 9/11 were promptly fired. Same with the invasion and occupation of Iraq afterwards, and in other fashions to this day.

  17. Clevo

    Thank goodness for Las Vegas, news reports have televised building demolitions for all to see, for years, it's usually an major event in daily news reports. So we've been schooled for the most part. Whenever they want to erect something bigger and better in Vegas, they demolish the old. I've seen programs where they feature the major families who are pros in this field. I've watched these demolitions for years. The WTC buildings were absolutely too tall to not topple over and take out buildings spanning a few blocks without help and planning. We've seen at least a few televised demolitions where the structure did not fall pancake style. I think it's near impossible for 2 towers and a third building to fall with such specific trajectory without careful planning. Without having to bash anyone, be defensive, offensive or competitive. It's sad to think that we, (mankind) have so much disrespect and disregard for each other, and common sense that we are willing to defend and resist questioning what happened here without trying to bash those who doubt the government and media portrayal of 911. I'd be willing to say that my common sense and intuition tells me that there's more to this story than 2 planes crashing into the towers. If I were going to subscribe to the theory of terrorists, I would have to add that those terrorist's also had to plant charges throughout those buildings at specific points inside the building in order for them to fall so perfectly. Some great agenda is involved here, at some level, perhaps at it's core!

  18. craig

    Douglas, I'll bet you believe in another fact based fable known as "THE BIBLE". It's filled with... Oh, wait maybe, not.

  19. Angie

    I think we need to ask ourselves, is find out the truth necessary to prevent this from happening again? Are those who died and those who lost loved ones going to have any justice if someone isn't held responsible? If we go on allowing the people in power to do things like this then we are the fools!!
    If this is all crazy conspiracies then where is this "overwhelming evidence" that it wasn't an inside job? The Pentagon videos, the steel from the towers, the fight recorders etc etc.It would be very easy for the government to produce these things and silence the critics, but they don't. If you have proof to the contrary then where is it? I think it's our jobs as citizen to question those we put in power because WE are their boss,not the other way around!!

  20. douglas

    Yet another conspiracy theory based on nothing but pure speculation and passed off as fact. By the way, I'm a former fire fighter, and black smoke is NOT indicative of the fire going out. Rather, it is an indicator of burning carbon with adequate ventilation (such as for example, a high rise with a gaping hole in the side of it). WHITE smoke is indicative(although not always the only indicator) of a fire that is under control through water or other fire suppression means. It can also mean that carbon is burning without adequate ventilation.

    Smoke color will generally tell the firefighters what is the predominate fuel that is burning (IE black-carbon based, yellow-tolulene or other toxic chemical), but is not the only indicator of how the fire is behaving. Volume of fire, where the smoke is coming from and color of smoke are how firefighters judge "how bad" a fire is and where the point of origin is.

    That is just one of the many examples of flawed information and flawed logic that is rampant throughout this and all of these so called "quest for truth" films on "what really happened" on 9/11. I could drone on and on, but the truth is, those that believe in conspiracies see what they want to see, regardless of what the OVERWHELMING body of evidence shows them. Conspiracy theorists are so vested in their ego, that they can't allow for the possibility that they are wrong.

  21. Mohammed Bin XER

    9/11 whether an inside job or not. It did happen. Are we going to change it? Can we move forward and MAKE SURE HISTORY DOES NOT REPEAT ITSELF. It has a bad habit of doing so.
    Forward! Forward! and let's just tolerate each other.

  22. iqra

    i think 9 11 was ainside job.it was planned by American politicians for their vote bank