9/11: Ground Zero’s Responders

2011, 9/11  -   18 Comments

9/11: Ground Zero’s RespondersWithin minutes of the World Trade Center collapse on 9/11/01, emergency personnel and volunteers from around the nation responded to New York's call for help in what is considered by many as the greatest rescue mission ever.

When everything could have totally fallen apart, these remarkable people revealed to the world the true meaning of the American Spirit.

Ground Zero responders relive their haunting experiences on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

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18 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Anne Crudup

    I've been sort of having a marathon since I found this site - watching all of the 9/11 films. Controlled demolition, Bin Laden, thermite, Building 7, hijackers, Iraq, collapse, Bush, missile, terrorists, conspiracy, ground zero, false flag, etc, etc., etc. My head was so full of theories and information I lost track of the human aspect of the tragedy. This documentary brought me to bittersweet tears, taking me back to a time when we Americans put aside our differences and showed our best side to the rest of the world. If only we could recapture that spirit and keep it in our hearts always...

  2. Patricia Coons

    What an AWESOME documentary of the human spirit at its best. This made me even prouder to be an American. God bless the great hearts of the first responders - I am grateful.

  3. Nothing_Is_Real

    Fantastic doc., would have been perfect if religon would have been left out.

  4. Carla Axelson

    Please keep the conspiracy and political comments out of this section. This doc. is regarding those who helped with the aftermath. People helping people. That's it.

    1. Tiffany

      I would like to apologize for the person that downgrade to your comment. Some people are not as kind and understanding. I hope my upvote can help.

      These men and women gave all they had to make a difference. Their lives should be respected and honored.

  5. Christian Klinckwort Guerrero

    And you are wasting your money making such docs

  6. Christian Klinckwort Guerrero

    W. George Bush shal be put on trial

  7. Mary Elizabeth Bowman

    True Believer, show respect for the dead and just shut up.

    1. fender24

      What about the gov start showing some god damn respect?. Thet dont tell u the truth, and thats okay for u?, alot of evidence prove it. And i am not a conspiracy theorist. if my famely were killed like this, i would fight for theyre justice!. cause 3000 people didnt deserve this.., so much do they care about you, cause we are theyre slaves, and they own u. power hungry people have existed before and still does.

  8. Jennifer Spier

    I was deeply moved once again by the ability of the best of humanity to pull together and make an impossible and terrible situation bearable. The Volunteers and all personnel are truly giants among human kind. I will never forget the morning of September 11 when I woke to see the news and watched the second plane hit the tower live on television. I watched the rescue effort day by day and cried for the rescue workers who lost their lives trying to come to the aid of others. God will surely take good care of them till they are reunited with their loved ones once again.

  9. Melissa Welch

    How about Pearl Harbor ? Was that fake ? Was it a set up of some sort ? How about the forever continuel violent struggles they experience in the middle east. Compartmentalize,go ahead ..Your the type that can be munipulated ,not much more to offer.Butcha got a voice and fingers to do your computer protests.Also,the type that if your gonna open your mouth or type something you will consistantly embarass yourself

    1. fender24

      Roosevelt sacrificed Pearl Harbor.
      The key to America's early involvement:
      1 When Japan, Germany and Italy signed the Tripartite Treaty (1940). This treaty required that any of the three nations had to respond by declaring war should any one of the other three be attacked by any of the Allied nations. This meant that should Japan attack the United States, and the United States responded by declaring war against Japan, it would automatically be at war with the other two nations, Germany and Italy. Roosevelt now knew that war with Japan meant war with Germany. His problem was solved. the only way he could fulfill his secret commitments to Churchill to get USA into the war, without openly dishonoring his pledges to the American people to keep USA out, was by provoking Germany or Japan to attack.

      2 By establishing a patrol of the pacific- a wall of american naval vessels stretched across the western Pacific to make it impossible for Japan to reach any of her sources of supply, a blockade of Japan to prevent by force her use of any part of the Pacific Ocean is an act of war and besides rooselvelt made it much easyer for japanese to strike pearl harbor by removing theyre navy.
      The Fleet defenses against both air and submarine attacks were far below the required standards of strength. But havent USA always made up reasons to get involved in european struggles? wars is a huge benefit.

    2. spen4leeds

      well said, this is well documented, Roosevelt removed 4 of the aircraft carriers and was pre warned by many countries including the uk, australia, korea, and china, he wanted war, and it made america the richest and most powerful country in the world afterwards, it was the end of the british empire and the start of the american empire, that empire has gone to war 50 times since, in ways of covert and un covert, its overthrown governments, some democratic, people need to read behind the glorified films and bull**** patriotic bull**** america makes you believe it stands for because its not what i was to believe as a kid, ive been awakened and i truly believe the gears of the west is the real evil in this world, the power hungry money grabbing greedy ******* behind the curtains

  10. truebeliever008

    These people deserve the TRUTH! stop with the propaganda of "great America", that does not exist at all, and start looking for the real history of the big Events. First Step: admit that 9/11 has been an inside job, and look for responsibles. (Guess who...)

  11. Timothy Bromwich

    So is this documentry actually good? Or is it propaganda?

  12. Aldo Solari

    The towers were a sample of the world. On the 9/11, we all were newyorkers. And all, everywhere were rescued by those volunteers and the NYFD. Best from Spain.

  13. Pauline Carr

    I dont have a story to share, i live in the UK but witnessed the second tower being hit live on television, i stood up in horror and cried out no no no!!! not truly believing what i was seeing and after 10 years its still so very saddening and fresh in my mind, probably always will be.

    A very moving and poignant tribute to those who risked their lives and gave all there time to try and help others. RIP xxx

  14. Cezanne Broad

    As I watch this.. all I can feel is so sad as its so confronting and makes me remember that horrid day... I hate to say this but sometimes humanity and even I must admit me, just wants to avoid and forget the fact such events happened in history.. That such a cruelty could ever happen.. Seeing this just reminded me of that very day...The day when I just woke up turned on the TV to CNN and was shocked to see what I saw.. I remember thinking it must be a movie and I got the wrong channel.. But no It was real... LIVE it said.. it just had shown the first plane hit one of the twin towers then.. then Horror a second... I couldnt believe it.. then I remembered "OMG my aunty she lives in NYC I screamed" She work near the Twin Towers all I could think was what if she went their that day,,, as she always had lunch around that area or sometimes inside the one of the Towers... My mother tried to call her.. but couldnt.. lines were down in the area.. I was scared... Then I saw to my horror the towers fall... I started to cry and pray to our lord that my aunty was safe.... My story ended well my aunty was sick that day with the flu and was spared... She was home watching the news like we were... Though she lost many dear friends and colleagues that day and realized it could have been her to. Thats my story maybe we all can share our stories here... In memory of '9/11 The Day That Shock The World'