9/11: Intercepted

9/11: Intercepted

2011, 9/11  -   155 Comments
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9/11: InterceptedWhat happened on the morning of September 11, 2001? Why were US defenses ineffective? Pilots For 9/11 Truth analyze NORAD response, Audio recordings as well as Radar data provided by government agencies.

War Games, Simulated radar tracks, aircraft exceeding their max operating limits by more than 130-150 knots, inaccurate aircraft position reports, false aircraft target reports, aircraft converging - flying virtually in formation with - and then diverging from reported 9/11 aircraft, fighters launched in the wrong direction, aircraft seemingly still airborne after the alleged attack, poor communications, phones not working...

Pilots for 9/11 Truth is an organization of aviation professionals and pilots throughout the globe who have gathered together for one purpose. They're are committed to seeking the truth surrounding the events of the 11th of September 2001.

Their main focus concentrates on the four flights, maneuvers performed and the reported pilots. They do not offer theory or point blame at this point in time. However, they are focused on determining the truth of that fateful day based on solid data and facts - since 9/11/2001 is the catalyst for many of the events shaping our world today - and the United States Government doesn't seem to be very forthcoming with answers or facts.

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Robert Beal
2 months ago

I served during the tail end of the cold war and the Vietnam War (SAC) None the military handling during these hijacks makes any sense. The flying command post has advanced radars and knows exactly where all it's combat planes are located. Also true are two members of the 911 committee had actually resigned, stating they could not get any truthful information and had actually wanted to arrest several people both military and civilians. Toss in Dick Cheney who has the alias name "Dark Vader" Cheney was getting plenty of information and not from white house aids, but from those in charge of this planned "state of confusion" operation. Neither Cheney or Bush would testify and both of them further stated there was no need for any investigation, because they knew what had happen. If they knew and since they claim they did, then how come they never told us? Otherwise the alleged terrorists had some very in-depth-knowledge about our entire national defense system. As far as Bin Laden running the whole show from a mountain cave in Afghanistan, here with laptop computers, keep in mind, Afghanistan never had any Internet, until seven years after it was invaded by U.S. Forces.

Mark Dickenson
1 year ago

I agree that when you read Operation Northwoods and PNAC and see the military precision 3 targets were hit with, it isn't difficult to imagine the planes being switched with drones. Hell, they had war games with drones on while the hijackings happened. The operators probably didn't even know it was real life. Cheney being rushed from his office and Panetta having conversations with him while he wasn't there is absurd. Inside job 100%. Huge financial robbery as well.

Colin Doran
1 year ago

I'm surprised this video didn't have a bullshit warning. No I'm kidding. I'm not surprised this video didn't have a bullshit warning. It's from Pilots for 9/11 truth. They only produce bullshit.

Anthony Gutierrez
3 years ago

It's obvious that after almost 18 years since the attacks. We are still dealing with terrorism in our cities. So we are always on guard and closely monitor everything we do especially at big events,where they have been known to make their targets. We are never safe and we can never trust our inner feelings to believe it is safe. We as Americans and as a community in cities and towns need to work and protect what is ours and what we love in order to conquer this hatred of terrorism. And it starts by unifying together and watching out for each other, otherwise we won't defeat this problem that will continue to happen at a cost of people's innocent lives. United we stand, but if devided, then we fall. Not me. As an American of the greatest country that ever existed I will stand to protect this land of liberty and freedom for all. Stand Tall and Never Fall.

Star Messenger
4 years ago

I have a few comments. And they are bullsh*t. Whoever made this "documentary" is part of the "conspiracy" behind the 9-11 attacks. So who are the "perps"? Answer: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, L. Paul Bremer III, and a few other civilians in the Bush Jr. administration, plus some other Deep-State operators. But the chief operators were the Mossad.

P. S. Jet fuel can not bring down modern concrete and steel high-rise buildings. The Twin Towers were brought down by controlled demolition utilizing DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons). Google, Dr. Judy Wood. Here.

Luke Thomas
5 years ago

This is a sloppy boring incoherent mess of a documentary. Very, very poorly done. I too have some questions about the official 9/11 story and one of the biggest questions is how our advanced domestic air defense systems could have failed not once, but 3 times that day. We have had state of the art air defense detection and response systems in this country since WWII and these were broadly enhanced during the cold war. How could they have failed?

However if you are looking for answers to this question, you wont find them in this very poorly made sloppily put together excuse for a documentary. I believe a high school mass media student could have written and edited a better documentary than this. While the narrator has good speaking voice, even he seems confused as to where he is supposed to use dramatic emphasis and which sentences and phrases he should be emphasizing. Very poorly written and poorly worded throughout. Whoever wrote this should have used their thesaurus.

They display color coded radar maps that look like an 80's video game and poorly contextualize them. They never explain how or why these graphics are significant or what they are supposed mean, and these images make up the bulk of the 40 minute "documentary." Are these images supposed to mean something? As a viewer I failed to ascertain any meaningful information from this. A little context would have been helpful.

If there is a consortium of pilots who are advocating for "9/11 truth" that supposedly made or sponsored this piece of crap why not interview some of them to provide some context? Why not have them refute the official version of events and explain how or why they dont add up? Listening to the same first person narrative directly from the same narrator for the entire duration of the film makes the presentation extremely monotonous and very boring. Different voices and perspectives lend context and credibility, which this film completely lacks.

This is really a half baked jumbled mess of poorly thought out assumptions that dont even lead anywhere. Whoever wrote this crap didnt even take the time to offer plausible alternative narratives or even think through any possible alternate theories. its just a very lazy and poorly executed presentation, from a premise that is actually quite rich with potential.

The only takeaway from this is that there was bureaucratic entanglements, miscommunications and incompetence that paralyzed any timely air response, and that there were training drills going on that day which took up a lot of our nations fighter pilots so they couldnt respond. Incompetence and bureaucracy is something most Americans can understand and relate to, and if anything this film just gives credence to the official version of events. Incompetence and negligence is bad, but is much more acceptable than devious malicious intent or complicity.

The only truly fascinating piece of information in this whole doc is the two sentence discussion of the declassification of operation northwoods which was a 1960's plan that explored the possibility of switching commercial planes with drones and shooting those down and blaming the attack on Cuba to justify an invasion, which we know never took place. But again instead of putting this in its proper context, they just sloppily throw this information at the viewer without explaining the implications of the government having such a plan in place 40 years prior to 9/11.

This documentary is so poorly done, its almost as if it was created with the sole purpose of discrediting 9/11 truthers. If this is the best "pilots for 9/11 truth" can do, and this is the best alternative narrative that so-called avition specialists can come up with, I think the casual viewer, and even other "truthers" will be more inclined to believe the official story after watching this piece of garbage.

Lance Masterson
6 years ago

Some of those controllers sounded like they couldn't care less. What a tremendous F-up!

Nikita Kade
10 years ago

Confused and confusing, half-baked in a crockpot, this bit of futz seems designed with dollars in mind: what new Truth About 9/11 can we invent to get some attention?

I expected a real documentary about the military response to the 9/11 attacks. Instead, I sat through forty minutes of disjointed conjecture following meaningless blips on alleged radar screens. Whose footage was this? Most of the time, there was no identification of the dots and dashes moving around--just the ooooWEEEEoooo voice-over, suggesting horrible wrongdoing when nothing was apparent. Lingo and acronyms were tossed out without explanation; lots of maps were shown, with impossible-to-follow narration veering all over the place. Then came ominous music and reference to the infamous Operation Northwoods (which, incidentally, never became a mission). All meant to suggest (but remember, no theories are being offered)...what?

In mid-air, passenger flights were "switched" with "drone planes"? Which were then aimed at the four 9/11 crash sites, killing thousands, with NO military brass aware that it was happening? All arranged by who, then? Dick Cheney, alone in his room? Cheney and Bush? Cheney and Bush and the Dark Lords of the Underworld? For what reason? So we could justify attacking our Great Enemy...Afghanistan? Or was it Iraq--"for oil"? (It's always "for oil"; we attacked, so where's all the oil?)

After all the switching, deliberate deaths, and potential destruction of the government's own military hub...where did the real planes land? Was everyone on them killed to shut them up? What about the dozens of phone calls from the planes' crew and passengers, describing every minute of their ordeal? Were they just fakes, the grieving loved ones just making it all up? (Oh, wait...they're all in on it...) Where are the hijackers? If they weren't really the hijackers, why aren't they out waving and saying, "See? We're alive! Your government lies!" Where...Oh, why bother?

As usual, the "filmmakers" (term used loosely) just throw a bunch of balls in the air and don't bother catching any of them; questions abound, with no plausible answers given. A subtitle suggestion for all these visual screeds: Sometimes A Vague Notion.

Add this one to the long list of 9/11 Conspiracy Industry self-promos. Then skip it.


10 years ago

I find this the most devastating testimony that the government was complicit and Cheney/Bush should be brought to trial, both for 9/11 and the years since.

Obama has his own issues that need explanation in the wake of 9/11.

10 years ago

fibbin' ol' scatvette! Whinin' and hammerin' away at your keyboard, hundres of posts, never discussing the documentaries directly, and using propaganda techniques like name-calling and reiterating the same sweeping generalizations. Whatcha doin' on this website, scatvette?

10 years ago

I am amazed to hear that a lot of people would rather believe that our servicemen in our defense bases our that inept, than see a corrupt government

10 years ago

Thanks Achems

This time it said unsubscribe, so I clicked that. Time will tell if it works and I see no reason why it wouldn't.

10 years ago

For some reason I am getting email notifications for every comment posted on this page. The problem is that I did not subscribe to this page.

I thought maybe I somehow got subscribed so I went to the bottom of the page and clicked subscribe. Hoping it would unsubscribe me, but the window that popped up was for me to subscribe not unsubscribe. I do not want to block TDF or mark it as spam on my email.

Any ideas on how I can fix this would be welcome. Or I could do what I usually do, nothing. Often when I have a problem of some sort (especially a computer problem) I ignore it and hope it goes away. Lol it sometimes even works.

10 years ago

Americans need to wake up!

10 years ago

why 9/11 witnesses are all dead??

10 years ago

what happen to building 7?

10 years ago

well 911 was bad but i was born in new York i guess that i was lucky but 911 was the worst thing that tourists could have done what do you think ??????????? but i can not believe that tourists would do that unless they were evil please if the people that did this are getting filthy rich then i want to ask them was it worth it. it is you no that it was not weapons but if any one of you did not like this then tell me nbut was it worth it?

Ajene Farrar
10 years ago

Crazy question, but is anyone going to comment on the content of this video, and not go on rants about other so-called evidence of whatever theory they support?

10 years ago

i have three people on top of me by satellite technology. they don't listen to principles, because , one, they are in too much trouble to listen. principles are what we live by. one people who are on a passenger jet are in the driver's seat, like mohommad atta. he is the one who prays while he sits in the plane. his hands are at rest. next is the other passengers who want things like drinks. now the flight attendants who are busy are next with things to do, and are more busy than the passengers. and the pilots are the least important in principle because they have there hands on the controls of the airplane. on top of the pilots are he air traffic controllers, who oversee the plane. and the people behind the satellite systems in orbit are at the top of the ladder, and are the least important of all. these principles cannot be changed by anybody. you cannot make mohommad look like a hijacker, before you blame the pilots. you cannot blame the pilots before you blame the air traffic controllers. and you cannot blame the air traffic controllers before you blame the satellite systems people. now after you have the principles, you can go after specifics. who was in control of the different systems. thank you


11 years ago

can anyone remember that mexican guy that was working as a cleaner or something that he and some witnesses heard explosions coming from the basement? i apologise about the lack of information but I just can't bloody remember his name,

anyway as far as i'm aware he was working the morning of the day, when the planes hit, shorty after he heard explosions from the basement, also

afew weeks prior the incident, when he was doing his cleaning or whatever, on the 50 something floor he said was not avalible to anyone, he heard nosies coming from there when people had left, he also noticed "out of place people coming in and out" i.e not your usual person who comes in the the WTC, this guy was offered alot of things by the goverment to keep things quite but turn't it down as he wanted to get the "truth out"

again sorry about the lack of his name, i will find it, anyone remember or come across this?

11 years ago

didn't watch this docu (have watched enough) but if you did not do it already watch the interview with Dimitri Khalezov. He claims the Russians have known since the 80-ties that when the twin Towers were built they had nukes planted around 77m below the towers. It sounds rediculous but you need to listen to the whole video. If you watch what happens to the towers it makes sense. He claims that America was a victim of an assault and that they decided to blow up the towers to avoid an even worse outcome. This I do not believe myself. But I am pretty sure that the towers have been blown up by nukes planted around 80m below the towers. And if they allow me I can prove it with seismology.

The comment about what will happen once it is proven that 911 is an inside job? I am afraid that human kind is just hopeless. You have a lot of hardworking people who have accomplished the most amazing things. But then there are the power hungry who are in control and they are always corrupt, always want more and destroy everything. This will continue unless humankind gets a mutation.

Teddy Mcd
11 years ago

Okay let me ask a question.

preamble - It is somewhere in the near future (two-three years) and a 9/11 investigation with the authority of law, the power to convict has been completed and the ruling is that it was an inside job. It was an inside job orchestrated by the government: non elected officials, congressmen, senators and the executive branch (including the president). Those found guilty (pick a number and make it high) of treason and murder are sentenced to death and duly executed.

? What then - what of the world - USA - democracy - religion (in a way) - the military - the common man and woman, and anything you want might want to add.

I would appreciate hearing opinions from any and all so inclined.

Thanks - Teddy Mcd

I will post this question also on, '9/11 The Sensible Doubt'

Peter Wilson
11 years ago

I like the comments where, if you are skeptical of the official conspiracy theory, you are called a "twoofer" which I assume is a funny alteration of the intended term---truther---because, really, truther somehow does not come off as all that disparaging. If you are not a "truther" what are you---a "lie-er"?

11 years ago

Benjamin Franklin said, ‘only lies need the protection of the state, the truth can stand alone’

11 years ago

If drones, not American Airlines passenger planes, crashed into the World Trade Centre towers and/or the Pentagon, what happened to the American Airlines planes that did take off and the passengers on them? The passengers didn't live to come home, and if they weren't on the planes that caused the explosions, what happened to them?

11 years ago

Would so love to see this nitemare exposed for what it is.Obviously fighters who hear about first plane crash in wtc,are anxious to get to the area especially when 4 are confirmed hijackers.In all probability those who were in contact with the military would have given coordinates before the transponder was turned of and it does not take a moron to realise the fighters would have definately crossed paths with their superior power/.I am an Engineer and those two towers should have toppled over on their side destroying a minimum of four blocks.These are not coincidence,What can we do about it,Kinda wish something but fact is if the truth were really exposed the entire planet would become one giant that will place America as the most evil of all time.Also the two wars would have been based on this as well as womd The world will keep going on and maybe if their is another disaster such as the one on this video,I would suspect that the people would be less forgiving and base another attack because of the wars America went to.What a sad way for people regardless of religion or belief to kill just to start a war and clearly the leaders have much to hide but the slightest leak would mean certain death bye their own government and why?Cause their should never be a live witness.Truly the truth has been told here and our own people in high places are willing to murder their own and for what.4 more years.Very sick people who started this very sick yet their gruesome fate is after their life is complete and buried.

Ajene Farrar
11 years ago

As an air traffic controller, there were few things I could quibble with in this video, but there were a couple:

The summary claims that this video is not suggesting any theories, but the tone of the narrator makes it clear that every unfortunate circumstance or communication error made on 9/11 must have been planned. This isn't a reasonable response made by objective parties.

The controller who gave an inaccurate positioning of AAL11 northeast of DC could very well have been given information about a primary target and in the chaos of the day, assumed this target was one of the hijacked aircraft. It's happened all the time at work where we are looking for a lost private aircraft, and we see several primary targets, and guess wrong about who is who, based on where we expect our lost aircraft to be. Usually, these mistakes are kept in our heads, and we withhold presenting our assumptions to other controllers until we know for sure...but in a climate where you just saw an aircraft hit the WTC, I'm sure many people would be much more likely to offer their unsubstantiated opinions to other facilities in order to prevent another crash.

Wendy Collins
11 years ago

Could have been put together better. arrows to show the aircraft they're talking about ext.

It is really scary to know the gov't could be apart of such a mass massacre. It is also shocking that Bin Laden was a "Suspect," yet they went and killed him. lol I know all of this was to turn america against Muslims and to give the US gov't a nice excuse of why they're constantly in the Middle East. I do not feel safe living in a world like this. The Gov't is evil.

11 years ago

In regards to professional's of all stripes questioning 9/11, I am one of them. I cannot erase 3 decades of knowledge in building construction, design, and fire code. To call all all of us conspiracy theorists is preposterous. I can no more expunge the knowledge from my brain than anyone can shut their own brains off. The three buildings in question, cannot, did not, and will never again, fall in such a way, without the aid of explosives. The basics of physics and building construction cannot be changed for one day, no matter who is saying they did. I have said this 1000 times, and will never change my mind. Dealing with non professional's, who have no knowledge of such topics was old a long time ago, but there are always a few people, who understand the language engineers speak, and they know, deep down, those buildings were blown up. Any other view is not possible for anyone who is involved with any facet of engineering. Buildings cannot fall like that, without using cutter charges or explosives. There is no debate in that. Only fact. Ignorance of that uncomfortable fact is done at your own risk. Have a nice day, everyone. I can leave it at that.

11 years ago


11 years ago

We all can at least agree that whether this was an extremely elaborately planned govt cover up or not that the end result was that nothing was gained and trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives were lost (I'm including the loss of life of Afghan and Iraqi nationals here... because I'm pretty sure that they're human beings with family, friends, and children as well).

11 years ago

It's all about how Israel control the american politics and that Israel feel threaten by the middle east, everyone should know that of power of the Israel lobby, look it up, Jewish control just about everything in america and have fingers in just about every pie, look at the most powerful families in the world i.e rothschilds,

This whole 9/11 stuff is just another excuse for the Israel/Americans to get there hands and military bases all over the world infecting middle eastern cultures with more global company shite, and the only reason America is pissed with north korea is that they for once can't get into a country and infect it with the poison, war crimes that fills the world today.

11 years ago

bull, just trying to make ppl responsible where there is no blame

11 years ago

This film shows there were too many strange coincidences on the 11th of September 2001 for something dodgy not to be transpiring. Well worth watching although quite difficult to follow at times. Thanks

11 years ago

The whole official explanation of 9/11 is absurd. Voltaire wrote "if you can make people believe in absurdities you can make them commit atrocities". Numbers don't lie. They say one thing the numbers say another. it's a sad fact that all those scientists in the world that have gone along with the official explanation should die of shame.

11 years ago

well done, lets hang G.W. Bush from a Redwood

11 years ago

If it was a conspiracy America needs to take a hard look at itself but then if it wasn't a conspiracy and the defense was just a complete mickey mouse operation America needs to take a hard look at itself.

11 years ago

So lets say that 9/11 wasn't a government conspiracy. Lets say that the official story is broadly true. The end result was one of the greatest misinvestments of a nations resources in history.

Lets say that 9/11 was a government conspiracy. Lets say that the government pre-planned the attacks, and therefore pre-planned the ensuing military reaction. The end result is one of the greatest misinvestments of a nations resources in history.

Heres the thing. If 9/11 was an elaborately planned false flag event (that killed over 3,000 of its own innocent civilians), then it should also have an equally elaborately planned reaction. If the entire event was staged why would they plant SAUDI ARABIAN IDs for the terrorists if your largest Muslim ally (to this day) is Saudi Arabia.

I've got a better idea. If you want to kill 3,000 of your own citizens to invade Iraq, then plant IRAQI IDs in the wreckage.

11 years ago

When I had my first chance to form my own opinion first thing that came to me is maybe its not all other sides fault. Critical thinking is what I have discovered. I come from Bosnia, suffered war for 4 years, planes, bomb shelling, some other people suffered sniper fire, mortars etc and it was easy to be bias. In my pursuit for truth I stumbled upon a lot of mess. Lie upon lie, desinformations for the masses everything was staged to make me hate, not a lot of room for asking questions. Now I am 25 and for 7 years of searching I am so sure that there is a plan for all things that happened and for what you should know is whenever you question government it is the right thing to do, hate is not knowing, questioning is the path to truth. Do it as often you can, we are all the same, in the same bullshit.

11 years ago

I would like to fly a 747 into the heads of the people that made this doc!

Jeremy Hughes
11 years ago

I saw an interesting video, it claimed that the CIA realized shortly after their inception that they needed to create this counter-culture of conspiracy theories, supposedly by leaking faked documents into the right hands, they could cause so much confusion in the "conspiracy" genre, that people would just give up and assume that everything is bullshit. I kinda think it's working, if it's true, that is.

Peter Wilson
11 years ago

Yes, pilots, architects, and engineers; what could such people know about idiosyncracies concerning air traffic communications, flight plans, aircraft stability factors, building integrity and collapses etc.?!! (irony alert for those who missed it) What is odd to me is the lack of discussion on this point: As a flight attendant, I received annual training which included security updates. For the couple years leading up to 9/11 we were informed that the #1 most likely threat of terrorism was that Osama Bin Laden (yes he was specifically named) would organize the hijacking of commercial aircraft which would be guided like missiles into vital U.S. structures. My colleagues and I wondered between us "why do they not change the cockpit doors, because anyone can simply kick these ones open?" For the cost of one first class ticket per plane, each plane could have had a much more secure door installed. Skip the "hindsight is 100%" nonsense; that was the first insight that came to mind upon being informed that our government deemed such a scenario as the most likely threat---well before 9/11 actually happened.

11 years ago

This is probably the most pointless and substance lacking 9/11 twoofer doc yet. 18:00 in and all they've done is question the routing and then conclude it shared similarities to Operation Northwoods? Something that never happened!
If you were to dig through all the government's files for all the contingency plans you'd find all kinds of crazy stuff.
What we're hearing unfold is some good employees trying to think on their feet but the bureaucracy is not set up for this kind of event.
Speculation and innuendo are not evidence.

11 years ago

It is interesting to have a look at the website...Pilots For Truth.
The member list is composed of lunatic conspiracists?
ya, right!
People want to know. There are groups of architects and engineers who have formed and now groups of pilots. When will we have groups of politicians that do the same?

11 years ago

Lets face it folks, we have a GOV creating events to go to war to keep the economy going and to eventually own the Mid East, always the plan. Next will be turning our backs on Israel once Iran and Pakistan attack her. Israel no longer has a place in the new world order, they dont want Zionism in the plan. Once Iran and Pakistan attack, the rest of the middle east will back them or not, probably not, Saudia Arabia does have a place in the new order. Finally, if this fails, it will be a fake UFO invasion with our own secret machines attacking, convincing all to unite into the one world order gladly. We will be pushed into 110 underground FEMA camps for protection, never to see the light of day again. Reduce the pop to 500 million, and the 13 families win.

11 years ago

Damn! I watched another 911 doc, why can't I stop? Makes me feel like a crazy kid, ripping open endless packets in search of a rare pokemon card and only ever getting swapsies! I swear, this is the last one! ;)

11 years ago

when are all those bastards going to stand trile they make adolf hitler look like mary poppins god bless you america you need it, cause your government
are the real terror

11 years ago

More proof that the US population has been bamboozled by a dirty, lying government!