9/11 Mysteries

9/11 Mysteries

2006, 9/11  -   193 Comments
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9/11 MysteriesA FEMA photographer taking pictures of Ground Zero wondered why so MANY steel beams were jutting from neighborhood buildings.

What shot pieces of the towers all the way across the street?

This documentary provides a detailed analysis of Fox News' daily programming and minute-by-minute breakdown of their regular scheduling.

Commentary from Fox News' previously hired employees provides further insight to how stories are chosen.

Why they are chosen, and dissection of several different methods of delivering the story to the audience to invoke desired reactions.

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193 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Underground mini nukes brought the towers down.. That would explain the molten metal, melting boots, 1100 people disappearing, the large chunks ejected.... In the 60s there were backpack mininukes built to blow up bridges.......

    1. There's a documentary 9/11 answers where a call in was a young man whose father found out about the mini nuke after it was put in. It was underneath the bottom. By law the engineers had to show how the towers would be demolished in the future. Chicago's Sears Tower is built the same way.

  2. Best documentary on 9/11 that I have Ever seen Thank You !

  3. Take one of America's darkest, most revolting event, sprinkle it with a bunch of paranoid conspiracy theorist, add one not-so-forthcoming government with a history of brutality, mix in a few disrespectful, arrogant, closed-minded sons-of-bitches, blend well. Let it simmer for a few years. Final product: horse sh*t. My God, it's a miracle anything ever gets done in America. With so many fingers pointing in every direction, one forgets that every time a person points a finger, there are three others from the same hand pointing back!

  4. Although, we the people, who still have common sence, since the JFK event, have been fed the "Official Story" We are supposed to just accept the Government story. The facts don't count, forget physics, science, and just remember, the news media is smarter than you ever will be.
    There was a time when you elected your congress and senators and felt like you could trust them. Then you concentrated your time on raising your family and making a living. That was over 200 years ago.
    It is the nature and deposition of almost all men as soon as they get a little authority as they suppose, to exercise unrighteous dominion, over the rest of us.
    And so you make a made for live TV production, complete with, bad guys, good guys, some special effects, hologram planes, preset charges, lots of explosions, smoke, blood, gore, and you've got a convincing show. You can throw common sence out the window, because you've got actors on the ground, getting air time with the news you can trust!!!
    The actors can sell anything they want the public to believe.
    *****AFTER 50 years of brainwashing someone comes along and does the unthinkable, releases the JFK papers, and TRUTH is exposed. Holy Cow, did you know Oswald worked for the CIA?
    I suppose it is carma, because the bad actors are going to be exposed in ways they never thought possible. All their bad deeds will be aired on the same device they used on us, the One Eyed monster. ( big screens are much nicer these days)
    Get some popcorn, enjoy the show, there's a new sheriff in town, and he's going to TRUMP them all.

  5. What a crock of BS. More reactions from people who suffer from severe paranoia and will inject their own imagination/fakery into a subject to arrive at a story that fits their own delusional thinking. It's a shame that they can never engage a subject with even a modicum of common sense.

    1. Apparently, You never made it past the fourth grade. Physics, Pal. Physics. Pure and Simple.
      Hint: A little Logic goes a long way...

  6. Here's how you know its an inside job.
    Massive insider trading the day before 9/11. What more do you need?
    Except maybe absolutely no debris to be found on the

    Pennsylvania 'crash' except a bandana from Islam. Common...that should tell you right there. Like leaving crumbs for the mouse to pick up. Here's my theory. No actual planes were used. Missiles or something similar hit the towers with timed explosives going off to make it look like massive damage. (In real life the plane would hit the tower and crumple). Then they did a poor job video editing inserting a plane. (Nose out shot they messed up big time). I believe some sort of nuclear event was used deep below the towers. Or some bomb more powerful then thermite.

  7. I hate to sound boring, but we need to stop discussing whether this or that did or didn't happen as expressed in the official report.
    There is no discussion, the reason there is no discussion is because only one 'side' wish to discuss.
    And the reason only one 'side' wish to discuss, is because they're stating the most painfully obvious truth opposed to complete nonsense and propaganda.
    So, let us not be bogged down discussing the melting point of a jet engine, let us first get concise and factual documentaries out there, get them shared on Facebook and Twitter etc, Ask people to have a look, but ban people from commenting unless theyve watched it.
    Then when people start feeling stupid for having bought into it so easily, the tide will turn.
    Then what? when it comes out?
    That's what we should be discussing!!

  8. Larry Silverstein was paid $4.5 billion by his insurance companies, an amount that did not come close to covering the rebuilding costs or compensating him for the lost rents. As this is a matter of public record, it will, of course, be dismissed by conspiracy liars.

    1. Mr. Silverstein originally sought about $7 billion from his property insurers, but a series of court rulings determined that Silverstein stood to collect a maximum of $4.68 billion from insurers. He was paid out 4.5 billion.

  9. Yet, NO demolition professionals swallow the twoof cult's snake oil. Could it be that the total absence of evidence--physical, seismic, and auditory--for the use of explosives explains their reluctance to embrace the fantasy?

  10. This is by far the best 9-11 doc. I have watched them all, this paints the fullest, least crazy, most in depth of them all. Created by a sceptic hoping to debunk, ended up making the most convincing proof of controlled demolition available

  11. 7 BILLION DOLLARS, remember that! That's why Silverstein bought these WHITE ELEPHANTS, 6-WEEKS, before they fell!
    How did tower 7 fall?

  12. In all of the videos showing CONTROLLED demolitions, you see ALL of the squibs PRIOR to the collapse. What you're stating to be squibs are actually windows and supports being blown out and destroyed as the building collapses.

  13. So there was NO ONE in the lobby of the North Tower when the plane hit? There are NO witnesses to what caused the damage in the lobby? How is that possible? Did the shadow men come into the lobby and clear everybody out so they could detonate their explosives when the plane struck the tower?

  14. Horrible subject, but hilarious video. What a bunch of hooooooey. Nice work, Brad, or whatever your name was.

  15. If they'd have just packed those darn explosives a bit better there wouldn't be so many questions raised, but now the black flaggers are starting to look like Wiley Coyote in the Roadrunner Cartoons.

  16. Lets not forget the people who suffered and are suffering a lot in middle east for the sake of American and European welfare! There is always better way to change the world. One cannot offer freedom and humanity by invasion with the support of its media. These destruction would be left forever and cannot be wiped out or justified easily. Anyways, thanks for the documentary.

  17. Out of all the info available in this doc. and others I can't believe some of the comments. The ignorance of the American people is the most shocking of all. But when our education system has been dumbing down our people for the last 50 yrs I see that it has been sucessful. Also it has been proven that people who have been conned will choose not to see because of their shame of being conned, or pride of ego will never admit to being conned. When our children are being shot down in the streets by our new military trained police you can keep on saying this is not really happening.

  18. "i didn't sleep for a week"..... and you watched all of your "research" on the internet during that week...so you were sleep deprived and you got your facts from internet videos.... very convincing.

  19. Let's clean house.

  20. FYI airplanes have to carry enough fuel to get the their destination plus 45 minutes of reserve fuel. The point made about airplanes having only enough fuel to get to their destination is untrue.

    1. Kind of missing the point...I think what they were trying to get across is that the jets are not fully loaded unless they're doing a cross country/international trip where they actually need that much fuel.

    2. I think what they got across is that 911 is a covert black opps operation done with government consent

    3. I think enough fuel to get to their destination includes the 45 min reserve fuel. But I think you missed the point of the doc. lol

  21. I do believe that 9/11 has a lot of lies involved. I think it was a false flag operation.

  22. I have to disagree with one point so far, a lot of smoke does not mean the fire is not roaring. That is when kerosene is involved.

  23. you must be a blind monkey to belive what the US gorvenment say about 9/11.

    even a cave man can see the proofs.

    my opinion:hey...you runing out of oil...hmm...let's kill some ppl of our own...bring down a few buildings(we take some money too)...and then let the BOMBING begin.
    this way "everybody"(all the smart guys) wins...the big corporation makes more weapons,so more money.

    we are 7 bilions...the human life it has no value anymore for this MONSTERS.

    i don't understand how such a beautifull nation like the american ppl belive the bu ll sh it that the US government tell them an let their children go to fight and die for the BIG FAT LIAR MONSTERS.

    what a diference betewn Washinton,Lincoln,Jefferson...and the MONSTERS that rules America today.


    WAKE UP!!!!!

    1. The problem is that cavemen were not programmed by any educational system, government, religion, and corporations to be blind and ignorant, the way modern man has, so the caveman has the edge.

  24. MOSSAD has it's fingerprints all over this 9/11 thing...connect the dots...Silverstein bought buildings frew months before, for 200M knowing they had to be demolished because of asbestos..he also first name basis friends with Israeli leaders...he needs the buildings demolished
    -GWBush and the Pentagon need a war to further the boogey man/terrorist ploy to take control of the USA people...
    -israel wants Saddam Hussein taken care of..
    Bingo..it all comes together....the loser..the American people, and especially those that lost their lives in the towers, the people of iraq and Afghanistan..big time losers...the perpetrators walk free...what a worold!

  25. Make sure when the Feds try the next one don't get conned again.

  26. this job has been done only to gain power.i have experience in construction and i dont think such a building can collapse in 10 seconds. if this is the case it means its a poor construction. so why the engineer who constructed these building are not blamed.there were to planes and on my point of view each plane was destined for each one of the buildings but by mistake both planes went in the same building.and as far as the second building was not hitted by the planes why did the second building collapse also.there was no impact on the second buildind and whati know is that these buildings are equipped with anti shock absorbers in the basement. this proves that all is fake man.all arround the world people know its an inside job and they also know what is the truth but instead of sitting in their house and comment why does the family of the victims and everyone try to claim for justice.and now that all the comments are on the internet why does the accused not try do defend themselves. me i think all these comments are useless. first it was saddam hussain who was not good then osama bin laden then kadafi and who is next on the list please? so just cheer and have another cup of coffee and watch the show man.just keep dreaming about luxurious cars and the house of your dreams and you will have it very soon.

  27. just cheer and watch the show man.hahaha

  28. me i think there were 2 planes and 2 buildings and each plane was destined to each building. but by mistake both planes went in the same tower. so when the first tower was hit by both planes but the second tower was not hitted why did the second tower collapse also.its had nothing to do with the first tower because these building are equipped with anti shock absorbers in their basements.i think they are just trying to fool the people.

  29. PLanes = DECOY

    For terrorist to enter in the buidilng with the actual bombs to carry out the plan.

  30. I'm not going to say whether 9/11 was a consipracy or not because I don't know am not going to act is if I know. MAYBE it did, MAYBE it didn't. Not 110% sure. But honestly WHY THE HECK do they keep saying it was just a fire and show other "no plane" fire buildings. Two huge planes went into the towers first and created huge damage to the structure up there.

    It wasn't just a fire. So stop showing other building fires that had no big planes go into them and acting as if they are the same. No matter the truth these comparisons they showed early on are apples and oranges.

    Plus the woman saying, "look at the debris going outward from collapse. A fire can't do that" What?! There's a collapse going on from the top of the building so energy is pushing down and outward. Slam your hand onto a breakable model tower and watch where the pieces end up. They will not be ALL under your hand Cmon. Not saying there couldn't have been something wrong. Again maybe, maybe not but dont act like nothing would ever push out.

    Paper got blown all over by collapse and wind. That's not a mystery. This lady really thinks if she drops paper from that hight it was fall straight down? Ha. Some shady stuff for sure but also ridiculous comments or written comments for her in the video sometimes.

  31. The information that Anthony Summers discusses is known to a lot of people who look into the whole picture of 911. There is plenty of evidence that OBL was behind 911 , knew about it in advance and played a part in organising , facilitating and financing it. The FBI had evidence for his involvement in the other bombings which was sufficient to lead to his arrest and if you read the FBI website they say that
    "The alleged terrorists on this list have been indicted by sitting Federal Grand Juries in various jurisdictions in the United States for the crimes reflected on their wanted posters. Evidence was gathered and presented to the Grand Juries, which led to their being charged. The indictments currently listed on the posters allow them to be arrested and brought to justice. Future indictments may be handed down as various investigations proceed in connection to other terrorist incidents, for example, the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001."
    The fact that OBL had not been indicted in connection with 911 doesn't mean that the FBI didn't have evidence that he was involved and doesn't mean that they would not have brought indictments against him at a later date based on this and other evidence. It doesn't mean either that they are saying he wasn't involved, and it certainly doesn't mean that he wasn't involved. What it does mean is that this whole idea that 911 was a big organised conspiracy to blame OBL for 911 doesn't hold water. The first thing that would be put in place before a big organised conspiracy to frame someone for a crime they didn't commit, would be the planting of evidence to clearly show they were responsible for it. Even if OBL didn't know about 911 in advance, the US action in going after him would have had plausible justification, since he was encouraging and advocating attacks of this kind and was a major source of funding for them, including the embassy attacks which are technically attacks on America. The thousands of people who were murdered on 911 were murdered by muslim fundamentalists. They hate America and with some justification. People in the 911 truth movement continually point out all the injustices of US foreign policy past and present, and about time too, but they don't seem to imagine that the people on the receiving end of it might feel the same way and might want to strike back at the source of that injustice. What would it take to get your attention?

  32. Give it up you truthers and conspiracy theorists! How dare you keep assaulting the public with all your logic, reason, evidence and physics! The public has forgotten and moved on already!
    You will all be dead before the truth will ever be known. It will just be another side note in the history of our bloody and patriotic past.
    You will never overcome the ignorance and lack of intelligence of the average man! They are scared little followers that don not, can not, or will not think for themselves. It is not their fault! All they ever did wrong was Vote and believe their government cares about them. Protecting them while they watch sports, idolize celebraties, play video games and dream their american dreams of fame and fortune. Driving cars they can't afford, living in houses that the bank owns, and following leaders, that the banks owns too
    So calm down, grab a beer and enjoy the front row seat of a circus side show.
    There is nothing you can do about it! The tard vote will always win!
    Mark twain said it best!
    "considering the average intelligence of man, you must understand that half are below that" LOL
    "A lie will travel across the world before the truth can get it's boots on"
    You truthers have shown more than enough evidence to the world to, at the very least, warrant a real investigation. It's not going to happen!
    The real power is in numbers! And you brainiacs are out numbered!
    Cheers, I'll have another beer and get back to the show now.

    1. hahaha thats it

  33. @woe to go..just u keep tellin urself wot really happened..the rest of us dont care wot really happned...we just want our own ficticious theories, as we are an unrealistic bunch of loonatics that don't care for good oul honest FACTS! now to watch this mockumentary..im sure thats how u pronounce it..yea mock is fact..

  34. Ditto. Most compelling I have seen as well.

    If the GOV were not involved:

    why refuse to properly investigate?

    Why take all the steel away and immediately melt the evidence?


    Makes no sense unless to cover up.

    1. When people say there was no proper investigation of 911, are they saying that 911 was not being investigated until the 911 Commission was set up? Do they think the FBI and the CIA were just sitting around smoking until November 2002 and they then stubbed out their cigarettes and started investigating it? The FBI were investigating 911 from hour one, day one. They were interviewing witnesses on day one hour one. The vast majority of the information in the 911 Report came from the investigations conducted by the FBI and the CIA and all the other agencies who investigated what happened and what went wrong. Those investigations take time. The FBI can sometimes take years to get a conviction of someone who murdered his wife. And then you hear people like Jesse Ventura saying 'Why was it never investigated?"- and even more amazingly the interviewer not challenging that inane statement. This is the same person who would be saying that on 911 all the videos at the Pentagon were immediately confiscated by the FBI !

    2. Get a brain!

    3. Can you point out something in my post that isn't true?

    4. @ Colin Doran,

      Of course they were investigating the 911. The problem is that they never found any evidence that connects it to OBL.

    5. If 911 was an inside job they would surely have planted evidence that OBL was responsible - isn't that the whole point of a so-called false flag operation? The first thing that would be done would be to plant the evidence against the people you were going to blame for it. If you read 'The Eleventh Day' by Anthony Summers you will see there is plenty of evidence to suggest that OBL was involved, had contact with those who carried it out, and knew about it in advance. He was also implicated in other attacks killing hundreds of innocent people in Africa and also US sailors on the Cole and had called on muslims to attack americans everywhere, whether civilian or otherwise. There is also evidence to suggest that the CIA had information about those involved before the event and failed to act on it.

    6. I am not concerned about whoever wrote on OBL's involvement in 911. Anthony Summers had obviously not informed FBI of his findings. Anthony Summers' findings, or those of any author for that matter, are irrelevant. FBI never sought OBL in connection with 911, but only in relation to 1998 bombings of US embassies in Kenya & Tanzania (in addition to a few other unnamed crimes before the said two bombings).

    7. Yeah but the FBI and/or the CIA... along with The Commission and NIST investigating and ladi-dadi-da... is equivalent to putting John Gotti and his crew in charge of investigating a crime committed by Carlo Gambino!!
      Please think about what a government "Inside Job" entails...

      An investigation done 90% right... is still an investigation "not done!"
      I give it .05%

    8. An inside job entails carrying out an attack on yourself and making it look as if someone else is responsible for it, to give yourself a pretext for attacking them.
      How does the FBI saying they have not indicted Bin Laden for 911 fit into that?
      Or how do the following fit into it
      -Bin Laden denies responsibility -he's an 'asset of the CIA' apparently but he denies responsibility.
      -The islamic patsies who were CIA assets too had to be waterboarded to get information out of them. Waterboarding which is torture in any honest persons language but they admit they tortured people, to get information they knew they didn't have when they only had to fabricate confessions about a plot that they knew they had faked themselves.
      -It was carried out by a group of mainly Saudi Arabians , to justify the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Look up Operation Northwoods and see if there are plans to stage fake attacks by a group of Canadians.
      -According to 911 Commission there was no plausible evidence that Iraq had anything to do with it. Evidence easily planted in advance and the first thing that would be put in place if you were going to frame them for 911. And evidence 10 times more easily planted in the years since invading Iraq.
      -The hijackers are still alive, according to the 911 Truth Movement. The patsies who were framed for a suicide attack are still alive!-ten years later!
      -The fake terrorist attack is 'islamic extremists hijack planes and crash them into buildings.' That's the terrorist attack. But the buildings can't collapse due to the planes hitting the buildings and the fire so they decide to collapse the buildings. Placing explosives on every floor of the WTC towers to cause a collapse that can't be the result of the terrorist attack and showing all the signs of controlled demolition. All the predictable signs of controlled demolition. You only have to look at the buildings collapsing say the 911 truth movement. Framing people for a crime they couldn't commit.
      -Building 7 , most people don't know about building 7. It was obviously an important factor in getting people to go to war then. It collapsed suddenly at free-fall speed due to small fires. Could they maybe have started some large fires to make it a bit more plausible? -no lets just have some small fires and we'll wait until every available news agency has their cameras trained on it to carry out what will be an obvious controlled demolition.
      etc. etc.

    9. Well a "False-Flag" is carrying out an attack on yourself and making it look as if someone else is responsible for it, to give yourself a pretext for attacking them... I believe that is what you meant though!
      And yes I do not disagree with you on OBL and his possible role in the case of 911... though mentioning, that no 'official' evidence exist connecting OBL to the attacks of 911.
      I question the entire investigation... from the CIAs behavior and role to NIST`s reports on how the buildings at WTC came down... including The Commission`s final report...
      I started out in this whole thing as an observer... but now after having literally thousands of hours invested in researching and comparing notes on this subject, I find myself 'wanting' answers, and seeking justice... because the official answers do not in anyway add-up!!
      I know the world is not perfect place... but people deserve the truth!

  35. One of the most compelling 9/11 documentaries that I have ever seen.

  36. And the nitpicking on the word 'explosion' being used! One guy said it sounded like gunfire, why is that not being picked up on?

    "Do you know if it was an explosion or a building collapse?" Because the guy he's asking has heard both multiple times of course!

    I can shake up a bottle of Coke and let the lid off, guess what it sounds like? An explosion (and it is!).

    There was an earthquake in Christchurch, NZ guess what people in the buildings that collapsed and survived said it sounded like. An explosion.

    Do you know what it sounds like when a house is on fire and the windows burst? An explosion. Sheesh!

  37. "people in the towers did not report such heat".


    "Office manager Brian’s message said: “A plane crashed into the Trade Center. It’s on fire, and I’m in it, and I can’t breathe. Tell everyone I love them, and if I don’t get out... goodbye.”"

    "There's no one here yet and the floor's completely engulfed, we're on the floor and we can't breathe and it's very, very, very hot" ~ Melissa Doi

    Maybe Melissa & Brian (R.I.P.) didn't say it was hot enough to qualify as 'such heat'.

  38. Where to start with this? The only thing that I can think of as a positive is that it's admitted that planes actually did hit the WTC which is denied by other people not believing the "official" version.

    The fire in Madrid? What was left was the concrete inner core (which the WTC didn't have) the 11 floors of steel framed structure that it had at the top collapsed due to the fire. Which funnily enough they didn't show on here.

    And where are people getting that the towers took ten seconds to come down? Just timing the clips shown on here it's longer than that. Plus the people who jumped out the windows (R.I.P.) were free falling, can you not see the difference?

    The pencil in the screen? The building was slashed, ever slash a mosquito screen? If not, it won't work properly any more.

    The hurricane example? The air is going around the building in the example not through it hardly the same thing.

    You can see bits of the WTC peeling off at the corners. Ever knocked a corner out while playing Jenga? It will fall over eventually when you compromise the rest of the tower just like the fire was doing inside the building. In fact a Jenga tower is more like a web steeled building, not a hollow steeled building which is what the WTC was due to them wanting more office space to make more moula out of it. "It was a strong mesh of steel that surrounded the exterior" And the exterior got hit weakening it's strength. The exterior was the strength. The exterior was gone on two to three sides and you (from now on 'you' is people that say it had to be explosives that did this damage) still expect it to have stood up? Remember, there's no concrete reinforcement at the WTC.

    Oh and the core was thinning with increasing height. It was only four inches at the base how thin was it the further up you get? So it gets hit in an already weak spot and you don't expect the weak spot to give up the ghost? If just the top of the buildings had fallen off would you be happy? I'm leaning towards not. Oh my gosh welded and bolted...by 5/8th inch bolts. I'm sure I could do damage to them with a hammer let alone a friggen areoplane.

    And someone here said something about it was sod all fuel for the amount of building it hit. Tell that to someone who accidentally set fire to and completely lost their house with a cigarette. A cigarette is way smaller than a house, no? How on earth could a cigarette wipe out an entire house?! It's not like it's got a high burn temperature.

    Not all New Yorkers were stunned when the first tower fell, I remember clearly from watching the coverage a man in a group of people watching the fires down the road from the WTC telling everyone they should get away because the buildings would fall (he said he was an engineer). Then he explained to people why he thought this (the angle of the hit if I remember rightly). That's something I've never seen again since that day. I'm surprised he wasn't picked up as proof that he was in on the towers coming down.

    "Imagine, building expressly for airplane impact but never thinking of the fuel" I CAN imagine that actually. Weren't they also assuming the areoplanes would be travelling slowly?

    "Why are most buildings made of steel?". You could ask why the WTC wasn't reinforced with concrete like those other steel buildings (see Madrid where the bits just made of steel folded). Steel holds up better to weather and fire? Yep I can see that from Interstate 580 folding under fire. Not melting like so many "911 is an inside job" people keep insisting but weakening and then collapsing. How about those steel buildings in Singapore in '97? Gone in under two hours.

    I'm only 12 minutes into this (I've watched the whole thing, just rewatching it now) and look how much I've still got to get through.

    One last thing..."Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik". He said Osama died in 2001 and cites him being in hospital in 2001 for marfan syndrome when Osama *supposedly* saw the urology department (which would have nothing to do with marfan syndrome).

    "He calls himself a "maverick troublemaker. You make your own rules. You pay the consequences". Yep, I'm going to believe him when he wasn't even working on OBL in 2001and had left government employment in the early 80's. " Because as a physician I had known that the CIA physicians had treated him ". Surely that means all physicians in the US knew this too as he states that's the only reason he knows.

  39. This is pure here say and conspiracy BS. They talk continuously about the steel "melting" but they ignore the fact that steel expands significantly with added heat, which will drastically weaken the structure and cause the connections to fail. If you believe this extremely selective choice of "evidence" you are doing yourself a huge disservice.

    1. Please explain where the explosions in the basement came from.

      Also how the towers fell at FREE FALL speed. ???????

      What is your answer?

    2. if the case was steel melting why they did not do scientific research to try to prove it through the media.inspite they have just try to destroy the evidence and keep it a secret since today.

  40. Faux News = Programming for the trashy minded Americans.

  41. God that 'Stepford Wives' narrator is really incongruous with the subject matter. Keep waiting for sweet comments about cup cakes.
    Great documentary though

  42. just another video that makes alot of sense unlike the original story just sad that our government knew about this and did nothing and if stories are true they actually helped take the towers down what a bunch of great folks we have running our country and yall keep voting for these clowns and sitting around not giving a flying fxck about our country going to shxt right before our eyes. its sad our sons and daughters are gna have to clean up america after we royaly fxck it up.

    1. keep dreaming about cars and the house of your dream ohh you people.you will get it soon

  43. Since when did my comment have to be moderated? Did I say something not politically correct? Disappointing. Not a good sign.....

    1. Stop calling people idiots, dumb asses and maybe your comment will be approved. Read the Comment Policy (link above).

    2. Please accept my apologies...

  44. What a complete load of pap. Another example of conspiracy theorists believing such rubbish to support their ridiculous beliefs. There has not been one shred of evidence to suggest that 9/11 was anything other than a tragic terrorist attack which brought down these magnificent structures. Not one. Everything that conspiracy theorists have come up with has been disproved, including the cancer that's contained in this documentary. Do your research properly and don't just believe the first thing that's told to you.

    1. are you serious?

    2. The research is in all these films my friend. Since the government didn't do a proper investigation. You do realize all three buildings fell at free fall speed. And you do realize that's it not possible without controlled demolition to have floors collapsing onto each other without resistance. It seems you are the one with zero credentials and who has done zero research.

  45. 911 was an inside job.

  46. I've always been one to stray away from conspiracy documentaries. But as a doubter over the happenings over 9-11, I decided to give this one a chance, and I was greatly pleased with this documentary. It gave us informative, supportive evidence of the REAL events of 9-11. I couldn't have chosen another documentary that discusses the real events of 9-11 in such a professional way.

    1. It would be a mistake to rely on this documentary to present objective, informed or even intelligent analysis of the events of 911. It presents a specious ,contorted interpretation of evidence all of it gleaned as he says himself from thousands of websites, practically every one of which is repeating the same 'inside job' mantra over and over and dismissing anything that might contradict it as the 'official story' -which is , as everyone knows, a lie. It's strange how someone can present the idea that people were sold some kind of 'myth' with a few interviews and documentaries on TV but people couldn't be sold a myth by thousands of websites, articles, forums, available to be watched 24 hours a day 7 days a week ,365 days a year, for years , all presenting a one-sided biased interpretation of the facts.

    2. Colin have you watched the film? Very interesting film. The evidence of a false flag/stand down operation is overwhelming. The top down demolition of the North and South Towers is blatant, but the WTC7 is just laughably an obvious traditional demolition. Anyone who looks into this with an honest scientific eye comes away with that inevitable conclusion.

      Watch the film Colin, you might learn something from it.... seriously, give it a view. Powerful film.

    3. me i think people will just sit in their house and comment.why all the family of the victims and everyone try to claim for justice

    4. I highly recommend Loose Change: Final Cut it is also extremely good!

    5. Thanks!! I will definitely check it out :)

  47. Great straight up Video, ive seen loads of 9/11 docs this is one of the best !!!

  48. Islam was used as scape goat once again. The rings of fire America,Israel, Saudis. America needs to be always in war. Israel or Zionist in general need to bring chaos and confusion in order to bring in new laws while exterminating lives. Saudis want America and Israel to wage war on fellow Muslim nations that they feel are a threat to there oil monopoly in the region.This is just my opinion folks that's all.

  49. Wow,this video that portrays facts not fiction is without the real proof I need to maintain the reality that these towers were brought down using thermite explosives and sheer powers of the corrupt that be but why would anyone want to cause such death with deliberate intentions?Answer/MONEY AND POWER.I dont care who may try to sway there views on demolition theories and that the fuel was to blame ohh lets not forget the paper and furniture.BULL this is murder and i am convinced this was planned many years in the making.Let me quote a passage from George Bush Senior and the televised State Of The Union.QUOTE.What We Need Is A New World Order.As well before the trade towers Donald Rumsfeld also was on national spotlight when he stated that there is 2.7 Trillion dollars un accounted for and his statement that we need another PEARL HARBOR. These statements should never be taken lightly as we should be asking the Pentagon where is the 2.7 trillion dollars and what do you mean by New World Order? I have been in the construction busines for many years and for a building to collapse so fast and almost non stop which only takes 9.2 seconds tells me that this was poor construction which is highly unlikely.When I am convinced with absolution then why is it that if there is a Gov that is non corrupt take a stand to defend themselves with another inquiry? As for popular Mechanics to suggest that thousands of experienced Demolitions experts,Civil Engineers Eyewitnesses at groun zero who heard explosions and some of the video showing metal on some corners literally red and melting like a torch used to cut steel when there is little or no flames in that certain part of the structure.What gets my goat is that some people would suggest that this would half to be a secret kept by thousands of agencies and to keep such a secret would be impossible.Well not all agencies would even half to know anything at all.A secret can be kept bye those who stand to make billions of dollars and quite possibly those who held such secrets are probably dead and thats no conspiracy. Without a doubt this is no mystery and those who took part in a disaster to this day has no ending only denials and so called expert analysis that hold no truth to there expert opinion.Ya it was chairs and paper that with fuel from an aircraft that was 65pecent blown up on impact that brought down these towers in less or 10 seconds.I will never be swayed to believe that a 25 year old from popular mechanics will convince me of his qualifications in the engineering field NEVER EVER.This is no Mystery but cold calculated murder for wealth, intimidation, and power

  50. "The idea that 911 was an inside job requires that there are no real ememies of the US in the muslim world"

    the reality of the 9/11 false flag operation is there regardless of how many people in the world dislike america for what it has done to them. in fact, the people behind the operation used this fact to their advantage. it makes it much easier for the public to think this is just muslim extremists rather than people in our own government

    A.Wright, please watch Fabled Enemies. you have this idea of yours that the facts outside of your limited view don't matter and that it must be muslim extremists. if the facts supported that muslim extremists were the masterminds of the 9/11 operation, then you would be right. but they don't, so your idea carries no weight

  51. The idea that 911 was an inside job requires that there are no real ememies of the US in the muslim world , in spite of the the fact - as people who think 911 was an inside job keep telling us- that they are the people who have been on the receiving end of unjust US foreign policy for decades. These are people with a motive for striking back at the US , where they live, but aparently they don't exist, they have to be invented , they have to be paid to want to stike back at the US in a US-controlled false strike back at the US so that the US can go over and bomb the hell out of them. The copius evidence depends on this being the case. It depends on the writing out of the equation the very real people with very real animosity towards the US. If there are two suspects for a crime and you just decide to ignore one of them what are you left with ? - contrived contorted assessments of evidence that says all the evidence is actually a fake version of the evidence. Whatever you are told is the opposite of the truth. If it is the official story then it must be wrong, a lie , a cover-up. Isn't that what the official story means? And who is the suspect? The American Government. Is there anyhting they can't do? Is there anything they are not capable of, morally , practically , financially? Can they have an alibi? The Government are everywhere , in every corner of the world , they know everything, they have the technology to do everything. Everyone and anyone who works for , formerly worked for, is a relative of anyone who went to collage with anyone who worked for any agency , who works for any company that every had any dealings with the Government since the Declaration of Independece, what a field of rich pickings that is. I don't know why you have a court system in the USA to try people for crimes ,why don't you just say the Government did it and be done with it. They always lie after all.

    1. Hello A. Wright,

      911 was a False Flag / Stand Down Operation. Go read some history, false flag operations are as old as Rome.

      Osama Bin Laden is just a "BoogyMan," to scare you. The monster under the bed. One word...PSYOP.

      "Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death." To quote the despicable Adolph Hitler.

      or, put more bluntly...

      Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three different administrations Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik says he is prepared to tell a federal grand jury the name of a top US General who told him directly during a debrief that 9/11 was a false flag attack.

      Bin Laden, “Was used in the same way that 9/11 was used to mobilize the emotions and feelings of the American people in order to go to a war that had to be justified through a narrative that Bush junior created and Cheney created about the world of terrorism,” stated Dr. Pieczenik.

      “They ran the attacks,” said Pieczenik, naming Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Stephen Hadley, Elliott Abrams, and Condoleezza Rice amongst others as having been directly involved.

      “It was called a stand down, a false flag operation in order to mobilize the American public under false pretenses….it was told to me even by the general on the staff of Wolfowitz – I will go in front of a federal committee and swear on perjury who the name was of the individual so that we can break it open,” said Pieczenik, adding that he was “furious” and “knew it had happened”.

      or, more damning yet again...

      The hard evidence of Militarized Nano-Thermatic Explosives found in the dust of the world trade centre. There are only four US Military contracts that create this exotic demolition explosive.

      Yet we are all told, "don't believe your lying eyes" as those buildings where obviously demolitioned for all the world to see, over and over again on CNN.

      The massive quality and quantity of hard empirical evidence is overwhelming pointing to an inevitable conclusion.... False Flag Operation.

      Why? You rightfully ask...

      A think tank called the Project for the New American Century, headed by people like future Vice President Dick Cheney, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, revealed the thinking behind 9.11

      "The PNAC program, in a nutshell: America’s military must rule out even the possibility of a serious global or regional challenger anywhere in the world.... And the entire Middle East must be reordered according to an American plan.

      "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century" which was published by The Project for a New American Century in September 2000, exactly a year before 9/11; in this article, on page 51, it is stated that "the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor"!

      Well...I guess they got there New Pearl Harbor.

      A final thought....

      "I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives."
      - Tolstoy.

    2. "I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives."
      - Tolstoy.

    3. Well Colin Doran, haha... I can only assume you have bought the fairy-tale the Bush/Cheney Administration rolled out regarding the events of 911, and then dutifully repeated to a confused scared dumbed down general public by CNN, FOX News, etc

      Nice quote, by the way.

    4. "Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death." To quote the despicable Adolph Hitler.

    5. Colin Doran, you know that Adolf Hitler burned his own parliament buildings down in an act of False Flag Terrorism...right?

      The Reichstag fire was an arson attack on the Reichstag building in Berlin on 27 February 1933. The event is seen as pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler became Chancellor because of this act of terrorism. Hitler burned down parliament, blamed it on a foreign enemy.

    6. @Geoff Lewis
      I learned about the Reichstag fire in school so it is about forty year old news to me. Hitler was already Chancellor at the time and it was blamed on the communists and socialists who were his political opponents in Germany. An even better example is the attack on the Gleiwitz radio station that Hitler arranged to justify the invasion of Poland, dressing prisoners in polish uniforms and staging an attack on the station.
      Which means what? Hilter carried out a false flag attack so 911 was a false flag attack? It's like saying that people have made false insurance claims so anyone making an insurance claim is making a false insurance claim. Or that people have set up ponzi schemes - I'm pretty sure they are as old as Rome as well- so every investment scheme is a ponzi scheme. I'd love to know what is it that makes the USA immune to an attack by terrorists - it's not as if the USA has not made any enemies in the world ,especially the muslim world , with their support to Israel etc. Any attack on the USA can't be a real attack apparently, it can only be a false attack organised by your own government , being so short of actual enemies that they have to attack themselves. It reminds me of the story of 'The boy who cried wolf' , the villagers refusing to believe that wolves are actually attacking the livestock because the shepherd has raised false alarms in the past.

    7. Colin Doran, the empirical scientific data is overwhelming for controlled demolition of the North & South WTC Towers and WTC7 on that darkest of days. It is a blatant old school False Flag operation. Finding massive quantities of militarized explosives called Nano-Thermite in various stages of detonation in the dust of those towers does not support the official fairy-tale.

      The accredited Scientists, Physicists, Architects, Structural Engineers, Intelligence Officers, Retired Military Brass, 911 Researchers, Scholars, 911 victim families, 46% of all New Yorkers, and Millions of Americans are calling for truth and justice.

      If you are incapable of learning from history when it is staring you in the face, learn from your parents’ mistake... use birth control.

  52. A.Wright

    what was your point? so you agree that 9/11 was mostly an inside job based on the copious evidence, and that a few muslim pawns were used to be framed and pointed the finger at? if so, you are acknowledging reality

  53. @Farren
    You've just made my point.

  54. @A.Wright

    maybe if the evidence supported that a bunch of zealous Muslims under the direction of a bearded man in a cave on the other side of the world was behind 9/11, you could have a point

    but the evidence shows that 9/11 was far more complex and involved far more players. the FBI, CIA, Israel, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, The Project for a New American Century (Cheney, Rumself, Wolfowitz, Rove, others), ...

    these are the people who evidence points to for 9/11. there were some pawns that were involved in this scheme and protected and taught by the CIA for years beforehand, but they weren't the masterminds or anything close to it.

  55. People who talk about how the US is hated because of what the CIA and the US military do in other parts of the world can't seem to imagine that the people who have been on the receiving end of those US actions ,and have been for decades, might feel the same way about it and might like to strike back. I see people talking about Condoleeza Rice 'lying' about not being able to imagine people hijacking planes and crashing them into buildings, when there were warnings about the possibility of that happening- but the same people who accuse her of lying tell you that they themselves don't believe terrorists can hijack planes and crash them into buildings. This is nine years later.

  56. Excellent documentary. Brilliantly executed (no pun intended).

  57. 911 will remain a " Who done it? " long after we are dead.

    No matter who done it .....3000 people lost their lives that day ................ and for that thousands of others will lose their lives.

    Just hope our future generations wont be watching docs on "Who killed the 1 million innocent in the chemical attack ?" ................i hope not but the way the world is ....well not the world but humans carry on im not so sure.

    Man is continuously evolving into the most horrid living thing in the universe and its man who will pay the price for that.

  58. @Kurrrt:

    Good post! blog 98

  59. The History channels' documentary is very weak. Michael Schirmer is well known for his scepticism on about everything. When confronted with A, Michael says 'no, it's B' and vice versa. I'd say read up on the 'Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth'. Their overflowing knowledge and their testimonies are not to be disregarded. The 9/11 book is far from closed.

  60. My wife was 2 blocks away when those planes hit. She's permanently sick from it. Not only that she's the great grand daughter of Barnard Baruch, the banker who broke the stock exchange and bankrupt America for good in 1933. If those who think they own property and think their free. Their wrong. You are property and so is your property which your deed states your only the tenent. The UN owns the United states and it's military, and the UN owns the I.M.F. agency you pay your 1040 form too. Ask any of the thousands and thousands of big lotto winners about the IR$. The United Nations is a ONE WORLD super GOVERNMENT and you don't even realize it. The Vatican claims to run the whole world(treaty of 1213). The USA allowed REX84(signed behind your back) and FEMA to make things worse for freedom. Only a president can call a national disaster, for any reason, bad weather or civil conflict, which legally allows your enslavement. Which takes you from your homes, and in other states in which they may not be even involved! There are states who did catch on to multiple deceptions and don't want to be a part of the USA any more, way too late now. The CIA I mentioned earlier how that was formed. Those airplanes were a strategic UN//CIA manover, look at the direction they all went, victims void of being involved, to a place in the world were everything passes on massive scales, oil, money, drugs, diamonds, etc. Not only that there are ancient universe findings over there You'd not even believe if I mentioned them. There's more then meets the eyes and ears of FOX CNN ABC NBC BBC,etc., they withhold truth, because their not ever told of it, feeding you the endtrails of dark plans is the norm. It's always too late after the fact, even if you're a step ahead. So it doesn't even make sence telling any truths. The'll simply call it history afterwards anyway. Bow your head to no God, because there isn't one. The ones on the very top even above the Vatican have no belief in any God. The'll only project one. The actual truth will disrupt the normal man to a point of disbelief anyway, so be it--- The'll be the last to know it then. Non of this 9/11 makes a difference today. Look at the war ship from the steel ruins constructed which will most likely ironically take many more human lives. The people your superiors aimed war at- are like you, they just go to work and come home to their families, like we all do. Their no differnt from the people who live right next door to you, would you kill them? But the ones on top tell you a different story, paint you a different picture, one of hate. It's no wonder why they hate us back. But I'm no expert, and I don't claim to be one. Have a great 2011.

  61. To Author: Kurrrt

    This is very TRUE, I wonder ho many Roman Catholic's would love to see the Photos of the Roman Catholic Church BLESSING Hitler's Weapons? It is so interesting to see how many claim that Hitler was an Atheist and yet... Every thing he did had the blessing of the Church. There is even footage of American reporters saying how they had wished the United States had a system like Hitlers.

    All Wars are Triggered by Religions.


  62. @Kurrt!

    Not to take anything away from what you're saying, but come out to this end of the rabbit hole a little bit. It get's awful complicated further deep, and scares a lot of people off.

  63. Hitler's chief security agent was sent by the Church in Rome (at the very end of Hitlers war) to the United States to create something called the CIA. The CIA was formulated by the Vatican's consent. The Watergate Hotel was owned by the Cathlic church. When president Nixon found things out, they wanted him OUT of office before We the People found out who really runs things. The 911 was an identical protocol to how Hitler blew up his own Parliment and blamed it on terror. His people embraced him like We the People embraced more war after 911. These strings above us wont be cut until the people awaken to these deceptions. We follow the same path as the Fall of Rome when it comes to religion, and who's really in charge and runs things. It's not us, or our say so. There's darker forces in charge here. The more freedom we allow the elite ones who are in charge to command countless laws upon us, the less freedom We the People get. (America has 300,000 laws and growing) Hows about catching up to par with knowing who your controllers really are? Left wing Right wing demo-repub, means nothing at all, Nothing what so ever...

  64. you guys aren't going to convince me that 9/11 was an inside job. i know that it wasn't. i know that al Qaeda is responsible, end of story. you can believe what you want, but this debate here is becoming completely useless.

    1. do a little research into al qaeda and you might change your mind

  65. Abdul Aziz Al-Omari (Flight 11) (Trained Pilot)

    The identities of two men with the same name have been cobbled together to create an FBI "terrorist". Both are Alive!

    The first has the same name, the same birth date as one of the FBI "terrorists" but has no idea how to fly.

    The second has the name Abdul Rahman Al-Omari and a different birth date, but is the person pictured by the FBI and is a pilot for Saudi Arabian Airlines.

    Here are some quotes from the world's media concerning them.

    Omari Number 1

    "A Saudi man has reported to authorities that he is the real Abdul Aziz Al-Omari, and claims his passport was stolen in 1995 while he studied electrical engineering at the University of Denver. Al-Omari says he informed police of the theft." - ABCNews

    "I couldn't believe it when the FBI put me on their list. They gave my name and my date of birth, but I am not a suicide bomber. I am here. I am alive. I have no idea how to fly a plane. I had nothing to do with this." - Telegraph 23rd September 2001

    "The name (listed by the FBI) is my name and the birth date is the same as mine, but I am not the one who bombed the World Trade Center in New York," Abdul Aziz Al-Omari told the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper.

    "Al-Omari has since been found in Saudi Arabia and is apparently cleared in the case" - New York Times

    "Saudi Embassy officials in Washington have challenged his identity. They say a Saudi electrical engineer named Abdul Aziz Al-Omari had his passport and other papers stolen in 1996 in Denver when he was a student and reported the theft to police there at the time." - BBC

    "Abdel Aziz Al-Omari and Sa?d Hussein Gharamallah Al-Ghamdi, are well in life, the first in Saudi Arabia and the second in Tunisia for nine months." - Wal Fadjri 21st September 2001 (translate)

    Omari Number 2

    Mr. Al-Omari, a pilot with Saudi Airlines, walked into the US embassy in Jeddah to demand why he was being reported as a dead hijacker in the American media.

    "Abdul Aziz Al-Omari is a pilot for Saudi Arabian Airlines" - BBC 23rd September 2001

    "A pilot with Saudi Airlines, was astonished to find himself accused of hijacking ? as well as being dead ? and has visited the US consulate in Jeddah to demand an explanation." - Independent 17th September 2001

    This Al-Omari lives with his wife and four children in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

    Saeed Al-Ghamdi (Flight 93) (Trained Pilot)

    "Saeed Al-Ghamdi is one of three hijackers that US officials have said are linked to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida network." - BBC

    No BBC! Mr. Al-Ghamdi is still alive and well and at his job for Tunis Air.

    "I was completely shocked. For the past 10 months I have been based in Tunis with 22 other pilots learning to fly an Airbus 320. The FBI provided no evidence of my presumed involvement in the attacks." - Telegraph 23rd September 2001

    "Asharq Al Awsat newspaper, a London-based Arabic daily, says it has interviewed Saeed Al-Ghamdi." - BBC 23rd September 2001

    "Abdel Aziz Al-Omari and Sa?d Hussein Gharamallah Al-Ghamdi, are well in life, the first in Saudi Arabia and the second in Tunisia for nine months." - Wal Fadjri 21st September 2001 (translate)

    "..... not dead and had nothing to do with the heinous terror attacks in New York and Washington." - Saudi embassy

    Waleed Al-Shehri (Flight 11) (Trained Pilot)

    "A sixth person on the FBI's list, Saudi national Waleed Al-Shehri, is living in Casablanca, according to an official with the Royal Air Moroc, the Moroccan commercial airline. According to the unnamed official, Al-Shehri lived in Dayton Beach, Fla., where he took flight training at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Now he works for a Moroccan airline." On Sept. 22, Associated Press reported that Alshehri had spoken to the U.S. embassy in Morocco.

    "His photograph was released by the FBI, and has been shown in newspapers and on television around the world. That same Mr Al-Shehri has turned up in Morocco, proving clearly that he was not a member of the suicide attack." - Daily Trust 24th September 2001.

    "He was reported to have been in Hollywood, Florida, for a month earlier this year but his father, Ahmed, said that Waleed was alive and well and living in Morocco." - Telegraph

    "Another of the men named by the FBI as a hijacker in the suicide attacks on Washington and New York has turned up alive and well." - BBC 23rd September 2001.

    Ahmed Al-Nami (Flight 93)

    "I'm still alive, as you can see. I was shocked to see my name mentioned by the American Justice Department. I had never even heard of Pennsylvania where the plane I was supposed to have hijacked." He had never lost his passport and found it "very worrying" that his identity appeared to have been "stolen" and published by the FBI without any checks. The FBI had said his "possible residence" was Delray Beach in Florida." - Telegraph 23rd September 2001

    Salem Al-Hazmi (Flight 77)

    "Mr Al-Hamzi is 26 and had just returned to work at a petrochemical complex in the industrial eastern city of Yanbou after a holiday in Saudi Arabia when the hijackers struck. He was accused of hijacking the American Airlines Flight 77 that hit the Pentagon." - Telegraph 23rd September 2001.

    Khalid Al-Mihdhar (Flight 77)

    "Saudi officials at the embassy were unable to verify the whereabouts of the fifth accused hijacker, Khalid Al-Mihdhar. However, Arab newspapers say Al-Mihdhar is still alive.

    "..... there are suggestions that another suspect, Khalid Al Midhar may also be alive." - BBC 23rd September 2001

    Others accused of being involved:

    Ameer Bukhari

    "Ameer Bukhari died in a small plane crash last year." - CNN Correction

    Adnan Bukhari

    "Adnan Bukhari is still in Florida" - CNN Correction

    Your Ad Here
    Amer Kamfar

    ".... that a suspect sought by the FBI, Amer Kamfar, was in fact an alive pilot in Arabia. " - Wal Fadjri 21st September 2001 [ translate]

    Even after the above has appeared in the world's media the FBI has made no attempt to alter its web-sites which clearly list the wrong names, wrong photos, wrong identities and probably wrong nationalities of the real hijackers.

    Given that the hijackers (if there were any) were clearly using false identities, why has the FBI never attempted to find out the hijackers true identities? Why does the FBI seem totally disinterested in apprehending the real culprits? This lack of action from one of our "trusted" government departments is very close to treason.


    The evidence is such that the only people we can be sure DID NOT carry out the WTC bombing are the Arabs.

    The trouble with the case against bin Laden and the Arabs, so far, is that it is laughable. It is a joke.

    1) The WTC attack, described as brilliantly planned and executed by professionals, who some how forget to acquire (easily obtainable) false driver's licenses for identification and, if you can believe it (and most people can not) used their real names when boarding the aircraft. The FBI suspect list was comprised using the assumption that those on the passenger lists had used their real names (real smart,.. these guys really earn their money eh?).

    2) These same professionals, leave a car at an airport (which is found within hours of the attack,.. what a surprise!) with incriminating documents (a flight training manual in Arabic). Professionals, (actually any sane persons) not wanting their "ground support" to be compromised, would take taxis to the airports.

    3) When it is established that many, if not all the hi-jackers were using false identities the FBI suspect list did not change (yeah, morons run the FBI).

    4) One of the accused carries a passport on an internal flight (in case he wants to travel overseas after the attack).

    5) This passport, originally in the accuseds luggage or on his person, rips through the suitcase or jacket, survives the fireball, punches a hole through the WTC and then flutters to the ground a few blocks away. Fortunately, the passport had the name of the accused on it and is generally in great condition, although apparently somewhat muddy.

    6) One of the accused (Mohammed Atta) packs a suitcase (in case he wants to visit relatives for a few days after the attack) with a "how to be a terrorist in the US" document (just part of the professionalism, mentioned above) that just happens not to be loaded on the plane (so that the incriminating document survives,.. what a surprise!).

    7) Mohammed Atta travels to Portland Maine to fly to Boston (why not drive straight to Boston) and transfer to the suicide flight. This is utterly unbelievable. This introduces a huge potential problem. What happens if his flight is delayed. How embarrassing for the so called leader of the terrorists, if he can't make his connection. That would throw a spanner in the works. Transferring flights like this offers no upside but huge downside, and is considerable evidence that Atta has been framed.

    8) And do not forget that phone calls were made from the planes blamed the hijacking on Israelis (actually, they used the words "middle eastern looking" but we all know that many Israelis are very middle eastern looking).

    These laughable "facts" which all point to the Arabs can be viewed as strong evidence that the WTC attack was not carried out by the Arabs. These nonsense "facts" all point to an event where someone is being framed.

    From Arabs Not To Blame For 9-11.

  66. Obviously the government would be unable to keep a secret like that, and if such a secret existed, WikiLeaks would have published it by now, no doubt. Furthermore, in response to the zardoz document, if you go to that BBC article, which was published in the mass confusion 12 days after 9/11, there is a link that leads to an editor's blog, which has an update on the document. The name of the man who was 'alive and well' was a very common Arabic name and therefore caused the alive man to cry out his innocence, while the guilty guy of the same name was dead at ground zero.
    I'm sorry, your proof and evidence continuously doesn't hold true.

  67. @Chris

    "your theories that 9/11 was an inside job are ridiculous and unfounded, no matter how much ‘proof’ you believe you have."

    And you wonder why you can't win anyone over with that kind of argument. Here is a hint; it's your ability to reason and present a well thought argument that's going to change minds. And the statement quoted above ain't it.

    You quote A. Wright left and right, but have you noticed where he has failed to respond to many points that were raised against his argument that the government cannot keep such a secret?

    You state above that all the 19 hijackers are dead, as if you're an authority on establishing such fact. What do you make of the BBC article mentioned by zardoz? Or is that part of the conspiracy of the 'conspiracy theorists'?

  68. all right zardoz, youre not getting my point. i'm saying the us government's official story is what occurred on 9/11, and nothing else. i'm saying that al Qaeda was responsible for the september 11 attacks, and no one else. yes, the us intelligence may have ignored some potential warning signs in 2000 and early 2001, but those warning signs didn't seem to be that threatening at the time. hindsight is 20/20, of course. your theories that 9/11 was an inside job are ridiculous and unfounded, no matter how much 'proof' you believe you have.
    those buildings were not jacked up with explosives, they fell down because of the plane impact, as evident in towers 1 and 2, and because of the impact that tower 1 had on building 7 when tower 1 collapsed on 7. no one asks why buildings 3, 4 and 5 collapsed...because the towers fell right on top of them. the same happened for building 7, but because it was a 50 story structure, it seems suspicious.
    youre enthralled with your own 'inside job' theories to accept the true story, and youre too critical of george bush to believe that anything his administration produces could be actual fact. i'm not going to win you over, though, so whatever.

  69. Wait, are you saying that nineteen Muslim radicals didn't make plans in secret (otherwise known as CONSPIRING) along with Osama Bin Laden to attack the WTC and Pentagon? You can't just apply the term "conspiracy theory" derogatively to anything you want to discredit. Thousands of people are convicted of conspiracies to commit crimes every day in this country. Are you saying that criminal prosecutors are all a bit kooky because they happen to believe that most crimes involving more than one person require "planning in secret", otherwise known as "conspiring"? Are you saying that I am mischaracterizing the government's explanation of the events of 9/11 as a "conspiracy theory"?
    "BBC NEWS - Hijack 'suspects' alive and well" - Google it.

  70. The government's conspiracy theory? That's a joke. All of the hijackers are dead, and as A. Wright said, of course the hijacker can violate whatever air space he wants because he had no repercussions - he was going to die anyway.
    I asked for a rebuttal of your theories after watching their disproving on that documentary. But I don't think you've watched the film I posted. Really, you should check it out.

  71. "After watching that, I’d like a thorough rebuttal of conspiracy arguments that still make sense."

    I know, right? The government's conspiracy theory is absurd! Nineteen guys directed by some dude who lives in a cave in Afghanistan successfully attack the most protected air space in the world - the Pentagon - and they don't even know how to fly! And seven of these so-called hijackers have been located and are still alive. Ridiculous! What more needs to be said? Couldn't agree more.

  72. Ive never heard this brought up in any thread... mind you I don't end up reading the threads very long because the banter disintegrates fairly quickly... but for those who think their were explosives used in the buildings. I'll let you ponder this. What are the effects of running a Jumbo jet into a building that has a series of highly synchronized explosives. Would this not surely set off tons of uncontrollable explosions - and would the top portions of the building not be severed from the chain?

    It seems to me that if you were to plan to explode the towers, it would be impossible to calculate that any of these explosives would behave predictably. I'm betting it would be the least controlled, controlled demolition in history.

  73. Great debate going on here....Have watched this video and many others and it shocks me to think that a cover up of this size by how ever many involved could be kept quite,but then money buys you most things...I wouldnt like to think that the top dogs in the white house or pentagon would have any think to do with this,you never know..but this video is the first one i have seen or heard of work being done running cables etc,could they be so obvious, playing that card will always give them a alibi.

    What i find hard to believe is how the whole core section and the renforced sections every 30-40 floors manged to disinticrate.if this shocking event wasnt pulled down by some well connected people who have done stuff like this before then how would a plane vaperise the lower half of the building..puzzles me.. And was wtc7 was it expected to be demolished by the fall of the wtc as 5 hours after it didnt look like a building that was unstable enough to end up in a pile of ruble looking like the wtc...was it rig to go to but didnt or was it rigged after to blow...cant see how else that building would disintergraste so badly too,it wasnt hit by a plane so that in its self rasies questions..

    who gained from this we will truly never no the all truth,but who was lost in this will be remembered for ever..

    1. It was a False Flag / Stand Down operation. They do this to "move the current of the general public opinion like corks on water" into wars, military budgets, radical policies like destroying the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United states of America, inflicting The Patriot Act on the American people, etc.

      Why conduct a false flag you ask? "Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death." To quote the despicable Adolph Hitler who used False Flag operations to influence the public. The technique obviously works, look at America today!

      Sad, but true. You know it deep inside...all of you do.

  74. @A Wright

    You seem like a well intentioned person, perhaps a scientists, but gullible regardless. Scientists are brilliant people when it comes to an area where their research is focused on. Otherwise, most lack basic common sense, including rudimentary social skills.

    You seem to assume that it is implausible a conspiracy like 9/11 which may require hundreds, if not thousands, of people can't be kept a secret. Someone further up this thread offered you a to explore the idea of compartmentalization in operation sense, to which you have not responded. I would like you to add to that the concept of whistle-blower. Why do you think we need legislation protecting whistle-blowers? Now imagine if it is the CIA that one is attempting to blow the whistle against.

    Even when there is no threat of retaliation, people often fail to do what they think is right. An example is what a former foreign services worker by the name Ann Wright decided to resign from the state department, and wrote a scathing resignation letter to Colin Powell which was immediately transmitted through state department wires. Ann wright stated many contacted to tell her that they were impressed by her courage to do what she did, but they couldn't do it themselves because they have kids in college, a mortgage, etc.

    Most people in the U.S. are stuck at high school when it comes to emotional security. Fitting, popularity and obeying authority are considered more important for most people in the U.S. than standing up for what one believes is right. When I was in college, I had a class that was smack in the middle of lunch hour. When we got to the cafeteria after the class, most of the food was gone, and what was left was cold and very unappealing. I and a few classmates complained about it to the instructor. He said he has the same problem with it, but it is not his call but the dean's. He even went as far as suggesting that we can petition the dean to change the time. What a great idea, I thought, and I got right on it. The next class I brought a sign up sheet. Not one person would sign it. I have seen many phenomenon like it in my time in the states.

    Now, some have mustered the courage to question official stories, faithful sheepel like you are coming to the defense of the status quo. You find the mere idea of dissent threatening. Lockstep has become a security blanket in the 'land of the free and the home of the brave'. How Orwellian!

  75. Many truth movement DVDs are now available for a dollar or two
    from OneDollarDVDProject (com). Pass them along to friends and family.

  76. @rhea
    you would be wrong to think I am playing a game, though debating something is a game of sorts I suppose. I don't think I'm ignorant either , I think on the issue of 911 I know as much as the next person. I'm just looking at evidence and assessing it's plausibility and validity. It's seems to me the whole 'inside job' idea depends on the concept of lying and deception - in fact the term 'official story' is just taken , almost without question, to be false - there is almost a pavlovian response to the term 'official story' so that anything that contradicts it is by definition credible. If someone produces evidence that 'totally contradicts the official story' then that is almost by definition saying it is true. All evidence has to be examined and tested and it has to be done in a non-prejudicial way ,as people on juries ,for example, have to do.

  77. @A.Wright

    My god -- you're hopeless, Mr Wright.

    You're ignorant òr you're playing a game here.

    I suspect the latter.

    I give up.

  78. @rhea
    What you say about Mr. Colby's quote is exactly what I was pointing out. (That quote from Mr.Colby, I presume, appeared in the media.) The picture of all the individuals in the media , not only in the USA but in the world being somehow controlled and being told what to write or say and prevented from reporting what they know to be true, and going along with it, is a false picture. It's a false picture which is necessary to explain implausible conclusions based on distorted assessments of evidence.
    I haven't heard before about George Bush calling Osama Bin Laden on the phone but it would seem a bit pointless if he knew he wasn't responsible.

  79. @A.Wright

    It IS as @zardoz wrote:

    "The Central Intelligence Agency owns EVERYONE of ANY
    - William Colby former Director of the CIA -

    Mind the CAPITAL letters, sir. Meaning NOT 'every reporter, columnist, writer, rooky journalist in the entire world' -- just the above.

    I remember right after 9/11 happened, it was announced over the TV that Pres. Bush had talked over the phone with Osama B. Laden -- accusing him of flying into the WTC -- and that Osama answered, no, Mr Bush, I did nòt do it, you yourself did.

    Never ever did I hear that 'phrase' again.
    Never forgot it either.

  80. My only concern is that I know the USAToday reported that in 2002 the US Government TOLD the Saudi Government that the Hijackers were ALL of Saudi Descent or Citizens. The Saudi's could not believe this. Yet It was confirmed.

    When Bush said, "Your either WITH US or AGAINST US
    and then added that Those that "HARBOR or ASSIST" will also be counted as Those (Against US).

    To back up these STRONG WORDS. in 2003 Bush waged War on IRAQ. Why? We know know it was all LIES. Not to be outdone, BUSH came out with the "Conspiracy" Nuts not believing the OFFICIAL STORY. Since then, There is a Video of Obama ranting for a few Minutes about Al Qeada DID IT! and NOT to Challenge that. PERIOD... Then there is a BBS Video of how the US FBI and others Needed a way to go after the KING-PIN of a Group to prosecute the Leaders. So the group Al Qeada was Invented.

    Not to be outdone, in 2007 the Posse Comitatus and Insurrection Acts were CHANGED to allow Martial Law in the United States. The WORD... CONSPIRACY was added to what would be needed that could TRIGGER Martial Law. Then in 2008 NORTHCOM announced the pulling of Troops from Iraq to come home and assist in a 24,000 Strong Military to be used against any Crowd Control in a Martial Law setting.

    To Question the Governments explanation of WHAT HAPPENED might put one in risk of Domestic Terror. Then came legislation for THOUGHT CRIMES Bill. Obama's Search and Kill of US Citizens, Pre-Detention for Thought Crimes that they THINK someone "Might Do" yet since the Rules of Engagement have changed. A person could be LOCKED UP without Trial for Life. Need to read Thought Crimes Bill.

    The Movies of Ray Guns, Lasers that we watched as Kids are all Living Science today. The Minority Report is also coming true. 60 Minutes did a show on the USE of FMRI machines that can READ YOUR MIND. Even tell that you were going to answer Yes before you even said Yes.

    Now, How to get that Science into the Courts and not destroy the (I'm taking the 5th) so as NOT to Incriminate myself. Yet if a FMRI could be used, One does not even have to SPEAK before your Thought's would Convict you.

    After all is said, Remember Mark Twain. "Support your Country 100% and your Government WHEN it deserves it."

    Personally I don't feel safe NOW knowing the TRUTHS about how OUR GOVERNMENT has go into 50+ Countries and destroyed them. Assassinated their Democratically Elected Officials, US Military Raping and Sodomizing Iraqi Boys, Cutting Fingers off Others for Trophy's. If MEN can be so SICK to do all this, I am no safer with Them having the Launch Codes of our Nukes then I would be with a CHIMP poking Launch Buttons trying to get a banana as a reward.

  81. I see you don't know who I am. You also seem to believe that the CIA 'controls' every reporter, columnist, writer, rooky journalist in the entire world. There is actually a world outside the USA.
    If you are flying somewhere next week and half way through the flight there is a commotion at the front of the plane and a strange voice comes over the PA telling everyone to be calm that they are returning to the airport , I hope you'll stand up and say "Stay calm everyone there's nothing to worry about- people can't hi-jack planes and crash them into buildings- that's a silly ridiculous fairy story. Now please - I'm trying to watch a movie here...". When the ATC controllers contact a Norad command centre to say your plane has gone off course, the commander there will say "A plane hi-jacked ? -heading for New York? What- do they think they might crash it into a building or something ,like 'happened' in 2001? Don't they know that's a silly fairy tale? Haven't they read '911- Big Fat Fairy Tale' by Professor David Ray Fetzer-Griffen. Why even Charlie Sheen knows that's ridiculous -do they even watch YouTube? Ok lets get back to our exercise - where were we? - oh yeah, the hi-jacked plane is heading for New York..."

  82. @ A.Wright "The idea that some event would happen and ‘the media’ as some kind of monolithic hermetically sealed barrier could possibly prevent that information reaching ‘the people’ is a specious, self serving paradigm."

    Tell that to former DCI William Colby (who died in a "boating accident", probably as a result of indiscreet revelations such as this). The CIA's extensive influence and control over the media was also confirmed by the Church Committee back in the 1970's but I suppose that's not good enough for you either. Which government agencies do you believe? You choose not to believe a former DCI when he blows the whistle on his own agency but accept the official, preposterous fairy tale of 9/11. You either out to lunch or a very bad disinfo agent. Carry on wasting our tax dollars. I have better things to do.

  83. @zardoz
    “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any
    significance in the major media.”
    Could he be lying? Could he be right? What does 'owns' mean?
    'everyone of significance..' Does that include every reporter, every person who works for a news organisation, every man and woman who researches and reports and talks to witnesses and investigates stories? All the people who work for smaller TV stations newspapers, radio stations, internet news sites. How about all the majority of people who work in the media, in the rest of the world? There is a world outside the US. The idea that some event would happen and 'the media' as some kind of monolithic hermetically sealed barrier could possibly prevent that information reaching 'the people' is a specious, self serving paradigm.
    'We all know who you are and what you're doing'
    What I am doing is presenting my opinions about the articles and the comments of other people here- just like you are. Do you really think there is only one viewpoint on these issues, or that if someone has a different viewpoint they should not be able to express it? What do you mean 'we know who you are'? Who am I?

  84. @A.Wright "‘A poorly disguised official cover up’ is evidence against an inside job because no one would go into such an enterprise without having the cover up organised before hand, and the necesity and difficulty minimised beforehand."

    Here's a quote for you -
    "The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any
    significance in the major media."
    - William Colby former Director of the CIA.

    There is NO possibility of public exposure through the mass media hence no cause for worry about the quality of the coverup. We all know who you are and what you're doing.

  85. @IzzyB
    You are correct , the evidence is not implausible just because I can't imagine why people haven't come forward to admit their part in it before any of the hundreds of others do it first, it is implausible for a hundred other reasons as well- including the fact that every one of those people who considered taking part before hand would know that if they got involved , this would be the situation they would face for the rest of their lives. Hundreds of people putting their freedom and maybe their lives in the hands of hundreds of other people they could not possibly know or trust. You would need to believe people don't care about their freedom or their lives or their families, or even about the lives of strangers. I presume you do. 'A poorly disguised official cover up' is evidence against an inside job because no one would go into such an enterprise without having the cover up organised before hand, and the necesity and difficulty minimised beforehand. The cover-up would be the most important part- the whole plan is pointless if it can't be covered up. An 'official story' that is so full of holes , as we are told constantly' and none of the people planning it spotted them. In fact they apparently deliberately included them, I mean who would have thought firing a missile at the Pentagon and telling everyone a Boeing 757 hit the building when there would be no debris from an airplane, no bodies of the passenengers who were supposed to be on the plane,a small 20ft hole that couldn't possible be caused by a plane, hundreds of people around the building none of whom would see a big airliner, with the names of the supposed hijackers not even on the passenger list,and some of them still alive , who would think that would go wrong - it seems such a foolproof plan.
    Where is the data that empirically excludes the possibility that you were one of those involved in mass murder on 911? The last time I looked , accusing people of something didn't involve them having to produce evidence that empirically excluded the possibility that they committed a crime. It involves producing evidence that they did commit a crime and proving it beyond a reasonable doubt. And even then there are people covicted of crimes they didn't commit. If Larry Silverstein confessed to massive insurance fraud in a TV interview the insurance company would not have paid out on his claim.

  86. @A.Wright - The evidence is not implausible just because you can't imagine why people aren't fessin' up. You sound like a kid who still believes Santa is real only because no one has let the cat out of the bag yet. Don't worry, one day the penny will drop and it will be obvious to you that the only 9/11 conspiracy here results not from genuine enquiry by people asking valid questions, but from an obvious and poorly disguised official cover-up which is wholly supported by unwitting and misguided people like you, who misuse the term 'conspiracy'.

    Where is the data that empirically excludes the possibility that the towers and WTC7 were pulled? By ignoring the amazing textbook 'pull' of barely damaged WTC7, in addition to the owner actually fessin' up in public by admitting the building was 'pulled', simply puts you in the spotlight as a gullible dancing jackass.

  87. I should apologise for questioning the unofficial version- I should just accept implausible specious evidence on the basis that it contradicts the 'official version' , and therefore must be true.

  88. Don't mind Mr. A. Wright, it's a fact, established by many of us thus far, that he's a joke

  89. @A.Wright

    Oh, Mr. Wright .. :))

  90. @rhea
    Could this small group of men be as few as 19?

  91. 'Inside' doesn't mean that GW Bush (and most of his crew) knew. The man was a puppet. Remember the look on his face the moment he heard the 9/11 news? Stupefied, flabbergasted, a lame duck. No. I think 'the job' was done by a very intelligent group of men with no conscience. A small group. A very tight one, with much power and much money -- but hungry for more. Never will anyone hear from them -- because they operate within the within. Very effectively.

  92. Oh how true,

    And Money Talk's and BullSh*t Walk's.

    It is one thing to just keep quiet.. But Treason Charges will seal many of Lips. That and a Fat Bank account.

    IF WE only had access to their Financial statements.

  93. @rhea
    If 911 was an 'inside job' then hundreds of people would have to be involved. Every one of them, every day would be thinking the same thing - the first person to come forward can give evidence against the others and can make a deal. All those people out there supposedly and not one of them comes forward to claim the 'get out of jail free card' but prefers to go from day to day for the rest of their lives knowing that any one of hundreds of others could be the one to come forward. The fact that they haven't tells it's own story.

  94. In our time no official will ever admitt that it was a shady/inside job. Maybe in fifty or a hundred years a document comes to light -- by then every person involved will be dead -- as well as you and me -- and no one will really care any longer.

  95. I would NEVER advocate violence or torture. I am NOT like GEORGE (W.ar Criminal) BUSH who may SOON be Charged for his admission that he authorized Water-Boarding.

    But I think, Someone should grab that ASS KISSING Ex-Mayor and Water-Board "HIM" and get the TRUTH. WAIT!!! Now that I've said that... I am sure the Fed's will take him OUT knowing he is a Weak Link, Oh and I don't mean ON A DATE either. haha.

    I once thought it was good that BUSH was ALIVE and had to wake up daily knowing of all the Death's he caused of US Soldiers and Iraqi's that went together in a WAR over a LIE. But now it is basically PROVEN that Bush is loosing his MIND so he probably would not feel the needed remorse. But the Courts should decide.

    Then as a Good Faith gesture, Iraq should FED-EX the ROPE used to HANG SADDAM over to the Justice Dept. So it can be fitted for Bush's Neck. KARMA... Poetic Justice. :)

    Where are or IS our Court's Today? Have they Been BOUGHT Too?

  96. Hitler blew up his own Parlament, blamed it on terrorism, and it certainly worked for him. He also said when you tell a lie- keep it short, say it all the time, and after a while they will all believe it to be the truth. They certainly believed it was, just like you are. Anyway the United States immediately took all the scrap steel (evidence) away from wrecked 9/11 towers and constructed a brand-new killer battleship to cause way more death with. (War=$$$)

  97. I think it is obvious what happened to the twin towers in New York on 9/11/2001. The big stumbling block for most people is utter disbelief that their own government could be involved in something of this scale on their own soil, even when the evidence is staring them in the face. Indeed, any god fearing individual will tell you that only a foreign evil could perpetrate this kind of needless suffering on the good people. This is an understandable position for god fearers to take and I think is heavily counted on by the god fearing perpetrators to make their escape. So, instead of arguing how this could happen, we obviously know how, the question is "Why". - For a sane, plausible and factually inescapable answer take a look at "JFK II - The Bush Connection", found in the conspiracy section on this site. This and '9/11 Mysteries' dovetail nicely, are brilliantly researched and methodically present the facts to demonstrate the reality of the people behind our Governments.

  98. Strategic methods used exposes nothing, it's became history and a mystery, kept away from public and media. The simplisity about it simply stuns the unknowing on purpose. Thurmite perhaps could have been easily brought aboard the jet. Structure of towers had Eye-beams pre cut in a V shape somehow, was witnessed at the bottom. Steel imediately taken away to construct a battle ship to distroy more of human life. Peace is yet attempted further by force, instead of achieved through understanding. Voiced opinions are not accepted and fall on deaf ears in branches of government inner structures. Yawwnnnn...

  99. It does seem like explosives were used...anyone ever thought that the terrorists planted bombs within the buildings? The man who tried to bomb Times Square said that there were many more attacks to come from whithin. Any chance he means there are more terrorist within the city itself?

  100. To retain the status of "Super Power Nation of the World" Those on top will do anything to hold on to what power their Nation posesses. Security, gets a new meaning. Who's? Simply just protecting our shores isn't enough? Leaders launch troops into what foreign nations for reasons of greed, troops are not told of true reasons of their deployment, of murder, and more fear into unknown zones. Those planes crashing trade towers perhaps carried thurmite, or either placed along main structure, precut main I beams pre-torched. Difficult? only for natural numan thought. The steel from the wrecked building built into a massive murder weapon, a killer warship. Offensive or defensive? The technology used to murder is a choice in a direction of deaths.

  101. Paying a foreign family to devote a life to their God is easy. Many ways of preparing buildings to drop, it isn't hard at all. Boarding routine flights happens all day long. So, simply board the devoted Allah souls on flights, navigate planes into buildings. Game over. This now allows our controllers to proceed into conflict of war. Everything else is clutter. War=$

  102. I don't buy the planted explosion thing or conspiracy (the government in bed with these #@#$#$ is another plausible element that ). Common sense tells me that as each floor collapses, there is a tremendous amount of pressure being compressed throughout each floor beneath it as it pancaked, thus expelling the outer windows before the collapse reached each floor or as many as 10 floors beneath. And then there are the elevator shafts to consider - Those shafts would permit a more expedited flow of energy straight down to the lobby. If this were an inside job, the airline employees, baggage handlers, air traffic controllers, port authority etc... etc.... would have had to be in on it - that many players would not manage to keep it under wraps then or by now. No way, no how.

  103. Sorry, I think it was $7billionhe received.

  104. Hello js. I would like to inform you that the a@@#$%& who owned building 7 (and am sure also owned or shared ownership of the other buildings, this is of course the man who took his insurance company to court and recived $15billion) actually already knew about all the "work" being done on towers 1 and/or 2 (which I'm pretty sure was the demolition explosives being put into place).

    The man who owned building 7 is in fact very well connected to high government runners (CIA, FBI, ATF, National Security etc and a whole lot more). What was basically being questioned and suggested was that this man had already planned the "pull" of building 7 well before, perhaps a few days or at least a week before to get some workers in to plant the demolition explosives. So yeah, there was plenty of time to plan the demolition of building 7 I'm afraid, just as they had planned tower 1 and 2 just as carefully.

    The evil that exists in the world are far too much to comprehend and it is even harder for people to accept that their own government (the people we rely on for protection and much other things) are more than willing to attack them just as a terrorist would.

    God bless the souls of 9/11 and their families and friends. May God bring Justice.

  105. The reason pre-cut I beams found in the aftermath was, was, still searching for answers? An operation from a canvas tent or cave, nahhh. God knew about it and made the normal reaction. Wait it out and answers will eventually dissolve into nothing but unsolved history.

  106. this documentary is such BS. 78th floor, two isolated pockets of fire? yeah, that was the bottom floor of the inferno, in the southeast corner of tower 2. how can that lady say the towers were just smoking and not burning? of course they were burning, and of course the plains took out the steel trusses that made up the core of the building. i have so much more - this doc is a load of bs and completely false. if the buildings were "charged" then what about the planes? were they not actually hijacked? the conspiracy c@#$ is a bunch of lies, period the end.

  107. Agendas behind the Vail of deception has a long history. Planners, within dark inner government agency's could simply pre-pay a foreign family -which have a strong belief of entering their religious death(s) with open arms. An easy selection of choice for firm results. Also, further compensate selected remainders of the family, thats perhaps in poverty, with some big cash reward. Preparations for this forceful method and aiming deception is strategically planned in advance. This method has been not so secretly used, by the time anyone coin's the words "false flag". It's done and over, much too late to do anything about anything, it quickly becomes history. The darker forces behind these undertakings are exempt from all laws and know human behavior very well, and looks as if they succeeded in their timely manner. I'm not an expert but 9/11 looks self explanatory.

  108. There are more to only the planes and jets that raises grave issues on the happening of the 9/11. I guess that the air to air missile battery near the pentagon was merely for show and not to shoot down planes....
    Moreover, when seen in the context of all the discrepancies, the active inactivity of the flight controller suggest something fishy indeed...
    When bin laden scratched the Uss cole he made videos and what to boast of it... with such a grand scheme as the 9/11 so flawlessly executed... Nothing credible is shown but he has time to make other videos- if these tapes are actually his.
    Since then, with so many so called Al Qaeda operatives captured no one actually took said they were proud of it or even mention it as a success......they were for the most just surprised as everyone to find building 7 collapse... Ahhhhh but that guy in Guantanamo said he did it and was happy... but truely and frankly under torture????? or you are saying there was no torture there???
    Don't forget the Taliban said they were going to hand over Osama Laden in a Bin if they were given the proof that the latter was responsible...
    i frankly used to believe in what the government was throwing at us, under the emotion and mass hysteria after 9/11 but when Iraq came around i started to truly think hard about 9/11... if they made Iraq up those manipulators could have made all this up or the least, is to say they have obviously been lying to us...
    the truth is bitter and does hurt at times

  109. A. Wright,

    I am a current air traffic controller and i work with men who were directly involved I'm working one if the involved aircraft during the attacks. Again, you're using your idea of how the job works to dictate your judgments, but you have no idea how the job actually works. Atc will ABSOLUTELY devote their attention to aircraft they're not talking to, if that aircraft was o previously under atc control and then fell off the radar. That is a major event which can never be ignored. And yes, smaller aircraft breach no fly zones sometimes, and when they aren't talking to atc, they are greeted by the air force and get a good scar. This is POLICY, and not a post 9/11 one. no one said it was policy to shoot down hijacked airplanes, the rest of your post talks about circumstances I never brought up and are unrelated, but if you're going to argue with someone who does this job for a living and had too learn the ins and out of faa policy, I'm guessing you're a little too biased against the possibility you're wrong to really discuss this further

  110. @AJ
    I don't know if you are an airtraffic controller yourself or you are quoting from what a controller said but just to take a few points that you make.
    If you have a 'no fly' zone over an airport would that stop someone hijacking a plane and crashing it into the control tower? Does it stop people flying into those areas?- because planes encroach on these areas quite often and have to be warned about it by ATC. Someone who has been a controller for only a few years is operating after 911 when the attitude to planes going off course has a whole new meaning for them. It didn't have that meaning before 911. I lived through the 1960s and 70s when there were regular hijackings in various parts of the world by Palestinian & Japanese terrorists and never once , in all those years did I ever hear any discussion, debate or mention , in the media or anywhere else , of military aircraft having any relevance to the event. The only time I recall any mention of it was in 2000 when a plane was hijacked to the UK and an interceptor had to land at the same airport to refuel, a fact that was briefly mentioned on the news only because it taxied past the hijacked plane. Suddenly though after 911 everyone is saying 'where was NORAD?' - why didn't they intercept the planes? etc. I would bet if , on 10th Sept 2001, you had asked any of these people to talk about the subject of hijacking, not one of them would have mentioned military aircraft having any role to play in it, it wouldn't have occured to them to mention it. What would an airtraffic controller have said if asked to talk about it? They would have said , well that's where people take over a plane, put a gun to the pilots head and say fly me to 'X'. The pilot then calls ATC and says 'we've been hijacked'. He changes the transponder code and the controllers then give him instructions to divert from his normal flightpath. The pilot would be in contact with ATC and following instructions. Then maybe they land somewhere and are cordoned off on some taxiway. Then there are long drawn out negotiations. Some people are released. Food is sent in....etc. etc. Days go by. Maybe it takes off again...if your lucky no one gets hurt and it comes to a peaceful conclusion. If not maybe the plane is stormed...That was what a hijacking was before 911. That would be the mindset of people including AT controllers dealing with it on 911. These same people seem to have completely forgotten that and with the benefit of 20-20 hindsight they apply their superior wisdom-after-the-event to it, accusing everyone involved of everything from incompetence to complicity. The only role that military planes had before 911 was to follow a plane from a distance which, if the plane has a working transponder , it a pretty superflous role in any case. Anyone who says that there was anything that could have been done to stop the first two planes on 911 doesn't know what they are talking about. I have seen a retired airtraffic controller talk about flight 175 , that it should have been intercepted soon after it was hijacked and shot down. This was a plane that was suspected of being hijacked. There was no radio response from the pilots to confirm that it was hijacked and not just in trouble, there was no 'hijack' code- was it hijacked? Is that in some the 'protocol' for NORAD - 'If you suspect a plane may be hijacked, shoot it down'.
    Reading all the conspiracy sites about this topic the picture you would get if you didn't know otherwise is that on 911 there were only 4 planes in the air and the entire ATC system was devoted to following these 4 planes - there were no other planes that controllers had to deal with, give their normal instructions to and monitor. The responsibility of ATC on that day was first and foremost to all of the other planes that were flying that day - they couldn't do anything about the planes that were not responding to them. They also had the increased workload of having to try to locate these wayward planes and try to divert all other traffic out of their way since they did not have altitude information for them. It was an airtraffic controllers nightmare and I could imagine that the last thing they had time to be thinking about was having more planes , military ones, that they would have to be guiding through all this traffic , more workload for them. They then had to carry out probably the most difficult task that the ATC of the US has ever been asked to do, to land every single plane that was in the air at the nearest airport. That was an outstanding feat , to carry that out without incident under those circumstances. If I was an airtraffic controller I would like to think there was some credit due for it, not just years of sniping and thinly veiled accusations from amateurs with specious agendas and from fellow airtraffic controllers who weren't even there.

  111. A. Wright,

    I’m an air traffic controller for the NY Metro Area airspace. We have “no fly” zones OVER airports whenever the President or someone of importance is flying into JFK. These areas are advertised to all aircraft ahead of time, and prohibit aircraft from either being inside the radius of the no fly zone at all, or prohibit them from flying inside it at a certain altitude. Sometimes planes can only fly in them if they are IFR flights talking to air traffic control. The horribly inept response by ATC and the Air Force on 9/11 now puzzles me (I’ve only had this job a couple of years), because trust me, there are guys at my job…a majority, probably, who if they lost contact with a 757 and its transponder turned off, would be going absolute ape **** after 20 seconds of not speaking to the pilot. You just cannot and do not hesitate with situations like that, because it can easily become a story of 300 people dead. I hear a lot of people using their “common sense” to back up the government’s story and defend it, but when you actually investigate into specific details of FAA policy, domestic policy and science etc, you find that what the government has said up to this point just isn’t plausible.

  112. A. Wright,

    I'm an air traffic control for the NY Metro Area airspace. We have "no fly" zones OVER airports whenever the President or someone of importance is flying into JFK. These areas are advertised and prohibit aircraft from either being inside the radius of the no fly zone at all, or prohibiting them from flying in there at a certain altitude. Sometimes planes can only fly in them if they are IFR flights talking to air traffic control.

    The horribly inept response by ATC and the Air Force on 9/11 now puzzles me (I've only had this job a couple of years), because trust me, there are guys at my job...a majority, probably, that if they lost contact with a 757 and its transponder turned off, would be going absolute ape shit after 20 seconds of not speaking to the pilot.

    You just cannot and do not hesitate with situations like that, because it can easily become a story of 300 people dead. I find that a lot of people use their "common sense" to back up the government's story and defend it, but when you actually investigate into specific details of policy and science, you find that what the government has said up to this point just isn't plausible.

  113. The dark controlling forces of our deep interior have other plans also. This was a small example of the strength and stealth of the power of those who are in control. The president at hand hasn't had any authority over this and is also a victim in the dark, and realizes it. The power of the forces pulling the strings of the authoritive puppets within the grid are un-human and are not out for humanities welfare. The following events in the aftermath are the true undertakings which actually represent the final result and intent of this act. The objective is always war, hate, death and religious conflict. Which all has been mans ruen.
    A positive change in human consciousness WILL BE our only positive outcome.

  114. tom,
    i've no idea how it was done. but i saw it so it was. lol.

    i don't think it requires a large number of people for it to have been an inside job.
    a few at the top, to prevent a proper reaction to the plan. and a private military and intelligence group to do it.
    the hijackers were probably misled patsies, cultivated by the military intelligence group.
    compartmentalized operations, and dead people. that's how it was done. i bet half the participants are dead now.
    why do you think they never "found" osama? dead men tell no truths.

  115. I do believe the buildings were brought down using explosives.

    I just can't get my head around how this kind of operation could have been done. The two hijackers were real weren't they? How do these hijackers link in with the proposed insurance scam and the army?

    The amount of people that would have to be involved in this would have been so large that surely one or several of them would have let something slip to a friend or loved one when they had had one too many.

    I guess I just need a plausible how and why to all this - though it defintely appears clear the buildings were taken down using explosives.

  116. @Micky
    The Pentagon is about a mile from Reagan National airport with planes taking off and landing ,flying past the building all day. How could it be any kind of no fly zone or 'the most heavilly secured most stringent airspace in the world'? If there is a 'infrared plane detection system' -whatever that is- to shoot down planes when they come within 60 miles of the Pentagon, my advice would be never fly in or out of Washinton.

  117. yes, one would expect the pentagon to be better protected.

    when a CNN reporter told me "we have a credible report there could be another plane headed this way", an hour before the 2nd plane hit wtc and noone was able to intercept in that time, my suspicions were raised.
    and i know the excuse now. the airforce was to busy playing war games that day.. yeh right.
    plus my intuitive perception of the destruction of wtc.
    it looked more like a private military explosive demolition job, than a "structural weakening, and heat induced collapse".

    and the subsequent energy wars, prove motive.


  118. no fly zone over the pentagon the most heavilly secured most stringent airspace in the world, yet a "passenger liner" can do a pass over the pentagon and then do a full turn and then smash into the pentagon without triggering infared plane detection that is in place all around the pentagon for what i belive is 60 mile radius.......you trying to tell me they wouldnt have shot that bird straight out of the sky???.....course they would.....INSIDE JOB.

  119. Now for those who say it would be to hard for them too cover up such a vast conspiracy, one of them being the respected intellectual Noam Chomsky, please look up the word compartmentalization and how it applies to operations. Get back to me on that.

  120. To A.Wright

    Your analogy of the courtroom and prosecutor is completely wrong. Have you ever heard of OSINT? 90% of our countries actionable intelligence comes from open source means. You can find out the truth on the internet and lots of people do. I found out the truth using OSINT in 2002 before many of these documentaries came out. It was hard for me to accept as well. I couldn't stand when people just took other peoples word on the issue. I can see where you are coming from but many of these documentaries are from independent filmmakers whos agenda is nothing but the truth. It hurts when you realize that your country could do this but unfortunately it is the truth.

  121. so everyone who said they heard explosions are lying. it was obviously planned.

  122. Yep again it would look like another cover up, no different in trying to get us to believe that Leigh Harvey Oswald killed J.F.K. We all know just how true that is, but yet how many years did it take for the truth to come out????

  123. @Phil
    People don't have to time the collapses themselves, they only have to watch the videos. As the collapses start, debris begins to fall at the same time. The debris falls away and down from the building. It is falling faster than the floors are. When the initial debris hits the ground the floors 20 to 30 storeys up are still intact. The debris is falling at 'freefall speed', the floors can't be. Simple undeniable reality.

  124. Everyone can time the collapses for themselves. If the skyscrapers really spontaneously collapsed , unless the terrorists were wizzards, it couldnt fall at freefall speed. Freefall means no resistance. (except air resistance). I think it is safe to assume that a skyscraper made of that much steel would have provided more resistance than air. Simple undeniable reality.

  125. A little later...

    Operation 9/11 went according to plan, after the thousands of conspirators had been threatened with the secret government penal colonies in antartica, run by the evil Jew Queen, they all decided to keep quiet. The operation was deemed a success.

    Or so they thought.

    Random Senior Conspiracy Dude: Mr. President?

    President George W. Bush *Sighs*: Yes, Mr. Random Senior Conspiracy Dude?

    Random Senior Conspiracy Dude: Sir, there is a problem. Dozen's of people, one skrawny college kid especially, have been analyzing old news footage and have uncovered our entire plot by reading old, unclassified government press releases and have posted movies on the internet, complete with grainy video stills...

    President George W. Bush: Wha-what?

    Random Senior Conspiracy Dude: Sir, theres more. They have used really spooky and mysterious background music.

    President George W. Bush *Now weeping uncontrollably: My God... My God.


    Cuts to President George W. Bush taking the stand in his own trial, swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help him God. No words are heard. "Fortunate Son" by Creedance is playing.

    Fade To Black

    The End

  126. @afly_on_the_wall
    President Bush: Oh and make sure Rumsfeld ,you know when he's doing interviews and speeches , make sure he talks about the 3 trillion dollars .. make sure he tells everyone about that...we don't want anyone to be looking for it or anyone to know about it - but ..

  127. If there is any other need for contemplating the idea of a conspiracy, one need look no further than the people at the top launching and defending the official story. We seem to forget too easily their reputations; that when you dig deeper you only uncover the lengthy patterns of deceit. It wasn't that they are noble-minded and honorable, making errors on a couple of occasions...their lives are built upon lies at the expense of our families and livelihoods. Do you homework. They are still rats.

  128. @stevie
    President George W Bush: we got all that 3 trillion dollars no one is looking for. we can offer to pay for all there kids collage and dental for the rest of there lives. and if that don't work . well we can threaten to kill them. i am the dictator , ya know

    (deep evil laugh) fade to black

  129. Random Senior Conspiracy Dude: Mr. President, Operation 9/11 has commenced.

    President George W. Bush: Great, everything is going to plan, call Area 51, make sure Osama is in make-up. I want to start filming right away.

    Random Senior Conspiracy Dude: Certainly Mr. President. Sir may I ask a question.

    President George W. Bush: Go ahead Random Senior Conspiracy Dude.

    Random Senior Conspiracy Dude: I dont want to be Mr. Negative but.... How will we get the thousands of FBI agents, firefighters, demolition experts, scientists, the CIA, rescue workers, police, airline pilots, the NSA, the NRO, the house of representatives, air traffic control, other acronym organizations, and your entire administration to keep it a secret?

    President George W Bush: Oh

    Random Senior Conspiracy Dude: oh

  130. That speaks for itself.

  131. @ A. Wright:

    Okay, a play on words is it? If something is concrete. what's there to debate?

    So, there is no further need to debate! Chow.

  132. If you read the few posts I have made here you can see I didn't say there are no 'concrete specifics ' about cover-up of 9/11. The internet is full of specifics concrete or otherwise - it is what most conspiracy websites consist of- why would I say I'm willing to debate them if I thought there weren't any?

  133. @ A.Wright:

    You say there are no (concrete specifics) about cover-up of 9/11. Well I say there are! All you have to do is look.

    There already is a pending court case against former pres. Bush for murder, concerning 9/11, Iraq, etc: by famous Prosecutor and author Vincent Bugliosi. He must have some solid evidence (concrete specifics) for his pending court case for him to even start this type of action.

  134. Why don't you pick a video on this site and I'll comment on it if that's what you want to do.

  135. Ok, A.Wright, point taken - you obviously have nothing to say. Greetings

    1. @WTC7; as you are the one with the view differing from what is commonly accepted as "Official" I would imagine that you would be the one to pose the first point, and then, rebuttal would be in the hands of A. Wright. Else A. Wright would have to rattle off all the accepted "True" points in preparation for your rebuttal..


  136. Hi WTC7,
    my first post was abstract because it was a comment on 'Clay Capps' post, which was abstract, there was nothing specific to answer to.

    My second post was an answer to the criticism that my general comment didn't have specifics in it - just like yours (which I didn't criticise you for). I also said I had no problem going into specific issues if you wanted to.

    My third post was in answer to someone elses question about the general issue of conpiracy websites.

    As I said before I have no problem debating specifics but it doesn't need to be acrimonious I hope.

  137. Hi again A.Wright,

    It is not exactly the case that there is no room here to discuss specific issues, on the contrary. But you can also open a discussion topic on the forum, if you wish to provide more detailed arguments which support your point of view.

    My previous post was abstract because your challenge was abstract, there was nothing specific to answer to. I invited you to bring something concrete on the table that we can discuss.

    You brought nothing except denouncing the “legions of websites and videos” – again in general terms.

    Now, if you want to be taken seriously, cut the bla-bla cr*p and provide a real argument.


  138. Hi again A.Wright,

    It is not exactly the case that there is no room here to discuss specific issues, on the contrary. But you can also open a discussion topic on the forum, if you wish to provide more detailed arguments which support your point of view.

    My previous post was abstract because your challenge was abstract, there was nothing specific to answer to. I invited you to bring something concrete on the table that we can discuss.

    You brought nothing except denouncing the "legions of websites and videos" - again in general terms.

    Now, if you want to be taken seriously, cut the bla-bla and provide a real argument.


  139. People whose sources of information are almost exclusively presenting a particular version of events repeated over and over 24/7 on the internet, with hardly any counter arguements being presented to them (in fact counter arguements are proof that they are right - they are trying to supress the truth!) are going to get a one-side and distorted version of events presented to them. Going on the internet and researching 911 is like going into a courtroom, sitting on the jury and then listening as the prosector stands up and outlines the prosecution case , during which ,in scathing dissmissive terms he presents a distorted pejorative version of the defense case ,how it full of lies and that anyone who believes it is a fool and anyone who doesn't is a patriot. And then he presents the prosecution witnesses who all point accusitory fingers at the defendant, telling of their investigations, sitting at home in front of their computers reading articles by someone else who is sitting at home in front of his computer looking at some photographs.. And then the defense lawyer stands up and before he even gets to his feet he is shouted down by the jury..'How dare you defend that criminal! You shill! You're as guilty as he is! Didn't you hear the prosection case?..and you're defending what he did?" And then they retire to the jury room where they shake their heads,not knowing whether to laugh or cry in disbelief at the ridiculous lies of the defense and terrible criminal actions of the accused.

    It's the deceptive , specious assertions made in the legions of websites and videos that suggest that the conspiracy theories they put forward are falsely based.

  140. To A. Wright,

    "How many videos/websites are there that present something other than the conspiracy agenda? – they are vastly outnumbered, you could probably name them."

    If I understood you correctly, you think that the fact that the number of available documentaries concerning a conspiracy theory around 9/11 coverup and lies, is some kind of evidence in itself to suggest that such theories, then, must be falsely based?

  141. Hi WTC7,
    you say that 'the official 911 story is obviously a lie and a cover-up' - that's a general point without any concrete specifics, because you are making a general point, just like I am about misleading deceptive and dishonest videos and websites. The research you have done for the last few years has consisted ,in part at least ,of watching all these videos you speak about , all of them telling you the same thing over and over. How many videos/websites are there that present something other than the conspiracy agenda? - they are vastly outnumbered, you could probably name them. If you want to debate specific issues that's ok with me but I'm not sure if this is the place for it, according to the 'Read me first' note below, if I'm reading it correctly. There are forums on this site but I didn't see one for this particular issue.

  142. Hi A.Wright,

    I don't know whether Clay Capps watched any of the videos on 911 or not, but I can assure you that there shouldn't be many that I personally haven't seen. Starting my research on 911 years ago with skepticism, now I have no doubt whatsoever that it was a false flag operation. You are probably right when you say that some of the film makers you refer to have their own agenda, but that doesn't change the fact that the official 911 story is obviously a lie and a cover-up.

    Now, if you want to discuss any specifics related to 911, why not put forth some concrete counter arguments about specific issues? But it's easier to speak in abstract terms, call names everything and everyone who don't accept the official BS story, than to provide an argument, isn't it A.Wright?

  143. @Clay Capps
    I wonder do you ever watch these videos and websites about 911 with any of the same scepticism that you would apply to some official source? The number of deceptive, misleading, dishonest unreliable and biased videos and websites out there is just amazing, each one feeding of the other to repeat the same half-baked, deceptive evidence, distilling it into a poisonous polemic to pour into the ear of the public. I never thought in my lifetime I would see so many people loosing their grasp of common sense and the basic ability to think for themselves.

  144. this isn't working but I think it is the same as what I requested in the forums. If it is Vlatko, my bad.

  145. truth is bitter for some people. but truth will prevail and we hope that the terrorist who perpetrated these abomination will pay dearly...

    2 wars allegedly because of this scam... one million dead!!!

    anyway i would like to know, if they decided to pull down building 7 after the collapse of the twin towers. did they have enough time needed to put all the explosive required.

    i just want to know when you pull down a building how many days of preparation do you need. is 6 hours enough????

    1. sorry js, don't mean to be stickler... it was 5 hours.

  146. sure was an inside job

  147. alex:

    Then how did Building 7, "WTC7" go down? No airplane hit it!

  148. u know, crapping on about how other buildings have held their structure even after being on fire means jack all. None of those building had to deal with the impact of a jet liner AS WELL as a fire. And a jet fuel fire is far more intense than just any building fire.

    1. Alex, you need to do a bit of research... The block is in your mind, in you.

      It is a blatant old school False Flag operation. An international forensic research team found massive (tons) quantities of militarized explosives called Nano-Thermite in various stages of detonation in the dust of those towers.

      Just know that Jet fuel burns at the same temperature as kerosene.

      Do you worry that your Barbecue is going to explode into dust after you douse it with lighter fluid to light your briquets? What if you shot it with a 22 rifle? Nothing.

      Ask yourself honestly & earnestly: Do you really believe that 90,000 tons of steel, enough to build an aircraft carrier, nearly half of that in 47 continuous vertical core box columns as wide as six feet, gets soft or mushy from a relative thimble full of kerosene, or .05 percent of the steel by weight, and burning office furniture.

      This combined with a impacts by planes, which weighed a tiny fraction of one percent of the buildings, caused them to fall straight down at the speed of a bowling ball dropped from the same height (free-fall speed through air.)

      This is like trying to melt a crowbar with rolled up newspapers soaked in lighter fluid, after shooting it with a .22 rifle.

      Now, I understandGeorge W. Bush is as useless as rubber lips on a woodpecker when it comes to talking straight truth. He is the kind of a man that you could use as a blueprint to build an idiot. Trust his judgment? He was not even calling the shots.

      Put it to you this way, Dick Cheney is as welcome as a rattlesnake at a square dance in my town.

      It was a False Flag operation.

  149. mr bush i will pull u u cunt face

  150. "I feel 'ashamed' of my Country, sorrow for the 'Lifes' lost, & 'pity' for myself that I can do nothing but share my opinion with those convinced 'our-country' is not corupt. I wiil however, "SHARE" what I have seen with all I know & willing to listen. I now have another "One-Wish" before I die. To know 'Who' is responsable & help in whatever way I can, to bring 'Them' to JUSTICE..........Clay A. Capps (09/26/09)