9/11 Mysteries

9/11 Mysteries

2006, 9/11  -   194 Comments
Ratings: 8.24/10 from 131 users.

9/11 MysteriesA FEMA photographer taking pictures of Ground Zero wondered why so MANY steel beams were jutting from neighborhood buildings.

What shot pieces of the towers all the way across the street?

This documentary provides a detailed analysis of Fox News' daily programming and minute-by-minute breakdown of their regular scheduling.

Commentary from Fox News' previously hired employees provides further insight to how stories are chosen.

Why they are chosen, and dissection of several different methods of delivering the story to the audience to invoke desired reactions.

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1 year ago

Underground mini nukes brought the towers down.. That would explain the molten metal, melting boots, 1100 people disappearing, the large chunks ejected.... In the 60s there were backpack mininukes built to blow up bridges.......

Curious George
3 years ago

Best documentary on 9/11 that I have Ever seen Thank You !

Miguel Rodriguez
4 years ago

Take one of America's darkest, most revolting event, sprinkle it with a bunch of paranoid conspiracy theorist, add one not-so-forthcoming government with a history of brutality, mix in a few disrespectful, arrogant, closed-minded sons-of-bitches, blend well. Let it simmer for a few years. Final product: horse sh*t. My God, it's a miracle anything ever gets done in America. With so many fingers pointing in every direction, one forgets that every time a person points a finger, there are three others from the same hand pointing back!

Bruce Wayne's Cousin
4 years ago

Although, we the people, who still have common sence, since the JFK event, have been fed the "Official Story" We are supposed to just accept the Government story. The facts don't count, forget physics, science, and just remember, the news media is smarter than you ever will be.
There was a time when you elected your congress and senators and felt like you could trust them. Then you concentrated your time on raising your family and making a living. That was over 200 years ago.
It is the nature and deposition of almost all men as soon as they get a little authority as they suppose, to exercise unrighteous dominion, over the rest of us.
And so you make a made for live TV production, complete with, bad guys, good guys, some special effects, hologram planes, preset charges, lots of explosions, smoke, blood, gore, and you've got a convincing show. You can throw common sence out the window, because you've got actors on the ground, getting air time with the news you can trust!!!
The actors can sell anything they want the public to believe.
*****AFTER 50 years of brainwashing someone comes along and does the unthinkable, releases the JFK papers, and TRUTH is exposed. Holy Cow, did you know Oswald worked for the CIA?
I suppose it is carma, because the bad actors are going to be exposed in ways they never thought possible. All their bad deeds will be aired on the same device they used on us, the One Eyed monster. ( big screens are much nicer these days)
Get some popcorn, enjoy the show, there's a new sheriff in town, and he's going to TRUMP them all.

Mike Snyder
7 years ago

What a crock of BS. More reactions from people who suffer from severe paranoia and will inject their own imagination/fakery into a subject to arrive at a story that fits their own delusional thinking. It's a shame that they can never engage a subject with even a modicum of common sense.

8 years ago

Here's how you know its an inside job.
Massive insider trading the day before 9/11. What more do you need?
Except maybe absolutely no debris to be found on the

Pennsylvania 'crash' except a bandana from Islam. Common...that should tell you right there. Like leaving crumbs for the mouse to pick up. Here's my theory. No actual planes were used. Missiles or something similar hit the towers with timed explosives going off to make it look like massive damage. (In real life the plane would hit the tower and crumple). Then they did a poor job video editing inserting a plane. (Nose out shot they messed up big time). I believe some sort of nuclear event was used deep below the towers. Or some bomb more powerful then thermite.

It's all there if you look.
9 years ago

I hate to sound boring, but we need to stop discussing whether this or that did or didn't happen as expressed in the official report.
There is no discussion, the reason there is no discussion is because only one 'side' wish to discuss.
And the reason only one 'side' wish to discuss, is because they're stating the most painfully obvious truth opposed to complete nonsense and propaganda.
So, let us not be bogged down discussing the melting point of a jet engine, let us first get concise and factual documentaries out there, get them shared on Facebook and Twitter etc, Ask people to have a look, but ban people from commenting unless theyve watched it.
Then when people start feeling stupid for having bought into it so easily, the tide will turn.
Then what? when it comes out?
That's what we should be discussing!!

9 years ago

Larry Silverstein was paid $4.5 billion by his insurance companies, an amount that did not come close to covering the rebuilding costs or compensating him for the lost rents. As this is a matter of public record, it will, of course, be dismissed by conspiracy liars.

9 years ago

Yet, NO demolition professionals swallow the twoof cult's snake oil. Could it be that the total absence of evidence--physical, seismic, and auditory--for the use of explosives explains their reluctance to embrace the fantasy?

Josh Berg
9 years ago

This is by far the best 9-11 doc. I have watched them all, this paints the fullest, least crazy, most in depth of them all. Created by a sceptic hoping to debunk, ended up making the most convincing proof of controlled demolition available

Curtis Higgonbriefs
9 years ago

7 BILLION DOLLARS, remember that! That's why Silverstein bought these WHITE ELEPHANTS, 6-WEEKS, before they fell!
How did tower 7 fall?

Don Blankenship
9 years ago

In all of the videos showing CONTROLLED demolitions, you see ALL of the squibs PRIOR to the collapse. What you're stating to be squibs are actually windows and supports being blown out and destroyed as the building collapses.

Don Blankenship
9 years ago

So there was NO ONE in the lobby of the North Tower when the plane hit? There are NO witnesses to what caused the damage in the lobby? How is that possible? Did the shadow men come into the lobby and clear everybody out so they could detonate their explosives when the plane struck the tower?

john doe
10 years ago

Horrible subject, but hilarious video. What a bunch of hooooooey. Nice work, Brad, or whatever your name was.

Hamilton Barrett
10 years ago

If they'd have just packed those darn explosives a bit better there wouldn't be so many questions raised, but now the black flaggers are starting to look like Wiley Coyote in the Roadrunner Cartoons.

10 years ago

Lets not forget the people who suffered and are suffering a lot in middle east for the sake of American and European welfare! There is always better way to change the world. One cannot offer freedom and humanity by invasion with the support of its media. These destruction would be left forever and cannot be wiped out or justified easily. Anyways, thanks for the documentary.

10 years ago

Out of all the info available in this doc. and others I can't believe some of the comments. The ignorance of the American people is the most shocking of all. But when our education system has been dumbing down our people for the last 50 yrs I see that it has been sucessful. Also it has been proven that people who have been conned will choose not to see because of their shame of being conned, or pride of ego will never admit to being conned. When our children are being shot down in the streets by our new military trained police you can keep on saying this is not really happening.

10 years ago

"i didn't sleep for a week"..... and you watched all of your "research" on the internet during that week...so you were sleep deprived and you got your facts from internet videos.... very convincing.

11 years ago

Let's clean house.

Richard T
11 years ago

FYI airplanes have to carry enough fuel to get the their destination plus 45 minutes of reserve fuel. The point made about airplanes having only enough fuel to get to their destination is untrue.

11 years ago

I do believe that 9/11 has a lot of lies involved. I think it was a false flag operation.

11 years ago

I have to disagree with one point so far, a lot of smoke does not mean the fire is not roaring. That is when kerosene is involved.

11 years ago

you must be a blind monkey to belive what the US gorvenment say about 9/11.

even a cave man can see the proofs.

my opinion:hey...you runing out of oil...hmm...let's kill some ppl of our own...bring down a few buildings(we take some money too)...and then let the BOMBING begin.
this way "everybody"(all the smart guys) wins...the big corporation makes more weapons,so more money.

we are 7 bilions...the human life it has no value anymore for this MONSTERS.

i don't understand how such a beautifull nation like the american ppl belive the bu ll sh it that the US government tell them an let their children go to fight and die for the BIG FAT LIAR MONSTERS.

what a diference betewn Washinton,Lincoln,Jefferson...and the MONSTERS that rules America today.


WAKE UP!!!!!

11 years ago

MOSSAD has it's fingerprints all over this 9/11 thing...connect the dots...Silverstein bought buildings frew months before, for 200M knowing they had to be demolished because of asbestos..he also first name basis friends with Israeli leaders...he needs the buildings demolished
-GWBush and the Pentagon need a war to further the boogey man/terrorist ploy to take control of the USA people...
-israel wants Saddam Hussein taken care of..
Bingo..it all comes together....the loser..the American people, and especially those that lost their lives in the towers, the people of iraq and Afghanistan..big time losers...the perpetrators walk free...what a worold!

11 years ago

Make sure when the Feds try the next one don't get conned again.

11 years ago

this job has been done only to gain power.i have experience in construction and i dont think such a building can collapse in 10 seconds. if this is the case it means its a poor construction. so why the engineer who constructed these building are not blamed.there were to planes and on my point of view each plane was destined for each one of the buildings but by mistake both planes went in the same building.and as far as the second building was not hitted by the planes why did the second building collapse also.there was no impact on the second buildind and whati know is that these buildings are equipped with anti shock absorbers in the basement. this proves that all is fake man.all arround the world people know its an inside job and they also know what is the truth but instead of sitting in their house and comment why does the family of the victims and everyone try to claim for justice.and now that all the comments are on the internet why does the accused not try do defend themselves. me i think all these comments are useless. first it was saddam hussain who was not good then osama bin laden then kadafi and who is next on the list please? so just cheer and have another cup of coffee and watch the show man.just keep dreaming about luxurious cars and the house of your dreams and you will have it very soon.

11 years ago

just cheer and watch the show man.hahaha

11 years ago

me i think there were 2 planes and 2 buildings and each plane was destined to each building. but by mistake both planes went in the same tower. so when the first tower was hit by both planes but the second tower was not hitted why did the second tower collapse also.its had nothing to do with the first tower because these building are equipped with anti shock absorbers in their basements.i think they are just trying to fool the people.

Vitor Bernardo
11 years ago

PLanes = DECOY

For terrorist to enter in the buidilng with the actual bombs to carry out the plan.

11 years ago

I'm not going to say whether 9/11 was a consipracy or not because I don't know am not going to act is if I know. MAYBE it did, MAYBE it didn't. Not 110% sure. But honestly WHY THE HECK do they keep saying it was just a fire and show other "no plane" fire buildings. Two huge planes went into the towers first and created huge damage to the structure up there.

It wasn't just a fire. So stop showing other building fires that had no big planes go into them and acting as if they are the same. No matter the truth these comparisons they showed early on are apples and oranges.

Plus the woman saying, "look at the debris going outward from collapse. A fire can't do that" What?! There's a collapse going on from the top of the building so energy is pushing down and outward. Slam your hand onto a breakable model tower and watch where the pieces end up. They will not be ALL under your hand Cmon. Not saying there couldn't have been something wrong. Again maybe, maybe not but dont act like nothing would ever push out.

Paper got blown all over by collapse and wind. That's not a mystery. This lady really thinks if she drops paper from that hight it was fall straight down? Ha. Some shady stuff for sure but also ridiculous comments or written comments for her in the video sometimes.

Colin Doran
11 years ago

The information that Anthony Summers discusses is known to a lot of people who look into the whole picture of 911. There is plenty of evidence that OBL was behind 911 , knew about it in advance and played a part in organising , facilitating and financing it. The FBI had evidence for his involvement in the other bombings which was sufficient to lead to his arrest and if you read the FBI website they say that
"The alleged terrorists on this list have been indicted by sitting Federal Grand Juries in various jurisdictions in the United States for the crimes reflected on their wanted posters. Evidence was gathered and presented to the Grand Juries, which led to their being charged. The indictments currently listed on the posters allow them to be arrested and brought to justice. Future indictments may be handed down as various investigations proceed in connection to other terrorist incidents, for example, the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001."
The fact that OBL had not been indicted in connection with 911 doesn't mean that the FBI didn't have evidence that he was involved and doesn't mean that they would not have brought indictments against him at a later date based on this and other evidence. It doesn't mean either that they are saying he wasn't involved, and it certainly doesn't mean that he wasn't involved. What it does mean is that this whole idea that 911 was a big organised conspiracy to blame OBL for 911 doesn't hold water. The first thing that would be put in place before a big organised conspiracy to frame someone for a crime they didn't commit, would be the planting of evidence to clearly show they were responsible for it. Even if OBL didn't know about 911 in advance, the US action in going after him would have had plausible justification, since he was encouraging and advocating attacks of this kind and was a major source of funding for them, including the embassy attacks which are technically attacks on America. The thousands of people who were murdered on 911 were murdered by muslim fundamentalists. They hate America and with some justification. People in the 911 truth movement continually point out all the injustices of US foreign policy past and present, and about time too, but they don't seem to imagine that the people on the receiving end of it might feel the same way and might want to strike back at the source of that injustice. What would it take to get your attention?

11 years ago

Give it up you truthers and conspiracy theorists! How dare you keep assaulting the public with all your logic, reason, evidence and physics! The public has forgotten and moved on already!
You will all be dead before the truth will ever be known. It will just be another side note in the history of our bloody and patriotic past.
You will never overcome the ignorance and lack of intelligence of the average man! They are scared little followers that don not, can not, or will not think for themselves. It is not their fault! All they ever did wrong was Vote and believe their government cares about them. Protecting them while they watch sports, idolize celebraties, play video games and dream their american dreams of fame and fortune. Driving cars they can't afford, living in houses that the bank owns, and following leaders, that the banks owns too
So calm down, grab a beer and enjoy the front row seat of a circus side show.
There is nothing you can do about it! The tard vote will always win!
Mark twain said it best!
"considering the average intelligence of man, you must understand that half are below that" LOL
"A lie will travel across the world before the truth can get it's boots on"
You truthers have shown more than enough evidence to the world to, at the very least, warrant a real investigation. It's not going to happen!
The real power is in numbers! And you brainiacs are out numbered!
Cheers, I'll have another beer and get back to the show now.

11 years ago

@woe to go..just u keep tellin urself wot really happened..the rest of us dont care wot really happned...we just want our own ficticious theories, as we are an unrealistic bunch of loonatics that don't care for good oul honest FACTS! now to watch this mockumentary..im sure thats how u pronounce it..yea mock is fact..

James fish
11 years ago

Ditto. Most compelling I have seen as well.

If the GOV were not involved:

why refuse to properly investigate?

Why take all the steel away and immediately melt the evidence?


Makes no sense unless to cover up.

11 years ago

One of the most compelling 9/11 documentaries that I have ever seen.

11 years ago

And the nitpicking on the word 'explosion' being used! One guy said it sounded like gunfire, why is that not being picked up on?

"Do you know if it was an explosion or a building collapse?" Because the guy he's asking has heard both multiple times of course!

I can shake up a bottle of Coke and let the lid off, guess what it sounds like? An explosion (and it is!).

There was an earthquake in Christchurch, NZ guess what people in the buildings that collapsed and survived said it sounded like. An explosion.

Do you know what it sounds like when a house is on fire and the windows burst? An explosion. Sheesh!

11 years ago

"people in the towers did not report such heat".


"Office manager Brian’s message said: “A plane crashed into the Trade Center. It’s on fire, and I’m in it, and I can’t breathe. Tell everyone I love them, and if I don’t get out... goodbye.”"

"There's no one here yet and the floor's completely engulfed, we're on the floor and we can't breathe and it's very, very, very hot" ~ Melissa Doi

Maybe Melissa & Brian (R.I.P.) didn't say it was hot enough to qualify as 'such heat'.

11 years ago

Where to start with this? The only thing that I can think of as a positive is that it's admitted that planes actually did hit the WTC which is denied by other people not believing the "official" version.

The fire in Madrid? What was left was the concrete inner core (which the WTC didn't have) the 11 floors of steel framed structure that it had at the top collapsed due to the fire. Which funnily enough they didn't show on here.

And where are people getting that the towers took ten seconds to come down? Just timing the clips shown on here it's longer than that. Plus the people who jumped out the windows (R.I.P.) were free falling, can you not see the difference?

The pencil in the screen? The building was slashed, ever slash a mosquito screen? If not, it won't work properly any more.

The hurricane example? The air is going around the building in the example not through it hardly the same thing.

You can see bits of the WTC peeling off at the corners. Ever knocked a corner out while playing Jenga? It will fall over eventually when you compromise the rest of the tower just like the fire was doing inside the building. In fact a Jenga tower is more like a web steeled building, not a hollow steeled building which is what the WTC was due to them wanting more office space to make more moula out of it. "It was a strong mesh of steel that surrounded the exterior" And the exterior got hit weakening it's strength. The exterior was the strength. The exterior was gone on two to three sides and you (from now on 'you' is people that say it had to be explosives that did this damage) still expect it to have stood up? Remember, there's no concrete reinforcement at the WTC.

Oh and the core was thinning with increasing height. It was only four inches at the base how thin was it the further up you get? So it gets hit in an already weak spot and you don't expect the weak spot to give up the ghost? If just the top of the buildings had fallen off would you be happy? I'm leaning towards not. Oh my gosh welded and bolted...by 5/8th inch bolts. I'm sure I could do damage to them with a hammer let alone a friggen areoplane.

And someone here said something about it was sod all fuel for the amount of building it hit. Tell that to someone who accidentally set fire to and completely lost their house with a cigarette. A cigarette is way smaller than a house, no? How on earth could a cigarette wipe out an entire house?! It's not like it's got a high burn temperature.

Not all New Yorkers were stunned when the first tower fell, I remember clearly from watching the coverage a man in a group of people watching the fires down the road from the WTC telling everyone they should get away because the buildings would fall (he said he was an engineer). Then he explained to people why he thought this (the angle of the hit if I remember rightly). That's something I've never seen again since that day. I'm surprised he wasn't picked up as proof that he was in on the towers coming down.

"Imagine, building expressly for airplane impact but never thinking of the fuel" I CAN imagine that actually. Weren't they also assuming the areoplanes would be travelling slowly?

"Why are most buildings made of steel?". You could ask why the WTC wasn't reinforced with concrete like those other steel buildings (see Madrid where the bits just made of steel folded). Steel holds up better to weather and fire? Yep I can see that from Interstate 580 folding under fire. Not melting like so many "911 is an inside job" people keep insisting but weakening and then collapsing. How about those steel buildings in Singapore in '97? Gone in under two hours.

I'm only 12 minutes into this (I've watched the whole thing, just rewatching it now) and look how much I've still got to get through.

One last thing..."Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik". He said Osama died in 2001 and cites him being in hospital in 2001 for marfan syndrome when Osama *supposedly* saw the urology department (which would have nothing to do with marfan syndrome).

"He calls himself a "maverick troublemaker. You make your own rules. You pay the consequences". Yep, I'm going to believe him when he wasn't even working on OBL in 2001and had left government employment in the early 80's. " Because as a physician I had known that the CIA physicians had treated him ". Surely that means all physicians in the US knew this too as he states that's the only reason he knows.

11 years ago

This is pure here say and conspiracy BS. They talk continuously about the steel "melting" but they ignore the fact that steel expands significantly with added heat, which will drastically weaken the structure and cause the connections to fail. If you believe this extremely selective choice of "evidence" you are doing yourself a huge disservice.

11 years ago

Faux News = Programming for the trashy minded Americans.

11 years ago

God that 'Stepford Wives' narrator is really incongruous with the subject matter. Keep waiting for sweet comments about cup cakes.
Great documentary though

11 years ago

just another video that makes alot of sense unlike the original story just sad that our government knew about this and did nothing and if stories are true they actually helped take the towers down what a bunch of great folks we have running our country and yall keep voting for these clowns and sitting around not giving a flying fxck about our country going to shxt right before our eyes. its sad our sons and daughters are gna have to clean up america after we royaly fxck it up.

12 years ago

Since when did my comment have to be moderated? Did I say something not politically correct? Disappointing. Not a good sign.....

12 years ago

What a complete load of pap. Another example of conspiracy theorists believing such rubbish to support their ridiculous beliefs. There has not been one shred of evidence to suggest that 9/11 was anything other than a tragic terrorist attack which brought down these magnificent structures. Not one. Everything that conspiracy theorists have come up with has been disproved, including the cancer that's contained in this documentary. Do your research properly and don't just believe the first thing that's told to you.

12 years ago

911 was an inside job.

12 years ago

I've always been one to stray away from conspiracy documentaries. But as a doubter over the happenings over 9-11, I decided to give this one a chance, and I was greatly pleased with this documentary. It gave us informative, supportive evidence of the REAL events of 9-11. I couldn't have chosen another documentary that discusses the real events of 9-11 in such a professional way.

12 years ago

Great straight up Video, ive seen loads of 9/11 docs this is one of the best !!!

ahmed saciid mohamed
12 years ago

Islam was used as scape goat once again. The rings of fire America,Israel, Saudis. America needs to be always in war. Israel or Zionist in general need to bring chaos and confusion in order to bring in new laws while exterminating lives. Saudis want America and Israel to wage war on fellow Muslim nations that they feel are a threat to there oil monopoly in the region.This is just my opinion folks that's all.

Peter Leclair
12 years ago

Wow,this video that portrays facts not fiction is without the real proof I need to maintain the reality that these towers were brought down using thermite explosives and sheer powers of the corrupt that be but why would anyone want to cause such death with deliberate intentions?Answer/MONEY AND POWER.I dont care who may try to sway there views on demolition theories and that the fuel was to blame ohh lets not forget the paper and furniture.BULL this is murder and i am convinced this was planned many years in the making.Let me quote a passage from George Bush Senior and the televised State Of The Union.QUOTE.What We Need Is A New World Order.As well before the trade towers Donald Rumsfeld also was on national spotlight when he stated that there is 2.7 Trillion dollars un accounted for and his statement that we need another PEARL HARBOR. These statements should never be taken lightly as we should be asking the Pentagon where is the 2.7 trillion dollars and what do you mean by New World Order? I have been in the construction busines for many years and for a building to collapse so fast and almost non stop which only takes 9.2 seconds tells me that this was poor construction which is highly unlikely.When I am convinced with absolution then why is it that if there is a Gov that is non corrupt take a stand to defend themselves with another inquiry? As for popular Mechanics to suggest that thousands of experienced Demolitions experts,Civil Engineers Eyewitnesses at groun zero who heard explosions and some of the video showing metal on some corners literally red and melting like a torch used to cut steel when there is little or no flames in that certain part of the structure.What gets my goat is that some people would suggest that this would half to be a secret kept by thousands of agencies and to keep such a secret would be impossible.Well not all agencies would even half to know anything at all.A secret can be kept bye those who stand to make billions of dollars and quite possibly those who held such secrets are probably dead and thats no conspiracy. Without a doubt this is no mystery and those who took part in a disaster to this day has no ending only denials and so called expert analysis that hold no truth to there expert opinion.Ya it was chairs and paper that with fuel from an aircraft that was 65pecent blown up on impact that brought down these towers in less or 10 seconds.I will never be swayed to believe that a 25 year old from popular mechanics will convince me of his qualifications in the engineering field NEVER EVER.This is no Mystery but cold calculated murder for wealth, intimidation, and power

12 years ago

"The idea that 911 was an inside job requires that there are no real ememies of the US in the muslim world"

the reality of the 9/11 false flag operation is there regardless of how many people in the world dislike america for what it has done to them. in fact, the people behind the operation used this fact to their advantage. it makes it much easier for the public to think this is just muslim extremists rather than people in our own government

A.Wright, please watch Fabled Enemies. you have this idea of yours that the facts outside of your limited view don't matter and that it must be muslim extremists. if the facts supported that muslim extremists were the masterminds of the 9/11 operation, then you would be right. but they don't, so your idea carries no weight