A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

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If it wasn't possible to better the Soviets in the space race, which was really a race of technology armaments, what could be done?

How could America offset the threat of superior weaponry? Throughout the history of rivalry and war, astute generals of lesser armies than their counterparts have used deceit and misinformation as a method to achieve victory.

Surrounding the earth, beginning at an altitude of 1,000 miles and extending an additional 25,000 miles, lie lethal bands of radiation called the Van Allen Radiation Belts.

Every manned space mission in history (including Mercury, Gemini, Soyuz, Skylab and the Space Shuttle) has been well below this deadly radiation field...all except Apollo.

Recently uncovered footage of the crew of Apollo 11 staging part of their mission proves that the astronauts never made it beyond earth orbit. The goal was to fool the Soviet Union about US strategic capability during the height of the Cold War. Deceit, Greed, and Injustice... A sad thing happened on the way to the moon. The truth will astound you!

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  1. I remember this from school years ago, we went over all the inaccurate claims made. I hope no one actually believes this.

  2. The lander for the Apollo 18 mission must have been almost built by the time the mission was cancelled.
    What happened to this lander?

  3. These hoax claims are so easy to debunk, I can't understand how some can still be sucked in by them. Every event in history, has someone claiming it never took place. I can claim we are all in the matrix, and I bet I can have people believing it, if I made a video. There are mountains of evidence for the landings. The only thing hoax believers have is willful ignorance of hard scientific facts. Usually they won't listen anyway, and are looking for attention online.

    1. A very deceitful video to say the least. Bart spliced together his footage of what he claims, is of the astronauts "faking" their mission. Clearly, they are testing the camera, as anyone can watch the entire video, and realize Bart is deceiving his audience. This is old news anyway, as this entire video is proven to have loads of errors.
      I am surprised, they still have people believing these lies.

  4. Titanic didn't sink it was the Olympic as it was already damaged in a collision. The US never went to the moon as humans couldn't survive the Van Allen radiation belt, the whole lot was a hoax, but then yanks think covid is real, to dam funny you lot are.

    1. Pat, what planet are you from? Sounds like you are British, and need a little education about Apollo. All hoax claims have been dismissed as nonsense. The astronauts went through the belts quickly, and spent little time there. You are not an expert on moon landings.
      COVID is real. Not everything is a hoax. Although arguing with a moon landing denier is always a waste of time, as they assume
      everything they don't understand, fake. What a sad way to live.

    2. Where did you hear the lie about the titanic?? That's a load of nonsense! British people sure are misinformed.

    3. The Artemis program is attempting to put man back on the moon in a few years, and you can believe the hoax proprietors will claim that's fake too, regardless of any evidence they are shown. It's pathetic how little they know, but come across like physics experts. They try to keep mankind in the dark ages, because they read an article or watched a video or two claiming it was staged. Like people said before, all hoax evidence is false, and has been dismissed as utter nonsense. A little research, will prove that, but most non believers aren't interested in learning anything, they just want to look smart. I can go on and on, but it won't do any good when some people refuse to learn, or listen.

    4. Sadly what deniers are trolled into believing, is a sad farce. Many don't even have the slightest interest in learning anything, they just think they know it all, and won't listen to reason. Paranoia seams to play a part in their beliefs, as they distrust the government, and assume everything that they can't understand, is a hoax. How about this.... Former President Bill Clinton had a consensual affair with Monica Lewinsky, and guess what? Only two of them, and before long it leaked out. If the two of them can't keep a secret, how are all the people involved in the landings keeping quiet? It's nonsense! I've heard all the typical speculations, like " only the top few knew about the hoax, but the rest just did as they were told". Yeah, sure, so no one questioned anything? Come on people. People aren't always dumb, and some even claim the schools are spewing lies . That is insane, and It proves these people are out of touch with reality, and cannot be reasoned with. So much information online, and they chose to ignore it.

    5. exactly, I'm with you!

  5. I remember this video from years ago. It's filled with misleading quotes, and overall, many deceitful claims. Anyone can go online, and search, and there are literally loads of websites explaining that moon hoax theories are nonsense.

    1. Moon landing deniers will not listen to anything or anyone that doesn't believe the same lunatic theories they believe. Why bother trying to talk with them? They won't listen to facts or reason. Everyone knows man landed on the moon. This video is absolute trash, and has been debunked, so many times, I have lost count. Just because it's on YouTube doesn't mean it's truthful.

    2. Why on earth would anyone argue, or even bother with hoax nuts???? You know there is no way they will listen anyway, they are content on living in the dark, refusing all facts, and believing all conspiracy theories, without fact checking. It's always great to learn and ask questions, but dang, all anyone has to do is online research! Loads of websites explain everything. So what's the confusion?? Bart Sibrel and his video, are filled with loads of mistakes.

  6. For starters, this video is a joke. Barts " backstage footage" was taken in large part from the 30 minute live telecast, not from The NASA vault, as he claims. It's shows the astronauts testing the camera, not filming a hoax. I'm asking any skeptics, just search online, there are many sites debunking all of the hoax claims.

    1. Mainly conspiracy theories make people feel smart and important, like they discovered some huge cover up, and all others were to dim witted to figure out. Any information from Bill Kaysing, Bart Sibrel, or any other moon landing denier, has been examined and discredited. None of those people are experts at anything, only spreading lies and bad science. I can write a book on why I believe the earth is flat, does that make it automatically true and factual? Nope. Kaysing lived out his last years in a trailer with a bunch of cats. Does he sound like someone to take advice from? Lol, no way.

  7. No hoax evidence exists, only willful ignorance from people who believe this video is actually evidence that man never walked on the moon. The internet is great, however, many facts are distorted by YouTube sites, and conspiracy videos like this one. Sibrel ignores basic physics, and photography, and yet some chose to believe him, despite decades of facts against them.

    1. Moon landing hoaxers are all false. All conspiracies have a whistleblower, no one ever came forward. Many claim we should think for ourselves, and not to believe everything they see on TV.
      The official story is not always a hoax! Same for conspiracies!!! Now with the age of the internet, people tamper with videos, and make you believe what they want. I found it's not going to do any good to argue with a moon landing denier, as their minds are already made up. Vaccines don't work, the earth is flat, 911 was an inside job, it never ends, and never will.

    2. We can't land on the moon..... It's made of cheese! Just kidding, everyone knows it happened.

  8. Bart Sibrel is a man who thinks he is smart, but really isn't. My favorite is a video in which Bart gets punched by Buzz Aldrin for hounding him, and calling him a liar. That to me never gets old!

    1. NASA is attempting to get back to the moon by 2024, but I'm sure the usual skeptics will be there claiming it never happened. Guess they will never learn.

  9. I have found arguing with anyone who believes we didn't land on the moon is a waste of time. Show them pictures......those are fake. Moon rocks were brought back and examined by scientists from around the world.......... Fake. If it was fake why didn't Russia and other countries expose the USA?...... They are lying. How can we make several missions to the moon, and never get caught faking it..... Oh people were paid off, or threatened. See? It's hopeless! Why argue with someone who refuses to learn? As for Bart Sibrel, his video has been debunked ages ago, and is filled with lies, and misleading information. His "video" has been edited , and he's being deceitful. He's a con artist. It doesn't strike skeptics as extremely unusual, that this "hoax" hasn't been exposed???? Must be a lot of hush hush money right? I've read just about every moon hoax claim, and they have all been dismissed, and debunked, but we all know hoaxers are immune to facts. It won't be long before someone chimes in with the " I'm a paid NASA shill or sheep" line.

  10. Any fakery would have been reported immediately, other countries were keeping an eye on the missions, by tracking them. A hoax can never last this long, some conspiracy videos are riddled with speculation and lies, just like this one is.

    1. Bill Kaysing basically has no grasp on basic physics or engineering. He was a technical writer for one of Apollos rocket manufacturers. None of what he claims is true. Basically, he is the grandfather of all the silly conspiracy theories. The man lived with a bunch of cats in a trailer before he passed away. If that's someone you would listen to over a credible scientist or engineer, then there is little that can be done for anyone believing in his mess of a book.

  11. Sadly, the landings we're being denied before they were even complete, after things like Watergate, or operation paper clip, people assume everything is a lie. The government lies 24/7, and anyone who denies that is a shill, or sheep. What a sad way to live. These types of people spread misinformation, and feel they are smart. I love conspiracy's,but this isn't one of them. There is mountains of evidence against skeptics, that I'm sure they will all say is fake.

  12. As far as the petrified wood story, everything points towards a mistake or a hoax by two Dutch artists. Actual moon rocks are much smaller, and are encased in plastic. Hoax believers, just read the story, but don't bother going any deeper. It's a funny story to say the least, but remember skeptics will grasp at anything they can to keep their hoax theory alive. Facts are irrelevant. Conspiracy sites would never lie or be inaccurate in their minds.

  13. Basically all that happened was the telemetry tapes were reused, NASA still has all the important data locked up. NASA has advanced and moved on. Technology advances over the years. The need to go to the moon wasn't needed anymore at that time. As For Bill Kaysing, he is an embarrassment. He claims no stars on the moon???? This is old news!! Anyone who knows about photography knows the answer, and knows he is wrong. The waiving flag, has been explained a million times as well.... It's swinging from inertia, like a pendulum. It only moves when the astronauts are securing it into the moon's surface. His claims are embarrassing to say the least, and I cannot believe people actually listen to that foolishness. Everything he said has been debunked. Man has landed on the moon, that's a fact thats skeptics can't handle. Like people said, they know little about how a rockets thrust behaves in a vacuum, or even how basic photography works. A lot of moon landing deniers only hear what they want to hear, the rest of the information is discarded. There is tons of misleading articles and videos online, especially Old Bart's disaster, which is filled with wrong information, and lies.

    1. Paul, the moonbuggy was was folded in the storage compartment in the descent module. That's why they are the scientists, and you are the one chasing conspiracy theories that have already been debunked decades ago. You don't find it odd that nobody came forward to expose the hoax? Bill Kaysing wasn't a credible source. That's hilarious that you believe him. I love the claim that Kubrick tried to put little hints in the Shining. That's funny lmao. It's just a hoax nut claim,.nothing more. People can claim anything, it doesn't make it true. Any of Paul's claims are nonsense. The moon rocks that were brought back were examined by scientists, they are not from Antarctica, that's a hoax theory, and it's silly. The reconnaissance orbiter took pictures of the landing sites, but I will guarantee nonbelievers, will simply say the pictures are fake. All those missions to the moon, and they never got caught faking it? No, it was just a bunch of talented people and scientists working together to achieve a common goal.

  14. Paul, please Bill Kaysing used to live in a trailer with a bunch of Cats. THATS who you believe.? Lol. Come on, he's not a reliable source, NASA hasn't "lost" the technology. Hoax nuts always get that wrong. The technology wasn't needed anymore, and dismantled. Any hoax claims are old news and have been debunked. Enough already. Old Bart and Bill are not experts in any way. Nice try though.

    1. So, all the Highly trained and educated scientists and engineers who worked on the Apollo missions aren't as smart as yourself? Paul, so many people get sucked in by these hoax theories, its pathetic. Many are to deep in their own lies to get out sadly. I read a lot of the comments here, and deniers just don't do proper research. "We haven't been to the moon, because we haven't been back" So that's "evidence?" In what world? Lol come on guys, you are grasping at any little thing you do not understand. Russia was watching our every move, they knew where we were. So rockets went up, we fooled everyone, and all the hours of video, and moon rocks are all fake? This doesn't seem odd? It's downright silly. Everything has been debunked, the problem is what evidence will skeptics believe? So far nothing is good enough. Here's something...... Many claim NASA used the same backdrop on the moon, as many scenes look similar, or identical. Well, no, first NASA isn't that stupid, second, many pictures are taken miles apart, the moon has no atmosphere, and this helps cause this illusion. On earth, look at a group of mountains Move a mile or so, and guess what? The mountains
      are still there, only on the moon it's like a big desert, with no trees. So fake moon landings, aliens, covid is fake, any other dumb ideas???? Sadly this stuff never ends.


    Note: READ the Comment section of this book!!
    Bill Kaysing was head of the technical presentations unit at the Rocketdyne Propulsion Field Laboratory from 1956 to 1963. This period encompassed the major planning for the engine and components of the Apollo project. During this time, Kaysing held security clearances with the U.S. Air Force and the Atomic Energy Commission. Here Bill is exposing the MANY LIES and DECEPTIONS that NASA used to totally fool us all including the whole world!
    Below is another engineer exposing what he knows in the COMMENT SECTION for this excellent fact-filled book!

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The Proof is ALWAYS in the pudding! NASA LIES! Vietnam Distraction and Robbery.
    Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2013
    The proof is ALWAYS in the pudding. NASA mysteriously "lost" ALL of the original data for ALL of the Apollo missions! So according to NASA what we have now is recorded video of the original footage running on a tv way back when, wow really convincing! The Dutch government returned a piece of "moon rock" given to them by the geniuses at NASA, it turned out it was petrified wood! MOON ROCKS ARE ALSO ON EARTH! Mostly Antarctica, where Von Braun("ex"-Nazi brought to America just like Mengele was) and company went in 1967 for "research". This was simply to collect as many Moon meteorites as possible for the cover story. It is almost impossible to find the location of the "original" Apollo Moon rocks given to governments and institutions throughout the world, hmmm?
    The plans for ALL of the moon landing equipment were also ALL LOST! These were built on the Earth but the technical plans were STILL ALL LOST! Even if you simply look at the pictures, how the heck did they get the Lunar dune buggy into the lander? The buggy is about the size of the lander, not to mention all the other equipment they had to carry. As confirmed also the temperatures on the Moon would have decimated everything in those nonsense pictures and movies that were filmed at some military installation in the Western US. An analysis of the pictures and video makes it pretty clear they were faked. I believe it was Neil Armstrong himself, a Freemason like all the other surviving astronauts, would not attend the 40th anniversary celebration of the "moon" landing. The founder of JPL was a Satanist/Luciferian and part of the whole Freemason occult structure. NASA is no different.
    Stanley Kubricks confession, The Shining, to staging the Apollo nonsense is there too. Rear projection was used extensively and the same mountains were used in different pictures as well. Room 237=237,000 miles to the moon, the little boy has an Apollo 11 sweater on when he goes to Room 237 which has 2 sisters, GEMINI that is. A11 work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. A11=Apollo 11! Eyes Wide Shut was his way to letting us know about the secret occult societies that are in charge of, not just the USA, but pretty much the leadership of the whole world. Kubrick died during the making of that film, and a huge amount of it was permanently deleted never to be seen. Guess some one thought he went too far in that one. Kubricks films during and after 2001 Space Odyssey are the most revealing of the Illuminati/Eye of Horus/Ra and general occult hierarchies actions and plans, you simply have to have the training and understanding to read between the lines but most never get to that point.
    The truth is that the whole fake Moon landing BS was to distract the American people from the atrocities of the New Opium War that was Vietnam and a way to siphon off 30 Billion dollars(and that's 60's funny fed money!!) from the most robbed and lied to people in history: the American taxpayer. That 30 Billion went to paying for the war and of course a good portion was simply stolen by those involved. People like Kissinger/Brezenski, Rockefeller, Bushes and the rest of the vermin that are part of the Illuminati world ruling structure will and have killed, robbed and enslaved millions for one end: the Luciferian NWO. This is a new Pharaohnic "paradise" run by megalomaniacs on par with Mao,Hitler and Stalin.
    America in particular was bombarded with Nazis via Project Paperclip for 40 years plus. The Nazis, Freemasons and other dangerous gangster groups satiate our culture but the vast majority are either slaves working too hard to think or simply not interested in breaking out of their brainwashed comfort zone. Sadly these will realize only too late what they have given up, like the unfortunate German people, Russian people and Chinese people.

    1. Also, the" petrified wood" is just a badly spun news story, a former Dutch minister Willem Drees received the piece as a gift, and shortly after his death, it was Put on display at the museum. Problem is, it was never authenticated by NASA, and was never claimed to be a moon rock. Someone got their wires crossed, as real rocks are much smaller, and encased in plastic. The moon has no atmosphere, which is why some photos appear to be similar, when in reality they are miles apart. I hear Kubrick directed the moon landings, he was such a perfectionist, that he insisted they film on location. Hoax cheerleaders need to do actual research, instead of believing conspiracy sites filled with lies.

    2. Paul, I think you should research facts, and just stop chasing lunatic theories. Many people are still drawn to hoaxes like this, because it makes them feel smart. People should spend less time searching the illuminati, Freemasons, or the saucer people, and actually do some real research. I have heard people claiming the Shining has hidden messages. That's hilarious, but people still believe this craziness. None of what you said has any truth to it, if you actually took the time to research. Nowadays , moon landing deniers make all sorts of wild claims, and none of it is actually true. As said before by many people, all claims made by hoax believers have all been debunked, and explained. The problem? Hoax nuts will not listen or care to learn why they are wrong. They feel they are the only smart people in a world of fools. Everyone lies, except their conspiracy sites. The petrified wood thing was interesting, however it was never claimed to be a moon rock in the first place. Actual moon rocks, are encased in plastic, and are much smaller in size. The internet is a great thing, however there are loads of misleading sites spewing misinformation. I have learned over the years, the official story is always a lie according to some. That's paranoia. I love conspiracy theories, but this one is so easy to debunk, and I can't figure out for the life of me why some still believe it.

  16. Many skeptics, no little about how thrust works in a vacuum, the reflective qualities of moondust, or camera exposure times. These are just some of the many things the hoax crowd ignore when claiming their are to many "anomaly's" . Nothing short of bringing a skeptic to the moon will convince them, and even then some said they still wouldn't believe it. So, we see the kind of people we are dealing with........

  17. To Dennis, and all other self appointed experts..... Why has no one ever come forward to "spill the beans" if anything was fake? You hoax believers are insane. You believe claims without fact checking. Some of the landing evidence is third party, meaning it's independent of NASA, and the government. There were over 8000 photos taken on the moon. All fake? Close to half a million people were involved in the landings, including scientists, and just regular workers like us. Rock samples were brought back and examined around the world, and proved genuine. The astronauts used thin shielding, so the lander can be lightweight. A common misconception among skeptics, is they needed feet of protection. That's incorrect. Bill kaysing started this whole mess, and there are still many gullible people that believe his misinformation, even though it's easily explained. Hoax believers will claim, everyone was in on the hoax, and all pictures were faked, so what's the point in showing evidence? If NASA admitted the landings were faked, the hoax crowd would say they are real. It's always the opposite of the official story. People just love conspiracies. Personally, I've heard every claim.... " Only certain people were in on it, and everyone else just did as they were told" More misinformation being spread. Bart's work is all wrong, all facts debunking the moon hoax are available online.

  18. I laugh every time I read hoax comments, but anyway, the conspiracy crowd claims it's all fake, due to a few anomalies they try to find, like the no blast crater, which is basically due to displacement of air, not the rocket exhaust. There is no air on the moon. Remember they throttled down when they were landing, there is less gravity on the moon, so they didn't need to come in at full throttle. Hopefully, one day we can educate a lot of the internet trolls spewing their nonsense like fake moon landings.

    1. A few anomalies? hahaha you're intellect is very low...
      The way validation works after someone has claimed this or that , is through physical proof and DATA .
      The technology was destroyed... Now what do you think the technology was that would allow humans to pass through the Van Allen Belts of Radiation??
      Do ytou think its a computer chip or some sort of high tech forcefield ?? hahaha

      NO! It's 6 feet of Lead that would be needed to protect the Astronaughts from the high particles of radiation that exists for thousands and thousands of miles .

      Thats not mentioning the temperature's within the VABR reach 3600 deg f.

      The expansion and contraction of metal in heat would never allow a sustained environment that supports human life.

      So just by mentioning a couple facts we can see how thge line of physical proof has been severed and excuses have been put in place.

      In the rare event that the technology get destroyed the data allows you rebuild very complex instructions and findings so you dont have to start from the beginning . The DATA is the most important thing out of everything within any event .
      Nobody in the history of invention has EVER lost or destroyed any DATA !
      Facebook , Google , You Tube , Every car manufacturer every invention that exists today will have DATA along with it.

      Stanly Kubrick admits he helped stage the moon landing as well... and do ya think it makes a bit of sense to say that Kubrick was lying because he was mad at NASA ? maybe if NASA has the DATA and the video of the crew staging the pic of earth from the moon the day of the apollo 11 landing they were in low earth orbit staging the pic through a window in real time and explaining how they did it

    2. Dennis, you are wrong. The technology wasn't needed anymore so it was dismantled. Hoax nuts like you get it wrong every time!!. 6 feet of shielding??? Ok.. you need to do better research. Stanley Kubrick did indeed direct the moon landing however he was such a perfectionist, so he insisted they film on location.......... Lmao. Get a life dude. There's no proof to support any of your claims. Typical conspiratard.

    3. Dennis needs a little education, he isstill chasing conspiracy theories. Anyone still thinking this dumb video proves anything, needs to open their eyes. It's been explained years ago. This video is filled with inaccurate claims. There is mountains of evidence against these loons. I'm going to trust a scientist who actually KNOWS something about science, or physics, not some nutjob weirdo telling me it's fake because, Bart tells me too, or the flag waives, no stars, no blast crater, etc .READ, and learn, there was no hoax.

    4. Dennis, you should be the last one to even talk. Stanley Kubrick, said no such thing about helping fake the moon landings. Conspiracy sites contain a load of misleading errors. Our intellect is low? Lol OK, you are the paranoid individual grasping at anything you can to keep your beloved hoax theory alive. This nonsense has been going on since Bill Kaysing, and it has all been debunked. Where were you, sleeping???? Six feet of shielding?? Where did you hear that, YouTube University? None of what you said makes any sense. If you had just done proper research, you would have actually learned something! Anyone with half a brain knows the hoax theory is just plain lies and misinformation. The problem is people like you spread this trash, and refuse to learn from your mistakes.

  19. The astronauts plotted a trajectory that targets the weakest points of the VAB, and to go through quickly, in only a few hours. Yet another mistake made by self appointed experts and Sibrel himself. No offense to anyone, but in this day and age, it's laughable to consider the moon landings a hoax. There is mountains of evidence against skeptics.

    1. So you really think you can convince these hardcore loons with facts? Good luck with that! They don't listen or care.

    2. Really???? Lol, wake up little Denny, Bart isn't showing you the whole video in it's entirety. You are being fooled. Bart is an ex taxi driver and no expert in anything space related. He's a con man. This video has been explained, and debunked over and over again. When will you skeptics ever learn?

  20. Conspiracy believers are in denial big time. Bart tries to convince people the shadows don't match up with the light source. Someone already said it, the moon's terrain plays a role. There are multiple light sources from the moon, not just the sun. Moon dust is reflective. Just tell yourself. .......the earth is not the moon
    ...the earth is not the moon...... The gravity is 1/6th of earth, and they are in a vacuum. There is plenty of evidence to bury the hoax theory. First off, as stated, Bart is great at making a flashy dvd, but he knows nothing on space. Many pounds of moon rocks were brought back from the moon for geological studies. They were spread around the world to hundreds of labs and examined. The inner isotopes of the basic elements are different than here on earth, that's how they know for sure they came from the moon, and not Antarctica, like some skeptics try and claim. The problem is conspiracy lovers take the one thing that fits their theory, and ignore the rest. I always wondered if Bart had an ax to grind with NASA, which explains why Neil Armstrong hit him in the face that one time. He's relentless, and relies on bad science, and assumptions to come to his conclusions. His special video, is available to anyone in it's entirety without seeing his spliced up mess, where he tries to trick people into believing the astronauts were trying to fake it. This is old news anyway, moon landing conspiracies have been debunked ages ago, but there are still a persistent bunch that will never believe it. I could go on and on, however hoax believers will always call any evidence fake.

    1. Actually, my mistake.....it was Buzz Aldrin who hit Bart, not Neil Armstrong.

    2. A hoax believer is not interested in learning anything, nor will they listen to what anyone else has to say. Everyone knows the moon hoax theory is silly, but you are never going to convince anyone here it happened. These crazy ideas and theories have been going on since before man landed on the moon. Now with the age of the internet, people can manipulate videos, , photos, and basically claim anything they want, and people will blindly believe it. Anything from NASA, or the government, is a lie, so no evidence will be accepted from them. Countless TV shows tackled the problem,
      I guess they were paid off as well lol. There are moon rock samples, thousands of hours of recorded videos. Plus 6 manned missions overall, and
      I bet many will say it's all fake, and anyone involved was paid to lie, and throughout all the years, not one person came forward. That doesn't sound just a little far fetched??? Also, how can you fake it several times, and not get caught? Russia was monitoring the missions, it's not like they just took our word for it. A funny thing..... Is basically a joke, as it contains numerous errors, and false flags. All the claims made on this video, are flawed big time.

  21. To Paul, Bart lied about the Van Alan Belts being more dangerous. Now, obviously, they can be, however it's HOW it was done. If the astronauts lingered they would be in trouble. They picked a course that was weaker, and traveled through quickly. Bart says the infamous "C" rock he claims is a prop rock. It's been proven to be a fiber like contaminant, or basically a strand of hair on one of the photos. Yes mistakes happen. The flag is waiving only when the astronauts are securing it into the ground. Basically its inertia. There is less air resistance in a vacuum. Bart claims the stars are to complicated to replicate, so they left them out. That's actually do to the settings on the cameras. The stars ARE there, they are just to dim to be seen on film . These are all basic mistakes most skeptics like Bart make. All his claims are silly to say the least, and I'm surprised some still fall for them. What about all the rocks brought back and examined? All fake??? Is anything real? I'm sure NASA would not make all these huge mistakes knowing skeptics will be going through them with a fine toothed comb. Visit an air and space museum, and learn some facts, and get educated on how things work. Bart also claims the shadows are incorrect. Well, the uneven surface of the moon can distort the shadows, just like on earth. Also, the sun is not the only light source. He's wrong about that too. The sun, moon, and the lem, all reflect light. Even the astronauts themselves do to the dust on the moon, it's reflective. Od Bart is an ex taxi driver, and no expert on anything space related. His video is cut, to make it look like the astronauts are "faking" their trip to the moon. All of which he has no proof. The whole video was available to the public long before he claimed it was "evidence" of a hoax. I'm afraid nothing is going to convince all hardcore skeptics, they have invested to much time into the hoax to admit they are wrong.

  22. Paul Cawley, the whole video filled with mistakes. The part of the video where the astronauts are "faking" the travel to the moon was edited to suit Bart. He's wrong about the flag waiving, and all the lighting discrepancies.

    1. check TDF FAQ
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  23. A lot of the information on this video, is made up nonsense. Bart is only showing part of the documentary he cut the footage from. He is being dishonest, by claiming the astronauts were faking it. We know the cult followers of the hoax, are immune to all facts. Its very easy to explain all the hoax claims.

    1. You didn’t name ONE THING specifically that Bart “lied about” …

  24. This is the biggest load of nonsense I have read. Man has landed on the moon, that's a fact, everything has been documented.

    1. Oh yeah? Which part? Be specific

  25. Just the fact that Bart lied about the supposed "secret footage" he shows, should be enough for hoax believers to understand this is nonsense. The whole footage is available online. He is manipulating the actual Video. Like someone else said. The flag isn't waiving either, it only moves when the astronauts are securing it into the ground, do to inertia. I love how the narrator claims the rock is most likely paper mache. How silly.

  26. The problem is their are loads of videos spreading the hoax misinformation, and some people believe it without researching.

    1. It's always funny watching the non believers try to convince people that they are right. These people are uninformed, and will refuse any rational explanation, if it goes against their "hoax". Most hoax believers know little about space, rocket propulsion, or physics. I wouldn't listen to anything they have to say. They all come here with an attitude, like they are so smart, and all the hard working individuals, and scientists who actually KNOW something about the space program, are somehow "in on it", or just so dumb, that they made all these mistakes, knowing the world would see it. Really???? Come on, NASA is not that stupid. Skeptics have little education on the space program, but they want us to believe their nonsense, even though it's been debunked so many times it's not even funny anymore. I still get laughs when I read comments from hoax believers desperately trying to convince others they are right. I never had a decent conversation with one, simply because they will not listen to reason. The waiving flag is old news. Someone said before, its inertia, and only moves when the astronauts are securing the flag into the ground.

  27. Actually the technology wasn't "lost" the way the conspiracy crowd tries to make people believe. The technology wasn't needed anymore, so everything was dismantled, to do it again, plans would have to be done from scratch. Not impossible, it's just expensive. People think everything is impossible because they "think" it is. Also, videos like this one help spread nonsense and paranoia with all it's lies and speculation.

  28. There's a very good reason people don't believe this video, the information it tries to give, has been proven to be incorrect, time and time again. It's laughable at best, and anyone can debunk Bart's lies with just a little research.

    1. Hoax believers are so deep in their own lies, there is little point in arguing with them. The internet is filled with facts debunking any of their claims. The problem? They are immune to facts and logic, and nothing will convince them. They ignore hard scientific facts, in favor of a few YouTube videos, claiming it was all fake.

  29. A total waste of time to watch. With so many errors here, how can people seriously believe this laughing stock of a video? I'm sure there are many who will swear it's accurate, despite tons of facts debunking all their "evidence". It's 2022, and this hoax stuff is so silly. Hoaxers need better education., However, they will only say the schools are brainwashing the kids, and anything else is fake.

  30. The earth is flat, the landings are faked, Elvis is alive, covid is a hoax. People that make these claims are lunatics. I'm not saying its bad to question anything, I am however saying don't believe everything on conspiracy sites. It's false information. Like many have said, Bart Sibrel is not an expert in anything space related. He is using opinions, misinformation, and silly claims to misguide unsuspecting people, who love conspiracy theories. This video is a one way trip to clown town.

  31. People have to be kidding actually believing this mockumentary. All this fake moon landing nonsense went out decades ago. There is no evidence, americans landed on the moon. It's a part of history. Russia would have blown the lid off any hoax immediately. The missions were tracked by other countries. It's not possible to fake an event of that size. Hoax nuts don't understand things like that. All they do is deny anything that doesn't go along with their crazy theories. Many claims made on this video, are old outdated claims debunked a long time ago.

  32. It's useless to even try and explain anything to a skeptic, as moon landing conspiracy theories will always exist regardless of evidence proving them wrong.

  33. Bart Sibrel is just an ordinary man with an opinion. He is not an expert in the aerospace industry, so why do some people fall for his nonsense? Anything said here, is very easily explained in great detail. NASA is not going to make all the errors people claim they made, if anything was to be staged. Those rockets went someplace. I'll bet the hoax believers don't even know there were different stages to the rockets.

  34. Stanley Kubrick directed the moon landings. He was such a perfectionist, that he insisted that they film on location. Rofl. What rock have deniers been living under?????? I mean, this documentary is laughable at best because it's got so many mistakes. This doesn't matter, we know the deniers are so delusional, they will not listen to anyone who goes against their beliefs. Many things have been explained, so what's the problem? Is NASA making all these mistakes? As stated before, it's useless to educate a denier, they are not interested in learning anything. In their minds they are right, and everyone else is a fool who believes everything they are told. That's just not true, that's ignorance. There are many videos online containing misinformation, just like this one. The flag thing has been discussed many times, the whole "no stars" thing, is due to the camera shutter settings. People just refuse facts, or the willingness to learn. Go outside at night with your cell phone, and take a picture of the sky. Same principal. The stars ARE there, they are just to dim to be seen on film. In this day and age if some want to deny men landing on the moon, than there is little that can be done for them.

  35. Yeah, it's 2022...... And still no shortage of people denying history due to their ignorance and lack of knowledge. Moon rock samples were brought back and proved genuine, and not from earth. Scientists from around the world studied them. Not everyone is "in on it" , plus lot of things were done independent of NASA. Someone would have came forward, if anything was fake. Of course hoax believers refuse any rational explanation. Everything they cannot understand, is a hoax. What a sad way to live. Maybe one day they will grow up, and learn, but I doubt it.

  36. we are in 2022 and there are still plenty of people believing this Apollo nonsense. come on, time to grow up and move on. there have never been any americans on the moon and it is highly unlikely that we will see any man on the moon even 100 years after the alleged Apollo 11 mission

    1. Zlato moe, I guess you are a Bart believer. Yes man has been to the moon, that's a fact. Six manned missions. All documented. Problem is hoax nuts don't fact check, that's why they are lost. All Bart's information is inaccurate. Had you researched you would know this. Time for hoax nuts to move on, man landed on the moon, get over it already. Russia was our main rival, and would expose any fakery.

  37. How crazy, Russia would have been all over it if anything was fake. Some stuff like Bart's mess is all misinformation, and people should be ashamed for believing in his nonsense. It's so easily debunked, but we know his followers are immune to all facts.

  38. First off, the flag is not "waiving" it moves only when the astronauts are securing it into the moon's surface. There is a metal Rod in the outer edges to keep the flag up, because they are in a vacuum, and had they not included the metal rod, the flag would droop just like hereon earth, when there's no wind. Basically it swings like a pendulum. That's just one of old Bart's many mistakes, the rest of his silly claims are very easily explained.

  39. Really? A fake moon landing???? Do people not do research anymore? Guess not. Everyone knows this video has many mistakes. Anyone can Google this, and debunk all the stupid claims this video makes.

  40. Just read the book by Bart Sibrel explains things better

    1. Bart Sibrel is a con artist. Their is nothing to explain. Everything he said has been debunked ages ago. He's no expert, and I can't understand how people want to believe him, but ignore hard scientific facts.

    2. Old Bart's book is just like his video..... full of mistakes, false claims, and inuendos.

  41. What a waste of time, so many people watch this, and just believe all the nonsense they spew, and don't even question anything. Hoax cheerleaders spread paranoia and misinformation, and will never believe anything that contradicts their beliefs.

  42. How childish they were to think that they can get away with these blatant clumsy lies! They probably thought that people were as dumb as they were. Grow up!

    1. The only lies are from Bart, and his cult followers who never listen.

    2. It's pretty pathetic that some still believe " a funny thing happened..." Bart Sibrel is an ex taxi driver, and he is a con artist. The video with the astronauts is edited, he's not showing the video in it's entirety. This video was originally released to the public, and is not the secret video that he claims it is. The whole "flag is waiving thing" has been explained before, it swings from inertia. The astronauts planted it in the ground, and it swings like a pendulum, while they are securing it. Wouldn't they just yell "cut" if it was a mistake????? How silly. Lol skeptics would know all this if they had actually done a little fact checking, which is available to anyone online. Unfortunately, no evidence of any kind will convince a hard core skeptic. Not everything in this world is a hoax.

    3. Solatle ....shame on you for believing this joke of a video. It's the laughing stock of YouTubers. It's full of mistakes.

  43. Many people choose to go through life uninformed. There is nothing fake about any Apollo landings. With the internet, facts are available to anyone. It seems many doubters are to lazy to look anything up for themselves. I know many skeptics don't even have a clue what it took to get to the moon, or how a rocket works. If you don't understand any of that how can you deny it? Many websites and videos take factual events, edit the footage, add doubt, and boom...... They claim it was a hoax, and some people instantly believe it. All anyone has to do is search the internet, there are tons facts that debunk any fakery claim. Some skeptics are so proud of their hoax claims, it makes them feel smart. Like someone said before, is NASA really going to make a bunch of goofs knowing that the whole world will be watching the videos? Absolutely not.

    1. "Many people choose to go through life" disinformed.

  44. What good is providing skeptics with evidence?. They will simply say it's fake anyway. Those kind of people aren't interested in learning anything anyway.

    1. Non believers don't look past their noses. They don't even know there are three stages to the Apollo rocket. Many hoax believers can't be reasoned with, it's an endless debate. They are right, and everyone else is wrong. They post their misinformation left and right, and refuse to learn.

    2. Solatle, this video was debunked ages ago, it's a bunch of easily debunked lies. Bart has people brainwashed.

  45. Bart's footage of the earth has been edited, he's not even showing the video in it's entirely. He's a con man, however non believers swallow everything he says without fact checking. Of course man landed on the moon, that's a fact of history, and hoax believers can't stand the fact that they are being proven wrong.

  46. This video has to many mistakes to be taken seriously, Bart Sibrel is a con man, and is not an expert in rocket science.

    1. YouTube is great, however just because someone posts a video with some claims, and dramatic music, that doesn't make it factual. We all know this silly video is a load of nonsense but there are loads of people who are still gullible to believe in fairy tales like a moon hoax.

  47. Many doubters of the landings are so deep in their own lies, it's senseless to even try and educate them. There are tons of websites debunking their silly claims. Unfortunately, these types of people refuse anything fact related. Everyone is "in on it", and anyone believing we went to the moon, is a paid shill, or a sheep. How come no one has come forward to expose this "hoax"? It would have been all over the news, and internet . All it takes is one person to claim something is fake, and people will follow, it's that simple. Facts have no place in their world. The landings were fake, the earth is flat, and the government is being controlled by shape shifting aliens. Anything else? Lol. I laugh , but it's kind of pathetic people believe in such nonsense, but want to be taken seriously.

    1. So man faked six manned missions to the moon, and never got caught? Plus it was kept secret for decades, and no one came forward? It would have been all over the world if the USA faked anything. Doesn't anyone find this just a little far fetched? They went to the moon, the hoax theories are so dumb.

  48. Any evidence shown to a conspiracy believer will be labeled as a government cover up, or a lie. So really what's the point in arguing with these people? Russia monitored the transmissions, there was no faking their location. Hoax believers will have an answer for any scenario to keep their lies alive.

  49. Really, all the hoax stuff is a joke. Anyone still believing man didn't set foot on the moon clearly has not done proper research. Every answer to any question is available online. All we hear is the same old tired comments, why we haven't been back?, Why is the flag flapping?, Why no stars? Easily explained, but some are so sure it's a hoax, they are blinded by their own ignorance. There was no hoax evidence. Now there is a lot misinformation being spread, that some people mistake as fact, just like "A funny thing happened on the way to the moon". This video is filled with lies and speculation, but some consider this concrete evidence man never made it to the moon. That's sad. It's easily debunked.

  50. Nothing will convince a die hard skeptic of the landings. It's a waste of time to try and educate them on a subject they are not familiar with. They will deny anything put in from of them, as well as have an answer for anything that goes against their beliefs. Russia was our main rival, and would have exposed the US immediately, had their been any funny business. To fake it once, ok, but 5 more times, and risk getting exposed? No way. There were 6 manned missions. To hoax believers, doesn't that seem a little strange? Of course it does. Someone would have talked by now.

  51. For one old Bart is deceitful, he's not even showing the full video of the astronauts. He edited to make it fit his mockumentary. People really need to do research, because this joke of a video is flawed with bs, and false claims. Who would people believe, thousands of scientists who actually know something, or a clown like Bart trying to profit off of gullible hoax believers? This mess is an insult to all the men and women who worked on the missions. Get over it hoax crowd, humans landed on the moon.

  52. No one can win an argument with a moon landing denier, they will ignore anything that doesn't agree with their theories. The landings are factual, there's nothing to discuss.

    1. You both, are doing the same thing; from your side of the fence. Acts 17:25,26

    2. Ross, this is about facts...... I understand the religion thing, as I am a Christian, however the moon landings are fact. Hoax believers don't listen to facts.

  53. A moon hoax, how silly! Is NASA going to make all the mistakes skeptics say? Absolutely not. People cherry pick anything they don't understand, and to them, that's "evidence" we never landed and we have been lied to. Never mind doing research, that won't help, everyone is in on the conspiracy. Lmao. Only hoax believers are smart enough to know it was all a big scam, and no one came forward. How crazy does that sound? Well, for many, they believe it hook like and sinker. There is mountains of evidence against them, but they still claim it was fake. If only they would study a little. Oh wait, the history books and teachers are all in on it too, oh well can't learn the truth anywhere. Lol. Seriously skeptics...... Just Google it, without going in to it here, and you are going to realize the
    videos like "A funny thing" are a joke, and contain many opinions, false claims, and pure nonsense.

  54. Some still believe this silly video, and don't know it's full of mistakes. Bart Sibrel is not credible at all. So why do gullible people believe him, and ignore the credible scientists that actually know something about science? I have no clue, I think many just love conspiracy theories, and want to appear smart. Most hoax nuts don't even know there is different types of radiation. I know some might get mad, for calling them hoax nuts, but think about it, they are ignoring scientific facts, and believing hearsay from YouTube videos. Years ago it was different, now hoaxers have the internet, to mess with. People sometimes edit videos, and then try and claim it's a conspiracy. Why doesn't any skeptic just search the internet? There is are loads of websites debunking all their false claims. To me, they seem paranoid. Everyone is "in on it". The government is out to get us, the earth is flat, we cannot go to space, etc. These people are in need of some education. My guess is they will only say that we are all spoon fed all this in school, and news. Everything is fake, according to them. What a way to live. I laugh when they call people sheep. We are sheep for believing facts, but you are ok for believing some self proclaimed expert on the internet, or YouTube? This makes no sense. My only question, is what would convince you we went to the moon? My guess is no matter what is shown to them, they will say it's fake.

  55. Bill Kaysing started this mess, and it continues with Bart Sibrel, the ex cab driver turned self appointed expert on if man landed on the moon. Anyone can do a Google search, and find out in minutes all the mistakes all this conspiracy junk has in it. There is mountains of evidence man landed on the moon. Some is independent of NASA, but I'm sure the hoax believers will just say it's "fake".

  56. Sadly the hoax believers don't look past their noses, and believe Bart Sibrel and his misinformation. Anything on his video is easily debunked, as are any conspiracy claims.

  57. imagine three adult men squeezed in a cabin that is roughly the size of two Daihatsu Cuore cabins for 8 to 12 days, depending on the Apollo mission… without a toilet. imagine them, according to the official version, doing their needs in plastic bags in front of each other. imagine the smell, the sound and the unpleasant objects that would escape during the performance due to weightlessness and would continue floating in the cabin (check the official transcript of Apollo 10 page 414). then make up your own opinion

  58. Anyone having doubts about the moon landings just need to Google moon hoax. There are tons of sites explaining everything, and why skeptics are wrong.

  59. A funny thing happened on the way to the moon has always been a joke of a documentary. If any hoax believer uses this as evidence of a silly fake moon landing, just take them with a grain of salt. There is no way to have a normal conversation with them, and educate them, they believe only they are smart enough to see the hoax. Never mind the thousands of people involved. They must be stupid lol. I saw someone post something saying only a select few knew about the hoax, and all others just did what they were told. They have no proof to support this silly claim, it's just the hoax crowd grasping at straws.

  60. It's only a matter of time before a hoax believer comes on here with their lack of knowledge, and tries to discredit the astronauts, and the people commenting on here. Usually, they call believers sheep. Well, to me they are the sheep. All of us have facts and evidence, something they can never have. All they have is the same old tired questions, all of which have been explained numerous times, but still they persist. It's a shame they don't research better, it's so simple. They are all denying facts.

  61. I thought this video might be interesting, however it is very deceiving. Filled with mostly opinions, and is easily debunked by any credible source. It's basically a waste of time, as man has been to the moon despite every hoax believer trying their best to convince us it was filmed on earth. I'm sure NASA is not going to make the kind of mistakes some claim. That's just insane. To skeptics, just watch the moon dust being kicked up by the moon river, it goes up, and right back down, that means it's in a vacuum. If it was on earth, there would be clouds. Unless of course people believe they are in a giant soundstage with all the air sucked out. Some will go to any lengths to discredit the Astronauts, and that includes making things up.

    1. Exactly, the rover kicks up dust, and it falls right back down again. That is proof it is in a vacuum.

    2. How can anyone overlook the evidence of fabricating the shot of Earth from inside the dark cab I mean is it that for sure real free information I mean by people act like they don't even see that part or something I don't understand or you just everyone just says well that's okay if there's playing playing games I guess and yeah I know that matters or something that's huge man you don't fake and pretend that picture reverse like that that's just not right okay you want to tell me that's any possibility of being fake because to me it looks like a in your face free of information and everyone just kind of ignores I don't want to believe it rabbit house too deep rabbitr have scary fur nobody wants to look

  62. Other countries had their eye on the USA, they aren't going to fake a moon landing and get away with it, no matter what the conspiracy crowd tries to claim. Anyways, there were 6 manned missions, surely why risk it that many times? This fake moon landing thing is so silly. There are to many holes in Bart's story, he's no scientist. This video is the laughing stock of the internet.

    1. Then what's up with the faking earth pic ?

  63. All anyone has to do is fact check, and it will prove the hoax theory as false.

    1. Answering Gary's question, the astronauts were just testing the camera, in other words , they were rehearsing, not faking anything. Someone would have come forward by now had anything been faked. Sibrel thinks he is the first one to come across this footage of the astronauts in low earth orbit. It was part of the original NASA footage available to the public. Anything on this video is easily debunked with basic science. Unfortunately, skeptics continue to spread their misinformation around the internet.

  64. Most moon landing deniers don't even understand what they are denying. There is mountains of evidence they choose to ignore. Did it ever occur to someone that videos like this one were wrong? No? The moon hoax conspiracy is the weakest of the conspiracy theories, because it has been debunked years ago. A little education will explain a lot to people that are skeptical that man ever set foot on the moon. Like people have already said, it would have been all over the news if anything wasn't real. People don't seem to realize stuff like this. Some will argue that the news tells us only what they want us to know, and lie to us. Let's me guess even google?? Lol, I'm sure they will come up with some crazy comment.
    There are tons of websites filled with bad science and misinformation, that the hoax crowd watch, and believe without a doubt. What happened to their idea that we shouldn't be spoon fed to believe everything we are told? Does it not apply here? Maybe someone can enlighten me. The problem is google will debunk all hoax theories. It's that easy,but some are so hung up on hoaxes, that they will ignore anything that doesn't agree with their ideas. The schools, internet, history books, are all filled with lies according to some. Now who's talking crazy?

  65. If it exists, hoaxers will say it's fake.

  66. I would bet if Bart said the moon landings were real, the skeptics would say it was fake. They always go opposite of the official story, because the official story can never be true according to some people.

  67. I think hoax believers need to stop and think. If anything was fake, why hasn't their been anything on the news, or newspapers? It would have been all over the world if it was true. I know hoax believers will have some stupid comment like" everyone is in on the hoax, they are hiding secrets as well" these people need to relax, and do better research. There are mountains of evidence man has landed on the moon, but the skeptics refuse facts of any kind. Did they ever stop to think the people on YouTube and Facebook claiming it was fake, were wrong? Lol I guess that would be impossible. People often deny what they don't understand. Many of the hopeful skeptics are uneducated about physics, photography, and radiation, plus anything involved in the moon landings.

  68. Did anyone ever stop to think Bart Sibrel was wrong? Probably not, they were to excited thinking they stumbled across a "conspiracy".

  69. Skeptics will argue with all their usual evidence that makes them believe we were told lies, and man never landed on the moon. If only these geniuses fact checked, instead of being "open minded", and ignoring any evidence that goes against what they believe. People make mistakes. Even hoax believers. They won't admit it, but it's true. We have facts on our side, all they have is misinformation, and Bart Sibrel, and Bill Kaysing. Yeah, those are two people I would listen to. Lol. All it takes is one person to deny something, and people follow.

  70. There is so much proof man has landed on the moon, yet all the skeptics try again and again with the same old questions that have been debunked, and thoroughly explained. What more do they need? They aren't going to believe anything that goes against their beliefs, because they could never be wrong, only the official story can be wrong. How silly.

    1. Bart Sibrel would never lie would he? You mean he couldn't be wrong? Lol

  71. A flat earth, six faked moon missions...... What nonsense. The hoax believers think they are so smart, and everyone else is a fool. There are many misleading sites on the internet spreading their misinformation to people willing to believe it. This documentary is a complete joke. This man is not a scientist, or any other qualified person. He was a taxi driver. Yeah let's believe him, and ignore facts. Sounds about right. The whole fake moon landing thing was debunked ages ago, but now and then some persistent people surface with their load of misinformation.

  72. Neil Armstrong was a very private person which is why he rarely gave interviews, but the hoax crowd jumps all over it, and thinks he's hiding something. Typical Conspiracy thinking.

  73. I never found a shred of evidence that man never landed on the moon. The sad part, is many that claim it never happened, aren't stupid, they are just blinded by the conspiracy lies. So many sites are filled with incorrect information, and these people actually believe documentaries like this one.

  74. A conspiracy theorist is immune to any scientific evidence that does not support their claims. The reason the astronauts survived the Van Allen Belts, was because the scientists picked the weakest area, and had them move through quickly, so they did not receive enough radiation to kill them.

    1. divide the distance to the moon by the hrs it took to get the that will tell you the speed they flew per hr not possible never happened

    2. Space monkey, are you an expert???? It took about three days to get to the moon which is about 240,000 miles from earth. I wish people would stop posting what they THINK is possible, and learn something factual. There is so much misinformation online it's not even funny. A funny thing..... Is total trash, and I cannot believe in 2022 there are still people that fall for this lame video. In 5 minutes anyone can Google this video, and learn for themselves it is full of mistakes.

  75. Most deniers dont even know basic photography, which is why the stars are not visible in the photos. These same people want everyone to believe Bart is an expert. He was a taxi driver. Thats hilarious. He is no expert.

    1. Spacemonkey is wrong. Obviously, you have done little research. Google moon hoax, and learn your mistakes before you comment with your inaccurate opinion.

  76. The hoax crowd has a great imagination. The lack logic reason, and critical thinking. How do we know Bart Sibrel is right? He wouldn't try to lie would he? LMAO. Did anyone stop and think maybe he is wrong, and you are being fed lies? It probably won't matter as facts are irrelevant to a skeptic. All they do is make fun of the astronauts, and belittle the Apollo missions with their bs.

  77. What a total waste of time. A Google search reveals all the errors this video contains. If it's on YouTube it must be true right? We'll, some stuff on YouTube is fact, other things are just opinion, like this one. People just love conspiracy theories, they are way more exciting than the truth. Most everything on here is incorrect, and it misleads people into thinking it all was fake. I never met a moon landing denier in person, but they are all over the internet denying everything, saying they are right, and history and facts are wrong. That shows what kind of people you are dealing with.

  78. an image is worth a thousand words. a simple look at the following image from wikipedia may help people realize that the average distance to the Moon (384000 km) is THOUSAND times the distance to the ISS (344 km), which is more or less the same as the maximum distance from Earth (roughly 500 km) that was reached by any crewed flight outside of the alleged Apollo flights.

    put in numbers, this means that no crewed flight (other than Apollo) has ever flown further than 0.1 percent of the distance to the Moon; the image had to be split in two parts in order to visually reflect the 1:1000 distance ratio:

    now everyone is free to believe what they want, including why no-one in history of space conquest has ever tried to fly to even ONE percent of the distance to the Moon (roughly 4000 km).

    1. apparently the link to the image did not go through. you can find the image in the wikipedia article titled High Earth Orbit

  79. In today's world, you cannot get away with things for long. Any hoax, or fakery will be exposed. It's that simple. The hoax crowd continues to ignore facts. That's how they are, smart enough to come on here and post accusations, but not smart enough to google the subject.

  80. Anyone saying man never set foot on the moon has to be joking. All the evidence available, smashes any hoax theory. A Google search is all it takes to show people the mistakes and lies of people like Bart Sibrel who don't believe in being honest with the public.

  81. A pack of easily debunked lies. Bart Sibel doesn't even know the science behind his bold incorrect claims. The conspiracy crowd is in denial big time.

  82. can't really believe a docu that starts with bible quotes. Won't be hoaxed by a hoaxed hoaxer.

  83. Warning! Hoax believers are immune to facts, or anything that goes against their theory. They think that because they don't know how to do something, no one else can.

  84. A hoax believer will always go against the official story of a historic event, no matter what evidence is shown to them. They use the same old outdated lame excuses, the flag is waiving, we haven't been back, etc. These are very simple........ the flag swings like a pendulum, from inertia. It only moves when the astronaut is trying to secure it into the moons surface. The demand for going to the moon was not there any more, because America won. Everything is available on google, but hoax believers would rather come here to argue, and make their false claims. There will be future missions, but I am sure they will be denied as well. No credible scientist denies the landings. Everything was documented, and the samples from the moon were examined from labs other than NASA, and proved genuine. They run tests, and it can tell where the sample came from. Only the uneducated think man has never landed on the moon.

  85. What kind of fool would believe we ever went to the moon.

    1. Actually what kind of uneducated id**t still thinks it is fake? Thats funny you should wake up!

    2. Mike, what kind of fool thinks everything is fake? You are going against facts, so sorry you lose. All this nonsense has been going on for years. As for why we haven't been back, well, it was the height of the cold war, Each nation was trying to show their strength in the space race. After it was done, it was like a "been there done that sort of thing". The U.S. did send unmanned missions after the other missions were completed. Or did you think those were fake as well?. Lol. So afterwards, there was lack of interest, and funding, there wasn't a big demand to go to the moon anymore, but eventually, there will be future missions. Just in time for you to deny as well!

    3. If anything was fake, it would have been all over the news years ago. Other countries would have exposed the USA the first chance they got. I am sure we will hear some far fetched story about how Russia was hiding their own secrets which is why they didn't expose the US as well. This is not true, but thats what some people do, make up stories.

    4. Stanley Kubrick directed the moon landings, however he was such a perfectionist, that he insisted on filming on location.

    5. According to the non believers, the schools lie to the kids, the government lies to us 24/7, and NASA is a fraud. All without any proof, just their word. We are all spoon fed lies, is what they claim. Well....... now for those of us in the real world, we know these people are ignoring facts, but believing opinions from people that are not experts. How sad.

    6. Well, this mess all started with Bill Kaysing the grandfather of the moon hoax. Kaysing and his fellow conspiracy pal Bart Sibrel, are not qualified scientists, all they have are people like Mike believing everything they say. This video is nonsense anyway, it has so many errors, but if you love conspiracy stuff, this is your bible.

  86. Any hoax would have been all over the news, and other countries would have exposed the USA as frauds if it was true, which it is not.

    1. You have to be a complete m*ron to believe we went to the moon, hilarious

    2. Why have we not gone back and why hasn’t another country gone there. If we went in the 60’s we should have daily trips back and forth by now. What a hoax

    3. I hear there is a thing called the internet........ is that a hoax as well? Google has tons of facts and information, that debunks the silly accusations by the non believers, mainly the information that people like Mike, and Eyes to see 55 ignore. If anything was fake, someone would have talked. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. Just look at the moonbuggy, and how it kicks up the dust. It does not form clouds, instead it falls up, and right down, exactly what it should do in an airless environment. Skeptics never care enough to study and learn anything valuable about the landings, they just like to say everything was staged. Basically, it is borderline impossible to convince some of these people that their wonderful "conspiracy" was wrong.

  87. Why on earth would NASA make all these mistakes knowing people will be looking at every little detail? They wouldn't, that makes no sense. Half of the conspiracy crowd doesn't know basic photography, which explains the no stars in the photos comments. People don't give science or the astronauts any credit, everything is a lie to them. Now going through the Van Allen Belts, is like a a fire walker, they don't stop and pause in the middle!! The idea is to move quickly, just like the astronauts did through the VAB. Despite all the available knowledge online, which debunks all the skeptics theories, people still persist in denying this great accomplishment.

    1. Great hoax is more like it, wake up

    2. Eyes to see no truth should be your name! What you can't do a google search?????? I haven' been to high school in years, does that mean I never went? What nonsense, YOU wake up, and learn!!!! Hoax believers are so sad. A lot has to do with lack of funding, which is why we have not returned. Are you an expert scientist? You must be smarter than all the people who worked on the space program for years. All by just saying it is fake.........yeah what a genius. Nice try though.

  88. " I am James, an open minded moon landing denier. I do not believe any facts, because they do not agree with my theory. Man could not have made it to the moon......I am not sure why, but I just say it was all a scam."
    Now why would anyone even listen to people like James? None of these haters know anything at all about the Apollo space program. First of all, it is a slap in the face of everyone who worked on the program. Most come on these sites with a giant chip on their shoulder, and always have an attitude that they are well educated( trust me, they are not). They just love to spout off lies without any proof at all. It is actually very sad. There is gigantic amounts of evidence man set foot on the moon, and no matter what they are shown, their single answer is "it's fake".

  89. James, you have to be a special kind of to believe this video. Its nonsense. You dont even know the slightest thing about Apollo. Facts are meaninless. You might as well sign an organ donor card, because you are brain d***. Keep swallowing the conspiracy garbage, the earth is flat, fake moon landings, the government is being controlled by aliens. Yeah, your a real winner.

    1. You can tell moon landing deniers are not playing with a full deck. A google search can explain to them why they are wrong, and that this funny thing mess, is just that, its a mess. No actual person takes this video seriously, unless you are a skeptic. Many of them do not even know why the stars are not visible in Apollo pictures. It is the camera exposure, plus it was daylight on the moon. They probably do not care enough to learn why. Skeptics, take your cell phone and find a nice night sky with lots of stars, take a nice picture, then look at it. See any stars? Thats because they are to dim to be seen on camera because of the settings, not a stupid hoax. Here is another thing, they claim everything went off to easy, example, the photos of the missions were to clear, well NASA selected the best pictures for the public, they didn't show people the blurred or out of focus ones. See? No hoax, just everyday life, only on the moon. Things happen, and nothing is perfect. There were also accidents during practice missions were astronauts. died. This was another example of things not always going as planned. However, then you have the hoax crowd claiming they were killed because they were going to spill the beans on the hoax. All this nonsense without any proof. To me, thats just crazy, making accusations, simply because you can. To me some skeptics have no credibility when they think like this. Now, we all know not to believe everything we are told, but anyone can fact check the landings, and believe me, stupid videos like A funny thing... can be debunked in a short time, as they contain many errors. It's that simple. Facts are facts, making up junk about NASA, is what skeptics love to do. They try to cherry pick anything they can, just to look smart. Now, we all love a good conspiracy, but come on, this mess died years ago, but their is always someone making up new lies to spread. I am afraid the skeptics will never learn to separate facts from their fiction.

  90. Haw! Haw! Bart Sibrel, he so dumb! He believe we never go to Moon! Haw! Haw! Haw! Me smart, me believe in NASA. NASA say we go to Moon. NASA never lie. NASA always tell truth. Stoopid Moon Landing skeptics. They real stoopid! Me believe everything government tell me. There no cover up. That only for morons. Me no moron.

    1. James, nobody believes everything they are told, but they believe crap from conspiracy sites that do not even bother to fact check. "It is fake because conspiracy sites never lie" Yeah sure.

    2. Haw haw haw, James is so dumb, he believe everything conspiracy sites tell him.....baaaaa baaaaa. Truth has no place in your world I guess. So you are smarter than all the hard working scientists that studied for years and years on the moon landings? Wow all without studying, or even opening a book. You must be a special kind of hoax believer. All because you just THINK we couldn't make it to the moon. There were six manned missions, and wouldn't someone have noticed in those six times? Why risk it so many times if it was fake? You obviously didn't do any credible research, otherwise you would have known the missions were tracked, the transmissions gave the the crews location. So they could not have just orbited the earth and got away with it. I would not expect you or any hoax believer to listen to facts. You will simply laugh, make jokes, and ignore anyone trying to help you by showing you the facts.

  91. So if Bart says we cannot go to the moon, well that is it lmao. How dumb, this documentary is old news, it has misleading information, and speculation. Elementary school kids know more about the moon landings than any hoax believer ever will. Still, it is funny watching them post all their false claims, and stupid theories.

  92. What conspiracy? This video is a joke to begin with, I can't believe people actually believe this lie. The non believer crowd just cannot stand the fact that their beloved hoax has been proved false, so they come to these sites and poke fun at fans of NASA. These loons are just trying to get a rise out of everyone.

  93. Over 50 years since man first set foot on the moon, and we are waiting for the conspiracy crowd to grow a brain.

  94. So Nasa Pathetic Free mason liars thinks man hasn't been to the moon? Had this genius even BOTHERED to do any credible research, he would know he's wrong. Of course he posted three other silly posts under a different name. Lmao. How original. All it shows is his ignorance of hard scientific facts. There are many reasons man hasn't been back to the moon. It's dangerous, expensive, and there is no real benefit, I'm sure we will return eventually, but the non believers seem content on believing man can't accomplish something unless THEY believe it's possible, otherwise no. That shows how ignorant these people are. Forget all the intelligent people and scientists who worked and studied for years, the hoax crowd knows everything. (Sarcasm).

  95. People claiming NASA is a fraud, are idiots, who do not even bother to do any research, or leave their basements. They just make assumptions. Facts are meaningless to them.

  96. The space race ended years ago. Going to the moon is expensive, and has been done numerous times years ago. There was no need or interest to go back after that. I am sure there will be some more missions eventually, and some to mars. Of course the uneducated hoax believers never even read a book on NASA, but claim we cannot land on the moon . All they know is, "its fake".....or " they are frauds" the usual paranoid hoax nonsense. They just wont admit they are wrong. How pathetic.

  97. People probably don't bother to fact check, which is why some still believe this silly misleading documentary.

    1. People don't bother going more than 300 miles into low-earth orbit for over 50 years, but Nasa did 500,000 mile trip 7 times 50 years ago, lol

  98. It is 2020, and if there are still people claiming man never landed on the moon, then there is little that can be done for them. Apparently the education system failed them. Of course, I have heard every conspiracy theorist trick.......they will say we are being lied to. The schools are in on it, the government, and NASA. (The usual hoax lies). My favorite is that anyone armed with facts, is a sheep, who follows everything they are told. How dumb. All the claims made by non believers, have been explained, and debunked. Of course this is a never ending debate. Some don't even understand basic photography, explaining why stars aren't in any photos from the moon. A little hint is it was also daylight as well, but they usually laugh when presented with facts. This video is filled with opinions, and inaccurate information, and it's a shame Bart made money off of gullible people believing his silly story.

    1. It's 2021, and it's been 49 years since any human left low-earth orbit, let alone went the 240,000 to the moon. lol, what a joke the moon landings were!

  99. You will always have doubters of any event regardless of proof or evidence. If something contradicts a persons claim, they will say it's a hoax. I know humans have set foot on the moon, I have examined both sides. The only thing the hoax crowd has , are silly accusations, misinformation, and lack of education about the Apollo program. It's very easy to say something is fake, when you don't know anything about the subject.

    1. Coming up on the 50 Year Anniversary of any human going anymore than 300 miles into space. George Bush said we'd be there by 2015. Then it was 2020. Then 2024, now 2028, lol.

  100. Usually, in order to deny an event ever took place, you should at least know something about the Apollo space program. The only answer from the skeptics, is " it must be fake". Oh, well then if a hoax believer says we didn't go to the moon, we must believe them. After all, they know everything about traveling to the moon. Lol. These types of people want to believe in their fairy tale hoax theory. So now why not use the hoax crowds very own tactics against them. Like, why are you believing everything a conspiracy theorist says.? The same way they say NASA is full of lies. The problem with these people is they aren't educated enough on the landings to make the judgements they make. I don't believe they are all nuts, just misguided.

    1. 50 years and still waiting for ANY HUMAN AT ALL to go past 300 miles low earth orbit, but buzz and neil went 240,000 miles, lol

    2. "The only answer from the skeptics, is ' it must be fake'. " It is readily apparent that you and the rest of the nodding bobkins who fanatically attack any questioning of the so-ca;;ed Moon landings have failed to do your research, and impale yourselves in propped up exercises of official NASA exegesis. There are plenty of documentaries freely available online from a variety of experts from all corners of the globe with qualified expertise in a variety of scientific disciplines who thoroughly smash through the propaganda lies of the Moon Landing crowd. It was indeed a massive sci-op, similar to the lie of Darwinism that has been propagated for over a century from our highest centers of learning, similar to the massive voter fraud that took place during the 2020 Presidential election that put a false winner into the White House. Do a web search for Aulis and you will find a veritable cornucopia of evidence from very many qualified individuals and groups who totally shred into pieces the lie that men ever walked on the Moon.

  101. Non believers have no proof for any of their claims, all they do is try and look smart by posting sarcastic statements. Misinformation is the only information they have.

    1. James, you are full of! The only "nodding bobkins" are the hoax nuts. You do know a number of these documentaries that claim the moon landings are fake are filled with bad science and misinformation right? No, they would not lie would they? Come on, this whole fake moon landing garbage is decades old, and has been debunked. There are still a few die hard hold outs like you that want to believe the lies they are told by the self proclaimed moon hoax experts like your boy Bart, Who was a taxi driver by the way, and is no expert in space travel, but morons still believe him because they do not bother to look at the evidence, especially when it debunks their silly claims. So how come no one came foward to expose this lie? What, do you think only people like you are smart enough to figure that it was a hoax? The missions were tracked, Russia, and other countries knew our position. You don't see the big picture. You only believe what the hoax crowd sheep tell you. Maybe one day you will read a book or get educated.

  102. Remember, if the hoax believers say it didn't happen, then that's it, case closed. The self proclaimed experts have spoken lol. So foolish.

  103. It has to be fake..........the non believers said so.... remember they are experts. They are so misinformed.

  104. I used to be one of the uninformed ignorant fools believing in conspiracy theories. That is until I did my own research, and learned where I made my mistakes. The conspiracy sites are filled with lies, and speculation. A funny thing happened on the way to the moon, is no different. A little spooky music, some interesting questions, and BOOM instant conspiracy. After I researched myself, I realized how close minded I have been about the moon landings. There is so much information other hoax believers are not aware of when it comes to the space program. My advice to people thinking it was fake, is to do your research. If anything was faked, it would have been exposed a long time ago.

  105. You have to laugh at all the ignorant hoax believers like summer believing everything the conspiracy sites tell them. Bart Sibrel says we didn't go to the moon, and they believe him. This man used to be a taxi driver. Now he is an expert on moon landings. Please..... this video along with many others have been debunked ages ago. There are tons of mistakes in this video, I can't believe people actually believe this nonsense. How hard is it to do a google search?????? All the information is right in front of you! All the conspiracy lies have been exposed already. The non believers ask why the flag flaps, and how come there are no stars visible. Wow, the answers to these questions have been explained over and over. Do you really think NASA is going to make those kind of mistakes knowing hoaxers will be examining every tiny thing they do? Do some research, there was no hoax. It's over the non believers are wrong, just admit your mistake and move on.

    1. You have to laugh at all the ignorant Moon Landing believers like Ann believing everything NASA tells them. Almost fifty years since the last so-called Moon Landing, fifty years when the farthest men have traveled from the surface of the earth has been less than 400 miles compared to 238,000 miles since the supposed final lunar landing in 1972. Someone has said that we haven't gone back because it's too expensive and there is no scientific reason why we should go back. So why are we spending billions of dollars at this very moment planning to go "back" with the Artemis Moon Mission if there's no reason to "return"?

    2. Thankfully I always copy and save my comments into a folder on my hard drive so that I do not lose them when the pro Moon Landing moderator of this particular video deletes them when they are posted. I try and post well reasoned arguments, which apparently are too much of a threat to whoever runs the Conspiracy category of videos on this site. Oh well, to each his own.

    3. You have to laugh EVEN HARDER at people like James Foard, for ignoring facts. You record all your lies you type here, but you can't do a google search, and learn where you are going wrong? If you want to continue to ignore evidence that man has landed on the moon, then there is little that can be done for you. Man has not returned for a number of reasons, politics, money, and there was no real gain for returning back then. Now technology has improved, and with proper funding, the space program is looking fantastic. It's people like you, that keep people down" You can't land on the moon, it's impossible" Yeah, whatever, thats just your opinion. You might want to hear the reason man hasn't returned to the moon was because the aliens threatened us if we came back. is that more exciting for you?????? Do research, there are rock samples from the moon, eyewitnesses, other videos, audio, oh wait, you are a conspiracy theorist, .........it must be all fake, it is from that bad bad organization NASA. For your information, a lot of evidence was independent of NASA. Wait...... thats fake to right? Yep, can't win. Well just live under your rock and ignore progress........

  106. I love all of the old believers 🤓 They are so cute. 🙄😂

    1. Summer, you are a misinformed fool, get educated. Your beliefs are wrong.

    2. It is pretty clear that non believers are only interested in hearing THEIR side of the story. All they do is laugh when they are presented with facts that disprove their silly claims. Thats just plain ignorant. Summer sounds like a typical fake moon landing believer. People like her claim man is not able to reach the moon. Never mind the fact, that their were six manned moon landings. Did everything go according to plan? Nope, mistakes happen, it is part of the dangers of space exploration. What I find funny, is a little internet search will show all the evidence man landed on the moon PLUS all the stupid conspiracy theories and why they are wrong. I guess they can come to websites like this, and give their one sided opinion, but they cannot do a simple google search, and become better informed on a subject they are not familiar with.

    3. Summer, there are elementary children out there with more knowledge than you will ever have. Time to get out from under that rock.

  107. My favorite stupid comment from the non believers is that the flag is flapping in the breeze while there is no atmosphere on the moon. Do any of these people even bother to do proper research? This whole silly comment has been explained over and over. It's moving only when the astronaut secures it in the ground. It moves from inertia, and it swings like a pendulum. Had any of these self proclaimed experts researched, they would know this.

  108. Only the lunar module landed on the moon, the rocket is only used to get past the earths atmosphere. There were 3 stages of the rocket.

  109. At 27,000 mph... the trip 2 the moon should have taken 10hrs. NOT 3 days.

    1. I know some unmanned missions were 10 hours, but back in 1969, the rocket had 3 stages. It had to break free of the earths orbit, jettison the empty fuel tanks, and then use the moons gravity to coast to the moon. Then the command module orbits the moon, while the lunar lander uses some fuel along with the moons gravity pull to land safely on the moon.

  110. Some say Stanley Kubrick directed the landings, but he was such a perfectionist, that he insisted on filming on location. Lol Hoax believers are insane.

  111. My question for conspiracy believers, is where do you get all this false information from? A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To The Moon is loaded with misleading information. I guess thats why the hoax crowd loves it. They love anything that contradicts the official story, because they assume NASA always lies. Basically, it's just their ignorance of facts, and also the idea that they are being proven wrong about their hoax theory.

  112. Bill Kaysing helped start the Hoax nonsense. Bill, along with fellow know it all Bart Sibrel, seem to have a cult following. They are two lunatics with no knowledge of physics or the space program. They make many assumptions, and outright lies. I can hear the non believers already........"Why are we lunatics because we question what we are told?" Well, its great to question everything, but there is TONS of evidence, and hard scientific facts to prove them wrong, and they STILL deny everything. A flat earther or moon hoax believer can be proven wrong, no matter what theories they think are true.

  113. Most people do not take moon hoax believers seriously. They have some bold statements without any proof. They usually make fools of themselves anytime they comment. They do try and appear like they are experts, and that only they are smart enough to figure out they were lied to. I'm pretty sure NASA is not going to make all these mistakes people claim, like no stars. Thats just basic photography. Go outside at night and use your cell phone to take a picture. Notice their are no stars? Same with the moon, it's all about exposure. The stars ARE there, they are just to dim to be seen on film. Remember, it was daylight on the moon. This is just one of the many things people miss. Every question a hoax believer has, was answered . Most of the time, they don't want to appear foolish, so they just say everyone is in on the conspiracy. You can bet if there was any truth to their theories, it would be all over the place, USA fakes landing........ We know other nations hate America, and do not want to give them credit for anything. I agree,lots of British folks try to say it never happened. Some people just are not aware of what humans can accomplish, so they deny anything they do not understand. I never met a moon landing denier in person, I only see them online denying history, and claiming we are all brainwashed. Sounds somewhat paranoid. It is probably impossible to convince a skeptic they are wrong, they are convinced they have been lied to, and man didn't have the technology to reach the moon, despite all the evidence that contradicts their claims.

  114. The only ones "fooled" are the ignorant people still believing in a silly moon hoax. Russia along with other nations tracked the missions. They knew exactly where the transmissions came from. Hoax believers sadly will never learn.

  115. try a google search with “murmansk apollo capsule” and read the story about the apollo capsule that was found by the soviets in the Atlantic (!) and was given back to the US Southwind coast guard ship in the military closed port of Murmansk in Sep 1970.
    how do you explain that such an event could take place in the midst of the cold war? i know the answer, but was wondering what the believers’ reply would be

    1. That was a "boilerplate" that was handed over to the Southwind not a Capsule.

  116. this site seems infested by believers. most of the comments try to ridicule the skeptics without any arguments or technical debate. that is typical “smearing tactics”

    1. They smear because deep inside they know they were fooled. Its a classic dissonance..

    2. Every argument skeptics try to come up with has been explained and debunked numerous times.

    3. Really? Skeptics are presented with tons of facts debunking their claims. Moon rocks brought back and examined, thousands of photos, eyewitnesses, Russia agreeing and then congratulating the USA. There is plenty of proof. Google moon hoax, and learn all the mistakes the non believers make with their outlandish claims. In the end, skeptics will just say it's all fake, and NASA is in on the hoax.

    4. Sounds like Mark and his buddies need better education about the landings. Some of the deniers are British in origin, but There are conspiracy believers everywhere. These sites have so many "believers" because we have all fact checked, and didn't jump to conclusions trying to cherry pick anything they don't understand. What evidence can non believers have? Everything has been explained over and over again. Nothing is good enough. Six manned missions all documented. You think the other countries weren't watching the US? They sure were. Sorry hoax crowd, the only hoax, IS the hoax.

    5. Srekjo, this site has a lot of believers because these people have fact checked. We all know the hoax crowd is misinformed. Arguing is pointless, they will call anyone not believing the hoax a "sheep", and that they believe everything they are told. That's just not true. There is no evidence any landings were faked. Just do a Google search. People just love conspiracy theories, and want to appear smart by going against the official story. By the way Bart Sibrel is no expert on anything about the space program. He is just someone with an opinion.

  117. Most of the information spread by the self appointed experts.............(the hoax nuts) is inaccurate. They read a few articles claiming the landings were fake, and believe it. Sadly this is just the writers opinion. If anyone or anything disagrees, they are ridiculed. After all, these people couldn't possibly make a mistake right? Lmao. They won't admit it anyway.

  118. I think skepticts overestimate the dangers of space, but underestimate the abilities of the astronauts. These people trained for years for the landings. The skepticts act like NASA just sent people up to simply circle in low orbit. What these people forget, is the transmissions were monitered. The world was watching. They knew we actually went. Reguardless, there are always going to be the same group calling everything fake. Its usually a waste of time to talk with them. Some are trolls, others are just misled. The moon hoax is the weakest of all conspiracy theories because it has more holes than Swiss cheese.

    1. I find it silly that some are convinced by this ill informed mess. Conspiracy nuts will go to any lengths to try and prove their case. Some are so paranoid, they think everybody is in on it, and everything is a hoax. Those who keep saying "the hoax will soon be exposed" will be waiting till dooms day, because the truth came out in 1969.......they landed.

  119. I'm surprised so many people try and insist we never landed on the moon. These people are uninformed. There is plenty of evidence. The hoax crowd has
    the same old tired questions and comments. They have all been answered, and debunked. It would be all over the news if it was fake. People would have exposed it right away. Of course many people try to make up their own information. Its funny to see all the silly hoax believers try and explain why they are right, with all of their dramatic opinions, and misinformation. Maybe one day they will learn.

  120. Sounds like the conspiracy crowd is filled with paranoia. I guess they think mankind cannot achieve a goal unless they say its possible. There is no evidence of fakery.

  121. None of the missions were faked. People love to try and find anomalies so they can look smart. Do you really think NASA is going to make all those mistakes knowing lunatics are going to go through everything with a find tuned comb? Anyway, the missions were tracked, other countries new where the astronauts were. Sorry hoax crowd.......you lose.

    1. Some people just refuse to learn. They watch videos on YouTube that contain mistakes, so then they assume it was a hoax. Not taking into account that their were six trips to the moon, samples were brought back and examined, plus no one came forward to expose everything. Of course, then they make up their own facts, like Russia shared hoax secrets with the US which is why they never exposed the US. Such stupidity, and the hoax crowd wonders why no one takes them seriously. That's your answer. These people are in need of fact checking. Usually arguing with them is useless, as they will say any, and all evidence proving them wrong, is fake. It doesn't matter what it is, they will say it's fake, and they are smarter than every scientist NASA has. One of my favorite claims is why the flag is waiving. Had these geniuses done any credible research they would know their is a metal rod in the cloth helping the flag stand out as if in a breeze, otherwise it would flop and hang there. The main thing they miss is inertia......the flag moves due to the astronaut trying to secure it into the ground, so the flag swings like a pendulum. Due to the moon being a vacuum, their is less air resistance, and the flag flaps longer than on on earth. Of course I can go on about other things they find, but we all know the hoax crowd will say it is all NASA lies. I find it interesting how some say the government is lying. Sounds like paranoia to me. Of course I will probably be called a sheep or NASA shill, you know the usual. So we are ridiculed for using facts to support our evidence, but the hoax nuts can watch a YouTube video, and become an expert overnight. Really, there is little to no chance of convincing some of these non believers, they won't listen because they aren't educated on the subject. They expect to see certain things on the moon. It's not like it is in the movies. The no stars thing is due to the camera exposure, plus they were on the moon during the day. Since the self proclaimed hoax experts don't bother to research, they will laugh at this. Bart used to be a taxi driver, he has no idea what he is talking about. This video is laughable, as they make many generalizations, and misinformed statements. Hopefully we can return to the moon and put the nail in the coffin for the hoax crowd, although they will probably see it, and say it's fake as well.

  122. Every time something big happens, some people seem to have a counter explanation. Despite 382 kg of moon rocks from all six missions, corroboration from Russia, Japan, and China, some are not convinced. Not to mention images from the NASA reconnasaissance orbitershowing images if tracks from the landing sites. My guess is they will say its all "fake". However, hoax nuts will believe a stupid misleading documentary, they saw on youtube without question. All it takes is one fool to say something, and people will go against facts. People love conspiracy theories, and if anyone goes against their beliefs, they are made fun of. People say we believe what NASA tells us, and we need to think for ourselves. Well, the landings happened, sorry hoax crowd, you have no evidence to support a hoax. Hoaxers are about what didnt happen, instead of what did. I researched, and never found any evidence of a hoax, only misleading and uninformed people making very bold claims, like the astronauts that died were murdered because they were going to tell everyone it was fake. Again, a stupid comment with no proof, only speculation. Some say the pictures of the landings are to perfect. Well, NASA chose the best ones, and eliminated the blurry ones and overall out of focus pictures. How hard is that to believe? There are tons of things to talk about, but really, if some want to insist it was a hoax, reguardless of evidence, than there is little that can be done for you. My favorite response from NASA to people claiming man never walked on the moon... "Yes we did".

  123. The best comments are those that limit themselves to the substantive evidence, not those that have nothing to say but simply ridicule "hoax nuts". It is not as though goverments are above deception. On one side, it seems improbable that such a huge deception, involving so many people, could have been perpetrated. On the other, there are many anomolies in the available visual evidence, particularly the shape of the unconvincing horizons. This could be excused by claiming that, for the sake of convenience, some shots were staged, whilst others were genuine. But there is also the evidence of statement analysis, which throws doubt of the veracity of the astronauts. And it is difficult to explain certain practical matters, such as how the small landing-craft was able to contain the astronauts and the rover, and how, given the state of battery technology in the late 60s, it could be powered without huge batteries. Above all, common sense and some knowledge of 60s technology throws doubt on how such a flimsy, primitive craft could have made the journeys and also returned to earth. Though, according to NASA, the technology was in fact so advanced that even 50 years later, having lost its secrets, we are unable to duplicate it.

    1. A simple Google search would educate you. Every piece of nonsense the hoax nuts spew, can be explained if people would only bother to learn, instead of thinking they are experts in space, photography, and science. Personally, I can't believe there are people claiming this event never happened. The missions were tracked. People are so blinded by their ignorance of hard scientific facts.

  124. Really ,there is no point in arguing with any hoax nut, they will only say all evidence presented to them is fake. Funny part, they believe a YouTube video claiming it was a hoax. Usually they will say "well, I have a hunch it was fake" OMG!!!! People need to be informed, not influenced.

  125. My question to all hoax believers.......how do you know the conspiracy isn't full of lies? Well it is actually, but I was wondering where they get their so called evidence from. There is no evidence of any kind of hoax, every silly question people can possibly dream up has been explained. Still, there are some who insist they are right, despite all the evidence against their claims. Bart is a fool, who is in no way an expert in space travel. This video is full of lies.

  126. the apollo capsule didn’t have a toilet. the astronauts allegedly used pampers. the missions lasted 8-12 days. in a capsule with 6 cubic meters for three people (2m3 per person) the astronauts would have died of poisoning. if you have any doubts, try staying in a sewer for ten days

    1. Actually the fecal bag, or poop bags were sometimes messy, and primative, but the whole peeing and pooping thing bothersome. They used bactericide to kill germs after use, and rolled up the bags, so not to waste space, and after the missions all waste was returned to earth. On the moon, they used a fecal containment system or a big diaper, different from the space capsule. I realize moon hoax believers are dying to discredit mans achievements, but they need better education, and fact checking. I also see a lot of foreigners posting comments, thinking they are experts in space travel.

    2. Their are tons of self appointed experts out there giving their opinions on why they believe man never set foot on the moon. Everything can be explained, if hoax nuts would bother to fact check. Its a conspiracy theory, not conspiracy fact. This documentary is full of misinformation, and outright lies, the perfect combination for the hoax crowd.

  127. Seems the big bangers will believe in their indoctrination....conformity is knowledge...no need to question their god....little g.

    1. Most hoax believers are ignorant of hard scientific facts. A little research will go a long way to answering your questions. I do realize there are some strange people on these sites, trying to look smart, and claim man never landed on the moon.

  128. Even little kids are more knowledgeable than any moon landing denier. This is sad, but many people ignore facts, but believe rediculous videos like this. There is no evidence of any fraud or hoax, just misinformation and wild conspiracy claims.

  129. This video has to many errors and misinterpretations to be taken seriously. It has been debunked, and proven wrong, but as we all know, moon hoax believers never give up. They try so hard with their load of nonsense, and try to make other gullible people believe in their fairytale moon hoax.

  130. I bet Bill Hesford wouldn't believe we landed on the moon even if he was brought there and shown the landing sites. People can be so ignorant of hard scientific facts. Everything was tracked and documented. The only ones being lied to are the hoax crowd. There were no tricks, people just love to believe in conspiracy theories, without doing proper research. We landed, get over it. Say hello to your unicorn for me.

    1. From what I see, this video has very bad reviews. Check other websites, and they show all the mistakes this documentary has. Why do people believe it, if it's proven false? I guess this is one hoax theory that just won't die, regardless of how stupid it really is.

  131. So Bill Hesford, where is your evidence? They lied to us.........oh yeah sure, another genius hoax nut. Do some research. Hoax nuts make fools of themselves every time they post all their nonsense. The only one being lied to is you. There is 0 evidence of a hoax, just overactive imaginations, an misinformed people like you. The missions were tracked. The lunar reconnassaince orbiter took pictures of the landing sites, showing tracks left by the rover.

  132. Conspiracy believers are in serious denial. If a fact doesnt fit into their theory, its ignored. Ive noticed most deniers here are non americans, in need of fact checking instead of assumptions .

    1. Wake up. They lied to you. Few know how the magician did it, but we know it was a trick. Wake up.

  133. Sometimes even the smartest people make stupid comments. A hoax big as this could never be kept secret for long. There are many outright lies the hoax crowd believes. Mabe if they even bothered to learn instead of saying " Its all fake". To every piece of evidence they are shown. Any evidence of fakery is easily explainable. People just love to appear smart by going against the official story, and thinking they are the only ones smart enough to figure out the hoax.

    1. OK. How can the rover have no tracks before or after the wheels, clearly seen - sitting in the middle of a vacant area away from the lunar lander? Explain that.

    2. Bill needs to wake up........get educated. Every event in history has some nut claiming it never happened. Some like to appear smart by going against the official story. Russia admitted we went. There were many hours of video, eyewitnesses , moon samples, pictures. Not one credible scientist claimed it was fake. Surely someone would have come foward. Lunatics try and cherry pick every annomaly thinking it proves a hoax.

  134. I hope people are not stupid enough to believe this piece of trash documentary. I am sure conspiracy nuts will love it.

    1. Well Bill, first stop listening to conspiracy theorists. The Moon rover is very light, and the moon dust differs from area to area. Sometimes the tires on the moon rover dont leave deep marks. Also the astronauts would sometimes get out, and walk to move the rover a certain way, erasing some off the tracks, or make them less visible from certain photos. Remember, Hoax cheerleaders sometimes doctor up photos to make their theory more convincing. I have looked for years, and heard all sorts of wild claims from Hoax believers. For some reason they think they are smarter than all the accomplished scientists at NASA. Any question a hoax believer asks can be answered, the problem is people refuse evidence, and all facts. If thats the case, there is little that can be done for you. Remember, just because you arent educated or informed on a subject, doesnt mean it is impossible to achieve.

    2. To all the hoax believers, and other self appointed experts, a google search will explain facts about the moon rover, the landing module, or anything about the landings in general. Instead of claiming everyone was lied to, or denying every landing to the moon, learn what really happened, and learn something!

  135. A funny thing happened on the way to the nut house......... this is old news, man has landed on the moon, despite all the nonsense self appointed experts try to throw at everyone.

  136. Like a conspiracy nut would EVER admit they were wrong. Lmao. They refuse anything they
    dont understand.

  137. If anyone does fact checking, they will see just how many errors this documentary has. What a load of nonsense.

    1. All it takes is one person to start a lie, and hoax nuts jump all over it.

    2. Hoax believers must live under rocks, there is plenty of evidence proving man set foot on the moon. Conspiracy sites are full of opinions, and false claims.

  138. I do not believe skepticts would believe we landed on the moon no matter what evidence they are shown. My question is if you are not an expert in space travel, or a scientist, how are you all of a sudden, an expert on if we went to the moon? There is so much information hoaxers do not even know, yet they are so sure it was fake. Please people.

    1. “Hoaxers”? Really? Reading from the Shill Handbook, are we?

  139. Any hoax would have been exposed. The missions were tracked. No hoax evidence exists.

    1. Whats your point Satan loses?????. Anyway, i never found any credible evidence to make me believe in a hoax. Its a bunch of nonsense.

    2. I used to believe garbage like this, until i got older, and wiser. All it takes is a litte research to see how wrong, and stupid a moon hoax really is.

  140. What crazy people still believe in a moon hoax? This is the weakest of any conspiracy theory because there is no evidence to back it up. People need to fact check before posting rediculous comments.

    1. Sounds like Satan Loses has a screw loose. Never heard of the word hoaxers before?. There are tons of hoax believers on sites like these. Let me make my point clear...........we arent calling people nuts for questioning somethng, BUT you are nuts for believing in something like a flat earth, or a moon hoax, when there are loads of facts that disprove your beliefs. Some are just trolls, others are simply misinformed, and will ignore anything that contradics their claims.

  141. There is so much misinformation in this silly video. I have never found a shred of evidence proving man never landed on the moon. The conspiracy crowd needs to wake up.

  142. The Jerry Springer of documentaries, loaded with uninformed, biased opinions. Despite all the mistakes and false claims, not to mention being debunked many times, this a hoax believers dream come true.

  143. Bill Kaysing started the whole conspiracy mess with his book, claiming we didnt have the tecnology to reach the moon. Hes no expert on rockets, or anything else. What a shame gullible people believe this moon hoax stuff, its all been debunked. Theres no evidnence at all of a hoax, just the same old tired theores and opinions.

    1. This documentary is old news, its easily debunked. Any credible person can research for themselves, and find out its just a pack of lies.

    2. Actually kaysing worked at the rocket dime labs but was sacked hence is bs on the moon landing most things can he explained the problems arise when nasa reshoot old backgrounds and say it was hours later at different location that was there biggest mistake

    3. NASA never reused or reshot any backgrounds. Hoax nuts try to claim their was a fake backdrop. Not true. Many pictures were taken miles apart, people like Mark Ford need to get better educated, instead of relying on conspiracy sites as proff of their silly claims.

  144. Every single theory from the hoax crowd had been debunked. Of course there are still many that will never believe we landed no matter what evidence they are shown. Everything is fake or a lie to these people, there is no reasoning with them.

  145. A hoax nut proves his or her lack of knowledge, by ignoring the 382 kg of moon rocks brought back over the six missions. Not to mention the images showing the moon rovers tracks and landing site, from the Lunar Reconnnaissance orbiter. What about corroboration from Russia, Japan, and China? This is why hoax nuts should be ignored, they are ignorant, and spread their misinformation all over the internet. Get over yourselves. The landings happened. Go deny some other event in history.........

    1. Have you researched the moon rock given to Holland...worth a google search~

  146. Just laying this out there - the window they were filming through isn't circular, but rectangular. Also, Sibrel took away the audio from CAPCOM's request to stop filming the Earth, but rather reconfigure the camera so that we on Earth could see the interior of the craft;

    "11, Houston. If you could comply, we'd like to see a little smiling faces up there, if you could give us some interior views. I'm sure everybody would like to see you. Over."

    This whole "documentary" only caters to those who are easily fooled.

    1. Oh, the old Holland story with the petrified wood...... Real moon rocks are encased in plastic. They are in the Dutch museum of history. The petrified wood story has been debunked, as the wood has never been claimed to be a moon rock. Someone got their wires crossed.

  147. An online search will reveal so much information to people that arent familar with how the landings took place. Most self appointed hoax experts arent familiar with photography, physics, or rocket propulsion. So, to anything they dont understand, its called fake. A lot of educated people make very uneducated comments. This whole video has been explained numerous times. There are so many mistakes in it. Rather than researching, people just believe in hoax nonsense. Moat hoaxers minds are already made up, and nothing will convince them otherwise.

  148. Hoax believers would rather "think for themselves" than actually learn what really happened. They wont let facts get in their way. No evidence of ANY kind is to be believed over their conspiracy. They will also insult anyone that disagrees with their crazy debunked theory.

  149. Shame on all the id**ts ignoring school education. Fine, do your own research, and you will see the schools are right, the moon landings were genuine. Countries were watching the USA. They would have been exposed any hoax right away. In this day and age, nothing can be kept secret forever. Notice lots of hoax believers are foreigners. They will do anything to discredit America. These people are truley uneducated. Some choose to ignore facts, but believe misinformation they read. Some will never believe under any circumstances. There is NO hoax proof! One lunatic reads something online, and thinks the schools and Government are liers. There is plenty of evidence, either in school or online. It doesnt matter where you get your info, the landings are real!! Do a google search, facts and KNOWLEDE, are readily available. The hoax belivers think they are smarter than scientists. Sorry, man landed, your theories have been debunked.

    1. There are many insane theories floating around on the internet, of man faking the missions to the moon. If you learned from school , online or "think for yourself" as hoax nuts say, facts are facts you will get the same conclusion. The landings are real. I know people want to believe it was all a government conspiracy, but sorry, its just not true. Every theory hoaxers try to pass off, has been answered. Try researching better, its very easy to prove the hoax is nonsense. Bart is a fool, and is not a credible scientist, or an expert.

  150. Its easy to see how NASA got millions of people around the world to believe this gigantic hoax. I believed it myself. Yet millions of educated people still believe the Apollo moon landings were a reality . They were not. How gullible the "educated" are. Too lazy minded to think for themselves . Or is our " modern education" a major factor ?

    1. Most hoax believers are not from America. Their heads are filled with nonsense of all six missions being "faked". The landings happened, the only uneducated people are the ignorant fools that believe we never made it to the moon. Look at all the evidence, Moonrocks, eyewitnesses, Russia tracked the missions. Photos, hundreds of hours of videos. Of course hoaxers will say " Its all fake" They cant get it through their thick skulls that they are wrong!. Conspiracy sites are loaded with misinformation that gullible hoax nuts love.

    2. No hoax evidence exists........just stupid people who refuse facts, but believe lies. Then they feel intelligent, and think they are experts in the space program. Why? Their answer is, "Well i dont think we had the technology" thats just ignorance.

    3. This documentary, along with others has loads of mistakes. The kind of mistakes moonlanding deniers call "evidence" that man never landed on the moon. All the same old tired theories have been debunked. There is no evidence of a hoax. People can reject history and facts all they want. I urge these nuts to search online, you wil get educated and learn. Its easy to call something fake if you arent sure how it happened. People think we are all sheep, because we know and believe NASA made it to the
      moon. We arent simply believing what we are told, like the hoaxers say. I researched facts, and consiracy theories, and theire is no hoax, Nutjobs need to learn and not deny facts. They will believe ANYTHiNG a conspiracy site says. I guess they couldnt be wrong. Could they? Lol, get over it , the landings happened. Back to your flat earth........

    4. Hands Down to our modern education...i choose not to believe what i learend from school but do my own research and find that our modern education made sense or not.And all those bookworms out there ,cursing the flat earthers ,do your own research guys,we and you are from the same education system so don,t question our knowledge..The only difference is that we questioned it....Every thing i questioned i have got the answer,not that i was every right every time,but that's the beauty of research,you get to know the truth,not what your mind desires....Hang On ,Before Judging me take some seconds from your life and question that what you were told was even reality??Better to find out ourselves....Right?So Rather running your mouths, do the research for the sake of well being of your loved ones..And Dont Be Fooled Please Its a Humble request from a fellow Human Being...

    5. The "educated" know the difference between facts, and conspiracy lies. Every time something big happens, there are people with a counter argument. NASA hasnt fooled anyone. , the landings are real ,Its fact. YOU have been suckered by the conspiracy theory fairy tail, which is also a slap in the face to all the people involved in the landings. People love to believe conspiracy theories , or anything that goes against the official story.

    6. Hey...i know this wasn't a hoax cause I went to the moon last week. Watch out roover...no.3 is a little low on fuel. And my boy ****** up the tires on no.2....but hey no.1 works great!!!?

  151. Believers regarding moon landings were faked, are blithering idiots. If there were consciously taken to the moon and dropped in front of the American flag that is stuck on the surface...would have some disbelief. Some people just are not wire correctly

  152. All it takes is ONE uneducated hoax nut to go spreading their crazy fake moon landing theory, and others jump on the banswagon. Every event in history has people claiming it never happened, simply because of their own refusal of facts, and their willingness to believe the lies they read online from conspiracy sites.

    1. I researched and never found any kind of hoax evidence. Why? Because there is none. No flat earth, no fake moon landing. These are proven facts. Nice try though.

  153. Conspiracy theories make some people feel smart, they figure they stumbled across a great secret, and only they know whats really going on. So they claim all moonlanding believers are part of the delusional masses. This video is filled with bold claims, and misinformation. Its bad science.

  154. I met only one person that thought the landings were staged. Their only proof was" well, we never went back" thats evidence? Omg!! Thats ignorance! No hoax evidence exist, only misinterpretations of facts. Its sad people deny history. Uninformed hoax nuts need a simple google search, it will educate you on what are conspiracy lies, or actual facts. If anything was fake, we would know about it today. Many hoax nuts invested way to much time to admit they were wrong. They feel smart trying to disprove facts. It only proves their ignorance. So how do we know their evidence isnt fake?(which it is) It doesnt matter what facts these people are shown, they will claim everything is fake.

  155. I guess BillDee believes all the trash on conspiracy sites. No reason to question them lol. You are in the minority, as most know from proper research, that the landings are genuine. The lunar reconnossaince orbiter took photos of the landing sites. There were loads of photos, and moonrock samples brought back , examined and proved to be genuine. I can hear the excuses already. " Its all fake" these people are in denial, and cant accept the truth. They would never admit they were wrong.

  156. So true. Moonlanding denial is stupid, a bunch if uneducated fools believing in such nonsense. These clowns claim we believe everything on tv, and everything we read, well some is fact some is misinformation, like the nuts who want to act smart and deny history. Hoax believers try and cherry pick all the evidence that man landed on the moon. These people ignore facts. Russia had their eyes on the USA. They would have exposed the USA immediately. There really is little point in arguing with these fools, they seem to think they are experts, in photography, moon rocks, moon dust, the landing module. This has all been studied for years by accomplished scientists, not a bunch of know it all farts, thinking moonlandings are fake. How come no one came forward and exposed this so called hoax......because it's all nonsense. Show us the "smoking guns" evidence, actually there is no evidence to prove a hoax, it's all misinformation spread by idiots like Bart Sibrel.

  157. Hyper-ignorant MoonFaithers cannot handle the truth. There is NO "proof" OR "evidence" that we sent MANNED missions to the Moon. Zero. Zip. Zilch. NONE. People irrationally and unscientifically CHOOSE to BELIEVE what they read, see on TV or the Internet, and what others tell them. MoonFaithers are members of a "religious cult" based on BELIEF.

    There IS, however, MUCH evidence that we DID NOT send MANNED missions to the Moon, including smoking gun evidence, what looks like whistleblower evidence, and much more. EASILY beyond a reasonable doubt.

    1. Absolute garbage..... There is zero evidence of a hoax, only ignorant fools believe in a hoax. There are tons of facts, just do a Google search, and you will see all the idiots that still deny the moonlandings. I know, all the proof is fake right? Eyewitnesses, tons of videos, moon rocks, all fake? I would love to hear where you know it all get your information, because it's all wrong.

    2. BillDee you are clueless........ Where did you get this misinformation about no manned missions to the moon? What you are saying is true, but with the moonlanding deniers, they are a cult that refuses facts, no matter what. The moon hoax has been debunked loads of times, tv shows have done it, all the encyclopedias say it happened, schools teach it. So wait, it's all a hoax, everyone is lying? Maybe in a movie or your flat earth fantasy world, but not in real life. They happened. Get over it. You need a good lesson in science. I would love to hear your so called evidence. None exists. Only tired old theories that have been disproven over and over again. Take a look at the evidence. There were six manned missions they were tracked. The world was watching. We aren't going to get away with six fake landings! This is so childish, first graders know more than moon hoaxers.

    3. A lot of people simply will not show the least bit of skepticism no matter how obvious things are not as they seem to be. Name calling and appeals to science and education cannot refute the multitude of contradictory evidence suggesting we never went to the moon. And after 50 years we still have not gone there. It is threatening to have your beliefs turned inside out.

  158. Very nice fictitious documentary !! People sadly believe this stuff. All it takes is a little research, and the hoax theory falls apart fast. There are still a few that wish to ignore facts, and accept crazy theories like this. Just because someone cant understand how humans can travel to the moon and back, doesnt make it impossible or fake. Usually hoaxers and other self appointed experts can be very rude, they feel they are right, and no evidence like photos, eyewitnesses, or video is good enough, they will say its fake.

    1. Hoax believers can be as skeptical as they want, if it makes them feel better. However, after being skeptical , and ignoring facts, education, history, people will see the credible evidence proves we landed on the moon. The only "Contradictory Evidence " is the lies and rediculous misinformation spread by the hoax crowd. There is no hoax evidence! A lot of their theories are made up misinterpretations. If anything contradicts their ideas or or theories , it is ridiculed. I really do not see how
      some people are so easily fooled by these stupid claims. The internet is loaded with facts, and valuable information. Of course they are all ignored, because non believers think they are smarter than NASA, the educational system, and anything that proves them wrong.

  159. I love a good conspiracy, but there is to much evidence proving we went to the moon. Just overactive imaginations, and uninformed people trying to believe we didn't have the technology. They are so hard headed, they can't admit they were wrong.

  160. What's funny is people want to discredit the landings simply because of their ignorance of hard scientific facts. These hoaxes make fun of the suits the astronauts wore. Really? You make fun of things you know nothing about. They come on these sites trying to disprove history with their stupid claims, the astronauts were murdered, the space suits are fake, the lander is made up of tinfoil. All facts are readily available, if people would bother to do credible research. Bart is a fool, and no person with a brain believes his fairy tale hoax trash.

  161. Where do people get this fake moon landing nonsense from? It's been proven false. Some of the comments here are ridiculous. Fifth graders know more than these people. It happened, all six landings were real. It's not worth arguing with these people. The petrified wood story has been explained.

    1. I have been to the national air and space museum, and the lunar lander is not made up of tinfoil, like Some fools believe. All hoax nuts need to visit and learn.

  162. 3 Astronauts have publicly stated that they never went to the moon. 2 of them are dead. Only Buzz is alive.
    Don’t look at this as a hoax. Look at it as an impossible dream. It’s to inspire young people. Space is beyond our reach.
    Retired NASA Engineer.

    1. Space is not beyond our reach, hoax nuts are are in need of education. Do a Google search, and in five minutes you can read all the evidence, and learn how wrong you are. We landed on the moon six times, like it or not.

  163. A fake moon landing? You hoax nuts are pathetic. Do some credible research, learn about the landings, get the facts, not wrong opinions from conspiracy believers.

    1. Most non believers are pathetic. Some think they are smarter than all the NASA scientists, but know nothing about science, physics, photography, or what is involved in space travel. They think it's all fake, because they think it's fake. The education system has failed these buttons.

  164. It sounds like hoaxers don't have the slightest clue about photography, lighting, or basic physics. The hoax is absolute garbage. I'm surprised so many ignorant people still believe it, even with all of the evidence against it.

  165. This video is such nonsense. There are so many lies and crazy theories, its not even funny. Any educated person knows the landings happened. I laugh at some comments here, like people saying moon rocks have " made on the moon" printed on them. Omg ,scientists study the rocks , run tests, they can compare them with rocks from earth, and tell if they came from the moon, or just fell to earth from a meteor. Science is amazing, but hoaxers deny anything that goes against their theories.

    1. Bart is a complete fool, and not an expert on the Apollo program. This video is total nonsense, and has to many mistakes to count.

    2. Sounds like Rick Stanley needs to go back to school. The petrified wood story is old.

  166. There is basically two kinds of hoaxers. One, are just average everyday normal people that have their facts wrong, and have watched one to many conspiracy videos. The second type are the paranoid type example " the sky is falling!" "The earth is flat, its all the government we are all going to die!" Ok, these people should be avoided at all costs, and their is no reasoning with them at all. The government is in on a hoax, but only they are smart enough to figure out its a hoax. These are also the same people that say the government is secretly being controlled by shape shifting aliens., and Elvis is still alive. No facts will ever be accepted, only their own beliefs on the subject. NASA is a fraud, etc.

    1. Right, I wouldn't listen to anything a hoaxer says, they are in denial of the truth. Maybe they should look for a unicorn on their flat earth as well. They are uneducated.

  167. Looks like moonlanding deniers have been watching to much Capricorn One. Lol

  168. Moon rocks have been examined by geologists. They run tests to see check chemicles and elements. Presto hoaxers...............science and geology. Try reading facts once in a while, instead of denying something you are not an expert in.

    1. You are correct.
      The rocks have been examined and found to be fake.

      The rest of the rocks have gone missing along with 77 rolls of moon film !

    2. Bumpy sounds like he needs a little fact checking, the rocks were examined and found to be genuine. Conspiracy sites are loaded with mistakes. Tons of independent labs examined them. Things happen like lost film, but instead of learning WHAT happened, it's automatically a hoax.

    3. All the moon rocks brought back were examined, and are real. Hoax nuts should try reading now and then, plus fact checking their outlandish claims.

    4. Only the uninformed believe in a hoax. The moon rocks were examined and proven real. The petrified wood story is also misinformation as well, as it was much larger than genuine samples given to museums. People please do some credible research! Only little kids believe in the hoax.

    5. Bumpy is wrong, just like all the hoax nuts. The ignorance of hard scientific facts, but acceptance of conspiracy theories filled with errors, and wrong opinions. These people would never admit they made a mistake. They will cling to every debunked conspiracy theory they can. Most don't see the big picture, Russia admitted we went to the moon, there were six manned missions, which were independently tracked, plus thousands of photos, hundreds of hours of video. If anything was fake, someone would have spoken up. But it's usually senseless to argue with a hoax nut, they will call you names, say you are a sheep, and ignore any facts put in front of them. "It's fake" that's their response. They need education, but refuse it, because a conspiracy site says it was fake.

    6. Terry willis, what about the fake moon rock sir(or Ma'am)that were found to be petrified wood(and NOT moon Nothing). Can u answer that 4 me sir/Ma'am?

    7. I heard some hoax believers spread the fake moon rock story. Apparently, there is a mistake or a mix up orchestrated by two Dutch artists NASA never authenticated the rock, as there are no documents tracing it's origin, anyway it's much too big to be a donated lunar sample. It was reportedly donated privately in 1969, to a retired prime minister instead of being given as was customary to a representative of the then current Dutch government. It wasn't put on public display, a real moon rock was encapsulated in transparent plastic, while this one wasn't.

  169. The moon rocks have survived countless tests from geologists from around the world. They are indeed genuine. From examining the rocks, they can tell what type of environment the rocks come from. Its usually pointless to argue with a hoaxer, as they show their ignorance for hard scientific facts. There is little that can be done for them. Every event in history has people that claim its a conspiracy, and sadly people fall for these theories, because it makes them feel smart. The education system has clearly failed these non believers, as they have no understanding of science. Its easy to claim hoax, when you dont understand how something works.

    1. Sure Rick, the petrified wood was never claimed to be real moon rock. It was a mistake, kind of a coincidence, but it's an interesting story. It's sir by the way.

  170. Sounds like Hawkco needs a little education . They know the moon rocks are from the moon because of the chemicals found in them. Metiorites from earth have different chemicals. Thats why they are scientists. Maybe your job is a hoax.people love conspiracy theories, but refuse science .

  171. Anything a hoaxer claims is true, can easily be explained. I really cannot believe in this day and age people fall for such trash. There is no evidence of a hoax, only silly opinions.

  172. The fake moonrock is a badly spun news story. A US embassador, gave a tree fossil to the dutch prime minister willem drees, to commemorate the astronauts Apollo 11 moon landing. Someone probably got their wires crossed. No sample moon rock was ever given out this large, as authentic moonrocks, are much smaller and encased in plastic spheres.

    1. I think Rick needs to read this.........

  173. I remember seeing this video in school, and learning about all the mistakes in it. Also that Bart is not an expert in any way on the space program. My guess is the conspiracy crowd will say schools are in on the hoax as well. Lol very sad.

  174. One of the biggest mistakes hoax believers make, is the clam the astronauts couldnt get past the Van Allen Belts. I see this mistake a lot. The astonauts went through in a few hours, with proper shielding. Its harmful if anyone lingers for a while. The men recieved the amount of radiation in a chest x ray roughly. There are different types of radiation.

    1. James, ummm, with proper shielding? what kinda shielding r u talkin about? r u talkin about the silly tin foil covering the spacecraft? or the equal silly space suit(which they only wore at convenient times)? I really wanna know please...

    2. Well Rick, there is no tin foil, just because you THINK it is. The black materials on parts of the landing module, are heat resistant nickel steel alloy. They absorb heat, when exposed to the sun. The part that looks like foil are plasticfilms coated with aluminum which reflects the suns heat, and insulates the spacecraft. Remember there is the descent stage, and the ascent stage. From what I see, you aren't going to believe we landed on the moon, even if you were brought there. Do a Google search, and learn instead of being sarcastic.

  175. Bart Sibrel is not an expert scientist in any way, how people believe trash like this is unreal. Elementary school kids can debunk this documentary. It is riddled with lies, and misinformation . I am sure hoax nuts will not let facts or any evidence
    spoil their fairy tale theory, which is so easy to debunk. No credible scientist has ever agreed that any of the missions were faked.

    1. this comment list is just as long as the religion-non religion ones!! ha

    2. Looking at comments from conspiracy theorists is entertaining to say the least. All the information about the space suits or anything else, is available online. There was no hoax, it's been debunked. people can be so ignorant on subjects they don't understand.

  176. The petrified wood theory is interesting, but real moon rock samples are not as big as the fake sample. No one knows exactly what happened, but NASA never authenticated this piece. It probably changed hands a few times over many years, but probably was never labelled a moon rock in the first place, because again, real samples given from NASA are smaller, and encased in plastic. So if any hoax was intended, they would have made a better fake. Petrified wood doesnt resemble moon rocks anyway.

    1. Frank, great(I mean pathetic try), can u really believe that the moon rocks were EVER outta the sight/hands of the peeps in charge? Really? ppplease, get a grip guy...

  177. I "think"....mostly democratic liberals believe we didn't go to moon, or that there was some conspiracy with regards to 9/11. Odd I may even bring this up...guess I'm just in that mood. Would be interesting to see a poll on that....lol

    1. To Rick Stanley I think u need to get a grip, and an education. A moon hoax? OMG. Moon rocks are notorious for theft. A real moon rock is not this large. Samples are donated, and encased in plastic. This was a badly spun news story. There was a mix up. The petrified wood was never authenticated by NASA.

    2. Rick Stanley, u would be right about moon rocks being monitored under tight security, but the petrified wood was never claimed to be an authentic sample, as it is too large. A petrified piece of wood was given as a gift, and somehow people got their wires crossed. Real samples are donated.

    3. To Rick..... the silly space suits are multilayered, the inside layer was lightweight nylon with fabric vents, middle layer was neoprene coated nylon to hold pressure, the outer layer is nylon to restrain the pressurized layers beneath. Five layers of aluminized mylar inerwoven with four layers of dacron for heat protection. The suits had boots, gloves, a communication cap, and clear plastic helmet, plus a portable life support. There are some parts missing, but you get the idea...... Really all you have to do is Google all this...........

  178. This dvd, is filled with mistakes. The moon landings happened, despite all the conspiracy theorists so called evidence. The rocks were examined by geologists, and concluded to be from the moon. The Dutch story with a petrified piece of wood, is an interesting story. The original could have been switched. Could be any number of things, people make money off of counterfeit items, and moon rocks are no different . I doubt any evidence is good enough for a hoax believer, photos, eyewitnesses, all paid off or fake. Lol The LRO lunar reconnaissance orbitet took some photos of the sites, and everything is there, flag, tracks and moonbuggy. All fake right? Has to be according to hoaxers, everyone is a liar, but they are smart enough to know its a hoax. Everyone else is wrong.

    1. Haha, scientists studied the rocks and concluded they were from moon. How did that happen? Were the rocks labelled “made on the moon”. How freakin retarded do you have to be to make a comment about that

    2. Hawkco sounds like a brainwashed hoax nut. 911 and the new world order inside job crap. These people are delusional, and lost touch reality, facts are irrelevant.

    3. The silly hoax crowd, and their pathetic attempt to deny history. Bumpy and Hawkco sound like two brainwashed people, that need to open a book, or do a Google Search and LEARN history, I mean the whole hoax thing is so stupid.

  179. Oh Dear! The same people that were behind 9/11 claiming that we went to the Moon. Dr Judy Wood has totally exposed 9/11 with her court cases against the US Government and over 20 US Companies that she took all the way up to the Supreme Court. Wonder where these "terrorists" got the Advanced Top Secret Weapons that turned SEVEN buildings that day mostly to dust. Google Paisley Expressions and watch her video interviews to see her EVIDENCE. Meanwhile lots of the LIES about the Moon Landing HOAX being exposed here including why we cannot get through the Van Allen Belts with figures for radiation exposure etc :

    1. Completely agree. 9ll was all about serving as the catalyst for a large part of the satanic elites plan for a new world order.

  180. gods and monsters,ghosts and magic,seems to me the powers that be have ALWAYS been slinging shart.Opinions are like arsewholes everybody has one,yet only shart and hot air comes from them,scientific truth is only arrived at after hypothesis is demonstrably repeatable.Study the effects of atmospheric pressure,schumann resonance,radio and battery technology of the era let alone the effects of gravity(or the moons diminished to 1/6th the earths) then tell me how plausible these moon landing claims are?FOOD FOR THOUGHT: why are scientists looking for water on other planets and not the schumann resonance without which life as we know it couldn't exist?maybe because earths physics are uniquely specific to earth for a multitude of reasons that are scientifically understood?How would the placement of these mirrors remain accurate when the moon is supposedly moving at a rate measureable by these same mirrors if their placement is critical to accuracy? just another form of religion that takes belief to ride as a vehicle,life on other planets? what a ridiculous farce,maybe when jebus comes back to undo what daddy did he'll answer these questions,till then I guess we'll have to rely on conjecture and opinions searching for an island of truth amidst an ocean of bull,my opinion: what consequence would facts in this case bring?humanity still isn't intelligent enough to not ruin this beautiful earth for lack of personal self control and mainly ignorance based greed

    1. Magnificently said...lol

  181. Of course it's not fake! Never never underestimate the ignorance of conspiracy theorists. Facts people, facts. Read, and learn. People love to come on here and show how uninformed they are on a subject they are not an expert in. Six moon missions in all, the history books say it happened. Are they "in on it too?" Of course not. Paranoia that's all.

    1. You have presented an argument from authority fallacy. You should not simply believe something because it's in books. In Chinese history books it doesn't say this, because they aren't don't believe it. In fact people all around the world know only Americans believe this hoax. Listen to these obvious liars.. they prove the hoax themselves! I would sooner believe my little brother didn't take the cookies out of the jar.

    2. You are correct. Now the hoax nuts say not to believe facts in books? Well these aren't books, but encyclopedias. Facts......., oops there's that word they hate. Might prove them wrong. Sorry James you are incorrect. Hoaxers read misinformation on sites and love it. Get educated and learn what really happened. The missions were tracked. There is tons of evidence, but all is ignored, because hoaxers THINK we didn't have the technology. Just because you think it's impossible doeasnt mean it is, there is so much you don't know.

  182. Really a fake moon landing? The education systmem ail has failed the hoax crowd. With all the photos, eyewitnesses, moonrocks, plus the transmissions were coming from the moon, had they just come from anyplace else, they would have known it was a fraud. These are the small details hoaxers miss. Frankly, it's said this conversation even has to take place. This documentary is trash, and it's filled with lies, and misinformation. Bart siebrel is a liar, and no way an expert on the space program.

    1. Here's one small detail you missed: Moon Rocks found to be fossilised wood was given to Holland by Neil Armstrong. Explain that one Mr 'Facts' Tim! lol The evidence is below:

    2. You are right Tim, I love how hoax nuts come up with their own facts. The fake wood idea is false. I know hoaxers hate facts, but oh well, they will get over it. The rocks were examined by countless scientists. Usually it's impossible to teach a hoaxers anything, they believe one little conspiracy site.

    3. James Harding brings up a good one. The Dutch story of petrified wood is somewhat true, but no other countries have claimed their samples were fake. Over 100 countries recieved samples. This rock was never vetted by NASA. It could have been switched. Many rocks have been lost over the years. Conspiracy nuts will be all over this one.

    4. The fossilized wood is funny. It seems there was some confusion as to weather it was labelled a moon rock in the first place. Real samples are very small, and enclosed in plastic, with a wooden backboard. This one was much larger. Regardless, the story doesn't prove a hoax, just something skeptics can add to their arsenal of misinformation.

    5. The moon hoax can be debunked very easily. Most of the claims from hoax believers is their own misinterpretation of facts and evidence. Mr " conspiracy" James needs to do proper research. The petrified wood story was debunked before. People read these wild claims, and forget to do proper research. I have a feeling if the conspiracy sites said we did go to the moon, the hoax crowd would suddenly say we did go to the moon. The idea of a conspiracy makes some people feel smart. They feel they discovered a secret that most people havent figured out. There is too much evidence to deny history, some evidence isnt from NASA, but i am sure hoaxers will say they were paid to lie, of course with zero evidence, only their opinions .

    6. This is a response to T. Where do you get your information? So books are no good now? The landings are part of history it doesn't matter if you believe they happened or not. This is not someone fibbing about taking a cookie from a jar, this hoax is much to large to keep quiet. There is way to much evidence to prove we landed. Conspiracy sites try to cherry pick anything they don't understand, and then hoax nuts, jump all over it. They make fools of themselves every time they open their mouths.

  183. @Moonmoon, you asked if the lunar landing was fake can someone please explain how the Lunar Laser Ranging experiment is fake? It could have been placed there by unmanned lunar landers. The Soviets had landed a lunar rover on the moon in 1970. The United States could have easily done the same. you also said, one can look up the data themselves from the Paris Observatory Lunar Analysis Center. Of course anyone can, however it still doesn't mean it was put there by a manned mission to the moon.

    I was once a true believe that man landed on the moon, but after watching a number of these documentaries and really looking at the evidence provided, i'm starting to see that it was all a big hoax, the landings were faked. Here's the number one reason why: the Van Allen Belts. NASA still hasn't explained in detail how they overcame cosmic radiation. On earth when i get dental x-rays they put this lead apron on me, and the dental tech high tails it out of the room. There is way more radiation in space then from a simple dental x-ray machine. The Apollo spacecraft had no radiation shield, nothing! I don't buy the answer that they just flew through it fast enough. That's ridiculous! That's like saying i won't get wet when it is raining if i run really fast through it.

    I believe we are at a point in history where everything we have been told as “fact” has to be revisited. My problem with the lunar landings is the Van Allen belt, which NASA admitted are a problem, but also the landing and take off of the lunar modules and docking with the command modules. There was one test with the lunar lander here on earth and it nearly cost Armstrong his life. They then used it in 6 successful landings and takeoffs? …people need to use critical thinking…The lunar module looks like a mock up and its “user manual” was half the size of a car user manual, not to mention the plans/schematics of the Saturn 5 have been destroyed!!. This is the only rocket that would get us to the moon (supposedly)….why would they do that??..Gus Grissom reportedly hung a lemon on a coat hanger on the Apollo simulator. He then died…or was assassinated. Watch the first ever news conference given by these guys after doing the greatest achievement by mankind…….do they look triumphant and sincere?. They look like the most deeply depressed guys i have ever seen. When The Beatles arrived at JFK they were smiling, excitedly answering journalist's questions, and even cracking jokes, and they only crossed the Atlantic! The astronauts in 1969 just came back from the moon (supposedly) and they were depressed. You would think they would be excited and can hardly wait to tell the world what it was like to walk on the moon.

    Recent events with NASA show that they are NOT considering a moon base and all those perfect landings and takeoffs 40 years ago mean nothing.

    Mark Twain said it is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.

    1. They set it up with non manned rovers. Not that far fetched to believe.

    2. The astronauts were tired, they had been on tour, and been through quarentine. Not everyone loves being in the spotlight. Some are very private. Skeptics love to try and cherry pick anything they can find to make their hoax look more plausible. Any question can be explained, if people would only take the time to do proper research.

  184. Okay, then if the lunar landing was fake, someone please explain how the Lunar Laser Ranging experiment is fake?
    Astronauts left retroreflectors on the surface of the moon for scientists to point lasers at in order to precisely measure the distance to the Moon from the Earth.
    One can look up the data themselves from the Paris Observatory Lunar Analysis Center.

    I think people overestimate the practical effects capabilities of 1969. Kubrick may have done well in 2001: A Space Odyssey, but it's quite obvious to an artistic eye that he used models and sets. He also had the images that came back from Ranger 7 and Surveyor 6 to use as reference for his artistic vision of the Moon's surface. He had limits though, which is why he chose to send Discovery to Jupiter instead of Saturn (the destination in the book) because he wasn't confident he'd be able to create a worthy Saturn model/effect because there were no good images of Saturn to reference (not until 1980's with Voyager 1 and 2).
    Art imitates life imitates art... etc.

    People who are willing to dismiss the Lunar missions as fake/conspiracies do no favors to advancing human frontiers of science and discovery.
    History and facts and logic are clear as the full moon.

    As to why haven't we gone back to the Moon? The same reason for a lot of stalled progress: POLITICS

    A deficient understanding of how photography works is not evidence. It's just ignorance.

    1. They say the odd shadows and lighting in the pictures could only be caused by a second light source. NASA's reasoning for this second light is the moons highly reflected surface as that light. This very same reflected surface has been used to reflect a laser light back to earth without having to place special reflector on the moon in order to bounce a laser back. As easy as seeing the light of the moon.

  185. What a load of cr*p....the usual argument based on logical fallacy. Just because some oddity that one cannot understand doesn't make the entire premise fall apart. One little anomaly which could be attributed to many possible explanations (which the author chooses not to investigate) doesn't make it the thread that unravels the whole truth that NASA went to the moon. There is way more positive evidence that the landing took place (landers that you can see with a strong telescope, laser ranging equipment, moon rocks given to scientists, the Soviets can track spacecraft to the moon and back and not word of HOAX from them, not one person out of thousands required to fake all the thousands of photos and videos for the "conspiracy" ever leaked the "truth") that the author doesn't try to dispute. Why focus on tiny anomolies in photos that have logical explanations but one that you choose not to understand why it might be so, doesn't make it false. Science and the truth doesn't work that way - the absence of proof is not proof of absence. Any lawyer will laugh you out of court if you tried to use that approach. But this is the internet, so the non-critical thinkers are easily misled. By the way, the Earth is Flat and is only 6,000 years old, the big Flood covered the entire earth, and the Sun revolves around the Earth.

  186. The idea that grown adults actually believe NASA faked the 6 moon landings is a failure of the education system.Anybody with normal intelligence should be able to quickly, without any doubt at all,come to a conclusion,that nothing was faked.American did in fact make 6 manned landings on the moon.Between 1969-1972,we even have third part evidence from 5 nations ,photos ,scans as proof positive.Ignorance breeds ignorance.

  187. Why not just look at the more recent fake space station tours with the hair spray girls? And the poor guy on the right who screwed up divulging where they really were. Not proof, but history tends to repeat. If can fool them once...

    Why would the Soviets point fingers when they would then be exposed as frauds as well? They like the Chinese want to bilk their masses with populace uplifting space programs to benefit those contractors just like the usa. Now they do so jointly with the supposedly manned space station with hair spray gals needing to grab onto the side. What happened that they needed to grab something if not for actually being in the zeroG plane?

    Having confidence in a known liar (most any govt) seems a bit odd. Ask any native. Ask anyone who has something the govt wants. Land next to a waterway for instance. They lied, lied, and more lies in attempt to get it. There is no integrity. Putting ANY trust in govt is a large mistake. The only "govt" I know of that is any good is that run directly by the locals who participate in the work, such as a local water district. $100/yr water bill versus $80/month in town by elected representatives. There absolutely is a culture of deception and coverup. Does one part of govt directly apply to another part? Not necessarily. Yet show me one agency that isn't full of baloney and couple that with those types (corps.) who want their people in govt. I suggest using simple math to dispel many fabrications of govt. and the media. If you want improvement YOU will have to get involved. Believing much of anything on the TV is another large mistake. Find something more productive to do with your time. I am, except this diversion which ends now.

  188. Very few to NONE were born disbelievers of one giant step of man or dune buggies on the moon. I came this doubt from a couple of simple things long before I saw this documentary:
    1. If the moon is in a vacuum with no atmosphere, how were footprints or tracks made?
    Been too long ago to recall names but a scientist did a Bell Jar experiment with talc powder and a magnet outside holding a ball bearing inside. Dropped the ball bearing from the inside top of the Vacuum Bell Jar. The ball bearing bounced leaving no evidence of a dimple on the talc. The conclusion was: No atmosphere = No fluffy dirt = No footprints or tracks.
    2. Watching NASA made videos of them walking, bounding, and driving rover around. That activity depicted in NASA videos could easily be performed on earth NOT on the moon. At 1/6 gravity the lunar rover would have either slid out or flipped over doing some of the turns. If one claims it was the digging in of the tires which kept it from sliding out, how is this possible to make tracks in a vacuum? Any one who is satisfied with the bounding around of the astronaut on the moon should try it themselves right here. Easy. Somewhere I heard their packs weighed 300lbs. fine. Estimated weight of astronaut w/pack about 474lbs./6 = 79 lunar lbs.
    Now if I can or could at their age , jump 20 inches vertically without much difficulty, weighing 174lbs. on Earth. And if gravity supposedly is 1/6 on the moon... 20in x 6 = 10 feet vertically weighing 174/6 or 29 lunar lbs. Too bad about that heavy pack right? Not so fast. 10ft x 29no pack/79pack = 3.67 feet vertical. In the NASA videos I watched, I don't recall seeing anyone bounding or jumping ANY higher than I can right here on Earth let alone over 3 feet high. Tell me what fit red blooded man feeling light footed on the moon wouldn't take advantage of that and jump over 3 to 4 feet vertical if they easily could? I could get into linear distance leaps but the point is already made.
    Also, explaining away valid questions doesn't constitute proof. You may be correct, you may be wrong, you don't know for absolutely sure. It isn't proof. No photo is proof, all can be faked. Why is it necessary for NASA to composite photos of the Earth from their distant space probes? What is it that they are compositing? What is the true uncomposited pictures? Something smells like baking. For some it smell like a good pie. For others it smells like a burning pumpkin.
    As far as all the arrogant ones above. Don't bother responding, just be happy with your ego. Arrogance is the true sign of error and mental disorder.

  189. USA
    did not land on moon no more than Columbus landed on USA.

  190. Whether it was faked or not, the TRUTH --now-- is that there is too much space to get there using gas fuel. Therefore, until and unless we develop reusable rubberband power--we arent flying no where. NOWHERE human cargo that is. So whatever there is on Mars or Pluto it is hardly worth knowing as we cannot use it.

    For those who feel we need to venture, I urge you all to invest in some private space company.

    NASA employees are WELFARE PRIVILEGED CLASS and not worth anything to me. being unable to buy a new car. I am certain I put in more hours each week and suffer more exertion than 98% of all NASA employees, yet I barely make $25k year. Half of what they begin.

    For those who are so giddy to see a photo of Pluto--You cannot be certain you seen anything, I wonder if there could be so much light to get a good picture.

    The Saying is, two rovers on Mars is like an employee on some Caribbean island--useless.

    space lab value = $0.00 for science/ $+.++ for hairspray

  191. "The Truth will always set us free..."

    Welll... for some,,, it brought them death!

  192. hmm interesting questions raised here , i used to think this was a looney tune accustion

  193. Docs for the weak of mind.

  194. VERY surprised that Top Doc have allowed such rubbish!

    1. Funny how when something we believed for all our lives is questioned the
      first reaction is complete and utter closed minded un-acceptance

  195. Embarrassing documentary...

  196. This doc is a wanton display of ignorance dressed up as something else altogether. Towards the end the presenter mentions the waning public interest in the Apollo missions and how there was then a "convenient" human toll that reignited interest. What a despicable implication to make.

    Also way too much bible waving going on, I wasn't sure until 5 minutes in if I was actually watching the right documentary.

  197. Big questions:

    Were the Soviets aware it was a fake while it was going on, or have they since woken up?

    How is it that Lunar samples which have been traded around, all satisfy all observers that they're genuine?
    There's a some interest in making Lunar soil simulants, but all of them can be distinguished from each other and from the genuine article.

    1. lunar samples can be collected from meteorites

    2. no they cannot. passing through the earths atmosphere and the high speed impact with the earth leaves tell tale signs on a meteorite that are not present in the samples.

    3. maybe the samples were originally part of a bigger piece which was broken into smaller ones to eliminate the tell tale signs you describe?

  198. Yes, Dr. Van Allen himself the discoverer of the radiation belts, said that they were able to be flown through with proper sheilding

    1. That is true.....Except he said the trip there and back would require a spacecraft nearly 800, 000 tons. Apollo was nowhere near that....not even a 1/5 of that. There was no lead shielding at all!

    2. Yes with 4 feet of shielding, one thing that seals for me that it was staged, 6 moon landings all perfect no casualties all smooth yeah right,

  199. OK so by the logic that human hands had to have placed the mirrors on the moon, can you explain how the Russian Moon mirrors(Lunokhod 1 and 2) were hand placed there? If you do that then I'll buy you a beer! Did the Russians walk on the moon? Did the US kindly place them there for them? Or did they launch it there exactly like the US did, on a rover.? I think you guys watched too much Mythbusters, that was their definitive proof that the USA walked on the moon, because there are US mirrors there, they totally neglected to mention Lunokhod(1-2) ... so as not to skew their findings. Since that show I have never watched Mythbusters.

    1. Yes.....Mythbusters really let me down after that. People need to realize that items on the moon will NEVER prove that Man walked the Moon

  200. that belt of radiation you are referring to has been proven non lethal with proper shielding. consult a real scientist.

    1. Yeah proper shielding, 3 feet of lead should do it! Consult your real local dentist and heavy lead dress you wear when you get a measly X-Ray done for a split second.

  201. Never mind getting to the moon. My question is how on earth did they get back? Where was all the fuel needed to power the mission back the 240K miles home?

    1. @Lillian...Only need enough fuel to get off the moons gravity, none in space, keeps on going like the "energizer bunny" need fuel only for course corrections.

      You have a computer, look it up!!

  202. There isa building here in this town where i live filled with some "space" junk that was supposed to have gone to the moon.You have pay admission to see. The original propriotor realized that since it had the NASA moon mission certification he stole some of it and sold it for a fair profit in Oklahoma. He got caught and convicted. There was a business here whose product was making exact replicas of space junk used in the American space program.They built the capsule for "Apollo 13",a friend of mine worked there so i looked inside the movie model it was definitely convincing.That whole business is full of deception.

  203. Why did Moon travel suddenly end? Why haven't we returned in the last 40 years? Did they have better technology in the 60's than they do today? Or were people naive enough back then to buy the hoax? I can believe we orbited the Moon. But the landing, hopping around, take-off and re-connect with the command module is the stuff of science fiction. Really! An infinite number of things that could go wrong didn't.

  204. @ over the edge
    What you wrote is actually funny (except of your abusive tone and for some reason desperately making it personal). Lets see:

    1. "... the focus was shifted to near earth missions and achieved many things" - hmm, such as the abandoned shuttle program?! Putting satellites on the orbit is no unique achievement, a number of nations is doing this, even the Chinese. These days, the U.S. cannot even launch men to the Low Earth orbit. The International Space Station is a mutual project of several nations, and even the ISS is based on Russian MIR technologies.

    2. What you wrote about the shuttle program does not make any sense, and I'm not sure if you really thought what you have written. Do such technologies as DVD, Blu-Ray, TV and radio broadcast, Internet, etc. any "lifespan"?! Some outdated technology is ALWAYS replaced ONLY if there is a new substitution, which is nothing at this moment.

    3. "... this technology was developed over decades " - Let me get this straight: the landing on Moon in 1969 was developed and engineered over decades?!

    4. If someone shows me 40-year old pictures of some dish that he/she allegedly cooked several times 40 years ago, NEVER cooked ever since, claims to remember well the recipe, at the same time cooking about the same as everyone else and bragging a lot about those "40 -year old dishes", I'd say that this person is full of it.

    5. The only astronauts death was during the pre-flight test at a launch pad in Florida back in 1967, the same way other American and Soviet pilots died in several other missions/tests. Nothing really went wrong starting from Apollo 11, despite of the incredible complexity of the project and no actual tests performed prior to it.

    6. "samples brought back"? It's very easy to collect asteroids fallen onto Earth, so those "samples" don't prove anything. Astronauts are saying they've been on the Moon, so I have to take their word for faith? What else would they say?! "The countless working on the mission" - first of all, no one in the United States or Soviet Union involved in space programs knew everything what was going on (both back then and now), and only few people had restricted access to the actual information. You NEVER give full access to anyone neither in any governmental nor in any commercial project (unless you don't care about leakage, which is not the case), you always give separate individual tasks to everyone involved, and maintain full control of the project. Take any IT company - they have "coders" working on small tasks, and no one has access to everything except several key person.

    7. About Van Allen Belt: I don't see how relying on the basic knowledge available to the modern science on Van Allen radiation belt and other solar/cosmic rays shows my "ignorance".

    8. Calling people names, and generally going to a personal level trying to offend someone instead of focusing on a topic always shows a lack of either education, intelligence or a low psychological or chronological age. Also, using Internet's anonymity ito abuse others is often a sign of cowardness. A piece of advice for the future: behave on Internet the same way you'd behave in real life, and never write anything abusive to anyone over Internet, because it is simply lame and doesn't show you as an intelligent person.

    1. @Rainmaker
      1. the shuttle program wasn't abandoned it exceeded it's mandate.the u.s has moved the focus (at the moment) to the private sector which i disagree with but is common in this day and age (private prisons,private hospitals and so on). are you claiming they haven't achieved things from the near earth missions? (hint Hubble). by the way the last Apollo mission was 1972 and the first shuttle mission was 1981 so a gap isn't unheard of
      2. see 1
      3.yes the rocket technology dates back to ww2 for an example.
      4. sorry this is ridiculous
      5.the fact that the only deaths were during pre flight tests doesn't diminish the fact that it happened . and the fact that there were no deaths during the missions only proves that all the pre tests achieved their goal. the fact that there was not a catastrophic failure doesn't mean that the missions were faked. the first nuclear bomb worked in actual use that fact only shows the testing worked not that they weren't used.
      6. you stated "very easy to collect asteroids fallen onto Earth," no it is not and the samples from meteorites are not only far less in volume than the samples brought back they have been exposed to the extreme heat of reentry and the impact with the earth any scientist working the relevant field would easily pick up on these differences and expose the lie.
      7. please state you specific reason you have for the van allen belt being a hurdle and i will try to address it?
      8. go ahead attack my tone and feel free to diagnose me if you wish. but all i care about is if you can back up your claims with hard evidence not speculation. can you?

    2. The ISS is based on Mir tech? Only the Russian part of the station lol, the US built its own side, and they coordinated to make sure all the modules fit

  205. Most of the claims in this documentary were debunked in a video created for the Mythbusters television show. There are also at least 2 videos of interviews with Neil Armstrong that can be found on the Internet, so that clearly disproves the claim in this documentary that "Neil Armstrong has never given an on-camera interview".

  206. Reflectors, mirrors, etc. on the Moon are no proof that men put them there - the Soviets put reflectors and other objects by Lunokhod there as well.

    An interesting documentary, but it's a bit emotional and less technical; "Apollo Zero" makes more sense to me.

  207. The best proof that men never went to the Moon is that no one can go there NOW. What happened - the break-through successful Apollo technology of space travel suddenly deteriorated? NASA budget problems are total BS - NASA's budget never really shrinked, besides why closing such a revolutionary technology and abandoning this program? Just think about this for a moment.

    Years after Apollo, the advanced U.S. shuttle program improved and perfected through many years was recognized to be inferior and shut down. Now, the United States can only go into space through Russian Soyuz rockets.

    FORTY (40) years ago the U.S. had the technology of launching huge Apollo spacecrafts with enormous amount of fuel into space, fly 238'857 miles (384403 km) to the Moon, undock the lunar moduel with two persons on board, land it on the Moon, walk around, take off the Moon surface (!), reconnect with the main module orbiting the Moon (!), and then fly 238'857 miles (384403 km) back to Earth, successfully land here. Evrything done at first attempt, uncountless things that could go never did. Repeated seveal times, each time wit hsuccess. Van Allen Radiation Belts never did any harm to the astronauts.

    And all this amazing technology created in a rush within several months is now just in description and some fuzzy-looking photos. Come on, really!? How about we completely stop DVD and Blu-ray technologies, just for the heck of it, go back to VHS and start developing something new from scratch? Does this make sense to you? Do the "Apollo missions to the Moon" make sense to you as well?

    1. Absolutely agree! No need to check all these technical stuff which we can be tricked off from pretending experts (eg flag waving, no dust on feet of moon lander etc).

      And another thing which makes things look pretty sketchy is when NASA couple of years ago when they were looking into their archives to digitise the APOLLO 11 missions said they lost them>;<?! What??? Are they serious? They lost the original footage! And their response on their website was also so funny! NASA was behaving like a baby who stole something and got caught:-)

    2. @Rainmaker
      first "The best proof that men never went to the Moon is that no one can go there NOW" can you prove this? don't use "we haven't" as we "can't". the appolo technology didn't deteriorate the focus was shifted to near earth missions and achieved many things. you then state "shuttle program improved and perfected through many years was recognized to be inferior and shut down." the shuttle had a planned lifespan of 15 years which it exceeded. the cost of new shuttles (they do need replacement) amid possible changes in direction coupled with the loss in interest by the public all contributed to the decision to end the program. "Evrything done at first attempt, uncountless things that could go never did. Repeated seveal times, each time wit hsuccess." really? there were many accidents and failures during testing, experienced delays and included deaths. next "And all this amazing technology created in a rush within several months is now just in description and some fuzzy-looking photos" . this technology was developed over decades and the evidence includes a lot more than " some fuzzy-looking photos". how about samples brought back,the astronauts themselves, the countless working on the missions,the confirmation by other nations (recently selene), and so on. also "start developing something new from scratch? Does this make sense to you? " who said they are starting from scratch? please provide proof of this? finally i skipped over the Van Allen statement on purpose. here is why. you have in one short sentence let all of us know a lot about you. one that you don't know anything about the Van Allen Belt. two you can't even be bothered with applying the short time needed to find out why that statement is absurd. three you are guilty of confirmation bias. and finally you are relying on sites as ignorant as yourself as this question has been answered here and well known among anybody with the education and intelligence to study the subject and make an informed decision.

  208. to Me. your obvious purpose for posting your comment was to make yourself look smart but using all those big words make you look desperate...im sure you regard yourself as inteligent but for most people you come off as ignorant..im sure you use the word essentially in every sentence dont you?

  209. sigh.
    how tedious.
    i heard a lecture by terrence mckenna some time ago that profoundly affected me, and after having watched this dross, a quote from that lecture came to mind. i lhad to look it up and i share it with you freely, as it exemplifies what crap like this makes me feel:
    "A balkanization of epistemology is taking place. There is no longer a commonality of understanding. For some people quantum physics provides the answers. Their next door neighbor may look to the channeling of archangels with equal fervor.
    It is accompanied by a related phenomenon which is technology, or the historical momentum of things, is creating such a bewildering social milieu that the monkey mind cannot find a simple story, a simple creation myth or redemption myth to lay over the crazy contradictory patchwork of profane techno-consumerist post-McLuhanist electronic pre-apocalyptic existence.
    Into that dimension of anxiety created by this inability to parse reality rushes a bewildering variety of squirrelly notions, epistemological cartoons if you will. Conspiracy theory, in my humble opinion, is a kind of epistemological cartoon about reality. Isn't it so simple to believe that things are run by the greys, and that all we have to do is trade sufficient fetal tissue to them and then we can solve our technological problems, or isn't it comforting to believe that the Jews are behind everything, or the Communist Party, or the Catholic Church, or the Masons. Well, these are epistemological cartoons, it is kindergarten in the art of amateur historiography.
    I believe that the truth of the matter is far more terrifying, that the real truth that dare not speak itself is that no one is in control, absolutely no one. This stuff is ruled by the equations of dynamics and chaos. There may be entities seeking control, but to seek control is to take enormous aggravation upon yourself. It's like trying to control a dream."
    then again: maybe i have simply done so much acid that i believe in kennedy's dream, and it's significance to our species. as far as i am concerned, the real question to ask, the real conspiracy meme is why, 40 years after humanity last set foot there, have we truly not returned?

  210. yeh thats it by "mistake" NASA gave these guys unedited tape...so they did everything possible to cover this but at the end they made a mistake...who is bull******** now?

  211. No man has ever walked on moon, so shut your stupid mouth!

  212. Uh... There's a mirror on the moon, one that reflects a laser signal from the Earth to measure the distance from the planet to the moon. In fact, the device is visible with enough clarity if you look hard enough through a high-powered telescope. Ever wonder who put it there? :P

    1. I have heardthis before. I remember it was suppose to measure the moon moving away from Earth, which is probably BS.

    2. I have heardthis before. I remember it was suppose to measure the moon moving away from Earth, which is probably BS.

    3. I can get a bounce from it, successfully. It takes a few seconds to travel, which is about the same time it takes light to travel to the moon and back.

    4. actually its not BS, the moon travels away from earth at a rate of 2in per year, when the earth was young, the moon circled the earth at 15,000 miles. Which made it tidally locked to earth, over time, the rotation of the earth slows, and the moon moves farther away. Who knows, when it gets far enough away, it may even begin to rotate. I don't understand why its so hard for everyone to believe we put a man on the moon, but they believe that we can leave the solar system with voyager, or put 2 ton vehicles on the Martian surface. We should be proud of the accomplishments of our nation. We all took part in building it.

    5. The same guy who drives the rover in Mars and flies inside the Voyager to the far reaches of our Solar System? Just guessing...

  213. The American problemsolver for the state, and wisleblower Pete Peterson tells in a documentary made by project camelot, that he has knowlage about different sugestions of colaborations betwen the russians and the americans, regarding the moon "race". There was not a frantic race. it was all planned an spoken about. Shut up now you fools who belive americans didnt go to the moon. Buzz aldrin puncked this guy in the face when he proclaimed he wasnt on the trip. A small studio version or pictures of some questionable images of faking the voyage should be dismissed as not a reliable evedence, bacause remakes are bound to be done on the matter.

  214. There seems to be a ton of info backing this up. The window seen is hilarious!

  215. "NEW" pictures from only 13 miles up from the Moon, showing Apollo 12, 14, and 17 landing site. Plus photo of the boot tracks left behind in 1972.

    From Reuters news service.

    Alright, who owes me money? pay up!!

    1. So you mean that people who believe the moon landing was a hoax, are just going to rely on pictures from the same people that is supposed to already have fooled them once before?

      Have you heard about photo shop? Isaw a picture of a man eating the great pyramide of Ghiza too....does that make it true? I heard the pyramide is still there.

      no one is paying no one before enough evidence are shown. i'm not convinced by any side. However it is most unlikely any man ever set his foot on the moon.

    2. @adler556,

      The last of the die-hards, you owe me money, pay up!

      You better let Reuters news service know that they have photo shop? pictures on hand about the manned moon landings, go ahead I dare you!

    3. uuhh..... EPIC FAIL!

      Pay up!

  216. If any of you non-believers of the Moon Landings, Id like to invite you to west Texas, where the University of Texas has the last operational base of the Apollo missions. On the first, and I believe 2nd Landings Astronauts placed Mirrors at different locations, specified by Astrophysicists that wanted to study, in depth, a swinging motion noted by observation from ground based telescopes. Well, every 3/4 or more moon phase they reflect lasers off the mirrors, measuring the return signal, in order to track the the movements precisely, and they have, ever since Apollo 11.

    As they say again and again, "If anyone questions the landings, we are still here, come and see". You can actually see the bounce, it is rather amazing. Also note that hundreds of home radio operators were following their transmissions that were going on throughout the mission, not just televised coverage.

    Another thing, the USSR wanted nothing more than a failure, and I assure you, they were able to track orbiting bodies, just as we were and are. Had there been a hint of anything untoward, they would have been all over it faster than you can say Francis Gary Powers. That's all ancillary, really....just Call the University of Texas, they have all the info any doubter will need...unless they are so dug in on denial, that plain facts fly through them like neutrinos.

    1. The HAMs tracking transmissions don't mean a thing? Have you watched this documentary, or are you just such an ardent fan of UT?

  217. Hello, and welcome to Movie Phone! You have selected 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon' starring conspiracy theorist x, acid tripping college dropout, and uneducated champion of the cause. Press 1 to earn rewards from AOL; press 2 to receive beauty secrets from Heidi Klum; press 3 to vote that you care if the government inflamed claims about their accomplishments in regard to the space race to one-up the commies.

  218. Just another America bashing video.

  219. These were retroreflectors, no need for precise aiming.
    The Russians put a couple of these on the Moon too, on their Lunohods.

  220. I also have a problem with how the mirrors were placed on the moon. If anyone can give a convincing answer there is a crate of beer on me coming your way.

    The problem: To place a mirror on the moon so that a laser fired at it from the Earth will reflect back to the exact point at which it was fired from.

    The facts:

    1. The human hand cannot place objects to within an angle accuracy of 2 degree's

    2. The distance from moon to earth is on average 238'857 miles

    3. Basic Trigonometry tells us that placing the mirror with an angle error of 0.01 degrees creates a circle of radius 2388 miles on Earth! Or reformulated. A radius circle error on Earth of 100 metres would mean that the mirror on the moon would have to be placed to within an angle accuracy of 0.00000001 degree's.

    How was the mirror placed to such a level of accuracy?

    1. this answer is definitely not worth a case of beer but the mirrors are designed to reflect light hitting it back on the exact path. look up "Retroreflector"

    2. Thanks for the link. I will study the details and report back on my findings. I pretty much knew that there was no way that the human hand could have placed the mirrors to that degree of accuracy.

    3. A reflector reflects light back at an opposite angle to the entry angle. A retroreflector reflects light back on the exact path regardless of the angle of incidence.

      Two triangular prisms next to each other like a submarine corner mirror as opposed to a flat mirror.

      Got it. Simple really... The beers are on me when you are next in town.

    4. you are welcome i am glad i could help
      p.s hope it's Canadian beer ha ha

    5. I know. God did it. That is usual BS answer that people come up with when they can't find any logical answer.

  221. For all of you that dont believe in the landings, they placed an object in the moon that can return a laser bean to earth... now the difficult part, try to find by your self what object is that and how you can interact with it.

    1. its a laser to a mirror, and you interact with it at an observatory somewhere, i think hawaii maybe not 100% certain... does this documentary work for you? i cant see it.. i want to see what the argument is for their claims of it being faked

  222. doesnt work?

  223. IN MY OPINION, we never went to the moon in the 60's.. here are just a few reasons:1- not enough fuel to get there and back2- no computing power, a computer the size of a car had the computing power of a modern day calculator3- not enough room in landing module for 2 fully suited men, computing systems, heating and cooling systems, fuel and engines4- the suits used by the astronauts weren't even radiation proof (hard to pierce through the allen radiation belt upon leaving earth without radiation protection)5- ww2 fighter pilots in the pacific had communications problems at times, and these guys with 1960's technology could maintain uninterrupted comms 200,000 + away? impossible6- we are supposed to believe that on the 1st attempt EVER to get men to the moon we succeeded. Impossible7- the soviets had already put a satellite and a man in orbit, we needed to prove to them we were beyond their technology, so we faked it.8- the landing gear of the lunar module never got a spec of dust during landing? impossible9- no blast crater under the lunar module after touching down on the moon. impossible10- the pictures allegedly taken on the moon look perfect, too perfect, apparently unfiltered radiation doesn't do anything to the colors or the filmthose are just a few reasons.. think about it. If we went, IF, it wasn't in the 60's, that was just propaganda to hold off the russians. And IF we actually landed on the moon in future mission, I don't think the government actually told the public, they were covert ops.

    1. ok lets see
      1 show me the #'s you have for fuel required
      2 the computers ran navigation only not much power needed (the modern shuttle has a 500kb cpu less than a cell phone)
      3 show me facts to prove that
      4 radiation issue explained to death on this thread
      5 what ww2 fighter pilots went through is irrelevant
      6 yes
      7 the soviets also had an interest in showing it was fake so why did they confirm it
      8 the landing gear was clean because in a vacuum the dust would have continued outward away from module
      9 jaxa (japans space agency) sent selene recently and detected halo from landing
      10 we see the pictures nasa released there could have been many not released due to poor quality

      ok i answered yours now for mine
      1 why did/does Japan /Australia/Canada and Russia confirm it
      2 how did nasa keep 100's of thousands involved completely quiet
      3 why did they fake going back multiple times and compound the odds of a leak when once was enough

    2. 1.Uh. because japan, australia, canada and russia had a lot more to gain, in funding and support, by showing it was possible than showing it was not.

      2. They've done it before, they'll do it again. Area 51? Invasion of L.A.? Hanger 18?

      3. He said they could have gone there since, but that the original was a fake, which there is MORE than enough evidence backing.

      Steven Spielberg was hired to direct and produce the moon landing video?

      AHAHAHA totally legit.

    3. @Tessa Bell
      1 the Russian moon program was shut down afterwards what funding did the landing get them?
      2 that fact that something might have happened before is not proof of it happening again
      3 he said "we never went to the moon in the 60's" there were two landings in the 60's and two lunar orbits in the 60"s and what evidence do you speak of?

    4. You are right. We never went to the moon in 60's. It is not an easy job to do.

  224. This lady doesn't know what she's talking about - Neil has been in heaps of documentaries, detailing everything about the landing - just watch 'when we left earth' - i hate this ho....

  225. the U.S found out early that there is no money to be made returning to the moon. But there is a lot of money to be made in starting wars. Ask yourself this. what gives you more power and money? (a)Weapons or (b) lunar lander?.

    1. You don't think a lunar base would be better than a space station?

    2. @ John

      I want a space station like they had in 2001, A Space Odyssey, AND a moon station!


  226. I thought it was common knowledge that the close up images on google earth are not from a satellite but are aerial photographs, im shocked, has no one seen the photos of the footprints which is going around, I know a robot could have left them or something but there is also a vid of them going through van allen belt, I just think there is too much evidence in favour that they must have went.

  227. @Achems Razor...not to say that you are wrong, because frankly i know little about the power of the Hubble telescope but please answer my question: if the millions living on earth can go to something as simple and available like Google Earth and pinpoint a house why can't we go to the moon and pin point a large area? I am not sarcastic...i am truly trying to find out.

  228. Alex:

    It seems that no matter how many times it has been said, will say it again, the Hubble telescope due to resolution, cannot pick up any evidence of the moon landings.

  229. It can easily be proven. Just point the Hubble telescope at the moon. If there were men on the moon, it will be evident.

  230. Nice Doc, rise lot of question.

    tnx for sharing.

  231. Great doc...thanks.

  232. Some will never believe that their loved ones could lie to such a degree...we see it in families, we see it in couples, we see in the best friendship, we even see it in our children and we see it here...and still some refuse to accept the fact that they were simply and utterly betrayed.
    Perhaps because most humans refuse to see it in themself, no matter how small the lie was.

  233. If we actually went to the moon it would be easier and less costly each additional time. This holds true for every other technology in existence. A 40$ computer today does more than a multi-million dollar computer from the fifties and in 1/1000th of the space. Why doesn't this line of reasoning work with the moon missions? It defies logic if you ask me.

    1. As already mentioned a billion times here: there is no point in going back now. It's not just about the money. We would learn very little about a new trip to the moon. And it's still not a walk in the park you know.

  234. You know, I have read many of the blogs, and I will sum it up for everyone. If you want proof, we have to go back to get it. The reason they haven't is because they can't. They gave up the technology of the Saturn 5 in favor of the shuttle program. It would take them just as long to do it again today, in fact longer, because no one would ever take the chances they did originally. I am of the belief that most of the nay sayers are relatively young, and because we haven't went to the moon in 39 years, I understand the inherent scepticism. Yes, we have an orbiter around the moon that has taken pictures of the LEM bases. The Russians have landed unmanned probes, and taken film of the landers themselves which is why they don't suggest the U.S lied. If however you really want to talk conspiracy, JFK and 9 11 are good places to start, because the Zapruder film shows Kennedy getting shot from the front, not the back. As far as 9 11 goes the most important question is never asked. Why would Donald Rumsfeld tell the American public the day before 9 11 that the pentagon had misplaced 2.3 trillion dollars that they can't account for. Considering no mainstream media has brought it up since. It would seem like the perfect time to announce it, knowing that the public would be so galvanized over what happened, they could easily be distracted from the U.S need for oil; Iraq.

  235. If anybody wants to know more, check my link called "17 steps to the Moon and Back"..."In the shadow of the moon" doc. here on TDF...blog 16

  236. I'm not hostile. Infact I'm done with the moon debate.

  237. @ACHEMS RAZOR: Thank you ol man. I'm trying really hard to learn. I'm still so puzzled at what Werner Von Braun said about the craft having to be the size of an ocean liner to carry the fuel for a round trip. As for the stages, Von Braun said Years not days. Most people are out to pasture grazing. They'll buy anything that is being sold. I noticed that you have not commented about Von Braun and his comments.
    So who is a novice like me to believe, The Mainstream media or Von Braun who is considered the Godfather of Nasa?
    Mmmmm it's a tough choice razor man but I'll go with the
    director of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center 1960-1972,A
    man named Werner Von Braun. Either way It's getting boring to
    keep going jab for jab. Happy Holidays to all My Brothers
    and Sisters here in the United States!

  238. @Rob:

    Have noticed you are on most of the moon docs. with your same questions.

    Why are you so adamant on trying to discredit the Moon landings, with your hostile unproven suppositions?

  239. @Rob:

    You are the one that is bent all out of shape with this religee thing pilgrim, not I. Really couldn't care less.

    For your info all the moon landings "were" done in stages. The hardest part because of the biggest payload was escaping Earth gravity, then was a almost a cakewalk.

    "So easy to put man on Mars" three to four days in a capsule is far different than 6 months to Mars and who knows how long on the planet, and 6 months back, come on think!!

    Don't worry, I have no hard feelings, You have learn sometime.

  240. @ ACHEMS RAZOR. My point went right over your head. No I'm not a religee. When you decide to be the religee sheriff,
    Your behavior is just as crazy as the bible thumping zealots.
    How in hell could a religee bother you or offend you just by
    typing a few words? You give them power when you behave that way. No hard feelings Brother. Best wishes

  241. Sir a far more brilliant man that you and I said that we would need a craft the size of a ocean liner to carry the fuel. His name was Werner Von Braun, He made this comment
    in the mid 60's.I simply quoted Werner Von Braun. Why the hell would one of the most brilliant men in history make such a comment? He went so far as to say we'd have to go to the moon in stages. As for the 34,000,000 miles in approx to mars, what the hell are you talking about Doug? We've put rovers on martian soil. If it's so easy to put man on the moon in 69, why have we not sent them to mars? Thank you for the reply Brother. Best wishes

  242. @Rob, you are pretty funny. You mention the amount of fuel needed to go to the moon as an issue, but, you gladly accept we send probes to Mars. The closest we have been to Mars in recent history was in 2003, when we were 34,000,000 miles apart. How many ocean liners of fuel did that take? Someone doesn't have their thinking cap on.

    1. I think fuel efficiency/technology may have improved from the 60's to 2003.......Where's that thinking cap!

  243. @Rob:

    I already answered your/these same questions on "The truth behind the moon landing" doc. here on TDF

    I think you should get some schooling, some book learning there kid.
    Learn something before you attack,

    What? are you a religee also?? Me a religee sheriff? you betcha

  244. @AchemsRazor. Ask one question to all free thinking people and be objective. Since the mid 1970's we have sent over 20 probes to mars and not one single mission had a man a board.
    Common sense would force us to simply ask why? In 2005 the space shuttle went to a height of 700 miles above the earth and CNN reported that the crew had trouble with there vision.
    The moon is 240,000 miles from earth. Now let us talk fuel.
    For a round trip to the moon and back it would take a craft the size of an ocean liner just to carry the fuel, 480,000
    miles round trip! I also take issue with achems razor and his desire to be the religee sheriff on so many sites. Sir my guess is you're in you're late 40's or early 50's and suffer from serious self esteem issues. Best wishes to all

  245. Vlatko, are you kidding? You are referencing the Wikipedia?? Unbelievable! Anyone can edit info on Wikipedia.

  246. @ Brian,

    Why don't you just pull the trigger and save both us and yourself from misery... (and for the sake of those who find you be a good christian to the end and pull it before you puke)

  247. @Bryan:

    Your welcome, personally I think your spirit of the lord is not welcome here. You do not even make sense?? read your post again!

    Show where it says that this doc. has anything to do with your lord?

    Religee's everywhere! argh!

  248. After reading just about only a mere fraction of all these posts, I am not ready to vomit and pull the trigger of the revolver pointed at my temple. Thank you all for squabbling the spirit of the Lord out of me. my soul hurts. :(

  249. @ray its very convincing what is the source of this video, could be faked lol, dirty american scum will do anything to look good hahaha

  250. I dont believe people are still doubting the moon landings...of course we got to the moon.Without the moon landings we could never have gained the data needed to allow us to build the ships that got us to Pandora..next you will all be telling me that was a lie too :)

  251. Thing that buzzels me is that when the moon landings where conspiracy than why didn't the Russians ever suggest it...i mean they were watching every step of it...

    1. like why did the Russians accept 2 million dollars as payment FOR THE WHOLE of Alaska?? that one really is baffling

  252. Addressing Squeegee and his, or her link regarding the Dutch moon rock.
    Forgive me if this has already been pointed out but I quickly lost interest in reading through the comments posted about this overly repetitive argument for a landing hoax.
    The very link you posted to the BBC story does not say that the rock was presented personally to the Queen of the Netherlands by Neil Armstrong. The rock was given to the Prime Minister by the Ambassador of the United States as a personal keepsake. The Queen was presented with an official copy of the placard left on the moon by the astronauts. There was no ceremony or official status attached to the rock gift which is why it remained among the Prime Minister's personal belongings until donated to the museum after his death.
    I can think of a lot of ways where the original gift might have been exchanged, or lost and replaced with something similar in size and colour. But my favourite explanation is that maybe it was a misunderstood joke of the U.S. Ambassador to give the Dutch Prime Minister a "wooden" moon rock! The explanation notwithstanding, it is hardly evidence that the Apollo missions were faked. What I find most revealing is the extrapolation Sqeegee put in the comment when the link did not even support the claim of a "personally" exchanged gift between Neil Armstrong and the Queen!! Squeegee's comment is a perfect example of the way hoaxers reinterprete the information they read to support their own conclusions. Truth, like the facts of the missions, never change! Only the hoaxers have to keep moving their story around to support the ever changing fiction of their claims!

  253. AMAZING documentary - read all the comments, still no probable debunking going on.....i'll check back later to see if anything credible pops up

  254. best evidence that man landed on the moon. 72 year old Edwin "buzz" Aldrin punching a man in the head for calling him a fruad. That is a normal reaction for someone who strapped 5 million pounds of high explosive to his rear end and walking on the moon.

    1. I hear there's a lot of 'punching' evidence's going on in Guantanamo bay too..

  255. if the yanks didnt land on the moon the russians would have exposed them,why would every other nation in the developed world just go along with it

  256. Hey Freedom Warrrior

    The three men burned up because the americans couldn't even build a rocket safe enough to fly in, never mind make it to the moon. How can people continually fall for and believe the same type and style of propoganda thet Hitler started with an actual minister of propoganda (Goebells) only perfected by the United States. Use media to brainwash the masses into conformity.

    The "Make our people beleive we are the strongest, smartest and most advanced people on the planet while all others are inferior by means of mass delusional brainwashing" keeps all the nations confused, dumb and hating each other, when really, there is no reason for hatred or war. Take a quote from the Bible,...

    "But the LORD came down to see the city and the tower that the men were building. 6 The LORD said, "If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. 7 Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other. 8 So the LORD scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city. 9 That is why it was called Babel - because there the LORD confused the language of the whole world. From there the LORD scattered them over the face of the whole earth."

    This is the first written form of dumbing down the masses for political/power control, and oh how perfect the system works now, all you retards beleive man went to the moon, and all the other crap the governments and secret organizations tell you.

  257. it still won't let me watch.

  258. Funny thing is documentary is all directed, produced and written by single man, Bart Sibrel. Just google him.

  259. how about!!! you all will join my cause including the funds,technology,etc., and in the end we all have the answer. coz 2 heads is better than one. hehehehe

  260. it won't let me watch it =(

  261. I hear Russians/Soviets claim they invented this and that-contrary to American claims but I've never heard the Soviets claim the US did not land men on the moon in the late 60's and 70's. I doubt the Soviets could be fooled about the subject because they were aware of all the challenges involved.
    The technology the US had to develop to do this was very costly and widely engaged but the benefits of creating that technology remain with us to this day. It's very real and it works.

    The proof offered that the US created a myth about the Apollo program is not convincing.

    Never-the-less, I maintain an open mind about the subject because it's extremely unusual and there was a powerful motive for one nation to be the first to land on the moon.

    Why have manned flights to the moon surface stopped? The cost and risk of doing it wasn't justified. Without any apparent life, the moon is a dust covered, pock-marked rock without an atmosphere and very little gravity.

    1. 'Why have manned flights to the moon surface stopped? The cost and risk
      of doing it wasn't justified. Without any apparent life, the moon is a
      dust covered, pock-marked rock without an atmosphere and very little

      true..and its only our gateway to space

  262. Serenity, the nastiness you hear in the narrators voice is probably not vindictive its just that being from the UK WE generally sound all our letters correctly and sound words as they are spelt :)

  263. this doc is terrible.

  264. september 1968 zond 5 flyby around the moon and come back to earth carrying 2 russian turtles, flies and other bugs everybody come back to earth alive

  265. Watch 47 minute video...

    Google..."the real story of apollo 11-stranger than fiction"

  266. Iwonder were the kgb and the soviet union science academy a bunch of ignorants

  267. multi disciplined engineer? what a curious discription. whats that qualify them to do or be?

  268. I agree, great link @David.

    Let the nay-sayers choke on that one! Have bookmarked the site.

  269. @ David.

    Thanks for sharing that recent LRO photo with us.

  270. This has been proven that nasa has landed on the moon by a simple experiment. A laser was bounced off the mirrors placed on the lunar surface and the the distance to the moon was calculated to a fraction of a centimeter. Recent measurements have shown us that the moon is receding at 1" to 2" per year from us which will be a cause for concern in a few million years.

  271. Primates have 48 chromosomes and humans have 46, but we have found the chromosomes that have merged.

    Exons, which are usually found on the ends of chromosomes (and are structurally different than anything else)were found in the 'middle' of two chromosomes, strongly indicating that at sometime in history, two chromosomes merged in humans to give the 46 present today.

  272. I didn't get to see the doc, but did takeover an hour to read the comments. Einstein was an id***. Lisa Mitner discovered fission.T he sun is an electric anode not a fusion engine. It gets its energy from the galaxy.

    Thats why the corona is 2 million degrees. You accelerate a charged particle by putting it in a magnetic field. Thats why the solar wind accelerates. NASA would be doing life in prison or executed for all their lying. Why do they air brush photos? Von Braun said the neutral point was at 43,495 miles from the moon.

    So did Apollo 16? which makes its gravity 45% of earths not 18% Ok , yall got factoids? Cause I have many more I want to discuss. Funny thing on the way to my college degrees, I was never taught all other primates have 48 chromosome pairs, but humans 46. Oh and why haven't we been told more about the Sumerians than they popped out of the wilderness and set up civilization?

    Lastly, when someone threatens to kill your whole family, you will keep your mouth shut. Oh there were 4 astronauts burned up in that test.

  273. @knat
    thats not a very good argument...

  274. Wow, you're right.
    If it hasn't been repeated in over forty years then it must be a hoax.
    Hey, you know what else hasn't been repeated in over forty years? The bombing of a major metropolitan area with a nuclear weapon. So that was probably a hoax too.

    Or is that just a case of VERY BAD LOGIC?

  275. Thanks ray for shedding some light on the subject with those vimeos.
    It's pretty clear, isn't it ! (Puns unintended!)

  276. Hi Sweevo
    I'm open minded on this issue of the Apollo missions.
    The fact that there were several moon missions, logicly would point to them being genuine, why fake the landing several times?
    However, the astronauts were able to put a flag up and mount onto moon buggies, and so although they may not of been able to scratch their arses they certainly could have had more fun with gravity up there.
    I've seen the photos of the moon mapper and I can't see any footprint or anything else in those photos. Certainly they are not nearly as clear or close as the mars photos.

  277. Hi ray
    well in the 1st place the suits you wear dont let you scratch your ass nevermind toss anything and there was was several demos of the 0 grav efects.
    Hubble is just doing what it was made for "taking pictures of distant galaxies"

    Certainly we are now seeing some very close up shots with the mars explorers but whats happened with the moon photos?

    There is lots of new photos from the new luna mapper probe
    including the moon landings but they are probably fakes if you think that way

  278. Very engaging documentary *thankyou*
    In all the appollo moon missions, I have only ever seen one single gravity experiment. One would expect Astronaughts to demonstrate gravity quite alot on the moon and in various ways, such as throwing objects/rocks about etc. I think the first thing I would have done on the moon would be to pick up a rock and throw it. Astronaughts quite often have demonstrated zero gravity in their Appolo spacecraft, why not on the moon?
    Sometimes its not what you see but what is missing that tells the story. Very odd.
    Also now with the hubble telescope taking pictures of distant galaxies why have we never seen any clear close up photos of the moon's lunar surface? Certainlyt we are now seeing some very close up shots with the mars explorers but whats happened with the moon photos?

    1. the entire mission was a "gravity experiment". If there had still been a lot to learn about gravity at that point in space exploration they would have never made.

  279. @ Doug

    WATCH it if you will, Doug, but with the sound OFF. ! Seriously !
    The woman narrator has a nasty, cynical tone to her voice the whole way through. No way is she objective. She is anti-American all the way, and even seems to blame the U.S. for the Biafran crisis. A nasty piece of work. However the footage of 1960's current events interests me.

  280. Don't think I can even make myself watch it. The other stuff I have seen about moon landings being faked is way over the top, but, come across as if they know they know.

  281. Bouncing lasers allegedly off of mirrors left on the moon by Apollo moon landings, and this supposedly "proves" there was a moon landing? NOPE.

    The "mirrors on the moon" mythology is handled quite well in the documentary "Apollo Zero" available for viewing on this very same website. Seems you can bounce lasers off the moon and have them reflect back at you WITHOUT mirrors being on the moon. The evidence cited for this is shown to come straight out of the scientific literature and from reputable scientists.

    Watch "Apollo Zero" and see for yourself.[Moreover you can bounce infrared or lasers off of people who are NOT draped with mirrors and have your $30 camera capture these emissions and auto-focus on them accurately. No "mirrors" on the subject are needed.]

    Finally, perhaps the best circumstantial evidence for NEVER having gone to the moon is the fact that the U.S. hasn't attempted a moon landing in almost 40 years. Now why would that be? It's because with so many various nations having caught up to the U.S. in terms of satellite, telescope, communications and real time de-encryption technology, such a hoax would be near impossible to pull off today.

    Think on it HARD: The U.S. has had space shuttles almost fall apart, and two space shuttles literally blown to pieces along with their crews using the LATEST technology. And these were trips merely into earth's orbit, around the earth a few times and back. Yet we are to believe the U.S. made it to the moon (and back) using what today would be considered junkyard technology (that mechanics and engineers could slap together in 24 hours on the "Junkyard Wars" TV show) and with hand-held calculator level computers!!

    Again, I suggest you think hard about it: The U.S. "landed a man on the moon" almost 40 years ago but there hasn't been even the slightest attempt to land a man on mars in the almost 40 years since then. That's because the technology for manned flight to mars doesn't exist today. Just as technology to get a man to the moon and back couldn't possibly have existed almost FOUR DECADES ago: back when the U.S. air force was flying clunky phantom jets.

    1. Problem with space Shuttles is that they were meant to be reusable.
      That meant solid rocket boosters, detachable hydrogen fuel tanks and wings. Things that failed on shuttles and weren't used in the Apollo program.

  282. Hrrrmmmrrmm (cough cough) Kin i get me some m*onshine with that?

  283. uhhhh, hmmm.
    uhmmm, haruph.

    (clears throat) Our people will be in touch with YOUR people. Vaya Cornholios.

  284. @ Eff

    I think U didnt take mine because it only had a cassette player :P BTW... I LIKED THAT LIGHTER!!! I demand for a replacement... huhu

  285. @ Alfi
    I CONFESS! It was I who blew up your cig lighter! And I already have a dozen car radios... keep the change!

    (It's Time once again... to MOON my nosy neighbor)

  286. just a short comment about Mythbusters :) I like the show... seriously I do.... but not all of what they disprove as myths are actually true... they try their best of course, but sometimes they might have missed some things (i guess?)

    One of the myths they disproved personally happened to me...
    my cigarette lighter once actually did explode inside my car.
    (according to them it would be impossible)....
    left in there (with contact to direct sunlights). and since i live in Malaysia, which can get really2 hot at times (but still cooler than the oven they used :P)....
    truthfully, it did actually brake into pieces.

    of course I didnt see it happen as I was not in the car when it happened. but finding it shattered to pieces was proof enuff. unless of course somebody came into my car.... didnt take the radio, didnt take the spare change etc... an just decided to thash my lighter :D

  287. @ Sweevo:

    I myself will also wait with baited breath, but there explanations will not be forthcoming,

    What they know about physics would be at the bottom of their moonshine jar. The only physics they know is if they can walk without falling down. Re: gravity.

  288. I realy think the big problem with this topic is the fact most people dont know enough about physics
    physics:-natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion through spacetime
    The moon is not the earth things that we see here are not the same as they are there
    the "waving flag" ect are old hat and has been explained many time but people dont listen and that is problem 2#
    No one has explaned the "moon buggy" yet and why the dust falls right back down EG does not blow around the place
    So you guys have all the answers then us why ????
    << waiting with baited breath ^^

    1. yes the moon buggy lol they took a vehicle up there just to fck around in lol the moon buggy, in case they wanted to drive up the road to get cigarettes? at least it had room for the golf clubs..

  289. GREAT idea, "Jack Green" !

    I'm going to celebrate 20JULY by going outside that night, stare at the moon for a few whie muching on some swiss cheeze and sipping on some Moonshine, and then retreating inside to watch Capricorn One , AGAIN, for the uptheenth time... BTW, OJ Simpson played an astronaut in that movie

    "Men on the moon"... BWAAAhahahaha

  290. @Randy

    > We landed on the moon!

    Now that you mention it. We should celebrate that.

    July 20. Moonday!

  291. @Klugx05

    1) Newton's laws of motion still work on the moon. It's not a solid plate. It's a flag with a piece of iron in it to keep it up. You can't move a flag without creating waves.
    2) There was no window trick. The video told you that. They put a camera against the window and saw the earth. Amazing, isn't it? If the trick was performed the way this video suggests the texture of the earth would change as the camera shakes. What you're seeing is the earth, with its terminator, in all its glory.
    3) They weren't. The video told you that.
    4) There was some kind of radio noise. If it wasn't suggested to you that it sounds like "talk", you probably wouldn't even have recognized it that way. It's like seeing faces in rocks. Also, you have to remember that media coverage was critical to this entire event, so obviously there would be some instructions throughout the process.
    5) They obviously didn't need them ;-)

  292. Yes, Jack, exactly, thank you...

    This silly debate really must end. So childish.

    We have important work to do! The internet has lied to you, it often does, get over it and move on!

    We landed on the moon!

  293. The moon landing was peer reviewed. Soviet Union did not object and you can be damn sure they knew and would have debunked it.

  294. Sweevo Thank you Sir, very kind. Squeegee, great name by the way, Thank you too.

    you raise the usual and valid points but dont worry. The Chinese will have people poking around the landing struts soon enough, or america will be torn apart by the worst humilliation internationally and domestically what ever shred of respect there is for govt will be gone forever. Hey it could even topple america from the world stage. Or china will find all the evidence you need. But then maybe as these things always go there will be the next conspiracy, that the US planted that stuff there quickly and secretly before that commies arrive and use the lie to bring them down. Oops maybe i just started one. Because if it is a lie and they find out they will take the US down I guarantee you.

    I am un aware of any swine flu conspiracy. It happened people died, there was a small but real chance of mutation into something else the media were all over it from day one and after SARS I can tell you hong kong had taken action within minutes of Mexico declaring a flu problem. We don't want that again. But maybe I haven't seen that TV program. WMD's is a perfect example of how governments cant lie like that. The brits said it to convince parliament to go to war and in less than a week were found out that the dossier was exaggerated and that came home to roost when as predicted there weren't any. May have been different in America but i wasn't there at the time.

    Anyway like you i wont comment further on this issue. I didn't watch the documentary because i read the comments first and realized there was nothing new. I find it interesting that people want to talk about science but get there info from TV and the intertwat. If you want science dont watch the idiot box.

    If there is a conspiracy out there and i am sure there are loads the best one has to be keeping the people entertained and occupied with this stuff so they don't look the other way.
    Misdirection, a useful tool.

    All the best

  295. .... There are precedents....AGAIN. 3 little letters: J.F.K. of the disappering brain/evidence/proof fame. But 56 witness' (to the grassy knoll) who gave chase and came forth in this case, and were silenced or ignored. Gulf of Tonkin took 40yrs. Swine Flu & WMD's took a lot less, but was just as big/costly a lie.

    Just watched a good "Sky Archaeology" doc (on TDC) about satalite imaging, and you have to forgive people for being amazed that after 40 years the rumours persist. I find that amazing enough to leave the door (if only just a little) ajar.

    Where is the irrefutable evidence?...after 40yrs!
    Moon rocks - fake.
    Grainy photos of "footprints" devoid of lander, rover/tracks etc - inconclusive.
    Putting a metalic target on the moon for laser reading - hardly requires a human to set foot on the moon, mars rover et all.

    AAAARRRGGGHHH, i swore i wouldn't reply to any more opinion based theories (or go back over old ground), but hey, what else would i be doing after a hard days work? :) i mean "have you ever met an American who could keep his fat mouth shut?", well yes, the Bush Regime, JE Hoover, Obama (+ every other pres since Kennnedy) on these preceeding lies remains silent and pushes on with the same agenda. Your enslavement, enjoy.

  296. It would be imposable to keep something this big a secret for so long, human nature being what it is
    HKMatt very well said Sir

  297. I read with interest and a little sadness the back and forth about this subject on here and in other places. I don't blame people for feeling strongly about a subject that is patriotically emotive as well as scientifically. Personally I think it crazy people dispute it but it makes good TV. As someone who works in both science and television I am not surprised people are confused. convincing programs are made for both sides but none are made by actual credible scientists. they may be guests or be interviewed but at the end of the day the program is produced and edited by, no surprise here, producers and editors not scientists.

    Still as just another voice in the crowd I give you this to think about. With the amount of money spent the infrastructure the thousands of people involved, the independent companies and their staff, the international scrutiny, the fact that the Apollo mission is not yet finished and the same laser is being sent everyday to reflect off the equipment left to monitor the distance between the earth and moon, yes they do i have seen it, but the biggest problem I have with all of these is this. Suposedly government planned the fake so all those people know, nasa knows it was a fake, so do both their families and friends through drunken confessions and death bed confessions, so do the media because they have more money than some governments to investigate things, so do the mythbusters, they're in it to, guessing their families and best mates know to I mean Adam Savage never shuts up! I know it was too because i know people working on moon based experiments. So either all these thousands of people me included are the best secret keepers ever, or maybe just maybe they went. I mean really speaking as one myself, have you ever met an American who could keep his fat mouth shut?

  298. It's Gone, just plain gone like the twin towers.

  299. Effing good point there!

    Kudos to you Eff, and also to The God Of Eff, if there be one
    (I leave the possibility open so as to not have holy jihad waged on my a$$ by someone who took offense by my exclusion)

  300. Eff quote from his *Big Book of Cosmic Circumstance *

    "If I had known the pointlessness of man wanting to visit a barren and desolate moon... I would have moved it a lot closer." God.

  301. Oh, and all of the other anomolies are explained by people not understanding the way light and sound and radio waves travel through space.

    You know how, when a gunman is very, very far away and he fires his weapon and you see the flash of the report first then hear the sound later?

    You can figure out the rest... when that example is muliplied by hundreds of thousands of miles...

    Oh, and the damn flag was being moved by the astronaut! He was fidgeting with it while the pictures were being taken. Of course it had a rigid top bar...

    And you can still see the footprints on the moon, by the way!

    Holy Batman!

  302. @WTC7 (because you are so respectful)

    As with most conspiracy theories, the answer is in the screw-ups of just regular guys. The world is made up of just regular men and women, just like us, who drink too much or get distracted because of problems at home, etc.

    Things get missed, and when they do on a higher level, it turns into A CONSPIRACY!

    It's all just sloppiness. It's what all people, all over the world, always do. They screw-up and then try to cover their tracks. The cover-up of sloppiness then becomes A CONSPIRACY!

    We don't live in a James Bond film, people!

    1. 'We don't live in a James Bond film, people! '

      really? Yet we were told that we were supposedly attacked on 9-11 by a group of 19 suicidal terrorists belonging to an evil mastermind living in an elaborate cave fortress in the mountains of Afghanistan who managed to evade the most expensive and sophisticated military on the planet, despite the having flown around the country for 60-90 minutes, fly one plane into the pentagon in the most heavily defended airspace in the world..then able to topple 3 skyscrapers that fell through themselves or were violently blown up at nearly freefall speed by flying planes into only two of them. -Talk about james bond.

      You're the one living in a fantasy world. Go to architects and engineers for 911 truth and stop making such grossly uninformed comments.

    2. very nicely put. the issue i got is that the twin towers were never blown up & osama bin laden does not live in a cave but, in a more convenient palace on the planet nebula...heard it here first!

  303. I would also like to hear a solid answer specifically to Epicurean_Logic's question. Anybody.....? Would appreciate it.

  304. Yes, yes, sweetie...

    Unless you are over 45 and have at least one advanced degree, then be quiet, sweetheart...

    Let the adults talk...

  305. Hahahahaha, Point and Case. Another non-retort devoid of any facts or any semblance of an idea of your own.

    Sorry Vlatko for wasting space with this reply.

    P.S. still no answers Randy, but hey your experience should be enough to sway us all right?

  306. @Squeegee

    I used to believe all of that stuff, when I was a kid, but then I did real research, and I grew up.

    Plus I actually LIVED through all of this and I have read the Warren Commission detail, and Garrison's work and everything on the JFK assassination and you have the wrong idea.

    Grow up!

  307. @DancingSpiderman (what a great name!!)


    Yes... that's perfect. My point exactly.

  308. Q: WHY does the funny-looking Government Grants guy wearing the question mark suit show up on late-late-late-night TV infomercials every night?

    A: Because America stopped trying.

  309. Stop it! This is all internet, conspiracy theory claptrap!

    JFK challenged us to go the moon and we did because Americans could really do things then. Now, we can't do a thing for ourselves without mommies' help!

    I was there when the landing happened. I know it happened. Private Ham-Radio operators all over the world listened in and heard it happen.

    All of your ideas have been refuted.

    Stop it!

  310. 5) Why did the U.S. gov't give fake moon rocks to the Dutch.

  311. Still, no one has answered my questions above.

    I understand that some of you NEED to believe that the American really landed on the Moon. But... to the extent of ignoring all evidence? I repeat my questions:

    1) How can the wind (moving the flag) be explained in a non-atmosphere environment?

    2) What’s the point in performing the windows trick, pretending to be half-way to the Moon, if you REALLY are half way to the Moon?

    3) If it takes 3 days to arrive on the Moon, how could they be orbiting the Earth just hours before? (and they undoubtedly were)

    and 4) Why did the astronauts need a “voice” telling them when to respond to Houston, thus making everyone believe they were actually at the “official” distance from the Earth?

  312. @sPUN-MUNKEy regarding the downcast appearance of astronauts at press conference: If they have recently returned from space, they should be experiencing constant nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity, virtigo and disequilibrium. This is so because their senses and have acclimitized to to zero gravity conditions. It is impressive that they could hold it together for the press conference.

  313. Guys the reason the USA never went backt to the moon is very simple
    congress cut NASA's buget by so much the project was abandoned
    and I think there was 2-3 of the misions canceled cos of the cuts
    and if you want the "UFO and ETs" ideas google ATS they got loads of wackos that think that way, I know Im a member ^^
    I does not matter what proof you got they say "Its a fake"
    I even told them the name of the pub where the crop circle makers went the still come up with the UFO s***.

    1. ofcourse it was money! did you see the last NASA attempts at re-entry of the earths atmosphere columbia? we're struggling to return to just return to earth with our current equipment....back in the 60's they were waltzing up there with a moon buggy, skipping around the moons surface having a picnic, planting flags and waltzing back to earth & not once BUT half a dozen missions!! and god knows how energy efficient the crafts were back then to make the 480,000 odd mile round trip..

  314. @Squeegee
    thanks the website showing the landing site. that is a really cool pic of american power. if people want to know why hubble hasnt taken this shot its cuz the time needed for exposure to see the landing sight would be around a week. and since hubble has better things than trying to prove to you that its there. hubble is constantly looking to the depths of the universe to try to figure out how the universe works to understand how we came to be able to admire and explore the same universe that we all came from.

  315. the US DID go to the moon. i wasn't sure because of who NASA is and who is behind them (nazis) but i have watched several interviews of richard hoagland and they convinced me. HOWEVER, there were several things that happened both on the moon and during travel which has led to no one going back. what was it? UFO and ETs. watch the interviews on project camelot and be properly informed.

  316. zippo.viii The camara was mounted on the leg of the LEM

  317. I've always believed the moon landing to be true and i'm new to this "consiracy theory" about landing on the moon but i do have one question, how did the camera get into place that filmed neil armstrong coming down the ladder as he was saying his famous lines?

  318. This is my first post on this site.

    First, I'd like to say I love this site, best place for Doc's on the Web. Keep up the good work Vlakto.

    I am a 37 year old American male, who used to believe 100% for sure, that man walked on the moon. Then at one point in my life, I thought there was enough evidence to prove 100% that man did not walk on the moon. Now-a-days I have mixed feelings about the whole thing.

    My reasons against the moon landings are simple. Why have we not been back to the moon or even close since 1972? We (the USA) have the money and the thinkers to do it. So why havent we? Also I have doubts about humans being able to live through the Van Allen Belts. But by no means am I an expert on radiation.

    My reasons for the moon landings are as simple. How could you keep so many people quiet for so long? And at the time the USSR would of outed us for sure if we were lying. But again, by no means am I an expert on the former USSR.

    I simply do not know if we really have been to the moon for sure. As do none of you. Those of you who think you know for sure one way or the other are very full of yourselves.

    Unless you were there, unless you participated some how in the landings or hoaxes, you my friends do not know for sure.

    Also, I hate to be a grammar and spelling Nazi (God knows Im not perfect in either category), but some of these posts are hard to read. It's like reading something a 5 year old wrote.

  319. Dear Epicurus,

    I have to say that I'm sick and tired of your imagined omni-knowledge. If you are really so smart, why don't you (at least) google the answer to my comment above and explain WHY the heck it is the way you say it is, instead of making unintelligent remarks.

    "The Space Power Facility (SPF) is a vacuum chamber built by NASA in 1969. It stands 122 feet high and 100 feet in diameter, enclosing a bullet-shaped space. It is the world's largest thermal vacuum chamber. It was originally commissioned for nuclear-electric power studies under vacuum conditions, but was later decommissioned." (decommissioned in 1975, just 3 years after the last mission - Apollo 17).

    Now just shut the f*ck up, cause your lectures have no substance! They are just plain ignorant.

  320. @serenity, Darwin never set out to prove the spontaneous generation of life from inorganic material. that was never Darwin's intent. His theory concerns itself with the change of species. not the rise of all life.

    no dinosaurs did NOT exist 6000 years ago. yes there are some lizards that lived at the time of the dinosaurs but that was 65 million years ago.

    all radiocarbon dating confirms these numbers as well as the layer of strata all the fossils are found.

    again...WHY would someone like serenity PRETEND they know what they are talking about when almost everything they said is as wrong as claiming California is 2 inches away from New York?

    @WTC7 you seem to think the technology to go to the moon would be more difficult to produce than a vacuum chamber. however again just like most people on this site, you dont know. you dont understand what either would need, yet you act like "if we can make stuff to go to the moon we can do ANYTHING!!!" and this is just false.

    but what really shocks me is that serenity would actually tell people that he believes in things that are so false it hurts my head.

  321. Sure, Sweevo, we couldn't make the vacuum chamber but we certainly had the technology to travel to the Moon

  322. There is one way of proving that the USA landed on the moon
    On some of the last missions they carried the lunar rover with them and used it to travel futher out from the lander than was safer in earlier missions
    There is film of them bouncing around in the buggy and kicking up tons of moon dust, the dust just falls back to the surface and dose not "blow" around
    This is because they were in a vacum and the dust had no air currents to carry it
    Now before anyone says "they where in a vacum chamber" we dont have the tech knowhow to make something that big today never mind the 60's

  323. Interesting comments, Krissto. Myself, I believe man did land on the Moon (several times), and yes, Jesus IS the Son of God. Dinosaurs existed from about 6000 years ago, & some small ones still exist, eg the tuatara of New Zealand. (Dinosaur means terrible lizard.)

    Charles Darwin theorized, but never came near proving the spontaneous generation of life from N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

    Sincerely, Serenity.

  324. Hi, my friend!

    From you, I take it with a lot of respect. But I have lots of doubts... Anyway, some day we'll know... ;-)

  325. Hi, WTC7:

    I guess we cannot agree on everything, but they went to the Moon, I tell ya!! (LOL)


  326. Krissto,

    I don't believe that Jesus is the son of god, I believe in evolution of species, the dinosaurs were roaming Earth 65 billion years ago... But I don't believe we made it to the Moon... Not yet...

  327. Let me ques that a great number of you who believe that humans didn't make it to the moon also believe that Jesus was the son of God and that dinosaurs belong to fairy tails. Not to mention the ridiculous stories written by a guy called Charles Darwin, talking about the evolution of humans and The Origin of Species.... If it wasn't for the space program, you smart guys wouldn't have the opportunity to sit where you sitting now,using the Internet and sharing with the rest of us, your truly unbelievable stories.

  328. First of all, sorry for my English if I make mistakes (I'm Spanish).

    I've never known if the Americans made it to the Moon or not. But it's obvious that they had enough reasons to lie to us (they usually do). Of course, that doesn't prove they did. Now I've just watched "A funny thing happened on the way to the Moon", and I'm sure enough everything was a set-up.

    However, I have a couple of questions for the forum mates who support the official version:

    1) How can the wind (moving the flag) be explained in a non-atmosphere environment?

    2) What's the point in performing the windows trick, pretending to be half-way to the Moon, if you REALLY are half way to the Moon?

    3) If it takes 3 days to arrive on the Moon, how could they be orbiting the Earth just hours before? (and they undoubtedly were)

    and 4) Why did the astronauts need a "voice" telling them when to respond to Houston, thus making everyone believe they were actually at the "official" distance from the Earth?

    Please someone tell me how the official version explains this.

    Kindest regards,

  329. Great to read your post, Brandon. Obviously you have a heart as well as a head. Since we don't know all the facts about anything, we all should exercise some humility towards each other, and try to remain teachable. Not gullible, but willing to revise our opinion if and when clear evidence to the contrary (of our opinion) is presented. That's where the problem lies - in our evaluating mechanism. Our heart shows up in our attitudes. E.g, an almost-stranger gives you a bunch of flowers. Immediately all sorts of thoughts go thru your mind, trying to work out their motive. Soon you'll settle on an explanation that suits your heart, but that explanation (for their action) could be miles away from the truth. Same with the Moon conspiracy issue. Our minds look at all sorts of evidence, but our hearts (our 'bent') determines which attitude we'll take. Some people raise the bar of 'proof' so high that it is impossible to convince them of anything, even if it's true. (THAT is a heart issue.)
    Roll on the spirit of truth !

    By the way Yavanna, I heard recently that some sort of space-tracking facility had been discovered on Mt Graham in AZ. It is apparently owned (and run?) by a branch of the RCC. Interesting!

  330. Astounding!
    The use of words throughout this webpage has been an inspiration. Everyone is so smart. (no sarcasm intended). I am thoroughly impressed.
    A sadness goes out from my heart knowing this will be read with skepticism.
    It extends to those who defend the truth.
    I, for one am not one of the 10% who think it's a hoax.
    I truly love intelligence, and have much love for those who repeatedly duke it out with the skeptics.
    May Earth live for many more billions of years and our race grow into something alien of what we now are... Non-debaters.
    Oh yeah, a special shout-out to the moon. p.s.i-love-you

  331. Could I please ask a question of people with better knowledge of such subjects. And truthfully I am not taking the p1ss here.

    Whilst we are considering conspiracy theories. And as this is a conspiracy theory in it's own right...I feel it is appropriate to bring up the RCC. I have heard it said (or read) on more than one occasion that they own satellites, probes etc etc (see the 8 hour lecture by NH for one.....)

    Before you utterly disrespect this CT (I`m not saying I believe it -not saying I don't however......) please consider that the RCC is the most wealthy and influential single organisation in the world and if you believe in CT you should also believe that the RCC is a massive part of any of it. Even if only the dissinfo side.

    I suppose my main question is to those above presenting themselves in authority of this subject:

    1) Where does the full funding come from?
    2) who owns the probes etc etc?
    3) what interests are involved?

  332. @Squeegee
    I'd be perfectly happy to show you all the facts you want from the LRO, or any other NASA or privately funded space exploration group. That's not what I'm going to do though.
    Sure, I could research its rate of descent, camera capabilities, provide you with the links to the 3D imagery and measurements from my last post as well as a myriad of other sources to study and further understand how these programs work.
    That's not really going to help though.

    You posted it yourself earlier:
    "I’m not interested enough to study the issue for myself, but hopefully someone will."

    If that is your attitude then it doesn't matter what I post you're not likely to take the time to fully understand it, just skim and post first impressions and half formed conclusions.
    The research has already been done by someone else. It has been made available to everyone. These issues have been studied, dissected and discussed ad infinitum.

    I'm no better myself sometimes to be honest. I admit that there is a possibility this whole moon landing business could have been a hoax. I have studied this and other films, visited their author's websites and perused space related forums discussing the matter. I also admit that based on the dozens of hours I have spent familiarizing myself with this particular period in space exploration I have formed my own opinion on the matter.

    I'm not going to argue with anyone. I've been there and done that many times before and it doesn't lead anywhere (plus, the fact that it's a discussion on the internet only makes matters worse). I've been on both sides of such 'discussions' and learned from these encounters in the real world, face to face with other human beings.

    I present evidences as I see them. I research the topics I post thoroughly and try to know what I'm talking about before bringing a new tidbit forward. Still, I'm no expert by any means. If someone has a well researched and thought out rebuttal, or answer to my previous questions that's fine. I don't deal in unfounded convictions, fleeting fancies or heresay though.

    I'd love to meet anyone here in person and discuss this particular subject. Loosely moderated internet forums don't really lend themselves to fruitful dialogs.

    Anyway, I've got to go find some Armorall to oil the platen on my old Underwood typewriter and better understand an even earlier time period.

  333. Google= Alien artifacts on the moon.

    There is stuff on the moon we are not supposed to see.

    Towers, buildings, etc: And someone has stolen our heritage!

    Apparently 698 boxes of original Apollo 11 tapes are missing.

    @ Solomon:
    Good to hear about Manny, hope he wins.

  334. He is still along the way... to get the fight over and done with against Joshua Clottey for his title defense fight, but, as he is eying a congressional seat after the fight, everything would be as is as for now... let's just go along with time...

  335. @ Solomon:

    How is your neighbor, Manny Pacquiao doing, win anymore titles lately?

  336. Do not worry Bobbyt, I am still shooting the moon... lol

  337. I think someone beat Nasa to outer space because there are definitely people on here that are already on a different planet.

  338. With Bobbyt, Truth is stranger than fiction indeed!!! lol... Proof?...

    +# In fact I think 6 of them are there now.#+

    It is a fact to him of his 'doubts' that there are 6 of them. lol....

  339. I just want to say how I appreciate your posts 'jdblms', but I find the latest exchanges (of others here) boring and off-topic. Is that because they have run out of any pertinent comments? Silence CAN be golden! No-one has made any comment yet on my considered opinion on the Moon landings - Apollo 11 esp.
    By the way, having spent time reading transcripts of Apollo 11 conversations with Houston ... how could anyone believe that all this detailed, technical, unfolding, interactive communication (boring at times,too!), have been staged? Those guys were engineers, not actors. They report how different things WERE on the Moon, e.g. how craters which appeared close to them as they stood there, were actually much further away than they looked. (Did the clear ether up there cause this effect??) The 'dust' up there flew off to the horizon when disturbed, instead of falling close by, etc.

    Truth is stranger than fiction!

  340. You would enjoy the sci-fantasy novels by Julian May in that case :)

    Start off with " A many coloured land"

  341. The mental image of a light speed egg is brilliant. :p

  342. Squeegee go develop a sense of humour regarding my egg analogy.

    As for cars they are basically the same as they have been for decades. They are refined yes. Have they "evolved" as computers have? Cr^p comparison. If they had then we would indeed be transporting about in light speed "eggs."

  343. Squeegee - wish my kids WERE taught only about past "glories" unfortunately in today's very PC UK I'm at a loss to know what they get taught that's useful. Certainly not "glories". 40-50yrs ago I wasn't either. I despair at the basic lack of intelligence in todays youth.

    However does anyone want to divulge where they are from????? It makes it easier to understand points of view, although having said that, it would still be difficult to understand some of those posted above.

    I live in Newcastle, NE England although I'm Scottish and a Mechanical Engineer. My Dad was born in Philadelphia so half my family live in America and the other half in Scotland. The half in Scotland seem to spend most of their time these days in the USA. In fact I think 6 of them are there now.

  344. @jdblms
    "Aha, but they are releasing more images from the LRO." - When, whats the hold up? Its first pics were released over 8moths ago, how long does it take to settle in to orbit (or photo shop their photos for release!)

    Also @ Solomon S. Buyco (or any one who speaks his language!?!) "[Irish people who doesn’t want to pay taxes?] and [killed some in doing so but asked a lot of support when famine sets in upon them?!?]… Hmmnnnn… The untouchables [cant even guess what this means], crumbles down." Translation/point please?

    @ Yavanna "If you look at the design of cars they have changed very little for decades. Just an off remark. Putting a MP3 player in it doesn’t float my boat – I want a trans-dimensional egg Goddamit!" -

    Thats like saying computers haven't evolved because they still only compute code from a plastic box on your desk. Remember, Appolo 1 - 11+ were basically the Ford Model T of extraterrestrial manned ships. How can you not see their advance. As with all things, cars are more reliable, safer, faster and fuel efficient/capable of longer journeys. I wont even touch your "dimensional egg" analogy.

  345. Aha, but they are releasing more images from the LRO. Of course, it's sole purpose isn't simply to take images of the Apollo moon landing sites, but rather to document potential future landing areas and places of interest (not like we'll be going back any time soon though, apparently). In January NASA released some 3D data based on a composite of pictures from the Apollo 14 landing site, complete with extrapolated measurements.

    Nobody has tried to answer any of my earlier questions yet :(

  346. How come I know things about Solomon that others do not know?

    But I will never tell, I don't squeal.

  347. @Yavanna, There is one thing I am sure of and I am sure that you would agree, I am not you... :)

  348. Sorry, seem that there was crossed threads for a bit there for some reason.

    Seems the documentary's been pulled by You Tube for some reason. Anyone got a theory on why? Conspiracy? LOL.

  349. And I ask again Solomon (asked on previous discussions) - Where on earth were you spawned. Tell us something about yourself I would happily give you my street name, county post code. You are an enigma! Identify your belonging so I may extrapolate your egrarious meanings!!!!

    What the hell do you know about the Irish for instance. One minute you;re Christian the next minute Muslim. You give impressions about living in the USA.

    OK I`ve got it - You are Yoda. You are often drunk and probably dyslexic

  350. Irish people who doesn't want to pay taxes and killed some in doing so but asked a lot of support when famine sets in upon them... Hmmnnnn... The untouchables, crumbles down.

    Sputnik, the first... Gagarin, the first... 'Laika' the dog, the first... The first woman in space, still belongs to USSR!
    Finally, Armstrong, Hoax? lol

    Maybe, there is no first man in the moon, only the first American! lol

  351. Ummm as a British "child" I can tell you that we are well acquainted with out own versions of national guilt and reminded of it often. Inventors of concentration camps and so forth. Our "glory" is not taught other than to remind us of how "wrong" we were. I am also a believer of the CT that Britain still holds a lot of influence over America. Whilst we seem to be the puppet. America to me seems to be the bully tool used to further designs.

    Bob - One point you made regarding cars being more evolved yet space travel not; is a bit raw. If you look at the design of cars they have changed very little for decades. Just an off remark. Putting a MP3 player in it doesn't float my boat - I want a trans-dimensional egg Goddamit!

    You do however make some excellent points - how Mars is more examined than Mars for instance. With today's technology we should be able to see live pics and video from the Moon and rove about in virtuality. Why this near satellite is such a mystery is beyond me. A moon-base - not a space station is the clear and obvious way forward!

    I read somewhere a while back that the RCC vets all moon(and all Nasa) images. Before I am lampooned let me say that the RCC holds far more influence than any other organisation on earth as well as being the most wealthy. So that wouldn't be impossible. As they have destroyed so much stuff regarding ancient civilisations in pursuit of disguising their "truth" there would be a strong motive.

    I guess this all comes down to WHY. Why haven't we put a base on the moon when all they discuss is the habitability of Mars of eco-spheres etc? Why have we been there so rarely? One CT suggests that the moon is used by ETs. We were warned off. If there are such thing's as aliens where would they set up base? And we send a nuke Moonward to "look" for water......

    None of it adds up. I don't buy this crap that the Russians would have disclosed the hoax because they are and were bought and paid for.

  352. Bobbyt, you seemed to have missed the (intended) point of my post "...with all this controversy, why did no one produce this evidence until I mentioned it?..." those pic's (of which I was critical) were originally posted here by Achems Razor, Nov 6th, 2009 at 16:57 - I'm inquiring about the supposedly iminent clarifing shots, months on.

    Who mentioned Famine Queen Victoria? (dont get me started!) who WAS very influential in what was done to Ireland and I'm sure abroad also. My point was, I don't blame the British people whom I know are as good as any, I blame their "leaders" Royalty, PM's, all of them. But their children are still taught only of the "glory" of there country's past today.

  353. Squeegee, looked at that site again with a bit more attention. Sorry, not convinced. It's not the orbitor I was talking about. This is American again. The Japanese moon shot is supposed to have brilliant definition cameras on it (as you'd expect being world leaders in that technology) but this NASA website basically trashes them saying their cameras not as good. I'm afraid America trying to confirm what America did is not conclusive. If it was from the Japanese of Indian satelites, which will be monitored (in UK, God how did that happen) then yes I will believe.

    My God, you'd think 41 years later it wouldn't be THAT difficult. Hubble n ol that! Sorry bad example, that was bust at first as well wasn't it.

  354. Solomon - I'm afraid your two sites proved nothing. I can look out my window in a couple of hours and see the same thing.

    Squeegee - I'm obliged. I was wondering what had happend with that Moon shot. The little guys took-off, went there, and never told me. Now THAT evidence I have time for. My 50/50 went up to 90/10 until i saw the US published the pictures. Sorry but back to 70/30.

    Again a question - with all this controversy, why did no one produce this evidence until I mentioned it???????????????

  355. Squeegee..........
    Just read your post about Britain and "their glorious days of rule". Now let me help here and give you the benefit of the doubt, Queen Victoria ruled the country through most of what I think you're trying to say. BUT NAME ME THE PRIME MINISTERS or ACTUAL "RULERS" that ACTUALLY did it. Victoria was a little 5'3" figure head. Spent half her life as a hermit in Balmoral Castle in Scotland after Albert died. Hardly spoke to a living soul (with the exception, perhaps of a certain Mr Brown). Do you actually think she said "ok Generals, I want you to go and take over India, oh and by the way when you've done that, please go to Africa and sort them out as well". Get real.
    America seems to think they have a monopoly on "freedom" and "equality". Absolutely anything but. I give you as evidence - Guantanemo , slavery (reasonably recently), equal rights between blacks/whites (VERY recently), riding rough short over anyone (sorry ANYONE small enough that is - present day).

    That brings me to another point....Why is Obama BLACK? HE IS NOT. He's MIXED RACE. He's as much white as he is black or is it he just looks black. Never hear an American network say white or mixed race President. Again like the Moon shot, too eager for a 1st what ever it is.

  356. Solomon - Think you'll find the Manhattan Project was Germans and British assembled in US to work on the bomb. You could argue if Hitler hadn't appeared in 1933 none of it would have happend, certainly not when it did anyway. So there you go, it's all Hitlers fault.

    I digress. Well lets put it this way - I'm 55, I lived through the space race. In simple terms the Soviets (not Russia, don't get them confused) WERE ahead of the US. By a counry mile. Or certainly appeared to be. They were 1st into space and 1st man into space....... I'm neither for or against USSR or USA, it's only the facts. Up until Apollo the USSR were leading the way. What is not clear however, is the USSR decided going to the Moon was not high priority and put their efforts into the Space Station. Now that makes me ask "why?". Did they know something? It is obviously a "1st" that is way up there in great achievements, so why did they abandon it. As for man going to the Moon, I want it to be true. Up until recently, I had no reason to not believe they didn't. Discrepancies and anomolies and the fact that NASA themselves don't help, make it, at the very best 50/50.

    The Japanese were supposed to be sending a satelite to the Moon this year to photograph the surface. The cameras were so good they would/could find everything left behind. Finding the original landing site was one of the flight objectives. That would put an end to the debate. Not sure what's happening with that now in the present economic climate.

  357. @Bobbyt, You mean to say that in those time, Russia is far more advance than US?

    Let just say that US thank God that Albert Einstein becomes an American... but sad to say about the other Germans who became American too for the sake of advance technology. If not for Einstein, America would the Nuclear Power of the world.

  358. Squeegee,

    I must agree with you. We are not happy of our shortcomings but we that know the truth of our own government don't just sit back and take it either. Look around and look at all the information out there that shows us uncovering the truth and our governments weaked ways. Let me just say that I am only in my thirties and in time in my life until recently (last 10 years) have a felt a tension between the people and the government. This was the reason why Mr. Peace Barrack Obama was elected president, but the more we investigate about him the more we find out that he is nothing but a puppet just like the rest of them.

  359. Solomon/Axhems - It's nothing like the same thing. It's a bit like someone saying I'm going to the end of the street (you look out the window and see if they do) and someone saying I'm going to the North Pole. They are nothing like the same. Gagarin was very easily proved. You could almost see it with the naked eye.

  360. Atta boy! @ Solomon:

    Instead of questioning if there was a Moon landing, why not question the Russians.

    Was Uri Gargarin, on April 12 1961. the first man in space?
    on board the Vostok, 3ka-3 (Vostok 1). And if he was, how do you know?

    Who are you people paying allegiance to? Funny is right! (LOL)

  361. Funny, funny.. but it is on the other way around... Russian Gagarin have accomplished the mission to get into the space as the first person to do it. So, does anyone question them? No, it is all about pride and glory of science over nationalism...

  362. Again I will say, do not think for a moment, that the soviets would not know, if a manned Moon landing was not achieved!

    They would have been on it in a heartbeat instead of losing their primacy of space!
    Unless everybody thinks the Soviets are utterly stupid, and also have no spies.

    No doubt every tracking device was aimed at Apollo 11, 40 years ago.

  363. They say 'the simplest explanation is usually the correct one'.
    So, where did they go for several days after liftoff and before splashdown? To the MOON! What alternative explanation is there, except perhaps that they just silently orbited the Earth while the staged footage played?! Unlikely!

    Anyway, to me the hammer and feather was pretty convincing; the lightness of movement of the astronauts with heavy packs on their backs,(incl. jumping high); the Moonlike landscape shot from ground level and from just above it; the recent footage of the Moon's surface which gives no visual evidence of tampering; ...etc.

    As for the Van Allen belts, there are people having CT scans (which equate to hundreds of X-rays in a session), and they seem to get away with it. A healthy human body can withstand a lot.

    What interests me most is the 'downcast eyes' and 'the depression', rather than the euphoria which the first trio (esp.) ought to have shown on their return. Of course, they WERE locked away in isolation for some time on their return.
    However, I think something happened on that journey and during the debriefing afterwards that took all the joy out of it. The schoolboy dream of landing on the Moon turned sour, NOT because it didn't happen, but because of what they saw there, and the lifelong silence imposed on them from that point on.

  364. @charlesovery

    It works both ways. You can't be proud of your countries accomplishments if you cannot accept the responsibility of its failings.

    I agree with what your trying to say though, but its like British people being proud of "their glorious days of rule", but its not their faults, its how the education system is designed to work. They need loyalists, not critical thinkers researching the atrocities/lies carried out in their name.

    Its a sad fact that most of the worlds "leaders" have not represented their peoples desires abroad for a very long time. War continues hand-in-hand with famine and poverty. None of us want it, but what do we actually do about it? At the end of the day, our governments polices are our's wether we support them or not, by default of not keeping them in check. We pay them for their deeds, literally.

    (soz for the off topic rant, but i also feckin love this debate, a hell of a lot more than the doc :)

  365. Charles! I can't speak for Bobbyt, but it is mainly the government and business elites and religions I would include in your description. The REAL people are no different in most respects to any other national. Anyway much of what I say is always tinged with a bit of dry humour :P

    So hey you're top of the world and big enough to take some bruises anyway so suck it up :)

  366. nir

    Well now a little prejeduce against Americans eh? We all lie and are corrupt and the little Satans of the world huh? Or is it our government that you are referring to? We Americans are not our government, yet anyway, so next time you state such things you should realize the difference and appropriately refer to it.

  367. Link broken. Please re-upload. was very interested in watching this!

  368. Yavanna - you are correct, the debate/for-against arguments are better than the doc. Looked for "zoo" not sure what you're talking about.
    Kennedy said America would put a man on the Moon by the end of the decade. No pressure there then! If he had lived, that would have been conveniently forgotten BUT as an American hero how could it NOT happen. Like we always hear non-stick frying pans are a direct result of the space program why not....digital photography, Pixar movies etc perhaps the effort was put into photographic manipulation. Now that America does seem to be leading the world at........Mmmm I wonder why? Unlimited government funding again????

  369. Sorry for the missing letters occasionally in the above post. My keyboard is dodgy. Please add a "t" in front of the "he" and "urfac" means surface.
    Having read my post again, I am convinced it is a very pertinent point. I mean - go to the moon but can't design a VTOL jet with almost unlimited funding?????? As an engineer, if I was asked which is easier I would look at you to see if "Are you were being serious?"
    I must admit, my one concern is the amount of people that would need to be involved in any "hoax". How do you keep them quiet. It does seem however, everyone that was a potential problem, including astronauts, was mysteriously killed. Why no mention of conspiracy there as well?

  370. AKA a funny thing happened on the way to the barn....

  371. Interesting points.

    Maybe the Americans were too busy indulging in the activities such described in the TDF doc "Zoo"?

  372. Well I have read every post yet again and watched the documentary again. I have some very basic concerns that are not directly related to whether man was sent to the moon but still relevant I believe. From EXACTLY the same era - The Americans went to the moon.......BUT they couldn't design a VTOL jet at the time, they tried but gave up because it was too difficult (the British did with the Harrier which America bought and made under licence - now how humbling must that have been????). Also I submit Concorde, a supersonic airliner. Again it was a technilogical race. Massive rewards to the winner. Remember (anyone old enough) this was the BIG aim at the time - fly to Australia from New York in 2+ hours. Again the Brits/French won the race and America could not design it. SO..............on these relatively "easy" technilogical advances, when American giants like Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Lockhead etc, unlimited government funding, not do it? How did they manage o send a spacecraft to the Moon? It's well documented that even Chuck Jaegers breaking of the Sound Barrier was only possible after the British told the AAF that their problem was the tail plane - the entire urfac has to move. Up until then America had not the slightest idea what the problem was. Similarly with Concorde it was he computers regulating the airflow into the engines that allowed it to fly supersonic, again American designers could not figure it out. Harrier - single engin withfour vertor thrusters (the logical solution to the problem of VTOL). Even NOW America cannot do it. The new F35 is a 50 year later half baked, engineering wise, BAD alternative.
    Go tothe Moon...........JUST CAN'T SEE IT HAPPENING FOR REAL.

  373. Wonder where the Apollo spacecraft went after they lifted off, and before they splashed down??

  374. The discussion is more interesting than the doc!

    Like many conspiracy theories you can easily find websites that can prove your preferred point of view. There is one doc I watched a while back showing all the masonic connections of those involved for instance.

    One thing not mentioned is that with the vast technological improvements, particularly in the field of cinematography, photography and CGi how much easier it has since become to fake new proof - if needed. On one link above there are photos showing footprints (apparently - wasn't that obvious to me.) Such photo's could easily be forged today.

    If this was man's greatest exploratory voyage. You'd think they might have packed a few extra rolls of film.....

    With manned missions to Mars being planned the Moon should be a veritable training ground. I cannot accept that there has never been a need to go back - "they got all they wanted " as said above.... When does a scientist ever have enough data to be satisfied? To not have a base there by now is almost unthinkable. I appreciate it's astronomically expensive to "go back" - after all; there is far more profit in warfare and global domination...... but enough money is found to fire a nuke at a moon crater last year... to ummm *cough* test for water....

    If it was a hoax and 400,000 workers were involved then only a very tiny percentage of those would have had to have been duped or be "in the know."

    Are there any good docs on TDF regarding the planning of the mission, the building of the various craft etc. I cant honestly ever remember seeing such a documentary.

  375. No, I don't believe it is a returning module, the Space Power Facility in Sandusky, Ohio that is. I'm not even sure what you mean by returning module. It's not even an unused section of a Saturn V rocket, they were only 33 ft. in diameter. It is a purpose built facility made with a 1/8 inch thick inner aluminum chamber and a 6-8 ft thick outer concrete chamber.

    Even if they did have a window through the bottom of the Command Module, it wouldn't have helped. The heat shield / bottom side of the CM was attached directly to the Service Module in flight.
    What photos are you referring to? Did you find some photos taken while they were on their way to the moon that show the Earth, and which were taken from the Command Module? Also, you have to remember that on the way to the moon the CM was attached to the Lunar Module as well. The astronauts were preparing it for their later descent, and it happens to have two 'forward' facing windows and one 'top' facing window (the top window would have been pointed directly back at Earth). If you are referring to the astronaut shot video in this documentary, they were already on their way back to earth when that was filmed.

  376. There is one very basic fact which concerns me and was never mentioned - the spaceship was conical shaped, the base being the heat shield therefore the window where the photos of the Earth were shot from? HAD to be on the sides. Simple geometry would tell you you would NEVER see the Earth out ANY window on the way to the moon unless you rotated the entire spacecraft through 135deg I.E. doing a drift in space. It simply would not be facing that direction unless it was built into the heatshield??? Assuming the nose was pointing roughly in the direction of the Moon and the rocket pointing where it had just come from, then any window would not be anywhere near the direction of Earth. To manouver it so it was, would be a MAJOR operation then you would have to realign the caft again after you got your view. Nope can't see them doing it once never mind repeatidly.

  377. It is just a returning module... the one refurbished.

  378. Aww, someone trollin' for lols.
    Please excuse a tiny mistake in my last comment, the 100' diameter chamber NASA uses was constructed in 1969 and refurbished very recently. Still not large enough to fit in everything that can be seen in the footage.

  379. death to americans ! fuken pigs ! They`re all the game ! 9/11 was fuked up too ! fuk americans and NASA

  380. Oh, and after my last question has been answered I'd like someone to explain something else to me. On Apollo 15 one of the astronauts performed an experiment (directly in front of a video camera, google it) recreating the theory put forth by Galileo that two objects dropped at the same time in a vacuum would fall at the exact same rate. He performed this experiment with a hammer held in one hand and a feather in the other while standing in the open in front of the lunar module.
    Suffice it to say that both the hammer and the feather fell at exactly the same speed and hit the ground at the same time.

    If these moon landings were indeed a hoax, then what sort of incredibly gigantic vacuum chamber was this staged in? They would have needed some sort of vacuum chamber hundreds of yards in diameter and height to pull of this sort of feat, and inside of it would have been the entire set, light rig and camera setup.

    Even now the largest vacuum chamber in the world is one built by NASA very recently and it only has a 100 foot diameter. If they had such a vast vacuum chamber in the early 1970s then where is it and why hasn't anyone built one as large since?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  381. I don't see any remorseful astronauts at all. I do see some footage of the Apollo 11 astronauts at their post mission press conference and the footage has very obviously been slowed down an incredible amount. They look to be between answering questions and Mr. Sibrel chose to make the film crawl by at a very low frame rate. Watch those segments again to see what I mean.

    Here's one for ya. If this truly is a giant hoax and/or cover-up then someone explain to me how and where they filmed the lunar rover footage. They have hours of the stuff from three different missions, and they all show the rover + astronauts traveling impressive distances over a whitish gray terrain that continues unabated to the inky black horizon. If this was filmed on some sort of sound stage it would simply have been the largest stage ever constructed in human history with a black wall (for the sky) untold miles long and miles tall. If it were somehow filmed in an Earthly desert at night to capture an inky night sky then how did they evenly light tens of square miles of terrain?

    Go ahead, someone please explain this marvel of engineering which has remained hidden from the public for decades and help us all understand.

  382. Moon conspiracy theorists are some of the worst out there. No matter how much evidence you present, they just tell you how it was "fabricated" or how I'm not "open-minded" and a slave to the "coming new world order."

    Really? Me, the person presenting the evidence that disproves your theories, is wrong? Yes, the Discovery Channel is part of some grand conspiracy. The sound science presented by Mythbusters is just a lie to get us to... I don't know, but it's trying to get us to do something.

    The biggest problem with the conspiracy theory is that of logistics. As someone above me mentioned, it wasn't just a hundred people who worked on the Moon landing. It was almost HALF A MILLION PEOPLE. Scientists from every field from around the world all working on the Apollo program. You simply cannot plan a conspiracy on that grand a scale without someone talking. The more complex a conspiracy, the more likely it is to break down, for someone to talk. It's been forty years now and not one of the half-million people has said a word.

    Oh, I know, they are all just "pawns of the new world order." Save it. If you can't subscribe to any logic but your twisted paranoia, then that's your deal. Too bad reality isn't cool enough for you.

    1. 'It was almost HALF A MILLION PEOPLE. Scientists from every field from around the world all working on the Apollo program.'

      source? (a favourite of the believers) a NASA official document? well why didnt you say so? thats as good as so...just a question though, weren't these the same people that found all those WMD's in Iraq? watergate? gulf of tomkin? USS Maine? japanese american internment? Guantanamo bay? Pearl Harbour? genocide of 20 million native americans? depopulation of the chagos islands? haha conspiracy nutjobs!

  383. ok this makes my second doc on this subject and still undecided i would not b suprised to find out in time that this all faked but hatethe thought of it all this stuff about jfk 911 pearl harbor okc and so on tears me up that the goverment is behind it all oris there some other great shadow behind it all and not our goverment that maybe the goverment lets us all belive its its them but know and using all these conspriacy theroies as a means of control of the public because remember not everyonewatches these shows or care as long it dosent inter fear with their and to any who like to talk more on these type ofsujects let me know thanks

  384. What happened to Pete and his Bad Astronomy. The Lunar Modual was essentially falling to the Moon. Just recently we saw that rocket crash into the Moon and the dust cloud it made was visible from Earth.
    What slowed the Lunar Modual down? Gas pressure against the Moon. The LM weighed over 30 thousand pounds and it was falling. Pete says 1.5 lbs/sq. in did the job and no dust on the landing pads. Well I know how difficult it is to put a ping pong ball into a small fish bowl at the local church bizzare, maybe the Moon dust had the same problem.

  385. Now if the Astronauts are really faking it through the window, why is it that we don't see the Earth's surface moving past. Everytime we look at this supposed "earth" we see its image stopped.
    That can't happen.
    When the lights are turned on, the window's diameter is much larger than what we saw as the 'earth'.
    The press conference OTOH is very telling.
    That and several other things. No blast striations on the landing, too few pictures, no convincing shots of the first landing from any other source, Gus's death, the heat, the resignations, the media forced to take pictures from a screen, no interviews, the dire need for a success, the V. Belts,

  386. I agree with spunmonkey, The press conference tells it all, i see three men with guilt, you'd think they would be happy and smiling, they look very guilty of something, and also neil armstrong never gives press conferences, he seems liek the most depressed man in teh world, living the biggest lie the world has ever known is eating him up, thats my belief...im depressed i was the leader of the greatest achievment the world has ever known........

  387. I really enjoyed this one, I just find it interesting that USA creates these hoaxes, that are so transparent. Yes I would like to believe that they didn't land on the moon, and there is a good case in this doc, saying that if this was such a huge event then why were there so few pictures, and such little media coverage, and interviews, knowing the American media its pretty strange.

  388. I have read somewhere that if you have a powerful telescope, you could see the flag and the stand where the Apollo sits, that was intentionally left behind in the moon as extra baggage.

  389. Well, I finally watched the full documentary on YouTube. I must say I was a little disappointed with the amount of filler material. I thought there were plenty of other arguments the film maker could have made against the Apollo program with the time allotted. The music was also quite repetitive at times (and paint splatter cuts? why?). Enough of the general film making and stylistic critiques though.

    At least he did cover most of the bases that others have tried to bring to the public's attention before. Such as the photos with alleged shadow discrepancies and lighting. There have been many proponents with their own arguments on both sides of those issues already (film exposure and regolith reflection vs. stage lighting, etc...). The film also contains the usual explanations about possible studio setups for the EVAs, "flapping" flags, etc... Not much new there which hasn't been covered before. Mr. Sibrel did spend quite some time having his narrator extol the deadly nature of the Van Allen Radiation Belts though.

    I find the presented information interesting. This film, of course, is focused almost entirely around the events of the Apollo 11 flight and arguments against that moon landing, yet there was no mention made of the previous Apollo missions or the advancements made during the Gemini missions. Of particular interest to me would be to hear Mr. Sibrel's explanation of the footage taken in lunar orbit from Apollo 8, 10, and the footage of the landing taken from aboard LM-5 (aka Eagle) during descent.

    The film claims that no one can pass beyond 1,000-25,000 miles out from the earth's surface. It avoids explaining the footage of the moon recorded while inside its orbit and the view back to the earth from that distance though. Having long stretches of music superimposed with stock footage was more important than that? How did NASA stage the shot of Snoopy flying over the surface of the moon as filmed from Charlie Brown? The film makers even showed that footage in passing. If they had some sort of explanation for those events then the whole Van Allen Radiation Belt argument might have had some more ground to stand on.
    If there were an argument explaining away the footage from 8 and 10 then the later "old reel received by mistake" from Apollo 11 would have more staying power as a detractor as well. This "rare gem" is actually available in its entirety from Spacecraft Films on "Apollo 11: Men on the Moon" on the third DVD. There it can be fully examined in context to the surrounding events and with full audio tracks. I guess I was expecting something more fruitful when I heard rare footage had accidentally turned up.

    All in all I wasn't quite impressed with the film. I guess I'll have to find some more convincing moon hoax videos and see if they contain explanations to these and other questions.

  390. Squeegee:

    Fair enough!


  391. Oh I seen jdblms reply and say again that if they produce evidence, photographic or otherwise, that dispells all the rumours, then good, this rumour is put to bed. But, it is up to them to prove the story to critical thinking people who cannot accept several explanations currently provided. It seems to me that the onus should and is on NASA, not the "conspiracy theorists" to disprove. It just amazes me that so many issues can arise from NASA's claim. I mean how, after 40yrs have they not put this issue to rest.

    And the link to all 6 of those "grainy / pixelated" pictures will not be settling this matter any time soon. Was the rover on any of these missions, I just want to see the lander, the rover and its tracks (easily visible as we can see footprnts) with correct distances to the craters in the moon surface photos. I'm not interested enough to study the issue for myself, but hopefully someone will.

    I have no desire for this to be a myth. It would surely have been one of our greatest achievements as a species, to this day. But I find it hard to buy the story, as sold by NASA, with the proof povided. I do hope that one day (very long overdue) we will have that evidence and get on with the issue of getting back there. But alas, for this moment, on them corrupt whore's word alone on so many issues, I am not yet sold, as I think I have every right to be.

  392. Squeegee.


    I see you did not take the time to check the latest on jdblms:
    You just like jumping the gun! You seem like a brain surgeon.

  393. Wow, masterful retort there A.Razor, I seen what you done there, very clever.... but I don't think you'll ever be classed as a quotable individual. Did the point of this quote hit too close to the bone, maybe?

    @ Tossik, I truely believe the good people that invested there time and effort in this film hope to do more than merely entertain you for an hour or so.

    Does anyone care that the people accused of perpetraiting this lie are the SAME people involved in in The Gulf of Tonkin lie(admittedly), JFK's murder (obviously) and lie of 9/11/WMD's/Iraq-Afghan oil wars and the millions of deaths that have followed (undeniably)?

    But I'm sure your right Tossik, go bah-bah-back to bed like a good little sheep, "your government is in control", heres Myth Busters, "go back to bed America, your government has figured out how it all transpired, go back to bed America, your government is in control"....

  394. The trouble with the World is that the intelligent are cocksure and the stupid are full of doubt.

    Me. :D

  395. Interesting. One point I can definitely agree with is how space travel seems trivial, when a large percentage of the Earth's population is starving to death.

  396. Just like Zeitgeist, and all the other documentaries belonging to this genre, it can be very convincing. Give me the funds and the time, and I'll convince half of the worlds population that that the tooth-fairy really exists. Maybe the truth lies in neither of the theories available, maybe it was something else. What I really want to say is that only a fool could come to a conclusion about such a complex matter, and that it is mysteries like these that keep you awake at night. Main thing about it is to view them as exactly what they are, entertainment, instead of transforming them into complex conspiration theories and paranoia.

    Anyway, I enjoyed watching this, and I wanted to thank you for keeping me awake:P

  397. Squeegee, unfortunately there's one more thing - the "cocksure" ones are the majority compared to the ones darning to doubt the official, though sometimes completely illogical explanations.
    It was the discoveries in the space field, made After the Appolo program, that raised many further questions instead of giving a solid proof to the old statements. And the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belts is just a small piece of the whole inconsistency problem.

  398. The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.
    Bertrand Russell

  399. Interesting, i'll have to look into them further....alyhough if we can see N.A's footprint tracks then the rover tracks, and the rover itself, should be quite visable at this scale? Are there more (conclusive) photos? A.Razor are these 2 poor quality pic's the best of them on your link provided? (I can only find these 2 from a quick google search.)

    Do those "footprints" look quite large compared to the lander footprint? If they said these were the rover tracks I would have been sold but its not quite the shots i was hoping/speaking of.

  400. There are no telescopes, either earth or space based (AKA Hubble) that are powerful enough to achieve that sort of resolution. Even photos taken from earth satellites of the earth's surface itself can't make out such small details on our surface. Hence the switch to aerial photos on close-up with Google Earth.

    If anyone is interested though, there is a ship orbiting the moon right now which has been taking pictures of Apollo landing sites as it orbits in addition to its other scientific purposes. They are available online and clearly show the descent stages of the respective LM, the tracks that the astronauts made, scientific experiments they left behind and even some of the American flags. One or two of the sites have also been photographed at different times of lunar "day" by now on different orbits.

    In harmony with the lunar day concept, the astronauts themselves talked about how the light's effects are completely different on the moon at sunrise / set and at full exposure. I just thought it might be something to take into account with the whole shadow business.

  401. ha ha you believe mythbusters thats funny, if you had half a brain you would know the discovery channels either dont give you all the info or just plain lie do yourself a favor and turn off your tv.

  402. all points in this doc are quite impressive, but what strikes me is how odd the press conference with the 3 astronauts was; they should have the look and demeanor of proud heros, who had ensured american dominace in space. instead they all look as if they dont want to be there, no smiles, downcast eyes (guilt?)....thats not the look of a hero...looks more like bernake at a senate hearing

  403. These so called conspiracies have all been disproved by "Mythbusters" of all things! It was not hard to prove that flags continue to flap for a much longer time in a vacuum than in atmosphere (especially when the astronaut hanging on to the pole because they could just barely get it in the ground; there are no stars visible because the f-stop (iris) of the lens is set to accurately record the moons surface (very bright relative to the stars) and unable to record the dimness of the stars (which are outside of the 5-zone limit of the B&W film used in the cameras. Any photographer worth his salt can prove this one easily (as was done on "Mythbusters"). This same phenomenum is observed when the interior light comes back on in the space craft - as they opened the iris of the lens up to accurately record the low light of the interior of the craft, the earth outside the porthole became overexposed because of its relative brightness compared to the interior of the craft, just as it should have!

    On the subject of the "close-up" earth being cropped by the #1 window, it would have been pretty difficult to get the cloud cover to cooperate for a faked photo... think about it... we have all seen photos of the earth from "a couple of hundred miles up" that have been taken from the space shuttle... if you were to crop out just a section of the HUGEness of the earth from that distance, you would not see the complexity of the cloud cover that you see in the apollo photo in question. Think how big the moon looks from earth even with its relative size compared to the earth... how far do you think you would have to be from the earth to see the earth as small as it was in the apollo window... about 130,000 miles perhaps?

    Come on people, get over it... there was no conspiracy... I suppose they burned up Grissom, White, and Chaffee because they were going to talk?

    Over 400,000 people worked on this project and are a testiment to the abilities of the American people when they put their ingenuity behind something... Oh and why have'nt we gone again??? Because we got what we needed during the missions we had and then turned our focus on the mission to Mars and beyond, which the space stations have helped us with in terms of measuring the effects of long term exposure to space. All while working wiht a budget that is a very, very small fraction of the national debt... Obama just spent more on clunker cars that congress spent on NASA last year... Hmmm Do you think we could get back to the moon in a clunker?!

  404. Achems Razor, hi! Always good to hear from you! Thanks for your comment, I certainly see the difference you are pointing to :-). Greetings

  405. Greetings WTC7: I went on the site that Pete suggested and found it very interesting. I will try to answer you dust thing with your vac. cleaner. You need an atmosphere for the dust to blow around as on Earth. On the Moon the only dust that was affected by the Lander was at point of impact by the jets settling on the Moon surface, the dust would be blown up and aside and the Moons gravity would settle it down right away. On Earth it would of been blown all over the place as with your vac. The rest I will not attempt like shadows etc: You are more voiced in that then I am. regards.

  406. Hi Pete,

    I went to the bad astronomy site you suggested to the science-illiterate commentators, and I see myself as one of those, prior to watching the doc. The explanations of the irregularities of the shadows made an impression on me. There were several issues that made an impression on me, so, I watched the documentary very carefully against the stuff I read on his site.

    But I regret to report that there are still issues that he didn't succeed to explain properly, scientist or not.

    One thing I was really puzzled about was that the lunar surface reflects the light and so it explains why objects were so well illuminated even their parts that should normally not be. Everything was fine until I got to that photo of the big rock next to which we see a little lunar vehicle. If the bad astronomer's theory was right, than the side of the rock in the shadow should be reasonably visible. Alas, it's as dark as it gets (and normally should be that way!), which was absolutely incompatible with the rest of the photos. That, somehow, threw me off this scientific explanation... (the image of the rock is at the 25:47 minute of the doc)

    The second thing your bad astronomer made me think about were the angles of the shadows, which he nonchalantly explains by the fact that we are looking at 3D images on a 2D photos (as if any photo was something else), and the fact that IF there were indeed multiple light sources when the photos were being taken, there should have been multiple shadows visible too. In addition, he invites everybody to go out and check it themselves. Well, for one, I don't need to go out to check something I know - and that is that shadows indeed can appear to fall under different angles in the sunlight, for example. The problem is that they appear such under certain conditions - depending on the diversity of the terrain, the distance from the object which throws the shadow and the position of the observer.

    On one of the photos in the doc, we have the observer's (the astronaut who is at the same time taking the photo) shadow and the shadow of some kind of a pole at a distance not further than a meter and a half from him on his left hand side. In this case, it is safe to say that the perspective is the same, the distance between two objects is negligible and the terrain does not appear to be significantly different between the two. Still, the pole's shadow and the one of the astronomer are really at an odd angle.

    I made an effort and made a small experiment with multiple light sources in my room (since the bad astronomer so generously invited me to do so). I concluded that if I moved a bit further from the two sources of light I arranged behind me, there will appear in front of me two shadows of me, and both would be going in opposite directions. But if I moved a bit closer to one of the light sources, the shadows will move further apart and would not both be visible in front of me (depending on which area I chose to take a photo of, I could photograph only one of my shadows; but there would still be two light sources behind me).

    Hence, that "scientific" explanation put me off too and reinforced my doubts.

    Furthermore, have you ever used a vacuum cleaner? Say, a 1000 VAT strong one? Or even less than that? You see, with mine, no dust remains untouched, even if I'm attacking it from 10 cm above :-). Oh, and dust starts flying around even if you only blow at it.

    So, even with my limited, unscientific experience, it is still really hard to accept the bad astronomer's explanation on why there was no visible disturbance of the moon's dust underneath the lunar module that landed on its surface. 'Cause, as gentle as that landing was made to be, I'm still prone to believe that the module's exhausts were still more powerful than my vacuum cleaner.

    There goes another one...

    The issue of the moon walk - the fact that the astronauts look as if they were simply jumping on Earth, only in slow motion, I won't discuss as your bad astronomer doesn't mention it either.

    Also the fact that, 40 years after a number of "successful" Apolo moon landings, and development of an incredible technology compared to the one of 1960s/70s, the scientists can't reinitiate the program before 2015, is beyond any comment.

  407. you would think if we the USA made it to the moon the Russians get there to for national security reasons. If we have been there before then why will it take till 2020 to get back there again. I dont trust the governments info. Like area 51, JFK, pearl harbor attack, NWO.

  408. Hi Vlatko,

    All of the landing were hoax!!!!

    There is not even one photo in NASA web page that you can see stars!!!!!!!

    All the pictures were taken on earth (in a Hollywood studio).

    I'll believe a man walked on the moon if you'll show me a picture with stars or even a picture with one source of light (on the moon it's supposed to have light only from the sun).

    This is the reason why men didn't continue to explore the moon - men never walked on the moon!!!

    The americans are the biggest liers ever, that's why the russians (that were not far behind in technology from the americans) did not land on the moon since then. I think they know the americans lie but they are angry that they didn't think of lying to the world about landing on the moon.

    A country that can lie about the landing on the moon can lie about everything (the 9/11, pearl harbor, man-made global warming etc.)

    Don't believe anything the gov. tells you - they LIE!!!

  409. Makes a internesting case

  410. this is truly a really great and mind opening doc. thanks for the posting V.. and im surprize more people haven't commented on this subject.. weird usually you would see fanatics on both sides of the arguments dogging it out. trying to prove each other wrong like its done in the religions documentaries.. oh well i guess most people leave this sort of thing to the gov. and accept what is giving to them. i for one do believe that the moon landing was a big hoax..