A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

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If it wasn't possible to better the Soviets in the space race, which was really a race of technology armaments, what could be done?

How could America offset the threat of superior weaponry? Throughout the history of rivalry and war, astute generals of lesser armies than their counterparts have used deceit and misinformation as a method to achieve victory.

Surrounding the earth, beginning at an altitude of 1,000 miles and extending an additional 25,000 miles, lie lethal bands of radiation called the Van Allen Radiation Belts.

Every manned space mission in history (including Mercury, Gemini, Soyuz, Skylab and the Space Shuttle) has been well below this deadly radiation field...all except Apollo.

Recently uncovered footage of the crew of Apollo 11 staging part of their mission proves that the astronauts never made it beyond earth orbit. The goal was to fool the Soviet Union about US strategic capability during the height of the Cold War. Deceit, Greed, and Injustice... A sad thing happened on the way to the moon. The truth will astound you!

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Ron Ciafalo
28 days ago

My thing to anyone believing the landings never happened. 1... Is NASA going to make all the mistakes the conspiracy crowd claim, knowing the world is watching? No way. 2 .... If anything was fake why haven't other countries exposed the US? They would have done so in a nano second. 3.... There is literally mountains of evidence on the Internet to anyone with doubt. The moon rocks brought back were examined all over the world by scientists. They are not from Antarctica!! 4.... Every single claim by the conspiracy crowd, has been explained/debunked numerous times. Although, to some, no evidence of any kind is ever good enough. If it goes against their beliefs... It's wrong. Facts?? They don't need them lol. After all, the conspiracy can't be wrong? Could it? Or are the Scientists who studied for years, and actually
know about rocket technology, and physics, the ones who know the truth?
Believe me, I can name a million things the hoax is wrong about, however, it's not going to change peoples minds.

1 month ago

Sadly, conspiracies like this will always continue, simply because people don't research properly. Even the Titanic submersible disaster is already being labeled as a hoax or fake. It's so simple to search online, yet many chose to ignore facts. Unbelievable.

3 months ago

Despite the deniers and their false claims, the landings are an indisputable established fact. Nothing they claim is true, it's just silly opinions, all of which are very easy to explain.

Mike Garance
7 months ago

I remember this from school years ago, we went over all the inaccurate claims made. I hope no one actually believes this.

Keith boddey
7 months ago

The lander for the Apollo 18 mission must have been almost built by the time the mission was cancelled.
What happened to this lander?

8 months ago

These hoax claims are so easy to debunk, I can't understand how some can still be sucked in by them. Every event in history, has someone claiming it never took place. I can claim we are all in the matrix, and I bet I can have people believing it, if I made a video. There are mountains of evidence for the landings. The only thing hoax believers have is willful ignorance of hard scientific facts. Usually they won't listen anyway, and are looking for attention online.

9 months ago

Titanic didn't sink it was the Olympic as it was already damaged in a collision. The US never went to the moon as humans couldn't survive the Van Allen radiation belt, the whole lot was a hoax, but then yanks think covid is real, to dam funny you lot are.

10 months ago

I remember this video from years ago. It's filled with misleading quotes, and overall, many deceitful claims. Anyone can go online, and search, and there are literally loads of websites explaining that moon hoax theories are nonsense.

George Shaver
11 months ago

For starters, this video is a joke. Barts " backstage footage" was taken in large part from the 30 minute live telecast, not from The NASA vault, as he claims. It's shows the astronauts testing the camera, not filming a hoax. I'm asking any skeptics, just search online, there are many sites debunking all of the hoax claims.

1 year ago

No hoax evidence exists, only willful ignorance from people who believe this video is actually evidence that man never walked on the moon. The internet is great, however, many facts are distorted by YouTube sites, and conspiracy videos like this one. Sibrel ignores basic physics, and photography, and yet some chose to believe him, despite decades of facts against them.

Susan Boyd
1 year ago

Bart Sibrel is a man who thinks he is smart, but really isn't. My favorite is a video in which Bart gets punched by Buzz Aldrin for hounding him, and calling him a liar. That to me never gets old!

1 year ago

I have found arguing with anyone who believes we didn't land on the moon is a waste of time. Show them pictures......those are fake. Moon rocks were brought back and examined by scientists from around the world.......... Fake. If it was fake why didn't Russia and other countries expose the USA?...... They are lying. How can we make several missions to the moon, and never get caught faking it..... Oh people were paid off, or threatened. See? It's hopeless! Why argue with someone who refuses to learn? As for Bart Sibrel, his video has been debunked ages ago, and is filled with lies, and misleading information. His "video" has been edited , and he's being deceitful. He's a con artist. It doesn't strike skeptics as extremely unusual, that this "hoax" hasn't been exposed???? Must be a lot of hush hush money right? I've read just about every moon hoax claim, and they have all been dismissed, and debunked, but we all know hoaxers are immune to facts. It won't be long before someone chimes in with the " I'm a paid NASA shill or sheep" line.

1 year ago

Any fakery would have been reported immediately, other countries were keeping an eye on the missions, by tracking them. A hoax can never last this long, some conspiracy videos are riddled with speculation and lies, just like this one is.

1 year ago

Sadly, the landings we're being denied before they were even complete, after things like Watergate, or operation paper clip, people assume everything is a lie. The government lies 24/7, and anyone who denies that is a shill, or sheep. What a sad way to live. These types of people spread misinformation, and feel they are smart. I love conspiracy's,but this isn't one of them. There is mountains of evidence against skeptics, that I'm sure they will all say is fake.

1 year ago

As far as the petrified wood story, everything points towards a mistake or a hoax by two Dutch artists. Actual moon rocks are much smaller, and are encased in plastic. Hoax believers, just read the story, but don't bother going any deeper. It's a funny story to say the least, but remember skeptics will grasp at anything they can to keep their hoax theory alive. Facts are irrelevant. Conspiracy sites would never lie or be inaccurate in their minds.

1 year ago

Basically all that happened was the telemetry tapes were reused, NASA still has all the important data locked up. NASA has advanced and moved on. Technology advances over the years. The need to go to the moon wasn't needed anymore at that time. As For Bill Kaysing, he is an embarrassment. He claims no stars on the moon???? This is old news!! Anyone who knows about photography knows the answer, and knows he is wrong. The waiving flag, has been explained a million times as well.... It's swinging from inertia, like a pendulum. It only moves when the astronauts are securing it into the moon's surface. His claims are embarrassing to say the least, and I cannot believe people actually listen to that foolishness. Everything he said has been debunked. Man has landed on the moon, that's a fact thats skeptics can't handle. Like people said, they know little about how a rockets thrust behaves in a vacuum, or even how basic photography works. A lot of moon landing deniers only hear what they want to hear, the rest of the information is discarded. There is tons of misleading articles and videos online, especially Old Bart's disaster, which is filled with wrong information, and lies.

Jeff Cohen
1 year ago

Paul, please Bill Kaysing used to live in a trailer with a bunch of Cats. THATS who you believe.? Lol. Come on, he's not a reliable source, NASA hasn't "lost" the technology. Hoax nuts always get that wrong. The technology wasn't needed anymore, and dismantled. Any hoax claims are old news and have been debunked. Enough already. Old Bart and Bill are not experts in any way. Nice try though.

Paul Glenn Cawley
1 year ago


Note: READ the Comment section of this book!!
Bill Kaysing was head of the technical presentations unit at the Rocketdyne Propulsion Field Laboratory from 1956 to 1963. This period encompassed the major planning for the engine and components of the Apollo project. During this time, Kaysing held security clearances with the U.S. Air Force and the Atomic Energy Commission. Here Bill is exposing the MANY LIES and DECEPTIONS that NASA used to totally fool us all including the whole world!
Below is another engineer exposing what he knows in the COMMENT SECTION for this excellent fact-filled book!

5.0 out of 5 stars
The Proof is ALWAYS in the pudding! NASA LIES! Vietnam Distraction and Robbery.
Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2013
The proof is ALWAYS in the pudding. NASA mysteriously "lost" ALL of the original data for ALL of the Apollo missions! So according to NASA what we have now is recorded video of the original footage running on a tv way back when, wow really convincing! The Dutch government returned a piece of "moon rock" given to them by the geniuses at NASA, it turned out it was petrified wood! MOON ROCKS ARE ALSO ON EARTH! Mostly Antarctica, where Von Braun("ex"-Nazi brought to America just like Mengele was) and company went in 1967 for "research". This was simply to collect as many Moon meteorites as possible for the cover story. It is almost impossible to find the location of the "original" Apollo Moon rocks given to governments and institutions throughout the world, hmmm?
The plans for ALL of the moon landing equipment were also ALL LOST! These were built on the Earth but the technical plans were STILL ALL LOST! Even if you simply look at the pictures, how the heck did they get the Lunar dune buggy into the lander? The buggy is about the size of the lander, not to mention all the other equipment they had to carry. As confirmed also the temperatures on the Moon would have decimated everything in those nonsense pictures and movies that were filmed at some military installation in the Western US. An analysis of the pictures and video makes it pretty clear they were faked. I believe it was Neil Armstrong himself, a Freemason like all the other surviving astronauts, would not attend the 40th anniversary celebration of the "moon" landing. The founder of JPL was a Satanist/Luciferian and part of the whole Freemason occult structure. NASA is no different.
Stanley Kubricks confession, The Shining, to staging the Apollo nonsense is there too. Rear projection was used extensively and the same mountains were used in different pictures as well. Room 237=237,000 miles to the moon, the little boy has an Apollo 11 sweater on when he goes to Room 237 which has 2 sisters, GEMINI that is. A11 work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. A11=Apollo 11! Eyes Wide Shut was his way to letting us know about the secret occult societies that are in charge of, not just the USA, but pretty much the leadership of the whole world. Kubrick died during the making of that film, and a huge amount of it was permanently deleted never to be seen. Guess some one thought he went too far in that one. Kubricks films during and after 2001 Space Odyssey are the most revealing of the Illuminati/Eye of Horus/Ra and general occult hierarchies actions and plans, you simply have to have the training and understanding to read between the lines but most never get to that point.
The truth is that the whole fake Moon landing BS was to distract the American people from the atrocities of the New Opium War that was Vietnam and a way to siphon off 30 Billion dollars(and that's 60's funny fed money!!) from the most robbed and lied to people in history: the American taxpayer. That 30 Billion went to paying for the war and of course a good portion was simply stolen by those involved. People like Kissinger/Brezenski, Rockefeller, Bushes and the rest of the vermin that are part of the Illuminati world ruling structure will and have killed, robbed and enslaved millions for one end: the Luciferian NWO. This is a new Pharaohnic "paradise" run by megalomaniacs on par with Mao,Hitler and Stalin.
America in particular was bombarded with Nazis via Project Paperclip for 40 years plus. The Nazis, Freemasons and other dangerous gangster groups satiate our culture but the vast majority are either slaves working too hard to think or simply not interested in breaking out of their brainwashed comfort zone. Sadly these will realize only too late what they have given up, like the unfortunate German people, Russian people and Chinese people.

1 year ago

Many skeptics, no little about how thrust works in a vacuum, the reflective qualities of moondust, or camera exposure times. These are just some of the many things the hoax crowd ignore when claiming their are to many "anomaly's" . Nothing short of bringing a skeptic to the moon will convince them, and even then some said they still wouldn't believe it. So, we see the kind of people we are dealing with........

No hoax for me
1 year ago

To Dennis, and all other self appointed experts..... Why has no one ever come forward to "spill the beans" if anything was fake? You hoax believers are insane. You believe claims without fact checking. Some of the landing evidence is third party, meaning it's independent of NASA, and the government. There were over 8000 photos taken on the moon. All fake? Close to half a million people were involved in the landings, including scientists, and just regular workers like us. Rock samples were brought back and examined around the world, and proved genuine. The astronauts used thin shielding, so the lander can be lightweight. A common misconception among skeptics, is they needed feet of protection. That's incorrect. Bill kaysing started this whole mess, and there are still many gullible people that believe his misinformation, even though it's easily explained. Hoax believers will claim, everyone was in on the hoax, and all pictures were faked, so what's the point in showing evidence? If NASA admitted the landings were faked, the hoax crowd would say they are real. It's always the opposite of the official story. People just love conspiracies. Personally, I've heard every claim.... " Only certain people were in on it, and everyone else just did as they were told" More misinformation being spread. Bart's work is all wrong, all facts debunking the moon hoax are available online.

1 year ago

I laugh every time I read hoax comments, but anyway, the conspiracy crowd claims it's all fake, due to a few anomalies they try to find, like the no blast crater, which is basically due to displacement of air, not the rocket exhaust. There is no air on the moon. Remember they throttled down when they were landing, there is less gravity on the moon, so they didn't need to come in at full throttle. Hopefully, one day we can educate a lot of the internet trolls spewing their nonsense like fake moon landings.

1 year ago

The astronauts plotted a trajectory that targets the weakest points of the VAB, and to go through quickly, in only a few hours. Yet another mistake made by self appointed experts and Sibrel himself. No offense to anyone, but in this day and age, it's laughable to consider the moon landings a hoax. There is mountains of evidence against skeptics.

Jennifer Lee
1 year ago

Conspiracy believers are in denial big time. Bart tries to convince people the shadows don't match up with the light source. Someone already said it, the moon's terrain plays a role. There are multiple light sources from the moon, not just the sun. Moon dust is reflective. Just tell yourself. .......the earth is not the moon
...the earth is not the moon...... The gravity is 1/6th of earth, and they are in a vacuum. There is plenty of evidence to bury the hoax theory. First off, as stated, Bart is great at making a flashy dvd, but he knows nothing on space. Many pounds of moon rocks were brought back from the moon for geological studies. They were spread around the world to hundreds of labs and examined. The inner isotopes of the basic elements are different than here on earth, that's how they know for sure they came from the moon, and not Antarctica, like some skeptics try and claim. The problem is conspiracy lovers take the one thing that fits their theory, and ignore the rest. I always wondered if Bart had an ax to grind with NASA, which explains why Neil Armstrong hit him in the face that one time. He's relentless, and relies on bad science, and assumptions to come to his conclusions. His special video, is available to anyone in it's entirety without seeing his spliced up mess, where he tries to trick people into believing the astronauts were trying to fake it. This is old news anyway, moon landing conspiracies have been debunked ages ago, but there are still a persistent bunch that will never believe it. I could go on and on, however hoax believers will always call any evidence fake.

1 year ago

To Paul, Bart lied about the Van Alan Belts being more dangerous. Now, obviously, they can be, however it's HOW it was done. If the astronauts lingered they would be in trouble. They picked a course that was weaker, and traveled through quickly. Bart says the infamous "C" rock he claims is a prop rock. It's been proven to be a fiber like contaminant, or basically a strand of hair on one of the photos. Yes mistakes happen. The flag is waiving only when the astronauts are securing it into the ground. Basically its inertia. There is less air resistance in a vacuum. Bart claims the stars are to complicated to replicate, so they left them out. That's actually do to the settings on the cameras. The stars ARE there, they are just to dim to be seen on film . These are all basic mistakes most skeptics like Bart make. All his claims are silly to say the least, and I'm surprised some still fall for them. What about all the rocks brought back and examined? All fake??? Is anything real? I'm sure NASA would not make all these huge mistakes knowing skeptics will be going through them with a fine toothed comb. Visit an air and space museum, and learn some facts, and get educated on how things work. Bart also claims the shadows are incorrect. Well, the uneven surface of the moon can distort the shadows, just like on earth. Also, the sun is not the only light source. He's wrong about that too. The sun, moon, and the lem, all reflect light. Even the astronauts themselves do to the dust on the moon, it's reflective. Od Bart is an ex taxi driver, and no expert on anything space related. His video is cut, to make it look like the astronauts are "faking" their trip to the moon. All of which he has no proof. The whole video was available to the public long before he claimed it was "evidence" of a hoax. I'm afraid nothing is going to convince all hardcore skeptics, they have invested to much time into the hoax to admit they are wrong.

1 year ago

Paul Cawley, the whole video filled with mistakes. The part of the video where the astronauts are "faking" the travel to the moon was edited to suit Bart. He's wrong about the flag waiving, and all the lighting discrepancies.

1 year ago

A lot of the information on this video, is made up nonsense. Bart is only showing part of the documentary he cut the footage from. He is being dishonest, by claiming the astronauts were faking it. We know the cult followers of the hoax, are immune to all facts. Its very easy to explain all the hoax claims.

1 year ago

This is the biggest load of nonsense I have read. Man has landed on the moon, that's a fact, everything has been documented.

1 year ago

Just the fact that Bart lied about the supposed "secret footage" he shows, should be enough for hoax believers to understand this is nonsense. The whole footage is available online. He is manipulating the actual Video. Like someone else said. The flag isn't waiving either, it only moves when the astronauts are securing it into the ground, do to inertia. I love how the narrator claims the rock is most likely paper mache. How silly.

Mary Ann
1 year ago

The problem is their are loads of videos spreading the hoax misinformation, and some people believe it without researching.

1 year ago

Actually the technology wasn't "lost" the way the conspiracy crowd tries to make people believe. The technology wasn't needed anymore, so everything was dismantled, to do it again, plans would have to be done from scratch. Not impossible, it's just expensive. People think everything is impossible because they "think" it is. Also, videos like this one help spread nonsense and paranoia with all it's lies and speculation.

1 year ago

There's a very good reason people don't believe this video, the information it tries to give, has been proven to be incorrect, time and time again. It's laughable at best, and anyone can debunk Bart's lies with just a little research.

1 year ago

A total waste of time to watch. With so many errors here, how can people seriously believe this laughing stock of a video? I'm sure there are many who will swear it's accurate, despite tons of facts debunking all their "evidence". It's 2022, and this hoax stuff is so silly. Hoaxers need better education., However, they will only say the schools are brainwashing the kids, and anything else is fake.

1 year ago

The earth is flat, the landings are faked, Elvis is alive, covid is a hoax. People that make these claims are lunatics. I'm not saying its bad to question anything, I am however saying don't believe everything on conspiracy sites. It's false information. Like many have said, Bart Sibrel is not an expert in anything space related. He is using opinions, misinformation, and silly claims to misguide unsuspecting people, who love conspiracy theories. This video is a one way trip to clown town.

1 year ago

People have to be kidding actually believing this mockumentary. All this fake moon landing nonsense went out decades ago. There is no evidence, americans landed on the moon. It's a part of history. Russia would have blown the lid off any hoax immediately. The missions were tracked by other countries. It's not possible to fake an event of that size. Hoax nuts don't understand things like that. All they do is deny anything that doesn't go along with their crazy theories. Many claims made on this video, are old outdated claims debunked a long time ago.

Jake Ryan
1 year ago

It's useless to even try and explain anything to a skeptic, as moon landing conspiracy theories will always exist regardless of evidence proving them wrong.

1 year ago

Bart Sibrel is just an ordinary man with an opinion. He is not an expert in the aerospace industry, so why do some people fall for his nonsense? Anything said here, is very easily explained in great detail. NASA is not going to make all the errors people claim they made, if anything was to be staged. Those rockets went someplace. I'll bet the hoax believers don't even know there were different stages to the rockets.

Fred A.
1 year ago

Stanley Kubrick directed the moon landings. He was such a perfectionist, that he insisted that they film on location. Rofl. What rock have deniers been living under?????? I mean, this documentary is laughable at best because it's got so many mistakes. This doesn't matter, we know the deniers are so delusional, they will not listen to anyone who goes against their beliefs. Many things have been explained, so what's the problem? Is NASA making all these mistakes? As stated before, it's useless to educate a denier, they are not interested in learning anything. In their minds they are right, and everyone else is a fool who believes everything they are told. That's just not true, that's ignorance. There are many videos online containing misinformation, just like this one. The flag thing has been discussed many times, the whole "no stars" thing, is due to the camera shutter settings. People just refuse facts, or the willingness to learn. Go outside at night with your cell phone, and take a picture of the sky. Same principal. The stars ARE there, they are just to dim to be seen on film. In this day and age if some want to deny men landing on the moon, than there is little that can be done for them.

1 year ago

Yeah, it's 2022...... And still no shortage of people denying history due to their ignorance and lack of knowledge. Moon rock samples were brought back and proved genuine, and not from earth. Scientists from around the world studied them. Not everyone is "in on it" , plus lot of things were done independent of NASA. Someone would have came forward, if anything was fake. Of course hoax believers refuse any rational explanation. Everything they cannot understand, is a hoax. What a sad way to live. Maybe one day they will grow up, and learn, but I doubt it.

zlato moe
1 year ago

we are in 2022 and there are still plenty of people believing this Apollo nonsense. come on, time to grow up and move on. there have never been any americans on the moon and it is highly unlikely that we will see any man on the moon even 100 years after the alleged Apollo 11 mission

No hoax here
1 year ago

How crazy, Russia would have been all over it if anything was fake. Some stuff like Bart's mess is all misinformation, and people should be ashamed for believing in his nonsense. It's so easily debunked, but we know his followers are immune to all facts.

1 year ago

First off, the flag is not "waiving" it moves only when the astronauts are securing it into the moon's surface. There is a metal Rod in the outer edges to keep the flag up, because they are in a vacuum, and had they not included the metal rod, the flag would droop just like hereon earth, when there's no wind. Basically it swings like a pendulum. That's just one of old Bart's many mistakes, the rest of his silly claims are very easily explained.

1 year ago

Really? A fake moon landing???? Do people not do research anymore? Guess not. Everyone knows this video has many mistakes. Anyone can Google this, and debunk all the stupid claims this video makes.

Andy T
1 year ago

Just read the book by Bart Sibrel explains things better

1 year ago

What a waste of time, so many people watch this, and just believe all the nonsense they spew, and don't even question anything. Hoax cheerleaders spread paranoia and misinformation, and will never believe anything that contradicts their beliefs.

1 year ago

How childish they were to think that they can get away with these blatant clumsy lies! They probably thought that people were as dumb as they were. Grow up!

No hoax for me
1 year ago

Many people choose to go through life uninformed. There is nothing fake about any Apollo landings. With the internet, facts are available to anyone. It seems many doubters are to lazy to look anything up for themselves. I know many skeptics don't even have a clue what it took to get to the moon, or how a rocket works. If you don't understand any of that how can you deny it? Many websites and videos take factual events, edit the footage, add doubt, and boom...... They claim it was a hoax, and some people instantly believe it. All anyone has to do is search the internet, there are tons facts that debunk any fakery claim. Some skeptics are so proud of their hoax claims, it makes them feel smart. Like someone said before, is NASA really going to make a bunch of goofs knowing that the whole world will be watching the videos? Absolutely not.

1 year ago

What good is providing skeptics with evidence?. They will simply say it's fake anyway. Those kind of people aren't interested in learning anything anyway.

1 year ago

Bart's footage of the earth has been edited, he's not even showing the video in it's entirely. He's a con man, however non believers swallow everything he says without fact checking. Of course man landed on the moon, that's a fact of history, and hoax believers can't stand the fact that they are being proven wrong.

1 year ago

This video has to many mistakes to be taken seriously, Bart Sibrel is a con man, and is not an expert in rocket science.

1 year ago

Many doubters of the landings are so deep in their own lies, it's senseless to even try and educate them. There are tons of websites debunking their silly claims. Unfortunately, these types of people refuse anything fact related. Everyone is "in on it", and anyone believing we went to the moon, is a paid shill, or a sheep. How come no one has come forward to expose this "hoax"? It would have been all over the news, and internet . All it takes is one person to claim something is fake, and people will follow, it's that simple. Facts have no place in their world. The landings were fake, the earth is flat, and the government is being controlled by shape shifting aliens. Anything else? Lol. I laugh , but it's kind of pathetic people believe in such nonsense, but want to be taken seriously.