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A Hard Day's Night

1964, Performing Arts  -   8 Comments

A Hard Day’s NightVery little needs to be said about this trend-setting 1964 classic: Simply put, A Hard Day's Night is the finest rock 'n' roll comedy ever made. It hit America shortly after the Beatles themselves did, and with the Fab Four as popular as they were, Stateside audiences would've been happy just to see and hear John, Paul, George, and Ringo perform such hit songs as "Can't Buy Me Love," "I Should Have Known Better," "And I Love Her," and the title tune.

But director Richard Lester (A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum), working from a script by Alun Owen, further delighted moviegoers with his wonderfully offbeat, visually inventive chronicle of a 36-hour period in the group's hectic life.

He made no attempt to turn the Beatles into actors but encouraged them to give free rein to their naturally zany impulses; the result was a wacky, fast-paced romp with a carefully cultivated air of spontaneity and hokey sight gags reminiscent of silent-era comedies.

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8 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Beeeeeeee

    Getz, what fantasy world do you live in where The Beatles aren't the best band ever formed? Or you are a professional musician? Oh I know, in your mom's basement on World of Warcraft. When The Beatles were released on iTunes, it was the most sold band in the world, off any music store. If you really believe what you say, why are you on here trying to watch it anyway? This is a place for people who still love The Beatles, which is 90% of the world.

  2. Beeeeeeee

    The Beatles!!!!!!

  3. Getz

    these mofos stole jazz from the world and they get a documentary here too?
    Fk that! I'm just glad this ain't showin in my country for copywrite sh^t. this ain't music... beatles is for the braindead and disabilitated children (no offense). and this is coming from a professional musician.

    1. Joseph

      From what you say, it sounds like it is coming from a very immature and/or young
      'professional" musician... Speaking as a professional (classical) musician myself.

    2. ThomasXxs

      Well I'm acquainted with a couple of people who know music and music theory inside and out. Although they are mainly into classical music, they both say that the Beatles were by far the best, brightest and most innovative pop group ever!

  4. Andre E Bordeleau

    will never see it again will we... the harmony's, the beat, the rithym and the screaming girls... they were fun buch of lads that changed it all

  5. Amy Berg

    The Beatles do Rock and i Love each and every one of them!!!! Their music was the greatest of their time and well done.

  6. alex

    The Beatles ROCK!!!! Beatles forever!!