A Lamp in the Dark: The Untold History of the Bible

A Lamp in the Dark: The Untold History of the Bible

2010, Religion  -   274 Comments
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A Lamp in the Dark: The Untold History of the BibleAn exciting documentary that unfolds the fascinating untold history of the Bible, revealing critical information often overlooked in modern histories. Enter into a world of saints and martyrs battling against spies, assassins and wolves in sheep's clothing.

Throughout the Middle Ages, the Papal Inquisition forbade biblical translation, threatening imprisonment and death to those who disobeyed. Learn the stories of valiant warriors of the faith, such as John Wycliffe, William Tyndale, Martin Luther, the ancient Waldenses, Albigenses and others who hazarded their lives for the sake of sharing the Gospel light with a world drowning in darkness.

Once the common people were able to read the Bible, the world was turned upside down through the Protestant Reformation. The Reformers subdued whole kingdoms by preaching the grace of God, and exposing the unbiblical doctrines of Rome. In response, the Vatican would launch a Counter Reformation to destroy the work of the Reformers, including the bibles they produced.

This video covers subjects ranging from the Gospels, to the Reformation with Martin Luther, the Counter-Reformation and the Jesuits (the Black Pope and Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta), and the fascinating story surrounding William Tyndale and the different Bible translations.

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  1. comes off as a paid advertisement to bash Catholics

    1. You obviously do not know the wicked history of the catholic Church.

  2. Watch this is you want to sit for over an hour hearing how Catholics should burn in hell forever

  3. dangerous video that clearly doesn't fit into today's culture of tolerance. I had to turn it off due to the absolute "hate speech" going on against Catholics. It was disgusting to think any of these so called "scholars" would go along with this. Shame on them!

    1. "hate speech" LOL And to think that either you or your parents PAID for that college "education". According to The Bible... the Roman Catholic church is EXTREMELY evil. I tend to agree... and I don't hate anyone. My God forbids it. The real catholic church (notice the lower case "c" and no ROMAN before it... is the TRUE catholic church. Get some REAL education. God bless you, Tamara!

    2. this documentary is so on point.... its funny how the only truth is classed as hate speech, but link the jesuits to hitlers ideals and you will see the reason they had an iranian (land of the aryans) ss division, look closer and you will see that the book "mien kampf" was a jesuit initiative too see also theyre involvment in all the revolutions

  4. Religion: an elaborate coping mechanism built on delusion and maintained with conformation bias.

  5. You all get so worked up
    It's ...............well,,,sad

  6. One day we will all stand in judgement before God and I pray that i get to meet all of you haters of Jesus on that day.... You are going to be in for a massive surprise or a million.

    1. I share your belief in Jesus, and Christianity, and the end times. However your judgemental statement that reeks of desire for punishment because you're "right" and their "wrong." This type of attitude is simply the other side of the coin of those "Jesus haters" and will only help place you in the same boat awaiting that "Massive surprise." This isn't a competition for popularity among Jesus. Instead of wasting energy fueling your own malice towards those "Jesus haters" maybe you should try to figure out what makes them that way, educate them as to why they may be misinterpreting his message, and possibly help them one their own way to salvation. Something to think about.

    2. Something to think about: Well said! God bless you! vish: Praying for you, my friend. May God's peace be upon you.

  7. I just watched all 3 hrs of it and found it very interesting! Makes me more greatful for even having my King James Bible...off to watch the sequel :)

  8. It's just history people. You can't change if just because you don't like it. This is the churches history - true church & false apostate church. Learn a little!

  9. Paul Leonard's problem is in his last paragraph.... "I'm a protestant seminarian".
    The Jesuits took over the Seminaries long ago.
    Though Paul may be well educated.... he is educated in the wrong stuff.

    This Chris Pinto Documentary is VERY good... though a little dry.
    I suggest watching number two in the three part series.... TARES AMONG THE WHEAT.... first.
    THAT one is very fascinating and will peak your interest to then watch LAMP IN THE DARK.
    I only hope that Chris survives long enough to produce #3 in this series.
    Too much truth about the RCC will get a lot of attention from the Jesuits and another dead body means absolutely nothing to them.

  10. @ Bob Roberts, thanks for this comment and I totally agree with your point. @truthquest absolutely right...I find amazing how can most of you guys post some comments without going through the whole doc. I have watched this one and the sequel - Tares amount the wheat (another 3 hours) and I just loved it and reminds me how the enemy has gone this far to twist the gospel and persecuted those who believed in it... Thanks to Christian pinto for this wonderful documentary..

  11. And, btw, the Catholic church is NOT a Christian religion. It goes against so much scripture, which Catholics are told not to try to read or understand. That is because they want your faith to be in your priest, who is to teach you, and they know that if you get into scripture, and ask God to teach you, that you will find, that Most of what the Catholic church teaches comes from Scripture that they have mis interpreted and taken out of context. When you read scripture, Please read in context. There are some great internet tools, like blueletterbible.org where you can do word searches...if you come across a verse you don't understand, you can type in the keywords,and other verses with similar phrases will come up. YOu can also look up each word in the original Greek or Hebrew that Scripture was given to us in. (using Lexicon or Strong's in the tools section).

    I am going to take one topic to show you what I mean about the Catholic church. You have priests. Who you deem as the nearest to God. But Scripture tells us that 'Christ is our high priest" (Hebrews) and there is "ONE mediator (go between) between man and God, the man Jesus Christ" (I Timothy 2:5). He is our go between...it is our sins that are placed on Him, and He presents us as forgiven before the Father.

    My prayer is that everyone on this page becomes a seeker of truth, and not merely man's opinion.

  12. So, I haven't seen this film. But I know of a few people who have dug into history to prove the Bible to be untrue. They found it, instead, to be quite true. Lee Strobel being one of them...he was an athiest and an investigative reporter for the Chigaco Sun (or Tribune...can't remember which).

    I don't know where you get your ideas about Christianity...probably from the biased Media, or from extremists who I am embarrassed that I share the same name with, because that is NOT what Christ has called us to.

    I am also not going to argue and debate with you, but I do know, that every time an archaelogist puts his spade in the ground and uncovers something from Biblical times, it ALWAYS, supports Scripture.

    To the person who thinks that Christians are trying to achieve diety, you have your religions wrong. NO ONE can EVER achieve diety. That comes from Mormon ideology, and that whole religion is a cult. Christians desire to be more like Christ in character, but we will never achieve diety, and that is never taught in scripture that we will...the idea is there, because Satan himself wanted to be like God and was kicked out of heaven because of his pride and rebellion.

    I am not a theologian, but I have spent my life studying and living by Scripture...and even when I questioned it most, I asked God Himself to reveal truth to me and He did. YOu cannot dispute my personal experience, and I am not exaggerating. God is a God of truth. And He promises in His word, the Bible, that if "you seek ME, you will find ME, when you seek for ME with ALL your heart."

    So, if you are searching for truth, ask the author of truth to reveal Himself to you, to make Himself known, HE WILL, because that is what He is all about. And while there are times that He has poured out His wrath throghout history, what you find predominately about Him in Scripture, and in real time life, is that He is loving, forgiving, gracious and kind.

    I don't know what all of you are out to prove to each other, but the God and 'religion' I KNOW, is NOT the god or the 'religion' that you all have been talking about.

    God is not calling men to religion. When He was alive, on the earth, in human flesh, we call him, Jesus, he, in fact, rebuked the religion that He himself instituted because the leaders weren't getting it. They were leading their own people away from God because of the way they were practicing their religion ( in the spirit of it all). God wants a personal love relationship with you.

    I highly recommend that you go to you tube and find "Church without Religion" or Andrew Farley and find the kind of Christianity that the Bible really teaches. A Christianity that is about love, forgiveness (complete), and grace.

    And by the way...my guess is that each one of you are angry at God about something that has happened in your life. I have been there. But my conclusion, and Scripture teaches, that the bad things that happen in this world are because of sin which brings illness, death, tragedy. Those things are not part of God's plan. However, in spite of the terrible things that can happen in our world, He offers His hand to walk with us, to give us strength, to carry us when we are too weak to put one step in front of the other. So the evil is because of man's own sinfulness...that is something that we as a race brought upon ourselves. God's love and grace says, in spite of your sinfulness, I offer forgiveness, and I will be your strength and your rock.

    So I ask you...are you really wanting to hang on to all the lies that you have been told about religion or by athiests, or are you TRULY wanting to embrace truth, whatever that is? Because you pray to and ask God to make HImself real to you, He will. He desires to have a personal relationship with you...no matter what your life history is, no matter how sinful you think you are. God is big enough and loving enough and gracious enough to forgive you of all you have ever done, no matter how bad. He tells us in His word that he removes our sins far from us, when we depend on Him for forgivenss... He will teach you how you can be forgiven, if you seek Him in sincerity.

    There are two kinds of religions in the world.

    One teaches that you have to do x,y,z to get to heaven, whether it's church attendance, tithe, religious journeys, cutting yourself, be good to others, etc. Almost ALL religions fall into this category.

    Christianity, and the Bible, teach that we can do NOTHING to earn God's favor. That we are sinners, enemies of God. The ONLY thing we have to do, is trust Christ as our SAviour...His sacrifice on the cross satisfied the JUST demands of a Holy Judge (God) for sin...all sin. But it is only applied to you personally when you by faith, believe that the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus is the required sacrifice to pay the penalty for your sin. That's it. You can do nothing. You cannot be good enough ("all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags"). Only Jesus, the sinless sacrifice, was good enough to do anything about YOUR sin debt, because he lived a perfect sinless life. He was God in the flesh, come to pay a debt that you and I could not pay. And He did it, because He loves you and wants to have a personal relationship with YOU!

    So...what are you going to do..are you going to continue to be angry at God, or will you seek Him in truth? He is faithful. He will teach you...He will guide you, if you ask Him.

  13. By the summary, I know this documentary is fictional propaganda, based upon the foundation of bias rather than reality.. The Catholic Church never forbade someone from Reading the Bible- but the person would have to know how to read (& thanks to the Catholic Church, the poor gradually obtained literacy), & would have to read at the Church (as each Bible was meticulously hand written by monks, & reviewed by other highly educated monks for accuracy, as the printing presses did not yet exist, thus making a copy invaluable to a community).

    It is also a lie to claim the Catholic Church forbade the translation in the vehicular, or that a translation in English did not yet exist - by the Long winded rhetoric preface in the King James Bible (which was included until the late 19th century/ early 20th), it even states that the Church had such translations, & was angry that England had to go through the Church for permission; which even that is hypocritical & obvious (again, by the preface words), as it was forbidden to translate w/o the King's authority the KJV. The Church gave permission for many translations in the vehicular, but the Church had to insure that no wolf changed the actual words or poor translation changed meaning. Pretty obvious WHY the Church would desire such oversight- look at the nonsense translations we have today, even a 'pro-homosexual' version. And we see how quickly Luther removed 7 entire books, & added "Authorized" to give the impression of authority that the lay people knew the Church had held for centuries..

    1. John Huss was burned at the stake FOR translating the Bible into the vernacular. Learn some history Philosophizer4Truth, and grow up.

  14. All of these people would not have believed in Jesus or god had it not been for the indoctrination by the Catholic Church.
    So they rise up and go against the Catholic Church. Calling it the anti christ. Solipsism at work by the masses of the brain washed.

  15. The propaganda aspects of the first 24 minutes are pretty bad, the Albigensian’s are the Cathars… the guy also mentions Donatist as good guys, the Walensians are from the Middle Ages, etc. They try to make Protestants/ bible believers from heretics! I suggest skipping the first 24 minutes.
    This is sad because Protestant Reformers themselves normally point to Benedict, Augustine, etc. and stress that they are simply aligning with the early church till 500 (which had Bibles in different languages). Honestly, I think the producers are some kind of Baptist/ Mennonites. Pointing out the humanistic pro-Classical era bias of the reformation could actually have nailed the pro-medieval Catholics a LOT harder, but have an anti-Catholic in bias that is too strong for them to see the separations pre- and post- Pope Gregory I.
    I am all for sola-scriptoria, but the film is too biased and ignores that there where darn good non-biblical patristic theological and even some medieval theological arguments used by the Reformers and perhaps even more tellingly that there where Pro-Bible arguments among them too.
    But the politics here won’t allow the producers to admit text criticism started in A.D. 300 etc. Google the producers and you see all kinds of meaningless junk documentaries like one against sinaiticus when ½ of the times I see “txt. א 1 “ in most Greek New Testaments anyways (that’s real technical, means they take the correction in the margin, not the original text). The whole “lets wail on the vulgate” section is also skewed a bit unfair, it wasn’t corrupt on purpose (at least not by the 15th century monks).
    This really comes out when they blame bad vulgate readings for bad Catholic theology, when I think the Catholic theology is simply pure paganism given proof texts.
    It just goes on and on.
    I'm a protestant seminarian and don't dig rome, even think the Pope is an Anti-Christ, but these guys go to left field.

    1. Sola-scriptura indeed... Heretics taking the place of real saints is very common these days. Thanx for the headsop

  16. youtube walter Veith total onslaught series and see all your errors vanquished right before your ears and eyes . this is the only documentary that has the truth . while all the rest are fraudulent.

  17. this video so well done and beyond that has instructed,captivated and opened my eyes those words describe in a minimum the power of the information provided ,it all makes sense now who is behind the ever darkening darkness quickly descending down upon us ...the evil would be incomprehensible but for the realization of "WHOM" is actually behind this grand scheme the sinister,demonic other-dimensional being ,the "mastermind" of upcoming fulfillment of prophecy rev.9/11 you've done quite a service GOD directed my friends thank you i eagerly await more material from you

  18. Are there any Roman Catholics here who can tell me the offical Roman Catholic Church's position on this documentary?

    1. I can not tell you the Roman Catholic church position on this video buy I can tell you God position:

      The Jesuits (aka Society of Jesus)

      The most evil society took the name of Jesus and sought to exterminate Protestants and their Bibles, the Pope commissioned a company of priests to act as a military order within the Catholic church. Their purpose was to oppose the impact of the Protestant Reformation and discover ways to destroy its influence. Throughout their history, they have been known as the most nefarious and diabolical order ever assembled. Yet few Christians in modern times are aware of their activities and how they affect the Church today.

      The Jesuits have largely taken over the universities and seminaries and seek to take control of the Bible to lead everyone back to Rome. Codex Sinaiticus (with all it's corrections) and Codex Vaticanus were released and claimed to be more ancient and reliable than the texts the reformers used. Functional equivalence or paraphrases are also sprouting up, watering down the faith and the inspired words. The Vatican now influences Bible translation in Bible societies and universities around the world.

      The word of God in the English language. The KING JAMES BIBLE is the final version in the line of Textus Receptus bibles which come from Antioch.

      ALL other new versions can be traced back to the same Roman Catholic church which persecuted, tortured, and murdered the Christian martyrs.

      God will destroy the Roman Catholic church for the very crime of shedding the blood of the martyrs and saints of Jesus Christ. This is a FUTURE event, prophesied in Revelation 17-18.

    2. I can not tell you the Roman Catholic church position but I can tell you God position:

      The Jesuits (aka Society of Jesus)

      The most evil society took the name of Jesus and sought to exterminate Protestants and their Bibles, the Pope commissioned a company of priests to act as a military order within the Catholic church. Their purpose was to oppose the impact of the Protestant Reformation and discover ways to destroy its influence. Throughout their history, they have been known as the most nefarious and diabolical order ever assembled. Yet few Christians in modern times are aware of their activities and how they affect the Church today.

      The Jesuits have largely taken over the universities and seminaries and seek to take control of the Bible to lead everyone back to Rome. Codex Sinaiticus (with all it's corrections) and Codex Vaticanus were released and claimed to be more ancient and reliable than the texts the reformers used. Functional equivalence or paraphrases are also sprouting up, watering down the faith and the inspired words. The Vatican now influences Bible translation in Bible societies and universities around the world.

      The word of God in the English language. The KING JAMES BIBLE is the final version in the line of Textus Receptus bibles which come from Antioch.

      ALL other new versions can be traced back to the same Roman Catholic church which persecuted, tortured, and murdered the Christian martyrs.

      God will destroy the Roman Catholic church for the very crime of shedding the blood of the martyrs and saints of Jesus Christ. This is a FUTURE event, prophesied in Revelation 17-18.

    3. who cares? they are the original mafia crime family. they projected onto the gay community their own perversions. it is christianity that indoctrinates children into a "lifestyle" (christianity) without the childs consent. Priests also prey on the most vulnerable members of society. children and people with disabilities. christianity kills and is a scourge

  19. Catholic Church/Papacy/Vatican is The Antichrist/Beast/Little Horn power of Revelation and Daniel

    Who thought to change God's Holy Times and Laws
    Who was drunk on the blood of Christs Saints and martyrs
    Who wears Purple and Scarlet
    Who Sits on 7 Hills & also many waters
    Who's mouth speaks Great Blasphemy constantly (daily) towards God

    Simon Magus is the Father and Mother of The ROMAN CATHOLIC SYSTEM
    Simon Peter Never Went to Rome Jesus Commissioned Him to preach to the Jewish people

    Simon Magus a Man Witch is Why The Catholic Church is Full of Every Pagan type of Worship Since Nimrod, in particular Sun Worship, Fertility worship and He married IT all to Christianity.

    Simon Magus: Bones are The Bones in the Vatican Square worshiped as Simon Peter, Simon Magus Also claimed to be Christ Re-incarnated No-wonder The concept of a Vicar of Christ is still around today.....

    1. I disagree about Peter being in Rome. He died there, upside down on a cross. I believe Nero put him to death just like he did Paul.

  20. The Catholic Church/Papal System/Vatican State is clearly the Antichrist/Whore 0f Babylon/Beast Power mentioned in the books of Daniel and Revelation

    Drunk on the Blood of The Saints and Martyrs of Christ
    Thought to Change God's Holy Times and Laws
    Sits on 7 Hills
    Controls and empowers the kings of the earth
    Does Great Blasphemy in The sight of God
    Home of every unclean Bird

    Research Simon Magus The Man-witch who Married Paganism with Christianity He Is the Simon Peter who's bones are in The Vatican

  21. Excellent...

    The quick (Word) and the dead (religion).

    Who is your Father?

    Never ceases to amaze me how people
    can be taken in by the fancies
    of titles and garments.

  22. Certainly not my idea of a documentary. It is clearly anti-catholic and makes claims in regard to Jesuits and even Abraham Lincoln which I suspect have dubious factual basis.

    1. anti catholic? your are correct, the truth is definatly anti-catholic !

  23. The roman catholics believe in salvation by Grace and works so its human and man working at salvation. The Bible teaches its by Grace through faith and this not of yourself it is the GIFT of God NOT by WORKS so no man can boast. -ephesian 2:8-9 so God the father calls you to the lord Jesus Christ, Jesus justifies you with his finished work on the cross and reconciles you to the Father, and at the same time the Holy spirit indwells you and seals you up. This is all Gods doing from begining to end and we get the benifit and he gets the Glory. I only boast in the Lord.
    Salvation is free its a gift but it only comes through faith.....which he also gives you.

  24. The Dark Ages were the Dark Ages because of the hold of the bible, not in spite of it.

    “The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: Be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge.”
    From: Julius Caesar
    Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world
    Like a Colossus; and we petty men
    Walk under his huge legs, and peep about
    To find ourselves dishonorable graves.
    Men at some time are masters of their fates:


    An Unbalanced Act of Structure in Chaos.
    Reborn from the Ashes of its former self.

  27. Just can't get the fact that the guy sounds like the professor from the library episode from avatar.

  28. Ian Paisley uses the Reformation to sprout bigotry against the local Catholics. He also encouraged paramiltaries to take action against Catholics.

    As for the Cathars, they were indeed herectics- they denied the trinity and believed that there were 2 gods: the good god of the New Testament and the bad god who was the devil.They believed that the good god had no power over earth because it was ruled by the bad god, so they frowned upon marriage and intercourse.They also believed in re-incarnation.They had an idea that if they were given a kind of blessing by one of their ministers (Perfects) they must starve themselves to death and only then would they get to return to heaven and to the good god.

  29. Not a word of the New testament was written by someone that knew the man names Jesus - Not a single WORD. Go research it. Most of the authors of the Jewish testament (OT) are unknown. All of it is a crock. Just read it - it is full of rape - cruelty - slavery and death. Far more humans ( by the hundreds of millions) have died because of the persecution by the faithful; than believers have ever been killed by others.
    The Self Proclaimed Apostle Paul never knew, saw, or heard Jesus and he wrote the majority of the Christian Testements (NT), This vile book known as the bible has no authority. The Creators only written work is in the creation, no man made book. To deny nature, and the proven evidence of the creators works is to spit in the face of GOD.

    1. @ e_pluribus_unum_USA_Motto
      "This vile book known as the bible has no authority."

      People will resist the taking up of responsibility for their own decisions, mistakes and triumphs to the point of abandon to a dump truck load of scrolls written by camel herders so long ago nobody even really knows what they are or what they once may have meant.


    2. I believe that Matthew, Mark, John, Peter, and James all knew the man called Jesus. I can see that I will not convince you of the truth of the Bible. I am unable to measure how many Christians have been killed by non-believers in other countries to this day.
      I do agree that too many people have persecuted and killed by people claiming to be Christian. They may have called themselves Christians as they persecuted and killed Muslims, particularly during the Crusades, as they persecuted and killed native Americans throughout the 16th, 17th, 18th and especially in the 19th century, as they persecuted and killed European Jews during Hitler's reign, and as they persecuted and killed black people (Negro / Afro-Americans) from the day they were brought to this land against their will to the present day.
      I can only say that the actions of all of these so-called Christians prove that they were not really Christian, and that they showed that they had no real understanding of Jesus' message. Instead of persecuting and killing, they should have been teaching Jesus' message and his story: The Gospel.

    3. Bahahaha "believer". It is a case of historical FACT, not your "opinion". Stupid christian, I do not even give your "religion" a capital letter.

    4. The people you name probably did know the man jesus - the point is they did not write the books attributed to their names. The bible has no authority. Interesting that you flip persection onto non believers. The only time in history that christians were targeted was near the fall of rome. at every other point in history it was the christians ( you name the sect) the persecuted others as you rightly point out.
      you may try to name stalin or pol pot or something but they never killed others in the name of religion only religions ( all of them) kill in the name of their faith.
      Bad people do bad things and good people do good things, but to make a good person do bad thinks takes religion.

    5. The only problem is that Matthew, Mark, John, Peter and James - and also Luke - never wrote the testaments attributed to them. Initially these books circulated with no author attributed to them (and the earliest was written a few decades after they would have died). They circulated this way for the better part a century, until in about 180AD, Irenaeus, one of the Apostolic Fathers, proclaimed they had been written by the apostles. Henceforth, at Irenaeus' command, they carried the authors he had proclaimed.

    6. Paul did encounter the Lord Jesus Christ on the way to Damascus and because of it he was called an apostle. You can't pick and choose parts of the bible and mix it with some historical event that disturbs you and discredit it without doing your homework. I mean if your going to throw out a blanket statement like that at least show some facts for your statements. The Bible holds its own weight.

    7. thanks for the dialog - Paul named himself an apostle that is a fact. he had a vision - you can not say this holds any weight - anyone can have a vision and a select few claim to have. Revelation to ONE is hearsay to ALL others. I have done my homework and I have read the bible - I know what I am talking about - have you really read each book from beginning to end. have you researched what each christian sect claims to be its authorship - have you checked what theologians say on this topic - I have. You do some homework and then lets keep talking. No reasonable person can actually read the bible and keep their faith. Read Matthew 10 for example. better yet you want me to do some leg work for you - read Thomas Paine;s Age of Reason with your bible handy. the man nails every point. He lived in 1794 and is an American hero/founder

    8. horse feathers. Saul of Tarsus had what are now thought of as epileptic seizures, and in one of his seizures he allegedly had a vision, which he claims was Christ (not Jesus...he doesn't mention Jesus of Nazareth *at all*). Even the Bible is unclear about whether Saul's companions saw the same vision or heard a voice or both or neither. Acts 9:7 and 22:9 contradict each other, which is so common in the Bible that it is laughable that anyone would wish to write publicly that "the Bible holds its own weight". Myths and legends, that's all the Bible is, that's all *any* religious literature is. Geez...

    9. Way to go man. Salvation only comes through faith.....here's that old control template again. To be saved, you must have faith...blind faith... "Do what the Priesthood tells you". What a load of horse ****. This is exactly why mankind is still in bondage. This is how we've been manipulated down through the centuries.
      Cast off these evil b*st*rds once and for all before they drag us all off to hell with them.

    10. humanity is in bondage because we prefer it over responsibility. we would rather follow anothers footstep than cut or own path. this is just as true of governments as it is of religions. the only difference is the colour of the blindfolds youre wearing.

  30. This is really anti-catholic. And that is coming from a Christian that has no love for Catholics myself.

    1. It's kind of hard to call yourself a Christian and not have love for Catholics, or anyone for that matter. We should be known by our love.

    2. Why is it so many christians are unaware that catholics are christians too?

  31. The commentary here is better than the documentary.

    As mentioned above, the documentary starts off good, with credible sources, and then devolves to biased story using a few select sources and unheard of authors.
    This documentary also misses the decisions made about what content is included in the bible.

    1. Read "The books the church suppressed" by Dr. Michael Green

  32. I note that the so-called reverential language of the King James Version is used throughout this film. This suggests the films sponsors/directors/writers have an "evangelical right wing" posture which colors their understanding of bible development. I note from the beginning the absence of factual historical evidence, e.g. the suggestion that the gospels were compiled before the letters of Paul. Sad! If you want an accurate story, don't watch this film!

  33. I have sat i watched this documentary and finished it at once. At one time tears filled my eyes when i recreated the whole picture of what those who were trying to translate the Bible went through...the immesurable torture,being burnt alive, and untold persecution.I know they were received happily in heaven. But on the hand, it is a pity for those who are followers of the Papacy,the Roman Catholic Church..I pray God opens their eyes. Even before i watched this documentary, i knew and have always known that the doctrine of the R.C .C is wrong and deceptive. I donot contrast from the view that,indeed the Papacy is the Anti-Christ spoken of in the Bible.

  34. Just a propaganda piece.

    "The world is in chaos. Honorable dealing is
    deteriorating, good friends are few, truth is
    held in disrepute, good service is underpaid,
    poor service is overpaid. Whole nations are
    committed to evil dealings: With one you fear
    insecurity, with another, inconsistency, with
    a third, betrayal. This being what it is, let the
    bad faith of others serve not as an example,
    but as warning. The real danger of the situation
    lies in the unhinging of your own integrity:
    accepting less than your best, being overly
    tolerant of stupidity, forgiving incompetence,
    fraternizing with the nonspiritual. The man of
    principle never forgets what he is, because
    he clearly sees what the others are."

    To All of You: Speak prudently: cautiously to your rivals, and
    with dignity to everyone else. there is always time
    to utter a word, and never time to take it back...

    Balthazar Gracian
    General Jesuit Priest 15th Century.

  36. Hardly a history of the Bible. No informtion at all about who may have written the original texts from which the various bibles have been translated.

    There have always been many competeting factions in Christianity, and this seems to be no more than another propaganda by one faction decrying another.

    I have no problem with the attack on Roman Catholicism and being fair, I would have no problem with a similar attack upon the faith of the promoters of this documentary.

    Both factions have some truth and in both cases, the few spiritual truths they have in common are buried and hidden beneath a plethora of doctrines which contain no spiritual truths whatsoever.

    Indeed, both contain downright lies, same lies, expressed in different ways, such as the requirement of a saviour or an intermediary between a human being and 'God', the only difference being that they define different men as being the necessary intermediary - Jesus, a pope or some priest.

    An aside re Tony Blair - upon resigning his premiérship, he converted to Roman Catholicism and then began his "World Faith-based Initiative" after which around two hundred (2008 figure) faith-based schools, using the Bible as the basis for all history and geography, have been created.

    The E.U., of which Blair is a devotee, is famous for its Catholic imagery and symbolism.

    All in all, hardly a useful documentary, contains no new information, leaves out much known information and serves no purpose other than to put down the opposition.

    1. "...contains no new information, leaves out much known information and serves no purpose other than to put down the opposition."

      Pretty much describes ALL documentaries nowadays.

  37. I wasn't really watching it with great attention, but after starting out as a reasonably interesting historical reflection of Christianity for the first hour, somewhere in the second hour it had rather deceivingly evolved into a brazenly biased thesis on the justification of Protestantism as the true religion over Catholicism.
    It would have made for an interesting story, except the bias was so obvious it made the whole thing a bit distasteful.
    It was here while I was trying to figure out what I missed, when up pops Ian Paisely! Not exactly a man known for an open, unbiased opinion on Religion.

    Nuf said

    1. No one has an "unbiased" opinion on religion. I found the information very enlightening as I didn't realize how much persecution the first English Bible translators had to face.

    2. It's the documentary I'm accusing of being biased, by focusing solely on the opinions of those with a bias towards towards Protestantism.
      Try to keep up ;)

  38. i agree this is pro protestant- hardly objective at all, but interesting viewing though! should not really be in the docu files methinks

  39. This is a modern version of what people think the Bible and Christianity are all about. From what I have learned it is incorrect. Christianity is simply the MOST recent adaptation of a series of similar stories that have been retold no less than 12 times. Meaning that there was no Jesus who died on a cross 2,000 years ago.

    A much better documentary that explains the Bible and religions around the world back to the time of the ancient Egyptians is "The Naked Truth" that can also be found on this site.

    I mean no disrespect to Christians (of which I am one) or any other religious faith but the story of the Bible has been distorted over the past 2,000 years to evolve into something completely different from its original intent as Astrotheology and the study of the stars in the heavens.

    Jesus = Son of God = Sun God = Sun

    Cross of Christianity = Zodiac Cross = Spring Summer Fall Winter.

    Jesus dying on the cross = Sun's lowest point on the Zodiac for three days. The winter solstice which occurs around December 22 each year.

    The crown of thorns of Jesus's head (modern times) = the rays of the sun.

    Jesus never existed before modern times. A circle representing the sun was in the middle of Zodiac cross. Over time the circle representing the sun, was replaced by a man representing the son of god. A play on words where Sun God becomes Son of God. And from here the symbolism of Christianity emerged.

    Jesus born of the Virgin Mary.

    Jesus = Sun

    Virgin Mary goes back to ancient Egyptian times.

    Virgo is one of the 12 sections of the sky.

    Mary is the Egyptian goddess of wisdom.

    Jesus born of the Virgin Mary. = The sun rising in the constellation of Virgo born of the Goddess of wisdom = Mary.

    Jesus has 12 apostles. = Sun / sky has 12 zodiac symbols.

    All of the stories in the modern day bible originate back to ancient Egypt. These original stories are Astrotheological stories and past historical human events.

    Christianity worships the Sun God = Sun = Jesus.

    Christians worship on Sunday because that is the ancient Egyptian day to worship the sun.

    Jewish people worship on Saturday because the ancient Egyptian day to worship Saturn is Saturday.

    The Jewish people never killed Jesus, for the simple fact that Jesus = Sun.

    English - French - Planet to Worship

    Monday = Lundi = Moon Day

    Tuesday = Mardi = Mars Day

    Wednesday = Mercredi = Mercury Day

    Thursday = Jeudi = Jupiter Day

    Friday = Vendredi = Venus Day

    Saturday = Samdi = Saturn Day

    Sunday = Dimanche = Sun Day

    The seven days of the week for worshipping the planets as started by the ancient Egyptians.

    Christianity became the dominant religion of the Earth because people quickly realized that without the light of the sun life died. Therefore the only god that really mattered was the "Sun God".

    The "Sun God" is not really relevant in modern times because we have not had an asteroid strike or major volcanic eruption since 1348.

    All major human catastrophes on Earth are proceeded by an asteroid / comet strike or a major volcanic eruption that results in the sun's rays being blocked out. This causes crop failure and starvation.

    In dire times the "Sun God" then becomes the MOST important god to pray too. And this is why Christianity exists having evolved from ancient Egyptian roots.

    Modern Christianity may have a man dying on the cross as a symbol but it simply is not true. Jesus = Sun and the cross is the Zodiac cross of astrology. To be accurate as all Medieval churches are the symbol of Christianity is a round circle on a cross. The round circle = sun and the cross = the zodiac cross of astrology. In many cases there are 12 sectors around the cross representing the 12 zodiac symbols of the heavens as partitioned by the ancient Egyptians.

    1. It is telling that you never spoke once of what Christ taught, not that it would have any importance.

    2. Where did you get all of this information?

    3. looks like someone has been watching Zeitgeist...

    4. The same info can be found in the Zeitgeist docs, but won't argue with Art on this one, makes more sense than the religee's religions! And then throw some magic mushrooms (Amanita Muscaria) into the picture, might have a happening there!

    5. The Wisdom contained in the Bible can not be explained by an elaborate analogy of symbolism based on the authenticity of various similar truths and coincidences. The Power of the Word of GOD is evident in this movie, and the wickedness of satan is also evident in the various plots to change, alter and obliterate the Word of GOD.. Sometimes you have to stop logically trying to intellectualize with theories mixed with some truth, and take a Philosophical view at the phenomenal, unadulterated Word of GOD...

      1John 4:3 (KJV) And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

      1Corinthians 2:14 4 (KJV) But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

      You cannot be a follower of Christ and not believe he ever existed! You have no credibility with what you have to say after making the statement that you are a Christian!

      How Ironic is it that the very book that this story is based on is being used to correct a person who has shown themselves to not have much knowledge wisdom or understanding of the Bible in the first place..

      Romans 3:4 (KJV) God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.

      May GOD Bless You and have mercy on your Soul..

    6. There you go, always the same thing, because the bible told me so, so it has to be true. Reading words in a book makes it so, but how can it be real and true? because that is what it says in the bible, but how can we know the words in the bible are true? because that is what it says in the bible. Around and around and around it goes.

      That is why the religions and the religee's are so utterly boring, boring, to self distraction. Never nothing new!! Did I say boring?

    7. @ Sherman Pegues

      Maybe you should take the gospel's advice:

      Luke 9:5
      "And whosoever will not receive you, when ye go out of that city, shake off the very dust from your feet for a testimony against them."


    8. to bad the bible was written by men and there fore is NOT as you say the "unadulterated Word of GOD..." it IS the adulterated words of men.

    9. you forgot the magic mushroom theories-
      Jesus is portrayed as the Son of God, sent to fulfil the role of Messiah or 'Anointed One' - literally, 'one smeared with semen'. As a mushroom, the amanita muscaria does not disseminate seeds as plants do, but ejaculates microscopic spores which create a threadlike fungal network at the base of conifer trees from which thunderstorms elicit more mushrooms. Prior to knowledge of spores, lightning was thought to be the source of mushrooms and lightning was considered the fiery progenitive spears of God, hence the phallic fungi were called 'Sons of God'.

      The mushroom's spore ejaculate leaves an oily film on the blood-red cap spotted with white thorns, hence the term 'Messiah' ('Anointed One') and allusions to thistle-entwined, bloody-browed sacrifices, such as the miraculous 'Ram' of Abraham (Genesis 22:13) and Jesus the thorn-crowned 'Lamb of God'.

    10. The injection of mushroms is not a "Theory" but a fact.
      It is documented not only by the holy christian scriptures but also corroborated by other non holy sciptures dating to these eras.
      A fact that dated long B-4 most structured religions.
      So, much before the Romans.
      It was a mean for human being to understand what their life was a bout. A tool and method to get brain reving up.

      No one knows for sure what was the whole territory that specific type of muchroom occupied.

      Some had to resort to what they had at hand but sure found good use of some hashish formulas.

      Try some, it'll get your brains reving...


    11. @ Art Vinette.

      Glad you cleared all that up. I was having doubts concerning the veracity of the Bible. After reading this post I can understand why. To have it explained in such a scientific and historical context is truly quite refreshing.

      Please excuse the sarcasm but this has to be the wildest ride into never never land I have heard in a while.

    12. Well, I don't know about that, makes more sense than the talking snake thingy, the burning bush, parting of the red sea, walking on water, Making woman from a rib, Noah's Ark, arising from the dead, probably missed a lot, but you get my drift, and oh-yeah, making the universe in 6 days!

    13. @ Achems_Razor

      He's borrowed from all over. He did say that he was a Christian, though. Apparently, he isn't too sure which voodoo he should like so he pieces different ones together to make his own patchwork religion.

      One thing is for sure. Art Vinette is no Christian. The entire Bible revolves around the story of Jesus...from the promises of a Messiah in the Old Testament to the fulfillment of those promises in the New Testament. This is the basic core of Christian faith. You can't call yourself a Christian and then deny the most sacred part of their beliefs. Its like saying that he believes in democracy but doesn't think people should have the right to vote.

    14. Dude, get your facts straight. I trusted what you said until I came to the Sunday worship. Which is wrong, original Christians still worshiped on Saturday, along with all other worshipers of YHWY, until the pope of the Catholic church change the day. That is why there is an entire church devoted to prayer on Saturday, the Seventh day Adventists. Astrology did not originate in Egypt, but in either the middle east or eastern Asia.

      Most of the stories were "borrowed" from Sumeria, Egypt had very few of them in common, but, understanding the bible, if there weren't similar stories from around the world, then it would have to be wrong.

      But there is, though very little, more evidence that Jesus was a physical being than that he wasn't. There were Christians, people that called themselves that, in century 0, according the the Roman Emperor Nero, meaning that the apostles themselves would have been alive, and thus, considering the level of persecution Nero alone put them through, they would likely not have followed something that they had no proof of then, so close to the event. Few religions have come out of that kind of persecution. I can think only of Christianity, Judaism and perhaps Islam, though I am shaky on the latter's history. Then there is the questionable writings of Josephus, which is still debated on if the ending was add or not.

    15. sorry, but I dont believe you are a follower of Christ

    16. Of course this is what the documentary is saying ! who do you think paganized the truth of the jesus story ? who made sunday after the sun god) the day of worship? The council of nicea was for no other reason than to undermine the truth that chriust taught and paganize it, and then kill of evry person group sect or religion that underminde the conspiracy !! THAT IS THE POINT OF THE DOCUMENTARY!

  40. I believe all spiritual paths hold the basis of truth. However, this "documentary" is pure fantasy. It is not even in fact a documentary - it is a "His"-Story with very little historical fact (I don't accept internal apologetics as fact) and is more in-line with docu-dramas. I guess if you consider "Little House on the Prairie" or "America's Most Wanted" as docs, than this deserves a place.

    There is much better Christian-oriented historical documentaries available - even on this sight. Those of you who support this, please open your minds and stop believing the dogma an unqualified bloodsucker sells you on your day of rest....

  41. not sure I'll make it through this one, but fyi for those commenting on the "angle" or the leaning of the doc, it is done by the guy who did extensive illuminati and freemasonry conspiracy docs which seem to have a right wing christian conspiracy theory tinge to them. So, as far as considering the source...

    1. @ SaintNarcissus

      Lots of blind faith and faith in this one. See if you can distinguish between the two. I know you can do it if you try!


      Not much 'trust', though. :-(

    2. You'l hear no argument from me that organized Christian history is full of the horrific consequences of blind faith. However, I'll add that I don't think you can intellectually separate this fact from the horrific consequences of applying this blind faith to systems which have nothing to do with God or religion at all - back to Mao, Stalin, et al. I think perhaps you and I might agree that they are both results of the same spiritual illness. I am truly a man of little faith. My belief is built on my experience and experience of those I trust and know well. It is through this that I can claim the "faith" defined as a confidence, or what you prefer to call trust. Sorry I'm not up to your challenge because I don't feel like suffering through this doc!

    3. @ SaintNarcissus
      "It is through this that I can claim the 'faith' defined as a confidence, or what you prefer to call trust."

      I thought we agreed upon three distinct terms:
      faith = 'confidence', etc.
      blind faith = belief without evidence
      trust =... This we did not define.

      My understanding of 'trust' is belief based upon proven past confirmations of the validity of a third party's assessment capabilities. Trust can end in a pico-second, given the correct circumstances, whereas faith('confidence') would be much less 'unenduring'.

      Christopher Hitchens is a journalist/showman. Hitchens is not a man of science. He is utterly faithless(none of any kind of faith, just like me!). Yes. He places his 'trust' in the oncologists now attempting to prolong his life. Hitchens has no direct way of knowing anything whatsoever about where or how they get/got their knowledge. However, there is a 'common knowledge', which he has accepted, that these specialists know more than anyone else does about these maters. If Hitchens' condition worsened the instant they started to 'work on him', his 'trust' in their ability to help might well disintegrate overnight.

      You place 'trust' in your dentist that (s)he can 'fix' your teeth. If your teeth start to fall out as a result of their 'work', instantly you have your medical records sent to another dentist. Instantly. 'Trust' goes faster than it came, and you might even mount a lawsuit.

      That is how I would describe(not define) 'trust'.

      For a definition, one would, needs be, ponder what exactly builds 'trust'; why can we 'trust' in strangers, like firemen; chefs; school teachers; politicians(lol)!

      See. We don't trust politicians!

      'Trust', however one defines it, must incorporate a build-up of 'it' based upon experience, and/or broad cultural consensus based upon that which is measurable.

      When one seeks advice from this 'trusted' uncle, rather that, it is because 'this' uncle has proven himself to be more reliable in his advice(past advice worked!) than 'that' uncle(less often proved correct, or not at all).

      So, you tell me how you wish to define 'trust'.

      trust ? blind faith
      trust ? faith


      There is absolutely not one shred of evidence that communism works. Therefore, a communist is a man of faith!

    4. @ SaintNarcissus
      "I am truly a man of little faith."

      By the time you are finished with me,
      you'll be "truly a man of [no] faith!"
      And you will LOVE it. (lol)


      The Truth shall set you free! (lol)

    5. @ SaintNarcissus

      In the doc, Richard Dawkins: The Greatest Show on Earth
      (which isn't very good, imho), Dawkins is asked at the finish with
      whom from the past(apart from Darwin) he would like to speak,
      if he could. Dawkins said he would like to have a talk with Jesus!


    6. Communism worked very well for the American Indian.

    7. @ lakhotason
      "Communism worked very well for the American Indian."

      I do hear where you are coming from.
      However, hunter-gatherer societies(according to Marxist-
      Leninist theory) are wholly distinct from that which is meant
      by Communism in modern times(see #1, and #6, below).

      Marxist-Leninist distinct stages of economic development:

      1. Primitive Communism as in co-operative tribal societies:
      I think this is what you may be referring to. Generally, when
      one speaks of Communism today, one means #6(directly
      preceded by #5) transitioning to #6. (Note: Corporatism,
      as distinct from Capitalism, is missing!)

      2. Slave Society:
      a development of tribal progression to city-state; Aristocracy
      is born.

      3. Feudalism:
      aristocrats are the ruling class; merchants evolve into capitalists.

      4. Capitalism:
      capitalists are the ruling class, who create and employ the proletariat.

      5. Socialism:
      (not to be confused with modern European Democratic-Socialism) workers gain class consciousness, and via proletarian revolution depose the capitalist dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, replacing it in turn with dictatorship of the proletariat through which the socialization of the means of production can be realized.

      6. Communism:
      a classless and stateless society.

      Communism is the belief(faith!) that #4 must result in #5
      (via revolution) and that #5(functioning exactly as described) must, in turn, inexorably transitions into #6.

      Apart from #1 and #6, all of the stages involve dictatorships
      of one form or another(#5 being under the 'dictatorship of
      the proletariat'). None are democratic, including #1 and #6
      (as neither #1, nor #6, involve either classes or states).

      Source: Wikipedia (Marxism)

    8. Ozy - Let me think about this, though I will point out that the
      Indian succeeded admirably where Marx/Lenin failed beyond all expectation. Primitive indeed.

    9. I don't agree with Wikipedia. I will accept the definition provided in the first sentence of the article only if I can
      strike the phrase "a sociopolitical movement that aims for".
      After all, we should only consider what communism is, not what it aims to be.

      As an aside, I have no great respect for Wikipedia. It has this inexplicable jargon peppered (heavily) throughout. In this case by throwing this crap in, much as one might throw a cat I might add, it changed the the defined from communism to communist movement.

    10. Ozy - I have sent you another post but I used an expressly forbidden word. I was ready to compound the error with a smart-ass remark . Instead I read the rules. Good thing.

    11. @ lakhotason
      "...I was ready to compound the error with a smart-ass remark..."
      "...the Indian succeeded admirably where Marx/Lenin failed..."

      That's okay. I deserve a smart-ass remark now and then. Doesn't matter why, when, or from whom. I deserve it. Makes up for all the ones I don't get! (lol)

      As far as Indians vs. Marx/Lenin, I couldn't agree with you more. And if things keep on careening towards the abyss, as they are now, we'll be needing some of those Indian skills just to survive! (not lol)


      You got smack dab in the middle of a very, very long, ongoing, exchange between SaintNarcissus and myself from another site. Keep your nose out of the poo! (lol)

      P.P.S.: "Primitive indeed."
      'Primitive' was cut-and-pasted directly from Wikipedia(I am innocent); and, anyhow, the European scholarly use of the word
      is not pejorative, at all. Just saying.

      You have taken minor exception to any number of past postings.

    12. No. Not to you. To the moderator.

    13. @lakhotason, you mean you called out Vlatko?! That's grounds for excommunication. Aren't ascared? I sure as hell would be!

      May God shield you from his wrath.


    14. No no. I almost compounded the error but I read the rules before I did. I wasn't aware I had used a red-letter word and had thought I was being moderated for some other reason than my own stupidity.

      Always read the rules first.

  42. Re: this being a 'documentary'... I find it laden with 'agenda', therefore unwatchable!

    1. Nearly every doc has an "agenda". I personally can't stand evolution docs that are billed as "nature" documentaries. I love your eye-con by the way! Classy.

  43. There seems to be a lot of confusion about whether this is pro or anti Cristian, history or propaganda. After watching the first hour and a half or so I would say it is pro protestant Christianity and anti Catholicism. It has some good history in it, and some I am not so sure about, and some that may be mistaken or mistranslated sort of, and some that is flat wrong. Is it propaganda, well yeah of course it is. It was clearly made by someone that supports protestant Christianity so it is slanted toward that goal, as well as criticizing Catholicism. It also spends a great deal of time talking about how the bible itself was translated incorrectly by Catholics and Christianity corrupted by Rome, Constantine to be specific. As far as I know this part is true, I remember it from my theology classes as well as western civics. But we also found mistranslations in all the other versions of the Bible written in English when comparing the old testament to the Torah left in Hebrew and Aramaic, not one was actually correct according to several professors I spoke with about it. I don't read Hebrew or Aramaic so I have to take their word for it. Any way, if you enjoy religious history and can stand to wade through some pretty deep b.s. to get to it, roll up your britches legs and come on in- the waters fine boys, fine. Why who knows you might have some Lutheran in there trying to get out right now. If so I recommend turpentine, kerosene, or coal oil that stuff will kill anything.

    1. wald0 - Most of that which we call history is propaganda and it would be a futile and pointless task to separate the two.

      Regardless of intention the films producers have inadvertently created a masterpiece of parody on what it means to be Christ-like (to borrow a phrase).

      The irony seems to be lost on those professing Christ-like behavior.

  44. The true children of God and servants of Jesus will soon no longer be called christians as that title has become accursed. They will simple prefer to be called the Children of God, Servants of Jesus the Christ.

    1. And how do you know that the title has become accursed, and by whom? and how do you know what they will be called? Did a thunderbolt come from above and make you the religious gatekeeper? I will still call the religee's loony tunes. Per your example.

      I agree with @cj: religion is classed as a mental illness, a virus of the mind. Just ask Richard Dawkins.

    2. You must have spoken to Richard Dawkins in person hey Achems_Razor? If you read his stuff and believed it because he, Richard Dawkins, wrote it, you're just as ignorant and stupid as those bible believing people who read the bible and believe it just because the bible said it.

    3. I'm proud to be called a "Christian" still! It means Christ-like, so speak for yourself!

    4. Never have I seen a Christ-like christian.

    5. That's because they stop believing in religion. They are often called humanitarian as also as they are considered heretics by most common religions, they skilled the exercise of questioning, so much, that they'd become troublesome for religion's congruence. Wasn't that the reason for Jesus crucification? Paradoxical, aye?

    6. They are also unemployed.

    7. Alrighty then, do you normally burst into spontaneous prophecy? Or is this something you guys decided at one of the weekly meetings? Its going to cost a fortune to replace all those bowling uniforms, you know that right? See you guys should have done like the Pastafarians and waited for the new to wear off before locking into a merchandising plan. What on earth are you going to do with all those tee shirts and bumper stickers now?

    8. Wonder what would have caused that name to be cursed?

    9. we are all children of god, you are sooo arogatn

  45. Religion should be classified as a mental illness and medicated appropriately

    1. If I get religion does that mean I can be medicated too?

      I'm on my way to church.

    2. only if its medical marijuana, you arrogant little creep. you do realize that "missionary atheist" should be an oxymoron. as should "atheist Crusade". whats the point in getting rid of religion if we are just going to adopt its worst abuses for ourselves? whether the tyranny is in the name of religion or science does not change the fact that it is tyranny. what people like you REALLY want is not to destroy the tyrant but replace it. which misses the point entirely. and gives the rest of us a bad name.

  46. Glad to see that you guys were again able to find something tasty to re-kindle your hatred of all things religious. Keep up the good work!

    1. Really, do you think hatred is the best way to deal with this.

  47. Didn't make it through the into. I could understand if this were claiming to be pure theology, but it's not. It's claiming to be history. Which it is not. The history of the Bible is only barely about Catholic vs. Protestant. Moreover there are a LOT of Christians in this world who are not Catholic or Protestant.... who have their own bibles. Then you the bajillion forms and sects of Christianity that were around before the Council of Nicea popped up to regulate everyone.

    I hate when folks want to discuss or teach theology from a religious or personal perspective, but swear up and down they are serious scholars who are purely looking at academic evidence. There's nothing wrong with having your beliefs or theology or dogma.... just quit trying to pretend it's fact. IT doesn't MATTER if it's factually true or not. Truth /= fact. Fact/= opinion.

    1. Awful lot of input for not having made it past the intro.

    2. Merely because theology is a personal interest of mine. I'm more interested in academic resources, is all. This is fine for someone seeking faith and spirituality from this perspective, but it's not a good resource for, say, a research paper on religious history or the history of the Bible. I'm just not looking for answers from this kind of perspective about my own personal spirituality. I can consider it, but it's not for me, and it's not helpful with my pet study projects.

    3. no matter the sect, religion is irrational thought suppressing rubish

    4. That's not any more open-minded or wise than the folks who think everyone who doesn't believe the same as they do are going to Hell. What other people think or believe isn't anyone else's business unless that person chooses to make it such.

  48. In summa ,(my thoughts) the saga of the bible is like the Da Vinci Code novel.It's a forbidden book and possession and authority over its interpretation has always been coveted.It is a secret knowledge that must be kept from the common people.It was jealously guarded by the Church of Rome and the rulers of her Empire.Its influence on western politics and culture cannot be overestimated,and the lust for power and Divine Right has always come at a terrible,violent price.The film clearly indicts the Roman Catholic Church as a power-mad,inhumane,evil corporation whose global ambition and influence politically continue today.The growing movement to create a Christian,religiously driven government in America is an ominous,dangerous spectre of the past. I often think that Prof.Richard Dawkins is right..It would be a better world without religions and the divisivness it creates.

    1. @ misterwong

      One of the most astute and succinct comments I've read about a documentary which for so many reasons is very difficult to assess.



    2. ...very difficult to ASSES, Oz?! There's some truth to that, alright, but sometimes I think you type too quickly, lol.

    3. Asses or access.

    4. @lakhotason
      "Asses or access."

      ...very difficult to ASSES, Oz?!

      I don't know what either of you are talking about!



    5. Works either way, right?

    6. @ Pysmythe

      Stop it. Stop it this instant. So you saw the man behind the curtain. You don't have to gloat.

      Shame on you!



    7. The gloating is an aftereffect in this case! I proclaim my innocence retroactively...

    8. @ Pysmythe

      If ya wanna play hardball? May I remind you that, till today, you
      didn't even know of His Pastity, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and I'll betchya three dollar bill you haven't even been touched by His Noodly Appendage, yet.

      Huh! You're prob'ly already falling for that Fettuccinian hearsay, you apostate, you! They're always on the lookout to recruit fresh
      meatballs like you.

      So, watch out, baby! I got FSM on my side!

      P.S.: Did you know that the Church of Flying Spaghetti Monster is actually registered with the Federal government as a legit religion(no, really!).

    9. Let me suck down some French Vanilla and consider this for a while...

      So! Shall I unleash, then, the Dong of Doom, sacred scepter of the Agnolottians, whose wielder is granted all manner of power in the righteous destruction of diatribes and blasphemies, forthright and concealed, malodorous and charming, boiled, or merely simmered, in the defense of our noodly faith, across all menus and gastronomies, all eons and geographies, verbally speaking, that is? For, lo! though the Dong is mighty, indeed, swelling in his holy rage to fill the crevices in the spirits of his disciples much like a good al dente, lightly salted, he is at bottom a Dong of peace; ESPECIALLY at bottom is he a dong of piece...and it is not his wish that any should come to feel his wrath in any way, but that they should mostly just come. Therefore, I say unto thee, that I shall lay the holy Dong aside, since you've caught me at a bad time, and say without strain, with a cool water now tempering the noodles under my priestly cap, that it is thou fagottinians who art forked in thy crocks of pastaology, thy cheese-laden metapastical philosophies reeking in the nostrils of the truly saved like an old wheel of limburger. What say you, to the charge thy 'balls are breaded, and mine are not? What say you, to the charge thy plates art profanely decorated with all manner of pastels, fairies and butterflies, when a solid color, with a Chevy logo in the midst of't, is to be thine only proper dinnerware? Is it not clear to thee whom the FSM hath truly blessed? Please! Spare me! Fit, thou art, only to be twisted upon the forks of thine own iniquities, and swallowed up into the everlasting digestion, where the 'burn dieth not, nor is ever shat...

      [ (Lol.) Hope that amused you a little bit. It only took me about 2 hrs to come up with this junk...And now you'll come up with something completely brilliant in about 15 min., right?.. ]

    10. @ Pysmythe


      I have urinated all over myself laughing.

      No fair. No fair!

      You've left me wet an defenseless with nothing with which to counterassault.

      I lie squashed and dying.

      You are a heartless beast.



      "And now you'll come up with something completely brilliant in about 15 min., right?..."

      No. I lie broken and defeated; and, anyhow, I'm going to bed
      (and will sleep all day ? and it's all your fault).

    11. @ Pysmythe

      Dude, that is about the funniest sh1t I have ever heard. I mean for real, I laughed till I cried and I feel like total crud this morning. That was brilliant, well done man.

    12. :/ religion doesnt cause divisiveness, it is merely an excuse for it. if we didnt have religions we would be fighting other reasons. just as brutally, just as senseless. it is about power, religion is just the slogan. that is what truly needs fixing.

  49. Considered in its whole content, it is the history of the (Catholic/Protestant) feud in England, rather the Ireland thing.
    Whatever that doc. relate to outside the UK is a tool to the main tropic (Protestant/Catholic) feud. I liked the translation (Childish) of the term "Vicar" becoming "Anti" or contra, againts...
    Thus catholic priest = Antichrists! HiHiHi! Sarcasm at it best!

    Vicar is an old (Anciant) French term that meant: -"An assistant to some leader (Whatever leader...) can count on, can lean "Against" to find support".
    As carpenters beam that stand "Against" ("Contre" in French) a column of the foundations of buildings ...
    Whouh! Crooked ideas in poor translation. (A bit biaised).
    French is closer to Italian than English can be even if the 3 languages mingled through centuries.
    Oh! Also a good thing to learn what was, where the Jesuite brotherhood came from. The medieval root of the CIA that later mingled with NAZI war criminals?

    Anyhow, they conclude by what they should have begun with: The "Apocalypse & Book of Revelations". EG: Paul holy scriptures.
    I would have greatly appreciated that they would have first mentioned the non-holy scriptures some archeologists found lately.

    Maybe too recent to be in that doc but telling us so much...
    Some Greek who knew Paul (Since Paul traveled a bit) state that some mushrooms from the north were pretty, pretty much funny to gobble.
    Mohammad and many others had the same "Reclusive" behavior normally observed in psychotropes consumption at the age of maturation in these and thoses days.
    In short, it is to figure out that knowledge through the consumption of weird mushrooms and hashish date back to days much earlier than year "0".
    Humankind used these before it ever though of any Gods or "After-Life".
    It could even be the reason why human beings began to "Think about these spiritual things", the brain starts to rev up!

    There's the right dose and there's the excess but as time goes by, the excess or the habit always shown to be detrimental.
    There were peoples on drugs in those days!
    And today, we still discuss what their thoughts meant exactly?

    Go figure!

    1. I like the mushroom thing.

    2. It's a fact! As mentioned by "0zyxcba1" MacKayMouze.
      I don't know where MacKayMouse fetched that one.

      Too bad I do not recall that documentary where they talked about the use of "Weird" mushrooms inducing spiritual closeness with "Higher" wisdom...
      I don't think I D/L'ed it from the usenets, I may have seen it while browsing another doc website last week as I was searching docs about George Carlin comic.
      Finally, that Carlin is no comic at all, is a realist...

      Anyhow, mushrooms, marjuana & hashish are known to mankind way before any "Structured" religion came to be.

      In the case of LSD & preachers, humankind had to wait some 2,000 years longer.

      There may be, must be a God but close to all religions made such a mess that it became useless to try to figure anything out!

    3. Oh! You like mushrooms thingny?
      Well then, become a priest & try hashish!

    4. I'm serious. I really like mushrooms and I don't mean the ones sold at Safeway. I would prefer the Isle of Patmos variety.

    5. @ Pierre

      Sam Harris once said that if ever there were invented or discovered a substance with absolutely zero deleterious effects(even healthy!) that bypassed all conceivable need or desire for religions, whatsoever('organized'/'stuctured', or not), then a constitutional amendment forbidding its synthesis/harvesting, use, sale or transport, would be instantly introduced and passed by all state legislatures within 24-hours!

      (I paraphrase ? oh, alright, and exaggerate a little, too ? but only a little! :-)


      P.S.: and stop making fun of my avatar! (lol)

    6. @ Pierre

      In addition to magic-mushroom altered states, the Saul-to-Paul out of a bolt of pure light phenomenon sounds exactly like one of the symptoms frontal lobe epilepsy can induce, precipitated by a seizure.


    7. You might also have that sense of a "presence" in that situation.

    8. Oh! Nope, not at all! I never ever mentioned "Magic" mushrooms! Magic mushroom is the official name of a specific specie on the american continent that tiggers very different cephalous problems for homosapiens.

      For instance, 2 huge mouse ears grow out of the cephalous appendice (Othewise known as "Zit") that grows on the shoulders of the subjected individual.
      Very different case that needs to be watered, or better yet, hosed out.


  50. I must, with respect, tell you that you are wrong. I see where you are coming from, because one must be born again of the spirit in order to understand the things of the spirit and of Christ. I hope the best for you.

    1. @ Adam Christopher Rohaley

      Oh, dear.

      Here we go again.


    2. There is nothing I would say about your beliefs. Nothing at all. Why am I wrong?

  51. This is a wonderful doc. We are not here on earth for long ppl, our days are numbered. Bottom line is, we are eternal creatures, our souls will live forever, heaven or hell, you better work this out with yourself, it is the most important part of all our lives.

    1. @ Adam Christopher Rohaley

      You're joking, right?


    2. Adam - You seem to be a bright man. Tell me, if our days are numbered why are we so different from let us say, a dung beetle ,if it is the ending of mortal life that begets eternal existence? Really hard to tell from the dung beetle's point of view.

    3. I don't think dung beetles have an immortal soul, nor can they make moreal judgments of right or wrong--in a nutshell.

    4. You fundamentalist religee's are scary Mother F***er's. Can't wait for your rapture to rid the planet of you.

    5. excuse me but didn't you Mean " Holy Mother F***ers ? :-)"

    6. No Connie, nothing "Holy" about them! They are spawns of their devils and their demons and things that crawl and slither in the night, the undead!

    7. LOL Achems

    8. Wow! We actually agree on something! I can't wait either!

    9. @C_and_N:

      Charles, you said..."I truly think its a prophetic utterance out of the mouth of babes!"...I say it is brain washing your children at an early age. Shame on you!

    10. I liked it too. I want to watch it again in fact, but 3 hours!

  52. All the elements of a mystery play:

    Good and Evil; Secret Societies; Conspiracies and Plots;
    Lots of Blood and Guts.




    1. Surely theism does equal blood but I do not indulge the thought that theism alone is the cause of blood-letting.

    2. nobody said it was

    3. You are correct. You did not say this. I said this.

  53. This is an awesome documentary, its just not as flashy as some of the others but a tremendous amount of research and work went into it. Im sure the film maker would have loved to use HD cameras and famous actors for the reenactments but what he did is still quite amazing. It is NOT pro-Christian. Anyone who says so didnt watch the documentary. It only states facts, as a documentary is supposed to. It is a HISTORY of Christianity, not a profession of its so-called truth. YES it is long, but watch it instead of making some stupid comment that you arent even qualified to make if you havent watched it.

    1. Since I watched it completely am I now qualified to make some stupid comment?

    2. @ lakhotason


      The stupider, the better.


    3. i think you first comment was appropriate actually. didnt want people thinking this was a Pro-Christian documentary. I found more reasons to hate the Church from this vid and i wanted to make sure i could share that with the good people here! It sounds christian at first but is tongue in cheek. knowing history prevents its repetition dude! And yay, he saith unto me, 'These pages from thine Bible make righteous rolling papers' saith the Lord

    4. Is the pope aloud to masturbate? That's my stupid question and I haven't watched the doc yet.

    5. az - If I were Pope I would - but not aloud.

    6. You're right, who would know? Unless he died of pleasure!

    7. If touching one's private part is forbidden for a Pope, you think he shakes his own after he pees? lol
      You want some stupid questions...i have a few more in mind.

    8. This is an amusing white, middle-aged, and of course, Anglo-Saxon version of Christian history. Most peculiar.

    9. That was my stupid comment.

    10. @ Bob Boberts

      Come on, now.

      The tone of the whole thing, beginning to end, was like an infomercial.


  54. Hilarious. What great satire. Reminds me of Monty Python at their best. I laughed til I cried. Those crazy Christians - what a bunch of fun guys.

  55. Sorry, can't get through the intro -- doesn't pass the giggle test . . .

  56. Some of you actually watched the whole thing? WOW
    Is it worth while?

    1. Not me, watched a few min after the intro, made me so p1ssed off canned the stoopid, garbage!

    2. Don't know why you did not like it. Unless you are impatient. It gave me even more facts to discredit any Ideals toward a credible Early Church Christiandom.
      I would of thought you would of liked it if it help shows others why you are Anti/ religious

    3. @Connie777:

      Me impatient? absolutely! There is no "facts" at all in this doc, facts about what? stuff written in some old books.

      To me Christiandom (sic) is discredited by default, religions especially what they portray, to me are not real.

    4. Yes there was facts! The film was loaded with facts and references as to how the Religion was founded. It was founded on illogical thinking and a melting pot of Pagan religion and political propaganda and called it Christianity even the Jesus followers did not accept it. It was a forced rule of state, not even Jesus's teachings according to the Jesus followers.

      That's Kool if you are way past all that. But impatient and lack of understanding if it helps others to see through the muck and Dogma.

      I love the extra info I had not heard anywhere else, such as Constantine still persecuting Christians even after Christianity was excepted. The churches try to use Constantine as the great reformed and give thanks to him as to establishing the Church and Christianity. While he was really a propagandist and only used Christianity against itself and it was and still is made up and worship of the Sun God. Many Christians do not know that they are worshiping the Sun-God with its Pagan practices and its tall pentacles of sex orgy symbolism on top of its churches etc.........

    5. Connie - There were facts but just as pertinent as facts, there were omissions of fact. But in the end what is fact if based upon myth?

    6. Not debating religion today, not worth it but Achems. Old books can contain facts. that was a bad argument you have done much better.

    7. @ StillRV
      "Old books can contain facts..."

      Indeed, old books can contain facts.
      But because they may be old, does not mean they do.

      Telling Achems: "...you have done much better" would seem
      odd coming from you, as Achems always does "much better"
      than 'some'.


    8. @StillRV:

      Actually your right, not in my best form today, as they say familiarity breeds contempt, as in religion. Old books, manuscripts like the dead sea scrolls, Et al. and/or others, concerning Amanita Muscaria and such, magic mushrooms, mana from heaven? might contain some good facts, religion starters? Eh? I know, no proof, but still. Should ask the Vatican for their old books from antiquity, probably some good stuff in there.

      Edit: Just noticed your post Ozy thank you for that!

    9. Thats what I'm sayin Achems. Your intellectual arguments are usually far better. You are right picking fact from fiction is tough and can lead down silly roads indeed. Oz whatever man.

    10. Hi Joe ! Yeah I watched it all and it was great. There was loaded with info that I haven't heard yet elsewhere that even more so showed the insanity and Incredibility of the Religious movement , Unconsciousness and absurdity thereof.

    11. Yes, everything you have mentioned I already knew. If this doc helps others that is good.

    12. @ Joe_NYC

      Is it worth while?



  57. For a good review of this skip past all the comments to the discussion originating from the review by the venerable Mr. Wong

  58. Once you get past the long introduciton, this is a very thorough doc. about the translating of the English Bible. Very interesting. I'm glad I lived in an age when I could read the Bible for myself without being burned or beheaded for just reading it.

  59. Praised be the Flying Spagetii Moster (pbuh)!

    1. And blessed be his holy 'balls!

      (That statement's gonna conflict a little bit with what I said to misterwong earlier. I REALIZE that... Oh, well, I had to do it.)

    2. heh heh heh..pass the parm...

    3. I can truly say that I'm a wholehearted pastatheist!

  60. Interesting to watch Jesus a middle-eastern man is able to create so much trouble in the west even after his death.

    1. There are even some here who might do the same, if you allowed them to... I've always very much preferred to be a peacemaker, but I've noticed that a lot of what passes for truth doesn't actually provide much leeway for that. Or truth.

    2. Pastafarianism is the truth! *exclamation point*

    3. Yeah, you got it!

  61. Islam is the truth! *period*

    1. Can you hear yourself? You sound like a lone trumpet in the wilderness shouting " My dogs bigger then your Dog"

    2. mmmmm sausages

    3. Islam is an anagram of Mails! 'period'

    4. @ Maaz Aslam

      Pastafarianism is the truth! *exclamation point*


    5. POOH.REE.UD!

    6. There is no truth.

  62. Everyone is putting the ideas in Bible and it is no more original and it cant give true guidance to mankind.

  63. A thorough look at the Bible and Christianity.

  64. Thanks Vlatko for another great Doc. Yes, as you can see I am finding my way out of the dark woods of Religious/Biblical darkness and Mumbo Jumbo too!

    I have yet to sort out A Jesus existance for sure or not yet. Keep these docs coming please they do help very much!

  65. I read some comments before watching this film .
    I am only a few minutes into it and am glad I am watching it.
    It does not support Christianity ,nor Religious views. In fact it sarcastically says the opposite.
    So far from what I see it is really showing the contradiction of Religious views of Christianity as being what it is....A fraudulant religion that was politically re created from a pagan religion and twisted combined to another for political gain and control. It was not based on the true teachings of followers of a man named Jesus. I think Jesus existed and taught that the Kingdom of heaven is in us and that God Consciousness was already in us. His total teachings were twisted and made to fit with Pagan Religions.

    This is also what the film is showing... It is not supporting Religion or Christianity.

  66. any docu that takes the bible as literally true within the first 3 minutes is not unbiased.

    The real untold story about the bible is how it came to be and the pagan myths that it was condensed from.

    I got through 19 minutes before turning it off. I'm proud of myself for sitting that long :3

  67. After 3hr of this you can tell they do not like the Pope.

    1. Yeah, I was surprised about that part. They mentioned a lot I didn't know about papal history, etc.

  68. Total Cr*p.

  69. This piece is awful. I tried to watch in the interest of giving the other side some equal time... but, EVERYTHING about it, starting with the "narration for dolts" on through the petty nature of another set of "Gods' people" as they brutalize one another in the nastiest of ways, is just silly. Are Christians really pulled in by this Hollywood crap/drama? Just seems like unintelligent propaganda for a 10 year-old.

    Love this site. Was logging on daily when the subscribers were in the hundreds. Well done Vlatko

  70. This is not really a documentary in the objective sense.More of a history of the Bible in Western Civilisation.It is presented from the Christian perspective of belief.It is curious on this site how these pro christian docs invite so much dismissive criticism of a faith that they don't believe in anyway.Does the Bible story teach harmful or bad lessons?In context does it provide comfort to believers?And if the doc were the story of the Teachings of the Buddah,or the Tibetian Book of the Dead,The Book of Hours,Story of viking or Greek Heroes or the Story of Krishna,would the free thinkers of TDF be so anxious to denounce it as Panacea of the ignorant masses?A corrosive fantasy of the deluded bovine jerks who would aspire to a divinity?This show of smugness does us no credit,all of you vastly evolved intellects.Your intemperance is revealing itself.However,this doc is for a Sunday School,not for us,and it is rather biased and corny

    1. Don't do that, don't try to reduce religion to simply giving comfort to its followers or teaching them good moral and ethical lessons. If that was all it did no one would have a problem with it, but its not. It controls politics, society, it causes issues with education, it tells homosexuals to be ashamed of their sexuality, it distorts history, it causes people to think they have a obligation to push their beliefs on as many people as possible no matter how much they resist even if they have to kill or torture them and destroy their entire history and culture to do so, it even interferes with health care, economics, and family politics. That's why we have an issue with it, because it effects us that do not believe in it as much as those that do, and in a negative way.

      As far as your question about other religions, look around on the site. You will see many docs about these other religions and many people posting how they are conjecture and fantasy. Some will even go as far as to say they are just as destructive as western religions. That said, these other religions are not as prominent and they do not cause the issues that the major western religions cause generally. Mostly because they are simply not practiced by enough people for them to have any real influence over things like politics or education in first world countries, but also because they are simply not as exclusive nor violent as western religions. Study the teachings of Buddha and you never come across things like the Christian belief that anyone that doesn't accept this doctrine as truth is doomed to burn for eternity or that wives must be submissive to their husbands. I am not defending these religions as truth or as healthy even, but they are no where near as violent and repulsive as some of the Christian teachings I have come across. They have never inspired the global conflict and blood shed that Christianity or Islam have.

    2. Very, very well said, Wald0. You have a way of getting right to the heart of a subject. I envy that.

    3. Wald0;Thanks for the post.I am truly aware of the corruption of Christianity
      throughout history and in the world politic.Even now,it threatens our nation
      by encouraging the people to quit their sensibilities and trust in the
      divine authority of ultra conservative religious Svengalis with political
      ambitions.Yes,it's infuriating,frustrating and unsettling to watch people
      surrender common sense for the promise of Eternal Salvation.As the Devil's
      Advocate(paradoxically)however,I'm also irritated by the patent degradation
      of those whose faith provides an important compass in their lives.To dismiss
      these folks out of hand as kooks or imbecilic,cultists is certainly
      unfair.It is prejudiced and judgemental and doesn't reflect tempered,open
      minded thought.If we learned anything from the Christian Church is that
      intolerance is wrong.No matter how right you may think you are.

    4. Note that my distinction is referring to the bible itself as a book,( as with the other aforementioned books,as compiled stories and myths)and not to the religions that claim its authority from it.I am unable nor willing to defend religion

    5. O.K. I can buy that, that we shouldn't simply belittle people that are simply doing something that the vast majority of humans through time have done. After all I disagree with their practices, not them personally. That said, I think tolerance can be taken too far. Tolerance should end when someones rights infringe on another person's rights. This is why I refuse to tolerate things like stoning a young girl that has been raped or made the mistake of leaving her home without her husband. She has the right to life, and the communities right to religious beliefs do not trump that right IMO. I believe tolerance for Christianity ends when they interfere with politics, start killing abortion doctors, (reference above post)

      When did it become so out of the question to offend someone anyway? If we never offend anyone nothing would ever change. Intolerance doesn't necessarily mean violence, it simply means speaking out and saying what you believe to be right no matter if it offends someone or not. Using violence or closing these people out of society would be more destructive than what they are already doing to the country, so I don't support that in the least. I do however support the end of the concept that religion is so sanctified and personal that it is out of bounds to question someones religious beliefs. Almost nothing deserves that status, especially when it effects all of us like religion does.

      The same goes for child rearing. I am sick of parents telling me that this is their kid and they have the right to raise them anyway they see fit. Your children will one day be part of society and we will all have to deal with their behavior. But, that's a whole other post and not related to this doc. So I will not go further.

    6. Personally, the only people I've ever met who COULD qualify themselves as 'vastly evolved intellects' would be those who are sure they've got all the answers they will ever need for anything. And you know that's an assumption you see in a religious mindset more than any other. I don't think that's the majority view of the minds I'm acquainted with here, however it may seem sometimes. We all have our pride, and many of us should probably study more than we speak, but...that's just human nature, right ? However irritating it might be! But I've noticed that the more irritated someone gets at a display of intelligence in someone else, the more of their own pride in this regard they tend to have. However, I've ALSO noticed that you can get just as pissed when it's clear someone is wrong about something, and they don't see it, lol. Speaking for myself, I watch these docs and read and make posts in an effort to learn and gain understanding, because I'm very aware of how much I could use both. Some of the insights people have here are pretty astonishing to me, including yours. And very often something is really only clear (or clearer) in my mind after I've gone through the trouble of trying to write something down about it. The act of doing that really makes me think harder about the subject than I probably otherwise would. And that's the main thing, and the best thing, I get out of this website. I also suspect that's true for most of us here. So don't be so hard on us, man! We're only human.

    7. I agree with 90% of that. I learned a lot about the history of the Bible in Western civilization that I didn't know otherwise. Nearly all docs are biased, like the pro-Islamic docs or the evolution docs or the 911 conspiracy docs--virtually all docs. You just have to look past that if you want the history only.

  71. This is not a history doc, it's a religious dogma doc (with all historical inaccuracies included). Don't waste your 3 hours.

  72. After five minutes of bad acting and at least three historical mistakes, I turned off this piece of garbage.

    1. I'm not a historian. What were the historical mistakes in the first five minutes?

    2. To mention four:

      1. According to the New Testament, Jesus was not a carpenter; his father was.

      2. Crucifiction, a Roman method of execution, was a private ritual, not the DeMille spectacle which this documentary would have one believe.

      3. Jesus was pretty much unknown and uninfluential in his lifetime, as there are only two surviving non-biblical accounts of him and these are short, consisting of one or two perfunctory sentences. In particular, Lucian mentions him, but only in passing--see Wikipedia.

      4. Most of the early acolytes of Jesus (Christianity had not come about yet) were Jews themselves (the Jews either in whole or in part were not shamed) and there was considerable debate as to whether these Jews should retain their laws and traditions or jettison them altogether. It was only later (perhaps 50 to 60 years) that Christanity started to take a hold on the gentile world.

      I don't pass myself off as a Biblical scholar, but the preceding points are basic to Biblical scholarship.

    3. Thanks for your reply . . . . I'll do my Obama impression and just say, "I respect your opinion. Thank you!"

    4. robertallen - no, his stepfather was a carpenter as the fairy-tale goes.

  73. After five minutes of bad acting and at least three historical mistakes, I turned this piece of crap off.

  74. I am very objective and will watch/listen/read from all points of view to a good extent but this is tippy toeing into fundamental and dangerous belief.. and before anyone yells! I have no problem with anyones beliefs, everyone is entitled to believe what they want... but this is obviously a very distinct interpretation and not one I'm comfortable with, and not one of my Christian friends are with either, they as me like objectivity and this just does not have it!

    1. Its denouncing one dogma to follow another. This doc is not based on facts but questionable evidence and people seem to be willing to believe in anything if it implies uncovering or demystifying a secret society.

      If anyone wants to know the truth, they would listen to the documentary, question the claims made by this documentary, and then do their own research. Wouldn't it lazy for anyone not too?

  75. This is a bunch of malarky!!!

  76. @Epicurus for the the love "christ" dont even play like you can watch the whole thing its that bad!!!

  77. Narration alone will give me nightmares and i only lasted 2 mins in thought maybe just slow start i mean it is 3 hours long but no i skipped through a few parts and it is bad. One bad one out of how many though and maybe some will like so thanks Vlatko not bitching you still da man

  78. Let's leave religion out in such matters. In fact, just think about how this documentary starts off by saying how many people literally DIE because of the bible. Whether for good or bad... something is wrong here! They then proceed to discuss how important the Bible is... contradictions RIDDLE religious people when they try to critically think... and that is were they get in trouble.

    1. Yes! and in likewise fashion.. Mcdonalds resturants have no business installing the drywall in my new addition so they should just stay out of it all together, and just stick to the Big Macs and fries we had on break.

  79. 5 min into this doc, and i see the first lie, Christ was not a carpenter, is father was. pure propaganda and lies.

    1. As painful as it's been, I've actually read through most of the comments pertaining to this movie. Many of you atheist folks are intellectually lazy, as are many of your Christian counterparts. We all watch pieces of media and film, etc. with pre-conceived notions, and to profess some kind of objectiveness based on your atheist ideals (which come from the limited ideas you've been exposed to during your lives, respectively) is as ludicrous as a Christian saying the Bible is an accurate, trustworthy account because the Bible says it is. Atheists are unwilling to take my life's experience as testimony to what I have found to be true, so how can they expect me to value theirs as the same?

      Above is just one example of a general public's ignorance about the Bible itself, and the cultural context in which it was written. What happens here is, people who don't believe the Bible hear from someone else who doesn't believe in the Bible that there are inaccuracies, contradictions, etc. contained in the Bible, or that Christianity was somehow derived from pagan myths. Believing that person to be a wise skeptic like himself, the hearer of this misinformation easily accepts the assertion based upon unsubstantiated hearsay, and because it easily fits into his worldview.

      re: "Was Joseph a carpenter?" No. He was essentially a handyman, or general laborer, if you look at the original text. Very little is mentioned about this, I suppose, because His day job was very forgettable, and unimportant to His followers. He was not a carpenter in the way we think of carpenters: people who build things out of wood. Jesus almost certainly would have followed in his father's line of business, given the location and age in which he lived. His ministry only lasted a few years, at the tail end of his life; He wasn't sitting around for nearly 30 years before that time...He was living among his neighbors, etc.

      I'm really not sure why many who frequent these forums bother posting at all, since their comments are either lemming-like, Dawkins-jock-sniffing leftovers, or way too short or misspelled to be taken seriously.

  80. 3 hours long? damn.

    1. Ha thats funny I just came upon this and thought 3 hours long, YEAH! I could watch stuff about the bible and religion all day long and I am gonna start on this one right now.

    2. 3 hours of myth is not my idea of fun. I might watch it just for the history and a better understanding of why people actually believe this silly stuff.

    3. OK, I changed my mind, could not get past 25 min. of it. Slow, boring reading of the scriptures. If it got better I did not have the patience to find out. Maybe I'll finish wathcing it when I try to fall asleep.

  81. I can't wait until the pastafarians start to split into sects, you know....the rondellinians, the spaguettinians, the fagottinians (this one obviously open for gay people), cus then we will have fancy mockumentaries about their mutual love. yay.

    1. That is funny! But what kind of HATS will they have? Perhaps strainers of different kinds...

    2. Please. The orthodox and only TRUE holy word for the sacred headgear of the pastafarians is the Holy Colander. Any other term is from the Pizza Devil and a lie.

    3. Guilty as charged...

    4. @ leonardobdas


      It's already happend.

      I see clearly you failed in mentioning the Linguiians and Ravioians.
      Hardly surprising. Apostates! Common tofu eaters!

      I myself am a Fagottinian.

      I would not go so far as to claim my brothers and sisters of other traditions in the Universal Church of the Flying Spagetii Moster (pbuh)
      are not true Pastafarians, but upon having been touched by His Noodly Appendage, the Sauce spilled forth revealing unto me the One True Way to the Grated Parmesan Cheese of His Pastity, the FSM (pbuh), the Way of Fagottinianism.

      Tomorrow, we Fagottinians, in communion with Pastafarians of all persuasions in our, ye, small, but righteous, community, shall boil
      alive two, self-proclaimed Linguiians. Seven days hence, there unto,
      shall the boiling waters of His Sacred Cauldron consume five of the
      most notorious, unashamed, brazen Ravioians.

      Praised be The FSM (pbuh)!


    5. I am a Spaghetti-O convert. Chef Boy-Ar-Dee (peace be upon his name) is the true prophet.

    6. @ lakhotason

      Yeah, I guess I should've placed 'pbuh' after the Prophet's name,
      Chef Boy-Ar-Dee (pbup). Stupid of me. I live in the knowledge
      that the All Merciful Flying Spaghetti Monster shall forgive me,
      for I do repent.



    7. I am an angel hair (pasta) convert. I made the choice when i turned gray.

    8. *somewhat shamefaced*
      Wow, fellas. How OLD am I getting? I've only just now found out the Pastafarians are LEGIT!!... Googled the term, read some articles, and nearly laughed myself into an asthma attack. Punishment, no doubt, for my inexcusable ignorance at this late date. But...I have now been touched by His Noodly Appendage (turns out I liked it, too, that one time...), and with faith from hereon (R'amen, my brothers! *in Malcolm McDowell voice*), I trust I may be vouchsafed a beer hat, a muscular tongue, and a spot under a queening chair in the world to come. Forgive me, O my brothers! Arrggghh...

  82. This is almost laughable, as much carnage the christians have had to endure they have dished out 2 fold.

    1. I'd say more then two fold, they f'ed up the Americas, Asia, and Africa. I don't think they have they ever meet another culture and not screw them.

  83. boring

  84. This one will have to wait on Monday!
    Have fun poking fun at.......

    1. It's not light watching, AZ. But, with 3 hours, you can start it and then paint or do other stuff too like I sometimes do. I found it very informative, actually.

  85. I will never understand why people give 2 hoots about what some goat herder thought about religion 2000+ years ago.

    1. Indoctrination dude, teaching a child superstition from the moment it can speak apparently tends to stick...

    2. Fortunately, I picked up on that (with help from a lot of very great writers -Voltaire, Hitchens, etc.- and my own experiences with church child-abuse, psychologically speaking) before I ever had any of my own kids. None of them have been allowed to go to church, as a consequence. If they want to look into it when they're old enough to think clearly for themselves, well...fine. But if they do, and begin to have doubts -as I'm sure they would- at least they won't have that indoctrination getting in the way of their thinking, and clouding their point of view with fear-based emotions and manipulations from an early age. As others have said, the fact that religions feel they need to use such techniques should suggest how unlikely they are of being right... I'm confident my kids will be just fine, if it ever comes to that. In the meantime, I am vigilant.

    3. you talk as though religious indoctrination is the only kind of indoctrination there is...

    4. For the same reason many quote Confucius (sp), The Tao, Socrates, Plato, or any of the miriad thinkers and philosophers of bygone years. The ocupation of the thinker does not discredit the thought. Nor does the elapsed time from the thought to now. I'm not Christian but some of the messages and stories are indeed inspirational and pleasant. I prefer Taoist philosophy myself for it is more catered to my individualistic nature, howener even then only as a source for uplifting ideas.

    5. I am sorry, but you are rather deluded and ignorant. Only people who don't understand the current paradigm that science has offered us fail to understand why ancient "knowledge" is no longer relevant.

      Your "uplifting ideas" have nothing to do with truth or knowledge. There is science, and that is it. There IS nothing else.

      "Believe" what you want. I see the world as it really is - full of ignorant humans pretending they are educated.

    6. i hope u were staring in a mirror when you wrote that

    7. Oddly enough, though you speak in scientistic patois, your vocabulary betrays thee: "the current paradigm that science has offered us" is precisely that, a paradigm. Which is to say, it is the historically contingent horizon against which our claims to truth make sense. Which is also to say that drivel like "There is science, and that is it. There IS nothing else." is meaningless triumphalism and so much more navel-gazing with which you allow yourself to dismiss eons of human thought and culture without actually, you know, having to think about them. Your dogma is showing. Your facile "philosophy" is a mummer's farce of "thought", and your self-congratulatory claim that you "see the world as it really is" betrays a mind grotesquely shackled though it thinks itself free.

      Read a book, plebe.

  86. Any Religion divided against itself is not a Religion at all.

    1. @ Memento Mori
      "Any Religion divided against itself is not a Religion at all."


      "Religion divided against itself" is religion's foremost defining feature. And, so, as they all are divided against themselves, they're, each and every, damned to the wasteland of 'dead religions' ? and these dead are legion.

      Tis this comfort which upon pillow pleasing, oh so sweetly pleasing pillow, that dreams do visit upon me, at dusk's gentle fall.


  87. nice docu man

    pretty sensitive :-)

  88. What garbage rationalizing these criminal beliefs systems: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The new testament wasn't written by the apostles. What a blatant lie.

  89. What a load of propaganda bullshit, seriously, don't waste your time.

    1. was it anti or pro cristian propaganda ?

    2. pro christian propaganda

    3. Pro-protestant, anti-catholic but definitely not christian.

    4. The true meaning of Lord, lord ??
      Bible Dictionaries
      Hitchcock - Master , lord
      BA'AL, n. An idol among the ancient Chaldeans and Syrians, representing the sun. The word signifies also lord, or commander; and the character of the idol was varied by different nations, at different times. Thus Baal Berith is supposed to signify the Lord of the Covenant; Baal Peor, or rather Baal Phegor, the Lord of the dead. Ps. cvi, Baal Zebub, the god of flies, &c.

      Ba'al. (lord).
      The supreme male divinity of the Phoenician and Canaanitish nations, as Ashtoreth was their supreme female divinity. Some suppose Baal to correspond to the sun and Ashtoreth to the moon; others that Baal was Jupiter and Ashtoreth Venus. There can be no doubt of the very high antiquity of the worship of Baal. It prevailed in the time of Moses among the Moabites and Midianites, Num_22:41, and through them spread to the Israelites. Num_25:3-18; Num_4:3.In the times of the kings, it became the religion of the court and people of the ten tribes, 1Ki_16:31-33; 1Ki_18:19; 1Ki_18:22, and appears never to have been permanently abolished among them. 2Ki_17:16 Temples were erected to Baal in Judah, 1Ki_16:32 and he was worshipped with much ceremony. 1Ki_18:19; 1Ki 26-28; 2Ki_10:22. The attractiveness of this worship to the Jews undoubtedly grew out of its licentious character. We find this worship also in Phoenician colonies.The religion of the ancient British islands much resembled this ancient worship of Baal, and may have been derived from it. Nor need we hesitate to regard the Babylonian Bel, Isa_46:1, or Beaus, as essentially identical with Baal, though perhaps under some modified form. The plural, Baalim, is found frequently, showing that he was probably worshipped under different compounds, among which appear —Baal-Zebub. (lord of the fly), and worshipped at Ekron. 2Ki_1:2-3; 2Ki_1:16. Baal-Peor. (lord of the opening, that is, for others to join in the worship). We have already referred to the worship of this god. The narrative Numbers 25 seems clearly to show that this form of Baal-worship was connected with licentious rites. Baalath-Beer. (lord of the well). Baal, a town among those in the south part of Judah, given to Simeon, which also bore the name of Ramath-Negeb, or "the height of the south." Jos_19:8. Baal-Gad. (lord of fortune), used to denote the most northern, Jos_11:17; Jos_12:7, or perhaps northwestern, Jos_13:5, point to which Joshua's victories extended. It was in all probability a Phoenician or Canaanite sanctuary of Baal under the aspect of Gad or Fortune. Baal-Hamon. (lord of a multitude), a place at which Solomon had a vineyard, evidently of great extent. Son_8:11. Mountain Baal-Hermon. (Lord of Hermon), Jdg_3:3, and simply Baal-hermon. 1Ch_5:23 This is usually considered as a distinct place from Mount Hermon; but we know that this mountain had at least three names Deu_3:9 and Baal-hermon may have been a fourth in use among the Phoenician worshippers. Baal-Meon. (lord of the house), one of the towns which were built by the Reubenites. Num_32:38. It also occurs in 1Ch_5:8 and on each occasion with Nebo. In the time of Ezekiel, it was Moabite, one of the cities which were the "glory of the country." Eze_25:9. Baal-Perazim. (lord of divisions), the scene of a victory of David over the Philistines, and of a great destruction of their images. 2Sa_5:20; 1Ch_14:11. See Isa_28:21 where it is called Mountain Perazim. Baal-Shalisha. (lord of Shalisha), a place named only in 2Ki_4:42 apparently not far from Gilgal; Compare 2Ki_4:38. Baal-Tamar. (lord of the palm tree), a place named only in Jdg_20:33 as near Gibeah of Benjamin. (lord of the north)

      Baal - Lord.
      The name appropriated to the principal male god of the Phoenicians. It is found in several places in the plural BAALIM (Jdg_2:11; Jdg_10:10; 1Ki_18:18; Jer_2:23; Hos_2:17). Baal is identified with Molech (Jer_19:5). It was known to the Israelites as Baal-peor (Num_25:3; Deu_4:3), was worshipped till the time of Samuel (1Sa_7:4), and was afterwards the religion of the ten tribes in the time of Ahab (1Ki_16:31-33; 1Ki_18:19, 1Ki_18:22). It prevailed also for a time in the kingdom of Judah (2Ki_8:27; compare 2Ki_11:18; 2Ki_16:3; 2Ch_28:2). till finally put an end to by the severe discipline of the Captivity (Zep_1:4-6). The priests of Baal were in great numbers (1Ki_18:19), and of various classes (2Ki_10:19). Their mode of offering sacrifices is described in 1Ki_18:25-29. The sun-god, under the general title of Baal, or “lord,” was the chief object of worship of the Canaanites. Each locality had its special Baal, and the various local Baals were summed up under the name of Baalim, or “lords.” Each Baal had a wife, who was a colourless reflection of himself.

      Brown - Driver – Briggs Hebrew Definitions
      BDB Definition: H1168
      Baal = “lord”
      1) supreme male divinity of the Phoenicians or Canaanites (noun proper masculine)
      2) a Reubenite (noun proper masculine)
      3) the son of Jehiel and grandfather of Saul (noun proper masculine)
      4) a town of Simeon, probably identical to Baalath-beer (noun proper locative)
      Part of Speech: see above in Definition
      A Related Word by BDB/Strong’s Number: the same as H1167
      Same Word by TWOT Number: 262a