A Tiger Called Broken Tail

2011, Nature  -   13 Comments
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A Tiger Called Broken TailBroken Tail was the most flamboyant tiger cub Colin Stafford-Johnson had seen during many years spent filming India's wild tigers.

After leaving his sanctuary and going on the run, Broken Tail survived for almost a year where many said it was impossible, in the unprotected badlands of rural Rajasthan.

Tracking Broken Tail's extraordinary journey, Colin and his soundman, Salim, piece together the cub's final days and, through Broken Tail's story, uncover stark truths about India's last wild tigers.

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    Robert M
  1. Robert M

    Beautiful animals and excellent footage. Worth the watch for sure.

  2. Matt Kukowski
  3. Matt Kukowski

    Not your typical Wild life doc. Footage of India is amazing.

    A tiger is the pinnacle of evolution. Even a young Tiger could destroy any human hand to hand. COWARDS with rifles has no sport in the kill! Cowards.

    These tigers are going to go extinct. Very sad.

  4. deanharrington
  5. deanharrington

    Truly the end of the tiger spells the end of man. This is an excellent documentary story ... beautifully shot and edited ... a wonderful piece!

  6. Imightberiding
  7. Imightberiding

    Beautiful film. Excellent cinematography with rich textures, light, landscapes & colours. I highly recommend viewing this film about a critical moment in time.

  8. Alexis De Tarade
  9. Alexis De Tarade

    fancy footy and fresh approach for a nature documentary. too bad the only cats left will be the ones in our living rooms soon...

  10. Fanny Adams.
  11. Fanny Adams.

    Another reason why i think animals are better than humans.

  12. equidae
  13. equidae

    Humans are animals, ya damned sophist. Virtually all human behavior has some basis in our biology. Considering that, it's no longer surprising how bad we are, but that we're not worse.

  14. Dave Ace
  15. Dave Ace

    Well, THAT made THIS grown man cry! - peace x

  16. Jules
  17. Jules

    Hi Dave,

    You aren't the only one! I had tears streaming down both cheeks at the end where they were showing footage of his younger life.

    It's so sad to think that tigers could become extinct in my lifetime. I'm 25...

  18. Jack1952
  19. Jack1952

    Humans are animals. We're very successful at survival....so far. Over time, this earth is doomed. It is the way of the universe. Our technological abilities may allow us the opportunity to leave this planet someday. This may be the way for other species to survive a little longer. Our generation may be one link in as enormous chain. It doesn't make us better or worse. It makes us who we are. If you ask the average person today they will tell you that they do not want the tiger to go extinct. So if that is the consensus there must be other factors that are now contributing to the tiger's demise. Not saying to give up, but realizing that there are so many survival issues at stake today. Things seem to happen while we are just trying to get through another day.

  20. Jack1952
  21. Jack1952

    Great documentary. Unbelievable photography. I hope that somehow the tiger survives and that a thousand years from now someone can still make new documentaries about them.

  22. panthera f
  23. panthera f

    People should not breed, there are to many.
    There is no place anymore for broken tails. :-(

  24. Dave Ace
  25. Dave Ace

    Thanks Jules, good to know other people still have hearts and souls.. - peace!

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