A Tudor Feast at Christmas

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A Tudor Feast at ChristmasWithout the use of modern conveniences, a group of historians and archaeologists prepare a Tudor feast as it would have been over 400 years ago. They wear clothes from the period, source food from the land, and use recipes from the era. They turn the clock back to rediscover a way of life from an age gone by.

Christmas was the greatest festival celebrated by the Tudors. Advent was a time of fasting; Christmas Eve was particularly strictly kept with no meat, cheese or eggs. Celebrations began on Christmas Day when 3 masses were said and the genealogy of Christ was sung while everyone held lighted tapers.

The Monarch was required to attend mass and would be expected to wear new clothes. He would process from the Privy Chamber to the Chapel Royal dressed in coronation robes of purple and/or scarlet complete with crown.

The whole 12 days of Christmas was celebrated, (25th December - 6th January) but not every day was celebrated equally. All work stopped except looking after animals, spinning was even banned as this was the prime occupation for woman and flowers were placed around the spinning wheels.

People would visit friends and it was seen as very much a community celebration. Work re-started on Plough Monday the first Monday after 12th night.

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  1. Doris Hensley

    England wit so match Grass you didn't need the cows feet barley greens.i wish you chose my in the decision how to do the choosing .

  2. Bea.

    Ruth s annoying.

  3. william4444

    absol brill doc, the old days were the best everyone coming together and plenty of work and good spirit well made, and i love ruth, something about her , she has flair of just being perfect for this edwardian time in history,

  4. zaphodity

    And back in those days, especially in England , they used to only wash 3 maybe 4 times a year tops ! Personal hygiene just wasn't considered much of a biggy.

  5. Yusiley S

    May I be invited to the feast? It looks so yummie and fun. I could only imagine that dignitaries and nobilities suffer from a lot of gout and other weight related illnesses. Luckily today even the underprivileged classes can have such a feast too. ^_^ I wanna do one based on Russian history or even Edwardian England era. Mmmmmm... chocolate cakes... *goes to the kitchen for a piece of double chocolate chip cakes* * Thanks a lot documentary.:P

  6. Tracy Phillips

    Astonishing and fascinating: a rare glimpse at Tudor history from the perspective of the working man & woman. The Tudor aristocrats brought conspicuous consumption to dizzying extremes. I bet that many of the 'have nots' working in those grand kitchens managed to smuggle out a treat or two for their families to enjoy. Cooking being what it is & Tudor aristocrats being a status obsessed & demanding lot, one can only imagine the amount of pressure placed upon the harried & exhausted kitchen & serving staff! Looking at all the rich food on the menu, it's no small surprise that so many men of the aristocracy developed gout!

  7. Edward Richtofen

    what abunch of ???!@#! Who paid for all that? Poor people taxed or inslavced!

  8. Kitty_Sea

    Yay! I love these guys, I bought the DVDs after first seeing them here with Edwardian Farm but I hadn't seen this one before. I hope they keep doing these documentaries, they bring out all those interesting everyday parts of history that aren't covered in books.

  9. Norm

    With that much work involved, I would have starved!

  10. norlavine

    Nice documentary: pleasant and light relief from the cares of the day. xx

  11. adilrye

    I love social history, stuff like the Supersizers. It's really, really cool and interesting.

  12. knowledgeizpower

    Really interesting...Didn't know how very expensive spices were in that time period it makes you think how wasteful you can be with certain things, and how you can appreciate alot more.

  13. Heather Watkins

    Fascinating. Loved it.

  14. Guest

    The title reminds me of Le Festin De Babette...very very awesome movie.
    Will watch this one later.