Aberrican Me: Ross Capicchioni

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Chernobyl HeartMade by The Berrics, a skateboard park owned by the skateboarders Steve (Ber)ra and E(ric) Koston.

The Aberrican Me series brings videos of pro skateboarders personal lives to light through interviews and reenactment.

In this particular episode, Ross Capicchioni is interviewed. When Ross was 17 year old, he was shot – to be killed – by his close friend.

He was then left to die in the outskirts of the city he lived in, Detroit. But through sheer determination and a will to survive, Ross would battle on for his dear life. This is his story.

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  1. craig

    has anyone tried to fact check this story? there is nothing on this story but this video..

    1. Joey

      This is 10000% true bud

  2. Brittany

    Just now hearing about this story, and knowing that this young man over came such a tragic thing is amazing, He is such a fighter, and he is now one of my main heroes. That "so called friend" honestly deserved death penalty because doing that at such a young age, and then going to court laughing and smiling about what he had done is such a disgusting thing. I'm so glad Ross came out with such a great outcome and he's alive. Hope he's still going strong. (:

  3. Amylee Williams

    i just cried watching that beautiful young man tell his story,and then felt so much pride for him that he continues livng,and can be so positive!I HOPE THE REST OF HIS LIFE IS WONDERFUL AND FILLED WITH HAPPINESS,AS HE TRULY DESERVES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. N

    The same thig happened to me. I wish I could overcome it as well as he did, but I look at the world differently now. I cant trust anymore.

  5. Sean Finn

    A human overcoming adversity is a wonderful thing.

  6. HighVibrancy

    Saw this on theberrics a while ago and was touched by the story. Skateboarders are very resilliant by nature. Keep rolllin Ross.

    Vlatko there is another one (Aberrican Me) with a guy from British Columbia Canada named Dave Johnson. Another unbelievable story. He is a kind mannered and very talented guy, I have had the pleasure to skateboard with him on a number of occasions.

  7. Irishkev

    Good man Ross. There's a million ways to die and only one lifetime. Squeeze in as many as you can. Then get up and keep living. That's how I see it. But then I was a motorcycle courier.

    1. Irishkev

      And a heroin addict.

    2. Irishkev

      But now I'm back, the one and only, IrishKev.

  8. Yavanna

    I am in awe of this guy having watched this. His whole outlook on life. No self pity. Articulate and moving story. Wasn't quite the skater dude I was expecting.

    1. Earthwinger

      Why, what were you expecting?

      Very powerful story, and one very brave young man.

    2. blahblahbob

      Dont be too quick to prejudge grown men who skate because of the actions of the jacka@@ prepubescent boys in your neighborhood. most skaters i know have gone on to be great artists, writers, thinkers, engineers, fathers and all around good people. i just hope others see me in the same light and not as a skater who got old.

  9. blahblahbob

    the berrics is a great skateboarding institution here in la. great doc, great skater, and great company.

  10. knowledgeizpower

    Wow! What doesn't kill you makes you Stronger..This young man has Heart..This was a good one very touching. I would show this to my young ones also to teach them what happens out here in these streets. How easy it can be to get caught up especially being around gang activity. And teach them to choose wisely who to hang out with or call them your friends. You never know what might happen Death Knows No Age. I am happy this young guy Lived to share His story....Peace

  11. patriotbill

    Very intense doc. for 15 minutes,Ross seems like a good kid,glad he made it...

  12. Guest

    this 15 minutes left me silent for a while, and then i noticed i was breathing fast....ouf! Powerfull