Aerosol Crimes (aka Chemtrails)

Aerosol Crimes (aka Chemtrails)

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Aerosol Crimes (aka Chemtrails)This documentary produced by chemtrail researcher Clifford Carnicom is a must see and an excellent research tool. Five plus years into the operations has provided ample evidence in this 90min DVD that covers many topics. Over the years aerosol/chemtrail research has provided some leads but even more questions as to who and why the spraying occurs. It is clear jets are deliberately spraying the sky's and it will not stop until enough people are aware and willing to stand up for the operations exposure and termination.

Contrails can and should form readily in clean, cold, and dry air. Normal clouds, on the other hand, require higher moisture levels and a particulate, or aerosol base, from which to develop. The radical transformation of our sky is a direct result of aircraft activity, now forces us to address an entirely new set of conditions.

Aircraft are now repeatedly dispersing materials into the upper atmosphere at flight altitude, roughly from 35,000 to 40,000 feet. These materials expand rather than evaporate and they usually transform into an unsightful haze that over the recent years has decreased our general visibility down to ground levels. One of the remarkable facts is that this commonly now occurs at various low levels of relative humidity, on the order of 30 to 40 percent, instead of the 70 percent or greater that is associated with cloud formation. And so we know now that these are not clouds in any conventional sense, they are indeed a unique and artificial creation that now crosses new thresholds in the atmospheric and geophysical sciences.

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4 months ago

2023 and this shit is still going on. WTF!!! I'm surprised any of us is still even alive.

3 years ago

Nj has been getting chemtrailed non stop since late 2019 up to present mid feb 2020 they won’t let us have a nice day with out their bull sht.

4 years ago

When I was a boy in the 80's all I could see in the sky on a glorious day was blue sky and a yellow sun. Now when I look up at the sky on a sunny day now all I see is planes dispersing thick white trails in the sky. Can you A disprove the "alleged theory" and B if the chemtrails are not real why didn't we have them like this in the 80's and finally C if you've noticed the sun in the day isn't yellow anymore, please wake up people around the world, brothers and sisters stick together.

6 years ago

Frank Lee, it doesnt take a rocket scientist or physisist to figure out that you are probably bedridden by self inflicted means such as alcoholism, drug abuse, or just laziness. You have education to some degree, but your lack of true intelligence is obvious by your need (compulsion) to argue about things that you yourself won't verify. Have anotber brandy and go find a kindergarten group somewhere. Your worthless opinions are just that, worthless

Alexei Menvenovich
6 years ago

The moon is actually a death star.

Doktor Oetkerr
6 years ago

Like so much pandymonium. Mmm'Wah'hh. Rad 'nuff. Slo-mo. N if dey R spryin grammar signs, then where exactly? Only see that's what u wud do if u cud. -Fall; mountain. Just don't fall on me..

6 years ago

wake up, the U.S. has no industry,our GNP is comprised of war and healthcare,CONNECT THE DOTS

Daniel Lodygowski
7 years ago

To Frank Lee, these are not commercial air planes, these are private corporations hired to spray these, if you had a brain cell, you would google (aerial spraying companies) you will see many of these , and they brag about all the different countries they have been hired to spray> you are a *****, DO NOT COMMENT ON SOMETHING THAT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT !

Shannon Weckman
8 years ago

I live in Colorado and it has been almost non-stop spraying here. In my opinion, Chemtrails are poisoning all life on the planet and therefore should be given our most urgent priority. What can be done about this poisonous assault? What can we do to protect our health as best we can?

8 years ago

I think we should shoot down one of these planes and find out who's the pilot and exactly what his involvement is with the United Nations/USA because we are being sprayed right here in raleigh Nc all all over the world. My opinion is it's a form of population control instead of weather modification program which is what the gov wants us to believe.

9 years ago

The Civilian Chemtrails method was invented at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 1987, as Teller's theme for climatic disaster was being spoken about in the National Lab system in Oak Ridge. One of the Internal Security folks named Don Wayne Bible and Jim Phelps ate lunch together and Jim Phelps discovered he was part of the supplanted security people at ORNL and Don Bible began sharing many of their briefings.

Jim Phelps seriously sought what was going on and ordered the 11th edition of the Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary that was published in 1987.

From that Reverence it was easy to pin down what chemicals were polar or hygroscopic. Looking at Aluminum on the Periodic table it was discovered that Boron was a much better pick to do atmospheric modification of Fluorine/Chlorine, Carbon and CO-2, and other issues that would slow Ozone Hole growth and have less toxic chemicals as atmospheric fallout.

Discussions relayed to the greater National Security establishment soon pinned down that the Boron ideas of Jim Phelps were of extreme value for the control of the Teller reported environmental disaster.

Jim Phelps ideas on using Boron as an additive to Jet fuels to make h-BN and B2O3 type hygroscopic compounds to make persistent clouds became highly important.

While the discovery and invention was made in 1987, the large scale implementation had to delay until low surfer fuels became widely used and the JP-8 type low sulfur fuels the standard world-wide. This occurred in 1991 with the first Gulf War and the use of the special additive called a Biocide that used Boron because JP-8 required chemical to store fuels.

After the Gulf War 1 of 1991, the expanded use of Boron additives made world wide the Civilian aircraft methods for Chemtrail generation to do what Teller proposed as a Sun shield using Scattering methods to reflect IR heat back into space.

Today, Chemtrails are widely seen around the world due to this highly covered up discovery at ORNL back in 1987. The discovery person wanted this and other chemtrails methods to be done only in full openness to the public for all the protections from harm possible. The Crooked ORNL system sought to cover up and suppress the Public's need to know. What we have today is basically illegal uses of climate modification methods that are intentionally kept from the Public's rights to know.

10 years ago

Norway has been heavily spread with chemtrails for years, and we have not had real summer weather for years. Until now: They stopped spraying the area where I live, and suddenly the sun comes through and we've got summer.

10 years ago

There are far less complicated ways to poison and/or manipulate the general public rather than getting a very large multi-corporate industry to unilaterally lie, from the very bottom of its pay scales to the tip top of its billowing golden bonuses and not have a single valid leak or whistle blower. An example of a far easier way would be to get the entire U.S. population addicted to maybe something like high fructose corn syrup. Put it in nearly all the foods, get us to be obese and complacent. Would that be a conspiracy? Or do we really just love foods with high fructose corn syrup and have enough excess money to spend large amounts on unhealthy foods. This conspiracy is quite similar to 9/11 conspiracies. Instead of accepting what has happened and moving forward to improve the world and our society people are running around trying to prove that it was our own government. Then ceasing to pay attention to what are government does from 9/12 onward. If you want to change something about planes, and there effect on our environment then stop flying on them. Maybe take some engineering classes and develop a new propulsion system that uses less fuel. Or maybe even develop a propulsion system that uses an entirely different propellant. It would be time far better spent than wandering around recording contrails with the assumption that they are more poisonous than we already know them to be.

10 years ago

haha so much bullshit in this doc.

10 years ago

those of you who dont believe that the chemtrails are dangerous for all living things, should do some research and start paying attention to things aroung you. I feel sorry for you people. I'll bet you believe that floride in our water is good for you, flu shots are good, GMO food is good and our government is good. YOU NEED TO WAKE UP.

john ford
11 years ago

lol, So to you paranoid peanut brains chemtrails are bad?. Yet i bet you all breath car pollution most days ..

11 years ago

What needs to be pointed out is contrails can only form at a certain altitude, its true they can spread out if it is wet and cold enough. Chemtrails are being sprayed at an lower altitude that contrails are unable to form. People are hoping you don't check the altitude...Do your research...

11 years ago

I live near an airport in the North West of the UK.

Most americans, where the bs that is chemtrails originated, do not live near the flightpaths of planes, rarely look up and/or are functionally illiterate and so near-totally scientifically illiterate.

If an american looks up and sees a line in the sky, someone is 'trying to poison them'. This is do dumb on so many levels it is a joke.

Oft Repeated but CORRECT explanation;
The wingtips of planes disturb the air as they pass through it.
IF the air is at the right temperature and humidity, that is enough for ice crystals OR water droplets to start a CASCADE of ice crystal OR water droplet formation and so cause the moist air to start to form clouds... just like real clouds form PLUS the exhaust of the jet engines produces similar tiny particles around which ice crystals OR water droplets form so seeding the atmosphere with tiny particles that cause NORMAL ice crystals OR water droplets (clouds) to form in a line WHERE THE PLANE HAS FLOWN. Air can have water in it and be transparent... making it look like something came from nowhere... but the water was already there just spread out UNTIL the plane causes it to start to condense into clouds.

Nothing special... they're called 'clouds'.

If you never did real science at school or think magic jesus makes things happen because you have lived all your life on an american farm and think you know how the world works, then all this planes=chemtrails bs may seem plausible. But then that will be because you are a dummy and an ill-educated know-nothing who cannot see how clouds form so 'the Man' is trying to 'get ya'.

Tip for the future; Learn to read then read more. With luck you'll study Physics as I did and if you are really lucky, you'll stop being a loon.

On a clear day, these clouds can form IF the air is ready to form clouds but it takes the simple distrurbance by the plane (wingtips PLUS exhaust partticulates) to trigger it.

Nothing special. Nothing to worry about. No poison involved.

Sadly, americans and similar ill-educated, unobservant and thought-free individuals decide that 'the Man' is out to poison them.

It's sometimes fun to laugh at the ignorant but ultimately there are too many of them and I have other things to do so if you 'believe' in 'chemtrails' please seek medical help for your mental illness and do try to enjoy the rest of your life.

Peace... now peace off!

11 years ago

Look up the Geoengineering Moratorium at UN on yahoo and see what geoengineering is about. Then look up at the skies and pay attention. You will see which planes are spraying stuff other than contrails made of ice. You are stupid to come on here and cut down those people without truly researching yourself. POS people I guess.

11 years ago

i hope this guy does not live near an airport lol, i bet he runs for cover every time he sees anything in the sky. like omg those birds are in on it too. they drop small chem bombs. run take cover everyone. what a load of crap.

11 years ago

I think you're "The Perfect Vagina".

Miguel Marques
11 years ago

Americans are even more crazy than i thought. You have a conspiracy for everything, without the slightest shred of scientific proof, from what I gathered from this documentary, your planes not only release water vapor, but also some filaments, fungus, web like structures,magnetic particles, metallic powders, substances that alter the electromagnetic field, alter weather, change climate, cause disease, kill crops,and you could not find even one credible scientist or even fact to support the claim made? and you wonder why the rest of the world makes fun of you.

11 years ago

I see these trails all the time. Most of the time when I see them the following few days the sky will be overcast. I have seen tons of info on this subject. People wake up! Quit thinking this is ****! Look further before you come to you final conclusion.

Dan Robinson
11 years ago

we need an aircraft behind one of these planes to collect samples, video tape the whole thing and get the tag # of the air craft. So who wants to chip in.

11 years ago

Any Government that allows the slaughter of animals is demoniac and therefore we are used to them ruling in a harmful way .
For every action there is a reaction and the reaction due to the laws of Karma for slaughtering millions of animals every hour is a problematic suffering world .
Any of these documentaries are preferable to listen to than what those governments tell us .
For the absolute truth and the best way to deal with the suffering is to raise your consciousness by meditating on the Lord Sri Krishna by chanting his holy names or any bonafide name of the lord you wish and to stop eating the animals .
Chant ,
Hare Krsna Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna Hare Hare,
Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare .

fasffeaf geamna
11 years ago

This documentary reminds me of watching boring history movies in 6th grade. I kept waiting to finally hear something interesting or important, but through out the whole movie I found nothing. What in the world are they spraying is a much better option if your looking for more info on this subject, this movie needs some work if it actually wants to convince the public of this serious issue.

11 years ago

Excellent ! The chem trail images and video are exactly what I and many others I know have been seeing, photographing and talking about. What a sound and well researched documentary. Thank you !

12 years ago

This explains all the mysterious dead birds and fish in different locations all over the world that have been documented, I would like to see what president Obama plans are to decease and disburse of this destruction of our atmosphere. Humans are not rats in some test tank this is a crime to humanity, my God I thought all these kinds crimes stopped with Adolf Hitler.

12 years ago

Those rich people are not in my will.

12 years ago

Terrific argument!!

12 years ago

We’ve made note of it and can take a look at once again soon after. Thanks a lot.

12 years ago

I think I have to agree with Mr. Lee on this one. He's convinced me. I was very upset by the idea that the media is promoting a homosexual life style? In what way is this happening exactly? By showing Will & Grace? Even if it did it wouldn't make more people gay.

12 years ago

Good rant ...highly amusing : )

12 years ago

I cant stop thinking about the coconut trees bark being pealed away like paper or the trees in the mountains all turning brown.why would any buddy take out oxygen producing trees and kill off people i think i smell sullfer.

12 years ago

I have seen what in the world are they spraying also and they say boeing has the contract on the spraying.another doc.says they were on the 911 comisson.geo enginering causes drout,forest fires stonger than ever from the magnesseum in the trees,cancer,altimers,respitory illness.It also makes the soil acidic so you need gmo seeds.I am alergic to wheat but have friends alergic to wheat but have no problem with wheat in switzerland where they have organic seeds[no gmo seeds].I have studied teslas tower and seen the doc.on the harp system and it should be left alone.We need Al gore,Mickeal More,and Tesla to lead us away from oil and the carsinagins made from it.We do not need herbacides,pesticides,chemicles esp. aspertain in diet drinks.Cars should run on water,hydrogin,or peanut oil the diesal engine was desighned to run on or any human friendly oil.I live in a town with 2 alu. plants and i use garlic,tea tree oil,and colidal silver sinus spray.i use flaks oil to.I would listen to the naturalist she knows her busness. Thank you.

12 years ago

Observation: Vapor trails seem to be lingering longer.

Conclusion: Government and big business is spraying toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.

Lets get them before they get us. We need a court system set up and a police force to arrest and lynch these villains. They should be easy to find. After all, didn't this doc show us exactly who they were, where the factories that produce this stuff are located, and give us the addresses of all the airports where these planes are based at. We outnumber them. We shall over come.

12 years ago

My god you people that buy this cr*p have to be the most pathetic, needy, paranoid bunch I have ever met. Frank Lee is my new hero, way to go Frank.

12 years ago

What the hell is this sh%t?

12 years ago

wow you ppl that suport this rubbish , you REALY think this is true
For gods sake get alife

12 years ago

I live in Wichita, Ks. It is dec.21,2010 and it has been heavy spraying for 72+ hours. a whole lot of "airborn virus" going around. that's what the dr.s are saying. Imagine that. I must know how this can be stopped. I'm damned mad about this. do people not understand that our babies are breathing this. I just can't believe how many are so wrapped up on their cell phones and life, that they can't see what's going on right before their eyes. Thanks for letting me vent for a moment, time for me to get my head back in the chemclouds. Peace

12 years ago

I like your Frank. The movie difficult to watch due to poor production, vauge details, (i'm guessing) little vetting of the science. The whole concept seems based on flawed science.

12 years ago

Dear Frank Lee,
After meditating a thought just popped into my still mind: you are a d!@#.

Frank Lee
12 years ago

Checked out“dont talk about the weather” Philosophocles, I particularly enjoyed;
"Hot on this trail, I went straight to Youtube"
YouTube??? Not the reference section of his local library, or as he's British, the wonderful Science Museum Library in Brompton or even to find someone who might know more than he does about Meteorology or air traffic control. . . No, YouTube!
Anyway, this comment would belong in that documentary's forum except for the fact that that documentary uses so much of this one that the line is blurred.

finally, meditation or prayer or simply sitting quietly and enjoying the absence of media may be beneficial for many people on this board, certainly wont hurt.

12 years ago

check out "dont talk about the weather" it is far more in depth (and long as hell, but worth it) It explains that chem-trails are sprayed by non commercial military planes, and it also shows a time lapse video of chem-trails becoming clouds. In what sense should man made clouds ever be ok? Are they not telling us about them or lying about them because they are so good for us... I dont think so. So all the non believers out there just need look up in the sky. I've noticed its not as bad now, but definitely still going on. And of course they have other ways to poison us too, namely vaccines and pharmaceutical grade drugs to name a few. Read your prescription drug label or the waiver on a vaccine and i guarantee you wont like what you see. However, the only true right of any man/woman is the right to free will. Meaning you decide what is truth or not. Which also means you live with that decision. So i am not here to convince anybody, but I would like everybody to know of a better way to help you decide.
Meditation. It is a good way to clear you mind so new thoughts and fresh ideas can flourish. It's not any hocus pocus. You just sit in a quiet place and relax your whole body and mind. Listen to your thoughts and breath without grasping to any certain thought or feeling or controlling your breath. Let your mind relax and you will be able to see clearly for yourself who you want to side with and why.

Shawn L.
12 years ago

This documentary could have been twice as short if not for that god damn musical interlude every 2 minutes. Jesus Christ.

12 years ago

People the rich evil people wants to kill us to make this a way to get more money. thats it

12 years ago

For a few years in late 1990s and early 2000s i felt a cool liguid on my arms or face at times, not a lot, but like an impending rain that never happened. In mid 2000s i came down with a terrible disease, it is killing me fast, causing my lungs to deteriorate. I believe that environmental factors such as urban pollution and all the other stuff is what is killing folks and causing so many chronic diseases. I was never a smoker, drinker, or used drugs. I've had my share of stress, as did my grandmother in the segregated south, while i hae lived my entire life in the north. She is past 90 years old with no chronic health illnesses. My grandfather passed at 96. My mom is 76. My dad died at 82. And these are folks who lived under the worst kind of chronic stress: southern US racism and Jim Crow! Something has weakened my gene pool, I would guess. In the last year all of my sisters/brothers have aged rapidly. We range in age from 58 (me) to 34. Even my kids and grands are aging fast. Something is going on, and we ought to be about the business of finding out what it is rather than critiquing outlandish theories or trying to deny that cancers and other diseases are all too common.

Frank Lee
12 years ago

In short Tee, I cant, but I can explain why I can't if thats any help;
Falsifiability is the property of a hypothesis, conjecture, or theory, that it can be demonstrated to be false. According to Sir Karl Popper, a claim cannot be "scientific" (or subject to scientific inquiry) unless it is falsifiable.
In the philosophical community, the term "falsify" has come to mean "disprove": the opposite of "verify". It's unfortunate that this term has become so entrenched, as outside philosophy the term means "to counterfeit" - to dishonestly make a false representation of something.
"Falsifiable" does not mean "false." For a proposition to be falsifiable, it must be possible, at least in theory, for some observation to be made that is incompatible with the proposition. The statement "all swans are white," for example, could be falsified by observing a green swan. On the other hand, the statement that "there is a green swan somewhere" could only be falsified by observing every swan in existence and noting that none of them are green. For statements like "there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe," this is at best impractical and may well be considered impossible.
Popper himself proposed falsifiability as a criterion for demarcating what is and is not science. He held, for example, that Freudian psychoanalysis was not "science" because it was not in principle falsifiable; a patient who disagrees with his analyst is simply "in denial," and any contrary argument or behavior on the part of the patient can be ascribed to the patient's attempts to buttress his denial.
So you see Tee, I cannot give anyone a step by step refutation because I cannot find a solid, provable, 'first step' in the chem-trail theory!

12 years ago

Frank Lee,
Could you give us your version of story that debunks the content of this video?

Please give us a step by refutation, possibly supported by videos, of the message presented here.

Frank Lee DeRainged
12 years ago

It's not much of a challenge, BrianV, is it. To research the Iran-Contra affair, Gulf War syndrome or D,U, weapons when all you have to do is go to the bookshop? Not exactly hacking Defense department computers or shadowy meetings in quiet bars with sources is it?

This is my problem with 'conspiracy mentality' All the evidence indicates that the malice of various people and agencys is only exceeded by their utter incompetence. Time after time groups in positions of power try to pull off some malevolent and spooky bulls**t AND GET CAUGHT! without fail, every f--king time!

I'm not saying that we (the real people) shouldn't be vigilant but it seems that the cretins in power have become so accustomed to being mauled when their 'secret' schemes are inevitably exposed that there is a strong possibility that 'they' could be throwing red herrings and launching false-flag empty conspiracy to muddy the water, in the vain hope that their latest act of spite against some portion of the population will go undiscovered for just a little longer.

With the absence of any reasonable evidence or or convincing testimonials I've put the chem-trail crap in this category.

Finally I try to maintain a distinction between what I belive
and what (I think) I know. . .