Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death
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Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death

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Afghan Massacre - The Convoy of DeathIn the middle of June when we first revealed the small parts of our story about the mass graves here at Dasht-i-Leili, the Pentagon effectively denied that the atrocity had taken place at all. They also denied that American soldiers were anywhere near the vicinity nor did any American personal have any knowledge whatsoever about such a thing taking place. We can now reveal that the Pentagon was lying. Produced and directed by Irish filmmaker and former BBC producer Jamie Doran, the film tells the story of thousands of prisoners who surrendered to the US military's Afghan allies after the siege of Kunduz.

According to the film, some three thousand of the prisoners were forced into sealed containers and loaded onto trucks for transport to Sheberghan prison. When the prisoners began shouting for air, U.S.-allied Afghan soldiers fired directly into the truck, killing many of them. The rest suffered through an appalling road trip lasting up to four days, so thirsty they clawed at the skin of their fellow prisoners as they licked perspiration and even drank blood from open wounds.

Witnesses say that when the trucks arrived and soldiers opened the containers, most of the people inside were dead. They also say US Special Forces re-directed the containers carrying the living and dead into the desert and stood by as survivors were shot and buried. Now, up to three thousand bodies lie buried in a mass grave. Outraged human rights groups and lawyers are calling for an investigation but the U.N. special envoy to Afghanistan refuses any U.N.-backed investigation until the Afghan government can protect witnesses. Two of the witnesses in the film have already been killed.

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  1. Knut Hammann

    Some comments show the same propaganda twisted mindset the Nazis had. The behaviour of the actors in the documentary is very much alike. Yes, the Nazis though as well that they were only killing "the bad guys". Almost like Mrs Albright, when she said "killing half a million children was worth it"... And these psychopaths are beging admired in the US. Sick and rotten to the core. And this has nothing to do with atrocities which happen in a war. Nobody declared the war to the US in the last 70 years. Yet this "Rogue Nation" (William Blum) invaded >70 countries all over the world and killed more than 20 Mio. people - "Killing Hope" (William Blum".

  2. NA

    I lost interest in this documentary when I saw the subtitles were wrong. It said that Dostum said "they will be raped".. he didn't say that. Actually a lot of the translation is wrong.

    Also, it's pretty pathetic to have a documentary about the northern alliance and Taliban and there has been no mention of Ahmad Shah Massoud who is known as the national hero of Afghanistan. There were pictures of him all over Kabul when the Taliban were defeated.

  3. steady Eddie

    if they were really talaban and alquaida.....they were treated too good......i would have givin them blood transfusions to keep them alive so i could tourture them some more.....then i would have fed them a nice ecoli meal with wine mixed with drain cleaner.

    1. Ihtesham

      You could torture them in a battle but not when they were prisoners of war and gave up weapons in the agreement that their lives will be spared. Also, the very people who massacred these prisoners had a similar if not worse past history of committing atrocities against innocent civilians in the civil war.

  4. Ed

    1) You can't surrender to the UN or even get UN protection when the UN was not involved and had no forces down range at the time of surrender.

    2) As near as I can tell, all this showed was that some Afghans (possibly under the command...and documentary implied orders of that Dostum) probably killed a bunch of Taliban AFTER their fellow Taliban surrenderees attacked their prison and killed/injured many of their comrades in a nearby area.

    3) It has been claimed the US personnel were around...implying they were taking part in the alleged massacre...implying they are responsible. I might buy that if it was PROVEN or credibly suggested the Americans had effective command/control in the specific place where the massacres took place. I saw none of that...just implication and speculation.

    4) There can be no white hats and clean hands in war. War is about killing, destroying and making the universe so intolerable for your enemy that any peace is preferable to continued fighting. The sooner you take off the white hats and rose-colored glasses, the sooner the war will be over. Most folks don't seem to grasp this fact.

  5. Hona

    America sucks.

  6. mccgeno

    Sorry, It's very hard to feel sorry for the Taliban.

    1. rowley02

      you total know nothing of these people other than the propaganda you have swallowed.To treat any human being in such a manner is disgusting,and not to condemn it shows you are totally without morals.

    2. nick

      totally agree rowley

  7. Jedo

    Of course this happened.
    Man, I can't wait to not watch this documentary.

  8. Zeept

    America is the biggest terrorism. First arming the Taliban and later on fighting against them.

  9. Ricardo Taban


  10. john

    The title is misleading, the "Afghan Massacre" either meant the location is in Afghanistan, or the massacre was done by Afghans.

    "Afghans Massacre Terrorists" should be a better name for it.

    1. m

      They surrendered to the un under treaty and thats a war crime in every sense of the word.

  11. Nauman Ahmed

    It is really a terrorism in "Afghanistan" and the "Americans" and their allies never feel any soft corner for these people to whom "God" created and their mothers and fathers worried for their growth and served a lot of nights and days for their betterment but these silly "Americans" and their allies never feel any softness in their heart because they all are drunked people and they are doing their jobs; instead serving their nations!!! It is really an example of cruelty; what these people are doing in other countries!!! May "God" help all of Us to save such kind of poeple from their cruelty!!!

  12. Yeheshua

    Nothing suprising here, unfortunately. Though what I'm left contemplating is the profits behind such conflicts. The military complex, oil companies securing pipelines, poppy fields replanted for heroin production. Perhaps occupation for other military strategic interests nearby? I honestly don't know with certainty what this conflict is really about, I have doubts that its just about finding terrorists. If anyone can enlighten me, please do so.
    What I see here is expendable pawns being shifted around. I never see the players, the beneficiaries who have vested interests in the game.

  13. Ðaniel Çurtis

    this shows what war really is...

  14. Philip Arras

    I love how all of you will watch a documentary, and believe it. LOL.. just because someone makes a video/documentary or even tells a story, doesn't mean its real! You guys are pathetic, get a life.

    1. Epicurus

      that is true, but why do you not believe it? what about the documentary makes you suspicious?

    2. CommentatorFJ

      How did you learn in school, hypocrite.

    3. m

      I imagine you believe those planes hitting the twin towers were terrorists then... even tho you have no proof whatsoever you accept that don't you? So by your own logic you are pathetic and need to get a life... Only you need it more so because you won't accept anything that goes against the lies you've already been told. what a guy you must be....

      Bush flat out lies to you about iraq and WMD's. A lie so bold and brainless that its impossible to understand how he hasn't been arrested other than covers ups and more lies.

      But obviously anyone who makes a film about inhumanity commited by americans (who have a long history of covering up massacres) must be lying and anyone who believes them must be pathetic??

      Funny really that's just how the nazi's used to talk. No, really it is. Just before they were utterly and rightly destroyed.. Exterminated like the vicious brainless thugs they really were...

      The only pathetic thing here is you and your unswerving loyalty to the fatherland... oh wait tho didn't you massacre all the indians and lie about that too.....


    4. Devon Griffiths

      I think its far far more pathetic to automatically take your masters' viewpoint in everything, like a trained dog.

  15. James del Valle

    is it not obvious the Northern Alliance took sweet revenge for atrocities committed against them, justice was done.

    1. Xbow

      I agree, and why shouldn't they slaughter those punk ass Taliban slime buckets? Those freaks had it coming for a long, long time. And I hope the USA did help the Northern Alliance set things right.

    2. staszekgobi

      and how many punk ass taliban did you kill? and if not then why not? u.s. has raped every geneva convention article in existance so why not take this opportunity and go over there an kick some taliban ass.
      since nobody in the west wants to report or to deal with this atrocity you won't need to worry about being reported or jailed, you should go there maybe even get some taliban tail or 5 to have some fun, their husbands are dead so the girls need some fun, right?
      you should go there and have some good time, kill few of the locals no one will know and sooner or later they will stop allowing this from happening so you should go soon and don't forget to take some pictures so the rest of us can enjoy it at least from afar.

    3. eugler

      Horay to that. No doubt the Taliban went on to take sweet revenge to achieve justice as well. A little IED by the roadside maybe, who knows.

      But justice was done and I guess all the different partys in Afganisthan will continue to do justice to each other just as they do in Iraq. Let's see it from the bright side, after we have already established such a just society, democracy should basically kick in by itself. Unless of course revenge and justice are two entirely different things...

  16. cyciek

    This is not a simply case. Americans are in big troubles there in Afghanistan and this massacre was an attempt to solve one of them. 'To much people in the prison so what we gonna do General?' 'We'll kill them on the dessert and nobody will proof that it was our fault becouse we'll say that it was the Afghan soldiers idea.' But there are witnesses, so we will see... maybe in the far future they solve this case. I firmly belive that some high US General is responsible for that war crime.

  17. Joly

    This is nothing.USA and England have done 1000 worse than this.

  18. Debora Edholm

    Will we ever really know the truth?

  19. sidjack

    War is dirty and motions were put in place after warfare turned modern during the first world war governing the treatment of prisoners of war(after all america declared war on afganistan and that countires elected body the taliban)after thier surrender. But Rumsfield and the american war machine out of self preservation declares them non combatants and are thusly declared the responsibility of Dhostrum and the Northern Alliance(of which america is one). The american army even says thier prevaling forces are the safekeepers after completion of operations in an area that is in their allies and thier own forces comtrol.

  20. E

    How can you people even say these things?
    Think about what humanity means.

    Afghan people have fought for more then 40 years, there whole history is almost war.
    There turn into beast by every leader they had almost.

    Like the American soldier the Taliban had there leaders, these one were already death by giving up.

    I will never give a soldier the blame of what his leaders order him.

    But when I watch that video I saw some taliban fighter around the age of 18 19. How can they be blamed?

    I ask you people out of the depts in my heart too just think about what to boys suffer and what your soldier, possible friends, lovers or children are suffering because some cause.

    The war is only getting worse and why is that?

    Think about it what would any persone do if his son, familie or lover was killed.
    He would want to bring the persones who did that to justice.
    And the first persones they see aren't the ones responsable..

    Your fellow countrymens are sacrifice for those who wanted to get rich of this war.

    Please stop blaming each other and start doing the right thing.
    Too seak out the real truth and then listen too our heart.

  21. mehdi

    yes steve you are right and i agry with you this talibans were supposed to be death but unfortunately some of those insane un aware and blindereds were left alive, and one thing more i wish this talibans were americans and europeans what do you think about it,

  22. Noman Shah

    I want peace in world wide.

  23. Steve

    I am so glad those talibans are dead, i don't care how they were treated. In fact I wish this happened more often, to more people over their. The fact is that those people do no value their own lives never mind other peoples so why not kill em. All praise the special forces good work !

    1. Phillip Galinsky

      Your great display of ignorance is unmatched near and far. Congratulations, you are a fool.

    2. m

      I'm lucky really. dead muslims and dead christians... result...

      Oh sorry did that offend you? Good, your opinion is offensive to any right thinking individual. You are as bad or worse than those you vilify.

      People in armies are doing as they are told mostly out of fear of what happens if they don't. If you think that the taliban are any different you are a bigger idiot than I give you credit for.

      The difference is americans take the job willingly.... For money....

      So who's more deserving of death by your own logic? thats right. now go and crawl back under your slimy little rock.

      I expect if you'd been german in 1940 this is what you'd have been saying about the jews.....

  24. USAJason

    @european u r probably french aren't u? shut up & go smoke ur FAG looser,btw i'm not talking about cigarettes!!!!

  25. SimonTheSorcerer

    @Koylar peace to you from East-Europe !

  26. SimonTheSorcerer

    @ Koylar
    __Yes you are right to blame USA for much (not all ) of your troubles. Americans one of the fattest, most debt ridden, militaristic nation on the earth. Fear not though their time is up as their economy crumbles under their enourmus national debt and the interest on it (hopefully) , they will be not in the position to force their fake "moral", anti-terroristic (what a joke) standards on the world.

  27. Koylar

    What most people do not realize is that "War" means hating someone, group or even country bad enough to kill for it. There are no laws in hate.The same prisoners who were shot ,at one point or another commited rape , murder or even worse.
    Even if Americans were not present those fighters would have end-ed up with the same faith. Revange is not a nice thing at least not by our standard . In Afghanestan it is the law.
    The Law of Sharieh or Qhesas punishment was handed down to an army.
    No Children or women were killed . The anger was towards criminals .
    Americans had the responsibilty of taking control from the Taliban and Al-Qideh . The Afghan War lord did the job.Even though it might not be approved by our standard .

    What about hanging ,stoning or beheadings that take place in the Islamic countries .You could also call this mass killing
    the biggest group sentencing .

    Although it could be argued that Americans were involved ..Americans were looking for Al-qiedeh . They might have handled it differently their mission was not to fight or police but to hunt Al-Qideh.

    Ask one Normal Afghan citizen who was not involved in politics and they will tell you how Barbaric the Talibans were.

    Believe me For many Afghans this film was "Justice".

  28. Carl

    @ european So you think wars are to prove who's a coward or not? or are you just pissed at Brian? You sound just like him - stereotyping the entire country.

    Leaders of any country obviously have control of the path they want to take their people down, but it doesn't mean that the people had a choice. For countries who live in a democracy, not 100% of the people voted for their leader, but we're stuck with the results and have to deal with it.

    Personally if I'm fighting for a believe and/or for family, I dont care about the size of the person I'm taking on. Someone kills a bunch of our people (civilians) then punishment is in order. I can't beleive how we've gone about it though, I didn't want to go to Iraq! But there we are and their children are gunna hate us well.

    Soldier sees their friend killed, they're gunna be pissed, some do stupid things and usually regret it years later, but to commit a massacre, i doubt it.

  29. european

    @ Brian: "So, next time you weak, lazy, irrelevant Euro-trash cant understand why we don't think like you, remember that America is too busy shaping world events.

    Come say that to my face, if you dare! Americans are cowards, they use tanks to shoot at children. Try going to war with a real sized enemy like China or Russia, then see how long you will last?

    You bullys are to scared to take someone your own size.

    The USA can only win a war if it has a huge number of allied forces fighting with it. If you go in by yourself, like Vietnam, you can't do s***!

    Now, be a nice little American and go throw your veteran soldiers on the street when they're done killing for your lazy ass...

  30. Jimmy

    The American military has basically evolved into a sophisticated gang of thugs. That is why they ally with tyrant warlords and use such cruel measures against prisoners.
    That is not the noble legacy that was earned with valor by previous American soldiers.

  31. Brian

    Poor poor Taliban. They are just harmless monks. Its funny how the self-righteous europeans can look down their noses at us, without contributing anything to the effort, but whinning and condemnation. This nothing new. Must be nice to not have to spend the funds to defend yourselves, yet criticize us while we do the dirty work. Where does Europe feel that they should have any right to bitch!! America has been cleaning up and targeted for revenge because of Europes colonial attrocities. I guess the invasions annonymous meetings are helping. Its been 70 years and your feelin good. 10 years of war and does anyone from enlightened Europe know how many American and British pows there are? Zero. The geneva conventions are only implemented by western countries and since we dont war on each other, it seems stupid to treat these dark age monkeys as if they deserve fair treatment. So, next time you weak, lazy, irrelevent Euro-trash cant understand why we dont think like you, remember that America is too busy shapping world events. SOCIALIST SCUMBAGS!!!!

    1. irish74

      What a complete Muppet and typical American/terrorist you are, you'll get yours my friend, lets see how you cope when your empire falls around your feet, just like every single empire in history, oh i hope im alive to watch it on RTE television, thats an irish tv network by the way.....America, the largest terrorist network in the world!!!!

    2. Philip Arras

      Bigger than the Real IRA?

    3. m

      which america funded....

    4. john

      An Irishman talking about Americans being terrorists.. how ironic.

    5. m

      Erm if anyone should know about americans funding terrorism its an irishman. I find the most ironic thing to be your ridiculous and utterly vacuous statements.

    6. m

      That's a lot of words for a sheep. Shame your first language isn't english it would have been easier to understand what you were saying.

      You seem to have forgotten about the fact that we have been doing nothing but fight wars in western europe for the last 2000 years,.

      Makes me wonder where you were educated, but I'll settle for america. After all, most americans believe iraq is linked to al quaeda,,,,

      Funny that because I know for a fact osama bin laden and saddam hussein were bitter enemies....

      In fact its getting harder and harder to believe anything america says any more. They beat the nazis only to start acting like them....

    7. hurricaneorleans

      ha . i am reading old stuff.
      muslims are taking over europe. their politicians sold them out.

  32. Stefan

    1) US special forces don't command Afghan installations.

    2) The Pashtun and the Tajik have been killing each other for centuries. The notion that the Tajik jailors would need prompting to destroy their enemies is foolish

    3) The best the Taliban prisoner can come up with for actual US forces' war crimes was that they cut off beards and made the prisoner's fearful. That does not reach the fairly high standard of "war crime"

    4) The bewildered analysts used in this piece hardly seem the sort to understand guerrilla warfare in anything but the most sterile and clinical way. Reading about how these wars are fought is not the same as fighting them.

    All in all, I believe the Taliban prisoners were killed and dumped in the desert and that the the US SOCOM troops knew about it. I also believe that when you pick up an AK47 to fight in Afghanistan you give up all right to play the innocent victim of violence.

    1. m

      Really? so you are suggesting every 18 year old who enlists in the american army is fully equipped to understand what they are doing and not just children who have been suckered in by the very same rhetoric you are voicing?

      That if they die in some desert then it was their own fault for joining?

      You talk like your feelings are separate from yourself... that's quite sad really.

  33. 30stones

    @Claire: You think one of the Americans involved(highly motivated type A personality "self-centered") would sell their story( for $10,000 to $20,000 not to mention who would buy it considering the people who own the media) when doing so would be confessing to a war crime. I guess you do not believe American marines were filmed knocking gold teeth out the mouths of dead Japanese soldiers. Wouldn't be their style?

  34. 30stones

    If you occupy another person's nation you will be a target. I have no doubt that the American special forces had no problem letting that happen. Look at how police in America treat women. Did any of you that do not believe this see the Seattle cop punch the 15 year old or the more recent 17 year old?

  35. Travis

    Totally no fault of America, american soldiers and army has always demonstrated highest of morals, Never killed any innocent civilian, never committed any crimes in Abu Gharib Iraq, never Nuked Japan, in this particular event, it was mistake of Talibans who surrendered. Lesson learned, Never surrender to them.

  36. Mike

    Of course sitting at home and switching the TV channels doesn't make one understand what is war and who is style it is. Doesn't matter American or Afghan, it is barbarian. It is war crime. An American or Afghan, he has a soul, a family. Some one dies, some one(s) suffer from loss. When war knocks your door and you lose some one or get killed in the war, you will understand what it mean. Now, enjoy sitting at your home and witching between Al jazeera and fox.

  37. Claire

    Theres no way.... You know how Americans are- One of the soldiers involved in a coverup that big would have sold the rights to his story by now and got famous. There's just no way this was done by Americans... Not our style.

  38. crash120

    Can we cry out "PROPAGANDA" , what a freaking joke, do you think those afghans have any soul or caring if it was 3000 americans/other country soldiers, they would have buried them right quick. Does nobody remember the Al Jazeera Tv showed that american get beheaded and the afgans all thought it was excellent, you shouldnt throw rocks from the glass house. Those were taliban fighters, who've killed as many of their own because they wanted to let alone not lost a moments sleep to hurt and maim any other fighter, its war, you show up with a gun, you get whats coming to ya.

  39. Casan

    They surrendered.

  40. zan

    aljazeera did a cover of this story so I think its legit.

  41. Devin W

    Very shocking, I don't find it hard to believe at all honestly but would like to see a thorough investigation into the grave site, an adequate body count, dating etc. However the testimony itself is compelling.

  42. jason

    your kidding me, what a load!