After Mein Kampf

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After Mein KampfIn this shallow combination of documentary and fiction, shocking footage of concentration camp survivors, dead bodies, Hitler's rantings, German soldiers enthusiastically singing patriotic songs, and similar scenes of World War II are mixed with enacted film clips, such as a German soldier raping a woman -- or worse. Even before the director asks the clearly spurious question of whether or not Hitler is really dead, many viewers might feel offended by the way in which the emphasis on bestiality and other crimes seems to take precedence over an honest or insightful approach to the inhumanity of the Nazi regime.

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  1. doug

    The Americans came to late.6 million Jews and other minorities were already killed.The British kept the Jews out of their ancestral land.America knew about the concentration camps.but chose not to do anything.History repeats itself the savage modern man is ruled by selfish traits that he is willing to terrorize those he thinks are inferior to him.Terror threatens the entire world.The west kneels down to the middle east.Some for the lust of money some for the lust of blood.Absolutely nothing was learn't from the holocaust.

  2. Beth

    @doctim well said. Nazis worked hand in hand with muslims.

    It's disgusting to see how many trolls come on this site trying to discredit the Nazis and their atrocities.

    While this is a poorly produced film and I don't recommend it (they couldn't ever spell "Great Britain" correctly in the beginning), it seems the point is lost on so many of you. You can try to revise history all you want, but it doesn't make it true.

  3. bluetortilla

    I've no idea why this got such a low rating. This is a great archive for the museums! You don't hear propaganda like this anymore.

    'Every German loves a uniform.' lol

  4. Deb Fryer

    My uncle Robert Bleasby was conscripted into the British army in Leeds, England in 1945 at the age of 18. He was one of the first soldiers to reach the gates of Belsen concentration camp and liberate it. He said that all the men that were with him fell to their knees in tears when they saw the results of Hitler's barbarity. Piles of dead naked men, women and children gassed. Please don't rewrite history. The holocaust happened. Read "The Hiding Place" one of the best documentations of World War II. Read it and weep. Let us remember and then let us do something to change the world.

  5. Denise Rae Groce

    The armchair historians/experts on here are absolutely hilarious! I love how they argue amongst themselves on who is right and who is wrong!

  6. Denise Marquardt

    so much of this is either completely untrue or really slanted in its viewpoint. propaganda is propaganda no matter where it comes from

  7. billy bob thornton

    Hitler fought Jewish Bank Power nothing more.

    1. Sarcastic_Drew

      Explain yourself? ...cause right now you're looking pretty ignorant.

    2. Penny

      And he murdered ordinary Jewish men, women and more than 1.5 children, why, exactly? Because they were all bankers?

      Why did he murder gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah witnesses, the disabled and anyone who stood against him?

      This "banker" stuff doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

    3. bluetortilla

      Boo. Go crawl back into your hole.

  8. Scussetbeach

    In the 1950's channel five (5) out of New York City broadcast several shows about the NAZI death camps. The Narrator was a man named Quentin Reynolds. The films showed in vivid detail how the US had to bring in "bull dozers" to push the masses of dead bodies of concentration camp victims into mass graves. I was only a child when I saw this. There was no way this was unreal. I never could understand how people could do things like this to other people. I have never seen these filsm since they were broadcast in the 1950s by channel five. I only saw a captured film called" memory of the camps" which showed a concentration camp liberated by british soldiers. The most horrible scene is of an SS guard having to carry a corpse by dragging it on his back. The corpse is that of a starved man whose head flops around from side to side held on only by the slenderest of skin. The scene shows exactly what "hate" is. There is no better example of "hate" except the filming of "Rodney King" being eat with " night sticks and kicked while he was on the ground by what can only be described as a pack of "wild dogs" killing a defenseless animal. Both are examples of what "Hate" does to human beings.

    1. Star

      The Rodney King beating was in-humane for sure. However, King's refusal to submit is what caused the cops to beat him so severely, it wasn't hate on the part of the cops. King could have just complied and saved himself all the pain (because he thought he was hot sh** )but nooooooooo, he was defiant and hellbent to refuse to comply. It still doesn't make the beating any less horrible and unnecessary. The cops could have subdued him by just hog tying him and that would be more preferable. King must take some blame for his plight. His action caused the incident to get out of handbecause of his hate for the cops.

    2. bluetortilla

      Aw, give us a break. King 'caused' the cops to beat him senselessly? Listen up folks- in the police state better do as you are told...

    3. Holly Como

      Yes, those are examples of what hate is. So is the journalist Daniel Pearl having his head hacked off by a Jihadist. You dont have to look very far for evidence of man's inhumanity to man....

  9. russ smith

    IAM Awake. It is not genius when a guy sees weaker nations/peoples and kills them. It aint brilliance to sterilize people against thier will, "put the handicapped out of thier misery", or kill everyone who opposes you. And that all the while your brain is messed up with VD cocaine and nazi crank/meth.
    It aint smartness to kill your children then yourselves because of your own actions.
    come on man get real.

  10. russ smith

    I cant speak english but I want to say a sentence...

    good try slimeball.

  11. tim1888

    Britain has the audacity to make a doc about the pillage of poland and low countries and france but what about their far flung empire they did probably just as worse to obtain there empire hard necked busterds, pot calling the kettle black

  12. Sarcastic_Drew

    "Everything is fact or based on fact." lolz

  13. Justin_Funski

    Heavy propaganda movie

    1. bluetortilla

      Really? What made you think that? (sorry I could not stop the sarcasm- either Justin is hopelessly ignorant or he ought to consider beefing up his sound bytes to say what he means)

  14. Guest

    Yes. Surprising that the occident so-called democrates were using as much propaganda as any tyran we heard of.
    It kills all interest. Just like a bad and so boring pub that one just can stand anymore.
    Still, doesn't change the treat that Hitler was.

    About the comments here below, isn't so much more surprising that there still sub-humans like "Babalukas" who are convinced that the holocaust never happened?

    By the way "Vitanovich", yes it is not only known but also documented and corroborated that many christian secular organisation (Some brotherhoods) collaborated with the NAZI in exchange of little favors.
    I dunno though if the docu is here on TDF.

    I didn't view the whole movie since it was that much "Propagandist".


  15. Petar Vitanovich

    I was watching a History Channel doc today about the Catholic Church during WW2, and it blew me away how much info they just decided to leave out. You can find pictures of Roman Catholic Priests force converting people, next to Nazi troops in the death camp of Jasenovac, and there is absolutely no mention of this. All they say was that the Pope was only looking out for Catholics and didn't really meddle in the actual war, are you f--king kidding me??? It's not just the Nazi who killed people, the Catholic Church and also Communists, are to blame. WW2 was not just one side doing the killing, people seem to forget about Dresden, where US and British troops bombed the shit out of a civilian city in Germany to "lessen pro-German moral" Fucking disgusting. Who's going to make that documentary? The only bitching people can do about talking about the Holocaust is the lack of diversity in the victims mentioned. People really believe only Jews were getting killed, they seem to forget that most of Poland's Slavs, over 750,000 Serbian Slavs and 200,000 Gypsies of Serbia alone died, from what I personally know. From a man who I go to Church with, who was in Jasanovac and Dachu, he told me in Jasanovac that Croation Ustasha, Roman Catholic Cardinals, and Nazi SS where present when the guards gave the prisoners an ultimatum, convert or die. He said they never told them they would die, but going down the line, where all the prisoners where on their knees, whoever answered no, woman or child, would get a bullet to the head. There is actually a famous picture of this in an old Serbian book that I could post a picture of if anybody is interested. I believe you can also find it online with a quick Google search, like everything else in the Universe lol

    1. Sara

      Where did you get those numbers? 750,000 Serbs...Did you forget about other Yugoslavian nations? Are you a Serb by any chance?
      I tried to get the real number of people killed in Yugoslavia but couldn't. Everyone says different numbers. Btw, I don't think people believe only Jews were being killed in the war.

    2. bluetortilla

      Biased folks always use numbers emphatically and haphazardly. Just imagining myself the sole survivor of one single family blows my mind. I can't even begin to comprehend the tragedy of war.

    3. Sherry

      The Catholic Church takes away from the basic human rights of other human beings. Let`s not forget the Spanish Inquisition, the cover-up of child sexual abuse by priests in the Catholic Church and let`s not forget the lies they tell about the abortion debate and comparing abortion to the holocaust.

  16. babalukas

    Hitler was the last hope...the holocaust, by definition, didn't happen. what happened, were "prisoner of war camps" that ran out of food.

  17. Mr. Zychowski

    Meh, propaganda. Video footage is nice. I wish they would stick with facts instead of interpreting what their truth is.

  18. Greg Livermore

    Very Good. Unless you have no understanding of modern history, you will recognise this film for what it is, and the time from which it came.

    If you rail against what you see, then you are either bigotted, or need to watch and perhaps read more about post WW1 europe, and the role of home grown propaganda.

  19. James del Valle

    this is complete propoganda, waste of time dont watch

  20. canag0d

    This documentary seemed fine to me... Especially considering the time it was made and its purpose (to gain support for the occupation of germany). I didn't really gain much new knowledge from it, but I did get a little better understanding of various issues like Hitler Youth (assuming that the information was valid).

    I believe the problem arises from the mix of real images and footage & re-enacted scenes. I have no issue with the re-enactments, but I believe they should have subtitles to let the audience know what is real and what isn't. One scene your looking at real images, the next it's a re-enactment, and is hard to distinguish for a viewer what is real and whats not. Especially once again, factoring in the time this was made, audiences were far less "intelligent" or "savvy" (for lack of better words) then they are now of days, making this a much more believable and credible movie for the time.

    I don't like propaganda or psych warfare on any level, but in that context, this movie seems very tame and unbiased compared to a lot of the crap governments have spewed over the years.

  21. masone214

    I hope an pray that Tibet will once again become a free and independent country so that they can continue their spiritual way of life away from all hatred.

  22. masone214

    I hope and pray that Tibet will one day return to it's natural and spiritual state is it was hundreds of years ago.

  23. Christine Yoder

    BS It was bad enough no need to make up even more lies

  24. Satya

    modern fundamentalism ethics and fundamentalists developed from europe,this doc.already told from another angles.From these knowledge,and after propagation ,these concepts gradually surrounds the whole world in different ways.At present,these fedback agains returns to these countries from other sides.may be some intellectuals name it another ways or blame these results on different groups,but they suffer their own results

  25. roy

    I say chaps, what seems to be the problem here? I thought this was a splendid film. It gives you a excellent understanding of the Hun and also that cad Adolf. I cant see the problem. British propaganda? What rot. Good old British,unbiased news i call it. Anyway, must dash, tea and scones are awaiting. cheerio old bean.

    1. who_me_yeah_you

      Hear, hear old cock.

  26. Manny

    Just wondering if you have a link for this statement "Little known fact of WW2 was the alliance between Hitler and the muslims which continues today" I tried looking up information on it but could not find any. I am not trying to start something. Just would like to read up on it. Thanks Vlatko for all your hard work. Also thanks to all the people who post because sometimes the comments back and forth are better than the docs.

  27. debbye

    @MrSeratonin i agree that this film should also go into the Comedy category!

    for all of the Holocaust deniers, you would make great Scientologists …

  28. Lord Bob Fates

    Seriously? The word "m-o-r-o-n" is censored? Unbelievable.

  29. doctim11

    Amazing how many souls will defend Hitler and continue to demonize Jews. There are still a lot of Nazis and racists in this world. In WW2 it was the Germans, today it's Skinheads and muslims who continue their hateful medieval rants scapegoating Jews for their own miseries and all the world's problems. Little known fact of WW2 was the alliance between Hitler and the muslims which continues today.

  30. NCK

    Why is it always "Hilter did a lot of good too, or in the beginning" right after some type of admition that he headed the organized murder of millions of people and the deaths of hundreds of millions? Its an attempt to EXCUSE it, IMO.

    You don't need to make an excuse out of the fact that Hitler took a nation on its death bed and made them believe in themselves. He used the anguish and difficulties caused by the revenge other nations heaped upon them (led by france) and
    rebuilt Germany into a world power in an incredibly short time. His only mistake was he united his people by using scapegoats. He convinced his people that their problems were caused by an OUTSIDE group of people and if you make these people go away, so will your problems.

    Seems to me that this organizing tactic is one based on emotion alone. And when anyone group acts by emotion alone, it usually turns around to bite them in the ass. And it did in this case. The engery wasted in the locating, documenting, gathering, hording, exterminating and getting rid of the evidence could have well been served elsewhere. But it was wasted in hate.

    Oh, and defend hitler on FACTS, not bullshit like the holocuast never happened. Thats just stupid. 6 Million jews disappeared off the face of the earth, never to be found after the war......where did they go?? Please.....

  31. Bad_conduct

    " My grandmother has a Jewish root( which to be honest I’m not proud of )"

    Now THAT'S a contradiction.

  32. niko

    After Mein Kampf translates to: anus my fight. After being a German word for anus

  33. Dodgy

    You knew it had some artistic license when in the first 15m it says someone in his family died and he was alone, unliked, and friendless. The second sentence then says how he was making art that his FRIENDS helped him sell. You can tell this thing is biased by the adjective overuse and the tone of the presenters. Their foolishness did make it interesting to me - was like a movie trailer the whole time.

  34. MrSeratonin

    valatco, tank you for tis site, it gives me ours of wonder and joy (apologise for te poor typo's my keyboard has lost it's H key) after reading the comments below i watched this and i think i can offer a solution............ re-catogorise tis film under COMEDY CHEERS Valtco

  35. polarbear01278

    blah blah blah all think to much the program ..(any programme for that matter and enjoy)..THERE IS LOTS OF GOOD IN THE WORST OF US ..THERE IS LOTS OF BAD IN THE BEST OF US ...IT DOES NOT BECOME ANY OF US ...TO TALK ABOUT THE REST OF US ...PEACE X

  36. Xanis

    I haven't seen the documentary yet, so I don't purport to know the extent / lack of propaganda present in it.

    Often the argument is placed that the Nazis (And sometimes to take it so far as to be the Germans) are the most evil people on the face of the earth, devoid of all civility. Often such arguments are placed by sources that have some reason to dislike the Germans, and it is propaganda. (Jews, British, Americans, French, Russians, etc. Whoever it may be.)

    The argument which is brought up (And poorly done, in most cases) by opponents to this blatant stereotyping of the typical scapegoats in any scenario, is that the injustices of the finger-pointers are often just as bad or worse than those which are being pointed out. For example, yes the Holocaust was horrible and killed many people, but the Holodomor, Armenian Genocide, France's Reign of Terror, and the policies of EVERY colonial power against the natives wherever they went, were equally evil and are often overlooked.

  37. Simon

    I think that this doc is good just for the reason that it shows how biased documentaries can be, and how they demonise Hilter in every way shape and form. As others have already said, the same thing is happening all over again, but this time the Americans are demonising Muslims when it is only a small percenatge who are extreme.

  38. Marie

    TorontoFinest: I do research on WW1 and 2 for a living. Researching Hitler from the time he was a little kid until he died is also a part of my job.In my research I have found many stories of Nazis who did not want to kill or torture anyone and who were put to death for that. However, the crimes which were committed against human beings (not only by Nazis but by civilians too) during that time were all because of one man.He used psychology on a country which was in dyer straits.He told them that he was there to "fix" the country when that was never really his interest. He told them that they were superior to the Jews and other races and he knew that people would believe it because they wanted to. As a result, many people committed some terrible crimes against other human beings. Now, in my years of research, I have had the chance to speak with many of the offenders and victims. Please, if you haven't already, listen to their stories and you will realize that Hitler's main wepon was the week and vulnerable against the week and vulnerable for his own personal gain. And, if that isn't a CHEAPSHOT then what the hell is?

    1. IAM Awake

      Before I say this, let me first state that in my own studies of the rise and fall of civilizations throughout known human history, all leaders and their 'subjects' seem to have been strongly motivated by a mindset of COMPETITION rather than COOPERATION. The way leaders use this to their advantage was made dreadfully clear in Hitler's regime. His methodology has been closely studied ever since, mainly by those who want to repackage it and reapply the psychological principals which Hitler proved worked. The atrocities committed during WW2 were not new, and they continue to this day.
      I doubt Hitler was any more evil than any other person who makes their way into a position of great power. But if you truly are a student of that time and are aware of his personal history, as revolting as he may be, there can be no doubt as to his GENIUS.
      Using the weak and vulnerable against the weak and vulnerable is, in fact, the oldest trick in political history.
      What boggles my mind is that people still can't see it when it's being used on them. Beware the future. Keep your eyes open.

    2. Sherry

      That`s because Adolf Hitler was a narcissist. Possibly also could have been psychopathic.

  39. Jess

    This is obviously a propoganda film because of its bias against, not only Hitler and the Nazis, but the whole German race. It talks about Germany breaking the terms of the Treaty of Versailles but does not mention how harsh it was and how it triggered a lot of hate from the Germans, for example. But propoganda films would have been used by both nations. I think that this 'documentary' just need a bit of commentary at the start, stating that it is a propoganda film and not representative of everyone's views.

  40. BeepBeepImaJeep

    I went through the drive-threw the other day and I think Hitler served me. This doc was so right!

  41. donzxcv

    I agree with previous notes re: an obvious secular jewish agenda when it comes to history and common perceptions, similar to the way secular liberals have almost totally written the Christian God out of our Founding Fathers' motives. Correct re: documentary production, not to mention movies, 'news' media, newspapers, tv talk, music industry, porn industry and more. Do many remember that others besides the '6 million jews' were victimized in WW2? Or that year references such as AD & BC are being changed to CE(common era)& BCE? Or subtly subverting the authenticity of the Bible in so-called Christian documentaries? The European WW2 was an atrocity, death camps did exist, no doubt, and Isreal deserves to exist with the full force of American and international support, but to alter history to suit a secular, power/greed driven agenda is also a form of crime against humanity. One could make the point that the continued black victimization posture currently still in practice in the US is similar. And similarly destructive. Particularly to those perpetuating the perception.

  42. louiseiiid

    I am afraid I share most of the unfavourable comments about this doc.. Although, it seems obvious that people see through this kind of propoganda.

    Unfortunately it is the kind of gung-ho crap that most of us Brits were weaned on, with younger generations hating 'Gerry' quite as much as their bombed out ancestors, even though the war is over for some years now.

    The way they say the word 'Nazi' with utter disdain and sarcasm almost makes me laugh. Natie the word for 'nation' is pronounced nazi in Dutch, my hair nearly stood on end the first time I heard it (I live in Holland and have learned the language). But I did not cringe half so much as I did at the sound of this pompous British coverage.

    Hopefully there have been enough truth-orientated documentaries since this one for the world to know that Hitler was not an insane mass murdering genius - he was a useful figure for those with the real power behind the scenes.

    Germans are not natural Nazis, eager to blindly obey orders (as I was raised to believe) and willing murderers. They are a marvellous, cultured race who had been so trampled on in the treaty of Versailles, that National Socialism was really the only way out for them at the time. Hitler did a lot of good for Germany in the beginning.

    Admittedly it did all go a bit tits-up after that. There were a lot of nasty Nazis, but the German army also contained honourable gentlemen too.

  43. Anna

    "Propaganda must not investigate the truth objectively and, in so far as it is favourable to the other side, present it according to the theoretical rules of justice; yet it must present only that aspect of the truth which is favourable to its own side. (...) The receptive powers of the masses are very restricted, and their understanding is feeble. On the other hand, they quickly forget. Such being the case, all effective propaganda must be confined to a few bare essentials and those must be expressed as far as possible in stereotyped formulas. These slogans should be persistently repeated until the very last individual has come to grasp the idea that has been put forward. (...) Every change that is made in the subject of a propagandist message must always emphasize the same conclusion. The leading slogan must of course be illustrated in many ways and from several angles, but in the end one must always return to the assertion of the same formula." - Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler.

    The real purpose of holocaust revisionism is to make
    National Socialism an acceptable political alternative again. None of what people have said on here have changed my mind. I am always objective about what anyone tells me, but the research I've done, which is extensive, shows that nearly 12 million people died in total during the Holocaust.

    As for this movie. It's a little sensationalised and boring. It comes from a different era when these types of movies were dramatized and sensationalised, but the truth doesn't change, that whatever way you dress it up, under Hitlers rule, a lot of people died, and I am proud to be British, and I'm even more proud that as a country, we were part of stopping the slaughter of so many people. What this movie stands for is giving people information that Hitler would have preffered no one saw. He wasn't interested in the truth. He said it himself!

    And I don't understand why you would even go on this page to be antisemitic. Most nationalist parties would read what has been written here, and cringe.

  44. Syly1212

    "Based on fact" doesn't mean "factual." It means that "creative liberties" were most likely taken.

    I don't watch movies, let alone documentaries, that are "based on fact." Actually, I don't think I've ever even heard of a documentary that had parts "based on fact."

    I much prefer non-fiction over fiction. It's difficult for me to relate to fantasy.

    The video being in B&W doesn't make it any more believable.

    I can't believe I actually watched this entire video. It was quite boring.

  45. HR

    This was made either during the post-war period or near its end. So of course it portrays the Nazis and Hitler in an awful and sinister light. Considering that the people who viewed it were under nightly bombardment by the Germans, the producers played on these emotions. It's comedic like narration and animation are done on purpose to mock the Hitler regime. By today's standards it falls very short of documentary film making, i.e.; the victors write history. It is what it is. I am glad this web site shows ALL documentaries and lets the viewers decide for themselves.

  46. Linda McGuigan

    After watching Hitler the rise of evil with Robert Carlise, I thought this would be similar as the movie only take's you to his rise to chancelor but as previous post's have said British and American propaganda. Before and during the 1stWW the German people suffered terrible poverty and I think the story of Hiler's rise should be given an unbiased veiw in our history book's. I am not a nazi supporter nor do I agree with the horror's they inflicted on the people they occupied, but at least let people know about his early life and his service in WW1 and also the poverty the people of Germany lived in at the time. We might face this in our own countries in the future. The fact is in my opinion that he was suffering from some sort of mental illness could have been shellshock, but no one could stand up to him as he had too many friend's in high place's. Our own royal family for example but you never hear about that do you

    Love and Peace,

  47. frank

    The Red Cross ledger books that were retrieved from the former Soviet Union had the death certificates and the statistics of EVERYONE that died in Auschwitz concentration camps. Onlt 200,000 Jews died and not one by gas or mass murder. I think it's sickening that the worlds Jews have made everyone follow this made up fiction know as the Holocaust.

    1. Jack1952

      200,000 Jews died in Auschwitz in a very short time and you don't believe this to be a Holocaust. That is sickening to me.

    2. chuckraver

      that's a lie

    3. amir reza

      Holocaust is a bigggggggggggggg lie, a very very bigggggg lie. Hitler was not a criminal.

    4. Jack1952

      Of course it is. All the stuff in our history books is a lie...except the stuff I like. I'm going to write my own history book someday. Then I'll use it as my reference material and win every argument. Think I'll start right now. Once upon a time....

    5. amir reza

      I cant speak English, but i want to say a sentence...
      Adolf Hitler:
      After my death, Zionist propaganda will so vast, that I will be most hated person on history (Google translate).
      I have my reference to prove my sentences, but Unfortunately i can't discussion in English.
      If i can speak English i discuss with you today not once upon a time...

    6. Sarcastic_Drew

      I am interested in your statement "Hitler was not a criminal."

      You say you have references, post them in your language if you must. Google translate will do the rest. By "references" I hope you mean sources, and not your warped mind alone. I am eager to see how you think Hitler was an upstanding person. lmao

  48. K.X.

    The way people say "jews" is to me a prime example of racism.
    Refering to such a huge variety of people, living under different conditions, in different nations, with different traditions, different social status and often diverse beliefs reminds me 100% of how people think and mostly thought of "the black people" as some kind of devilish herd that secretly enjoys causing suffering.
    Both the documentary and some of the people commenting bellow should realise there is no thing as "the jews" "the black people" "the arabs" as they think of it. They are no likeminded swarm of ants.
    Learn to judge people on more than disgusting TV, Politician and traditional cliches. It might take more effort and certainly more wits, but I am confident everyone can and should learn to judge people individually for their ethics, morale, past and their life in whole.
    Also every loss of life should be thought over with the same emotions despite nationalities and numbers

  49. sunny1

    Hate is hate no matter what it is disguised as.It is up to each of us to eradicate the hate within us and learn to love each other, be accountable for our own actions, and have responsibility for ourselves, our neighbors, and the world.
    If we want a changed world then start working for one. The elite can fall they are not infallible, there are more non elite than elite and it is up to us to stick together and demand better. Voltaire said that people shouldn't be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of the people.
    Love this site.

  50. jpharroe

    The Jews are not the problem at all.It's mankind in general after not having enough love and wisdom to know that the Fractional Federal Reserve Bankers who have cunningly figured how to bankrupt the entire world of common wealth through the FIAT credit and monetary system.We say were intelligent,yet don't use any.We say we're not racist,yet say racist things.Every leader we've ever had and loved wether singer,actor,spiritual or political has been murdered and removed by the decissions of the Elite and they will remove us all and enslave the world once again because we as Americans have squandered away our privleges and responsibilities to sustain our constitution.Well at least we had the opportunity as the only free country in the whole world to taste freedom for a short while,thank you Jesus for freedom!

  51. Charles

    Cutting edge for it's time, I'm sure. The last clip was the most informative about the Hiter youth. Sad. Now that "child abuse!"

  52. wtf?

    NCK...I guess it's not easy being a failed ********? Silly ****...

  53. Dan T

    People of the world will be divided forever if the comments above represent the true state of life on earth. God, Allah, or whoever you call the great being. Help us all.

  54. Joe

    It's quite interesting to see a past propaganda film. It makes me think if modern doc style got its style from propaganda films.


    What the hell is going on here! Jew Bashing?
    Utterly unreal!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does it really feel good when you put down other races?
    Aren't we now educated enough to know that a few does not represent the rest?

  55. Caleb

    There is really no way possible to exaggerate the extent that the Nazi's raped and pillaged Europe and the Jew particularly. Calling this film "lies" is not a wise thing to say, POST holocaust. I would be careful who you say that to in person.

  56. III

    its sick that people are so willing to jump to hitler's defense. jews didn't deserve what they went through. even if you do hate jews based on policy or doctrine, an 8 year old child never deserves to be covered in caustic chemicals.

    people point fingers at zionists and the illuminati because that is easier than admitting that if one thinks their life sucks its up to them to change it. blaming the imaginary men behind the curtain you made up wont fix anything. accept personal responsibility. stop praising imaginary gods for the good and blaming imaginary men for the bad. its all up to you.

  57. Mike

    hey people find another scapegoat besides the Jews, st**** illiterate people who do not have any sense of humanity what so ever. Christians and Muslims and every other religion has shady elements that people for some stupid reason only blame on the Jews. My point is it has nothing to do with religion, it is the person.

  58. Max

    If the principals of Nuremberg had been upheld. many of allied leadership would have been condemned.

    Just two that spring to mind.

    Sir Arthur 'Bomber' Harris (1892 - 1984)
    Architect of wide area incendiary bombing of German city's

    Gen Curtis Lemay (1906 – 1990)
    Architect of wide area incendiary bombing of Japanese city's

    Its a sad fact for me that world leaders tend to be deluded, some more so than others.

  59. morgan

    Further, you should have the base level of intelligence to be able to grasp the more meaningful implications in the mere fact that somebody saw fit to make this film. Duh...get a clue and by the way it only takes a two digit IQ to be able to string a bunch of expletives and racial slurs into a post. Go on, stretch your intellects, try something new; say something meaningful.

  60. Vitaloverdose

    I think some people need to realize its not all the Jews that are trying to rule the world its the Zionists. Winston Churchill was a Jew you know ;)
    This video is obviously propaganda so there's no point arguing anything presented in it. One thing to consider is that if the Nazi's had been super evil there wouldn't be any need to make films like this.
    During the 2nd world war BOTH sides put out masses of propaganda to justify their actions but as the Germans lost we only get to hear about the lies they told. Hardly anyone knows that the British killed more people from India during the 2nd world war than Hitler killed Jews. The victors in a conflict always get to re-write history to their advantage.
    If the Germans had won the British would now be bad guys for the holocaust in India.

  61. saragossa

    Let us be clear, Bandar and goNazis, you are both racists of the first order. Pancho Ramirez, I'm not sure whether your comments are racist or simply imbecilic. The fact that Hitler, much like Bandar, might be related to Jews, is entirely irrelevant from any discussion of his atrocities or the atrocities of the Nazis. Indeed, I'm sure many Nazis were related to jews. Furthermore, Hitler and the Nazis are hardly scapegoats; they committed genocide. Atrocities committed by England and the Russian government against Iran, while abhorrent, are irrelevant to any discussion of Nazi atrocities and deserve to be dealt with separately, just as the atrocities committed by the Israeli government (not by jews generally--learn to make the distinction) need to be dealt with separately. Any discussion of them in a discussion of Nazi atrocities is just a way of trying to somehow legitimize the holocaust.

    That being said, this piece is clearly a ridiculous bit of propaganda. If it has any value, it is because, looking back, we ccan identify it as primary evidence of British propaganda, not because we would look to it to provide us with "facts." Then again, one gets the impression that Bandar, goNazis, and Pancho would only identify a documentary denying the holocaust or justifying it as "fact," so their opinion counts for very little as a litmus test of fact.

    Finally, Facts ARE facts. And as Bandar's anti-semitic trash proves, it is important to defend facts, because every idiot will attempt to change them to fit his or her agenda.

    Sonmar and Vlatko, thanking you for being the only ones to bring any reason or humanity to this discussion. A. Ali, thank you for your satire.

  62. Rich

    during the Nazis tenure, they used propoganda to achieve their goals. this movie is a great film on propoganda to suit the british/jewish people. there are way too many inaccuracies....

  63. Me

    Pancho Ramirez... well said.

  64. Pancho Ramirez

    Typical rabid propaganda by dour old Brits to demonise the scapegoat. They forgot to mention that his grandfather was jewish and that as Germany was "raping" Poland, England and Joe Stalin were raping Iran. Today apartheid Israel would like to continue the raping after their murderous binge in Gaza. Plus c'est change plus la meme chose!

    Let's not forget that Bush Harriman Thyssen Rothschild financed the NAZIs and profited well from the war machine they built.

    Interesting that today Iran is the bogeyman of the day.

    Same old same old.

  65. fllusho

    The root word being document, I find nothing in the definition of the word document that would indicate that it's essence is the truth.

    Except for:

    2. any written item, as a book, article, or letter, esp. of a factual or informative nature.

    That being said, you must be a fool to think that any document, documentary, book, paper or post etc. is completely truthful or free of propaganda, except if it's the bible : )

    I would have to guess that most propaganda has its base in fact, in order to facilitate the agenda, but I'm sure some of it might be complete b*******.

    Much appreciation for this great resource of truth and propaganda.

    1. Vlatko

      In a way you're right fllusho. However the number of views upon "what is the truth?" is equal to number of people on Earth.

  66. Sonmar

    As said, nothing more than propaganda.
    Hope you guys distinguish between Jewish and Zionists.

    I’m a Muslim and know well l that many of the disasters today caused by Zionists (not really covered by British and American media) and Jewish has nothing to do with those crimes and mascaras.

    This is an amazing website. Many thanks for the effort.

  67. Varun

    @ admin
    your quote "“Documentary, after all, can tell lies; and it can tell lies because it lays claim to a form of veracity which fiction doesn't.” - Dai Vaughan."

    This is by means of logic BS.
    It is the essence of the documentary to not tell a "LIE" that why its called a documentary.
    It it does tell a lie of does tell some sort of bias then that is called a "Propaganda medium".Who don't seen to find a difference between the two now that stretching logic to unintelligent levels.
    BTW i havent seen the vid i am commenting on the discussion.

  68. Vlatko

    You may be right Varun and I agree with you almost 100%, but I think you'll agree with me that some of the documentaries out there are just made to do harm or to discredit someone.

    Keep in mind that I'm not talking about the documentary above.


  69. TorontoFinest

    Bias movie...a lot of cheapshots at Hitler....if it is a documentary it must be historical correct and told unbias. Might be dubbed voice over with a mix a gayness.

  70. Bandar

    After all, I greatly appreciate your huge effort to provide us (the Internet community)with this useful and organized website as well as every polite comment you have provided.

  71. Vlatko

    "Documentary, after all, can tell lies; and it can tell lies because it lays claim to a form of veracity which fiction doesn't." - Dai Vaughan.

    Maybe this quote it's true, and maybe it's applicable to this documentary film, but it's up to viewers and visitors to decide that.

  72. Bandar

    Dear Admin,

    I'm not raciest nor biased. My grandmother has a Jewish root( which to be honest I'm not proud of ). However, that does not prevent me from being an honest and a logical person.

    "since not everyone shares the same opinion about everything" That's true I totally agree with you, but what really is in the film "After Mein Kampf" (and many others) has nothing to do with our opinions. It is a fact distortion method for future generation. And by publishing these distortions we're helping them. Thanks a lot !

    1. Greg_Mc

      I wrote something but in order to understand the answer to what I wrote I would have to watch the doc, and at the moment I just dont feel like doing that

  73. Vlatko

    Take it easy goNazis.

  74. Vlatko

    Bandar, I appreciate what you think about this site. However it is perfectly normal some of the documentaries to be provocative for some people since not everyone shares the same opinion about everything. This site is meant to serve people with various views on the world. Therefore, I'm very sorry, but I can't afford to remove this documentary film from TDF... for now.


  75. Bandar

    First of all, I wish this movie to be removed from this valuable and reliable website. Usually American documentary films ,which are produced by American Jews, exaggerate the facts and lie TOO much about Germans and (Nazis specifically.) In this film , we move to another type of lies which are the British Jews lies. Facts are facts no one can change them.