The Age of Transitions

2008 ,    » 57 Comments

The Age of TransitionsThe Age of Transitions is a documentary about converging technology, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, life extension, brain implants, social science, propaganda, nanotechnology, eugenics, geopolitics, world revolution, and more.

It delves into how Darwinism has been used as a tool of eugenics promotion through social Darwinism and subtle indoctrination.

The cutting edge group known as transhumanists see a beautiful future brought about by artificial intelligence, life extension, and cybernetics.

What one must realize before getting carried away with such utopian dreams is that transhumanism was born out of the elitist pseudo-science eugenics.

This documentary provides vital information on the history of eugenics and its new cutting edge transformation.

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57 Comments / User Reviews

  1. dewflirt

    Shhh! I'm hiding from the new world order!

  2. a
  3. a

    Maybe next time a narrator who has passed puberty?

  4. shortonfaith
  5. shortonfaith

    This is a 2008 documentary that stills is somewhat relevant today. The real questions you have to answer are which class I'm I & can I stop this? If you're in the wrong class & it's too late to stop, then you might as well embrace it with all the gusto you can muster. A life of continual resistance & struggle is fun while you're young, it's just no place to relax or retire.

    This doc is the question, how will you answer it for yourself & your children?

  6. Pysmythe
  7. Pysmythe

    Don't worry, almost nothing ever shakes out as planned. Do you trust me? Here, have some chips with your fish! As soon as you've got a few in you, you're going to feel just fine. ;)

  8. dewflirt
  9. dewflirt

    Fine is good enough, lots of salt and vinegar please :)

  10. gerryjameswilde
  11. gerryjameswilde

    it will never happen their not that smart and we are not that stupid

  12. dewflirt
  13. dewflirt

    Ok, but I'm keeping the false moustache ;)

  14. Pysmythe
  15. Pysmythe

    Now I've got a craving! Might have to head to the market...
    What did you think of this one?

  16. John Jacquard
  17. John Jacquard

    the author of this video must be terrified of technology

  18. John Jacquard
  19. John Jacquard

    its sad that people like alex jones are so r*tarded that any truth to any claims will be written off because of how stupid they sound

  20. John Jacquard
  21. John Jacquard

    the competition part is true

  22. John Jacquard
  23. John Jacquard

    provide evidence for these connections and assumptions please

  24. dewflirt
  25. dewflirt

    Not sure, there are too many parts to give a single answer. He keeps jumping from one thing to another with his eugenics umbrella unfurled and hoping it will fly. What is he saying? That we will be planted into an exoskeleton and plugged into the matrix? Will they chain gang our bodies and send our minds to the Bahamas? Why not just build robots, why bother with people at all? Seems this NWO/illuminati stuff can be wrapped around anything. Appeals to the paranoid, or maybe I'm a sheeple that needs to wake up ;)

  26. Dante78
  27. Dante78

    So the bullet point presentation of the argument presented in this doc is:
    You should shag NOW, not later
    ( as the transmo'griffin' NWO will take away your sexual urge)

  28. J. A.
  29. J. A.

    LAME! just another scare tactic "documentary" with nothing meaningful to say... pass this one up people. Do yourselves the favor.

  30. Pysmythe
  31. Pysmythe

    Lotta fear-mongering going on these days, right? Hell, and it's so much easier to do now than it ever used to be, for all kinds of reasons. On the other hand, I've looked into transhumanism a little bit (even have a site about it bookmarked on my computer), and there definitely are some things to be concerned about, among them the sheer PACE of civilization should the Singularity turn out to be what they expect it to be. But an ongoing conspiracy of elites to turn the rest of us into little more than sexless worker-bees? Please... As far as that aspect is concerned, I'm sure it's much more likely we'd have those robots for most of the drudgery, while the rest of us in our free time lounge around eating grapes and sitting on one another's faces.

    All the same, I liked very much what ALDOUS Huxley had to say, and think it's important to bear in mind its continuing relevance. I've read a fair bit of his stuff over the years and have always trusted him. One thing that's certain is that, short of bombing ourselves back to the Stone Age, we aren't going to get rid of technology's ever-expanding influence over our world, and our bodies and minds. Not a damned thing short of an absolute catastrophe is going to stop that. And it does worry me a little bit that there are most definitely folks in this world who hold themselves obviously superior to any concerns of the lot of humanity, and who wouldn't hesitate for a moment to utilize such advanced technology as comprehensively as possible for the advancement of their own selfish interests, if given the chance. While I think this film is too pessimistic and conspiratorial overall, I think it would be a terrible mistake to be too optimistic about the potential we're talking about here. At some point soon, we need to have more of a political and ethical awakening among the masses about the magnitude of the change that's coming, and the inherent potential for disaster that's in it, not least by virtue of the fact that it will radically change or modify nearly everything it means to be human. Being in any way naive about that could turn out to have irreversible repercussions for the worse.

  32. blaxparx13
  33. blaxparx13

    Another comedy

  34. Crab_Nebula
  35. Crab_Nebula

    It's all clear now...! 12-21-12 is the Singularity!

  36. alans
  37. alans

    This doc is too old. Were almost in 2013 already.

  38. ksm_mmd
  39. ksm_mmd

    Okay, this film is ridiculous. I can't recall ever hearing a more narrow-minded, shallow, willfully ignorant and inexcusably misleading argument. Yes, I agree that new technologies carry with them the potential for terrible events. But for a self-proclaimed documentary to so blatantly ignore the far greater potential of technology as an agent for positive change is so irresponsible that I can't help wondering about the mental and emotional well-being of the authors. How is it possible for anybody of sound mind to believe that everything in their world, and everything yet to come, exists only as a part of some evil scheme designed to destroy or enslave them and everybody else like them?

  40. ksm_mmd
  41. ksm_mmd


    Haha! Yes now, before you've devolved into a mindless, sexless worker gnome!

  42. ksm_mmd
  43. ksm_mmd


    I wish I had listened to you before I wasted an hour of my life on this piece of s*** film. But what can I say? I'm just a sucker for technology-related documentaries.

  44. Harry Nutzack
  45. Harry Nutzack

    ok, i gotta "call shenanigans" on this piece. though it paints a chilling vision of the future, if you examine the actual sources of the fear inducing prognostications (newt gingrich??, alex jones??, etc), as well as actually examining the uses these "frightening new technologies" are actually being used for (do you honestly view "angry birds" as anything more than time wasting mental masturbation?), it paints a picture of folks gobbling up half truths and excreting purified manure. the sales pitches used to sell historical con jobs really are not that frightening. newt was just extending the reagan era "star wars technology" humbug to an even less provable medium. alex jones is a long proven purveyor of manure (anybody remember the "amero"?), the various "omg, de matrix is here!!"" crowd members are laughable. sure, you are being manipulated. sure, there is an "agenda" to it. it's all about voluntary concentration of wealth. to try to link the theories of darwin to some global conspiracy is ultimately ridiculous. this wasnt even good fantasy, it was just a rehashing of several "closet monsters" long ago proven to be your trench coat and boots. "scary science", its whats for dinner"

  46. Dynamo27
  47. Dynamo27

    I think after reading the comments I'll give this one a miss. Seen too many s*** docs which linger in the psyche long after they become irrelevant.

    With regards to technology though, its always a good thing, the problem with tech is people. Take the industrial revolution and the population boom that happened afterwards. Its simple enough to add up the math, efficiency + time = ineffeciency through having too many people. Some responsibility with procreation and possibly wide spread emotional and mental intelligence, no one needs implants for that. Just a productive use of the imagination to break down preconceived notions of being mentally limited by our physical brain.

  48. dewflirt
  49. dewflirt

    I get what your saying, mostly. Not sure I'd worry about the pace thing though. It might all seem speedy to us but for our children its all completely ordinary. It's part of their lives, part of their schooling. My 13 y/o does most of her homework on the schools website or emails it to her teachers. It annoys me that they aren't encouraged to hand write essays, they don't even need to be able to spell anything! Maybe it's us that are old and slow, or just old fashioned? ;)

  50. mjallenjohnson
  51. mjallenjohnson

    They don't need to be able to spell??? Do you mean because they have spellcheck?

  52. dewflirt
  53. dewflirt

    Evening mj, yes that's what I mean. Sorry, should have said :)

  54. Jim Hamell
  55. Jim Hamell

    very good at painting a picture of the opposite view of know me...always trying to stay objective.....Now here are my problems with it...they try to paint the theory of evolution as a conspiracy of eugenicists so you can tell that there is huge right wing christian bias (features our buddy Alex Jones)....but the thing that I really liked about it is it expressly states the problem of reaching the singularity while under a global oligarchy which I've expressed many times....they WILL use it against us...but there isn't two camps here like this guy portrays...there are three in my opinion....I'd say this guy is in the purest humanist group...those who think that transhumanism is plain wrong...note that these people tend to have religious bias....then there are what I'll call Oligarchical Transhumanists who basically want it for themselves but want to turn all of us into worker bees or worse...strait up wipe us out because we'd be technologically obsolete...but then there the camp that I sit in which basically says we're gonna reach transhumanism no matter what we HAVE to take out the oligarchical structure and replace it with a lateral social structure and I'll call my group Open Source in other words...I wouldn't put a ******* Google branded chip in my head or let anyone else do it...nor would I even if it was a government chip...but an Arduino like device that I could control or turn off and knew how it was it to upgrade to do whatever...well that I am wholeheartedly for! So pick a side because this video is proof that there will be a neo-luddite lash back to these emerging techs and everyone is gonna have to make their own choices about how we all way or another we'll have to proceed with extreme caution and objectiveness.

  56. Pysmythe
  57. Pysmythe

    By "sheer PACE of civilization" I think I mean something very different from what you're supposing, and I probably should have elaborated a little on that. IF the transhumanists are right about what the technological singularity will be... well, here are a few pastes from the Wikipedia article on the subject:

    The technological singularity is the theoretical emergence of greater-than-human superintelligence through technological means. Since the capabilities of such intelligence would be difficult for an unaided human mind to comprehend, the occurrence of a technological singularity is seen as an intellectual event horizon, beyond which events cannot be predicted or understood.

    Kurzweil's analysis of history concludes that technological progress follows a pattern of exponential growth, following what he calls the
    "Law of Accelerating Returns". Whenever technology approaches a barrier, Kurzweil writes, new technologies will surmount it. He predicts paradigm shifts will become increasingly common, leading to "technological change so rapid and profound it represents a rupture in the fabric of human history". Kurzweil believes that the singularity will occur before the end of the 21st century...

    Berglas (2008) notes that there is no direct evolutionary motivation for an AI to be friendly to humans. Evolution has no inherent tendency to produce outcomes valued by humans, and there is little reason to expect an arbitrary optimisation process to promote an outcome desired by mankind...

    This last, I suppose, could be shrugged off as the "Terminator quote" by those disposed to view every technological increase as, more or less, inherently good for humanity. But I think some of those may be overlooking the fact that "just because you can doesn't always mean you should." Remember what misgivings many of the creators of the atom bomb had after the deed was done. Even if the creation of that was inevitable at some point, look at the very real possibility of total annihilation it has brought to the world, and ask yourself if the wisest course is always to jump first, and think about consequences later.

    Further reading on the subject (such as the 'Transhumanism' article in Wikipedia, for a start) will disclose that, at best, in a world dominated by A.I., it will without any doubt be impossible for radically unmodified human beings to thrive. In what many of the transhumanists consider a "best-case scenario," the sum total of information available to the human race will be doubling EVERY HOUR. And what concerns me is the definite possibility of unforeseen consequences for the worse in every human endeavor you can imagine arising out of unchecked tampering with everything it has meant to be human for all these hundreds of thousands of years.

  58. Harry Nutzack
  59. Harry Nutzack

    i have to argue a small point. technology is always benign, not always good. almost all technology has some potential good (though field artillery and chemical weapons so far seem to be exceptions), it can also be put to incredibly bad uses. the same tech that gave us the cure for polio gave us germ warfare. the same tech that put man on the moon nearly destroyed us in the cuban missile crisis. the same tech that gave us airtravel and made our world so much smaller enabled the blitzkrieg of ww2. EVERY technological advance has rendered somebodies mode of earning a living obsolete. no, im not going all ted kazinski here, but the reality is tech is benign, neither a blessing nor a curse, until it is applied by us, and that then determines its status.

  60. sharpstuff
  61. sharpstuff

    The background 'noise' drove me away before my completion of viewing it. Some interesting points made perhaps, but as some-one pointed out earlier I don't think they are that smart and we are not all stupid. I can't think of a more dried up gene-pool than those who demand power.

    Whoever these people who want total control are, they all want power and wealth (whatever that is) and will destroy each other because that is their nature.

    There are two types of Human animal, the Humans (those who work with Nature) and Humanoids (who do everything to deny Nature). You may gyrate to one or the other; your choice, your responsibility...

  62. soros soria
  63. soros soria

    I think you sort of demonized the Huxleys and may have misread (if you even read it) Brave New World which Aldous wrote as a dystopia, not as an ideal society at all. Even Thomas Moore's Utopia was written to mock idealists; there's nothing perfect about the world it presents. Also implicit in your film is religion: you obviously are a deist and perhaps a creationist, as is suggested by the ending of the documentary.

  64. dewflirt
  65. dewflirt

    I think must have logged out without posting my reply, Oops! ;)

  66. Johny Murgas
  67. Johny Murgas

    preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life...

  68. Omran Alkandarey
  69. Omran Alkandarey

    I enjoyed the talks by the professors and dr ray kurzweil but i do not agree with what this guy is talking about ..

  70. joe johnson
  71. joe johnson

    Great doc...I am one of those that believe that humans don't deserve to survive. We just screw it all up....I think the machines will discard the human part when the singularity is reached. A machine doesn't worry about global warming after all, do they :)

  72. Pythus
  73. Pythus

    good documentary but why the alex jones clip. big turnoff. also what he said is wrong people are not getting dumber, in fact they are getting smarter! iq tests have steadily increased for the last 40 years in developing countries. Americans are however getting worse at mathematics.

  74. alexjonesisanidiot
  75. alexjonesisanidiot

    Well, I was interested in seeing the video until I saw that they used Darwin's name as a pejorative. Neither Darwin nor eugenics have anything to do with eugenics, no matter how much some would like it to.

  76. alexjonesisanidiot
  77. alexjonesisanidiot

    You MIGHT want to find out what is meant by the subtitle before you go around calling one of the most forward thinking, progressive individuals of the twentieth century a bigot. Charles Darwin was anything but a bigot, and even if he was, it wouldn't invalidate anything that he talked about. Science is science, no matter what mouth it comes out of.

  78. Johny Murgas
  79. Johny Murgas

    I think your the I*iot alexjonesisanidiot.
    Some people like to worship Individuals, good that's your problem. there are text related to human evolution before darwin just not english, and yes some societies are build around the notion that there is a need to worship people.

    The people in power around Darwin's best days might of used his work to their advantage and since they have a superiority complex, because they are not hiding it, it is obvious; and their proud of it, my problem is not with you alexjonesisanidiot!

  80. Johny Murgas
  81. Johny Murgas

    and i have nothing against darwin or alex jones.

  82. Johny Murgas
  83. Johny Murgas

    the problem in the world is that there is not enough for every body and it's never enough, and the distorted priorities being the main impulse to create new ways of living.

  84. Pythus
  85. Pythus

    well i think you need to look at he context of the period in which he lived. everyone was bigoted back then by modern standards thinking was much different.

    "The American aborigines, Negroes and Europeans are as different from each other in mind as any three races that can be named; yet I was incessantly struck, whilst living with the Feugians on board the "Beagle," with the many little traits of character, shewing how similar their minds were to ours; and so it was with a full-blooded negro with whom I happened once to be intimate." -Darwin

    i find myself agreeing with you he was actually very progressive for his time. eugenics and social darwinism were later derived from his theories so trying to connect him with that is pure speculation.

  86. the1straven
  87. the1straven

    there is more than enough for everybody but greedy millionaires are hogging the resources claiming they have a right to it like a fat man in a restaurant ordering everything and not even being able to eat it all so he lets it rot away in front of him. reasoning that since he paid for it its rightfully his but forgetting there are other people in the restaurant that want to order and eat too.

  88. Dean Edgington
  89. Dean Edgington

    yep, I think this "unwillingness to share" is at the heart of the resource problems. E.G. in the uk, more and more people go hungry since and because of the financial meltdown/daylight robbery of 2008 while CEOs have enjoyed an income rise of nearly 10 times that of lower paid workers, not too mention tax freud (legal or otherwise).

    The UK and other "developed" countries are very rich but not so rich in human compassion or fairness. Don't get me wrong, I see human kindness everywhere but very rarely from the political, financial, corporate and ruling classes. They seem to be operating on a harsh and perverse form of Darwinism. Of course, the elites behaved this way long before Darwin came along.

  90. Edward Richtofen
  91. Edward Richtofen

    this doc is crap. looped news with crappy music and an annoying teenager's narration.

  92. Hyshkabob
  93. Hyshkabob

    It is political suicide to say so, but it occurs Adolphs basic idea was on the right track. Too bad about the methodology though. (just sayin...)

  94. Sead Tokalic
  95. Sead Tokalic

    I agree. I only watched the first 10 min of it and I had enough.

  96. robino74
  97. robino74

    god youre st*pid. You always read the prologue of the book and throw it away before you read chapter one? If you can read....
    Because clearly youre very keen in posting ****. Unlike the posted documentary.

  98. Jacek Walker
  99. Jacek Walker

    The day the power-money obssessed sociopaths have killed each other off, could be a new dawn for this planet. But then during the whole process where would the rest of us hide?

  100. Jacek Walker
  101. Jacek Walker

    No doubt; when one looks at how the western society functions nowadays, is easy to see dog eats dogs mentality on daily basis. So yes, people are becoming smarter on how to con one another, how to steal unnoticed, to cheat, to shag a neighbour's wife on the side, to siffon-off some cash from the stock speculations etc.
    Smarter maybe, but certainly not more intelligent.

  102. Jacek Walker
  103. Jacek Walker

    and blissfully forgetting that his enormous fortune must come from exploitation of the others anyway - directly or indirectly

  104. johnBas5
  105. johnBas5

    I heard of people being scared of technology for putting them out of business before but damn these are crazy theories.
    Heard killing them and people like them, loosing their humanity or other s*upid s*it. But the concentration of wealth thing is new. You'd think these people would figure out frightening new technologies are not made for some global conspiracy.

  106. johnBas5
  107. johnBas5

    If only people would see technology as so and only try to apply it as a blessing for our wounds.

  108. johnBas5
  109. johnBas5

    Nope, they will let us fry and if they are malicious will just go with what most people want to hear, that there is nothing to worry about.

  110. johnBas5
  111. johnBas5

    It is all right to have something against that piece of s*it Alex Jones is.

  112. johnBas5
  113. johnBas5

    Not only the methodology but including the things to select for/against. Adolphs ideas on that, just like everyone form that time period, were wrong, very wrong!!!

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