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Aids Inc.AIDS, Inc. is a film about the multi-billion dollar AIDS industry, and how it profits from continuing fears and misconceptions about the disease. While AIDS grabs the headlines and raises billions of dollars with celebrity endorsements and billionaire endowments, we are no closer to finding a cure than when the scourge first appeared 30 years ago.

Could it be that after so many years of research, and so much money being spent, that the entire orthodox medical establishment has been wrong about AIDS, or even worse, has sought to profit on a system that it knew was flawed from the beginning? Doctor Robert Gallo who discovered the HIV virus said that there is no legitimate dissent when it comes to AIDS.

But there are more than 5,000 physicians, microbiologists, journalists and activists who disagree and say that we have been misled about the real causes of AIDS and the nature of its treatment. The mainstream media has chosen not to provide an outlet for their opinions.

In this important film, documentary filmmaker and health expert Gary Null, traveled to more than 30 countries over an eight year period to seek them out and get their interviews. This is the first film on AIDS that brings the most compelling of their arguments together in one place. Dr. Null blows the lid off the wealthy AIDS industry and shows how greed and corruption have prevented any real progress in fighting the epidemic or its underlying causes.

The film challenges the entrenched notion that AIDS or HIV is an African monkey virus that is spread sexually and can be "treated" with harmful drugs. Instead, the film considers the common underlying conditions of the epidemic, such as malnutrition, unclean water, poverty, illness, and poor lifestyle choices. The evidence is damning, and a clarion call to the public that the AIDS Industrial Complex is on the wrong track and has become a spending juggernaut completely out of control.

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3 years ago

I give credit to Gary N because apparently no one else has eithered figure it out or if they have van they explain how it happened in 3 epicenters across the world at the same time?

9 years ago

Be careful at some Scientists statements in this Doc. Some sound as though have never seen any blackboard @ sch.Ok!

Samira Best
10 years ago

This is nonsense. Statements like a person would have to have 1000 exposures in order to contract AIDS are dangerous and obviously false. These people should be prosecuted!

10 years ago

Clearing up many misconceptions is an impeccably researched book - Inventing The Aids Virus by Peter Duesberg. Real facts and answers.

10 years ago

If HIV is not the cause of HIV Disease/AIDS why have the number of those being treated for HIV using antiretroviral drugs have lower mortality rates than those untreated?....and why when those infected are put on antiretroviral drugs, the number of new HIV infections plummets?

Many arguments made here are out of date, and quite frankly, highly irresponsible. For the record, I have been living with HIV Disease for 23 years, and am alive and well today, because I started anti-retroviral drugs early....before my immune system suffered irreperable damage.

Dr. Null does those afflicted with HIV/AIDS a great disservice by promoting this highly inaccurate and irresponsible program.

10 years ago

Yawn.. another Aids Denialist conspiracy documentary. RC78 made a good point its know harm in believing in conspiracy theory is harmless when it comes to JFK or 911 but this is a who another ball of wax. Aids denialist who spread misinformation and ignorance have actual blood on their hands.

11 years ago

This diocumentary is a dangerous piece of rubbish .
IGNORE every word its just a whole lot of lethal lies !!

Bonnie Clark
12 years ago

There is some very interesting information in a documentary called "And The Band Played On." It shows how the actual first case of what was to become AIDS was in Denmark in a female hetrosexual. Then a man in France, who's wife didn't even understand the meaning of homosexual. There is possibly still a Dr. from the CDC named Don Francis working in San Francisco for a cure; and as yet after many many years no one can identify the HIV virus. The government is licencing tests and they are totally unreliable, and to be blunt, useless. The tragic issue or one of them is this. AZT is a complete destroyer of the human immune system, in it's effort to destroy what has yet to be proven? When the immune system is gone then come massive oppertunistic infections, hence the experts call it AIDs. If we took people who's immune systems were downed and could help them rebuild a good functional immune system the bodies of most people will fight off offending diseases and a state of health is returned. But the way they are using such fear tactics to sell the pharmacuticals at outrageous prices is a no win senerio that is criminal. We really need to start petitions and educatioinal materials that can be understood by people with little educational abillity so all people can excersize thier rights to take an educated stand for thier lives. The more people we can awaken to their rights and the true way to a state of good health the stronger the force for proper nutrition and exercise will become standard non invasive way of treatment and restoration of health. I would highly suggest following Dr.s such as Dean Ornish and others that are taking us out of corn fed beef, refined grains and sugars and using organic (food grown and raised without the use of steroids and antibotics) to get us on track again. We are on our own and we can win, but we must pay attention.

12 years ago

This documentary is outdated and contains a lot of information that has been since debunked.

One interesting (and ironic) interview is the one with Christine Maggiore, an hiv+ women who became an AIDS denialist after being influenced by Dr. Duesberg, a prominent AIDS denialist who is also interviewed in the film. She tested positive in the early 1990s and died in 2008 due to pneumonia, a common secondary infection caused by aids. She also gave birth to a daughter after she was diagnosed with hiv, and refused to take antiretroviral drugs during her pregnancy, which would have reduced the chance of her daughter catching the virus. Her daughter died at three of pneumonia, and showed many signs of being immunocompromised and hiv +.

Taking conspiratorial views is fine for things like the JFK assassination, where ones opinion is irrelevant, but for serious issues like hiv/aids that may affect you personally it's important to listen to the mainstream view, rather than the fringes. By being caught up in aids denialism, Maggiore probably shortened both her life and even worse, that of her daughter.

The other aspect of this documentary that I dislike is that it has many scientifically trained individuals using technical terms that most average viewers wouldn't know about - and doesn't attempt to explain them. This leaves the viewer without a real understanding of what is actually being said.

12 years ago

Thanks to these guys and other with similar misconceptions and idéas, milliones of people have been suffering and societies may never recover.

Aids denialism is a serious thing. For once I must say I'm thankfull for the media to exclude these kind of outrageous allegations, so that not more people get drawn in to believe the conspiracy theory and risk their life.

No one said ARV´s perfect or great, but to scare people in to not taking a life-saving medication is murder. Mbeki should serve a life-sentence for genocide and anyone who deny true information to sick vulnerable people should not be able to speak no more.

If you are intertested in finding out about the forces and economics behind aids denialism and how to work against them I recommend Nathan Geffens book called: "debunking delusions".

AIDS and HIV is real and it is treatable.We need to focus on taking the stigma of the disease away, finding better cheaper medications, and prevent spreading with, needle exchange program, and safe-sex education. To waste time on a debate where one side is ,as I said, outrageous and wrong when there is so much to do all ready would be stupid and harmfull.

12 years ago

i just want to make a very basic observation. this film was released in 2007, but the footage shown is way older. from the looks of it, i would say mid-1990's. one argument that no one has ever "seen" HIV is not true. the actual virus has been photographed using scanning electron microscopes. just saying.

12 years ago

It jumps at 1:43:08, he's saying:

"You have to understand that there's a reason on the African side to buy into this particular equation. With the end of the Cold War, Africa has found itself unable to play the super-power game, playing the United States, or the Western Powers against the Soviet Bloc. And so many ministries of health and many, uh, governments in general, accepted that little dogma, wh-"

And then the audio switches to

"Not get the kind of aid, and the kind of assistance that the US government, the UN, the WHO, and so forth, uh, felt very strongly that this is what these African governments needed."


12 years ago


obviously there is a debate. A huge one...and that's why we're here discussing this right now. And that's why there are activists groups dedicated to the "other side."

Lol @ saying there is no debate when then entire film exposes the debate!

I am so SICK of people thinking they are morally superior to others and shooting down their argument with such an empty line..."there is no debate." ha.
quite frankly, I wouldn't be weary of listening to the opinions of anyone who has posted here. Do your own research, be objective, keep an open mind...and decide for yourself what side of the DEBATE you want to be on.

12 years ago

Gary Null is an AIDS denialist. This film is factually worthless and morally bankrupt.

@"me": I will address a few of your questions and irritating rhetorical "hmmm"s. 0.3% transmission PER NEEDLE means 3% transmission for 10 needle shares, 30% for 100. Many IV drug users inject multiple times every day, if they share with an HIV+ person for just a few weeks transmission is virtually certain. Similarly a prostitute with 5 partners a day will very likely transmit or contract HIV eventually. Secondly, the idea that Africans are morally pure and westerners decadent is balls, pure and simple. Neither are intrinsically worse or better than the others. Where ever you go, people are people, and lie, cheat, screw around and so on. However, in the west we have free and easy access to Condoms, and blanket education on their use and usefulness. Before education and the widespread use of condoms, HIV spread among gay men in the west extremely quickly. As for testing, by its nature, HIV is simply difficult to test for.

HIV AIDS is extremely heavily studied and well understood. HIV causes AIDS, there is no debate.

13 years ago

Besides Christine tested negative in 93 one year after her testing positive.
It's almost as if tens of thousands of people arond the world actually cared and grieved for CMs daughter's death implying that CM felt nothing. Her death, although I didn't know her well, was more than likely due to the constant reminder that those thousands of people would celebrate if it were announced that she had died. Imagine carrying that thought around with you every day. She suffered the loss of her daughter, then the faced legal problems that took up all her time, charges were dropped, she then continued to face attacks from people all over the world, her entire family lfie was disrupted, she then faced a TV production company scheduling an episode of a popular show that mimicked her life as "an HIV denialist" and "child killer" that only focussed rigidly on one side of the story. The show ignored that she had even been married for over 15 years with a son.

13 years ago

You compare "AIDS defining illnesses" in Africa and US. Africans die of TB and malaria and they call it "AIDS"
If either Christine or her daughter died of PCP caused by "HIV" that is supposed to be sexually transmitted then why didn't the husband Robin and son Charlie also succumb? If the mother had not been registed "HIV" positive neither hers nor her daughters deaths would have been registered as "AIDS".

13 years ago

fantastic film ! Change to raw, vege-superfoods diets to boost immunity .. and keep the condom factories alive, use their wubbers !

13 years ago

i just have a few things to say, i’m in the field where i teach bloodborne pathogens and when dealing with the HIV/AIDS topic there are some confusing things about it e.g. it is taught that one has a 0.3 percent chance of contracting HIV from an infected needle, now with a percentage that low how is it they say that drug users contract this virus from the needles….hmm? The other point i notice is that it is taught that one has a 0.09 percent chance of contracting HIV through mucous contact, so how can they say you can contract the virus through one sexual encounter…..hmm? so i fully believe this documentary, It’s very scientific and detailed,
I have also sent it to some of my friends that are doctors and scientific researchers who would soon get back to me on this.
There has never been a virus in history that has threaten the entire existence of the human race, humans are a threat to themselves you all could watch the documentary "the big picture" and you would get in a nutshell the real reason behind all the conspiracies in the world today, if you watch it please do an independent study on each one, since it seem that some people like James and Rik don't work in these fields so i guess they are just commenting off of opinion and not on facts or experience with infected people, in fact in my country the health system has been sued for false positives and many people have had false positives world wide that should show something is wrong. A virus as powerful as HIV can't even be accurately tested for...hmm
I also studies biblical history and it proves the fact that government lie to the citizens for the country so it's nothing new, so for does who don't want to believe it, i hope you all see the bigger picture someday before it too late for you.

13 years ago

James is about the only commenter who got it right. This documentary is very biased and much of the info is outright WRONG. Claiming that there has been virtually no advances in HIV treatment or cures is patently false and such advances are being made regularly and are based on the very premises that this documentary seeks to disprove.

I could go on and on, but anyone who is truly interested in knowing the truth will go out and do some independent research before taking the words of a clearly biased documentary for real.

13 years ago

The arguments are well put forward as the same argument has been since we began looking at HIV as the cause of AIDS. A number of doctors and scientists disagreed with the hypothesis that HIV was the causative factor until treatment based on this theory was applied and we saw positive results. After the this the majority of the medical and scientific community agreed that HIV was the cause otherwise AZT treatments would not have shown positive results. If malnutrition or drug use caused the problem AZT would not have shown any positive effects. As compelling as the argument is placed i am afraid this is simply another biased documentary that projects its own views and ignores the counter arguments. In other word BAD SCIENCE!and keep in mind that pharmaceutical companies may make the money here but there are thousands of doctors and researchers that are out to find the truth about things. Scientists have weighed these arguments against their own when they research generally science looks to explain not confuse.

Charles B.
13 years ago

Jan Ove: Jan, I really don't think this documentary is true. It's well done, but similar to a documentary made in 2004 called "The Other Side of Aids" where one of the key speakers is Christine Maggiore. Google her and read about how she died and how her little girl died; both of AIDS related causes. They didn't die from malnutrition in Africa. They had HIV and that's what caused the AIDS. I think this documentary is bad science. My personal opinion of course.

Caroline Harris
13 years ago

Certainly food for thought. The documentary could have been more clearly organised but as soon as 'Follow the Money' is said it is not hard to see where the vested interest in promoting the existence of an apparently devastating yet hitherto ambiguously defined viral disease. Isn't it quite convenient for the supporters of the aid agencies that the supposedly transmittable by behaviours are ones that they have a negative moral position against? The dwarfed aid for Malaria prevention in comparison to AIDS aid hardly needs explanation.

13 years ago

Interesting looking documentary. Does anyone know why I can't see more than the first ten minutes? It stopped at about 9:40min and then I couldn't get it to go further.

Would love to see the rest!

jan ove
13 years ago

never before have i felt so misled by the heresey of my media, goverment, school system and the general healthcare like this... if its true. is it???
and in yesterday news paper i read about that the aids problem in africa or the spreading of hiv has gone down 15%.
and swiss scientist has come up with a cure that gonna eliminate the aids in about approxemently the next 40 years...?? but they didnt mention how.. and the second goal was to get all african people to get tested for aids....
but enough about that.
i have seen the doc the age of aids(also at this site) there they say exacty the oppesite then aids inc. they even show picture of the virus!!!
who to belive..
i find it personaly easier to belive the movie aids inc. cus some of the people in it sounds like they know what they are talking about. and when i think of their comments etc. alot of that seems to me is the truth.... or truthfully.
very good docu.. i was stunned..
but some day some will invent medicine too healty people, and get a lot of money...
and there is no money to earn in finding a cure fore any kind of illness.

ben hurr
13 years ago

very compelling and thoroughly researched... a must watch!!!

14 years ago

Extremely interesting. Will we ever stop abusing the Africans?

Jon Frank
14 years ago

Must be Stanford grads because UC Berkeley is consistently missspellledd, otherwise excellent.